“Very Serious”: Wildfires burn close to US nuclear site — ‘Red Flag Warning’ issued — FEMA: “Fire threatened such destruction as would constitute a major disaster” — Largest wildfire in country (VIDEO)

Published: August 3rd, 2016 at 5:17 pm ET


NPR, Aug 3, 2016 (emphasis added): Washington Fire Crews Fight To Keep Buffer Between Wildfire, Nuclear Reactor — Officials from the Hanford nuclear reservation and Energy Northwest have been meeting with fire managers in southeast Washington state Tuesday. The nearby Range 12 Fire has grown to more than 177,000 acres and high winds are predicted this evening. Fire managers are very serious about keeping the Range 12 Fire off the central portion of the Hanford nuclear site and away from the Northwest’s only nuclear reactor… Energy Northwest spokesman John Dobken called the fire’s distance from the reactor a “non-issue,”… However, fire crews were still active on Rattlesnake Tuesday. Helicopters won’t be able to fly if gusts reach 20-30 miles per hour as predicted.

KEPR, Aug 2, 2016: The fire that began on the Yakima Training Center Saturday night and burned into Benton and Grant Counties over the weekend has ballooned to over 175,000 acres according to fire crews… The Range 12 fire [is] burning close to Hanford… The Northwest Incident Command team managing the firefighting efforts said [the blaze] is getting dangerously close to West Richland… A red flag warning is in place until 8 p.m. Tuesday night… Fire officials said the Red Flag Warning is causing concern for controlling containment lines around the blaze… As of Tuesday the Range 12 blaze stretched… from the Yakima Training Center toward the Hanford Reservation… Randall Rishe with BLM [Bureau of Land Management] said at this time they do not have a clear estimate of when the fire will be fully contained.

NPR, Aug 2, 2016: The Country’s Largest Wildfire Is Burning In Washington State… About 400 firefighters, three helicopters and 34 engines are fighting it. Some firefighters and land managers say they’re on edge because of predicted gusty winds and a red flag warning. The breeze is already kicking up, and firefighters worry that burned areas could pop up and jump the established fire lines. Crews set a backfire Sunday night on Rattlesnake Mountain to keep the Range 12 fire from burning contaminated areas of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation… [This] is the largest wildfire on a list of fires managed by government agencies.

KIRO, Aug 1, 2016: FEMA funds to help fight Benton County wildfire — A wildfire burning toward the Hanford nuclear reservation scorched about 110 square miles of brush and grass Monday as it spread… [FEMA] has authorized the use of federal funds to help with firefighting costs for the South Ward Gap Fire burning in Benton County, Washington. FEMA Region X Regional Administrator Kenneth D. Murphy determined that the fire threatened such destruction as would constitute a major disaster

Seattle Times, Aug 2, 2016: Winds whip up wildfires; one blaze bearing down on Hanford site… winds pushed the Range 12 fire toward the Hanford Nuclear Reservation… Rishe said the fire Sunday ripped through grass, sagebrush and cheatgrass with ferocity… Crews are racing to put the fire down before winds make the situation more dangerous.

Seattle Times, Aug 2, 2016: Wildfire near Hanford site larger than first thought; high winds a concern — The Range 12 fire, near the Hanford nuclear site, is now 175,000 acres — much bigger than crews first realized… More than 400 firefighters are working the Range 12 fire, which is west of the Hanford nuclear site. Rishe said “there’s very low concern along Highway 240,” the barrier to the nuclear site. But, “it’s all contingent on this wind event.”

Tri-City Herald, Aug 2, 2016: Fire near Hanford much larger than thoughtThe estimated size of the fire that burned… toward the Hanford nuclear reservation has more than doubled to 273 square miles… A red flag fire warning was issued for the Mid-Columbia on Tuesday… The incident command team was concerned that established fire perimeter lines could be threatened… Crews have come from as far away as Medford, Ore., to help fight the fire.

Watch KEPR’s broadcast here

Published: August 3rd, 2016 at 5:17 pm ET


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  • LOL physicists "discover" what I have been harping on for years, sheesh, the monkey brain is a disappointment


    • LOL I reported myself to see if Admin is anywhere around, lol

      • from a distance from a distance

        If you want to get in touch with Enenews admin, leave a comment on ENENEWS Facebook. Admin once said he/she is more likely to read comments there than here.

        • theworldisalie theworldisalie

          I have pretty much accepted this site as dead. I have also accepted humanity as dead in the long run. Nobody cares that we are poisoning ourselves as we speak with every breath, every rain storm, every lettuce leaf…


          • from a distance from a distance

            Never give up hope. There are good people out there and big successes are being made. I mean, did you ever think San Onofre nuclear plant would be shut down, and now Diablo Canyon is being closed down, for example?

            And Enenews will only be dead if everyone here stops posting and that won't happen. News is just slow now because almost all news sources are concentrating on the election. News on Fukushima is slow so admin has nothing to write new articles about.

            If you can, go to these articles every day and comment on them. You never know…one well-written comment can be read by the right person who can affect a change


            • GOM GOM

              from a distance

              'Hope' works for some, but how can one hope while living in a world that is self-destructing?

              Look at the climate. The climate isn’t out of control — humans have never “controlled” the climate. The climate has destabilized, globally. That is now a permanent condition. Restabilization of the climate will not occur for thousands of years. This means that every human on the planet is going to need to make preparations for their survival. And yes, it will be as bad as that as this all unfolds, worsening each year.

              Northern hemisphere jet streams slowing and becoming much wavier leading to increases in frequency, severity and duration of extreme weather events.

              The globe will experience food shortages soon as simultaneous crop failures occur from extreme weather events including drought and torrential rains.

              Global biodiversity has already declined by 50%.

              It's going to be asses and elbows with everyone looking for an exit / escape.

              No Hopium here..

              • Yepper and the whole of the US was under a block of ice not so long ago…

                Reality seems to be the prob here on earth now. Perhaps actually having to get up and milk a cow for the coffee creamer would work. I think so, but maybe I'm wrong.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              😉 That's the spirit in the distance!

          • GOM GOM

            the world IS alie

            There is an implied assumption that more knowledge will equate to change. I do not think this is true as the evidence shows. Americans will do nothing to save themselves until it is most assuredly too late.

            There was a time when I believed that raising important (life-threatening) issues would elicit a sane response from central government and local government. But now I know the financial-political-economic system is rotten to the core, is controlled by liars, charlatans and opportunists, and therefore there is no way out of the trap we’re in.

            Great films well worth watching while there is still electricity:

            On the Beach

            The Day the Earth Caught Fire

          • Don't give up and be just another "dumb ass". Fight for the right of your grandchildren to live!!!!

            If no one is tending this place we should all rise up and continue the fight without the lazy bastards, that's why we are in this killer polution problem to begin with…

            Someone needs to get rid of the trolls, the crazies and the misspoken ignorant. Has anyone thought about why this isn't being done?

            Kinda scary ain't it…

            Come on, get with the truth and stand up for it!

            • from a distance from a distance

              "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

              –Albert Einstein



      These things are what we fight for…


    Methane, the Gakkel Ridge and human survival. [7 pages, maps..]


    Take a look, your running out of time. I personally hold accountable The Fcking Nuclear 'Industry'..for the death of Planet Earth and the elimination of all species.

    • Jebus Jebus

      Spot on GOM.

      "Either give up our luxurious lifestyle based on fossil fuels or give up our lives altogether."

      Nuclear is a fossil fuel. It contributes to the volumes of process heat created on this planet.

      It's not going to help when they are melting down.

      The precipice is what is described in that pdf…

      • GOM GOM

        Thanks Jebus.
        I am really pissed off tonight. The humidity & pressure down here is unbearable, temps triple digit. But they don't tell it. Don't want to scare the tourist off.

        Louisiana is under water, flooding. 10,000 evacuations, no power.

        Canada having tropical weather with tornadoes.

        The US is subsidizing the Nuke Cabal.

        And the Japanese are paying for Fukushima with energy rate hikes! Fcking Tepco.

        "I can't stand it, I just can't stand it"
        ..Charlie Brown

        • Jebus Jebus

          We had the unbreathable heat last friday.

          Have 100 coming this friday and saturday.

          There is no question as to the different weather I feel…

          Time is short, the last offramp is approaching.

          I never thought in my lifetime…

          • GOM GOM

            How does anyone prepare, logically, for TEOTWAWKI. It's happening at a brutal pace. Food prices are staggering.

            I see your term "unbreathable". I swear I have trouble breathing outside, better near the beach. Think global 02 is down. Being displaced. Remember poster 'I Can't Breathe' talked about it.

            And I think a lot of Americans, like a scary amount, are dead already. Replacement with immigrants so you don't notice. Half the people here are gone. I used to post about all the illness down here. Lots of Arabs, Latinos, Black Africans. Bussed in middle of night, seen it.

            Maybe we are dying off in droves..

            • Jebus Jebus

              No one can live in a toxic worl.

              Make that nothing. As we have been witness to in droves.

              Virtualy leaping out of the sea to escape the fire, not only of Fukushima, but remember the massive dump of very toxic chemicals, all of them, into the sea, by the tsunami. Those are not done killing yet. Eventually they will decompose chemically.

              But what compounds were created?

              We witnessed the acellerator being slammed to the floor of the bus, when that great earthquake happened.

              Consider if this highly industrialized earthquake disaster scenario happens again. Just the shoreline bulk chemicals!

              It will…

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Certainly seems to be awfully warm everywhere these days…

          Planet is burning up! 🙁


    Nuclear ENERGY.. you can't kill this shit, shut it down, whatever. The Decay Heat goes on & on & on. Totally fcking up the planet.

    When a reactor is shut down,.. there remains the decay heat source of energy. Fission products have very long lifetimes. In-core utilization (or burnup), on-site storage, and, off-site storage. Let's not forget data involving neutron interactions with all isotopes.

    "One should observe, however, that at present the standard is applicable for cooling times 'only' up to 30 years.

    Oak Ridge Int'l Laboratory


  • Jebus Jebus

    Now, while running all those massive and car sized, twenty first century heat process's, from the twentieth century, that mankind is running today and throw a, never before seen, blanket of heat trapping gasses into the atmosphere. Might as well go ahead and toss a few global atmospheric ionizing events in for good? measure.

    What do ya get?

  • Duke Energy Nuclear in North Carolina has 6,000 workers in its nuclear division, and HALF are eligible TO RETIRE in the NEXT FIVE YEARS . The company has assessed its knowledge transfer tools — everything from basic succession planning to mentoring — and found gaps in what workers benefited from and what was being used.

    from the article, very interesting

  • Here's an awful waste of millions if it gets built :
    Who the hell designed this?
    It looks like a radiator of evil

  • O/T.
    I am writing a very off topic novel. It is an adventure book which ive dedicated much of ny time into. It may take me extra time but I may habe it completed earlier god willing.

    I say this because its been a rough two years for me and in my spare time I feel I've really written something that will be as beautiful as my talents will carry it.
    If there is worth to that.

    Eitherway. This is where all my free time has been going and I am hoping the suplimental income will help me catch up on my responsibilities.
    Love you guys, just wanted to say that I am getting closer to launch and explain my absence.
    Sorry is just a boardgame. Will be back as soon as I can.
    All my love

  • ENE Admin; just a friendly reminder, if the goal is two posts per month, right about now would be a good time to post again, and that would take it to the end of the month.

    • from a distance from a distance

      To the good Dr. Goodheart – I'm just curious, here's the latest nuclear news. What can admin make a post about out of these ==> What next post would you recommend out of this scant news ==>



      • There are at least SEVERAL stories related to nuclear industry EACH AND EVERY DAY.

        Now add ENERGY news in general and renewable energy news in general and you are up to DOZENS of stories EVERY SINGLE DAY.

        Remember, this is not just a nuclear news site. the name of this site is;



        There are other reasons for a lack of news stories on this site.

        • AGR Daily News posts on average 3 to 5 NUCLEAR related stories per day, and then many more energy related stories on top of that. ENE could copy those, just as one idea.

          • from a distance from a distance

            You said "There are other reasons for a lack of news stories on this site"

            What other reasons ??

          • from a distance from a distance

            Yes AGR does a great job. Enenews reports differently on stories…Enenews has a certain format…a certain formula about what it reports on. Enenews reports on the more fascinating or interesting stories about Fukushima or Hanford, etc., not just everyday news.

            • from a distance from a distance

              Enenews also reports on scientific studies, scientific papers, etc. and that is unique to Enenews.

              • from a distance from a distance

                "TEMPLATE" — that's the word I was trying to think of — Enenews has its own unique template on what it reports on and how it reports it.

                • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                  Almost as good as the headlines at ENE is the comment section. There's just something about the collection of devoted commenters…intelligence, comprehension, data sharing, research, compassion, tolerance, unbiased understanding of the tasks at hand and the current state of affairs our energy needs have placed us in…

                  Many depend on ENE to supplement their own sites and agenda and to stay up to date on Fukushima et al.

                  Whatever the circumstance with the site owner(s), I wish them health and prosperity. Thanks, ENE!

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Enenews just like all others are still far off in the distance..few humans have any clue about what is really going in their own world especially if if is not directly about themselves or in someway benefits themselves directly.

                  Mo Money comes to mind and the current human plight is a very clever taught by those others that came before us mental condition.

                  Earth will be the final loser.. when all is said and done.

                  Millions of years of no environmental damage upended in only a couple thousand years.

                  • DUDe DUDe

                    To be honest..every time the increased volcanic activity comes up..i wonder if the planet cant wait any longer for us to refind our mind..and attack our own stupidity within..the gloryfication of the disconnection..
                    50 percent of biodiversity destroyed in 40 years and still our frankenstein politicians defends the undefendeble richness of individuals "..if these people worked hard for that then i think they have the right too blablablaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.."/me vomits

                    Nope , still no collective see trough our selfdellusional "buble"..

                    and thus Earth started cleaning up "her way" already..a reset from the bottom up..geological..

                    But i did not dare posting it to look even more "on the fringe" lol

  • curly

    There's no way the public will give up there fossil fuels. Most will never stop denying even with their last breath. I see more ginormous 4wd pick ups with confederate flags waving and trucks and suv's pulling death stars down the hiway to go camping. Take a bike ride down a hiway and you'll realize the stupidity of humanity and the looming doom awaiting life on earth. Oh well. In spite of it all, try to wear a happy face. Good luck.

  • from a distance from a distance

    For those interested, Lonnie Clark "Age of Fission" radio show with Mimi German and a LIVE chat right NOW.

    Come on over and chat


  • SRM Solar Radiation Management, Geo-Engineering Are Real, Are Now Being Discussed Openly By $cientists


  • from a distance from a distance

    All righty, so here's the latest nuclear news:

    (1) NY Gov Cuomo approved subsidies to bailout Exelon and then Exelon used some of that money to buy the Fitzpatrick npp. Fitzpatrick was on the list of plants probably going to close.

    Now it turns out Fitzpatrick has had a leak in "highly radioactive materials" in the radwaste building for 4 years


  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Paper says Fukushima is about 80% as bad as the nuclear bomb test era. Busby et al have calculated that the bomb test era has killed approximately 50 million people (and untold number of animals.) Fukushima; millions will die

    Mean values of the water-column inventories decay-corrected for the Fukushima-derived (134)Cs and the bomb-derived (137)Cs were estimated to be 1020 ± 80 and 820 ± 120 Bq m(-2), respectively, suggesting that in winter 2012 the impact of the FNPP1 accident in the western North Pacific Ocean was nearly the same as that of nuclear weapons testing.

    Impact of Fukushima-derived radiocesium in the western North Pacific Ocean about ten months after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident.

    • yep my immediate calculations a week after Fuku showed that at least 10's of million will be killed by Fuku, and maybe as much as several hundred million.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      stock if that paper is well vetted, its a bombshell. Woods Hole puts Fukushima at a fraction of the bomb test era. Busby also says Fukushima is much less.

      After several years of looking at this, it appears nobody knows how bad Fuku is, nor how dangerous the isotopes are. Its pathetic. The estimates of release cover a huge range with most papers putting fuku at a fraction of Chernobyl. If its 80% of the bomb test era, with perhaps an unprecedented amount of plutonium, then the whole science community should be held incompetent or deceptive.

      One of my favorite papers for release estimates using three methods. A little worse than Chernobyl. About 10,000 Hiroshima bombs


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        another paper by Vitaskova. Fukushima consequence equal to Castle Bravo, a 4 megaton nuke bomb. About 300 Hiroshima bombs. This paper seems balanced, if anyone is looking for something that doesnt produce "wild" ELE claims. At least 10,000 to 300,000 over life time deaths and as many hospitalizations, still births. This paper was referenced by ENEnews before

        'Taking into account all other circumstances of the nuclear disaster together with the effects of the tsunami and earthquake, and including not only immediate and tangible consequences but also psychological and very long term impacts, it can be concluded that Fukushima probably is the biggest
        natural AND industrial nuclear (man-made) event which mankind ever
        experienced in its history.'


        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          anti nukers should stand by good papers and have the reference ready when debunking the mainstream ignorance. The above says Fuku is equal to Chernobyl, and says up to 300,000 deaths or more. But we know Chernobyl killed a million and sickened five million with 80% of Belarus suffering some kind of health effect. Japan is the new Belarus.

          Nuclear creates dead zones, exclusion zones, and the world is downwind, a sick zone. Nuclear made the earth a sick zone. The reason science doesnt recognize it is because they are under the thrall of dose and danger estimates which equate background radiation to man made. But they are NOT the same, as clearly shown by the "specific activity"

          • DUDe DUDe

            Noob question :

            Couldent it be that the stuff released by NPP's are much more dangerous because with a nuclear bomb , lots of energy is released in creating the "bang"..whilest particles from Fuku etc have still their full potential to hunt and destroy biological life..and much longer..
            (not to be used as an excuse to play with the bomb to satisfy your need to compensate stumpy..)

            • Doesn't work in that method, but your conclusion is correct anyway.

              Bombs create more short lived isotopes, they go away more quickly, AND more likely to kill immediately rather than a lingering disease and cancer episode.

              My calcs show that each 1G size nuke plant produces as much radiation as 1 to 3 mid size nuclear bombs…in….get this….ONE DAY

              How sick and stupid is that

              • DUDe DUDe

                Thanks stock.

                "..My calcs show that each 1G size nuke plant produces as much radiation as 1 to 3 mid size nuclear bombs…in….get this….ONE DAY.."

                "..How sick and stupid is that.."

                I try to find words..but it chokes me..

            • from a distance from a distance

              On the question of atomic radiation vs. meltdown radiation,

              Dr. Wertelecki said (at the Fukushima Symposium)

              1. atomic fallout survivors are exposed to neutron/gamma, but meltdown survivors are exposed to beta

              2. not a blast, but a continuous drip with a meltdown

              3. not external, but inhaled or swallowed radiation with a meltdown


              Love that Symposium!

            • Jebus Jebus

              Toxic At The Atomic Level.

              Beta Particle

              Beta radiation ionizes matter weaker than alpha radiation. On the other hand the ranges of beta particles are longer and depends strongly on initial kinetic energy of particle. Some have enough energy to be of concern regarding external exposure. A 1 MeV beta particle can travel approximately 3.5 meters in air. Such beta particles can penetrate into the body and deposit dose to internal structures near the surface. Therefore greater shielding than in case of alpha radiation is required.


              The bremsstrahlung is electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration or deceleration of a charged particle when deflected by magnetic fields (an electron by magnetic field of particle accelerator) or another charged particle (an electron by an atomic nucleus). The name bremsstrahlung comes from the German. The literal translation is ‘braking radiation’. From classical theory, when a charged particle is accelerated or decelerated, it must radiate energy.


              One only has to only internalize that description, because that story is never told, and one see's the horrendous biological and evolutionary threat, all life is in right now.

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                The healthiest human of all time had 70 bq/kg of internal radiation. Beta.

                Alpha, beta, gamma, they are all useful categories to help understand radiation. But its a mental trap too.

                If one discovered that the mysterious glass that was cutting up peoples feet was made of silica, you might be tempted to think all things made of silica were dangerous.

                Potassium and Cesium137 both emit beta. The first proto cells on earth were quite radioactive with beta at a million bq/m^3. But if the same amount of beta came from cesium, life wouldnt have made it.

                Science is blinded by this categorization of radiation types, just as if a white coat and glasses lab guy picked up a vile of beach sand and said "deadly…do you know how many people have lost toes or even bled do death from this stuff? I know because Im a very smart science guy and glass is made from silica, just like sand"

                • Jebus Jebus

                  I think the key to sorting it a bit is to realize that Einstein is correct.

                  "Some have enough energy to be of concern regarding external exposure."

                  Some have enough energy to be more of concern regarding internal exposure, too.

                  Seems a big difference in energy to me.

                  Nice kick to the larger mass, too.


                  Isotope mass 39.96399848(21) u

                  Excess energy −33505 keV
                  Binding energy 341523 keV

                  Cesium 137

                  Isotope mass 136.907 u

                  beta, gamma 1.176 [2] MeV

                  Strontium 90

                  Beta decay 0.546 MeV

                  Seems clear…

      • Code, I skimmed through the doc, their methods are credible and proper.

        So it is "well vetted" LOL

        You are a great researcher. I wish I had more time, been busy putting up black swan defense systems.

  • from a distance from a distance

    "Why Bill Gates Is Hugely Misinformed About Renewables & Loves Impractical Nuclear"


  • via BeautifulGirlByDana
    Fukushima : Help Stop Killer Victoria B.C. Travel Agent LOUIS LAMOUREUX

  • description;
    This travel agent in Victoria B.C. Canada LOUIS LAMOUREUX caused Jeff Palco from Alberta to commit suicide and is still at large . Mr Louis Lamoureux also defrauded people by using radioactive materials to trick people into giving him large amounts of moneys while pretending he was looking for Fukushima fallout across Canada . Do not let the murder of Jeff Palco stand unchallenged , contact police if you know this killer travel agent LOUIS LAMOUREUX from Victoria B.C. Canada . Warning do not approach Mr LAMOUREUX yourself he is very dangerous and violent . He moonlights also as a house pinter in victoria B.C. Canada heavily involved in sliver and gold on the internet and goes by the youtube names , connectingdots1 , connectingdots2 , connectingdots3 , silvergoldman ,

  • This is where Connectingdots started; saying the exact same things as Dana and all of the people he is attacking now.

    URGENT_ Japan Now Admits Fukushima at 154 trillion Bq's_Day and West Coast Radiation Forecast 1of2

    Interesting… wonder what made him switch so drastically?

  • Jebus Jebus

    WTF is wrong with some people? Corporations? IDK.

    At least many are speaking up.

    Industrial Waste Incinerators do not belong in the biosphere, period.

    Professor issues toxic warning on Susquehanna incinerator plan

    NEW MILFORD, Pa. — Irate Susquehanna County, Pa. residents are preparing to do battle with anyone who has designs on putting an industrial waste incinerator in their backyard.

    Some of the those battles have already been witnessed at county and municipal government meetings, where opponents offer sharp criticism of the project.

    "Incineration doesn't make sense in New Milford," said the former St. Lawrence University chemistry professor who claims to have stopped 300 incinerators worldwide. "It doesn't make sense anywhere in the world."

    "Becoming a dumping ground for other communities' waste will hurt your image, your agriculture industry, your tourist industry and your property values," Connett told the crowd.

    A King of Prussia-based company is planning an industrial incinerator in New Milford Township, just east of exit 219 on Interstate 81, about 20 miles south of Binghamton and 12 miles south of the New York border.

    Dilution? lol 😐 Distribution…

    GE, I wonder if LLNW is incinerated in the US?


    US Army Dugway Proving Ground: Basin for Bio-testing. Utah. [Est. 1942]

    Open-air incineration..BIGTIME

    The Basin has long attracted a wide variety of hazardous industries and military activities and testing, including testing weapons of mass destruction.

    In fact, Dugway is surrounded by two chemical weapons incinerators (one mountain range to the east), a radioactive waste dump, an Air Force bombing range, a hazardous waste landfill, and a hazardous waste incinerator to the north.

    At the doorstep of Dugway, on the tiny Goshute Indian Reservation, a temporary storage facility for the nation’s high level spent nuclear fuel rods is planned.

    After the war, the mission evolved into the testing of chemical, biological and radiological weapons, as Dugway emerged as the center for open air testing for the Army’s Test and Evaluation Command (TECOM).

    Dugway conducted over 1,000 open air chemical weapons tests with GB, VX and mustard agents, over 200 open air biological weapons tests involving a potpourri of pathogens, and nearly two dozen open air radiological tests, most involving radioactive tantalum, but using radioactive cobalt 60 on at least one occasion.

    Also involving human experimentation..


  • Jebus Jebus

    Half Lives Matter?

    More than seventy five years of nuclear.

    Many half lives in a life time…


    Red Mercury..

    Red mercury is a hoax substance of uncertain composition purportedly used in the creation of nuclear bombs.


  • Jebus Jebus

    A billboard with that childs face on it, that everyone knows from next door, in a hospital with the rarest leukemia, at six years old, with the caption reading:

    Half Lives Matter.


    Mushroom clouds strange, familiar, and fake.

    A brilliant article..lots of photo comparisons.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This is anecdotal..a 'natural observation'

    "The biggest thing that was different on this trip was that I didn’t see any wildlife at all until we were within 250 miles of the coast! No dolphins, no whales, no nothing."

    There is always more life in the reefs.
    But the center of the ocean wasn't lifeless.

    Across the Pacific


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS. Note, he talked abut how chilly it was.
    It's not global warming.
    And the rapid onset of conditions is more than just an increase in pollutants, its also radiation.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It's also chilly here tonight.

    Dream well, Enenews…

  • rogerthat


    Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

    I decided to translate this particular article because this article for a change talks about the Fukushima disaster victims and in details how their everyday lives have been affected.
    In most of the Fukushima related articles from websites and mainstream media, the writers usually focus on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and its technical failures, about its continuous leaking into the Pacific ocean etc. but somehow they almost always forget to talk about the plight of the victims, the victims who are at the forefront of this tragedy.

    August 12, 2016

    Article written by Evelyne Genoulaz, from a lecture given by Kurumi Sugita,

    translated by Dun Renard.

    Source : Fukushima Blog de Pierre Fetet http://www.fukushima-blog.com/2016/08/fukushima-les-vies-sinistrees.html

    March 11, 2016, Kurumi Sugita, social anthropologist researcher and founding president of the association “Our Far Neighbors 3.11”, gave a lecture entitled “Fukushima disaster’s lives” in the Nature and Environment House (MNEI) in Grenoble…

  • rogerthat


    LDP sets goal of lifting evacuation orders near Fukushima plant in 5 years

    August 18, 2016 (Mainichi Japan)

    … A draft outline of the proposal … included a suggestion to transfer to interim storage facilities an amount of contaminated soil equivalent to the amount at homes and schools in affected areas by fiscal 2020.

    • rogerthat


      Footholds Should Be Built in Fukushima No-Go Zone: LDP Team

      • Sickputer

        Tokyo brass must be getting nervous about the Tokyo Olympic games in 4 years. So they propose lifting restrictions on resident repopulation of hot zones. They can truck away enormous quantities of contaminated dirt, but there is no way to restore water supplies. The zone 50 miles inland is a million year dead zone. There is nothing mankind can do to rectify the disaster. That part of Japan is lost forever for humans to live and thrive. Yes, they can ignore the levels and have people move back to the hot zones. But their fate will be radiological-induced illnesses and shortened life spans. Few educated Japanese will volunteer to become the walking dead.

  • rogerthat


    Eisse Antonio

    Published on Aug 17, 2016

  • rogerthat


    Fukushima from the perspective of the men who worked there

    An hour long documentary on what happened, boots on the ground at Fukushima power plant, told from the perspectives of the men who worked there.

    Let me know your takeaways.

    mine, …

  • rogerthat



    Rowe seeks money for nuke waste storage

    Recorder Staff
    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    ROWE, MA — The Yankee Atomic Electric Co. nuclear power plant in Rowe shut down its 185-megawatt reactor in 1992, leaving in place 15 dry casks of radioactive spent fuel, along with one cask of higher-level nuclear waste, until the federal government finds a permanent home for waste like this.

    Now, Rowe and other U.S. communities with “de facto” interim spent nuclear fuel storage sites are seeking annual compensation for this storage from the federal government.

    Congressman Richard E. Neal, D-First District, has agreed to co-sponsor the “Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Site Compensation Act of 2016,” which would require annual payments of $15 per kilogram of spent nuclear fuel stored at the sites of former nuclear power plants built for electricity generation. …

  • rogerthat


    Editorial: Wah Chang's baffling stonewall
    Mike McInally Aug 17, 2016

    U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio swung through the mid-valley on Monday, appearing at town halls in Albany, Corvallis and Lebanon and checking in with the editorial board at our sister publication, the Gazette-Times.

    During the session with the Gazette-Times, DeFazio expressed bafflement at how ATI Specialty Alloys and Components (better known as Wah Chang) has decided not to cooperate with the Department of Labor to help workers and their families apply for a government benefits program.

    "I don't know how they can stonewall us on that," DeFazio said.

    We've been wondering the same thing.

    Wah Chang, for its part, has declined comment on the matter, but this is a case where its actions speak loud and clear.

    Here's the background: The company is refusing to verify employment or provide contact information for ex-employees who might qualify for benefits under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act.

    The program provides cash compensation and medical benefits for people who developed certain cancers after workplace exposure to radiation as part of the U.S. nuclear weapons program.

    For two years in the early 1970s, the Wah Chang plant in Millersburg reprocessed …

    • rogerthat

      depleted uranium for the nuclear weapons program. A government analysis concluded that hazardous levels of residual radiation from that depleted uranium remained on the site for nearly 40 years after the reprocessing job was done.

      Under a little-known federal law called the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, 218 current or former Wah Chang employees or their survivors have collected more than $34 million in government compensation and medical benefits after the employees developed cancers that were “at least as likely as not” caused by on-the-job exposure to radiation connected to the U.S. nuclear weapons program.

      Another 191 have filed claims for compensation that were denied, and an unknown number may qualify for the program but have never been made aware of it.

      That unknown number of people who may not know about the program is where Wah Chang's inexplicable decision to stonewall becomes important.

      The Department of Labor has the primary responsibility for spreading the word about the program. But it doesn't have a list of current and former atomic weapons workers; the department relies on the companies involved for that information.

      Wah Chang (and, to be fair, other companies as well) have declined to provide that information, even though the program's benefits are funded by taxpayers, not the companies.

      Lately, the corporate verifier for ATI, the Pittsburgh-based conglomerate that owns the Wah Chang plant, has stopped…

      • rogerthat

        providing verification of employment to the Department of Labor for Wah Chang workers. That means former employees or their survivors have to scramble to provide proof of employment through other means.

        "Obviously this company is trying to protect itself against potential liability," DeFazio said Monday, "but I don't know how they can totally stiff us on providing information. … It's not right. We've got to do better than that."

        Members of Congress can poke and prod companies and work with constituents, the way DeFazio has done, but it's not clear whether the federal government can do anything to compel the companies to release the information.

        “It is a kind of tricky situation because we don’t have mandated authority to make these corporations provide information,” said a Department of Labor employee who works with the program. “There’s no obligation for them to do that.”

        So that's why you see officials like DeFazio taking to the bully pulpit to make a simpler case: Maybe those companies aren't obligated to release the information. But releasing the names so that people can find out about the program simply is the right thing to do. (mm)

  • rogerthat


    Pantex Plant to store more nuclear materials produced at Los Alamos lab
    Posted: August 16, 2016


    The Pantex Plant located 17 miles northeast of Amarillo will store nuclear materials produced at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico after plans to build a 31,000-square-foot storage vault were scrapped in an effort to cut costs, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office released earlier this month.

    The GAO report called into question the savings stated in the National Nuclear Security Administration’s report on the proposed Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility.

    The facility, which would provide analysis in support of plutonium pit production at Los Alamos, was intended to include underground vaults to store the nuclear material. A plutonium pit, or core, is “the heart” of a nuclear weapon, according to the Pantex website.

    Within the report, a Los Alamos contractor representative stated the planned nuclear material storage vault was eliminated and existing storage at the Pantex Plant would be used as a “long-term vault for storing …

    • rogerthat

      material used and generated at Los Alamos.”

      “The big vault they were planning was to give them freedom to do a lot of different things,” said Greg Mello, executive director of the Los Alamos Study Group. “It would have handled overflow from both (manufacturing and analytical chemistry) facilities, but Los Alamos’ plans, which are NNSA’s plans, are in flux.”

      Los Alamos has an anticipated production capacity of up to 80 plutonium pits a year, as defined by the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act.

      Pantex had been authorized as “interim” storage for up to 20,000 pits until the now-scrapped Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility, or MOX, facility at the NNSA’s Savannah River site was finished, according to documentation explaining plutonium pit storage on the Pantex website,

      The authorization for increased storage capacity of up to 20,000 pits was agreed to in 1997 by then-Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary.

      In February, the Obama Administration announced plans to scrap the multibillion dollar MOX facility near Aiken, S.C., which would have converted plutonium from dismantled nuclear bombs into fuel.

      With increased production of plutonium pits at Los Alamos and the uncertainty behind their disposal, the impact on the Pantex Plant’s storage capacity is unclear.

      According to Globe-News files, Pantex was said to have more than 14,000 pits in sealed drums in 2007. Pantex began increasing its plutonium storage after safety and environmental concerns halted …

      • rogerthat

        plutonium production in 1989 at the former Rocky Flats plant in Colorado. The federal government began secretly shipping thousands of plutonium pits here and later conducted an environmental impact statement to expand storage here.

        Normally, the NNSA evaluates the impact of operations at Pantex, including plutonium pit storage in what is called a site-wide environmental impact statement. There has not been an environmental impact statement issued at the Pantex Plant since 1996.

        “Here you have the NNSA site with the most weapons-grade plutonium, a dramatically increasing mission in weapons production, yet the old site-wide environmental impact statement dates back to 1996,” said Jay Coghlan, director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico. “I would assert that an environmental statement is long overdue, whether we are approaching the cap on storage at Pantex or not.”

        The last Supplemental Analysis, which evaluates every five years whether a site-wide environmental impact statement is needed, was issued by the NNSA in November 2012. At that time, the report concluded that “… those few impacts that exceed the bounds of the (impact statement) do not result in substantial changes… nor do they present significant new circumstances or information relative to environmental concerns.” …

  • rogerthat


    COMMODITIES | Wed Aug 17, 2016
    After years of pain, coal becomes one of the hottest commodities of 2016

    By Henning Gloystein | SINGAPORE
    Less than a year after the coal industry was declared to be in terminal decline, the fossil fuel has staged its steepest price rally in over half a decade, making it one of the hottest major commodities.

    Cargo prices for Australian thermal coal from its Newcastle terminal, seen as the Asian benchmark, have soared over 35 percent since mid-June to more than one-year highs of almost $70 a tonne, pushed by surprise increases in Chinese imports.

    "Coal markets, after five years of declining prices, appear to have found a bottom in the first quarter," Australia's Whitehaven Coal said on Thursday, as its shares hit a three-year high on the release of its annual results. …

  • rogerthat


    By Anya Litvak / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Nuclear regulators are investigating why Westinghouse Electric Co. ended up with three times the safe amount of uranium stuck inside a scrubber at its nuclear fuel factory in Columbia, S.C., and why it took the company more than a month to notify regulators when the situation should have been reported within 24 hours.

    When the Cranberry-based company did contact the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in mid-July, federal regulators sent out a team to investigate, and Westinghouse shut down that portion of the plant. The NRC is still piecing together what happened and might be finished with its investigation in several weeks, said spokesman Roger Hannah.

    In the meantime, the agency has deemed the uranium concentration was high enough that there might have been potential for an uncontrolled nuclear reaction …

    • rogerthat

      [-] … The uranium was found in a scrubber in the plant’s chemical area, which is staffed by 170 employees. They are temporarily not working as the investigation proceeds.

      The scrubber pulls in air from processing equipment in the area and filters out particulates, including uranium.

      Westinghouse spokesperson Courtney Boone said the company does an annual, external inspection of the scrubber. …

      On May 31, employees cleaned the scrubber. The debris removed from it was analyzed to get an accurate read on how much uranium was present. The level was determined to be 87 kilograms, while the safe limit was 29 kilograms.

      The company is investigating why it took its employees more than a month to tell the NRC, Ms. Boone said.

      Federal regulators have deemed this incident serious enough that it could have resulted in a criticality — a nuclear term for when conditions are right for a nuclear reaction.

      “The way a chain reaction occurs is you have to enough material, close enough together, in a particular configuration” along with other conditions such as moisture and pressure that set events in motion, said Mr. Hannah at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

      In a nuclear power plant, those conditions are desired and meticulously maintained.

      “In a fuel facility, you don’t want that to happen,” he said. …

  • rogerthat


    By Tim Knauss | tknauss@syracuse.com
    August 16, 2016

    'Minor' radiation leak in FitzPatrick nuclear plant has gone unfixed for 4 years

    SCRIBA, N.Y. – The owner of FitzPatrick nuclear plant has allowed highly radioactive waste to leak into a contained area of the facility for at least four years, …

    … Entergy officials today said they put off cleaning up the spill to avoid exposing workers to unnecessary radiation. …

  • rogerthat


    Radioactive liquid nuclear waste: stop the transport
    By Carmel Kilkenny | english@rcinet.ca
    16 August, 2016

    Radioactive liquid nuclear waste could be transported by armed convoy, 1100 miles over the Great Lakes water system from Chalk River, Ontario to the Savannah River Site in South Carolina for the first time, and it could begin as soon as September. …

    “In the 75 years of the nuclear enterprise in North America this highly radioactive liquid waste has never been transported over public roads even though they have millions of gallons of this stuff in three different sites in the United States, and it’s regarded as the most toxic radioactive material really on earth.” Edwards says.

    Kevin Kamps, of the Radioactive Waste Watchdog, Beyond Nuclear, based in Maryland in the United States described the idea as “a mobile Chernobyl on steroids”

    Gordon Edwards says that’s because this liquid waste is like the spent nuclear fuel that caused the meltdown in Chernobyl and the triple meltdown in Fukushima.

    “a kind of a witches brew of radioactive materials”

    “This is irradiated uranium which has been dissolved in nitirc acid and therefore converted to …

    • rogerthat

      a liquid form so that we have dozens, many dozens of radioactive materials in this mixture, it’s a kind of a witches brew of radioactive materials, all of the materials that are in spent nuclear fuel can be found in this liquid waste …

  • rogerthat


    Fight over Australia nuclear dump shows clash of world views
    by Timothy Large | @timothylarge | Thomson Reuters Foundation
    Wednesday, 17 August 2016

    Australian Aboriginal legend has it that Hookina Creek was created by the tears of a husband grieving for his wife after she died in childbirth.

    For as long as anyone can remember, women have used its crystal waters for birthing pools. Elders say it’s an important place for people near death, an oasis of peace among the reeds and waterfalls of the perpetual spring.

    Now Hookina Creek in the foothills of the Flinders Ranges, the biggest mountain range in South Australia, has become a symbol of a dispute over a planned nuclear waste dump on land traditionally owned by the region’s indigenous Adnyamathanha people. …

  • rogerthat


    Workers Must Pledge Not to Protest Nuclear Waste Plant

    Protests in the southern coastal city of Lianyungang earlier this month have lead to the suspension of a planned nuclear waste facility, but local authorities are pressuring residents to stop.

    Online discussion of the issue has been heavily censored, and a man has been charged with “disrupting social order” for allegedly spreading a rumor that workers were planning a strike.

    According to images of a document tweeted by @beidaijin, the city’s port is also forcing all employees to sign an agreement to “three do nots and two leads.”

    They must pledge not to “believe rumors,” “spread rumors,” or “participate” in “illegal assemblies”; and are suggested to “take the lead” in both signing the agreement and carrying out its stipulations. …

  • rogerthat

    off topic:


    Mimesis Law
    by Mario Machado


    August 16, 2016 — The case of Mohammed Jawad, a.k.a. Saki Bacha, began in December of 2002 in Afghanistan. He was 15 when he was captured following a grenade attack that seriously injured two American soldiers and their Afghan interpreter. After enduring years of abuse and torture at the hands of American and Afghan officials, and after filing a petition for of habeas corpus in federal court, he was eventually released and shipped back to Afghanistan in 2009. …

    … he sued for the abuse he endured at their hands. The decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit does a fine job in detailing what was done to Jawad in our name, and for shame: …


  • rogerthat


    DOE responds to new WIPP leak theory

    Differing reports > Former LANL physicist stands by theory that exploding gasses caused leak
    By Tris DeRoma
    Monday, August 15, 2016

    … Former LANL physicist Charles Bowman released a report and gave a lecture at a LANL workshop in Santa Fe last week, saying the chemical reaction had nothing to do with the type of kitty litter used in the drum.

    “The gist of our Santa Fe talk is that the DOE missed a more likely reason for the barrel explosion than the spontaneous combustion mechanism described in its 300-page final report,” Bowman said.

    “We described publicly for the first time, measurements performed at the TUNL (Triangle Universities National Laboratories) lab at Duke University that showed that the alpha particles from decay of plutonium and americium slowed down in the barrel waste material and generated sufficient gases to pressurize the barrel at WIPP room temperature to its bursting point.”

    He also said the reaction taking place inside the barrel was not one that produced heat inside the barrel. Rather, the actual explosion took place outside the barrel.

    “Because both hydrogen and carbon monoxide burn in oxygen, the gas mixture also was explosive,” Bowman said.

    “So when the top burst off of the barrel from over pressure, we believe that a spark from the violent scraping of metal against metal ignited the cold gas,” …

    • rogerthat

      [-] … Bowman urged the DOE to reexamine its findings to fix what he said is a fundamental flaw in the packaging and disposal of radioactive waste.

      “As matters now stand, explosive gas generation in WIPP will continue for millennia,” Bowman said.

      “This is a serious problem for the self-sealing, much advertised advantage of low-level waste storage in a salt deposit that will hermetically seal the explosive gas causing growing gas pressure with no means for release until it reaches the 2000-psi pressure of the overburden.

      ''However the most immediate danger at WIPP was created by the walling off of the room D7R7 where the exploding barrel was located and where 10,000 other gas-generating barrels are now isolated from WIPP’s improved ventilation system.” …

      • rogerthat

        [-] … Bowman hoped his talk at the Aug. 5 workshop would have resulted in either the New Mexico Environment Department or the DOE getting in touch with him.

        He said that so far, they have not.

        “We expected that the NMED would have been in close contact with the DOE on this matter, but we have never received any response from either organization,” he said.

        NMED did not respond to a request for comment about Bowman’s report.
        For more information about the AIB’s report, visit energy.gov.

  • rogerthat


    New documents obtained by the National Security Archive reveal that the US government considered establishing a nuclear weapons storage site in Iceland during the 1950s. The really interesting part? The United States wasn’t going to tell Iceland. …

  • rogerthat


    Residents demand that EPA fully remove radioactive waste from the West Lake Landfill
    By ELI CHEN • AUG 15, 2016

    … Doug Clemens, who chairs the Community Advisory Group, was one of several community members who called for full removal and a voluntary buyout for nearby residents.

    "The people I represent do not want anything short of a full excavation," Clemens said, as he sat directly across from Superfund program officials.

    When Bridgeton Councilwoman Linda Eaker asked for a show of hands for those in favor of full removal, many people raised their hand. No one did so when she asked who favored a partial removal. …

  • rogerthat


    US Westinghouse gives no confirmation of decision to build nuclear fuel plant in Ukraine

    August 16
    Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Nasalik earlier announced that Westinghouse and Kiev had reached a deal on building a nuclear fuel factory in Ukraine …

  • rogerthat


    Treasure Island whistleblower Mitchell Herrington faces immediate retaliation from power broker consortium
    August 15, 2016

    by Carol Harvey


    Treasure Islanders who speak out about the radiation, chemicals, asbestos, lead and mold sickening John Stewart’s market rate renters and formerly homeless subsidized renters alike know they face swift retaliation engineered by the powers-that-be – wealthy, connected politicians who fear protest will alert potential buyers of mega-developer Lennar Corp.’s high rise and luxury condos to the toxins lurking in the groundwater of the liquefaction-prone island as they gaze at San Francisco Bay’s fabulous views.

    Mitchell Herrington, the second in our series of four courageous Treasure Island whistleblowers

    The truth about the radiation and chemicals poisoning Treasure Island has been deliberately hidden from view since 1941 when the Navy eminent-domained the man-made landform from San Francisco for the war effort and began dumping toxic trash in its soil.

    To conceal the extent of the toxicity and the poisoning of many sailors and civilians, recent plans to redevelop the island, have “inspired” powerful investors to shroud activities there in the thick fog crawling under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    The following stakeholders in the island’s lucrative future …

    • rogerthat

      share a kind of mind-meld which results in a media blackout that obscures the extent to which Treasure Island toxins make current residents ill and which could sicken condo owners to come. These are the U.S Navy, Lennar Corp., Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA), Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative service providers (TIHDI) and The John Stewart Co. – even regulators for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

      Many keepers of the playbook from which these cover-up strategies are drawn are people who appear to have a direct financial interest in Treasure Island redevelopment. Let’s name names:

      California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and their developer husbands, Richard Blum and Paul Pelosi Sr.;
      former San Francisco Mayors Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom and current Mayor Ed Lee;
      San Francisco District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim;
      Treasure Island Authority Director Robert Beck, who runs the island;
      Navy environmental remediation coordinator Keith Forman;
      Department of Toxic Substances Control regulator Remedios Sunga;
      John Stewart Co. Treasure Island property manager Dan Stone;
      Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative Director Sherry Williams; and others. …

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