US Navy vice admiral reported 1,500 microsieverts per hour thyroid dose south of Tokyo on March 20

Published: February 26th, 2012 at 11:51 am ET


Title: March 20th, 2011 – Navy Vice Admiral reports 150 millirem/hr Thyroid Dose in area south of Tokyo
Source: Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi ET Audio File via Enformable
Date: Feb 25, 2012

JIM WIGGINS: Have they been venting? We need to know. Unit 3.

MALE PARTICIPANT: You mentioned 150 millirem per hour.

JOHN MONNINGER: The — are you ready?

They took some samples, and the sample is in microcuries per milliliter, and they say that’s the equivalent of 150 millirem per hour.

MARTY VIRGILIO: Okay, so it’s an air sample and they converted into (inaudible) hour.


MARTY VIRGILIO: Okay. All right.

JIM WIGGINS: And where did you say they caught these samples?

JOHN MONNINGER: It’s either –


JOHN MONNINGER: — pronouncing it correctly — Yokashawa or Yokohama.

JIM WIGGINS: Well, there’s Yakota Air Force Base and there’s Yokuska Submarine Base.

JOHN MONNINGER: Yeah. I don’t know which one, but we, you know, the thought is to get in touch with the Navy and figure out where they took the sample and what this write-up means.

MALE PARTICIPANT: Did you mention some Navy Admiral?

JOHN MONNINGER: Admiral Thomas. The information is from 11:30 a.m. out here, which is approximately an hour and a half ago.

KATHY: We got information — I just wrote down here “Navy guy.”

MARTY VIRGILIO: Admiral Thomas was the Navy guy.

KATHY: Okay.


KATHY: And they took a sample. The sample point they gave us, the latitude and longitude, is an area south of Tokyo.

JOHN MONNINGER: So thyroid dose, okay.

KATHY: Yeah. And they asked us if we can back-calculate a dose in Tokyo. We wanted to try to do that. RASCAL won’t do it. It will be have to be hand-calculated. But then we got a (inaudible) from Bill Cook. Is he with you, John?

JOHN MONNINGER: Yes, Bill Cook’s with us.

KATHY: Okay, so we’ll just talk to him if they’re concerned about (inaudible) number 2.

MARTY VIRGILIO: Yeah, I didn’t hear the last — I, they’re concerned about evacuating the embassy, or US citizens?

KATHY: Yeah. What, what we want to do is get, get in touch with the people that actually pulled their samples so we can get more information on how they pulled the sample.

JOHN MONNINGER: Right. And we concur 100 percent in that, the notion that we talk to the Navy, come to a complete understanding, and maybe there’s recommendI ations out of that; ma there data

MALE PARTICIPANT: But the source term we (inaudible) from that was 1.6 10-6 microcuries per milliliter.

MARTY VIRGILIO: Which is clearly a level of interest. It’s higher than the numbers I’ve heard from the more –

JOHN MONNINGER: So what were you told about the equivalent thyroid?

KATHY: 1.5 millirem per hour.

JOHN MONNINGER: So that’s a factor of 100 different than what’s being reported here.


JOHN MONNINGER: They’re saying 150 millirem per hour.

(Simultaneous conversation.)

JOHN MONNINGER: And that’s what’s, being briefed to the ambassador right now.

KATHY: Whether they have any other sample.

MALE PARTICIPANT: We need to be clear on where that sample is collected.

KATHY: We, we have a latitude and longitude.

MARTY VIRGILIO: Can, can you read that to me?

KATHY: 36.11.46 N.


KATHY: 120.16.87 E. We’re told that it’s south of Tokyo.

Read the report here

SOURCE: Japan's Fukushima Daiichi ET Audio File

Published: February 26th, 2012 at 11:51 am ET


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206 comments to US Navy vice admiral reported 1,500 microsieverts per hour thyroid dose south of Tokyo on March 20

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    This is very ominous news, denotes deadly radiation levels have been detected.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    I think this article is saying that U.S. troops based in the Philippines got a deadly radiation dose.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      No matter how I put in the coordinates it comes up in the Philippines not Japan.

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        My guess…Kathy made a mistake copying the coordinates. ???

      • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

        google earth takes me to the Phillipines too but it actually says at the bottom 14N 120E, not 36N 120E… which is China on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

        • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

          So where was this air test taken? Over China from the navy based out of Japan or is there a transcription error or something because if just the eastern coordinates were wrong, 36N is north of Tokyo, not south and Yokohama and the base is around 35N 139E.

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    Without FOIA, we wouldn't even have these crumbs. They are bound to plug that hole in time.

    There is a lot of "fog of war" here – maybe that's how they plug the FOIA hole.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      I searched many newspapers (NYT, LATimes, Washington Post, Miami Herald, etc., + al jazeera, Spiegel, + ap and reuters wires, + many others. This news is not posted anywhere except enformable. Now, how could that be? My son is posting an article on this subject at intelhub shortly.

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Hi NoPrevarication. That silence is interesting, reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes and the dog that didn't bark when it should have.

        In a chilling coincidence, I read the following quotation a couple of minutes before reading your post. I was stunned to see the author's name!

        "Our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear." – General Douglas MacArthur

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          Yes. It's a total blackout. An old song keeps coming to mind today:

          (Re Fukushima SFP#4)

          …The winds of March that made my heart a dancer, [affects heart]

          a telephone that rings but who's to answer [Truly, nobody to answer}

          Oh, how the ghost of you clings {those alive will not be able to forget]

          these foolish things remind me of you. [we'll always be reminded]

      • aigeezer aigeezer

        Here's a video that suggests it may be just as well that you did not find any msm coverage:!

        The playing field certainly isn't level.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      aigeez…Good observation.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    Well, looks like Chernobyl has become nothing but a fairytale in comparison to Fukushima Daiichi.

  • openeye openeye

    When have the PTB ever cared about US troops, let alone regular folks. This just out today:

    Dehumanization to the extreme.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..Ya…the military better speak up…or spend eternity guarding…a radiation pit..(not that they didn't help make it) So….what are they telling the wives?
    A little dose of infanticide for them as well?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    re cyna's link posted here:

    I wish all you smart science ppl would read the info at cyna's link & share your thoughts with us. I think it is worth considering. (maybe tsunami triggered by undersea nukes; maybe quake was not that big, more like 6.0).

    One good point is that a 9.0 quake would have caused more EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE; but actually almost all of the damage we have been shown in pix was been tsunami damage.

    Also I've read before that Japan was going to enrich uranium for Iran & that was a big no-no for Israel. Also it does seem that the Daichi computer system was infected with the Stuxnet (U.S./Israeli created) virus.

    Henry Makow published an article suggesting that nukes planted under the ocean were used to trigger the 3/11 Japan quake & tsunami – & Jeff Rense went ballistic & rants & refuses to link to Makow's website or post his articles. Rense similarly banished Leuren Moret from his website & radio show after she came out saying that the quakes were HAARP triggered.

    Over-all, I have become suspicious of Rense as being 'controlled' – he claims to be open to differing opinions & info; he will carry all kinds of airy-fairy stuff & the truly egregious Tim Rifat, & guests who talk about reptoids among us, etc. – but not Makow or Leuren.

    Both Rense & Alex Jones came out IMMEDIATELY saying that the quake was natural & could not have been HAARP triggered. This really raised my suspicions of them. How could they be SO SURE SO SOON?

    Plant the disinfo quick.

    BTW Israel is a USG Siamese twin, and both are sock puppets of the Anglo-Euro-American corporate/banking elites who are making this big thrust for GLOBAL MONOPOLY GOVERNMENT. These are the instigators of most of the mayhem of the past century.

    The governments/countries that are demonized and targeted in the MSM are those who are not playing ball with the ruling elites – and don't have Rothschild central banks (like Iran,Iraq ,No. Korea, Venezuela)


    [ADMIN: This will be the last off-topic comment about HAARP or other such theories, unless the post is about HAARP or those theories. HAARP discussion is to be in the general discussion forum. If these off-topic comments continue, comments using terms such as HAARP will automatically be put into moderation.]


    • Hogweed

      Strikes me as a load of rubbish. I'm not a fan of Israel but if you really think they've hidden nuclear bombs disguised as cameras in critical infrastructure throughout the world and they detonated one at Fukushima well you're too far out for me.

      As for the quake itself the shaking looks to me to be consistent with a 9.0 magnitude quake at appropriate distance. Would have been a different story if a city was directly above the epicentre.

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        Exactly Hogweed, thank you!

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          Ha! Laterluke, it was you who suggested the other day that a zombie Nazi regime triggered Fuku to harm the US west coast!

          *glad you revised that opinion, LOL

          • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

            Your statement is implies people are dead or that the Nazi movement is dead. I find that the more people open their mouths the more they incriminate themselves. Might want to let that sink in real good there BreadAndButter. Even your avatar name gives you away. Wasn't that the daily meal they met out to their victims in the concentration camps to starve them to death? Less the butter of course. Isn't it odd that now that the entire world in polluted with Cesium-137 there won't be much butter on the table now will there. My opinion has not changed Bread, and it would be like just the snakey, snarly elites to track a website like this one to see the destructive results of their plan. Nothing like reading everyday about how the destructive processes are going aye?

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              Are you trying to say you think I'm working for a Nazi regime or snakey elites?

              I mean, really?


          • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

            You JUST got done calling them zombies, now in that you have resurrected them you have again spoken too much!

            • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

              My goodness, think what you like. Back on topic.

              • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                Now in that statement you imply that YOU are good, or that you can somehow impart goodness. I don't know you well enough to be able to some to that conclusion so your statement is indeed propaganda. I don't believe that you are God.
                Get a good grip on this conversation for those of you following. I'm am trying to teach how to see a snake in the grass!

                • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                  Nazi Zombies…this isn't Call of Duty!
                  This is an important thread about an important issue.
                  A Vice Admiral..trying to tell the truth…
                  The lives of our soldiers are at stake…
                  This is a big..f**ing deal.

                • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                  indeed, Heart. It is.

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        Bleep, all those countries you mention, just so happen they receive there military weapons support from the Russians. Looks to me like the good cop bad cop scenario.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      "it does seem that the Daiichi computer was infected with the Stuxnet Virus", based on what?
      It is amazing what a few trillion gallons of water will do to a computer system as well as diesel backup generators!

    • StillJill StillJill

      Very good salient points blades,…the 'bad-guys' are becoming the 'good-guys',….and the 'good-guys',…Yeah,….not so good! 🙁

    • lam335 lam335

      re: "One good point is that a 9.0 quake would have caused more EARTHQUAKE DAMAGE; but actually almost all of the damage we have been shown in pix was been tsunami damage."

      The earthquake occurred 177 km (109 miles) ENE of Fukushima; the epicenter was out in the Pacific ocean. So the FULL force of a magnitude 9 earthquake did not actually hit the power plant or surrounding cities (and yet the evidence indicates that at least reactor #1 was dangerously compromised by the quake even before the tsunami).

      Second, the guy cyna is linking to also claims that a bomb blew up #4. A theory that the disaster was really the result of covert military activity only benefits the nuclear industry. The implication of such a story is that nuclear power is actually safe–that this world-shattering mess wasn't caused because a bunch of civilian reactors couldn't withstand a natural disaster and went catastrophically out of control. It takes the "blame" off the civilian nuclear power industry (and it poor safety culture and its incestuous relationships with its own regulators). But THOSE are the real causes of this tragedy. If you buy the covert military explanation, you take the focus off those causes. And THOSE real causes–poor safety culture and a regulator "captured" by the industry–are just as serious a problem in the U.S. as they are in Japan.

      Don't let yourself be played by these guys who propagate myths that ultimately help the nuke industry by placing the responsibility for this disaster on something other than them and their reactors. I'm not saying Stone is connected to the industry, but the implication of his G.I. Joe fairy tale is that it wasn't any deficiency in civilian nuclear reactors that caused this massive tragedy.

      (Incidentally, this Stone guy claims #4's dome was removed, but, if I'm not mistaken, you can see the yellow dome in the NHK video posted on this…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    To editorialize a bit, I think it is really important to try to keep an open mind and hold one's dearest theories loosely and constantly to question.

    Good case in point is the Gunderson controversy. I came out pro-Gunderson, but still am not sure… but thinking it over, I realized that Gunderson is very LIKEABLE – I LIKE him. In fact, he is fatherly/grandfatherly, and analyzing my own reaction to him, I realized that to some extent I was kind of clinging to him sort of like a security blanket – a port of comfort, honor, and sanity in a storm of madness and corruption reigning. In other words, I am saying, he certainly would make a perfect dis-info spokesperson.

    Still undecided, but I'd like to know the source and amount of that grant that Fairewinds got to put out info on all of this. (I actually had thought he was doing it sort of like Busby and Caldicott and other anti-nukers, just out of concern and desire to help educate the masses.)

    Our minds are being messed with bigtime – it really is a 'battle for the minds of men'(and women of course) – and the smartest ppl can be taken in by dis-info – I mean, I am sure all of us have high IQ friends, family members, co-workers, etc. who are just as clueless as your pet gerbil.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      YOU make a perfect dis-info person Bleep!

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        What proof do you have that he even received such a grant let alone the amount. I agree with only to a point, then you try to slander Gunderson without any proof. If you have proof that he indeed receive a grant and I am assuming that your implying it has something to do with NRC then you need to come up with some documentation for that claim. Gunderson LED the way in DISMANTLING the first nuclear power plant and you have the audacity to make the claims that you are WHO ARE YOU Bleep_Hit_Blades?

      • lokay5 lokay5

        I agree entirely with bleep's feelings about Gunderson. If he's a dis-info agent (and he may very well be) he's a damn good one, but then again, the nuke industry can afford "to send the very best", to coin a phrase.
        Personally, I think you, bleep are the perfect dis-info info agent. You make me think. ( Hey…it happens! occaisionally…)

    • StillJill StillJill

      Now Blades,…..I'm certain you meant no disrespect to my pet gerbel!

      Laterluke,….here's your proof,…posted two days ago,…from Mrs. Gunderson's own mouth!
      A note from Maggie Gundersen to our viewers:

      "Fairewinds Energy Education Corp, for which I am a founding director, is a 501c3 non-profit founded in 2008. Its mission is to educate the public about nuclear power and other energy issues. Beginning in 2008, Fairewinds Energy Education Corp received several grants to study ongoing radioactive releases occurring at operating nuclear power plants in the US. Following the nuclear accident at the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant site on March 11, 2011, Fairewinds Energy Education Corp received a grant to produce educational videos to help people around the world understand the truth about what happened at Fukushima Daiichi and the world-wide impact of this nuclear catastrophe that dwarfs Three Mile Island (TMI) and Chernobyl."

    • Bobby1

      There really isn't much, if any, division here on the Gundersen controversy.

      On the one hand, the comments he makes on what is wrong with reactor designs, problems with NPP's the world over, burning contaminated tsunami debris etc., are not controversial here. Most people here agree with him, I agree with him.

      On the other hand, his opinions about the coriums sitting nicely on the bottom of containments, are denied by almost everybody here. In fact, it makes a mockery of practically the whole webcam thread. Most people disagree with him, I disagree with him.

      The "controversy" is whether Arnie is a good or useful spokesman for our opinions on Fukushima, or not. Clearly, this question is not very important.

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    SP posted this link last year: but they have updated it so there are even more conversions.

    150 mrem/hr 25% annual (American) yearly dose in one hour.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Well, I am not that, Laterluke – if only you knew – but I would like to point out that this whole controversy situation is typical of what the elites do like to create around their 'ops'.

    So the dissidents are divided, and end up quarreling bitterly with one another, and accusing one another, and get extremely emotional about it all – which tends to neutralize the dissident community and its efforts.

    This is exactly what happened with the 9/11 Truth Movement – it was actually fairly united, behind the controlled demo theory and all of the abundant evidence for that… and then Judy Wood appeared on the scene with her DEW (directed energy weapons) theory and created a lot of controversy.

    That controversy among the dissidents then becomes their 'subject'/focus, and as mentioned, the whole thing becomes very emotional – and 'mission accomplished' as far as neutralizing a dissident movement is concerned.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    It should be possible to consider these various theories without getting heated and emotional and making personal accusations.

    Doesn't that seem reasonable and a good thing to keep in mind?

    • Kevin Kevin

      Look Bleep.

      Enough with HAARP.

      It exists. It is capable of a whole host of near incomprehensible stuff. Just listen to the most credible commentary on it from Nick Begich.

      Was it responsible for this? Who knows? If so its an act of war. Therefor you will never know.

      With respect to Jim Stone. ITs a fascinating conspiracy theory, but it remains such until evidence comes forward underscoring and proving his claims.

      My personal opinion on Stone is that his theory is full of holes, a very lose and largely unsubstantiated connecting of dots.

      Sure we can discuss it here, but unfortunately it does slip into the realm of conspiracy which discredits the dialogue and the site, which is why people constantly suggest the info is disinfo.

      What Stone recently forwards is a notion I have long talked about with respect to the status of reactor three. SO I have worked hard to determine what he says he proves. In my work I have not proven it, and after reviewing his I have come to the same conclusions.

      The communications and management of this disaster is similar to that of wartime communications, but as Begich says this sort of warfare is done for one purpose, plausible deniability therefor, it will always be plausibly denied.

  • Hogweed

    Here is Arnie Gundersen in 2009 presenting his estimate of the actual releases at Three Mile Island (as opposed to the cover-up version. This was long before Fukushima.

    Watch all parts and then see expert medical support from cancer rates seen later around the plant (Part 1 of 5)

    Here's the PDF accompanying

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    This thread is about a Navy oficer reporting high doses south of Tokyo… RIGHT?

    *just asking to be sure

    I find it amazing / shocking to see the transcript of this conversation. It's 1 entire week after the explosions – still, nobody knows anything about conversions, for example. Don't you think they should already have plume maps and all that by that time??

    • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

      I thought so… Doesn't sound like they knew they received a yearly dose in 4 hours does it. Shocks me too..but I am no longer shocked that most likely no one, who doesn't already, will care about this either or any of the other foia docs. I'm sure someone had maps though, prior.

    • Sickputer

      The Japanese did not include the US in pertinent info for at least a week until forced to cooperate under a blackmail threat to go public and possibly evacuate Americans. And the US responders were damn slow out of the box which is not surprising considering the NRC "braintrust" ha ha was 7500 miles away from Japan.

      BTW… Cary Grant's relatives have been spotted recently by me. 😉

    • Kevin Kevin

      Its a good point you raise B and B. As I and many others raised early on, the evacuation of thousands upon thousands of American service people was all the evidence required,even though CNN sent Anderson and his 360 crew there at the time. lol

      They were pulled out because this info would have made the rounds in the service circles. They would not broadcast but they could not leave their people there. OR else it would have leaked.

      So they pulled them out.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm nice too…it doesn't mean ..I can spew partial truths.
    Debate..a little hot in the galley?
    Preventing a good "flame"..for the sake of a politically correct well toned conversation…can also be a form of disinformation.
    I don't believe in personal attacks..
    But enjoy..a good toe to toe debate.
    I think it is also important to win..when right..or debate ad finitum…we don't have the time.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Well ,Heart, I am not sure that we are going to be able to do anything but just sit and wait for whatever happens, to happen, at this point. What, practically speaking, can we do? So in a sense, we have plenty of time to talk – while 'waiting for Armageddon' to pick us off, one by one.

    The radiation levels are so high and the situation so out of control, that I really don't see what can/could be done – even if TPTB wanted to do anything helpful or to save lives – which pretty clearly, they do not. Saving their own derriers (from public outrage/action against them) seems to be at the top of their 'to do' list.

    So a lot of us are here at this site because we are, you might say, intellectually interested. Maybe it's a kind of 'fiddling while Rome burns' – but what else is there to do, when Rome is well and truly a-blaze.

    I do think we should try hard not to make personal attacks – to keep it civilized, courteous.

    Another thing – the more technical a subject is, the more it can spur a lot of controversy amongst the dissident analysts (like ourselves). There is nothing more technical than nuclear physics, and so this is an easy area for the perps to cloud and obfuscate.

    I am still pro-Arnie, watched that first TMI video (linked above), will watch the rest.

    I do wish Fairewinds would disclose the source of the grant they received to disseminate info re nuclear power and the industry. Perhaps they have, somewhere – or will, if this request comes to their attention.

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb


    • Kevin Kevin

      One thing should be clear.

      Mouth pieces for the Nuclear/Military Industrial Complex do not leave accouting trails for their compensation.

      You are not going to follow this money.

      They purposely establish independent, often charitable organizations as legitimate fronts. They canvass donations and often cry broke. Doing anything otherwise would destroy their credibility.

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        You make a good point Kevin, therefore anyone they push into the mainstream will then later become the fall guy.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      Hopefully ..outside a bit of commentary.. I brought in some good work towards visual analysis of the disaster.
      I.. for one… am not here to "shoot the breeze".
      I can't find anything that Mr. Gundersen has offered ..that is of any value to me..
      He is never going to discuss the true situ in Fukushima…
      I AM…and do so on a daily basis.
      Yes..he has done some good work in the past.. but at present he "rides the fence"…(and makes alot of money at it…)
      And today seems like time wasting BS….

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication

        @Heart of the Rose

        "He is never going to discuss the true situ in Fukushima…"

        That's the real tip off. He even went to Japan recently. Pay attention to what he reported. I did not even watch his last two videos. I concluded he was riding the fence too.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    It was in one of the comments here on this website that I read that Maggie Gundersen had mentioned that Fairewinds has received a grant for the purposes of educating the public on the subject of nuclear power.

    BTW, I also would like to know, in addition to the source of that grant, if Arnie is still in favor of nuclear power. I have a vague recollection that someone commented here on enenews that he is still in favor of it… I could be mis-remembering – if anyone has info on that, please post it.

    That would concern me. I don't see how anyone can know as much as Arnie does about the industry, the unsolveable problems/dangers with it, and the corruption in it, and still be in favor of nuclear power or nuclear anything.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ Kevin, re 'conspiracy theories' – the problem here is that you cannot take a body of thought and information, attach a negative/pejorative label to it – 'conspiracy theory' – and think that you have proven anything.

    'Conspiracy theory' and 'conspiracy theorist' – the use of these terms is in debating what is called an 'argumentum ad hominem' – i.e., arguing against the man, your debating opponent, rather than sticking to substantial information, either reasoning, or factual information.

    This whole 'conspiracy theory' wheeze is clearly a (largely successful) dis-info op on the part of TPTB, and by repetition, and the artful use of RIDICULE, they have got the rest of us doing it – 'Oh that is just a conspiracy theory, therefore it cannot have any truth to it and I don't need to bother to investigate it.'

    Face it – most people don't really like to think – it is work and takes time. Most people also fear being ostrasized and ridiculed.

    People are herd/social animals and afraid of being cast out of the herd. So demonize 'conspiracy theorists', then use that term freely to characterize info damaging to YOU – and use your control of the MSM to do that – and you've got a pretty good little system going to control the spread of info that is damaging to you.

    I have wanted to mention this before on this website.

    In actual fact, many, even most, 'conspiracy theories' have a lot of factual information and research behind them. That right there is the major reason that TPTB need to find a way to KEEP PEOPLE FROM CHECKING OUT THAT INFORMATION A BIT MORE CLOSELY.

    • Kevin Kevin

      I dont agree with anything you say in this post, but I dont understand how it is relevant to what I said.

      Conspiracy theory has conatations that you adequately define but its still proper terminology in the context I put it.

      The point is. And as you point out. TPTB have effectively pushed a myriad of relevant issues to this disaster into the realm of "conspiracy" and discussing them here has little if any purpose.

      If you got the smoking gun to lift it from the realm of conspiracy, then by all means let us have it. But otherwise you are just kicking the can around.

      • Kevin Kevin

        dont agree should dont disagree.

        Just to be clear.

        In other words its all fine and dandy but take it the upteem zillion conspiracy site that hash this stuff out all day.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    So this Admiral's report implies to me that the rest of us downwind are also likely the walking dead.

    Isn't this smoking gun terrifying?

    bleep_hits_blades, that you have thrown pretty much every divisive topic onto this crucial thread (HAARP, Gundersen, Israel, etc.) makes me think that James2 was right and I was wrong. I hate being wrong, but this is such disruptive behavior that even I can't ignore it.

    Can we talk about the implications of what Admin has posted? Starting with the implications for the children of the Philippines, maybe?

    • Kevin Kevin

      Where on earth would you get that idea.

      He defends Gunderson and pontificates about distractive conspiracy theories. Sounds like the normal run of the mill ENENEWS'r.


      Or at the least the ones a payroll.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Mike Adams of Natural News on Fukushima & HAARP

    New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan
    earthquake, tsunami

    Friday, June 10, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

    I wrote about this on this thread because someone posted here a ling to the Jim Stone article suggesting nukes and discussing Stuxnet.

    I have not prevented anyone from discussing other things here.

    I admit I am perplexed by all of this anger.

    Learn more:

    • Kevin Kevin

      Its not anger, its off topic and people have pointed out that in this instance the topic is important.

      Being a Jones desciple is all well and fine, but keep your comments in his forum, or at the very least in the "general discussion" forum here provided for that purpose.

      I have said and will repeat, everyone here is aware of Haarp and its potential connection to the issue. But given that such tactics of warfare are done explicitly on the basis of plausible deniability, there is no point in discussing them here.

      Yes the possibility exists. no we will never no.


      • ruth

        I agree. I have been coming here since last summer and in just the past month I am seeing more and more of these arguments among members about the validity of various theories. Whole threads are derailed from the topic to debate theories not necessarily connected to the article or even nuclear news. It is depressing to see this and I can only hope that we can commit to call these posters out when they derail a thread with extraneous posts.

        • ENENews

          thanks ruth. hopefully people will report comments that are off-topic. if a comment gets a certain number of reports it will be deleted automatically. i can't moderate all the comments myself. comments about HAARP or other such topics should be put to the general discussion forum. if it continues, all posts using the word HAARP and such will go into moderation. i'll be adding this info to the 'Submit Comment' area soon. thanks everyone.

    • CaptD CaptD

      I see the anger as the long term effect of Fukushima frustration as this Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster continues…

      They are saying it will take 40 to 100 years to deal with Fukushima; I expect to see an enormous backlash against all those that have said nothing in the nuclear industry since 3/11 except to say nobody else knows what they are talking about except the nuclear experts… Japan has plenty of them and they are not talking either!

    • StillJill StillJill

      That makes two of us Blades,….the anger about HAARP is "the tell"!

    • CaptD CaptD

      I also found this from May 2011:
      Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake

      It also contains lots of comments!

    • lokay5 lokay5

      "New NASA research points to possible HAARP connection in Japan
      earthquake, tsunami"
      Blame it on ANYthing, just don't blame nuclear power, from NASA who powers their satellites with Plutonim. Perfectly safe. NOOoo prob….

  • CaptD CaptD

    RE: The Navy Adm. reports:

    1. I know that Admirals, do not start sending in reports unless they have been checked and rechecked several times over.

    2. The US Navy has access to state of the art measuring equipment and the trained personnel to operate it.

    3. Admirals follow orders from their superiors and or Navy guidelines.


    4. The carrier fleet was relocated right after 3/11 to get it out of the fallout.

    5. Returning aircraft were "decontaminated" and I remember reading that the US Navy was storing some low level radioactive waste that was contaminated during that operation (think suits, gloves and ???

    We all were very lucky that Fukushima was not much worse than it is (so far)…

    • Sickputer

      CaotD sez: "US Navy was storing some low level radioactive waste that was contaminated during that operation (think suits, gloves and ???

      SP: The plutonium fallout from Reactor 3 engulfed the USS Ronald Reagan which was doing some close-in helicopter support, but turned tail and sailed away as soon as they could recover the highly contaminated helicopter crews.

      This was a classic photo of the ten day scrub down. Notice no masks! One speck in the lungs with plutonium and you will be paying the price down the line. Anybody got a bet these sailors will never be tested over the next 20 years. You better document your service sailors! Lung cancer won't be nice when you're out of the service.

    • CB CB

      The carrier following the plum of radioactivity was sent a special officer to write a decontamination guideline. The crew of 5000+ was exposed to high dose radiation fallout. The 3000+ spaces aboard the carrier had intakes of ventilation throughout the ship. Very under reported. Very sad the crew was subjected to this plum. Very undermined by the military and media. The decontamination was exterior, deescalation of the true exposure were silenced/ undermined. One who was there, his comment was(It was bad).

    • James2

      I've reported this several times before. The sequence of events was this. Earthquake/Tsunami on March 11. Reactor #1 had a large hydrogen explosion blow off the siding and roof off the top of the building on March 12.

      All day March 13 they were trying like mad to keep the others from blowing up. #3 was precarious all day.

      You'll recall they had no power at the facility – they were having trouble getting generators running – they were calling in fire trucks to flood the reactors with seawater – anything to keep them cool.

      USS Reagan was steaming directly into Fukushima – with orders to provide nuclear expertise, manpower, electricity and anything else needed. Reagan has enough electrical generation capability to run a small city. It had 1 million gallons of jet fuel to run generators. it also had some of the best trained nuke engineers in the world. They were due in Fukushima in a couple of hours – and had the advanced observation helos deployed.

      When #3 Blew at 11:01 am, one of the helo crews was pretty close and got blasted by the cloud that blew out of the core. They immediately flew back to Reagan. When they landed they set off all the radiation alarms. The alarm sounds and everybody onboard runs for their gas masks and goes to the nuclear emergency muster stations. The problem is that the nuke drills are designed to contain the ship's reactors giving off radiation – not radiation from an external source.

      A second contaminated helo landed. The nuke officers onboard had not been trained for this kind of situation, and the captain was demanding a report and a solution. The alarms were blaring and the crew didn't know what was going on. The only place they could find to decontaminate the helo crews was the barber shop – they said it didn't have enough ventilation.

      Eventually the crew was stripped and washed down, but not before the water and the air systems on the ship were contaminated with whatever was in the air .

    • James2

      The Captain decided to abandon the Fukushima mission and turn north and outrun the radiation cloud.

      They said later that the crew was panicked, and the though that they might have to abandon ship actually occurred to them.

      The reagan can go pretty fast at full power. They went 100 miles north and sat in the harbor for a few days decontaminating the ship and only providing some helo crews to the Tsunami rescue effort.

      After scrubbing the ship, the Reagan did do a reduced humanitarian mission, then the crew got back on the ship and hightailed it out of there – back to San Diego I think.

      An aircraft carrier travels in what they call a "Carrier battle group" which is a fleet of other ships that support it: supply ships, destroyers, subs, tankers, etc. somewhere around 15 ships total.

      I would bet everyone in the entire carrier battle group got a good dose of bad stuff from the #3 explosion.

  • openeye openeye

    What attracted me to this community was the mutual respect and support, and not having to wade through endless infighting.

    The old divide and conquer strategy may be at work here?

    I was also attracted to the topic of nuke danger even being addressed: so many of the respected alternative news sites barely cover Fukushima, yet all the stuff they do cover is MOOT if we're all dead.

    I used to look to Alex Jones for bright, informed and subtle analysis of the complexities of any given vital issue. I can't on this one–he stopped covering it a few weeks after Fuku blew; I couldn't believe it–I listened to the show day after day and nothing.. Then he started again, but it's been spotty and not very deep.

    And no one of high caliber is trying to analyze the perpetrators the way they did with the BP Gulf disaster, to my knowledge.

    So this forum is VITAL. Let's be "elegant, so intelligent" (T.S. Eliot). Since we are so endangered, let's be loving or at least civil to each other.

    • Kevin Kevin

      I am here for the same reasons.

      I see no divide and conquer "strategy" on this issue.

      I have researched HAARP for years.

      The point is simple, stay on topic. Turning every thread into yarn on HAARP no doubt erodes the site in the eyes of great unwashed.

      On Jones, I usually got to him for enterntainment value but must agree he was not shy to pay out the bombast and go against the grain at the onset of Fukushima. But note even the conspiracy guy wont go as far as talking HAARP on this one. Again not because he doesn't believe or ignores HAARP but because speculation of that nature is self defeating. Oddly its precisely why warfare has sunk to that level.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      openeye. Spoken like a true king of what remains our jungle. Let's stay relevant and kind.

  • StillJill StillJill

    ALL I read in this is,…"What are "THEY" saying we're supposed to report (say)?

    Pure and simple!

  • CaptD CaptD

    I'd like to see more replies to comments and or links because it adds to the discussion.

    • ruth

      The discussion is supposed to be on topic. Our comments are supposed to be about the topic. This is not a site dedicated to discussing any topic that interests you.

      • ageezerofgiza

        Quite so, Ruth. I used to be impressed with the site, but the endless thread-derailing has put me off. I think that Admin will have to act to save the site. It has degenerated into just one more conspiracy site. I'm not against conspiracy theories, but I just don't want to wade through them here. I won't bother posting much here; there's no point.
        PS Admin – I think you have created confusion over the General Discussion Forum and the Off-topic Forum. Please clarify.

      • CaptD CaptD

        Sure Ruth, What I was saying is that I like to read replies to posted comments rather than a long series of statements that are often repetitive…

        I was not talking about OT comments…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    March 15 2011
    "This morning, sensitive instrumentation on USS George Washington pier-side in Yokosuka detected low levels of radioactivity from the Fukushima plant. While there was no danger to the public, Commander, Naval Forces Japan recommended limited precautionary measures for personnel and their families on Fleet Activities Yokosuka and Naval Air Facility Atsugi, including limiting outdoor activities and securing external ventilation systems as much as practical."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    March 15 2011
    “Having crews return with detectable levels of radiation is going to be a fact of life with this mission for the foreseeable future,” said Lieutenant Anthony Falvo, a spokesman for the Seventh Fleet in Japan. “As long as we take every precaution to ensure that the risk is contained and mitigated, these folks will be just fine.”
    The Navy treated two Seventh Fleet air crew members with potassium iodide pills as a precaution this week after they became contaminated with radiation emitted from the damaged nuclear plant at Fukushima.
    Being exposed to radiation…just the norm…?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    JAPAN: US aircraft carrier kept away from radiation area – CCTV 110316
    At.. :26..check… reactor 3

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      @ Heart of the Rose, I found this blog a little while ago and it is very disheartening. Apparently there was a research vessel that began a mission to collect radiation samples of seawater that began on June 4, 2011. The last blog entry was on the 18th with notes that they were moving on to the next test site. That was the last update entry. Just stops, nadda, nothing after that! ??????

  • bleep_hits_blades

    CaptD -that technology review link you found was a good one, thanks for posting. Some very good comments by readers, also.

    If HAARP was used to trigger the Fuk. quake, & if the elites do have such a capability & are using it in a way that kills people & advances their various agendas that are not 'in the public interest' – well surely that is on topic here on this website.

    Yes openeye, it is interesting that Alex Jones has covered Fuk. in so sketchy a fashion. If he completely ignored it, that would be a case of 'conspicuous in its absence' – but surely the worst nuclear,industrial,& environmental disaster in the history of the planet, that will result in millions of deaths, & probably species extinctions (maybe even including our own), is worthy of intensive coverage by a website such as his.

    Recall that he & Rense both came out IMMEDIATELY ridiculing/denying the possibility that HAARP might have been used to trigger Fuk. quake.

    Here is a short clip from an audio interview with Rense & Moret on the Haiti quake. In it, Moret mentions that Haiti actually has mineral resourses that the elites wish to gain control of, ditto cheap labor resources, & she mentions that the quake relief was unaccountably very poor. (raising more suspicions of population reduction agendas such have been discussed here in connection with the Japan quake).

    Leuren used to be a welcome guest on rense radio – after the Fukushima quake, Rense cut her off & ridicules the theory that the quake could have been HAARP triggered.

    Leuren does give some of the HAARP data that supports the use of HAARP to trigger the quake, as suggested in a couple of other articles posted/discussed here.

    BTW Moret does not agree with Jim Stone's 'nukes in the ocean theory', but she did mention the Stuxnet virus having been introduced prior to the quakes for the purpose of shutting down the computers during the disaster.

  • LetThemEatYellowCake LetThemEatYellowCake

    Earlier in the hot particle results, Seattle was shown to have 1/2 the number as Japan. 5 vs. 10/day if I remember correctly. We all have heard how the majority of the plume went east. So at least 1/2 of this 150 mrem/hr "thyroid dose" (which I'm assuming they're talking about iodine) is roughly twice that of what the west coast recieved? With thyroid cases showing up in Japanese children in 1 year whereas the majority were 4 yrs after Chernobyl…it appears so and it's this year and by the looks of general discussion/anomaly etc word of more people getting ill started a couple of months ago. When the plume maps came out, 1-2 years for illnesses is what many guessed last March/April from what was known then – I think this foia release supports that – and still doesn't count emissions from recriticalities. Does anyone know of a way to count new thyroid cases?

  • bleep_hits_blades

    I saw admin.s note and will try to put HAARP discussions in the General Discussion thread in future.

    • PoorDaddy PoorDaddy

      No, bleep, in the off-topic discussion forum. General Discussion is nuke related. Off-topic would be for HAARP stuff.
      I might be wrong…just tryin to keep up.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    Did you all notice the date of this NRC/Navy Admiral release. It's March 20th, 2012. I haven't read the whole thread yet, so might have missed it. So many sounded as if they thought it was recent, I decided to look for a reference. the very long URL for a long PDF document on the NRC knowledge is:

    If that's too long, try googling this:



    SUNDAY MARCH 20, 2011

  • gottagetoffthegrid

    keeping in mind this was from march 20/2011 this bit of the transcript is at the end of the linked pdf from Enformable.

    there is some very interesting discussions about SPF 4 and spf 3 starting line 9 on page 81 of the transcript (83 of the pdf) to the end of 82. then again line 20 page 107 of transcript (page 109 of the pdf file) up to about 112:

    no steam from unit 4 for days and no steam from unit 3 for 48 hrs. no steam meant the pools were dry, dry, dry.

    you can tell these guys were scared sh!tless.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      and then on page 115 they conclude:

      DAVE SKEEN: Yeah. Well, I'm still going
      to go back to we haven't seen any steaming coming out of Unit 4 since early in the event, which leads us to believe that there's no water there to steam.
      JOHN MONNINGER: Yep. We agree with you. So the only thing I'm saying is, you know, we would be interested in the calculations but we've got to be
      extremely careful what we do with them.
      DAVE SKEEN: Yeah. We'll leave that up to
      you, but we'll get that information for you guys to have in your pocket anyway.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      then the night crew comes on with this tid bit starting on line 6, page 144 of the transcript:

      What we are getting is sort of a continuously built-up accumulation of surveys. So what you have is a survey which shows you the deposition that's accumulated over time. It very clearly has that plume of increased deposition to the northwest of the facility, which correlates, we believe, actually very nicely, to the time of the lube oil fire — I will put that in quotes; that's what Skeen was saying moment ago — and the damage at the Unit 4 secondary containment'in the spent fuel pool.
      Without going to too-far speculation at the moment, it would appear that a good amount of the volatile radioactive material that might have been in
      that spent fuel pool is now laying on the ground in the 13-plus miles northwest of the facility.

      • Kevin Kevin

        Well there you have it.

        "Not going too far with Speculation," rods from sfp 4 were see up to thirteen miles away!

        Jesus christ! (whoops off topic!)


        • gottagetoffthegrid

          they are talking about the volatile material; elements that vaporize (such as iodine, caesium, etc.) below about 1000*C. they did find some neptunium way out there. Neptunium is NOT volatile its BP is in the 4000* range.

          • Kevin Kevin

            Well the language is a bit odd that way.

            You are saying they detected these elements in the air 13 miles away?


            However they way he states it, "Stuff once in the fuel pool is now lying on the ground thirteen miles away" led me to believe or at least think he was referring to physical things, like rods. It does not seem to be how one would refer to radoactive highly volatile particles.

            Its also a good time to repost this video of the NRC on sfp 4. This issue of SFP 4 has come up often and I have posted if before, but here it is again for those who may have missed it.


            • gottagetoffthegrid

              As far as I understand the volatiles condense and form dust/snowy flakes that settle on the ground or dissolve in rain and are deposited that way.

              It's probably both in reality. Nothing else explains the neptunium

              • Kevin Kevin

                Thanks offthegrid.

                That makes more sense.

                One question it raises is.

                What do the condense from?

                Cannot be a hydrogen explosion. Which is what they claim it to be.

                They say its from the SFP. So would an explosion involing the rods result in this "condensing" you speak of? The water surrounding the rods is tritiated (dont if thats right for tritium) could it be from that? Seems unlikely.

                I mention it because the pool contains water and rods. Gotta be one or the other, right?

                • gottagetoffthegrid

                  It's the iodine, caesium that vaporizes and then condenses as it cools. So what they are talking about is small chrystals of these elements or their salts if they react with something in the air, or themselves — caesium iodide for example

      • StillJill StillJill

        Yeppers, Northwest of the facility,….that's the way I saw 'er BLOW!!! 13 miles? Wow, impressive. Too bad we find this out now, 11 months late!

        • Kevin Kevin

          I made a lengthy post about this in another thread, so I will keep this brief.

          An average reactor creates 250 KG of plutonium a year. This plutonium is in the rods they then stored in the pools adjacent the reactor. They are called "spent fuel" and are stored in those pools against the original design purpose, and as a result of having nowhere else to put them. The original design has the pool there for unloading and reloading the reactor, maintenance etc.

          Arnie Gunderson says these pools may have stored up to 20 years of spent fuel rods, equating to 10,000 lbs of plutonium.

          This observation by offthegrid suggests its contents were blown up to and over thirteen miles away.

          Moreover, that is reactor 4.

          My concern since day one has been sfp 3. The explosion there made 4 look like a minor event.

          Now since the time of these claims we have seen some footage of sfp 4 which suggested a portion of the pool was intact. WE have seen no such data for Three.

          I would also point out that the recent NHK story the admin posted said they found damaged steel "distorted" by the explosion at reactor three, but only showed footage of the flyover focusing on reactor 4. This adds to the mountain of misinformation we have recieved with respect to these details and makes me all the more suspicious about the real status of the spent fuel pools and in particular number three as I have been hollering about since day one.

          • James2

            Kevin I don't want to have to teach you physics on #3 again. Just give it up will you?

            • Kevin Kevin

              Show me evidence that the pool at 3 is fine James and I would be more than happy to. To date what you provided is your opinion. Cool as they might be, it does nothing to convince of me anything.

              • James2

                We've been down this toad at least four times. I show you that what you claim is physically impossible, you come back later and claim it again.

                Sorry not going to do it again. You are either an idiot or you want to spread disinformation. I could care less about what you think at this point. I just want to point out to others who might read this that when you claim something that is impossible as fact you are wrong.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  Yup I am an idiot, just carry on.

                  And please, please do not go on and on about it again.


                • James2

                  yeah, why don't you just go out and get a nice new hairstyle – just to see if you can remember the schooling you've had…

                • Kevin Kevin

                  Enough already James.

                  Really its childish and at times you make observations that are quite good. As rare as they are, but bullying and all the foolishnes is really uncalled for.

              • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                Kevin I'm in agreement with you on this. I find it an insult by TEPCO to try and deceive the public about the condition of Unit #3. Why is it they have omitted close ups of unit #3 when it is clearly evident that it sustained tremendous damage from the blast?

            • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

              @James2, yes by these pictures one could only come to the conclusion that the fuel pools in #3 are in great shape and all uranium+plutonium fuels rods are accounted for! (sarc)

                • James2

                  You'd be best to stay out of this one.

                  Kevin has some sort of agenda that makes him keep claiming that the SFP3 blew up on March 14, 2011. When in fact it did not, and could not have.
                  And was intact for several months after that.

                  Starting in Early December it caught fire and burned to the state the photos you show now depict it. So you are correct it is not intact now. But it did not blow up on March 14 either.

                  The nuclear industry has a very big stake in changing history and making the explosion on March 14 come from the fuel pool – which is impossible and not the core – which is where it came from (and BTW the NRC documents that have been circulated the last few days confirms)

                  The big stake is MOX fuel. If the core blew up in March last year, then it blew MOX all over the place (it did) and all the MOX production should stop immediately (it should). Is it a coincidence that Kevin continues to come back again and again and say that the explosion came from the pool? :I don't think so…

                • Kevin Kevin

                  James. You promised you were not going to carry on. Theatening people does not make your opinion any more credible.

                  I have not disputed your notion that the core blew. In fact it seems plausible.

                  What I have disputed is your opinion about the SFP. Actually I have not disputed your opinion but rather have stated that there is no evidence that suggests the pool is okie dokie. Or was up until that fire that only you saw.

                  Every time I state that I have not seen evidence after much research that the pool was unaffected by the explosion you jump on my posts and go on some ridiculous rant.

                  I have been clear, there is no conclusive evidence the pool remained intact after the explosion. I am concerend about this becuase that rather large explosionm, the largest of them all, could have included fuel from that pool which, according to Arnie may have held up to 20 years of spent fuel. Or up to 10,000lbs of plutonium.

                • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                  James2, your comment comes across as double speak. In one instance you say that #3 blew up (from the core) spewing it's MOX fuel contents all over the globe, but at the same time you say #3 reactor building remained intact until it burned to the condition it is now in. Well you have successfully warped my perception of what happened in two completely different directions.

                • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                  @James2, I understand what your saying now, it took a second but I agree. I misunderstood because of talking about SFP3 which I was taking as meaning the actual building including the RPV. Yes the RPV blew up on March 13th and NOT the SFP3. It was at a later date because of there being no water in the SFP3 that it burnt to it's present condition. Gotcha, thanks!

                • James2

                  I don't make threats. It's not my style.

                  There is plenty of evidence that the pool was intact after the explosion – most notably it still held water, which was proven in the video from March 15th. You simply choose to ignore the evidence, because it doesn't fit your agenda.

                  I cannot help someone who intentionally ignores the truth, but I can continue to correct them.

                • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                  @James2, So now I have a question, would this imply that there continues to me an inferno in the SFP3? Is it possible that it reached recriticality.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  Is this the "proof" you speak of?


                  Oh yeah that one really cleared it up for me.

                • James2

                  BTW Laterluke – those photos released on Lucas's site are just loaded with photoshop.

                  Take a look at the back skeleton wall of #3. In one of the photos, they did such a sloppy job editing you can see exactly where they erased all the beams in one spot and they appear intact in other pictures. I can find dozens of spots like this in just a cursory look. More lies.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  Oh and the other point I left out.

                  James says " you can tell its fine becuase it holds water"

                  Alright, I am not convinced of that, but if this opinion of yours is correct explain then how the intact fuel pool full of water started on fire.

                • James2

                  It's hard to say exactly what is going on with #3.

                  I don't think all the core ejected in the explosion a year ago. There were some IR photos that showed some hot fuel still in a configuration that looked like the legs of the torus.

                  I believe a bunch of fuel rods and even possible part of the RPV landed back down on the north end of the #3 building. That end of the building has been steadily eroding over time and now is a giant "china syndrome pit" – which has been emitting steam and smoke for months now.

                  On the SFP side, which is the south end of the building, remarkably the SFP was intact after the explosion (despite Kevin's fantasies to the contrary). It was full of steel and debris from the explosion, so it looked terrible, but it held water and did not burn right away. It did have some leaks, so they began pumping water into it from a fire hose right away, and that kept it cool for awhile. In June/July they desalinated it and installed a very large heat exchanger unit in the basement of the building. This was documented in the work progress reports – with photos.

                  Then something went badly wrong between December 1 and 5. There were several earthquakes and the pool apparently lost it's water and the spent fuel caught fire.

                  It burned in at least two places for many weeks – both were visible on the JNN cam -one was in the far Southeast corner of the building and the second was just to the right of the vent tower as viewed in the JNN cam view. The flames from both of these were at time as high as the original roofline 30-50 ft high.

                  They often park a crane to obscure the view of the SFP burn area. When they leave it open, you can see a black river of goo coming right out of the SFP area and flowing over the side of the building. I've only seen this a couple of times – they keep it well hidden.

                  Last I looked the fires had dissipated quite a bit, but the one near the vent tower was clearly visible yesterday.

                • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                  Kevin, this video you posted wasn't even uploaded until May, two months after the explosion. Plenty of time to fill SOMETHING with a lot of seawater. Not even sure that it in the #3 building. It could very well be #4.

                • Kevin Kevin


                  Re: the video I posted.


                  However it is apparently what James forwards as evidence. Of course he does not provide the link,but only refers to it.

                  It is hte only video of SFP3 however.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  So this long winded play by play with reactor three. Which of course is your opinion. Now involves a mostly intact core and spent feul pool at the site of the worst explosion.

                  And than a fire in a pool of water, because went something went horribly wrong and the workers who have managed to salvage it thus far could not keep water in the pool.

                  Not a link or anything to substantiate this.

                  And I am the one with "fantasies" when all I say is there is no conclusive evidence that the sfp in reactor three remained in tact after the explosion.

                  And you wonder why you have no credibility?

                  Absolutely bizarre.

                  But do carry on.

                  This, as I have said before, is my last response to you.

              • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                @James2, yes I see a concerted effort here to mislead the public to believe that a hydrogen explosion occurred leaving the SFP3 intact but it's contents ejected vs a critical RPV that blew it's top, which would then give the impression that the situation is not as serious. In fact is is serious!

                • James2

                  I think you now have it…

                • Kevin Kevin

                  You are correct. The effort to uphold the official narrative that a hydrogen explosion occurred in reactor three is concerted.

                  I dont believe it was a hydrogen explosion nor do I believe that sfp 3 is intact.

                • Kevin Kevin

                  The core blowing is not as serious as the sfp in my opinion. Much more plutonium and other nasty stuff in the sfp than the core.

                  However a functioning core does present a serious problem, but in different ways.

                • James2

                  Well then Kevin you could rest easy from March to December, because the core blew and the SFP remained intact in March 2011

                  Since December however, we've been sucking down the ashes of that plutonium laden spent fuel after all, so I guess we ended up with the worst of all worlds.

                • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

                  I really believe the horse is dead, no really.

                  The bottom line is that while we debate about what happened, the governmental officials that SHOULD be informing the public and world population as to what their future will soon look like continues to be silent. There have been meetings in which the divulge have truth but as far as coming out and making public statements, absolutely nothing. I think if they did, world peace would happen overnight, and then after the truth set in, absolute total anarchy!

      • Bobby1

        Hmm didn't the NRC publicly say the fuel rods were like 1 or 2 miles away, while privately they say they are 13 miles away?

        • StillJill StillJill

          Yeah Bobby1, what's a few miles among friends, right? 1 or 2,…13,…it's all relative, right?

        • James2

          I was really surprised by the 1-2 mile statement, and I don't think I can believe 13 miles for fragments.

          What I can believe is 13 miles for traces of the elements in the rods – maybe MOX powder.

          This connects the dots on something. Remember several months ago – the video of several families that had moved to a community center outside the evacuation zone – only to find the area around the community center was even more radioactive than the area they evacuated?

          That community center was something like 20 Km to the Northeast, wasn't it? That's about 13 miles, and I remember they found some huge hotspots near there..

      • CB CB

        It's NOT OK to return to the Fukushima Prefecture. Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil. The "status que", keeping up with the Jetsons, etc… kills sheeple.

    • gottagetoffthegrid

      they discuss the "lube oil fire" starting on line 16 page 183 concluding on page 185:

      DAN DORMAN: It's, it's interesting to me you're focusing on that lube oil fire because Jim, Jim and I when we were talking this morning were focusing on the Unit 4 explosion, but I'm fuzzy in my recollection of which came first.

      LARRY CAMPER: Well, I, I think we're
      saying we're skeptical that it was a lube oil fire.
      DAN DORMAN: Yeah, I'm — we —
      CAMPER: We know it wasn't a lube oil fire. We know that. They can take that off the table.
      DAN DORMAN: Yeah. I guess, I guess if — yeah, I'll be interested to see an analysis that lines up the time sequence of events compared to that wind shift because I think that, obviously, that wind shift, to me, is the only — the only, you know, Jim kind of said, well, maybe the explosion drove this big plume out there or it was a directional explosion out to the northwest.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Great thread and there is not much that goes on inside this world today that is not driven by a genuine conspiracy.

    a conspiracy of silence an agreement to say nothing about an issue that should be generally known."

    16 million top secrets docs generated per year pretty much says it all…

    • CB CB

      Also the term "conspiracy theory" is taboo among most people of "Status Que". Japanese are a victims of their own "Status Que". PoorDaddy

  • StillJill StillJill

    And there you have it! (Most are NOT theories at all!)

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks


  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Maybe we should name them all "Constheories" instead.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes, this is an even bigger INCONVENIENT TRUTH.

    • Kevin Kevin

      I have stated this already, but I wanted to be clear.

      I have studied conspiracy theories of all sorts, many are mentioned here from time to time and some are even relevant to Fukushima.

      There is a place here for that discussion as Admin pointed out. I am not anal about this and I do believe that the topics are interrelated and offer people who may not be aware of these things food for thought.

      However, many posters were concerened that such dialogue was distracting, off topic and in cases like this thread, where the information is of high importance, potentially an intentional deflection. Furthermore, when details like this come to light and new users come to the site, if they see a thread devolve into the realm of known "conspiracies" it may turn them off from reading the comments or worse, leave them with the impression that the website is infiltrated by a crowd forwarding information they would rather not be involved with. This is very important and we need to respect the administrator who does a stunning job and the general feeling of the community.

      In this particular thread commentators have provided awesome and relevant details, as often happens. It would be ashame if people missed those details or felt the information non credible as a result of it being intersperced within a litany of HAARP related speculation.

      So personally I think everyone should be aware of HAARP and its wide reaching impacts, studying the work of the very credible Nick Begich is a good place to start, but I dont think a highly important thread like this is the place to interject speculative theories for the reasons I state above.

  • Craig-123

    * Yes, thanks Ruth –and it’s nice to see this thread getting back to the transcript –which seems a precious example of people trying in vain to coherently communicate technical information.

    Use your PDF reader tools to key word search on "01.5". Toward the end of that document they (allegedly) determine that the measured level was actually 100 times less: 1.5 mR/hr, or 1500 uR/hr, or 15 uSv/hr –not 1500. Of course, those speaking also said they didn’t know what was being measured, where it was measured or how. At one point they thought it was somehow a conversion from pico curies per milliliter. Much of this strikes me as being ungrounded gobbledegook and talking at cross purposes.

    They spoke at length about dispatching a liaison guy to TEPCo –who didn’t speak Japanese, he doesn’t seem to have brought along his own interpreter, and he made no progress. Do such things actually happen, or is this a bunch of made up gibberish for us to get excited about?

    Our government and military command structure comes across as not being much more prepared than we are to understand radiological information and to make informed decisions in response. I sure hope the situation isn’t as feeble as it seems from this transcript.

    * If our society is to survive (let alone survive as a democracy), we'd best not be using wicked technologies which even the well placed, the (otherwise) well educated, and even the well motivated (us) –often fail to understand, reference properly. (Don’t feel bad about not having read through to the end. I dozed off twice.)


  • Mack Mack

    Here are some numbers they got from the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) = the nuclear lobbyists:

    Page 124:

    "JIM WIGGINS: All I have is what NEI is reporting. It's very important to understand that this is from NEI. I'll just read you this paragraph about it. "NEI reports that dose rates around the
    Units 3 and 4 are reducing. It was 40 REM per hour. It's now 15 REM per hour around the units immediately. Dose rates around 5 and 6 are about 100 MR/hour. Dose rates near the power block range from 1 to 5 R/hour. The site access gate was reading 60 MR/hour," which is about 4,000 feet from the plant."

  • Mack Mack

    By the way, the Navy Vice Admiral retired from the navy in November 2011.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The Pentagon is filtering the information the military itself gets about Japan
    Think the are going to tell the average soldier.. they are getting dosed?
    …then again the military has forgotten…they are expendable.

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    So if R4 sfp fuel flakes/rods ended up 13 miles away (at least), and the sfp reportedly caught on fire multiple times, and we haven't seen any photos of it since (…), are we still believing Tepco's story on it?

    • Kevin Kevin

      I dont know about you, but I have found it difficult to believe anything they have said since day one.

    • James2

      I believe the transcript is describing R3 core material ending up 13 miles away, not R4.

      I think we pretty well know what happened to R3. R4 is still a mystery and still unfolding.

  • Kevin Kevin

    Reactor 4 has been a mystery.

    Reactor was not operating, no fuel in it.

    I dont recall seeing the explosion on tv, like the infamous explosions at 1 and 3.

    In this video the commentator says reactor 4 "is more serious"

    Odd that it would be "more serious" yet we did not see the explosion and it had no core operating. That only leaves the sfp.

    This is the only video that seems to be of reactor 4 exploding. I cannot say for sure but it is the only one I am able to find and it is in a different language. (ltalian)

    The explosion looks like reactor three, but from the angle I cannot say forsure.

    Very odd that we have footage for the other explosions but not this one. Also strange that the fourth explosion also has no video. I cannot recall the details but i do seem to remember there being four explosions in the beginning days.

    A real mystery number four I must say.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    March 16 2011..
    Reactor 4…

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      @Heart, you know what Rose, this video looks like it was captured after the smoke cleared from an explosion. I guess I'm saying, is there another video that shows the beginning of this event? That you know of. My opinion is speculation but it just seems that way to me. Like an explosion happened and this is the first they have been able to see well enough through the smoke.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        @Laterlukemaybe..Thanks for the response…No I don't…many vids are labelled poorly or incorrectly…
        But the search is on..

      • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

        @Heart, I'm surprised you found this video as I hadn't seen nor heard of one so thanks!

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    @Laterlukemayb..You are so welcome.
    I'll post it on the webcam page…for safe keeping.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    ..Oh… so great…robotics…I love robotics..cyborgs ..stuff like that!
    Subserviant robotics…
    Is that an upgrade ??…lolol

    • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

      A lot of pervs out there but this video and a couple of others places these android robots in the theater work or work service category.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Thank you Whoopie and CB for this link..I am going to repost here.
    Our troops are in harm's way.
    Simple as that…