Video: Years later, deaths occur frequently in city 85 kilometers from Fukushima plant — Area is contaminated and residents don’t know it

Published: March 3rd, 2013 at 12:40 pm ET


Title: A few years later, Deaths occur frequently 茨城県日立市
Source: 148production
Date Published: Mar 3, 2013

Description: A few years later, deaths occur frequently in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Caption: On March 3, 2013 — A city that has been contaminated by radioactivity and residents doesn’t know it — Here is 85 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi

Watch more videos showing the contamination in the area

Published: March 3rd, 2013 at 12:40 pm ET


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9 comments to Video: Years later, deaths occur frequently in city 85 kilometers from Fukushima plant — Area is contaminated and residents don’t know it

  • Jay

    How do you contact the Japanese people to :

    1) make them feel Responsible for poisoning the planet

    2) … and as a consequence , to adjust their governmnet position of lying and deceit , i.e. get off their asses and be pro-active .

    … but most of them think all is fine . Hint : 62.7 % of Jap voters brought in the office Abbe last month and a nuke friendly govern-ment . Now we know with whom we are dealing …

    • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven

      The people were & have been lied to about nuclear power, just as you & I were. They have been protesting against nuclear power & continue to try to help the children & families evacuate out of unsafe areas. Are there some who ignore the dangers?…yes indeed but we do not have a right to make a blanket statement..and forgive me if that was not what you meant.

      And who voted in Abe?!? TPTB that own the nuke plants & those that benefit most from reduced regulations & the restart of nuke plants are the ones who ensured that he was elected. Just like North America…the elections are a farce & 100% controlled by the money men, not the citizens of that country. These are the people you should contact.

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      I've had mixed feelings about the Japanese people after a lifetime of envy & respect for their intellect & culture of discipline,productivity and kindness following 311 and the pathetic response they've shown to the biggest threat to the people,land and very existence of their country & their unexpected willingness to spread THEIR FUKuP across the planet via the lack of any meaningful operations to contain ongoing releases,incompetent,ineffective decontamination efforts and incineration of waste & irradiated debris KNOWINGLY spreading contaminants across the countryside,the sea and all of the nations being impacted by fallout and exporting of highly-contaminated goods & foodstuffs to consumers ESPECIALLY the USA! The place that SHOULD'VE been "Ground Zero" for the modern day version of "The Shot Heard Round the World" where the beginning of the END of the Atomic Age HAS to start with the unwillingness of the victim/public already documenting & confirming the harmful impacts on the environment & the species ESPECIALLY homo-sapiens who are allowing the current #1 logical reason to SHUT THEM ALL DOWN to slip through their fingers and the rest of us outside Japan yet STILL being sickened(sooner)from this grotesquely perfect example of why the shift away from nukes MUST happen SOON for the good of mankind as well as the other "good & beneficial" life forms as a result(?)!! I feel sorry for them but no longer think they're such a smart race of people anymore… 🙁 ~**

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        Some of the nuke industry's victims are already dying suddenly or displaying obvious symptoms of potentially fatal health conditions identical to the people nearest to,or downwind of Chernobyl & other nuclear disaster/release sites and yet the surviving loved ones of people who died from direct or indirect causes related to Fukushima seem to have still chosen to side with and defend pro-nuke forces seeking to resume NPP operations & support harmful policies while showing contempt for those who were smart enough to leave or got their families as far away from Fukushima or better yet,leave Japan altogether! Somebody here on ENE posted a comment that fits in with many ENE threads that suggested "Japan will likely emerge as the world leaders in treating thyroid disease within the next 10 years BY NECESSITY"!!~If this winds up being the case then maybe they will also find & develop the technology to deal with "belly-up" NPP's,highly contaminated former/present nuke facilities & related sites,the stores of all of the waste & byproducts of the filthy nuke industries ALSO by "NECESSITY"(?)!! They'd better come up with something & DO IT QUICK because time is running out and they've got more than enough at stake now to justify getting mean&demand action and FORCE change while(if?)they still can salvage the lives & futures of at least the youth even if they won't let go of sentimental attachments to uninhabitable,ruined homes/land & life they "had" & is GONE!~GET MAD!~ :|…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Meltdowns happen anywhere and everywhere. People are ill in Russia from their meltdown 27 years ago. And ill in the United States from Three Mile Island. Japan is one of the recent victims, a small country that will lose so much. And all for nothing.

  • wagamama

    Please stop blaming "the Japanese." Assuming you are American, what about your own freaking country? Sorry, I'm pissed off.

  • We Not They Finally

    I dont just blame the Japanese. A world disaster as we are mired in cant be just blamed on Japan.Netanyaho will have to resign when he cant form a government?…Obama it is said will cancel his trip to Israel.Whatever caused the destruction of Fukeshima caused the end of all life on this planet except for the under ground bases and cities that were built to prepare for an eventual pole shift which actually could happen at any time.The main problem is that the nuclear disaster in Japn is continuous as we are looking at china syndromes and the eventual total polution of the worlds Oceans ..This then will lead to radioactive rain falling all over the world which will cause mass genetic mutations and the death of our food sources corruption of the atmosphere as the oceans are repsonsible for 70& of all oxygen

  • We Not They Finally

    The problem with nuclear energy. It is invisible you cant touch it smell it feel it or clean it up.We have many many problems with spills and corruption such as the radiation fron the washington reactor spilling into the columbia river and migrating to Oregon.The best thing world wide is shut it down..Finally the foolishness of heating water with nuclear energy and making nuclear war heads has come back to haunt humanity.No one ever conceived that China syndomes could corrupt the worlds oceans and thus destroy Life on earth..Its a matter of time.Imagine a giant fungus that cant be stopped and spreads from ocean to ocean until all thats left is the corruption itself…

  • nedlifromvermont

    it's not over yet, so we keep fighting for the truth to come out and we will try to save what we can …

    be strong 'newsers; reserve your contempt for those who deserve it, for they are legion …