Vancouver seaweed 4 times higher than international limit for iodine-131 in food by March 28 — Levels increasing

Published: April 5th, 2011 at 9:34 pm ET


Amount of radiation in Vancouver rainwater decreasing – scientist, Vancouver Sun, April 5, 2011 at 7:17 pm EDT:

… Meanwhile, seaweed samples were still showing increasing iodine-131 as of March 28, according to data provided by [Krzystof Starosta, a nuclear chemist and physicist and associate professor at Simon Fraser University].

In samples of dehydrated seaweed taken on March 15 near the North Vancouver SeaBus terminal, the count was zero; on March 22 it was 310 Bq per kilogram; and by March 28 it was 380 Bq/kg. …

Read the report here.

Fruits and vegetable import from Shizuoka suspended, AsiaOne, April 01, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

The Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) will extend its suspension of import of fruits and vegetables from Shizuoka with immediate effect.

This is after radioactive contaminants were detected in a sample of Komatsuna (Japanese Mustard Spinach) imported from the Shizuoka prefecture. Tests on the shipment yesterday showed that it had 648bq/kg of Iodine-131, … The Codex guidelines for radionuclides in food (other than infant food) for Iodine 131 is 100 bq/kg

Read the report here.

Food Contaminants, Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety, April 1, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

What are the criteria adopted at present in testing the level of radioactive contamination in Japanese food products, and the measures to be adopted when some food products are found to have a level of radioactive contamination exceeding the normal standard?

CFS currently adopts the standards laid down by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which are international standards, in the Guidelines Levels for Radionuclides in Food following Accidental Nuclear Contamination in testing the radiation levels of food. Relevant radionuclides include iodine-131 (100 Bq/kg), caesium-134 and caesium-137 (1,000 Bq/kg), etc, which are most closely associated with health risks.

If a consignment of food is tested to have exceeded the contamination standard, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department will immediately detain that consignment and arrange for disposal.

Read the report here.

Published: April 5th, 2011 at 9:34 pm ET


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17 comments to Vancouver seaweed 4 times higher than international limit for iodine-131 in food by March 28 — Levels increasing

  • I don’t doubt this…but I was wondering where you are getting this information? I would like to let others know but they will want to know where this information is coming from

  • Doubter

    I’m a doubter since there is no link to original info stating this data (you didn’t make it up yourself, right?). Make me a nondoubter, that I would like so I can also share this to others in my West Coast USA area.

  • Janina

    You have thousands of miles between Japan and West Coast, enormous reservoirs of water/atmosphere and you suggest that one nuclear plant managed to contaminate an area just there. On the west coast of the USA. Cannot you see how nonsensical it is? The only way it could happen is if you transported it yourseld and deposited there. Or have faulty equipment. Or lie.
    The situation is serious, the danger is there, but the way it is going we will have thousands of ‘sick’ people here, clogging hospitals and -later-courts–before anybody complains in Japan.

    • Rick

      Well there is a change in the weather pattern. It is much colder here now which must mean we are getting weather from the North West Territories and the Arctic circle.

      Which might be good if it is keeping the radiation from hitting us, the jet stream splits and heads to Washington and Alaska when that happens. However it is probably still hitting Washington and Oregon.

  • G

    Jan/Janina, are you “special” or are you working for International Crowd Control? Could you change to pleasant elevator muzak while I point out that ocean currents and air currents can carry along radioactive particles very nicely?

  • John

    Well, this post is partially true, and I don’t know why the person who is regularly posting the articles feels inclined to add drama to an already dramatic set of circumstances. There is already enough bad news to tell. First, yes the readings are above the codex guidelines of 100 Bq/kg and the FDA’s guidelines of 170 Bq/kg. The readings ranged from 150 Bq/Kg to the highest reading of 380 Bq/kg over three different days of readings (during the 20th to the 28th of March). However, the half life of I-131 is 8 days, and much of it has already disappeared in the rainwater (they can barely detect it). Keep in mind that seaweed tends to bioaccululate radiation. However, we should be watching the readings for seaweed as it MAY be a bioindicator for other types of plant life/food. What would be helpful is if people starting phoning/emailing federal Canadian opposition MPs as there is currently a federal election campaign in Canada, and asking them to hold the current Conservative government here accountable for NOT telling the public that the readings are above national and international standards (giving them some solid references as proof). If Singapore to Australia has prohibited foods with readings higher than 100 Bq/kg, why isn’t Canada doing the same for seaweed (given that it is harvested for food particularly for Asian dishes).

  • a. reader

    Thanks for getting out the news along with links to orginal stories above your articles. May I say anyone who already has an endocrine disorder should be keeping up with this information for their health’s sake. Others who would try to diminsih the importance of this info might want to find out what radiation can do to the endocrine system and what permanent effects it can have. Thanks again

  • Jana

    Hey G, No reason to be a jerk. I am a mom with 4 kids and I was concerned…and its music nimrod.

  • xdrfox

    Specifically, every 8 days, the amount of radioactivity in the iodine 131 is reduced by half according to the general rule of radioactive half lives: To be totally out of the system would be well over time but with a fresh source it actually is overlapping and increasing accumulatively !

    But one has to consider the fact that when tracking the iodine 131 that is a guide that other more lasting isotopes are present as well !

  • Rick

    Well you have to wonder if our cow’s milk is still safe if even our seaweed is unsafe.

    This is just incredible, how this disaster can reach such distances and poison everything. The fish, and other marine life, or marine food products, possibly even drinking water. Until people start dropping dead, nothing will be done. Slow poisonings have always been ignored in society by authority until heavy lobby groups get them to take action. Well, where are the cancer groups on this?

  • Rick

    So why the seaweed and not the clams?

    Why the seaweed and not the salmon fishing industry?

  • Don'tWanttoGlowintheDark!

    Rick, That’s the point…you don’t want to wait until after FEMA arrives…DUH!!! Salmon fishermen in Alaska have posted here and they already already seen the light–heartbreaking. Truly, some of the BEST food supplies in the world originate on the West Coast and in the Pacific. People need to start THINKING for themselves. Get a greenhouse, cover your crops and get safe water, but let in the light. Govt. budgets are shot, inflation is cutting back everyone, it’s time to THINK AHEAD, NOW. Hopefully, those who had compulsory science educations will share info with others, as on this site!!

  • Don'tWanttoGlowintheDark!

    To add, Seaweed has high natural iodine content, so it quickly accesses any radioactive Iodine in the environment… And, unfortunately, Seaweed is also one of the best remedies for those who want to survive radioactive poisoning or thyroid injuries…. It would not hurt to stock up and maybe refridgerate. Dried seaweed keeps for a few years. (and stick to high-quality certified organic–the oceans are already quite polluted 🙁

  • Jack

    Yes, Don’twannaGlowintheDark,
    The folks who prepared for Y2K were NOT fools.
    The Mormons have been Bigtime into preparedness
    and economy and storage and canning and things like that
    for many many moons.
    I have been Knowledgeable while Lazy and even Hopeless,
    indulging in Religious certain knowledge that it’s all over.
    But Rick,
    You are the Go-For-It guy who has kept the simple faith,
    and I bet that you have Kids you would surely Die for,
    like my Cousin who lives in Hawaii.
    He is one hell of a worker, artist, Gourmet chef,
    and single Dad of three schoolkids right now.
    Unfortunately, from my POV,
    my cousin doesn’t believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
    and belittles the Bible because of hippie/Native American
    magickal beliefs.
    Unfortunately, this means my cousin has No Knowledge of the
    Times which have been Foretold, and are Now upon us.
    He said I was a Paranoid Schizophrenic for bringing up
    some of the Evils of this World.
    I Hope you are Seeing the Light, and no put-down intended.
    I have been a lot less of a Worker, Less like You, Rick…
    The kind of negative-downer doomsday guy sometimes,
    but spent time Reading
    and Studying. I’m Blessed with that type of experience.
    You asked for Science experienced info. OK.
    My Dad never ever told me about his Air Force Classified
    experience, but after he died at 54 yrs.old in 1986,
    my Aunt told me he was one of many guys who were
    intentionally exposed to artillery-fired Nukes out at the
    Nevada Test Site in the Early 50’s.
    He died of Leukemia, and it is a Wonder that he stayed
    Healthy Enough to Father a total of four kids
    with three different women.
    We are Fifty down to 42 yrs. old now Me and three Girls.
    None of us Has any kids.
    Can’t claim to prove we are Damaged by the nuke exposure,
    but There it Is.
    There’s more.
    Do you know your beloved US Servicemen are horribly
    damaged by design with Depleted Uranium munitions?
    Guys in the field are exposed and their lives ruined, and
    our fabulous Leaders know about it and don’t care.

  • Well, this may be true; I don’t doubt this info.

    From Damned Japan to Vancouver, the distance is very far but the culprit is SHIP from Japan to Vancouver.

    Ships have to put much water into them to make themselves balanced, and when they reach around Vancouver Port, they have to vomit all the water; when they depart Vancouver to somewhere, they have to fill up Vancouver Seawater.

    The Seawater put in by the ships(I mean big ships have much more water to transmit to vancouver seaarea) is now free onto the sea around Vancouver port.

    The seawater around Eastsealine of Jap is severly contaminated with many kinds of radioactivity.

    I don’t doubt this info.

    So, never never and never eat seaweed, fish and other secondary processed food from such food sources.
    I don’t recommend Milk also. Cow eats livestock fodder partially made from such source like every kind of fishes seaweed corn fragments or so.

    This is a Disaster!!
    A real one!!

  • arthur

    Are there any indications of contaminated seaweed in Southern California or the San Diego/Baja region?