“Very, Very Serious”: Unit No. 4 leaning, in danger of falling — Gov’t confirms stabilization efforts underway (PHOTO & VIDEO)

Published: May 10th, 2011 at 3:21 pm ET


Nuclear collapse looms? Fukushima No. 4 reactor ‘leaning’, RT, May 10, 2011:

Published: May 10th, 2011 at 3:21 pm ET


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130 comments to “Very, Very Serious”: Unit No. 4 leaning, in danger of falling — Gov’t confirms stabilization efforts underway (PHOTO & VIDEO)

  • radegan

    If this was my house, it would be condemned by the county.

  • Anybody know the position of the hands on the “Doomsday” clock?

  • Jaskal

    Having worked in the American media, I am not surprised that we had to watch RUSSIA Today to get information, though some may find this ironic.

    • Reality laced with irony! Where are our “reporters” anymore?

    • tony wilson

      same here…
      i have worked for the bbc many times over the years…they have been a total disgrace on this terrible event.
      Margarita Simonyan the editor in chief at russia today has created i think a very good solid news channel and at the age of 29 years old is showing up the old western news establishment.
      showing them up to be filthy liars and a disgrace to journalism.

    • misitu

      Agreed, I discovered RT a few months ago and was warmly surprised by their objectivity, impartiality, and their capacity for following up the unusual, and providing a thoughtful alternative view. Well done RT.

  • Deetu 3

    With a couple of thousand tons of dynamic load in mid air on a set of rickety stilts,it’s only a matter of time really…

  • Darth

    Edging towards the unthinkable. I repeat this post from an earlier thread.

    They will soon realize that the radiation levels are too high for humans to work at this site. Even robots will not be able to function when radiation levels are too high as they found out at Chernobyl – the electronics become overwhelmed with radiation noise.

    Soon the underground nuclear explosion option will be considered – something that creates a bowl shaped cavity on the surface into which the entire Fukushima site will descend. This was mention in a Busby video as something quietly being proposed by the USA to the Japanese about a month ago – can’t find the link again – sorry. This bowl can then be filled with water – stopping the harmful radiation exposure to workers who could then use robots to fish out nuclear debris – something that would take decades. Of course the ground water table and ocean will take a big hit but the atmospheric vector will be eliminated. In any event the ground water table is already effected as #5 & #6 reactor sites are experiencing its underground radiations.

    It would still represent a slow death to much of the planet with untold Godzilla effects ready to manifest in the years to come.

    I guess it will take something like this to cause humans to realize that the fissioning of the atom is not a good thing to do on planet Earth. The headache is not worth the benefit.


    Check out this Internet Global Map of hits on a website tracking the Fukushima disaster โ€“ a lot of interest.


    • kx

      fucking nuclear pricks

    • Novamind

      Thanks for the post, at least it is one possible solution to the problem on the board, it may work and it may not, there is more room on the board for ideas, more room than time.

    • Jaskal

      Sounds like that would bury the plant underwater, quickly poisoning the entire ocean.

  • kx

    I dont want to see this… How sad will this make me..

  • Moco

    The industrial revolution, took less than 100 years to ruin our planet.
    Hope we all had fun. Hot showers, great food, entertainment, fast cars, luxury vacations, while we just watch the destruction.
    The amerikan nightmare has offically begun.
    “killers, start your engines”.

    • misitu

      That might leave out the 99% who don’t have access to the hot showers,…, and have better things to do with their time like picking over landfill for saleable penny goods.
      At least they can watch trash violent movies on battery TVs like we do in CIVILISED countries

      • misitu

        There was an irony pseudo tag in the above, but disappeared.
        Too smart for me own good.

  • xdrfox

    The grounds may be liquidating there also ie earthquake, or all the water pour on/into has made mush/mud and that will prove to be another mess they have made !

  • THAT’S the Fugly color I was trying to describe! Yeah, that right there! ๐Ÿ™

  • Atlantis

    look closer at images. not only walls are inclinated, but roof too. meaning the building is going right into the earth. My personnal bet has not changed : bars are totaly melted, they already pierced through reactor and now corium is reacting with underground (mostyl foundations or water).

    That is sad to say, but the real thing is 4-5 steps ahead what u can imagine if u just stick to their data . Every hypothesis emitted around have confirmed true already.

    • Godzilla

      Oh well. At least there haven’t been catastrophic steam explosions on contact with the ground water, which is just quietly being poisoned.

      No China Syndrome. That deserves a ragged cheer in itself.

      • Atlantis

        You can still have it, believe me. ATM I’d rather say it is reacting not with free water pockets/chambers nderground but rather with humidity in soil, making it more like a quicksand. that is why the building is going down and that is why they won’t be able to stabilize it.
        corium will continue to dig until the heat wave reaches huge water lens.

        Note : it still can explode by flash vaporisation (“steam explosion”) but from the top part when then will inject water on it (if they dont use LN2 to test before), completely opening it to wide atmosphere. I wonder what will happen first, in fact.

  • Novamind

    The Leaning towers of Fukie. Two months into this crisis and just look where it is at.
    Where will it be in another two months?
    How much longer before 5 and 6 become players?
    Tepcos lack of responce resembles The Three Stooges directing The Keystone Cops in a SWAT raid!

    • Deetu 3

      …and then Fuku Daini, when they can’t get close to THAT either(it’s only 8miles away)…and then..the domino effect,when they can’t get close to Japan itself..

      • That’s the picture that give me shivers…. I am feeling the effects physically even now I believe. This sour and chemically taste my spit has become and stayed since a week after the accident. Been much more pronounced in last 36 hours – my spit is fluffy almost like dehydrated but I am not, I think!

  • Pensacola Tiger

    Anyone got a URL for the live feed of Fukushima? All the one’s I had have gone dark. Not a good sign…

  • Noah

    Zeolite investigation

    In previous post I spoke about strongly considering the use of liquid zeolite for the chelation of heavy metals, to include radioactive particles from the human body.

    It occurred to me, that there is no such thing as a zeolite in liquid state, rather zeolite suspended in liquid. I increased my inquiry to include powered zeolite as well, as I can add my own choice of liquid to suspend micronized zeolite myself.

    The question then became the purity of the micronized zeolite. I can only look to spectrographic analysis, etc. to determine if the zeolite product is contaminated or clean.

    The importance of this is paramount, as zeolites have affinity to heavy metal particulates, including highly charged radioactive particles. I do not want to ingested zeolite already pre-loaded loaded with toxin, and add to the problem of accumulating internal emitters.

    The upside of taking the long road of logical inquiry is finding a safe zeolite product free from contamination.

    Laboratory analysis and data interpretation is tedious as some of you well know, but I see no other way.

    • Deetu 3

      Noah- been said on here before, Alpha Lipoic acid is a very potent chelator of heavy metals,able to cross the blood brain barrier.

    • Al in HI

      Wow Noah, thanks for your efforts. I’m interested in purchasing zeolite as well, but am unsure where to purchase a safe supply. Keep us posted.

    • Novamind

      We have been taking Bentonite since 3-11-11. It is in a liquid form 1-2 tbsp. a day on an empty stomach. Great plains Bentonite to be exact makers name is Yerba Prima. 16oz. bottle lasts two people about two months.Its cheap and easy to find. Yum, Yum.

    • Anna

      Exactly my thinking. What if the zeolite is already loaded with radioactive particles? Then we are “extra” ingesting radioactivity. But, they should be tied up or?
      They have set off nuclear bombs everywhere-including Australia. Radioactivity sinks so it does not matter if they are digging this stuff up from deep in the ground.

    • Anna

      Also, don’t forget Willards Water XXX. Have a nice glass of that before meals to tie up uranium and if it ties up uranium it will probably tie up other toxins as well.

      • Godzilla

        What’s that, some kind of moonshine? I guess that would help one feel better if taken on an empty stomach during a cocktail hour before meals, but then later you’d feel kind of blah if you didn’t keep drinking.

        I’ve heard Prussian Blue dye is good for getting rid of radioactive metals from the body. I don’t know dosages or if you could use the commercial stuff – maybe it has to be the medical kind which requires a prescription.

    • J. jackson

      You talk about Bentonite. I am a clay artist and have bentonite for glazes. Can this be used?

  • Thanks Noah,…I heard the same ‘concerns’ from the few videos I watched on zeolite, liquid vs powder. Also, I’m sure you caught that temperature degrades it,….and some preparations, if you will, are useless! That’s what I’m afraid of too. Yes, I heard the ‘carry heavy metals INTO the body’, and I became hesitant to forge ahead. I look forward to capitalizing on your research, K? K! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Has anyone seen any recent data about radiation contamination in milk, water, and food?

    We gave up fresh dairy but I’m wondering how much contamination is showing up in produce now….?

    • Anna

      We need Strahlentelex here in the USA!

      • Dbug

        They certainly have done a great deal of excellent research. It can be helpful to use the prefix site: immediately before a site name on Google, then after a space add the keywords.

        So to find .pdf files they have online:

        site:http://www.strahlentelex.de/ .pdf

        Many will be German no doubt, but not all. (Haven’t found a translator for .pdf files yet.

        Here was a report on Leukemia in children near a French nuclear plant


        There are many more reports.

        You can try to view a foreign language website using the Google web translator. It works with text or the address of a page entered into the box.


        You might enter

        You can save the resulting displayed page by bookmarking. It would be something like this:


        Translating pages is good for digging deep. For instance the wikipedia pages in another language might cover a certain subject in more depth. You can even go into the talk pages and see what the contributors are saying. There’s often much more info and useful links there.

        It’s too bad the media doesn’t use some of these basic methods to dig deeper. Try other things too. Use the translator to put your search keywords into another language, then put that into Google or another search engine. You may find some great resources in other countries. When lucky, some pages even have an english link or U.S. or U.K. flag icon to show an english version.

        The truth is out there somewhere… hahahaha

    • check state & university sites

      U.of CA-Berkeley is still testing foods, although not as frequently. Here on the Atlantic coast, they did testing of dairy categories in March & April. We had I-131 in dairy (well over 3 picoCuries per L, the former EPA drinking water standard!!). But, no Cesium or Strontium reported yet. Next installment not until summer. ๐Ÿ™ Get or make a greenhouse?!

      • Anna

        Nest summer?! That’s crap!

        • Anna

          oops! I meant to type “next” summer.

          • check state & university sites

            I guess we can always fast and hold out breaths until summer?! ๐Ÿ˜›

        • check state & university sites

          I know-only quarterly, but they’re the only game in town. The NRC only requires bi-annual radiation checks at the state’s reactor sites and EPA won’t even bother with our foods at all! ๐Ÿ™

          • check state & university sites

            something should come out by July…I’m going to nag them to expand testing!! I think everyone should call their local Universities and get them rolling! Challenge them to test, for the sake of Science! Biggest experiment ever going on now!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

          • check state & university sites

            I don’t know why I have a smiley here–it’s not funny!

    • Godzilla

      It was decreasing as of 5/9

      Scroll down to Results Log: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/UCBAirSampling

  • xdrfox

    @ majia
    They are not testing or reporting on so I don’t buy or eat it !

  • That was a good article in the Huff yesterday,….just got around to reading it. Way to go Vivian! Makes me have one fledgling HOPE that if the Huffington Post can say it that straight forward,…….maybe, just maybe others will too. It could happen!

  • xdrfox

    The only thing they have control of is the amount of inf. that they want to release !
    So telling in their fate. and ours !

  • bootzie

    check out etszeolite.com..I have been taking that powder product for about a month now and will continue..there is a video on the website.

    • Anna

      I have been using that brand for some time (stopped for year as zeolite really dries one out) and I tried the Waiora and still have a few bottles of that. Now this is what I have seen with Waiora-my son got lead poisoning at an odd job for some dumb asses (who for sure knew there was lead in the paint) stripping paint in an old house. When I figured out that this was the case I had blood tests run and then put him cilantro (useless) then I put him on cilantro and algin (like pectin). No change. Then I put him on zeolite- waiora brand- no change (blood work confirmed). And now he is off to uni in oz and I have sent with him Modifilan which when taken with a bit of pectin and a pinch of charcoal is supposed to be amazing. I know this as I have a very intelligent friend who is very ill. She is a canary in a coal mine on whether things are effective or not and she has found this combo to be amazing. But, she says, use only a pinch of charcoal as it pulls minerals out of the body. My friend is now using ZNatural (zeolite) because she was getting too estrogenic on the Modifilan. She really likes the ZNatural better than Waiora.

      I did not put our son on the estzeolite because he probably would not drink “dirt water.”

      • Clay Tips, please?

        Thanks, Anna & bootzie–
        I’ve seen a lot of different Bentonite clays on the market–any referrals???
        There’s different types to eat, drink, bathe in, or wash your veggies with???
        I’m seeking something that is reliably uncontaminated without lot of extra natural aluminum content, etc. Despite my humble cooking skills, I’m not sure about “eating dirt” either, so I need recommendations!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • ZombiePlanet

          Check out “Great Plains” brand of Bentonite.

          The Health Food store lady said it was formulated for maximum benefit. In addition I also take Psyllium Husk (caps) with the liquid Bentonite solution.

      • ZombiePlanet

        Zeolite was used in the cookies, muffins, etc. during Chernobyl, to detox children.

        I am using Zeolite that I receive from http://www.hankszeolite.com/ after I spoke with Hank on the phone. He seems to know this subject well.

        Do you know of a better form, or a more cost effective source? Thanks

        • check state & university sites

          Thanks!! I’ve seen some other things on here..didn’t have a chance to examine it closely. There are tips all over these threads. I wasn’t sure about what they had at Whole Foods?…
          It might help us to research sites for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Natural Health sources? They advocate detoxing with zeolite and clays all the time. The NaturalNews site urged readers to get on this & they are pretty conscientious! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • check state & university sites

            Also, parents of autistic kids do a lot of these therapies to eliminate metal toxins & reduce the disability–they would know great sources, too…hmmmm? I have to keep looking!

          • ZombiePlanet

            Shall do. Thanks.

            @Anna, I took a reading today around the house and I did not detect anything. I am trying to find a more sensitive meter but, good luck… sold out.

        • Anna

          I’m looking at Sweet PDZ. So cheap! BUT, is it “clean?” I am thinking to wash veggies in it. (What fresh veggies? I stopped buying them once I ran out) I have a 6 gallon bucket of betonite clay powder in the laundry room that I am contemplating using in the kitchen when the time comes. It is food grade and has a 9.7 pH.

          • check state & university sites

            yeah, my pantry is already too full, but that won’t stop me! As they say, No way, Jose!

          • xdrfox

            @ check state & university sites
            “my pantry is already too full”
            Lots a place to put foods besides the pantry, I have found lots of unused space around the house, I must resemble an ant filling it’s borrows !

        • Anna

          I could use a zeolite cookie just about now. Good idea to get that into kids without stressing them out.It must still work or they would not have done it. Zeolite does not taste bad but a cookie would be nicer. Bedtime snack: glass of diluted potassium iodide to wash down a zeolite cookie. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

          • ZombiePlanet

            I also stopped buying fresh veggies. I am again relying on growing my own sprouts for fresh green nutrients. Stock up from Health Food store. Use 2-3 containers so everyday there is fresh food packed with goodness. Add a little Apple Cider Vinegar at the table and YUM.

          • xdrfox

            Let’s not forget raisins, and other dried fruit, can even make your own if you have a dehydrator ! Can even dry vegetables !

          • xdrfox

            Make your own all meats Jerkies too !

          • Anna

            Yes, I agree with all of you above. Get your USA grown apples now as they were cold stored since last year. (I know, I don’t need to tell you guys that.) Those three layer sprouters that don’t have holes in the bottom are best for tiny seeds. You can use the sprouters with slits in them for bigger seeds. If you are sprouting wheat or barley don’t forget to drink the water you pour off on the first 3 soakings. Very nutritious. Great for immune system.

            I also have to tell you guys about Double Helix Water. I forget to say things that are very helpful because it is such a part of my life. I was reading the work of a particle physicist named Dr. Shu Yin Lo. This Double Helix Water sounded very interesting so I tried it and it IS truly amazing. I have said on this site before that I got mercury poisoning (Herbicidal poisoning to be exact. Don’t ask. But, I will tell you that just because there is a dandelion plant out in the country in Australia does not mean that it has not been sprayed! See what that does to your nervous system after eating a leaf a day coated in herbicide for 7 days.) There were 3 things that really helped get rid of the metal. MaxGXL (glutathione precursors) was one of them. The first two things got rid of 98% of symptoms through detoxification and enriching all of those pathways that induce health. What was left was internal trembling on the left side of my body (had that for 4 years) and after one dose of Double Helix Water it went away over night! That tells me it detoxes deeply the brain and spinal cord and tissues. I still take that twice a day and I ALWAYS feel better after drinking it. I have sent that also to Australia to try and get the lead out of our son’s system.

            So, I thought to myself, I want this in my practice so I tried to set up a site to explain it but that day my computer was seized and it took 6 hours for the phone company to reset the codes, etc. (I’m not a computer person sorry.) So, I get the site up and running and guess who visited the first week? The US GOVT and the US ARMY. The lab that makes it has been very clear about not making any claims so the FDA doesn’t come in and tear things up and there has been a deliberate campaign to discredit it. Interesting.

            That is just about as interesting as being followed by the FBI and phones tapped and finally they came to the door and it was all about a protocol I had made to help the masses in case of a small pox epidemic. They had been “looking” into my computer from some time. I had kept the protocol on a floppy.

            I have an e-book that you can read on the DHW. I’m not trying to sell you anything. I am telling you about something that detoxes on a very deep level- stable water clusters that look like double helixes if viewed at with an atomic force microscope. Our DNA is protected by 10 layers of water molecules. Dr. Lo thinks that this form of water might be the precursor to DNA. Very, very interesting. remedyworks@yahoo.com

          • check state & university sites

            @Anna, That’s fascinating! We have agents crawling this area, too…near Fed. Reserve, CIA, etc. It makes for some Jason Bourne-type stories-:P Thanks!

          • ZombiePlanet


            That is amazing. I am going to check out the Double Helix Water.

  • 67Mopar

    A nuclear meltdown is one thing… This leaning building really has me worried! Imagine the carnage! THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL! LOL!

    This is all complete BS!

    • Dbug

      Well they were already planning to add support for the pond. I think it’s RT being dramatic, nobody else has reported any new problem with it.

      No much would surprise me though. The place is sitting on so much water, things just might start to sink in mud.

      Speaking of water, today they reported a wet unit 3 pit, nasties in the ocean and throwing some concrete in somewhere to stop it. How long before it will ooze out somewhere else?

      the pit

      ocean ooze followed by concrete

  • xdrfox

    Got winded, shhuuu, working the side bar & curser !

    Where is the bottom of this thread ???

    : D

  • xdrfox

    took up the most part of the Hard Drive !

  • check state & university sites

    It’s true that Gamma heavy duty rays penetrate a house don’t they?…hmmm?

    We REALLY need more testing available.

  • Audrey Fain

    5 Nuclear plants in the USA have had warnings for not being in good working order. A plant in Alabama was just inspected and found that a faucet, that would have to be turned on in case rods overheat was stuck and didn’t work at all. If these Nuclear plants (privately owned) don’t shape up we could have a blow up like Japan. Oh yes, this plant is the same model as the Japanese one that did explode.

  • Bottomfed_Buddha

    I’ve been championing my idea for a soil containment structure since the days following the explosions.

    It would also remove the atmospheric vector, would allow for cooling and water interaction with the reactors, infrastructure for off-gassing of radioactive steam could be installed, zeolite and borax sand put into the reactor buildings to scrub the steam….

    …but it turns out the biggest boon might have been the support for all of the reactor building’s exterior walls. :-/


    • Bottomfed_Buddha

      Figured it’d get about the same reception here.


      • check state & university sites

        You got my attn! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m related to engineers who could blow Japan’s mind, myself! They need a consortium to work on this.

    • check state & university sites

      BRING ON THE IDEAS!! My brother is one of the top engineers in the nation & he’s won international design awards, too. If they could tap into people like him (who are quite busy now keeping this US economy going), I KNOW there would be a solution. Plus, great engineers relish a challenge!

      I’ve seen my brother fix just about anything quickly and effectively, even if he is short on tools. He just kicks butt. He naturally thinks logic, physics, and math, all the time, like a computer, but I notice he does not put limits on the results, when others do. He’s also wildly creative, like Einstein. There ARE people who can do this, trust me.

      TEPCO, call my brother & colleagues, please!
      You need help? GET IT!!!!

      • xdrfox

        Good Luck, I think of all the great ideas for cleaning oil in the gulf and none were asked for their help when offered,
        Results, a ruined gulf !

        • check state & university sites

          I had the same opinion then. Put my brother on that–it would be taken care of promptly & with innovation. Really good engineers tackle “impossible” scenarios regularly. My brother has saved many lives & his company billions by coming up with solutions and alternatives, even when other teams and international divisions faltered and completely wrote off any decent outcome. I wish I could bottle his attitude and send it over there!

          It does beg the question of motive in these disasters because I believe means could be achieved.

      • Blue

        Ask him about Thorium LFTR vs the current system which could rid us of all those spent fuel rods.

        • Deetu 3

          Ask him about the Focardi and Rossi Energy Catalyser that does not produce any dangerous waste,and does away with the need for a global high security police state-as well as liberating future generations from terrible burdens, not of their making..


        • Dbug

          Is anyone running on thorium commercially anywhere? Or maybe a prototype in Idaho?
          Why haven’t the French or someone really excited over nuclear done that? Or did they?

          It’s kind of funny that G.E. the power plant company, was the same G.E. that made the color t.v. in the 1960’s known for throwing off radiation. Nothing like a unleaded unshielded shunt-regulator tube.
          They made some pretty cut-corner sets..,
          Then there was the Compactron. Yikes.
          Some were sad when G.E. bought RCA and NBC.
          Maybe NBC is a good place to store spent fuel???

      • Dbug

        Does he mind getting his feet wet?

  • fuckyoushima


    how are we liking aquatic continuity with the gom in the southeast?

    toss in some immunosuppressants, or gamma, whatever… and we have a speculative shitstorm.

    (hepa-reverse osmosis-polimaster)

  • Novamind

    Tepco slimey as ever, now asks Japanese Government for help paying damage claims-will liquadate stock into Government for security.
    Two months has been enough time to hide major assets and now play poor.
    Tepco will never Fix Fukie- Has Not The Means-Wants an AIG Baleout.Whats you take on this?


  • SteveMT

    There is an inverse relationship between the importance of a story and coverage by the MSM or NHK.

    Will the non-panicked, placated ostriches say “I’m safe!”

  • Steve

    Just a thought. I am sure this is not simple but maybe just bulldoze all the ractrors into the ocean and then pour Boron, lead concrete to make a mega concrete mountain. I guess the ocean water will keep things cool while it leaks for then next thousand years. Thoughts apperciated at steve1va@yahoo.com

  • larry-andrew-nils

    the tower in the picture is also leaning… this probably means that the picture is leaning. and therefore i think this leaning thing is a mistake. we have been mistaken… notice how silly.>>> (look carefully at the tall tower.)

    …the whole picture is on a lean.
    ha ha ha

    • Decker

      You may actually be on to something.

      I hope this all Fukushima thing doesn’t end like the 9-11 attacks, with a bunch of teenagers trying to solve the mystery analyzing youtube videos.

      • Deetu 3

        @Decker that may be where you did your research,but the mass murder that was 9/11 has been thoroughly investigated by many highly qualified people from the US and around the world- from physicists to architects to security consultants to airforce commanders to former intelligence consultants to forensic experts to demolition experts,etc,etc.. and their unanimous conclusion was…
        9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

    • radegan

      You can measure the angle between the ridge line and the reactor building and then between the ridge line and the tower. The reactor is leaning slightly but you are correct, the picture itself is slightly skewed.

    • Novamind

      Thanks Little lady for the Link,Just a matter of time it seems.

    • Anna

      I’ve got to learn everything this guy knows -yesterday. He also is in Hawaii and can grow year around. That is a plus for him.

  • To the ‘clay questions and comments’. I am also new to this, ‘dirt eaters association’! In fact,….my phobia,…well, one of them,…is gritty sand ie DIRT,…in my mouth! So I understand. My two Naturopaths said to buy “Edible Earth” for it’s quality, fine consistant powder form, tasteless and odorless, etc,….as well as the high quality of both betonite clay and montmorillonite clay plus 57 ionic, bioavailable colloidal minerals. (I’m reading off of the bottle, not an infomercial! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    It was $50 a bottle, now $65 I see,…but it has lasted me 4 months at 1 heaping teaspoon per every two days.

    They also suggested LL’s Environmental clay soaking bath clay. It was about the same cost for a box that is good for about 20 full baths, or 50+ hand or foot soaks.

    All this seemed WAY too much for me, even six months ago,…but I have eased my way into them,…and I want to report what results I have seen. They are GREAT!

    The bath clay was very powerful for me at first,…and I over-did it. They suggest a foot bath first, or 1/2 strength bath soak,….I didn’t listen, nothing new there, and went ‘full throttle’. So, please use caution and be ‘teachable’. Baby steps win this race–but take those steps, PLEASE, especially if you are in the line of fire MOST, Yes?

    Why the clay works in ‘Clay for DUMMIES speech”. It’s about magnetic charges! All our “Bug-a-boos” put off POWERFUL positive charges,…and these clays are negitively charged POWERFUL ‘drawing elements’ from deep within the volcanic ash, etc,……PICTURE this,…where does a gut-shot bear or wolf go off to to ‘hide away-and sometimes heal up’? A vat of clay-mud. He stays there days, weeks perhaps, and comes out skin and bones,…but he’s healing. He will survive another day!

    I walked my talk the past two and one half days, with both clays, and a small liver cleanse and I feel 100% better! I know that I was contaminated,…..and I no longer feel it today. My dogs are on it also,…and I swear I have seen some ‘yellow, glittery, oily sheen’ on their poop after I treat them. This stuff works!

  • anne

    Here is a live feed. You can definitely see smoke coming from reactor #3:

    • Heart of the Rose

      I stayed up half the night watching this. It’s getting worse.

      • Dbug

        Who was doing a live broadcast? Where can we catch that?
        Unless there’s a cam on site, it’s from way far away. I wondered if it might just be the steam getting thicker and lower to the ground when it got pretty cold, and maybe the air shifted. It’s 8 AM in Japan now. It would have been about 4 when you posted.

    • Dbug

      I can’t get it to show up. The description says streamed May 7th???



  • Jak64

    How many units (in Japan) exactly are problematic and what are their main problems?