“A very alarmingly high number” — Magazine: Fukushima released up to 100,000 times more cesium-137 in surface ocean waters than Chernobyl or nuclear weapons testing (PHOTO)

Published: November 22nd, 2013 at 9:41 am ET


Oceanus Magazine, May 2013: Prior to Fukushima, however, the levels of cesium-137 off the coast of Japan, as cataloged by Michio Aoyama at the Meteorological Research Institute in Japan and others, were among the world’s lowest, at around 2 becquerels per cubic meter (1 becquerel, or Bq, equals one radioactive decay event per second). Against this background, the concentrations measured in early April of 2011 were all the more alarming. […] The amount of cesium-137 radioisotopes from the Fukushima disaster in surface ocean waters was 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than amounts that entered the ocean from the Chernobyl accident or atmospheric nuclear weapons tests.

Ken Buesseler, Senior scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, March 11, 2013: I’ve had to use this crazy tall and logarithmic scale to get the range of concentrations […] how much cesium was in the ocean off Japan. Each red point is a sampling by an individual taken in, actually released by TEPCO. A little complicated to find the data but they were openly released and I translated them to the right units and made some corrections. Each red dot will tell me how much radioactivity was at that point along the coast on a given date. So they start out here around 10,000, the very first measurements that were made, peaking up here, up to 50 million [becquerels per cubic meter]. That’s a very alarmingly high number […]

See also: [intlink id=”senior-scientist-on-fukushima-chernobyl-nothing-with-potential-of-this-right-on-ocean-theres-no-way-to-really-contain-all-this-radioactive-water-you-cant-really-stop-a-ground-wate” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: November 22nd, 2013 at 9:41 am ET


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53 comments to “A very alarmingly high number” — Magazine: Fukushima released up to 100,000 times more cesium-137 in surface ocean waters than Chernobyl or nuclear weapons testing (PHOTO)

  • Socrates

    Cesium 137 must be killing starfish, seals, polar bears…


    • Bones Bones

      And as we know, it's not just Cesium that was released. Hundreds and hundreds of radioisotopes are in spent fuel. Now the travel vectors are not the same for all the radioisotopes, like how one may spread far in water staying in the upper column or sinking to the seafloor, but eventually through bio-concentration even those with poor travel vectors compared to cesium will eventually end up higher in the food chain. These sick animals need to be properly tested, there are enough dead ones and maybe biopsies are possible for good data, for radioisotopes and it's concentration. I can totally understand how these animals may not be getting a high enough dose to kill them right away, but they could easily accumulate cesium isotopes and they also accumulate other radioisotopes which can interfere with normal body functions and weaken the immune system. I just pray that if RAIDS is actually happening then they better report it as that and not a bunch of different viruses and bacteria causing this instead of a weakened immune system from radioactive contamination allowing these viruses and bacteria to harm the animals. We just need actual real data that is independent of any state's money or support. The scientists that are/will examine these animals can't be silenced for our sake.

      Just imagine, only this one isotope is in our ocean in MULTIPLES of Chernobyl and BOMB TESTING. They tested so many right in the ocean itself! Great way to visualize the size of these…

    • Gradius

      No wonder everything is dying.

      • Gradius

        When I said it was 1000x worse than Chernobyl… boy, how wrong I was. 🙁 Now we know is 100,000x worse!

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Here is a well written article on 'Depleted Uranium, Diabetes, Cancer And You':


      It spells out very clearly what occurs after ingestion/inhalation of radionuclides.

      Whatever DU will do to someone, what came out of Fukushima will do faster. Although the writer does stay away from the issue of DNA melting . . .

      Then there's this:

      How scientists secretly used US citizens as guinea pigs
      during the Cold War'


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "…up to 50 million [becquerels per cubic meter]. That’s a very alarmingly high number ".
    How much more proof is needed that groundwater is coming into contact with nuclear debris in the ground underneath FDNPP, and contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean.

    Let's see that number again:

    50,000,000 disintegrations per cubic meter per second.

    This is enough radiation to cause mutations, cancers, and death to any life in the ocean, creating the ever expanding…

    "Fukushima Pacific Ocean Death Zone".

    These are measurements taken from Ocean water, well away from the nuke. Dilute that!

  • jec jec

    Ken, Thank you.

    • Ken Buessler belongs in JAIL. The graph is from Wood's Hole, an organization that has SEVERELY UNDERESTIMATED the effects of this disaster since the first summer. And the whole time, Ken Buessler has been saying it's ok to eat fish – while he's been sitting on this chart?? His whole schtick has been "IT WILL DILUTE'. And all this time, he knew damn well it wasn't.

      These people who are misrepresenting this data belong in JAIL. Anyone who has participated in this coverup, anyone who has downplayed the risks, especially to kids, are mass murderers and baby killers. Anyone who is sitting on data, like the seal tests for example, needs to be held accountable. I hope I live long enough to see that happen.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Fundamental scientists always record the facts and state the results.
      Corporate scientists always postulate the facts and skew the results.

      Ken Buessler is a Corporate scientist.

      FAQS? means Forget About Questions…


      Note the "World View" image in upper right corner with the caption:
      The background level of radiation in oceans and seas varies around the globe. (Courtesy Coastal Ocean Institute, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

      He is doing a disservice to the worlds oceans…

  • Jebus Jebus

    This is why we have the MSM dog and pony show about SFP #4.
    The worst that can possibly be already happened.
    Our one Ocean is at a very real risk of extinction.
    The world must awaken to this threat.
    Nuclear must be held accountable for this.
    We are at five minutes to midnight.
    Do not let this fade away again.
    Repeat this everywhere, to everyone you know.

  • ftlt

    Now they are talking – See if this makes the evening news..

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Fat chance. Everyone would stop eating seafood and spending money skiing and boating and fishing in the ocean. Just when the stock market is ready to reach an all time high.

      More likely the government will attempt to shut down all communications (Just when spying is ready to reach an all time high) and declare martial law. Probably say due to terrorist attack or something. (They would be right, it's an attack by the nuclear industry)

    • dka

      "Now they are talking – See if this makes the evening news.."

      you have a good sense of humour!

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      What a media release would contain is found elsewhere in the paper;
      "but we should also realize
      that typically the amounts of the cesium from things like the global nuclear weapons testing, the
      largest source to date, might be 400 in the units of Petabecquerels, Chernobyl we heard earlier 85,
      Fukushima… a total cesium-137 release of
      between 15 and 30 petabequerels"

      He hastens to add the diluted levels will not be harmful…

      Its a little difficult to understand how Fukushima released the greatest amount of cesium, yet at the same time 1/13 bomb testing amounts, and 1/3 Chernobyl unless he is talking about concentration, not total quantity. …or did I miss something?

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        Fukushima Reactors1,2,&3 released their full fuel load into the environment. That was a release of 690 Petabecquerels of cesium.

        Reports of lesser amounts for releases at Fukushima are crap science, IMHO, and should be ignored.
        Three full fuel loads went dry, and 257 tonnes of molten nuclear fuel melted out of large holes through the bottom of Containment Vessels, basemats, and into the Earth below.
        Just to make certain that there was a 100% release, TEPCO has since been rinsing out the EMPTY REACTORS and Containment Vessels by pumping through them 300 tonnes of water per day, of which about 1/3 is recovered. The majority of this "cooling water" washes corium splatter off surfaces within the plant, and releases the contamination to mix with the groundwater under the plant, which flows immediately into the Pacific Ocean.

        The release of Fukushima contamination into the environment is now complete. The ONLY thing that could be done is to block groundwater from flowing under the plant. This would require the construction of a concrete wall or sheet steel wall to a depth of 100' entirely surrounding the ruins of Units1-4. But TEPCO recently stopped construction of the Impermeable Wall, and that was going to go only half the way around the plant.

        A half-assed attempt to stop the flow of groundwater, that ended in complete failure.

        And can you quit pumping the damn water into the empty reactors and containment vessels, eh, TEPCO? 😉

  • Jebus Jebus

    Mankind has been kicking Mother Nature in the kneecaps for a hundred years.
    Now she is on her knees and mankind is kickig her in the belly, with a 400 ton boot, every day.
    All the while he is whispering in her ear, "Everythings gonna be fine".
    Day 987.

    • soern

      Jebus, Mother Nature will not go down.
      We will go down.
      We (our govts) have thrown many big bad boomerangs which will kill most of us when coming back.
      Boomerang law:
      Throw one good — You get one good from unexpected.
      Throw one bad — Vou get ten times worse back, also from unexpected.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "TEPCO announced they have removed the first load of fuel from unit 4 to the racks in the common pool. NHK reports the work was completed by the end of the day Friday. This process will have to be repeated 70 times to fully unload the pool at unit 4. Video of the process can be viewed on our YouTube channel http://youtu.be/paIoQkO2WpE Large format photos from the work can be found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/simplyinfo/10994784153/ "


    It will take 70 cask-loads of fuel assemblies to move all of the fuel from SFP4 to the CSFP.
    Good luck, TEPCO. 😉

  • Looking closely at the Graph of Release of Radioisotopes I get the picture.

    View FULL size Graph image:

    …and it's not stopping anytime soon. 🙁

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    It's looking like another "too big to fail" government program. It's too big to fail to kill every living thing on the planet eventually. No more worries about population control.

    …Just when China realized what a big problem population control is causing for their work force and started easing up on the 1-2 children allowed thing.

    New projection: workforce = 0 population = 0 unemployment = 0

    The NWO has solved all our problems. All hail the global tyrant!

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Some time just one time good time plank time no time back to bed screw this

  • weeman

    What about the plutonium in MOX fuel, Chernobyl did not run on MOX.
    What are the real levels on land, it all did not fall in sea.
    I don't know how much we can take from Chernobyl as it was hundreds of miles from ocean and I would suspect that much would be distributed on land?
    Not a good prospect for the future, it's only just begun.
    Gag me with a radioactive spoon.

  • Nick

    Remember during the early days of the disaster when numbers like 5% of Chernobyl's release of Cesium-137 were talked about?

    Right from the get-go…. the releases were down played from Fukushima.

    Many MSMs (mainly sleeping morons) still give the impression that this disaster is old news and the situation is under control.

    I'd say that the math actually gets simpler with a graph like this one.

    Now, all we have to do is assume MASSIVE amounts of lethal radiation are INDEED in the waters and the air.

    Ya don't need to study rocket science to understand just how dire the situation is.

    Tomorrow is gone. Love for today. Cherish the past.

  • Not to worry. Buesseler also tells us confidently that your dose from polonium-210 in tuna is far higher than any cesium. He also says with confidence that polonium-210 (half-life measured in days, not years) is "the most common" natural radionuclide in the world's oceans. And we need at least 2,000 new nuclear power plants RIGHT NOW to begin dealing with global warming. Too. Also.

    He's so full of shit he'd gag a dung beetle the size of a Sherman tank.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      "He's so full of shit he'd gag a dung beetle the size of a Sherman tank" ….why Joy I never! Blush!. hahaha, you get him Joy! Everything from Ken (we're independent researchers) downplays the seriousness. I still remember that you said Enenewsers are prone to hyperbole…yet were doomed and the only thing we could hope for is spontaneous remission. You crack me up (paraphrase)

      • Yeah, well. There is hyperbole here, don't you think? Buesseler's a pro-nuke salesman these days, you've always got to take those with a large salt lick handy. Word to the wise (and Ph.D. oceanographers pretending to be radiation 'experts'): Polonium-210 is not "the most common" radionuclide in the world's oceans. Never was, never will be. Any Freshman underling could have looked that one up.

        • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

          TEPCO, LISTEN UP!

          What ENEnewsers demand is that your spokesperson sign on right here on ENEnews every day, as user "TEPCO", to take some questions from posters here. We will be most respectful, as we pose our most thoughtful questions.

          We happen to feel that TEPCO has messed with the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem, and has compromised the human genome. You have other nuclear plants that you want to reopen. How will other nuclear plants around Japan ever be reopened against overwhelming public opposition, and increasingly determined protest? It might help if you begin to post answers to some questions raised by TEPCO's Plan for Decommissioning of FDNPP.

          If you have an informed scientist, or perhaps an engineer who is over his radiation exposure limits from working at Fukushima, but is still on the payroll, we would like to host them here on this site for, oh, three or four hours a day, during your regular business hours, to answer some of our technical questions, and to respond to some of our ideas.ENEnews would simply be the best international forum for TEPCO's Public Relations effort.

          Like, for instance: Can you please redesign the Impermeable Wall to go completely around Units1-4, to stop groundwater contamination from entering the Pacific Ocean??? 😉

  • norbu norbu

    The crowd stands clapping and cheering! Bravo Bravo…

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    There is not real understanding of where the core's went. They could have already left containment entirely with a small puff of steam as the 400-600 tons of seawater is pumped in. Re-concentrations in areas under containment could lead to renewed steam releases. The phenomenon of Xeno-hexa-iodide/Cesium clusters, (Black Dust/Buckyball physics) is best explained by Nottingham University's physical chemistry department.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here is the old normal. The "baseline" of radionuclides prior to 3/11.
    Note the source and the date…

    Worldwide marine radioactivity studies (WOMARS)
    Radionuclide levels in oceans and seas
    Final report of a coordinated research project
    January 2005


  • We Not They Finally

    The only thing "good" (though it's actually BAD!) about Ken Buesseler saying that the rad count is "very alarmingly high," is that he wouldn't say it unless it was really "VERY alarmingly high."

  • Socrates


    "Radiation"+"immune deficiecy"

    You will see two scenarios: (1) is high dose (2) is low dose continuous.

    I assume we will be continuously exposed to continuous low dose radiation from now on.

    These exposures date back to 3-11-2011.

    Studies show some ability to adapt and survive.

    We will also have multiple vectoring of multiple radionuclides being transported from Fukushima.

    I could be wrong but it is starting to appear that the three core melts, the explosions, and the spent fuel pool fires have released more radionuclides than did Chernobyl. I lack enough reliable data to provide numbers. I do have enough life sciences, chemistry, biology, geology, etc. to add to powers of common observation as to the effects on the marine life to conclude that we need to hunker down to survive.

    The behavior in denying the core melts and the explosions certainly cause me to conclude that the surf big time. Economic collapse threatens enough for Abe to restrict all information. This speaks volumes. Ken Buessler has little basis to say there is no risk in my opinion. I wish it were true but tend to doubt it.

    Does anyone have any information?

    • Socrates

      As a precaution, use reverse osmosis with a double carbon filter. That will get rid of everything except tritium. Begin storing that filtered water in case water is further contaminated or shut off.

      Obtain a supply of your prescription drugs in case of emergency.

      If this event is many times Chernobyl with Cs 137, avoid mushrooms and algae that bioaccumulate radionuclides.

      Finally, if you need to shelter in place during further criticalities, be prepared with respiratory protection.

      This thing looks ugly. Get a radio with plenty of batteries and flash lights.

      Food needs to be stored. These are reasonable precautions in any event. I am not a prepper or alarmist. Maybe I am frightened by this report to an unnecessary degree, but it sure has made me realize that the governments are not on top of things or know and are not saying.

    • Socrates

      Not "surf" but shot has hit the fan.

      My Android garbles spelling.

  • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

    I am so behind on that level of prep.

    Another link from the Facebook 311 Watchgroup, this one regarding Fukushima Plant Worker Deaths. I am not in a position to analyze validity but the report is in Japanese and English so I present it in hopes that others can size up the source.


    According to Ms. Chikako Nishiyama, a former member of the Kawauchi village Assembly, the official announcement that 3 Tepco workers being the number who died during their work at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. Ms. Nishiyama commented that Tepco doesn’t count the workers if they died after their contracts ended. She also said that there were 100,000shifts shared between the work force that have worked at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant so far, also, 4% of 100,000 (4300) workers have reportedly died. Most of them have died of heart attacks. If they died suddenly then Tepco paid a huge amount of money (about 3 million yen )to their families, to keep them silent about the deaths. If they talk about the deaths then the money that would be taken back. Therefore, nobody has said anything about it in the public domain.

    Apart from Tepco workers, 64 members of the Self Defence Force and about 300 policemen have also died. They said that those policemen who work at the security check points of the no go zones in Fukushima prefecture are not wearing any protection, therefore, they have been exposed to huge amounts of ionizing radiation.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      The above information came from a whistle blower, Prof. Seto at professor at Tohoku University and was also a Disaster control headquarters inspector general (in 2011). After releasing the information, his blog account was suspiciously closed. 。http://bit.ly/sEGL7d (this account was closed.)

      One other thing Prof Seto said that seemed close to the truthwas that several missing bodies that were found in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant were taken into Fukushima Medical University and kept as specimen materials.

      *University of Tohoku Hospital has been imposing a gag order to stop information on 800 Tepco worker deaths. (1/5/2012)

      University of Tohoku Hospital has been imposing a gag order to stop information concerning 800 Tepco worker deaths. This information is coming from some doctors and nurses who have been it finding hard to keep quite about it.

      University of Tohoku Hospital has been imposing a gag order to stop the top secret information on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident from leaking outside. One of top secret information is about 800 out of 3000 Tepco clean-up workers died because of high exposure to ionizing radiation at the site. Those patients received some examination at the University of Tohoku Hospital, then had been taken into one of their branch hospital in Niigata prefecture and stayed till they die quietly. Because there was nothing the doctors could do to save their lives.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXy1GH7Jqsgヤブロコフ博士講演会 「調査報告 チェルノブイリ被害の全貌」 Dr. Alexey Yablokokv ‘s lecture in Tokyo on 18/5/13
        (1h5m-) The Japanese comedian Makorine of Oshidori interviewed a chief nurse of the medical department for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant sometime back in 2011 and got the facts on mortality stories of the clean-up workers. However, she wasn’t able to publish the information at that time. She got a chance to mention it in front of the big audience when she worked as a master of the ceremony at the lecture by Dr. Yablokokv in Tokyo on 18th of May, 2013.
        “She said that there have been so many workers dead without being reported. Some died during the 2 days break, some didn’t turn up the next morning and were found dead…. Those who died haven’t been measured for how much exposure they got. Tepco doesn’t count and report the dead unless they die during their work hours.”
        (Editor’s note: I would like to pray for those workers who died without being recognized.)

        Link to website: http://tinyurl.com/ls55vgq

  • zogerke zogerke

    in regards to the folks who cry that this site has too much negativity- I see it as common sense and rejecting denial. Yes the sky is beautiful , and the leaves, and my children are ok. I am nearing 60. I remember when, (northeast usa) driving, the windshield was full of squashed bugs. No more. They are not there, the diversity is gone. I remember when a dog did his business, the excrement was covered in flies. No more. I remember at migration time, in Brooklyn NY, inner city, the sky was dark with migrating birds, for 15 minutes the all you heard was whirring wings and swoops and chirps. No more. Now I never see more than 20-30 birds at once, even in farm land. My son and his friends will never know the diversity of animal life that i knew. I do not think much organized life will last for another three generations. I am a bouyant person, not depressed, but i reject denial as much as i can. My hope is that in the larger picture, the Earth is healing herself, like a massive planetary menstrual cycle…….and it is truly possible that humans may be flushed out to make room for more earth productivity several million years from now…. on a millenial scale….aren't we in the midst of the sixth great planetary extinction right now? that is truth. i don't know how life will be for my grandchildren, or if i will have any. But i know extinction event is what I am living through, and my children more so.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm going to try and keep it simple..
    I do not babysit other adults..I do not hold frightened hands and hearts..other than those of children.
    The situation is extremely grave..this calling for emotional response.
    This response though negative..is a positive response.
    Any response is positive considering the news blackout.

    We have a saying here..then things are going badly.
    "Well,the baby hasn't fallen in the well".
    Well..it HAS the baby has fallen in the well.

    I'm sure there will days of further and increased 'negativity'..as the bad news continues to trickle in.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Our comfort driven society..can't handle appropriate response…
    especially when negative..

    Oh downer..oh bummer.

  • frogs go ribbit frogs go ribbit

    What is THE DEAL with all these Oceanic Chemists coming out saying, "every things fine!" ?

    Whois this Ken Buessler stain? Do we have any records of donations and sponsorships related to him? I have seen several chemists related to the IAEA. Who is this guy, really?

    I bet he's paid off and I bet this campaign is the lowest and scumsucking-est the pro-nuke lobby can get. Whose going to question a "crowd sourced/funded" research? Because "obviously" if it's crowd funded then there's "no bias."

    I smell a rotting fish. And, for once, it's not dead from radiation.

    • frogs go ribbit frogs go ribbit

      Maybe I answered my own question:

      Ken Buessler works for WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute), which is pretty much a wholly-owned subsidiary of the U.S. Navy…the organization who

      1) controls almost all marine biology research

      2) operates more nuclear reactors than all western countries combined

      3) operates HAARP and an unbelievable array of exotic weapons and

      4) is THE single greatest menace to cetaceans globally.

      In other words, Buessler works for the Navy and anything he says or does is going to be what the Navy wants him to say or do. He is NEVER going to find ANYTHING harmful about anything having to do with radiation. To him it may as well be a nutrient.

      No amount of 'funding' is going to allow him to 'measure' the radiation content of the ocean…it is logically impossible.


      • bo bo

        #2 & #3 I did not know.

        Thank you, thank you so much for clarifying this.

        I'm repeating here – Woods Hole operates more nuclear reactors than all western countries combined.