USATODAY: Thyroid cancer cases on the rise, say specialists — “There is definitely something going on” — I used to see 4 a year, now it can be 4 a month

Published: January 15th, 2012 at 11:15 pm ET


Title: Medical researchers unsure why thyroid cancer cases on the rise
Source: The Indianapolis Star (USATODAY)
Author:Shari Rudavsky
Date: Jan 15, 2012

National Cancer Institute statistics suggest that in recent years the number of cases of this often curable cancer has increased by about 6.5%. Over a decade, that has added up to make thyroid cancer the fastest-increasing cancer, says Tod Huntley, an otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon with the Center for Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy in Indianapolis.

“Ten years ago, if I saw four new thyroid cancer patients a year, it would have been a lot,” says G. Irene Minor, a radiation oncologist with Indiana University Health Central Indiana Cancer Center. “Now sometimes I see that many in a month, and I have seen three in a week.” […]

A recent study showed that the increase is not just in smaller tumors, which might have to do with detection, but also in larger ones, Huntley says.

“There is definitely something going on,” he says. “How much is due to increased surveillance and detection and how much is due to an actual biological change in disease prevalence, we don’t know, but we know it’s both.” […]

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Published: January 15th, 2012 at 11:15 pm ET


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12 comments to USATODAY: Thyroid cancer cases on the rise, say specialists — “There is definitely something going on” — I used to see 4 a year, now it can be 4 a month

  • Chelsea Chelsea

    I have had thyroid disease since I was 13 years old. There is also a huge cancer cluster in our area to boot. Oh, did I mention we live within a 30 mi. radius of Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant? Hmm.

  • Sickputer

    Thus spake the Indiana doc: ““There is definitely something going on,” he says. “How much is due to increased surveillance and detection and how much is due to an actual biological change in disease prevalence, we don’t know,”

    Thus spake Sickputer: “The 23 nuclear plants that are within 500 miles of Indiana leak enough radiation during common refueling cycles to wipe out a major city of 100,000 every twenty years from leukemia, brain cancer, and other radiation-induced diseases. Add in a few hundred accidental releases of contaminated cooling water and vapors and now you know why nuclear electricity that is touted as “too cheap to meter” has far more financial health costs on citizens than any cheap electricity (which never happens anyway).

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Sheesh! Remind me never to move to Indiana …. Had once considered retiring in the Midwest. Now the concept makes me shudder ….

  • midwestern midwestern

    Palisades nuclear plant may be named one of nation’s 5 worst:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

    Here’s one of the twenty-three, weighing in with it’s share of radioactive releases and disasters waiting to happen…

    • Great find I commented there, encourage all to do so.

      Each one shut down is a victory.

      The economy is declining, we don’t need this power, we can replace it with solar, even in Michigan.

  • maaa

    Take a look at all the plants mutation and wake up

  • ion jean ion jean

    Thyroid problems have been on the rise for decades due to not only I-131, but fluoride also…even if you don’t have fluoridated water on tap, its so rampant in the American food supply because of processing plants, insecticides, etc.

    Corporate greed and the atomic bomb program are the reasons why fluoride (rat poison) exists in our water supply today. The ADA even now admits that it is only effective on teeth TOPICALLY, the reason they started was the mounting lawsuits when farmers began losing crops in New Jersey (peaches, tomatoes, livestock) due to the wartime steel mills and other areas where gaseous diffusion was taking place to enrich U.

    And on the eugenics front, fluoride is the great sterilizer, creating five-tailed sperm and causing early puberty disruptions in young female children.

    Gotta Love This Country!

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Fluoride=rat poison; toxic by-product of aluminum smelting.

    Used by bull breeders to make their bulls more docile, managable.

    Used in Soviet gulags to make the inmates more docile, managable.

    Now put into most US (and military base) water supplies.

    Touted as tooth decay preventer, but this info is false, refutable as dis-iformation.

    Two possibilities – TPTB are ‘mistaken’ (yet again) … or, there is indeed a deliberate covert program in place to reduce the human population of the planet by putting all sorts of ‘silent kill’ toxins in our food, water, medicines, air…

    Recall that when (finally) found out, their only defense is to plead – Oh gee whiz, silly us, we were ‘mistaken.’

    Another aspect of this agenda is to deal with these incredibly toxic substances, of which fluoride is only one, by dispersing them into the environment, thereby, in theory, ‘diluting’ them. But that can hardly explain the deliberate dosing of the public with them in water supplies, tooth paste, etc.

  • arclight arclight

    Thyroid Cancer on Rise For Chernobyl Children

    “…Children who were exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster are developing thyroid cancer sooner and in larger numbers than expected, researchers report.……..

    …..An increase in thyroid cancer had been reported earlier, but some Western health officials had expressed concern about the reliability of the data.

    In a letter published yesterday in Nature, a British science journal, Dr. Vasily S. Kazakov of the Belarus Ministry of Health in Minsk and his colleagues say that the thyroid cancer rates in the regions most heavily irradiated began to soar in 1990.

    In Gomel, the most contaminated region studied, there used to be just one or two cases of thyroid children a year.

    But Kazakov and his colleagues found that there were 38 cases in 1991. In six regions of Belarus and the city of Minsk, the investigators found 131 cases of thyroid cancer in young children, some of whom were still in the womb when the Chernobyl accident occurred.

    Because of questions about the cancer reports, the World Health Organization sent a team of scientists to Minsk to verify the reports………, they confirmed Kazakov’s results…. “

    “It poses both humanitarian and scientific problems, and is placing great strains upon the health services of our new country.”

    handy chart that shows the thyroid cancers increasing slightly then exploding 4 years later.. most worrying! what other iodine isotopes would have made it across the pacific? some have shorter half lives than iodine 131?.. this would be an unmeasured dose on top of the official dose of just iodine 131..?? just a thought!

  • arclight arclight

    Chernobyl’s Continuing Thyroid Impact
    The 1986 nuclear accident and its continuing impact on thyroid disease
    By Mary Shomon, Guide
    Updated December 15, 2003

    “In addition to thyroid cancer, there is another thyroid related problem due to Chernobyl’s radiation release. According to the medical journal, Lancet, children exposed to radioactive iodine due to the Chernobyl nuclear explosion may be more likely to develop hypothyroidism. Research conducted at the University of Pisa showed that exposure to Chernobyl’s radiation caused the children to have more antithyroid antibodies than other children. These antibodies may cause the children to later develop hypothyroidism.”