“Very significant” explosion at dam next to U.S. nuclear site — ‘Plasma’ created due to tremendous amount of heat — Same type of phenomenon as lightning — Nuclear site’s fire department responds to blast (VIDEO)

Published: December 1st, 2015 at 4:40 am ET


AP, Nov 16, 2015: The last of six men treated for burns at a Seattle hospital after an electrical explosion at a hydroelectric dam on the Columbia River has been discharged… Officials have said the explosion at the Priest Rapids Dam was caused by an electrical equipment malfunction.

Seattle Times, Oct 12, 2015 (emphasis added): State authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion at the Priest Rapids Dam… Chuck Allen, a spokesman for Grant County PUD, said the Washington Department of Labor and Industries is investigating the incident. The PUD is conducting an internal investigation as well, he said. Those examinations likely won’t be finished for several weeks. “[The explosion] obviously was very significant,” Allen said. “But as far as the scope and the scale, we don’t have that yet.”

NPR, Oct 9, 2015: ‘Arc Flash’ Likely Behind Explosion At Priest Rapids Dam — A surgeon at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle said the serious burns to five electricians and dam operators injured in Thursday’s explosion at Priest Rapids Dam in central Washington are consistent with “arc flash.” Pacific Northwest National Lab‘s chief electrical engineer Jeff Dagle explained an arc flash results from a short circuit involving high-voltage electricity. “That current generates a tremendous amount of heat and that heat creates a plasma — high temperatures and expanding gases,” Dagle explained. Dagle said lightning is the same type of phenomenon. The Grant County Public Utility District said the explosion happened in the dam’s powerhouse. Two dam workers remain in intensive care with “large burns” at Harborview.

Tri-City Herald, Oct 9, 2015: A breaker for one of the 10 generators at the dam malfunctioned, said PUD spokesman Chuck Allen… “When the switch malfunctioned, a large amount of electrical energy was released,” Allen said. The injured workers were nearby. The cause of the malfunction was not known Friday. The dam [is] near Desert Aire on the Columbia River upstream from Hanford… Investigators from Washington State Department of Labor & Industries were at the dam Friday to evaluate events leading up to and causing the incident. Results of the investigation will likely take weeks, according to Grant PUD. It also is conducting its own investigation… A power outage was reported after the explosion, which affected some cell towers. U.S. Cellular customers lost phone service…

OPB, Oct 8, 2015: Utility district spokesman Thomas Stredwick… said the structure of the dam is stable and no one down the river is at risk. Multiple agencies have responded to the incident including the Hanford Fire Department… The Labor and Industries investigation is expected to take several weeks.

Seattle Times, Oct 9, 2015: Officials said the blast caused some electrical power and cellphone outages. Kyle Foreman of the Grant County Sheriff’s Office, one of the agencies looking into the incident, said investigators found no connection between the explosion and terrorism or criminal activity. Grant Public Utility District spokesman Thomas Stredwick said the size of the explosion and its damage were unknown… A huge crack in [in the nearby] Wanapum Dam, posed a risk of failure and prompted the creation of an emergency-response plan last year.

Watch NBC’s broadcast here

Published: December 1st, 2015 at 4:40 am ET


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160 comments to “Very significant” explosion at dam next to U.S. nuclear site — ‘Plasma’ created due to tremendous amount of heat — Same type of phenomenon as lightning — Nuclear site’s fire department responds to blast (VIDEO)

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    huh? I think I need some help with this one…

  • GreenRenew GreenRenew

    This happened in early October. Investigation should take a couple of weeks. It's now December. Perhaps this could have waited until the results of the investigation are reported. The posting and timing of this tidbit seems a little odd. Must have been a heck of an arc.

  • Cisco Cisco

    Can you spell "bullh#t"? Bon Appetit!
    "Testing of Alaska seafood finds no contamination from 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster"

    "Alaska – Alaska seafood has not been tainted by the Fukushima nuclear disaster four years ago, according to test results announced Monday by a state agency.

    Alaska health authorities working with the federal Food and Drug Administration pronounced Alaska salmon, cod, halibut and other species free from radioactive contamination connected to the power plant damaged in Japan more than four years ago."


    • harv33021

      Jeeezus…..The bs is getting very deep and spreading like the blob.


      Ok I'm going to chime in here…..
      First of all they tested about 4 fish for each species, that's not going to tell you nothing when it comes to averages.

      Second the U.S. has the highest minimums for radiation…..so these tests could show numbers that are way under the minimums….and guess what?
      ITS STILL GOING TO BE BAD FOR YOU……if there are ANY levels of ANY KIND of radioactive nuclei in any food …..it's BAD FOR YOU, because of the BIOACCUMULATION you will endure in eating these same foods over a period of years.

      This is how these GOVERNMENT FUNDED scientists, and these governments think they can lie and fool you into thinking these food and water is ok for you, when in reality it's not.
      In my eyes these tests are bogus for that reason alone……they know by giving out these bogus tests results they can fool 90% of the greater population because that 90% doesn't have a clue or care what's going on anyway.

      And third…..again they mentioned the scam artists from Woods Hole, and their testing of the waters. Well when one of those scientists….Jay Cullen calls the people …YOU ….STUPID, that just proves that they are out to lie and fool you into thinking everything is alright……when it is not.

      If you click on the word tests that is highlighted, you'll notice all they did was draw a straight line all the way on the bottom, with no numbers at all of what they found…..what a joke, if you believe that….well you are stupid and proving…


        I copied my thoughts on this from another article about the Alaska fish……so some things won't make sense in regards to the article

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Yes .. the lies are getting larger and more suspect.
        That's because the 'burden of proof' is upon the pro-nukers.
        Whereas ..the hypothesis of the anti-nukers concerning Fukushima and all nuclear concerns rolls in like the dying Rio Grande.

        The BBC just did a piece ..that shows absolutely nothing.
        (Mouthed by an overly smiling doctor.)

        The Alaska fish are untainted.. yet starting to be ill and ABSENT.
        Along with the fish off of Fukushima ..fit for a king.

        It's the uber-lie.
        It's scientifically impossible do to all the areas exposed by the plume to be decontaminated ..with rain and run-off (top-layer groundwater cycle) from surrounding forests/these waters collecting in waterways and so on.

        It loves water..

        "It is among the most problematic of the short-to-medium-lifetime fission products because it easily moves and spreads in nature due to the high water solubility of caesium's most common chemical compounds, which are salts."


        A little general information.


        Permeation of the environment with Cesium 137 into the biosphere is an absolute 'given'.
        At no point in any areas of exposure should the number be nil.
        In hotspot areas even low is SUSPECT!

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          Clarifying a bit.
          The BBC just posted a video, showing that the monitors placed on the babies and children of Fukushima showed no signs of radiation contamination.
          Even with only the original amount of contamination, it is not realistic because it is not scientifically possible to come to zero presentation… let alone if cesium is continuing to be produced.

      • Cullen n brussler need to sit and eat a few cans of medium grade pacific tuna each

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

          EXPERTS? Yes, let them eat tuna.

          Ken Buesseler, PhD:
          Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
          Senior Scientist; Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry
          “…the dose from Fukushima Cesium is considered insignificant relative to the dose from naturally occurring Polonium-210, which was 1000 times higher in fish samples studied and both of these are much lower relative to other, more common sources, such as dental x-rays.”

          “‘I certainly don’t believe the levels we’re going to see on the west coast of North America should be of health concern.’” -20 January 2014 in Nature

          Nicholas Fisher, PhD:
          Stony Brook University
          Distinguished Professor; Director, Consortium for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research

          “Doses to marine biota were about two orders of magnitude below the lowest benchmark protection level proposed for ecosystems…”

          “To put this dose into perspective, the combined dose of 7.7 nanosieverts from these two [Cesium] isotopes is only about 5% of the does acquired from eating one uncontaminated banana… and absorbing its naturally occurring Potassium-40…”

          Delvan Neville:
          Oregon State University
          Research Fellow, Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physic

          “[The] highest level of radioactive contamination… found [in domestic fish] is more than 1,000 times lower than the point where the FDA would even think about whether or not they need to let people eat that food”…

    • yellowrain

      We now have the highest acceptable contamination levels in the world. they can import directly from fukushima and our FDA would say just eat it and shut up.

    • Homolumina Homolumina

      I guess the response strategy is allowing GMO foods, like the recently FDA approved salmon, more gene technologies in order to repair the damaged genomes and wait it all out as long as possible, weaving an obfuscating web of lies…

    • RattleShark RattleShark

      DeadAhead posted this last night:http://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/testing-finds-no-nuke-disaster-radiation-in-alaska-seafood/

      I replied: "FDA’s Winchester Engineering Analytical Center in Winchester, Massachusetts, as in 2014 found no detectable levies of contamination from Fukushima."

      Somebody posted in enenews the other day that FDA raised the non detect level in fish , sorry i don't remember who or what thread it was in.

      Cooter replied: Seattle Times article says;
      "The department made arrangements with the FDA to sample and directly test fish. Testing this year at the FDA’s Winchester Engineering Analytical Center in Winchester, Massachusetts, as in 2014 found no detectable levies of contamination from Fukushima."

      Link from your Seattle Times article:
      Leads to this link:

      The state of Alaska is not testing for any radionuclides. This is actually a setup by the State of Alaska piggybacking on the FDA who has contracted with Winchester Engineering Analytical Center which ran the tests in 2014.

      About Winchester Labs; This lab has no website other than when you research it you wind up at;
      I've searched the FDA site about this testing and found nothing.

      Winchester labs has a long and sorted history;

      Kelly Garnet is the head of Winchester/FDA…

    • tinfoilhatbrian tinfoilhatbrian

      I would think by now ANY food or living thing has been tainted with radioactive particles from Fukusallashima!

  • harv33021

    Be the suspicious conspiracy guy next door, whatever they try to spread on this I am not buying. I have a feeling we will never get to the end of this story, but it could be interesting.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Wow..someone call for Queen Plasma?
    Sorry ..I was up late as my alter ego .. DJFUBAR.

  • back at WIPP: Rock salt for isolating nuclear waste not as capable as thought
    "A new research from The University of Texas at Austin shows that rock salt, used by Germany and the United States as a subsurface storage for nuclear waste, might not be as impermeable as thought or as capable of isolating nuclear waste from groundwater in the event that a capsule or storage vessel failed."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Some place ..Hanford.

    Small amount of Hanford radiation spread by storm
    Nov 20 2015


    See the story below at link.

    Salmon Return To Hanford Reach

    Who can stand it?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Always shoddy bullsh*t goping on.

    Audit: Faulty vit plant purchases costly for DOE

    Inspector General audit finds Bechtel may take years to spot purchases that don’t meet specifications

    Only a portion of costs for faulty work is recovered from vendors

    DOE says problems identified in audit were previously discovered by DOE or Bechtel
    Nov 23 2015


  • We Not They Finally

    This was a terrible electrical accident, and yes, it was eight miles from Hanford, but unclear from this article that there is any immediate nuclear connection at all[???]

  • irhologram

    WNTF pardon my sometimes sardonic humor, and I don't aim this at you…(but others who "call out 'Troll'" based on out of the box thinking)… Is the administrator now a troll because he allowed what you thought was an unrelated story?? Lol

  • We Not They Finally

    Yeah, can't help wondering why the man-wrecked magnetosphere and ionosphere are not on the agenda at the Climate Change Conference in Paris.

    If they really thought that CO2 was the main culprit, then why wreck the plankton, which absorbs more CO2 than anything in the world, and gives off abundant oxygen?

    And these are just the SIMPLE questions….

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

    Magnetopaus deformed 12/01/ 2015 Time = 15:31:53 UT

    CERN 6369 Z GeV each beam, over 1000 TeV

    Powerful Lies – The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster And The Radioactive Effects On Human Health
    By Richard Wilcox PhD
    "…’Even one atom of uranium undergoing alpha decay has the potential for creating a fatal cancer.’ – Paul Zimmerman, A Primer in the Art of Deception (1; p. 53)…
    “Radiation biologist, Dr. Ian Fairlie writes that there are many studies which have ‘good statistical power’ showing the increase in danger of cancer from low-level radiation from background radiation and radon; medical CT scans; living in proximity to nuclear plants, etc….
    ” ‘There is not a single life-enhancing benefit to be derived from releasing ionizing radiation into the environment…. Ionizing radiation breaks chemical bonds, destroying in living systems biologically significant micromolecules, and as a result, altering biological function. On a planet teeming with life–impossible without the exquisitely precise interplay of biochemical choreography–ionizing radiation, concentrated by humans and then released, is a force of disorder, chaos and death’ (p. 8).
    “Another quote from Zimmerman:

    "’The solubility/insolubility of particles released by nuclear weapons or radiation accidents would depend on the chemistry of the the nuclides involved. There is not…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      a blanket answer for all radionuclides and whatever other atoms they might be bound to. Hot particles are particles composed of hundreds/thousands/millions of molecules which contain some quantity of radioactive atoms. How that particle behaves in the human body has a lot to do with how easily is dissolves in body fluid. Both soluble and insoluble particles of uranium, plutonium, radium, and the other alpha emitters release alpha particles into surrounding tissue. The significance of INSOLUBLE particles is that they can have a much longer residency inside the body, perhaps a person's entire life. This gives them increased opportunity to successfully target biologically significant macromolecules such as DNA in their vicinity" (pers. comm.).

      “’Uranium found in nature is present in the food and water chain, is soluble, consists of about 2 millionths of a gram of daily intake. Since it is widespread throughout many organ systems and is then eliminated through bodily processes, no cluster of cells receives a concentrated dose of radiation. Therefore, Zimmerman notes that uranium from nature ‘presents an infinitely small hazard to the health of the organism as a whole’ (p. 46)….’….”

      • own_quality

        Fukushima released untold quantities of insoluble nanoparticles of alpha emitters encased in reactor containment steel spheres – effectively high strength stainless steel. All of us have them lodged in our tissues – lungs in particular. Those poor Japanese guinea pigs received a massive dose of these particles that were blasted out of reactor 3 when it detonated. How long before the cancer rates explode higher and what will it be blamed on… climate change? Certainly it will never be attributed to Fukushima.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      The voltage has been upped exponentially since early November, into the Peta Hz territory. HUGE increase in voltage.

      The guy who runs the lab which produced the GMO's that 1.) helped push Gulf Oil out to make it more accessible (partly by the bacteria's producing CO2), then developed 2.) a GMO to eat up oil spills or "excess oil" (both of which were presumably used in the BP Macondo disaster), and 3.) now has partnered with BP to produce a vaccine to use in case anyone is infected by the organisms he developed, is now said to have the plans to engineer whatever they're trying to bring from Saturn to Earth and "grow it."

      There are a couple of pretty wild YouTube videos on the BP Macondo spill and this fellow, Greg Vintner or Vinter.

      Vinter is now said to have worked with other scientists to transport "life forms" from another dimension through the portal CERN is trying to open. It is said the portal is supposed to connect Saturn and Earth.

      'Don't know the truth of the CERN thingie or Vinter's connection to it. But someone here posted a link to the video discussing Vinter's links to BP and bioengineered organisms associated with oil production and spill cleanup. The person (GOM?) mentioned it in connection with the "Blue Flu" people are getting on the Gulf Coast, and inland. Maybe it was mentioned in the video. Pretty wild stuff. Wondering if it's true.

      There is all kinds of wild stuff on the internet. Some of it is true, some is not.

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Wouldn't be surprised, personally, if everything said about Vinter and his crazy ventures, and the allegations about dark spiritual practices at CERN are true. Some say TPTB are trying to bring creatures here from another dimension which do not presently exist in physical form, and give them physical being. If that's true, it's enough to give me bad dreams. These people do seem to like playing God, so there's very little they could do that would surprise me.

        Their experiments (lead to lead collisions, two particle streams, I think they are electron streams but am not sure) are supposed to end December 13.

        Let's hope they don't create a black hole that eats us all by then. Steven Hawking is concerned, and if he's conCERNed, I'm conCERNed, too.

        Steven Hawking thinks CERN is a very dangerous project. Have been watching the strange earth changes recently, incidents of odd auroras, earthquakes along longitudinal bands, and near volcanoes all over the globe recently. Dutchsinse has posted some good info. on this (thanks Obe). Wondering if the huge earth slippages and crevices east of Yellowstone have something to do with CERN.

        IMO the folks at CERN are really pushing the envelope.

        Oh, the guy's name is Craig Venter.


        He's working closely with the DOE. That really gives me the warm fuzzies.

        • OK. Hotaters: first off, relax. this is coming from someone who knows about or can corroborate with details some of all that, so i am not just saying relax because of how whack that link was. i am saying relax because one cannot think when one is stressed out.

          turn off as many electrical devices as you can in your immediate environment, including lights and fridge. (hope this is on a laptop w/juice). lock the door. unplug the phone. (IMPORTANT: stick a note on the phone or your laptop that mentions the phone and fridge so you won't forget.)

          next, realize how whack that lunatic out post link is. get some perspective. imagine showing it to your senator, the chairman of the chemistry department, or Arnie Gundersen. don't let that stress you out more please. i understand that if there is something going on we at want these people to be on board, before it can no longer be concealed but it is too lat. if in fact that moment ever comes to pass.

          focus on the still, the common comforting, regular sounds, the weight of the sudden quiet. for three times as long as you can. feel the top of your head, the soles of your feet. breathe.

          now lets go look at this article, shall we? don't do it on your own. go take a walk or exercise or something. it may take me a moment to write up. alternately, for a while at least, you can reach me directly if you go to habahaba.im and direct a message to 'a female faust.' otherwise its…

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Thought the video re: Venter and trying to bring multidimensional beings to earth from Saturn sounded pretty out there.

            However, Venter's being involved in this does raise my hackles a bit.

            Oh, and I do take time to breathe every day, enjoy the beauty around me, relate to people, love them and be loved. It helps. The world seems to have just gone nutso, and I have to take a step back and say, OK, well even if all of this is true, I still believe in truth, justice (yes, even cosmic justice), and that all will one day end well.

            My world view, anyway.

            Your reply much appreciated.

            • hey! there you are! venter's being involved raises my hackles as well. more than a little. I just wanted to make sure you knew how whack that was.

              speaking of whack, though, i have a friend whose best friend is not corporeal, comes from another plant, the whole nine yards.

              funny thing is, statements attributed to her corroborate some of the specific details.

              i'm not helping, am i.

  • Aloha folks, off for some solar today.

    Use these links at Nucnews to further your knowledge and activism. They were down for over a week, a real loss….


  • Be onguard for trolls….there are obviously some trying to create discord at ENE. Expose them, joust them

  • Here is the Alaska State seafood testing info


    Methodology PDFs and url to test results

  • curly

    U. S. troops to fight isis. it just gets better and better.

  • Nick


    I realize that the world is focused on Climate Change these days.

    But I am not a particular fan of the boogie boogie we have been given.

    1. If Carbon Footprint is so important, then why the hell doesn't the Dod get a red card?

    2. Carbon credits are for the rich, not the masses.

    3. Nuclear is not the solution to Climate Change.

    4. Dam problems only make nuclear "look" better. We need to rely more on hydro power as we go forward.

    5. How the hell did we get to a point where we "blame" climate change on terrorism? It is man's inhumanity towards his fellow man that is the problem!!!

  • Nick

    It's as if no one really has a handle on anything these days.

    Hence Nick's GMI takes center stage!

  • morph morph

    "Officials said the blast caused some electrical power and cellphone outages."

    this is a quite important piece of information. think about it, think about redundancy…

  • DeadAhead

    http://www.jsmineset.com/2015/12/01/none-of-it-can-go-on-forever/ On the other hand, I believe they are petrified as to what will happen if they actually do raise rates. It is not as if they have any precedent or history to look at as to how markets will react …especially the behemoth $1 quadrillion plus in derivatives!I have been asked to speak about “climate change” as that is the current topic today for the world meeting in Paris. Let me first say this, I am no scientist and do not pretend to be one. From a big picture standpoint, didn’t what is now currently known as “climate change” used to be “global warming”? I seem to remember hearing how some scientists who revealed some of the “global warming science” was faulty were fired. I even remember calls for prosecution of anyone who denies climate change. Common sense refreshing!!

  • Sol Man

    Hopefully this hypothesis is wrong: that the air and water itself has become more conductive as the result of increased metal ions having been, and being, pumped into the atmosphere and bodies of water. This results in the shorting of the grid at various points in the systems.

    • irhologram

      It's worse, Sol Man. Yes, the air has become more "electrified," as we used to discuss way back when Patti B was here. Now, in addition, ever increasingly, the atmosphere is becoming filled, also with combustible gases from clathrate melt, undersea plumbing, volcanoes, and earthquake methane/H2S et al release.

      Quote: "Methane eruptions from the Arctic Ocean's seafloor helped push up mean global methane levels to readings as high as 1832 ppb at 24,567 ft. – 28,559 ft. on August 12, 2014."
      Note: 'Survivable' levels max out at 1750 parts per billion. Methane is a bit more buoyant than normal air and so is all around, but is contaminating the atmosphere from the top down.
      So…that was last year. What is the level THIS year? Global mean methane levels, as of 8/4/15, were were 1840 ppb, but peak levels that day were 2477 ppb, but higher still were methane levels 4/25/15 at 2845 ppb. Mean methane levels last year reached their peak in Sept. I have not researched what they were this year. They are predicted to double by 2040. (Not so sure we would be around.)

      "Over the next decade or so, methane emissions are already now more important than carbon dioxide emissions…, and this situation looks set to get worse fast.


      • irhologram

        Undersea pluming…deafened spell check.

        Unlike carbon dioxide, methane's GWP does rise as more of it is released. Higher methane levels cause depletion of hydroxyl, which is the main way for methane to be broken down in the atmosphere…The situation is dire and calls for immediate and comprehensive action."

        Especially on this story…of an exploding transformer that controls a major dam upstream from nuclear (and certainly in switchyards and transformers of every existing NPP) SURELY those with limited imaginations here can SEE WHAT THIS MEANS to NPP infrastructure.

        • irhologram

          Har har…spell check changed darned to deafened. The weird thing is that it seems right when typed, but sometimes as sent it changes in transmission. Lol

        • Jebus Jebus

          I agree IR, that VOC's from a warming earth are going to increase, but I'm not sure where you got "exploding transformer" in this story…

          Did I miss something?

          • irhologram

            Oh…doh! I thought I was in today's release on Priest River Dam. So … It does give me the opening to stress a point. IMHO it is less important whether this is global warming or global cooling or cyclic climate change or sun cycle related…in my mind? Who cares!!?. Those mechanisms are debatably subject to any MANMADE remediation at this point, considering the present ionization of the atmosphere and the amount of accumulating gas already being released.

            HOWEVER, OF MAJOR IMPORTANCE is that we BAN all fracking now because it is destabilizing tectonic plates…or at least the North American craton, which is already producing gas-releasing earthquakes, may lead to major EQs in CA and the New Madrid and may cause catastrophic volcanic releases, which WITHOUT DOUBT will compromise or devastate dozens of NPPs.

            IMHO, we need to prioritize what we can YET DO to stop this dominoe decline.

            • irhologram

              You get it, don't you? That the Methane is accumulating from the top down…that levels at around 25K ft. were at 2845 ppb this Spring…that survivable is 1750 ppb…that methane blows around, that H2S is ground hugging…that both are combustible and even explosive, that people are hearing unesplained atmospheric explosions almost every day now, that the whole atmosphere is filling like a ballon and this same sky is now electrified because of ionized particles and nuclear gases?

              These gases eat through metal and concrete, absorb into landfills, rubber, wood, hay, and clothes…so that spontaneous human combustion is no longer a story in Ripkey's Believe It or Not. Examples are plentiful. but of interest here are the pinholes in NPP welds and switchyard, transformer and control room fires.

            • Jebus Jebus

              🙂 Sure, look, the fracking issue is being dealt with by those who are all over that. Legalese people. Water supplies contaminated. It's going away with the appropriately named fossil fuel industry.

              Nobody is shutting it down tomorrow.

              It's going away though.

              Besides our leader said carbon is our enemy, in Paris, while they are recalculating the financial plans for global warming.


              Nuclear is done. Broke. Can't will it to happen in this century.

              The challenge is, how to clean up the everlasting mess…

              Nobody is shutting it down tomorrow.

              No time left is what I'm hearing.

              Storage is the golden ring.

              Solar and Wind win.

              Nobody is shutting it down tomorrow.

              Will we finish the human race, first?

              There's reality…

              • irhologram

                I do get it, Jebus. No hope, therefore, no urgency, is what that boils down to, tho. Because this route…appears from the present overview…to be a dead end much sooner than those here think.

                I see it as normalcy bias. You see what's happening. You understand the stats. You critique the events as they unfold. You mock and disdain and curse those who dont use their power to change it. And then? More time is assumed to be a given.

                The overview doesn't actually suggest that.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  Wow, I even gave myself, hope, with those words… 🙂

                  I can see the projection of your thoughts.

                  I'm pretty sure there are papers covering your hypothesis, being reviewed in Paris, right now.

                  I'm certain it is near the top of global warming issues.

                  Nuclear is mostly being left out because of what it is only necessary for.

                  Does that help?

                  • irhologram

                    No. I am pretty sure fracking is not on the agenda. I have no faith whatsoever in a group which meets to collect taxes on carbon use, excluding China…to put money directly in the pockets of George Soros, Prince Charles, Al Gore, many elite individuals who will directly profit from these "taxes." And what will "paying" to pollute do to prevent pollution? It's like paying tribute.

                    What is needed is sudden, good leadership in an urgent change of energy policy. At best, this largest gathering of world leaders in history is a committee. Nothing can be resolved by a committee.

                    In the first place, the problem being addressed, CO2, is not the principle problem. Oxygen depletion in the production of CO2 is the principle problem, because we loose more oxygen than we make CO2 and U.S. cities are at cancer producing levels due to oxygen deprivation, according to OSHA. The second elephant in the room is methane, much more urget than CO2, and that is why fracking must be stopped dead bang. But methane is not at issue.

                    While it may make some small difference, I don't hold hope for sensible, well reasoned solutions. I expect puffery and pontification. I would love to be wrong. Tell you what. Let's have this discussion after they've concluded.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  I just hope there is some discussion, in Paris, on what Japan is doing to it's own people and beyond…

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                They're fracking around Sutter Buttes in Central California now. There is increased EQ activity in the area over the past couple of weeks.

                Heads up, California. Frac waste coming to an aquifer near you. (Great, and I'm downstream from this crapola.)

      • Sol Man

        I wish that I had read, or recall reading, those discussions. Regardless, if the hypothesis is true, and these mysterious, and not really anomalous events take place with greater regularity, then it would seem to point to the importance of establishing alternative means of electricity production at the point of use, instead of relying on the grid. The grid is an amazing piece of technology, but, perhaps, it is time to very seriously consider new ways of approaching the issue.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Sol Man, as you may know, there are layers of ionized, conductive air; one at the ground level caused by radon and the other is the ionosphere starting around 30 miles up. A constant voltage difference between them produces a world wide flow of around 1500 amps. There are also about 100 lightening bolts per second with a current of around 100,000 amps. Certain bands of radio depend on bouncing off the ionosphere. A massive alteration in atmospheric ionization would be big news for radio operations


      • irhologram

        So, I want to be accurate Code. Was it not accurate, back in the day, when we spoke of increasing ionization and conductivity due to nuclear contamination?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          irholo, maybe I remember a different conversation, not sure. I was trying to add radiation into DarkMatters electrocution theory. The voltage field brings positively charged radionuclides to the surface and radio waves could probably interact in some way, and perhaps there would be greater conductivity on an animals skin, especially during a plume, and with high voltage you have cell poration too, so I was saying he has to include toxicity and ionization effects of fallout to his theory. As I recall, Busby or someone respectable had in fact written a short paper on such an effect.

          In the early days of fukushima a huge amount of xenon and iodine was released which has largely decayed. "The amount of radiation released during the Fukushima nuclear disaster was so great that the level of atmospheric radioactive aerosols in Washington state was 10,000 to 100,000 times greater than normal levels…"

          But now we are talking about 10 to 30 extra bq/m3 in the water and barely measurable atmospheric radionuclides as well. Fukushima is still leaking large amounts of poison, dont get me wrong, but the large plume has come and much of it has decayed into other elements.

          Anyway, SolMans post got me to wondering where I could find data on variations in atmospheric conductivity, so I was searching Ham and general radio, without much success. But it seems like a good field to search for that data, and that is why I mentioned it, along with the little overview of atmospheric…

          • irhologram

            Code. I see. TY

          • General User General User

            A year ago Stock and I discussed conductivity measurements.
            Someone posted a link to military balloons fitted with such measuring equipment used during open air testing era.
            Sorry, do not remember name of device. Was able to detect effects some 500 miles down wind.
            As time permits I will attempt an Archive Dig

            Peace All

          • PlowboyGrownUp

            Electric power line insulators leak current and leave tracks on the insulators after being in use for a while. A long time ago I worked for a rural electric co-op and it was common to see tracks on the insulators.
            Some interesting stuff is here in chapter one:
            Not in that link: Nuclear power plants leak about 10% of their generated power due to the ions in the air at the power plants (per Arto Lauri).

            • PlowboyGrownUp

              The ions serve a a conducting path.

              • PlowboyGrownUp

                Similar to the flame detector on a gas furnace, a control current flows through the flame which is conductive, if the flame goes out it shuts the gas off.

                • from a distance from a distance

                  Doesn't Krypton-85 affect electrical conductivity in the air?

                  Krypton-85 is released in large amounts from meltdowns and atomic testing.

                  Example from Enenews:

                  "Krypton-85 up over 14,000% in one day at Reactor No. 2 — Kr-85 used to detect “plutonium separations”


                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    I guess the question is how much does it change the conductivity? I have been searching for interruptions in radio transmission without success. Serious increases in conductivity would short out a lot of things. Is it possible? Perhaps by distributed capacitance of conductive condensed aerosols?

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Scientific study:

                      "Krypton-85 pollution and atmospheric electricity"


                      PT has posted several links to studies on this subject here. Can't find the one I posted a couple of years back. Yes, Krypton 85 in the atmosphere is linked to the development of high intensity thunderstorms and heavy storm activity with increased rainfall.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Here's the abstract for article above:

                      " Abstract

                      Krypton-85 is a chemically inert radioactive gas present in the atmosphere, concentrations of which have been greatly increased by nuclear reprocessing and weapons testing since 1945. The long half-life (10.7 yr), allows the gas to mix thoroughly in the atmosphere. Ionization caused by krypton-85 increases the electrical conductivity of atmospheric air. Further increases in krypton-85 emissions seem inevitable. The increase in air conductivity due to release of krypton-85 will vary with height, and be larger over the oceans than over the land. Increases in conductivity will produce uncertain effects on atmospheric phenomena, so changes are compared in magnitude with other factors perturbing the conductivity, such as combustion aerosol burdens, volcanic eruptions and nuclear weapons testing. Conductivity changes are expected to have the greatest significance for meteorological phenomena close to the source. "

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Thanks for the abstract HoTaters. Too bad science tries to sell the main papers at $35.95. At least there are the abstracts…

                    • PlowboyGrownUp

                      December 2, 2015 at 12:56 pm

                      Thanks for the abstract HoTaters. Too bad science tries to sell the main papers at $35.95. At least there are the abstracts…"

                      This might be a taxpayer funded study via a university (I don't know at this point). There are a few big publishing companies that somehow get to charge the public for the info.
                      I sent a complaint to a senator, he said he was introducing legislation to release this type of info to the public after nine months of publishing the studies.
                      It's been a while and I haven't heard from him, so probably means it didn't go through.:(

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      2 Code, yes, it seems absurd to pay $35+ for an article. Isn't this the kind of thing Aaron Swarz was fighting and eventually paid for with his life?

                      Recently joined the alumus association for the University from which I graduated. Should use their research library more, as it is a government repository library.

                      Could probably get lots of good data there. Alas, have been too busy working and too tired when I'm not ….

                      Glad you found that useful. I'm interested in hearing more on your thoughts on increased ionization in the atmosphere, and the effects of the changes in the atmosphere, as you observe and analyze them.

                      Do you have physics background? You sound like you have lots of training in the sciences. Just curious.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      BTW, Code, the abstract I provided isn't the one for the really good article we found a few years back. If I can find that again, I'll post it.

  • Jebus Jebus

    Here is one source, of seafood additive…

    Fukushima Unit 1: The Corium has “Disappeared”

    As pointed out by Simply Info covering these developments, the images showed “…the lack of detectable solid vessel in the bottom head area. The center lower section of the reactor vessel appears to be missing. The uniform dark outline of the reactor vessel is noticeably missing.”

    Further, “TEPCO admits in their handout that no fuel was found in the reactor vessel and that the planning towards fuel removal will need to be changed.”


    Probably add a few more decades of decay.

    Check out the opposing comment style…

  • from a distance from a distance

    "Cases of thyroid cancer up among Fukushima kids in 2nd screening: prefectural panel" Dec. 2, 2015


    HatTip to a great scientist, imo, Marco Kaltofen, who you should be following on twitter:


  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Chemtrails and the Nuclear Connection

    just happened upon this. I cant verify any of it except the blue pink and beige micro fibers which cause lasting lesions…saw them under the microscope…


    • from a distance from a distance


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        certainly not delusional parasitosis!

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Code, may I ask where you obtained the fibers? 95% of Morgellon's patients (as of 2009 or so, at least) also had chronic Lyme disease.

          There is some speculation Morgellons is either a tick-borne microfilarial disease (which could be an engineered bioweapon, see the book, Lab 257 re: Plum Island Laboratory), or a group of organisms living in symbiosis.

          Vitaly Citovsky, Ph.D. discovered A. tumifascens (used as gene splice material in GM plants) could jump cross-kingdom from the plant to the animal kingdom.

          Many Morgellon's patients also have A. tumifascens in their bodies. But it has not been published whether or not the form of A. tumifascens is a GM type, or not. Perhaps the researchers would rather not say. For obvious reasons.

          Have had chronic Lyme disease. Can attest it is definitely NOT delusional parasitosis. That's a cheap label dumped on hapless patients by clueless practitioners who cannot think outside the box. IMO anyway, FWIW.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            This of course begs the question, is Morgellon's Disease the result of exposure to genetically modified organisms? One of my former Lyme docs thinks it may be caused by GM cotton products.

            BTW, I do not subscribe to Keith Carnicom's views on the subject of Morgellon's. However, if the fibers are in fact part of the sky goo falling on us daily, I would not be surprised. A lot of things no longer surprise me.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Would like to see the fibers under the microscope. Code, have you ever seen this?


              Looks a lot like Morgellon's and some other thingies to me.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              HoTaters. Thanks for the lyme link. I thought I must have gotten bitten by mites of some kind. Determined to see the critters, I got an old microscope. I never found a mite, instead I saw somewhat fluorescent blue and pink fibers and bundles of beige. Thats as far as my diagnosis would take me. But obviously similar or identical to the pics at Carnicoms site.

              I 'cured' it with borax and essential oils, but the condition is tenacious. Professionals who maintain its delusional remind me of scientists who say the danger of 10,000 hiroshima bombs of fallout is all in your head. Who are the crazy ones?

              The fibers arent alive, although they do move by electrostatic force. The whole thing is very mysterious. A bizarre and somewhat unfortunate coincidence is that these fibers appear to be similar to those found on money. http://www.rense.com/general86/money-morgellonsfiberstudy.pdf

              Its easy to take specimens of lint from clothing and dryer lint traps to prove that this is not clothing lint.

              I thought Carnicom was doing good work, one of the few


              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Code, there is a Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University who has done some really good research on the Morgellons fibers.

                If you go to the Morgellons Research Institute online (I think that's the name) you can find more information on the results of his testing.

                I think his name is Randy Wymore.


                He has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt the fibers are absolutely unique, and are NOT made up of any known man-made fiber or naturally occurring fiber. That being said, cellulose has been found in some of the fibers.

                They are also said to be virtually indestructible.

                For me, detoxing my body has proved helpful. I used to add Hydrogen peroxide to my bath, and that killed a lot of them.

                The Salt and Vitamin C cure really does work. I'm doing it at low doses. My body can't handle high doses, but I think consuming clean salt (like Real Salt or good quality Himalayan Pink Salt) is a good idea.

                That taken with a few grams of a good quality Vitamin C (Ester C works well) reduces the pathogen load.

                Anything that helps strengthen the immune system helps reduce the Morgellons. I used to have open lesions on my skin. When I quit being exposed to mold, and had taken a course of antibiotics and antifungals, the pathogen load was greatly reduced.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  These days, I'm doing energy work with a chiropractor who is clearing my body of a lot of energy blockages. As this work goes on, my immune system gets stronger, the gut bugs (gut dysbiosis) and skin things find my body less hospitable for their survival.

                  Agrumax and other clean citrus seed extracts can help a lot. Colloidal silver also helps. I'm using Sovereign Silver.

                  The chiropractor says part of my problem is viruses, so he's working to clear them out of my system.

                  A lot of the new, exotic diseases we are seeing now is, IMO, because our bodies get hammered with so many toxic things they never had to deal with before. And all these things take their toll on our bodies and immune systems.

                  Fine tuning and strengthening the immune system is both an art and a science. It's a lot of work, but well worth it.

                  Be well, live long, prosper. Know joy and peace, own it, make it yours. Wishing you well. I'm going to confide something quite personal here.

                  When the chronic Lyme disease really got going, the Morgellons got going in my body too. It was so excruciatingly painful I used to get black and blue marks on my tongue in the shower, if the water hit my tongue.

                  That's how messed up my parasympathetic nervous system was. I was in so much pain I nearly committed suicide.

                  Morgellons is not a fun condition to live with. That's why I send you my **most personal** wishes and prayers for recovery. May you truly have peace, joy, love, strength.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    That one paragraph above was a mess. My apologies. Would sure like to get my hands on a microscope. Have wanted to do illustrations of the critters living in symbiosis for a long time. Would like to send them to the medical researchers. Have decent illustration skills.

                    • Come to Wisconsin, got a lab grade microscope my bro is setting up and blasting through the learning curve while I am out blasting solar in Hawaii. (while it lasts)

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Code, some people DO have rat mites or bird mites. So if you think it may be mites, you may be correct.

                I still think Morgellons is a syndrome caused by a group of different types of microorganisms living together in symbiosis. Maybe in biofilms.

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  I was attacked by red mites 4 years ago, legs where bleeding from all the bites. DE solved the problem along with a few chickens, but since Fukushima there have been very few bugs on the surface grounds or in the air these past 4 years.

                  I live in a forest of 700 trees..

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Wow, the money connection is amazing. Will have to check that out. Hmmn ….

    • norbu norbu

      Code, from a distance, all, I have looked into this a little, here is what I found. Scary stuff. Have you seen this?
      Bases at Woodborough, Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo)


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        norbu…I did see that video with Kautz. My reaction is that either he has the ability to coalesce a lot of ideas to the point of delusion or that he is a disinfo guy. Another thought is that he uses this stuff to kind of launch his ego. I had an advantage in assessment (wrong though it may be); I had studied most of the things he is talking about, and found his "science" on the empty side. There are threads of truth…its the weaving that is disturbing. But thanks!

  • DeadAhead

    http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2015/12/02/why-europe-will-soon-be-cold/ Scientists have studied the evolution of the solar magnetic field and the number of sunspots on the Sun's surface. The amplitude and the spatial configuration of the magnetic field of our star are changing over the years. Every 11 years the number of sunspots decreases sharply. Every 90 years this reduction (when it coincides with the 11-year cycle) reduces the number of spots by about a half. A 300 – 400 year lows reduce their numbers almost to zero. Best known minimum is the Maunder minimum, which lasted roughly from 1645 to 1715. During this period, there were about 50 sunspots instead of the usual 40 000 – 50 000. Keep chopping

  • rogerthat

    been and gone:


    … A sinkhole occurred in a non-public parking area on the downstream side of Boone Dam in October 2014. It was filled. Shortly afterward, sediment-filled seepage was discovered on the riverbank downstream of the dam.

    That’s when TVA announced a quicker-than-usual drawdown to winter levels. Citing safety concerns and continuing work to solve the seepage issue, TVA later announced the lake’s level would not be raised this year.

    A long-term repair plan announced by TVA in late July — with an estimated completion time of five to seven years and a price tag of $200 million to $300 million — calls for a three-phased repair that will culminate with construction of a “concrete cutoff wall” within the earthen portion of the dam.

    It will include a multi-stage combination of grout injections and concrete.

    When completed, it will be several feet thick, extend underground as much as 250 feet, and run the entire length of the crescent-shaped earthen section — from the concrete section of the dam to the parking lot near the beach area. …

  • rogerthat

    from 2012:


    Thirty-four U.S. nuclear plants sit downriver from dams whose collapse could cause a nuclear accident along the lines of the Fukushima disaster in Japan. But the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has withheld evidence of the threat, writes William Boardman. …


    … The following 34 U.S. nuclear plants were identified in the NRC's 2011 report as being at heightened risk of flood damage due to upstream dam failures.

    For more information on these and other U.S. commercial nuclear reactors, visit the Nuclear Power Information Tracker.

    Browns Ferry, Units 1, 2, 3

    Arkansas Nuclear, Units 1, 2

    Waterford, Unit 3

    Prairie Island, Units 1, 2

    Fort Calhoun

    New Jersey
    Hope Creek, Unit 1
    Salem, Units 1, 2

    New York
    Indian Point, Units 2, 3

    North Carolina
    McGuire, Units 1, 2

    Beaver Valley, Units 1, 2
    Peach Bottom, Units 2, 3
    Three Mile Island, Unit 1

    Sequoyah, Unit 1
    Watts Bar, Unit 1

    South Texas, Units 1, 2

    South Carolina
    H.B. Robinson, Unit 2
    Oconee, Units 1, 2, 3

    Vermont Yankee

    Surry, Units 1, 2

    Columbia …

    • rogerthat

      … So far, dam failures have not affected any U.S. nuclear power plants. But in July 2011 we learned that we may been luckier than we knew, as the NRC released a report stating that previous estimates of flood risk for many reactors were based on outdated information and would need to be revised upward.

      As the 2011 NRC report points out, dam failures are far from rare; there have been more than 700 of them in the U.S. since 1975. The NRC has estimated the likelihood of failure at one particular dam—the Jocassee dam, which lies a few miles upstream of the Oconee Nuclear Station in South Carolina—at approximately 1 in 180 over the 20 years remaining on its license to operate.

      While 1 in 180 may sound like a reasonably low probability, it is high enough to require corrective action according to NRC standards. And when we consider that 34 nuclear plants lie downstream from more than 50 dams, the cumulative likelihood of at least one plant being affected by a dam failure is too high to ignore—especially since these risk estimates do not account for the impacts of earthquakes or the possibility of sabotage.

      The NRC's responsibility

      Almost as worrisome as the threat of dam failure itself is the fact that the NRC apparently was aware of the increased risk for years before addressing it—and passages indicating this were blacked out in the 2011 report on its original release, according to an NRC engineer, Richard Perkins, …

  • rogerthat


    Tepco settles suit over suicide of Fukushima dairy farmer
    DEC 1, 2015

    Tokyo Electric Power Co. has agreed to make a payment to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of a dairy farmer who committed suicide after the 2011 Fukushima nuclear crisis, the family’s lawyers said.

    The settlement was reached Tuesday in the Tokyo District Court. The exact sum was not disclosed, though the family had been seeking around ¥128 million in damages.

    Tepco, operator of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, agreed to give money to the family of Shigekiyo Kanno, who died at age 54, but rejected the family’s request for an apology in the settlement document.

    The Kanno family’s lawyers said they agreed to settle the case because Tepco “can be seen to have acknowledged the causal connection” between the suicide and the nuclear disaster, and because the settlement payment reached a level acceptable to the family.

    According to the suit, Kanno owned around 40 dairy cows in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, about 50 km from the nuclear complex. Milk shipments were suspended following the nuclear disaster triggered by the earthquake and tsunami that hit northeastern Japan on March 11, 2011.

    He had to give up most of his herd and was also worried he would not be able to repay his loans. …

    • rogerthat

      He committed suicide in a barn in June 2011 while his wife, Vanessa, and their two sons were in the Philippines, her home country. He left messages on the barn wall that said, “If only there was no nuclear power plant” and “I no longer have the spirit to work.”

      In May 2013, his wife and children filed a lawsuit seeking damages over Kanno’s death, saying he killed himself in despair over the future.

      Vanessa Kanno, 37, said in a statement Tuesday: “I am not fully satisfied with the content of the settlement, but I’ve decided to resolve the issue to return to a peaceful life as soon as possible. I never want this kind of sad thing to happen again” to anyone else.

      Tepco issued a statement that said, “We mourn the loss of Mr. Kanno from the bottom of our heart.”

  • rogerthat


    Business lobby chief: Fukushima nuclear accident an 'extremely localized event'
    December 02, 2015

    By GO KOBAYASHI/ Staff Writer
    The crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is an “extremely localized event,” according to the chairman of Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), one of the nation’s top business organizations.

    Chairman Yoshimitsu Kobayashi made the remarks at a regular news conference in Tokyo on Dec. 1 when he was punctuating the dangers of global warming.

    “The nuclear plant (accident) was an extremely localized event if seen on a terrestrial globe,” said Kobayashi, who is also chairman of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp. “While the accident is as regrettable as anything, it is like fulminant hepatitis in a sense that only a localized area is affected instantaneously.” …

  • rogerthat


    Incinerator in Iitate test-launched ahead of operation from mid-December
    21 November 2015
    An ignition ceremony was held for an incineration plant in the Warabidaira district of Iitate village in Fukushima Prefecture on Nov. 25 ahead of full operation from mid-December to handle radioactive waste from Iitate and five other municipalities. It is the first facility in the northeastern Japanese prefecture for reducing the volume of contaminated waste gathered from a broad area.

    The plant will incinerate not only waste from decontamination work and scrap from dismantled houses in Iitate, but also rice straw and pasture grass from Fukushima, Minamisoma and Date cities plus Kunimi and Kawamata towns as well as sewage sludge from Fukushima, Minamisoma and Kunimi.

    This will help speed up the disposal of sludge being kept at sewage treatment facilities in the respective municipalities. The Environment Ministry, operator of the Iitate incinerator, said it will be capable of processing 240 tons of waste a day.

    The plant is scheduled to be in service for three years in principle, but can be extended by a maximum of two years depending on the amount of waste left to be treated. Incinerated ash containing no more than 100,000 becquerels per kilogram of radioactive substances will be transported to a landfill site equipped with a seepage control system in Tomioka town, whereas ash …


      maybe someone will hear me if i shout over and over…

  • rogerthat

    with concentrations exceeding 100,000 becquerels per kilogram will be moved to an interim storage facility for radioactive waste.

    (Translated by Kyodo News)

    • SadieDog

      "The die-off, the biggest single event of its kind known to science, will be investigated in an upcoming issue of National Geographic magazine, which funded the expedition.
      Scientists initially said the whales did not bear any wounds, suggesting they may have died of a virus or a harmful algal bloom known as "red tide."

    • SadieDog

      "There's been seven reports of similar spills at the mill over the past several years. In February, a broken pipe caused 20,000 gallons of uranium waste to leak.

      The mill is a Superfund site but residents say it's not getting cleaned up fast enough.

      "I'm not a scientist but I would say there is a problem. If I had seven breaks of underground pipe on my property I'd be digging it up and figuring out whats wrong," said Sharyn Cunningham, co-chair of Colorado Citizens Against Toxic Waste."

  • Stontium Milks shows terrific spike in radiation at the time of the 'electrical malfunction' ….

  • @hoTaters: (& any ENEwser on verge of flipping out) see reply above.

    I may not have time 4 the write up (will try) but i will be at that link as long as i can.

  • hadia hadia

    Another amazing increase concerning the plain truth about Fukushima- radiation has recently turned my attention:
    Well-known scientists, researches, ANTI-nuclear ppl, who openly attack the nuclear lobby and who support the ANTI-nuclear movement, are more and more getting ridiculed and/or threatened and intimidated. In my eyes, a reflect of a big horror post-nuclear conflict lying naked now in front of Tepco and all these f…. nuclear technocrats around the world.Nuclear technology has not only destroyed our future, but also GAIA is already destroyed.

  • The discussion below concerns the typical function of radiation industries during emergencies, then I added this list, stock out.


    Don't forget the next steps….

    more lies,
    false science,
    poorly thought out plans,
    corruptly bid solutions,
    inept management,
    "you can't prove it",
    falsified reports,
    attempt to convince it's OK,
    attempt to convince that doing something is more dangerous than doing nothing,
    run out of money,
    let some bigger disaster take center stage for while,
    payoff some victims with an accompanying hush order,

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