Vice: ‘Suspicious’ death at Fukushima plant — Officials: Damaged nuclear fuel containers found in Unit 3 pool after removal of massive piece of debris — “High radioactivity prevented workers from carrying out the removal smoothly” — Concern about “new fuel failure” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Published: August 5th, 2015 at 12:34 am ET


NHK, Aug 4, 2015 (emphasis added): Fuel rod casings found damaged by debris… workers have found damaged fuel rod containers after removing a device that had fallen on them during the 2011 disaster. They’re now checking whether the damage will affect their plan to remove fuel from the pool. A 20-ton device for moving fuel rods in and out of the pool on the building’s top floor was removed on Sunday… High radioactivity prevented workers from carrying out the removal smoothly… Workers found that the metal casings of 4 assemblies had been distorted and have twisted handles. This is evident in images released by the operator… The utility is checking for other damage and studying how to remove the distorted casings from the pool.

TEPCO (pdf), Aug 4, 2015: Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool… we found bent handles of 4 nuclear fuel assemblies located under the Fuel Handling Machine which was removed on August 2nd… there is no indication of new fuel failure by the removal… In the future, when discussing fuel removal, we will consider how to deal with the bent handles of nuclear fuel assemblies.

Vice News, Aug 4, 2015: A 30 year-old man died this weekend as he worked on decommissioning Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant… It is not yet known whether the man’s death was due to radiation exposure, and an autopsy is pending… In a statement released Monday, [Tepco] said that the man had been taken to the emergency room after complaining that he wasn’t feeling well. “His death was confirmed early in the afternoon,” Tepco said. Isabelle Dublineau, the head of the experimental radiotoxicology laboratory for France’s Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), said… it was “too early” to comment on the death… While the latest death has already been branded suspicious in the media, Tepco has so far denied that any of the deaths are related to radiation exposure… The worker who died over the weekend was working… on the construction of the “ice wall”…

Watch TEPCO’s video of the removal at Unit 3 here

Published: August 5th, 2015 at 12:34 am ET


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  • jackassrig

    Where are the commments for the web cams being posted? Everything seems to be busted. Where has the Admin gone?

  • rogerthat

    … Mothballed reactors have been turned back on in other parts of the world, though not on this scale — 25 of Japan’s 43 reactors have applied for restart permits. One lesson learned elsewhere is that the process rarely goes smoothly. Of 14 reactors that resumed operations after four years offline, all had emergency shutdowns and technical failures, according to data from the World Nuclear Association, an industry group.

    “If reactors have been offline for a long time, there can be issues with long-dormant equipment and with ‘rusty’ operators,” Allison Macfarlane, a former chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, said by e-mail.

    In Sweden, E.ON Sverige AB closed the No. 1 unit at its Oskarshamn plant in 1992 and restarted it in 1996. It had six emergency shutdowns in the following year and a refueling that should have taken 38 days lasted more than four months after cracks were found in equipment. …

    • They are applying for restarts, but no one is even asking;


      They lost all insurance on these plants after 3/11, and dollars to donuts, there is no insurance to be had.. They are re-starting these plants NAKED, with NO INSURANCE.

      Journalist Files Lawsuit Against Japan Secrecy Law, Nuclear Industry Controls/Censors Mass Media, Insurance Lost For All Nuclear Plants In Japan

      • J.

        A hugely important issue entirely ignored in Japan and globally: the food supply. Japan ranks extremely low in food self-sufficieny, which in my view is one of the most important measures of sovereignty. The domestic food supply can not be insured in any country by anyone. Digital ones and zeroes could be "printed" 24/7/365 and they would never cover the ruination of the crops by nuclear contamination.

        Thanks for you hard work and the important link.

  • rogerthat

    On 8/3/2015, Tepco reported that another Fukushima worker died 2 days before.

    The worker was male in 30s. He worked from 6am to 9am for the frozen water wall project on 8/1/2015. On the way home, he stopped at “J-village” for ill health. He was immediately sent to the hospital but confirmed to be dead around 13:00.

    Tepco states the cause of death is not identified, but the former Fukushima worker “Happy11311″ posted on Twitter that the worker died of heatstroke.

    There is a possibility that Tepco withheld the announcement of the death not to cause a scandal before removing the debris of fuel handling machine from SFP 3 (Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 3). Regarding the delayed announcement, Tepco comments they should have announced promptly.

    Also from Tepco’s report, a monitoring alarm of Fukushima plant went off about 11:00 of 8/1/2015. Tepco denies the possibility of a significant leakage of radioactive material to comment they think dust was accidentally attached to the detector.

    https ://

  • rogerthat

    NRA OKs bill to raise exposure limit for workers
    Aug. 6, 2015

  • rogerthat

    China rejects Fukushima's radioactive baby milk

    John LaForge
    Thu, 06 Aug 2015

    Chinese authorities seized more than 881 pounds of baby milk formula that had been imported from Japan because it had been produced in areas known to be heavily contaminated with radioactive material emitted by three damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi complex. China's Xinhua news agency reported that quarantine officials said that no excessive radioactive material was found in the formula, but the baby food was sent back to Japan because China has had a ban on any imports from the areas around Fukushima.

    The July seizure of the Japanese baby formula came just a month after Japan had asked the Chinese to ease restrictions on Japanese food imports. On June 19, Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries used a meeting in Beijing to request that the import bans – which still apply to 10 Japanese prefectures – be lifted. According to the South China Morning Post, the Japanese Agricultural Ministry had stressed "the safety of Japanese food."

    The Chinese may have scoffed at the lobbying effort since this is the second time Japanese infant milk formula has been recognized as dangerous by Chinese authorities. In December 2011, traces of cesium-137 was detected in Japanese baby formula. Shortly after, Tokyo-based Meiji Holding Company announced the recall of…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    See I was scrolling down ..thought for a second ..he was falling on his sword.
    But no .. just a curtsy, on his way to continue to deceive Japan, and some more sucking up to the US.

    Hiroshima atomic bomb: a simple toll of a bell signals the moment 80,000 died
    Aug 6 2015

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Correction: The SimplyInfo piece on spent fuel was published on December 17th, 2012.

    A total of 11,417 fuel assemblies at FDNPP will have to go into long-term storage.
    The design lifetime of dry cask storage is only 20 years.
    This is a problem.
    Japan should now take the lead in dry storage, and design a system that will safely store nuclear spent fuel until fully cooled, isolating the fuel from the environment for centuries.
    Any such system would have to be able to survive typhoons, M10 earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods.

    PS: $$$$$ There is a great market for such a storage system in the US, and around the world. $$$$$

  • jackassrig

    Black bulb in my local Wednesday Aug 5, 2015 96.1 degF and rising. Max temp 100 degF.

    • See, that's the thing, PUN…
      I see absolutely no proof of fuel rods in this video. I see handles and can surmise they are positioned (approximately), one to the next, where they would be were there rods under the handles. I do not see (for lack of the better term) cartons, or assemblies if you will, which would contain any of these rods.
      I do see pieces of something that look like they could be fuel pellets. However, it could easily be small pieces of concrete or cooled-off molten metal fragments I can spy in this underwater footage.

      If there are rods or even pieces of rods under these broken and twisted/melted handles, and they are somehow able to remove them without simply breaking them off from whatever they are sitting in or on, where will they then put them (for eternity)? Same question as I had regarding the refueling-bridge: what will Tepco do with it? Where will it (all) go?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Anne, dont you think that pond could use some goldfish? Im so done worrying about whether a spent fuel pool that was vaporized in 2 milliseconds has intact fuel assemblies. …angel fish, thats the ticket…

        • Haha. Code.
          Sadly, the betas (Japanese fighting-goldfish) found a hundred km from Fukushima Daiichi; hot-pink with flattened, "harlequin", eyes, died. Had they not died, I would suggest those pretty in pink mutated fishies for Tepco's new (clean?) pool.

  • nirakenna

    This disaster is beyond the beyond, yet mainstream media continues to ignore. It will not be long before we see many more cancers worldwide and they will still be scratching their heads. Duh! It will be more and more important to learn how to protect oneself. I have found Radiation Protective Foods by S. Shannon to be an excellent resource for this purpose — post Fukushima edition.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    There are reasons for why we hear nothing.. 🙁

  • jackassrig

    The same Steven Chu that showed himself at Macondo well. It's good to see Steve on board with nuclear waste. Expert in oil and gas now giving his insight to nuclear. What a PHD in Physics will do. This is the holder of a patent to increase the efficiency of a refrigerator. Yes, he has made the refrigerator more efficient in rejecting heat into the house.

  • from a distance from a distance

    BPEarthWatch just started a website called

    which is working to spread awareness about Fukushima. It promotes Enenews, too.

    From the website:

    "Our Goal is to Make this Information Public Knowledge by Purchasing Digital Bill Board Space, Radio Spots and any additional means of effective Advertising. We are contacting advertising companies now to get pricing and placement information. We need your help in your area. Please contact local bill board agencies,radio stations etc, and get the contact info. For various reasons some companies will not want to pass the message. But some will. Send them here for information. We will link to with hundreds of reports Of the radiation that continues to pour into the Pacific Ocean and is Destroying not only the marine life, The Human Race is next."
    Credit to "Praising Truth" for the heads up

    • GOM GOM

      "The Bible says"..Oh I'm sure to "credit" PT alright.

      Religion UNDERMINES Science. Putting up links to religious based sites is the worst thing that happen to ENE. And people condone this and respond? Your belief is your business, but don't push it here.

      • Gotta say, GOM; I agree.
        I hate it when I find a video that starts out with some decent info about Fukushima (and/or other rad-holes), and after that good info comes, "biblical prophecy".
        It just ticks me off.
        I think it makes all anti-nukers look like lunatics.

  • why are they using adobe flash when so many security vulnerabilities exist still?

  • cannotdo1 cannotdo1

    hope they have no trouble thanks praising truth, obvious, and from a distance

  • haizedustrium-1234 haizedustrium-1234

    Where did I read about heads up?

    Oh yes, of course , but not telling you what to read and what not.
    And where to be befuddled and where not.

  • cool, so a thread was begun a year ago… and it's pretty thick with multiple issues in one thread. recommend compartmentalizing/separate thread topics as suggested above in reply to Majia. That will allow clear focus on specific points without burying each topic with another topic.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Last time (I hope) to answer SFP 4 Deniers:
    The photo on the left side is the north wall of Unit 4:
    Note the meltout flowing out of the 4 th floor missing panel, down the outside of the building, and pooling on the big vent pipe. Where did this meltout originate?
    Cross section of GE Mark 1 reactor similar to Unit 4.
    Note that the Equipment Pool isn't as deep as the SFP on the opposite side if the PCV. The bottom of the EP is on the 4th floor.
    Note that the EP abuts the outer wall of the reactor building.
    Photo of Yellow Corium exiting from 4th floor, out of the bottom of EP.
    Another view of the corium exiting north wall of Unit 4:
    Note the corium blob on top of the big vent pipe.
    What could it be?

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      PattieB (reposted from ENEnews)
      July 23, 2013 at 7:02 pm Log in to Reply
      yes… 257 rods @ 1200 lbs.. 700 lbs each rod average is fissionable.. these were breeders with 1/3 Pu-139/Pu-140/Pu-141 in them.

      Not nice.. and that's not counting the #3pool blast… most of that transmuted to U-234 by the air sample over-flight data.

      But then that's not even counting the MOX rods, nor the U-235/238's that had partial transmutation of Pu-239 in them.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Philip, your explanation that Unit 4 blew up because of corium melting out the north wall is quite speculative and the actual conditions not well defined.

      Philip, do you suggest then that the explosion was from Mox and not hydrogen? The epicenter of the blast would be the equipment pool or north wall blown panel? Is the highly symmetrical blast pattern and clean un-charred internal building condition consistent with your corium explosion theory?

      The equipment pool still held water, unlike the SFP which was leaking. Is this consistent with Mox corium melting down?

      The corium would drop 12 feet and instead of melting through floor 3 it would migrate horizontally under no known motive force for some 50 feet before melting out the wall? Is that logical?

      As stated so many times, the photo evidence shows the panel where the ooze is, was blasted out with tremendous force and high velocity, along with a conspicuous panel symmetrically located on the south side. You theorize the corium melted through the eqpt pool, rolled across floor 3 for 50 feet, then exploded directionally?

      Thermal images show no heat from that melt area. Instead of corium, could it be copper alloy from a heat exchanger, the white things stainless end U-tubes?

      Conclusion: corium melt/explosion is highly speculative with big logic gaps, more so than a melt down in the SFP which has many supporting pieces of evidence. Why choose a less plausible theory?

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        An aside; I was looking for the original proof that the mox fuel was in the equipment pool and not the SFP as often stated. Links?

        If anyone can logically substantiate the theory that the stuff blasted and melting out the north wall of U4 is corium rather than copper alloy, please come forward.

        I think we left it before as possibly a full fuel moving cask that blew, at least that could account for movement and directionality

      • The same corium that exited #4 also came out of #3. The pictures show clear evidence of things melting out.

        Does someone want to say that all of the reactor coriums stayed inside the reactor vessels and did not go through the cement, as TEPCO keeps claiming.

        Why is it so hard to believe sfps melted or exploded, when the reactors did that very thing, with many more layers of protection compared to the spent fuel pools, with very HOT fuel?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Dr G, I think its fair to say Unit3 and Unit4 differed to quite an extent. Unit3 had a reactor full and the core meltdown happened quickly. This most likely lead to a secondary explosion of the spent fuel pool which would not have needed time to boil down. Corium was seen glowing and fuel rods were strewn about.

          In contrast, Unit 4 was supposedly unloaded although PT presents some evidence the reactor was partly loaded. A "ghastly boom" was heard to emanate from the torus.

          But the explosion destruction has a different character and the un-charred innards point to a hydrogen explosion. This most likely means the spent fuel pool fuel had zirc fires, and there were reports of fires. If this lead to corium, it is still not logical that it melted through the pools en masse because, although the SFP was leaking, it was still able to be repaired to hold water.

          Thanks for your great articles though, and I heartily applaud your wonderful efforts!

          • Silverlok Silverlok

            hydrogen "explosions" are like gasoline ( benzina for you italians ) "explosions" ; rapid conflagrations, unless pressure contained ( PV=(nr)T ) they have very little pressure ( and no over pressure ) footprint.

            The roof blowing off of four, and the damage to the pool and superstructure holding it indicates an energy release a couple of orders of magnitude greater than conflagration release could achieve ( because overpressure waves were clearly present ) .
            meaning that a prompt criticality in the ( SFP ) pool at four is almost certainly the cause.
            this would have blown the gates used for core refueling and allowed any corium masses a good transit path into both containment cores. The thermal images released by TEPCO, and the Us military strongly indicate that this is what happened.

            the core at three popped so rapidly ( and so highly directionally ) that the pool was " AT THE CENTER OF THE STORM " so to speak , and only recieved damge from structural integrity issues and a twenty something ton crane ( and adjoining platform) and most of the roof falling into it

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Silverlok, arent the gates higher than the spent fuel?
              I didnt understand your statement that SFP3 only sustained damage from structural integrity and debris. You mean spent fuel remained intact, and that being at point zero means less damage from a blast wave?

              The reactor core of U3 must have stretched the cap bolts and a constrained blast sprayed out horizontally, separating all the concrete plugs and opening gates. The powerful blast must have vaporized much of the water in both pools in a few miliseconds as well as micronizing all incendiaries leading to an instantaneous secondary explosion which would be a combination of steam, chemical and radiological. The pool structures were strong enough to withstand the blast. The steal tub would only have to stretch long enough for an equalizing pressure to be found on the outside as the pressure wave travels around defracting around with its wave dynamics.

              Regarding SFP4, Stohl et al. have reported:
              “Our results indicate that 137 Cs emissions peaked on 14–15 March but were generally high from 12 until 19 March, when they suddenly dropped by orders of magnitude exactly when spraying of water on the spent-fuel pool of unit 4 started. This indicates that emissions were not only coming from the damaged reactor cores, but also from the spent-fuel pool of unit 4 ”

              " Thus, the HLRW fire in the Unit 4 storage pool caused some of the worst radioactive Cs-137 releases during the catastrophic first week at Fukushima."

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                which of course proves that removal of spent fuel from 4 is a fabricated myth, perpetuated even here on ENEnews

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                HLRW= high level radioactive waste

              • Silverlok Silverlok

                Yes the Core refuel gates are at the top of the pool ( still under water in normal conditions ) and are a weak spot for compression( pressure , I am not being overly scientific here) waves as any energy would travel from the pool water into the gate pushing the gate into or at least towards the core containment.

                As the cap was clearly off this means that water from the pool would immediately drain into the primary containment vessel.

                Since the "fire" ( that blew the roof off ) was probably the last to the party after a prompt criticality at four blew a bunch of stuff to bits and allowed water to drain down enough to expose the old rods (HLRW)to air ( how they get to be able to burn )

                since this water would have been exposed to surface boiling on HLRW it would have been saturated with uranium and plutonium (aqueous 'buckyballs' ( and I posthumously apologize to mister fuller for his name being used in this way ) )

                these then would have been flowing in the tens of thousands of gallons of water that enter the core at four. which then would have cooled a bit and thusly concentrated creating the LARGE heating blobs that appeared in the U.S. satelite/drone thermal images.

                The blast in the four pool almost certainly weakened spots along the edges and bottom corners, both thermal and visual images support that this allowed water to leak and cool from the bottom and sides …

                • Silverlok Silverlok

                  resulting in those strange dark 'oozings' around the four building that resembled black wax accumulation …

                  indicating that as the super uranium/plutonium water leaked it cooled and left the ultimate 'hard water' spots as HLRW precipitated out ( remember they had to remotely control the crane on that side of four because of the insane radiation counts on the side of the building that gave access to the pool at four )

                  as they ( had to ) pour more water in to cool the pool at four more water leaked from all points of egress. Obivously simple surface area and hydraulic pressure calculation show that a vast amount of the leaking cooling watrer folled directly into the Primary containment as the path of least resistance,

                  also hot ( meaning physically hot ) water rises and putting 60F or 70F water into a pool that was 300 or 400 F would push the hot radiated/radiation particulate saturated water to the top ( and out the busted gate in tot the primary C). So if the water leaking out the bottom was hot the stuff being pushed to thte top was


                  • Silverlok Silverlok

                    About 3…

                    "…SFP3 only sustained (snip)You mean spent fuel remained intact…"

                    Yes and no.

                    Since the beginning I have been of the opinion that a prompt criticality at three's pool did not cause the roof to blow off , for a number of reasons ( even back when ARNIE was on that boat I respectfully declined to climb aboard) ,
                    but one that has been proven by time is if three's pool blew the roof off and utterly devastated the building, why did Tepco not start the ( haahahaah cold shut down…wiping tears, I mean…) disaster recovery there ?

                    Because they knew threes core had left the building and was now going to be flipping burgers with Elvis out in some shithole New Mexico greasy spoon.

                    BUT, and this is a but big enough to make it into a rap 'song', Just like the "sweet" spot for sound in a room , the over pressure waves at three certainly damaged the waste rods;HLRW at those "sweet spots" but probably only distorted the pool walls them selves, it was most likey the mechanical compressions that actually cause the pool to leak .

                    and on that note the blast coming from the primary would have had the opposite effect of the blast at four : the gate would have been lodged into the transfer corridor and almost certainly still leaking ( into the primary containment ) but not as prolifically as four …

                    • Silverlok Silverlok

                      You are entirely correct about the primary containment's main cap bolts ON THE MARK 1's KNOWN (for over 45 years ) PROBLEM OF ALMOST NEVER BEING ABLE TO ACHIEVE THEIR STATED RATING OF REMAINING CONTAINED UP TO 8 ATMOSPHERES,

                      and routinely failing at four or less atmospheres (in one instance at less than two ),

                      So the pressure spray out may have dislodged the SPF transfer door before the explosion ( creating leaking ) , but given gas diffusion in water and hydrogen /water vapor interaction in general it is more likely that the (super low estimate of ) 4 atms created more of a problem as a super high pressure peroxide/hydrogen gas peculator,generator

                      remember the holes in the roof of the pump/turbine building next to three EXACTLY MATCH the size and shape of the secondary cap , and ( turned on it's side ) of the primary cap.
                      ANd that U.S. military drone footage showed pretty clearly one of the concrete halfs you mention sitting on the deck at three ( indicating FOR SURE that the core blew up and out )

                      SO in no way am I saying 'completely removing the SPF rods form three is even even remotely possibe' I just occasionally like internet fishing Tepco's radioactive waters , you know to see whom else is out enjoying the sunshine and sending more soldiers to look for their spent friends in the ice box .

                      I mean it the pool at 3 popped ( and not the core) , why does 4 have the 'sarcophagus', right?

                    • Silverlok Silverlok

                      ( note to enenews, please add an edit function for us idiots that type by telepathy)

                      "I mean it the pool at 3 popped ( and not the core) , why does 4 have the 'sarcophagus', right?"

                      should be :

                      I mean IF the pool at 3 popped ( and not the core) , why does 4 have the 'sarcophagus', right?

                      just abit important

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Silverlok, the concrete plugs over reactor 3 appear to be in place, albeit dented and spread apart. Considering the severity of the damage, the mangled beams etc, its highly unlikely they put them back on for show

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Silverlok…the "oooze" was congealed aqueous uranium water? I applaud your willingness to think outside the box.

                    From my box, I doubt very much this is the case as well as the washout warming a vast body of ocean water.

                    If the ooze is mox corium, the question remains how it got from the SFP and or equipment pool or reactor to that particular spot rather far away on the north wall. Its explosive, its highly radioactive. It apparently survived the explosive power of a ton of TNT, or whatever it took to blow out those 200,000 lb 25 foot panels and hurl them against the building 50 feet to the north, leaving a trail of the ooze, actually a gold and green white curvy chunk conglomerate. The apparently inert 900,000 lb lump of MOX was then safely scraped up by bulldozer and dumped in the ocean. All of this hardly registering on radiation meters, unlike the boil down and subsequent release of heavy amounts of radiation and neutron beams from the spent fuel pool. How the fuel in SFP4 survived to be safely removed is beyond me, as well as the fuel in U3 which we are also assured will be safely removed, no doubt about it…

                    • Silverlok Silverlok

                      the ooze ( if you mean at the bottom and sides of four ) would have been more conventionally expected radionuclieds in suspension than the surface boiling bucky balls that ( have been proven to be like a foam and float and ) had/have Areva investing millions in surface boiling aversions .

                      NOt sure why you include washout as heating 'vast' quantities of ocean as I didn't mention anything about that and

                      "If the ooze is mox corium…"

                      this statement and everything after it make no sense whatsoever until the reference to the pools being "decommissioned".

                      so let's take a step in a different direction ….

                      core at 123 destroyed…all melted out and or through to varying degrees, agreed?

                      pools at 1234, all problematic as they have been partially dried ( multiple times ) exposed to extreme ( way beyond spec) physical distress, with 3 having an over pressure event (creating more destruction), and 4 having the "mystery" event that blew the roof off and weakened the superstructure , so serious problem by any accounting, agreed?

                      now five and six had pool problems and evidence of criticalities ( probably caused by the Tepco 'not enough emergengy cooling whack-a-mole' that used radionuclide saturated water to try and cool pools that otherwise had no other problems ( from the tsnumani or earthquake ), so from outside "the BOx" what ever that means do we agree about anythign here ?

      • Fukushima Spent Fuel Equipment Pool #4 Contained A Full Load of MOX Plutonium Fuel; It Melted Down, Exploded, Burned and Melted Out; via @AGreenRoad

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Dr G, your article seems to say the mox fuel load was in the spent fuel pool. How do you propose it got over to the north-west corner of the building, blasting out a 25 foot 200,000 lb steel reinforced concrete panel at high velocity while keeping the pools intact enough to be fixed and refilled? You should re-think the Troy Livingston hypothesis

          • The more detailed article explains all of that.. There was not just one pool in the building. TEPCO lied about what was in there. The reactor was not empty, and neither were the pools.

            Take a look at the infrared pics and you will understand more.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Dr G, I have now looked at your more detailed article. Nice! The picture of the corium in the SFP is indeed interesting. The IR photos I have seen. They show heat in the two pools and the reactor.

              However, that doesnt build the scenario of the supposed corium melt out on the north wall. That area doesnt in fact show a heat signature, not that I have seen yet.

              If it is corium, then one has to ask where it came from. Do you have a theory? If it came from the pools, it had to blast sideways a considerable distance. If it came from the reactor, one of the reactor ports would have to have been open, and still its quite high in elevation to be coming from the reactor. Also there is a considerable volume. I invite you to make your own volumetric calculation and see if it is consistent with a corium blob. Also, everyone insists on using the terms "flowed out" "melted out" "slumped". In fact the blast pattern indicates a high strength high velocity and directional blast. Whats up with the powers of observation?

      • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

        I repeat:
        The Equipment Pool isn't as deep as the SFP on the opposite side if the PCV.
        The bottom of the EP is on the 4th floor.
        The EP in Unit 4 abuts the outer wall of the reactor building.
        No 50' to the outer wall.
        The EQ wall IS the wall of the building.

        And Tepco did empty the damn SFP of Unit 4.
        Well documented.
        No doubt about it.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Philip, you have your geometry wrong. I looked into it. I retrieved better elevation drawings, I made the measurements. The bottom of the equipment pool IS higher than the bottom of the SFP. Numbering floors is subject to naming convention error. The corium would have to melt through the bottom of the equipment pool, drop 1/2 story to the floor below, perhaps a little more than 10 feet. Now it has to migrate Westward, and the distance from the center of the equipment pool to where the stuff is blasting and melting out is up to 50 feet. Check for yourself. The supposed and unproven corium would have to move horizontally without a drop, so no gravitational force.

          In conclusion, you didnt look at your theory in depth. Furthermore, you seem to ignore the logic gaps; If corium melted through the equipment pool, how is it the pool could still hold water? What about the blast pattern? Theres more but theres never a sound answer to it. Far more logical is that the SFP suffered water loss as they said, and the fuel was liberated, as they said, and as tests showed, this fuel traversed the planet. No answer? No answer then!

          Does Philip know for sure the fuel was safe and intact after the explosion that obliterated the building and was subsequently safely removed? No. Instead he sticks with unsubstantiated and illogical fringe theories and ignores the multiple streams of evidence

        • agreed 100% about pool wall and outer wall one in the same, make total structural sense also.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            stock, hate to break it to you but the better floor plan drawings indicate there is a gap between the equipment pool and the outer wall. Anyway, thats a little besides the point. What difference does it make? If that stuff is corium melting out the north wall, then it would have had to travel horizontally for 50 feet with no drop in elevation before blasting the wall out. Wouldnt it have preferentially melted down through the floor? Even so, wouldnt it leave the equipment pool unable to hold water? Then there is the volume of the stuff. The big tube is approx 8 ft in diameter. You calculate the volume and its too much for corium I think. And wheres the IR heat signature? Why did the beige cube next to the melt not sustain damage as the 200,000 lb concrete panel was blown out at high velocity? Cmon…you passed the WTC test, now keep that observational thinking cap in place…

            I am willing to entertain the idea the mox fuel was in a moving cask which got loose

            • Jebus Jebus

              Sorry to interject, but it is certain something melted out that wall, right?

              Why did whatever melted out that wall change color, oxidize, from gold colored to black?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Jebus, actually, a lot of the stuff blasted out, strewn for at least 50 feet. Some of that scatter remained gold while the main slump of stuff was blackened.

                Melted and slumped vs blasted, whats the difference? Maybe not pertinent, but you wouldnt say for example that the cruise missile oozed onto its target.

                Now what is it? Its a goldish or ochre shredded looking material with white or silver curved chunky things in it. It apparently can be handled by machines, doesnt burn through pipes. Turns black when burnt. Seems to cool off quickly and leave little IR heat signature. Thats what it is. What could it be?

                Copper alloy, some kind of plastic material, corium, I dont know, think man.

                If it was corium, there was a huge quantity of it. Much of it apparently remained on the inside of the wall. It is claimed people and reporters can safely walk around and work up there and a camera went inside on that level. Does that seem like corium?

                Im not saying its NOT corium, Im suggesting it could be something else though, like copper alloy from heat exchangers.

                • Jebus Jebus

                  I'm thinking that Unit 4 was rocked by an explosion. At least. Maybe, very hot "fires" before that explosion.

                  No question that, proof is not positive, but I always remember that when stuff goes bang, really loud, stuff around that, always flies…

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    Does it make a difference in the outcome?

                    We have a dead Pacific Ocean and a failed Nuclear Technology we can't control when it goes boom anywhere on the planet!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      obe, it makes a small difference, because its the difference between fuel removal success or failure, TEPCO lies or truth. Possibly one extra nuclear meltdown. Sure, when you have three, whats one more right?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Of course Jebus, there was an explosion; melted fuel could have been hurled quite a distance. Is that the end of story? One should at least look at the blast trail and muse how it got going that direction…you know some kind of plausible sequence of events.

                    Theres a beige colored cubical structure adjacent to the blasted out panel which seems in perfect undamaged condition. If corium somehow got over to the area and exploded a 200,000 lb concrete wall out, would a metal cube remain undamaged at ground zero?

                    The point is, one cant just point a finger and say, ooh corium oozed out the building. One has to make observations, size it up, even in the most ballpark sort of way…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      One has to consider the majority in volume, of the vertical flying objects, that cover the blast trail by time, and the only way to decipher that, is to examine the onion while peeling it…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Jebus, Im talking about the trail of debris the gold stuff left. For the over all explosion, one can surmise it was hydrogen. No epicenter, un charred insides, symmetrical destruction.

                      One can just look at the aerial view and see how far the walls went, see the angle of scatter for the goldish shredded looking stuff, note that it doesnt go radially out from pools or reactor but seems to emanate from the north west corner, make a rough calc for the volume. What is the theory anyway? Reactor had fuel, but no lid. Melted to corium, corium blew itself up from the meltdown position, out a reactor port, then ricocheted off the beige box, schwang blowing out the panel? No, everyone thinks it came from the equipment pool…it doesnt add up, its a blind kind of belief

                • Code
                  Uranium is silvery white
                  It melts at around 2000F roughly

                  Steel melts at 2750F

                  Molten uranium could land on steel and not burn through the steel

                  TMI–They melted it, then they pushed it into the ocean.

            • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

              If the floor was tilted slightly, say by a really big earthquake or explosion, then the corium could drop onto the cold wet floor below and create it's own flash steam effect and slide downhill to the wall where it pools together again and then explodes when critical mass happens. Possible?

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                BanReactors, you have to put the whole story together. Did the building come back to level? It was tested level. Did the corium create the blast that blew the building? Blast center at the northwest corner doesnt correlate. Did the corium melt through the equipment pool? Pool holds water. Are the corium remains in the building without any shielding? Extreme radioactivity. Did they scoop it with a 'dozer? We were warned that even intact fuel assemblies were extremely dangerous to move…

                Corium out the north wall isnt adding up very well

                • Code, where is the proof that this is not a 100 TON corium blob, possibly mixed with other stuff that it melted?

                  What would melt that amount of METAL?

                  What would reach a high enough temperature to cause that kind of MELT?

                  Corium, yes

                  Wood, no

                  Plastic, no

                  jet fuel, no

                  bunker oil, no

                  building burning, no

                  Got corium?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Dr G, you ask for proof that it is NOT a 100 ton corium blob. Is there proof that it IS a 100 ton corium blob? Is it fair to say we dont really KNOW FOR SURE what it is? Im totally willing to believe its corium. The best mental frame is to stay open and not rush to conclusions.

                    I am just now looking at the photo of the blob on your great website. The big pipe is about 8 ft in diameter. The width of the panel is about 25 ft. Why not calculate volume and see if it compares to mine?

                    It appears to me that the slump of unknown material could easily fill that pipe over the 25 ft width. Theres stuff below the pipe, and there is also an unknown quantity still INSIDE the building, its not ALL outside. So conservatively, I calculate 1256 cubic feet (sorry Im not all metric). Now what is the density of melted assemblies. I dont know, but Im going with an estimate of 750 lb/ft^3. So I get what I believe is a very conservative 942,000 lb of corium. That should equal about 1272 assemblies. This is for all practical purposes the entire quantity of fuel from the spent fuel pool. So you ask me to believe on faith that the entire spent fuel pool load melted and ended up in the northwest corner of the building which was then removed by bulldozer?

                    • Compare what happened around corium melting at FUKU to Chernobyl.

                      Do you see any similarities?

                      Corium melted DOWN INSIDE OF metal tubes into the basements of Chernobyl, and those corium blobs looked exactly like what happened at Fukushima.

                      The corium solidified after flowing for a short period of time at Chernobyl, just like at Fuku. The corium found many ways to leave containment and go downhill with gravity, just like at FUKU.

                      Corium at chernobyl mixed with other things, due to various factors, which were also present at Fuku..

                      Fuku Explosions threw many tons of meltable stuff into melted down fuel pools, just as Chernobyl corium mixed with what was around it.

                      Corium can and does dissolve and melt concrete, sand, metal, fuel tubes, whatever else falls into pool in a catastrophic mega nuclear disaster like this.

                      Why would METAL melt out and look exactly like Chernobyl corium, but then NOT be corium? Believe your eyes, not TEPCO PR.

                      Knowing the lying track record of TEPCO, would you rather believe their account that NOTHING HAPPENED at FUKU, nothing left containment, rather than seeing with your own eyes?

                      Do you believe the 10% of Chernobyl PR lie?

                      Remember, it took them THREE MONTHS for TEPCO to even admit that 3 melt downs happened, but then they still claim that those coriums never inhaled and never left containment.

                      Of course, you are welcome to never be convinced by any evidence, no matter how strong it is… Your call…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      well good Dr Goodheart, corium it is then. But you must have some idea WHERE it came from and HOW it got there. Please explain. I think 90% have the geometry off. The hole in the north wall is essentially ADJACENT, not BELOW the equipment pool and quite a bit over horizontally. Anyway the pool holds water, how could corium have melted out of it? I keep asking the same questions, nobody will answer them. The corium is significantly higher than where it would be in the reactor. Did it blow upwards and through the wall? Did it blast over from the SFP in one big blob? Answers are needed. Everybody says it looks exactly like the Chernobyl melt. But Ive been involved in visual analysis all my life and it doesnt look like it to me. It COULD be corium which blasted there somehow, or maybe its something else.

                      So try and answer these questions;

                      what caused that panel and its opposite on the south side to get blasted out? Conspicuous damage.

                      Where did the supposed corium actually come from? The pools would surely have been obliterated by 900,000 lb of corium blasting through them, no?

                      Everybody talks about gravity as motive force but surely its NOT gravity, it must have been an explosive and directional force. Following the blast pattern, the epicenter seems to be in the northwest corner, below the extractor cap.

                    • bo bo

                      @code -in all of your past and present discussions about the sideways traveling blob – has anybody ever explained why there's no heat signature by the north wall above the blob..?
                      Sorry I haven't been following too closely but was curious

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      If I remember correctly a study said that the explosion of U4 could of been from hydrogen traveling through the connected U3 and U4 airconditioning ducts. The grates on the inlets for the ducts at the SPF and vessel well where indeed bent,pushed inward(reverse). This could explain the symmetry of the panels coming unhinged. Vacuums are a force to be reckoned with. Sub atomic particles are force to be reckoned with. Space/time holds no bounds.
                      So if it is corium maybe just maybe some loose fuel got sucked by that vacuum then gravity played a role. I bet the universe knows….it's got alot tricks up it's sleeve and compared to it modern physics is not even an itch in it's nut sack!


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      earthsmith, Sandia labs conjectures the explosion could have been due to Unit 4 sucking up carbon monoxide from unit3. Remember that unit 3 was already radioactive toast a day before 4 blew. Hydrogen theory seems pretty far fetched dont you think?

                      Boy when those panels come unhinged! Snappin all that rebar, blasting those 200,000 lb panels out at enormous speeds…BOOOM!!! still cant figure out your or anybody elses gravity theory.

                      But that doesnt matter now, Im moved to song. earthsmith, hand me my trombone

                      tra la la BOOM de aye, a reactor blew today.

                      Well all be dead they say, but thats another day

                      Tra la la…..BOOOOM! de aye, our rulers had their way, dont matter what you say, theyll do it anyway

                      Tra,,,la,,,,la……….KABOOOOOM de aye!
                      were all retards today, they took our brains away. Dumb is the norm today, why it sure looks that way

                      All together now…..Ttraaaa lllaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………..
                      wait for it………….wait……….keep waiting…….BOOOOOOOOOOM de aye, well sing another day and the kids will play. Then when the dolphins die one girl she just might cry, but not the rest of us, were on a majic bus. Ive got stuff to buy, so dont you make a fuss. Well eat at burger king, then have a twinkie thing,…

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Ha! nice song code…
                      When it comes to nuclear nothing is far fetched.
                      I don't have a theory on gravity because it is just a theory…I should have put a "possibly" between then and gravity…my oops.
                      One thing I do know is gases like to travel and build up when contained …whatever gas that may be.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      hydrogen goes up, carbon monoxide goes down…no gas is building up FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES, ….thats U3.

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Yes traveling can mean up or down..
                      Contained means contained
                      I don't remember saying anything about outside sources….you?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      earthsmith, its the common explanation…the one usually given, that the hydrogen that blew up U4 came from U3 through the air conditioning ducts. You said it yourself just above. That means traveling from 3 to 4, no?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      Code, your pro nuclear energy arguments are so reminiscent of socref. The last picture you put up of yourself was from Borneo which is in South East Asia. So what is it? Objiwe (American Native American), Carribean, South America, or Borneo?

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      TYPO: Ojibwe. I left out British by mistake.

                    • earthsmith earthsmith

                      Yes I did state that, didn't I…that would be an outside source.
                      Did not know that was a common explanation, I can say I don't remember it being discussed here but remember the study/report…though I do tune out for chunks of time.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      OK, PT is back from tending her eight vegetable greenhouses and is looking for action! Make juice? you could call it Juice-8-V -Im green with envy-

                      OK lets see…well the good news is you are getting an A for effort….uh, but bad marks in reading comprehension and…whats this? A D for racism!? You KNOW Im black, what difference what exact color, hue and chroma I am? Shame girl, now do your rosaries.

                      It might inerest you to know I have more than one ancestor.

                      Let me tell you a story; When I was growing up a little girl in Harlem, my bootay stuck out with such aplomb that the kids joked if I topped if off with a little gas it would support a six pack.

                      Sure it was painful, but when I got older I traced my lineage…all the way back to the Ham of the Israelite's…assright, Im descended from Noah, who was a black man!

                      One more thing. Growing up all I wanted was a green house, but I was a inner city kid. Grits is all I ever had

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      PT, I dont know what pro nuclear energy arguments you are talking about…unless its the free electron matter-antimatter annihilation hormesis theory…still in its infancy. Really, you should expand your intrigue for anti matter and while youre at it, your cacophrenic apperception….pfft, just funning PT, you know I love ya. You and me, were like too ribbers in a ham!

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      grits and matzo balls. Bletch! Is it any wonder Im ornery, what with matzo balls and three nuclear meltdowns forced down my throat…not one green house? God only knows where Id be without my k-40!

        • RattleShark RattleShark

          I saw a vid on youtube explaining your view of the equipment pool , considering that everything Fukushima is one giant facepalm , i do not doubt the equipment pool melted out.As far as the SFP4 , TEPCO did not remove fuel , at the beginning of this vid you can see the handles are riveted or bolted to a flat plate , some of these plates have holes burned through from the bottom up , @22 seconds into the vid you can clearly see that the steel plates are destroyed.

          This is TEPCO official vid btw.

          • Jebus Jebus


            That old vid said all right from the beginning. Clearly obvious vaporized tops on those racks. Those rods are here now…

            • Jebus Jebus

              I'd be willing to bet it was like the fourth of july on steroids inside that building that did not quit until all of the rods in each bundle, that were close enough to a positive configiration to heat up without water cooling, stopped shooting radionuclides and uranium out of the racks like upside down rockets…

              • Jebus Jebus

                Everyone who has been following along remembers the first person Tepco workers account of Unit #4's walls morphing and moving.

                It probably was pretty hot in that building, what with used fuel rods burning, but I would be more willing to think that the pulsing neutron assault upon his brain, punishing his eyeballs in waves of particles, might have had something to do with his descriptions.

                As an aside,

                Cesium is a phosphate by definition.

                Algae love that nutrient.

                Flares burn bright with it.

                Spent nuclear fuel, hard to light, but you'll never put it out.

                But don't worry, Nature has a plan…

          • PlowboyGrownUp

            And on some the metal plates on top of the fuel bundles are missing – burnt off?

            • RattleShark RattleShark

              Yes PlowboyGrownUp , those plates are burnt off , i have 15 years shop experience as an auto mechanic working on everything from weedeaters to 4×4 tractors and i know what a piece of flat iron looks like when you blow a hole in it with a torch , it looks exactly like the tops of those fuel assemblies. The white you see around the holes is slag , steel that splattered and quickly cooled.

              • PlowboyGrownUp

                Thanks RattleShark. I have a little experience with a torch, it was just occasional at work. Started out helping a welder for a short while.
                I may have to look again at the video, but doesn't it appear that the holes were blown upward from inside the tube bundles?

          • Code, the only people who can answer all your questions are working for TEPCO.. Ask them. NO way anyone can answer your questions for sure from thousands of miles away and not having gone and taken a sample of the stuff coming out.

            Let us know what they say over at TEPCO..

            They will probably say it was some plastic melting out from a toy factory that they secretly operated as a Santa campaign in that building.

            Code is a very intelligent person, asks great questions and will give any TEPCO person fits unless they tell the truth about what happened at #4.

            Code, what are the odds that TEPCO will answer your questions honestly?

          • Well, Rattleshark, this is what I said to Tepco (on that video):

            Dear Tepco;
            Are you sure this isn't Daini?
            If so, just remove this comment. I won't be bothered. And I'll stay mum.

            and, now, I will go and check the many pics and videos Tepco took and posted, of Daini, to verify. Who knows where this pool of water is? Who knows if a few assemblies (with or without rods in them) actually fell down into a bit of water, say, in the basement of ANY part of what's left of their buildings?
            We don't know.
            Tepco isn't saying (much), are they?

  • stock here, you be the judge. A climate data center was hacked and the hackers released some very embarrassing emails and data

    From: Phil Jones
    To: ray bradley ,,
    Subject: Diagram for WMO Statement
    Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 13:31:15 +0000
    Cc: k.briffa@xxx.xx.xx,

    Dear Ray, Mike and Malcolm,
    Once Tim’s got a diagram here we’ll send that either later today or
    first thing tomorrow.
    I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps
    to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) amd from
    1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline. Mike’s series got the annual
    land and marine values while the other two got April-Sept for NH land
    N of 20N. The latter two are real for 1999, while the estimate for 1999
    for NH combined is +0.44C wrt 61-90. The Global estimate for 1999 with
    data through Oct is +0.35C cf. 0.57 for 1998.
    Thanks for the comments, Ray.


    Prof. Phil Jones
    Climatic Research Unit Telephone +44 (0) xxxxx
    School of Environmental Sciences Fax +44 (0) xxxx
    University of East Anglia
    Norwich Email
    NR4 7TJ

    • 'Climategate'
      In late November 2009, more than 1,000 e-mails between scientists at the Climate Research Unit of the U.K.’s University of East Anglia were stolen and made public by an as-yet-unnamed hacker. Climate skeptics are claiming that they show scientific misconduct that amounts to the complete fabrication of man-made global warming. We find that to be unfounded:

      Climategate; Results of Investigations And Review Of Evidence Presented

      • I shall continue to respoectfully agree to disagree.

        I think the CO2 meme unwittingly plays into the hands of the nukists in pushing their slimy science. In terms of warming.

        In terms of acidification, well we are still basic in the ocean around 7.8, down from 8. Is that a massive problem? Not sure.

        I fully support making less CO2, go solar! I build with wood…is that not green, no its very green to sequester carbon in a tree, use it, and plant more trees……

        stock out

      • A more accurate measure of their significance was the reactions of mainstream media who had pushed the IPCC AGW line. Andrew Revkin resigned from the New York Times and George Monbiot of The Guardian wrote,

        “It’s no use pretending that this isn’t a major blow. The emails extracted by a hacker from the climatic research unit at the University of East Anglia could scarcely be more damaging. I am now convinced that they are genuine, and I’m dismayed and deeply shaken by them.

        • It is much like the slime attacks on Planned Parenthood and other social organizations, including Social Security, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, public schools, and unions.

          The common thread is to ATTACK anything social and truly scientific, because it does not fit into the Ayn Rand world view of the 1%. They control the message. They fund the 100 organizations spouting this stuff, and people go into fear and attack mode very easily.

          We will see if the attack dogs unleashed on Planned Parenthood work as well as the last large social organization that they dismantled and defunded.

        • From George Monbiot; he is not in favor of climate change deniers,,,,

          Lord Monckton says that man-made climate change is nonsense

          Nils-Axel Mörner claims that sea levels are falling are widely cited in the Telegraph and elsewhere,

          Peter Taylor, the Daily Express's favourite climate change denier, has claimed that a Masonic conspiracy has sent a "kook, a ninja freak, some throwback from past lives" to kill him, and insisted that plutonium may "possess healing powers, borne of Plutonic dimension, a preparation for rebirth, an awakener to higher consciousness".

          Now our old friend Christopher Booker reminds us of his membership of this select club, with a remarkable article for the Spectator:

          Needless to say, some of Booker's fans have swallowed all this and reproduced his article on their own sites. Piers Corbyn, also a well-known man-made climate change sceptic, added this comment to the Spectator thread:


    Mauna Loa
    April, 2011 – CO2 = 393ppm
    July, 2015 — CO2 = 401ppm

    Current methane [CH4] level – 1880ppb
    IESCO – January, 2014 CH4 over Arctic was measured at 2,362ppb.
    Trajectory of methane veil continues southward over northern hemisphere.

    note: levels in lower atmosphere

    The summer of 2011 was the hottest in recorded history. See the connection? Look at dates. Although the climate had been warming, there is a remarkable change after 3/11.

    So, is record breaking temperatures, CO2, and methane levels merely a hoax?

  • 10 reasons nuclear is already dead as a business model, by Jerry Rifkin
    1) From a business perspective, it's over

    2) Its been dead in the water since 3 miles island and Chernobyl

    3) The claim is climate change, but nuke is only 6% of world power, and
    climate people say it would have to be 20% to have any substantial

    4) That would mean 1600 new plants, and replace 400 existing

    5) That would be 3 new plants every month for 40 years to get to 20%, and by then climate change would have run its course

    6) We have no way to deal with the waste

    7) Recycling fuel, aka MOX leaves lots of plutonium around in an age of uncertainty and terrorism

    8) Uranium is getting more scarce and 2025 to 2035 will see big shortages and thus high prices

    9) We don't have the water. In France 40% of all the fresh water in
    the country is needed just to cool the reactors, and that water comes
    out hot which further exasperates ecological problems.

    10) Plus the nuclear asshats have been lying through their teeth right
    out of the gate, its all based on lies to protect "their precious"

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I like 10)! 🙂

    "10) Plus the nuclear asshats have been lying through their teeth right
    out of the gate, its all based on lies to protect "their precious""

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    But where's the missing bundles?

    Video of damaged spent fuel pool No. 3 reveals single bundle of fuel that is very near water surface — “There should be a lot of bundles” (VIDEO)
    July 3 2011

    • Well, Heart.
      I think we know the rods blew up and out.
      And all of these pictures of handles don't prove one danged thing as far as fuel is concerned! That's what ticks me off the most. I am tired of being shown photos of bent and broken handles and being told it is FUEL. No, it is NOT.

    • razzz razzz

      Looks like WIPP is suffering delays from manufacturer and shipping defects. Because of delays and added safety issues, WIPP officials have no idea when WIPP will reopen as a nuke dump by accepting then storing hazardous waste materials. Maybe they will have a target date rescheduled by October, not a reopening but an adjusted timeline for a reopening date sometime in the future.

      The longer this cleanup and repair operation stretches out, the more likely WIPP will never reopen.

      Their humans taking radiation readings then manipulating the numbers leads me to believe WIPP is trying to hide the actual radiation readings. Background radiation was already high in the area due to past nuke testing then the WIPP radiation release from at least one blown barrel now adds to the background radiation level starting point. How convenient for WIPP to never give up the readings in a timely manner.

      In the meantime, the cavern ceiling sags as it creeps in on itself and requires further bolting as a manner of maintenance to at least keep the mine stable while trying to pretend the mine will be operational again someday.

      • The WIPP-sters decided to do some sort of practice-reopening, last week. It didn't go well. Within two days, San Angelo, Texas, and Dallas /Ft.Worth, Texas, were under RAD-Alert-5.
        I think the WIPP must be shut down and off, forever. Seal it up and walk away, leaving only a skeleton-crew to monitor it. Putting nuclear waste underground, in a salt-mine or not, is a very bad (nuclear) idea. Of course, all nuclear ideas seem to be bad ideas.

  • from a distance from a distance

    Another really good website:

  • BC Fish Farm Disaster – Tons of dead salmon

  • One word.
    Four syllables..
    First syllable sounds like.. POOOO.

  • Another dead worker at Fukushima, second in a week.
    Sounds like another construction accident at the tank farm.

    Pressor (in Japanese)

  • TheNakedTruth TheNakedTruth

    These continued issues from Fukushima are just disastrous. I started a news channel on youtube because of my concern for where we are as a species. It is called TheNakedTruth. I will be reporting on Fukushima as well as the global economy.
    You can find the first video here:

    Thank you ENE! I am forever grateful to you and what you have done for my awareness of the globe.

  • Fukushima radiation is now going (by sea) around south India and south Africa.
    Important story:

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    It is necessary to retract my previous solution in part, primarily regarding nitrogen. Further study reveals nitrogen reacts with zircaloy and therefore attempts to suppress fires within the core or SFP would create rather than suppress reactions. Apologies. Argon and helium will subject to further investigation. I previously alluded to uranium and plutonium with regards to pyrophoric or exothermic reactions but neglected the probability of zircaloy reaction.
    Further studies suggest that zircaloy reaction produces Ruthenium-106. Read in the following excerpted material:

    " which would affect the progression and severity of a SFP accident, including
    radioactive releases, “most notabl[y] ruthenium.”296 (“Ruthenium has a biological
    effectiveness equivalent to that of Iodine-131;”297 Ruthenium-106 has half-life of 373.6

    Pretty conclusive and rather alarming IMO. Hiding in plain sight and undoubtedly contributing to the releases at Fukushima.

  • jec jec

    One more death..guy got his head bashed in by a closing hatch as part of the icewall work. One has to wonder if sometimes these 'accidents' (falling off wall to death, head bashed to death by hatch, heat stoke at 9 am) is due to radiation being covered up by TEPCO. Hey, Joe, the guy just fell over death..hey..just bash his head in the auto hatch closure..noone can say its due to radiation. Hey, Joe, guy just fell over dead..throw him off the tank..noone can say its due to radiation. Interesting theory..hummmmm????

  • The live cams are worth a look now [ hope that comment doesn't cause this forum to go down! ] …. I just added a screen shot of it at the bottom of this page-

  • bo bo

    I was just heard from a friend about this 'Roset Effect' last night, apparently a famous research of a traditionally tightly knit Italian American community in Pennsylvania that smoked and ate bad food and did all the wrong things but still had remarkably low rate of heart diseas in the 1960s.

    'As the community became less close and more individualized' the heart disease rate in Roseto eventually caught up with the surrounding towns.

  • Subject: Tell ExxonMobil: Drop ALEC Now!

    Shell Oil just dropped ALEC. Now it's time to push ExxonMobil to also cut ties with the notorious climate denial group. Sign the pledge to tell ExxonMobil to put its money where its mouth is and drop ALEC now!

  • jomarcepecep

    The most accurate method to be successful is through Traders Superstore. Learn how to use the strategy and the techniques and you could be one of the great money earner nowadays in the oil market.

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