US Official: Large amounts of radioactive particles were released during initial ‘puff’ event at leaking nuclear site — Expert: Plutonium can travel ‘a long way’ in wind — TV: “They’re saying we shouldn’t worry… yet; Yet is the key word” (VIDEOS)

Published: February 25th, 2014 at 9:21 am ET


Carlsbad Residents Meeting on WIPP Radiation Release, Feb. 24, 2014 (emphasis added):

  • Question at 1:35:30 in: Whenever [CEMRC director] Russell Hardy was standing at [the WIPP site] pulling the filter, how many [millirem] was he exposed to roughly?
  • Roger Nelson, U.S. Department of Energy: When he was there […] the large amounts of particulate that were in the puff as it went by were gone.

KFOR NewsChannel4, Feb. 24, 2014:

  • Kevin Ogle, KFOR anchor: It’s being called a radiation event, and you know what? It could be making its way here to Oklahoma. Officials say a radiation leak happened sometime between Feb. 11 and Feb. 16 at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant […] What they’re saying not totally reassuring. They’re saying we shouldn’t worry — yet.
  • Ed Doney, KFOR reporter: Yet is the key word, Kevin. […] Experts are hesitant to push the panic button right now. Could a radiation leak at an underground nuclear waste site in Southeast New Mexico reach Oklahoma?
  • Don Hancock, nuclear waste expert: It very much depends on the winds because plutonium and americium can travel a long way.
  • Dr. John Nail, Oklahoma City Univ. chemistry professor: Most people will get more radiation exposure from eating bananas than they ever will from this New Mexico repository site.

Watch the 2-hour residents meeting here — — Watch KFOR’s broadcast here

Published: February 25th, 2014 at 9:21 am ET


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154 comments to US Official: Large amounts of radioactive particles were released during initial ‘puff’ event at leaking nuclear site — Expert: Plutonium can travel ‘a long way’ in wind — TV: “They’re saying we shouldn’t worry… yet; Yet is the key word” (VIDEOS)

  • jackassrig

    :we shouldn't worry – yet." Custer when he saw all those Indians.

    • Gasser Gasser


      "Puff, The Magic Dragon"


      Puff went the nasty Plutonium dragon living next to you and me

      And frolics in the autumn mist in a land no longer free,

      Little morale-less scientist loved that Becquerel rascal Puff,
and brought him Zircon cladding and fuel racks and other fancy stuff.


      Puff went the radioactive dragons under salt from the sea

      And frolics in the radioactive mist under the land called WIPP,

      Puff's daughter Actinide's also lives in the sea

      And is frolicking in the oceans mist contaminating you and me.

      Together they all travel on boat hulls with billowed sail's

      Jerkoff scientist kept a lookout of Puff's gigantic plume trail,
Noble presidents and scientist would kowtow whene'er they came,
Navy ships would wash their flags and decks when Puff puked out his claim.


      Puff, the Plutonium dragon polluted all the sea
And is hiding in the oceans mist that no one can see,


      • Gasser Gasser


Puff, the Plutonium dragon also lives in you and me

        And frolics as an Isotopic mist in a land now becoming Deadly.

        A Plutonium dragon lives forever, but not little girls and boys

        Painted black wings in a giant yellow ring make warring for all nuclear toys.

One grey night it happened, bullshiting Journalist papers came no more

        And Puff that mighty dragon, deceased us with an explosive roar.

        His reactor homes were bent in sorrow, Isotopic Actinides fell like rains,

        Puff no longer lit the lights along the Worlds cherry lanes.

Without his life-long NRC and IAEA friends, Puff could not be saved,

        So Puff that mighty dragon sadly slipped into his Corium cave.


        Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea

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        ~Gasser Classic~

  • Lion76 Lion76

    this sh** is bananas

  • FallOut FallOut

    ( N.I.S.A ) Nuclear Industrial Safety Agency ( March 2, 2011 )

    Quality inspection at Fukushima Daiichi – Issues found w/ recirculation pumps.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    I finally saw mention of the WIPP site on Albuquerque channel 7 just now. They also mentioned the town hall meeting in Carlsbad. This mornings Roswell Daily record also mentioned it.

    They are still comparing airborne particulates to dental x-rays. Now if they had compared it to the number of inhaled bananas…

    • They state…

      [paraphrased](at about 6 min in)
      "The test results are not back yet, but the levels are so low."

      At 2 hrs in the State Representative does the airplane comparison.

      I think the audience fell for it. 🙁

      NEVER FORGET! –> An ingested or inhaled particle is not like a wave!

      Why seemingly intelligent people don't understand this one simple aspect is odd to me. I don't get why they don't get it. (?)

      The entire meeting was a 'magic show', a test, to see if they could actually get people to beLIEve them.

      Most of the speakers, it seemed obvious to me, knew they were not telling the truth.

      • jec jec

        ChasAha, The DOE reports 4.4 disinegrations per minute (DPM) as a confusing measurement for emissions from WIPP. 4.4 DPM of PU or AM. DPM is not like CPM..very very different. Did anyone mention THAT? Dont know how to convert..but DPM is decay per minute..NOT the measurement of decay. So for an atom like PU that lasts a long time..does decay even have any relevance? Decay of atoms, DPM, of how much danger…is there away to figure out release amounts based on 4.4 DPM of PU/AM?

        • jec jec

          PLUS…DPM is used for measuring SURFACE contamination. From that, its not AIR CONTAMINATION! So what was the AIR contamination? And what surface was measured..dirt 1/2 mile from WIPP. IF SO.thats a potentially large release. DOE better release more info FAST..the 'yet' just means they are shoveling as fast as they can to figure out how to make people ignore this…And what direction were the winds from Feb 12th on? North and West winds? Someone needs to check out the downwind locations..not just Carlsbad NM. With a alpha counter…

          • At the community meeting, they only talked about up wind off site air monitors; SE and SW plus an onsite WIPP air detector/filter, but it might also have been upwind.

        • razzz razzz

          You make a good point(s) 'jec', you can always rely on official obfuscation. It's amazing that they are even discussing Plutonium and Americium. I suspect that to be fuel rod waste. You only get those two by bombarding Uranium with neutrons.

          Many ways to measure radiation. No wonder people can't comprehend the numbers. Rates for exposure, counts for intensity, strength, source counts, spot counts, US vs industry standards. Cancers rates after 5+ years will be confirmation.

          "…Disintegrations per minute (dpm) and disintegrations per second are measures of the intensity of the source of radioactivity. The SI unit of radioactivity, the becquerel, is equivalent to one disintegration per second. It is included in this article to show that it should not be confused with cpm. Becquerels is the strength of the source of radiation, but cpm is the number of counts received by an instrument from that source.

          The efficiency of the radiation detector (e.g. scintillation counter) and its relative position to the source of radiation must be accounted for when relating cpm to dpm. Dpm is the number of atoms that have decayed, not the number of atoms that have been measured as decayed.
          SI Units for radioactive disintegration

          One becquerel (Bq) is equal to one disintegration per second; 1 becquerel (Bq) is equal to 60 dpm.
          One curie (Ci) is equal to 3.7×1010 Bq or dps, which is equal to 2.22×1012 dpm…"

    • They did quip in with some bananas, sheesh

  • or-well

    Puff –
    the Magic Dragon
    escapes in the air
    to poison land
    and all our food
    and water everywhere.
    Puff – the Magic Dragon
    will live on and on
    and sooner if not later
    will get in
    your children's lungs.
    But Puff the Magic Dragon
    has those who sing his song,
    who tell us all
    he's in control
    and can do us no harm.

  • E E

    I'm wondering now if I should now sell my property while the value is high. That's about 500 miles from San Antonio. I remember they were talking about having a reactor here before 3/11 and it's funny how they haven't mentioned it since then.

  • Wright South West Wright South West

    At 1:50 into the meeting the best question of the night was asked. "What chronic and acute effects does breathing in Plutonium particles have?. The "expert" went on to explain in a roundabout way that a millirem was a millirem and that there was no difference in breathing in hot particles vs gamma exposure. I pounded my head on the table at that point. You could tell the the person asking the question wasn't buying it but stayed polite.

    • Speedy

      This is exactly the crap that has to stop..To the interested but marginally educated public, these kind of answers will be all they need to calm their nerves…avoiding the panic..Just numbing feed for the sheeple..

    • nedlifromvermont

      Hey Wright South West!!!!

      Be careful of your table.

      There will be time for many more poundings …

      for all of us …

      peace …

    • I would like to be at that meeting, I would back them into a corner and then rip their freaking heads off like an angry badger. Well figuratively, you know….

      • I'm probably off-topic, but badgers reminded me of William Wilberforce – founder of the SPCA and major force behind the abolition of slavery. (Depicted in the movie "Amazing Grace" – not available on YouTube.

        If one imagines the entrenched beliefs he was up against and compares them to this fight, there are similarities.

        Backing down is not an option. Angry badgers welcome.

      • SadieDog

        Sabotage, badger style …
        In 1959, in what may be the worst pest incident in Hanford history, a badger broke into a radioactive waste pit setting off a biological chain reaction. Bunnies tromped in looking for salt, spreading 200 curies worth of radioactive poop over 2,000 acres of the Hanford site, according to Science. The appearance of radioactive doo doo today would launch a whole manhunt—or rabbithunt—for the offending rodent. After all, we can't have radioactive bunnies dropping cesium-filled pellets all over the landscape. A former nuclear reactor still needs pest control.

  • lam335 lam335

    re expert in Albuquerque:… "says there is already more radiation found around the world from decades-old nuclear testing than this leak could produce."

    But that radiation from bomb testing is spread "around the world," whereas the stuff spewed out of the WIPP was concentrated into one big cloud. If you spread that cloud across the entire globe, *maybe* it would be *less* dangerous too, but as it actually was, it was a concentrated cloud of Plutonium/Americium.

    This official is being misleading. I hope the people of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and beyond are savvy enough to catch it.

    • lam335 lam335

      Once again: "Most people will get more radiation exposure from eating bananas than they ever will from this New Mexico repository site."

      Well yeah … if you consider ALL the people across the entire planet, most of them will indeed have more exposure to bananas that to the WIPP plume. But if you just focus on the populations most directly affected by this concentrated cloud of nuclear waste particles, then many of them could have gotten exposures far worse than they will ever get from a banana …

      And potassium-40 from a banana doesn't stay in one place inside your body and blast a few cells will very nasty alpha particles for the rest of your life, as the Plutonium and Americium do.

      • lam335 lam335

        spelling: … with very nasty alpha particles for the rest of your life …

        • All of the speakers live locally. One of them said this event, which he said was not a 'leak', was so 'safe' that he went right up to the exhaust and breathed right there.. He did not say if was wearing a mask or not.. He collected a radiation paper filter, which had so little radiation on it, that it was not worth even talking about it..

          Their main DOE message is that this is so safe, and they live there, and breathe this same air, that no one else should be worried either. Do you believe? Do you trust?

          They also claimed that nothing but low level solid waste went into this facility. Do you believe? Do you trust?

          Other news reports say otherwise.

      • nedlifromvermont

        well Iam 225: as always, the devil is in the details …

        Go Health Physics?!

  • Just wondering… how many in the general public make the connection between this event (and similar others) and their own friendly neighborhood nuclear power plant.

    I looked online and found the result of post-Fukushima polls that indicate a majority support for nuclear energy – but who knows, polls can be, and are, generally rigged.

    What I find more telling is the general lack of activism against nuclear power.

    As long as there's no opposition, this industry will continue to operate and build new plants – with public money.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth This morning's article:

    "MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2014

    "TIME ZERO Plutonium Cloud was 330 MILLION Becquerels in Size; DOE Claims Current Releases Safe–BUT
    Based on new information obtained during a Carlsbad, New Mexico town-hall meeting, the Plutonium cloud size at Time Zero, Ground Zero can be estimated at 330,000,000 Becquerels, contained in approximately 10,000 cubic meters of contaminated air, released over a 30 second time frame.

    "The earlier measurements were based on information obtained at a site approximately 1/2 a mile NorthWest of the WIPP facility, the Plutonium Cloud at that site measured approximately 110,000,000 Becquerels. The new ONSITE information is from a detector located near the ventilation exhaust shaft, where the normalized reading came out to be approximately 3 times higher..

    "Information current as of Saturday 2/22/14 indicate that the site is still emitting approximately 6,667 Becquerel every minute, assuming that the WIPP site is using their maximum ventilation rate of 20,000 cubic meters of mine exhaust air per minute.

    "So while the on going minute by minute releases are still quite large at 6,667 Becquerels, they are dispersed in 20,000 cubic meters of air each minute. The average person inhales 0.05 cubic meters of air per minute.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      "Hence, a person on site at the WIPP plant would be inhaling approximately 0.016668 Bq per minute, which works out to 1 Becquerel per hour. Thats why DOE wants to claim its safe for people on site: Of course, these values get significantly more dangerous when they are concentrated over a smaller area by rain, fog, or temperature inversion. Unfortunately the Midwest, especially Saint Louis experience all those concentrating factors between 2/14 and 2/17.

      "Source info:

      "Carlsbad Town-hall WIPP meeting reporting 2x radioactive concentration in an onsite air filter exposed to 7 days of airflow, as opposed to approximately 5 days of airflow for the offsite monitor."

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        An answer to my earlier question on the previous thread:
        Yes, the blowers have been turned back on, in an effort to pump out all that Plutonium.
        And, yes, the 0.03% of Plutonium that gets through the topside filters, at a rate of 6,667Bq/minute, is still being released.

  • Socrates

    Wear protective respiratory devices. Protect your children, too.

    The iconic imagery of citizens having to protect themselves speaks volumes. Talk about "killing you own people…."

    What is the excuse? What is the justification?

    These are crimes against humanity.

  • Tiza Tiza

    Hey everyone,

    I'm sure everyone has heard about the polio-like illness in CA, right? Wonder if it's possible that the Fuku radiation stuff has caused this. They're saying it's a mystery illness.


      caught that story yesterday, Tiza. My intuition hints, this has more to do with uncontrolled 'immigration', than anything else. Prior to 311, we saw these same type of outbreaks wherever there were high concentrations of illegals. As there's now a complete breakdown of our government's obligation to the citizenry, many diseases have made their way into the country and our children's classrooms. So much for national security…

      • Tiza Tiza


        I didn't think of that, but you may be right. This is pretty scary. We have relatives with children in Northern CA.


          one way or another, Tiza, such effects us all in some way. And regardless the root cause to how and why a disease may be proliferating, RAIDs can still be an aggravating factor. Either way, it's good to see you're on your toes…

        • SadieDog

          Again, What !!

      • underfish

        funny you mention this… native americans and other colonizied peoples were probably saying something like what you just said when our/your ancestors brought them blankets and other "over seas" diseases/illness..what comes around goes around


          you are correct underfish. And yes, my ancestors were on both sides of that landing. Fortunately for my people, we learned to use the law to serve 'our' needs. We leave double-standards to the criminally insane…

      • underfish

        In fact that is exactly what the native peoples are saying about WIPP right now…


          all of this, underfish, will bring the 'nations' to the forefront of the world's attention (as has been predicted by 'others', long ago). Much is going to change for the better…

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          If the white man (sic) had been willing or able to hear what the indigenous people tried to tell us as we massacred them we would not be in this predicament today. There is still time to learn. Please read native american history and what the indians had to tell us.


            their profits, dharmasyd, warned of the consequences of ignoring the natural order. Some also predicted that the world would eventually turn to the 'them' for guidance. I'm good with accepting their wisdom…

            P.S. Good to see you out here, brother…

    • jec jec

      Yes, Five children..with seizures and paralysis. They all had polio shots..and its confirmed its NOT polio. Terrible. And how many cases are NOT reported if they are mild???

  • weeman

    There is only one way that you would recieve a larger dose of radiation from bananas than from the depository and that is if they store bananas in the depository.
    Big difference from naturally occurring elements than manmade elements, we evolved with these natural elements present and have a degree of protection from them in natural occurring levels, but not if they are concentrated.
    Yet to be determined the magnatude of accident?

  • or-well

    It doesn't matter
    how much is released –
    you WILL be told
    it's perfectly safe
    or well within
    acceptable risk
    as determined by pros
    who's job this is
    unless, of course,
    shit the fan hits
    and then they'll say
    shelter in place
    for a few days
    and then they'll replace
    that with a haze
    of media faces
    saying OK
    come on out and
    go back to work
    there's taxes to pay
    and if you get sick
    it's not radiation
    it's something you ate
    or probably stress
    and there's drugs for that
    and here's a viral vid of a cat!

  • TalonThorn

    Since this is *less* than a few bananas, I'd like to see them expose themselves and prove it. After all, it must be ok if it is that *normal*.

    But, why report it then? Someone needs to be strung up!

    • weeman

      In that case when you buy bananas at store you will need full body protection and a hepa filter, they will not enter facility without full protective equipment and they claim it is less harmful than a banana, don't eat bananas they must be extremely radioactive, poor sarcasm.

      • weegokiburi weegokiburi

        Bananas are way too dangerous for eating.
        The only safe way to use them is cover them with lube and shove them up ones arse!

      • Did they go change the filters and take 'live' readings without masks, and full body protection?

        After all, the hormesis theory says that they would get healthier and healthier the more plutonium dust they breathe in..

        Next step? Maybe they will charge by the hour to put lounge chairs downwind of the exhaust and let people sit there, breathing in the health giving 'natural' plutonium.


  • GQR2

    During the conference,their argument was to say they did go down there. Why one of them,whose son is an Opera Singer described walking around WIPP like it was his morning constitution. Hey he sold his soul for the big money,has his life insurance policies in place So these people proclaiming their love for the town does nothing.nada.bupkus to explain away the very real dangers of this Nuclear Leak/ongoing event.

    At one point the mild mannered mine chief who by golly goes by the book and the book on the book. Said "we don't have leaks" "no Leaks" ( excuse me then why are they even having a conference. And they not answer simple technical questions directly. Their avoidance would be comical if it wasn't so criminally negligent all around.

    • GQR2

      Its very questionable,that they are just now putting a re-entry plan in place.
      Not once in the creation and implementation of this Pilot Program did they work out what would we do if we had a release?

      maybe someone can answer this, why is it engineers and whoever decide to drill out salt vs something more solid. All the places to put Transuranics and they put in salt,500 ft from brine? And frack around it?

      • Yes, almost insane, actually, completly insane.

        I was joking about nearby fracking and then found out the nearby fracking was actually happening, sheesh.

        • It is fracking insane..

          And then the mine itself is designed to close in around the waste, but we see how that is working out, with one of the first 'closing' events… like a roof or wall collapse?

          How is that going to work out long term, when no one can go down there anymore and stuff is coming up to the surface?

  • a bit of levity from a different Enenews post, same nuclear bs, same banana topic:

    "This just in – Truck driver had three bananas in his brown bag lunch and they got too close together creating a critical mass of bananas yielding a bunch of trouble."
    —Joe Ebslap, February 6, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    "Authorities are keeping their eyes peeled for any further slip-ups."
    —No Immediate Danger, February 6, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    "Public opinion on the fallout from the bananas, fostered by an ambivalent media, has been split on exactly what policies would be a just desert."
    —a female faust, February 12, 2014 at 4:10 am


  • lam335 lam335

    One of the WIPP mouthpieces at the town meeting says, "From the very beginning, we never, ever thought that this kind of event could occur …" (c. 1:55)

    It's called hubris, the dominant characteristic of people in the nuclear-related industries from the beginning.

    They are so confident of their risk assessments because they don't believe anything could possibly occur beyond the things that they have already been able to think up. AG has said how the commercial industry long operated on the assumption that containment failure was an impossibility, though, if it were, then the multiple failures at Fukushima could not have happened–but of course they did, and now the surrounding community, the rest of the nation, and the world must live with the results …

  • GQR2

    As well as the smiles Ontological recommended i like to keep a song in my heart as well

    this goes out to the visiting team. with a smile 🙂

  • jec jec

    Get filters tested by, no charge. People who are concerned they are in the plume should take their used car air filters and send them for free radiation testing to Be sure and mention concern of PU/AM contamination. AND if DOE does not like the idea of sending these air filters in the US mail..tough..its supposed to be SAFE….

    Also the site, may have dosimeters sensitive for PU/AM or alpha radation. Not sure. But they can TEST for them, as they run

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "the large amounts of particulate that were in the puff as it went by were gone."

    Puff..what kind of puff?

    What is the estimated yield of the puff ..EXPLOSION based on estimates as to materials released?

    What kind of puff?

    Photography of Nuclear Detonations – High Speed – Nuclear Explosion Induced Lightning

    "This is an old Lookout Mountain Labs production which highlights some EG&G films of US nuclear weapons testing in Nevada and the Pacific during the 1950s.."

    Perhaps they could nod.. at something similar.

    • GQR2

      what the heck are those vertical "puffs" that stream down from the Mushroom cloud?? we are so nuked.
      the puffs @6:49 are not unlike what some of the lingering chem bombs look like.

      i want to know, where is this puff now?

  • So, the OFFICIAL line is yet again, "no immediate threat"

    SO, how many threats begin with immediate consequences?
    Is the threat the threat or are the consequences the threat?
    Are you in danger when inhaling plutonium of suffering long term harm or of imminent death?
    so many lies, obfuscations and denials…. so many slaves and whores to the romans of old and the fascists of today.
    publicanus societus romanus. same old same old,, we have our own caligula, all hail the chief of deceit and extortion,, the officials of notes of debt and dishonor.

  • Nick

    Tiza re California paralysis:
    "STANFORD, Calif. (AP) — An extremely rare, polio-like disease has appeared in more than a dozen California children within the past year, and each of them suffered paralysis to one or more arms or legs, Stanford University researchers say
    For a lot of the neurologists who have trained in the last 30 years, it's extremely rare to see polio or polio-like syndrome," she said."

    Cyrus the Virus is the culprit. It couldn't possibly be cesium poisoning…? Could it?

  • If you are downwind of WIPP, keep in mind

    He who panics first, panics best.

  • Quick post, WIPP release 461gram of Plutonium, about a pound, aerosolized into the air. Calcs are here.

  • razzz razzz

    SykeWar is as conflicted as much as anyone around here. Has a hard time dealing with current situations because it can't be explained away in some logical manner. Not smart enough to cover the entire scope of nuclear anything. But try SykeWar will. Eventually like Daiichi, SykeWar will meltdown.

    All they need now is to start finding buckyballs in the WIPP fallout. Created by salt interactions. Masks will not save you if the particulates are 1 micron or less. Even typical HEPA filters only capture down to 3 microns.

    Is a "puff" like a plume except smaller? Should downwinders evacuate? Or just succumb to the fact we all live with nuclear fallout, some more than others? It is for the good of the (profit) cause, right?

    • bf9 bf9

      I assume you mean .1 and .3 microns for p-100 grade filters, as I learned this shopping for mine and the awesome people here!

      It won't get everything, but I believe it could be a difference maker in a situation. I think it's better to have than not.

      That's a great point though, didn't even think about that. We could be seeing buckyballs come out of this thing. And if it blows the whole damn thing right out of the ground in a large explosion…oh dear.

      • Sol Man

        If only it were mold spores. Pu: nastiest stuff in the world.

        • razzz razzz

          Some mold spores need to be avoided, depends on what type they are like the infamous 'black mold' (Stachybotrys).

          Mold spores can go dormant for centuries esp. when trapped in ice. When released, when they float around and land on a damp area out of the sunlight and begin growing into mold again. Mold produces powerful enzymes that can decompose cellulose i.e. wood and etch into concrete, glass, just about anything. Mold hates UV rays ex. from sunlight or from artificial lamps. The human body can't digest cellulose.

          • Sol Man

            Yes, that is true, but… I would rather chance mold spores that Pu particles.
            Locally, a man died breathing those mold spores that were in the carpet from the old home that he was refurbishing. It was in the dust. Did 'im in.

      • razzz razzz

        mi•cron (ˈmaɪ krɒn)

        n., pl. -crons.
        the millionth part of a meter. Also called micrometer. Symbol: μ, mu

        HEPA filters, as defined by the DOE standard adopted by most American industries, remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter [or 3 microns].

        Your vacuum needs to have a HEPA filter or you are just blowing dust around. Fiber filters are limited, an added activated charcoal layer helps ('activated' means the charcoal surface was prepared by roughing its surface which creates more surface area for exposure thus better filtering versus say, a smooth piece of charcoal).

        • Anything below that figure above can go through the lung tissue/cell barrier.

          Smaller sized particles like the ones that get through a HEPA filter go way deeper into the lungs, just due to small size of the particle, so that makes it that much worse…

  • jec jec

    Watching the video–very very uncomfortable speakers! Looking down and wiggling. Also, they only use the HEPA filters 'rated' figures to tell what was released of .03 percent. As far as I can tell from video, HEPA is good UP TO 99.97, so they used .03 as the figure. Thats only good if the HEPA filtration system is ON..which led to the PUFF or plume. Then 4.4 DPS (per video, which is very different than 4.4 DPM) and that is PU/AM my friends. .03 of PU is very different than .03 of tritium!!! The question that was asked at 1:30 minutes in, was if the higher radation level material would cause higher exposure in the .03. The answer is yes as 99.97 percent of 4M is very different than 99.97 percent of 1 thousand. Its proportional.

    This is very scary to listen to, no real answers..and misleading numbers. I was going to say the 4.4M figures were way off..not they are not. Also, note the speakers commented on the LOWER Americum amounts and didnt mention plutonium amounts. Lots of duck and cover going on.

  • Media Inquiries

    Deb Gill
    U.S. Department of Energy
    Carlsbad Field Office
    P.O. Box 3090
    Carlsbad, NM 88221-2078
    Phone: (575) 234-7270

  • Nick

    I am glad to see my "puff ball" analogy vis a vis the exploding canister made the headlines!

    Folks, radiation is nasty stuff. If you are downwind, get very alarmed and pissed off. Don't wait, get there now.

    The nuclear cabal has ruined our nest, it is high time we knocked them off their roost.

    Our children deserve nothing less than the total abolishment of the atomic age. I know that is a pipe dream and that too much toxins have already been unleashed to make much of a difference anyway (if all nuke activities were terminated today).

    • Puff the magic dragon…

      But the radioactive flame coming out of the nuclear industry is invisible and deadly.

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Nick, I still think that the sooner we end all nuclear activities then the sooner the earth will be able to heal – even if it takes 240,000 years. Our genome may not survive, but something living will survive, even if just a microbe or a lizard.
      This is why we need our boots on, to keep fighting their lies and greed as long as we possibly can. This is not the hour for despair or giving up. This is the hour to press our advantage and keep them in retreat.

  • Sol Man

    To me there are two operative words in the official's statenment; they are "not" and "yet." These words should be deleted. People should worry (be very, very concerned!) now. And, take some protective action!

  • lam335 lam335

    At one point during the Q & A session, a man asks what kinds of material were contained in the drums that were involved in the explosion/fire–i.e., paper, gloves, clothing or something worse–and the guy from the plant does not respond directly but seems to say something like "it doesn't work that way." I don't have the exact time on the video, but will go back later and look for it. Did any body else notice that exchange? They seemed to claim that they were unable to say what was in the drums that exploded–but were they unable or unwilling?

    • lam335 lam335

      I found the section. Here is actually what was said:

      At 1:01:08 the man asks "Can you determine by the signature so to speak … is this high level radiation, is it simply gloves and aprons, or is it some other type of material that might be higher level? Can you determine that type of thing … from the signature …?

      The WIPP mouthpiece responds: "That's not how that really works…"

      I would think that they ought to have a decent sense of what was probably in the barrels in that location simply as a result of good record keeping, though someone had posted a link to a story that noted the WIPP and the DOE have sought a change in policy in recent years that would have freed them from the requirement to determine the contents of the drums prior to storing them.

  • sworldpeas

    time for a Haiku…

    Puffs are natural
    Bananas are dangerous
    oh look a chicken

  • GQR2

    Not being as gifted in wordcraft as some luminaries here i offer this :

  • BlondyFu BlondyFu

    The nuclear safety expert in this interview on RT says NO amount of plutonium is SAFE. NONE. End of story.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Check… the wind map…

    Look at the winds..headed in that direction.

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Heart, my sister lives in Denver…it is snowing hot particles today by the looks of the wind map.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    So it would seem.

  • Does it occur to anyone else how many environmental 'accidents' are happening at a quickening pace?

    It brings to mind how the USG would befoul the water sources and the environment in So America nations–then clean the water and sell it back to the people at high prices. Manipulate the markets so the people were jobless and accepted lowest pay, social programs were eliminated, and while the ruling class stole everything not nailed down. And then–voila-a dictator puppet was enthroned.

    It certainly seems to me that this is the paradigm that's being played out in the US today.

  • Vince Vince Ivey

    ^^^^ What the hell are you lot talking about??

    The Magic dragon puffed plutonium from his deep underground lair and you're squabbling bout bullshit?


  • Vince Vince Ivey


    powder puff


    don't worry!

  • After doing the Transcript of the Town Hall meeting (read it, took me 3 hours!)

    I noted that they denied storing of any high level waste at the facility.

    In fact there are hearings coming up whether they should be allowed to store any high level wastes, its a very hotly debated thing in the community.

    I busted them dead to rights.

    I do also frequent pro-nuker sites, I like to see what they have to say and to refine my own knowledge. I go with an alias of course.

    I caught the former director of CEMRC (2004 to 2010) bragging about how the facility has 100,000 cubic meters of waste. "Some fairly high level (>7ci/liter), hotter than anything left in the Hanford tanks"

    Jim Conca was bragging at (Run by Rod Adams, a well known pro nuke promoter).

    His comment was specifically called out by Rod Adams and put into the text of an article.
    Rod also speaks directly to Dr Hardy, and others high up in the nuke industry, he is an insider.

    Here is the link and here is the proof:

  • They were storing high level waste at WIPP, former director confirms it on a brag on a pronuke site.

  • Max Sievert Max Sievert

    New Mexico's Nuclear Waste Pilot Site Releasing Massive Amounts of Banana's According to Dr. John Nail, at Oklahoma City University.