VIDEO: Cancer epidemic underway in Fukushima — Rates up 6,000% says head of cancer research center — “This is definitely a holocaust… everything’s being swept under the rug” — “Very, very frightening… my family members are brainwashed”

Published: February 4th, 2015 at 9:56 am ET


Fukushima resident Chieko Shiina, supporter of the Fukushima Collaborative Clinic (translated by Carole Hisasue), Jan 24, 2015 (emphasis added):

  • At 8:00 — Already, 85 children have had surgeries for thyroid cancer, there are 112-113 children who are suspected of having cancer. When children get cancers it progresses very quickly. The former person in charge of health, Yamashita Shunichi, said it would be only a 1 in a million chance of children getting any kind of cancer because of radiation. But he was lying. Right now, it’s like 1 in 3,000 — it’s an epidemic The head of the National Cancer Research Center estimated right now in Fukushima the rate of cancer has gone up 61 times. And yet the gov’t and also the hospitals related to the gov’t are saying this is not because of radiation… How long does the gov’t think that we’ll be silent about this? In light of this epidemic, my anger will never die down. And then to think about the parents of the small children – how worried they must be.
  • At 12:00 — It’s not only children. There are many things happening to adults as well. Increased rates of thyroid cancer, heart attacks, leukemia, cataracts – many, many health problems, where they are wondering… there’s something definitely wrong.
  • At 16:00 — I can’t forgive the gov’t, they’re murderers. This is definitely a holocaust.
  • At 20:00Media won’t report on it. Everything’s just being swept under the rug.
  • At 26:00 — A TV program called ‘Hodo Station’… they went to Fukushima City to interview people and they also came to my clinic… The director that made this program also made a follow up show and contacted one of the interviewees telling her, ‘We’ll be airing it soon.’ But before it was aired, it was taken off the program. This director died. This director apparently told one of the interviewees, ‘If you do hear that I died, please believe that it was not a suicide, no matter what you might hear.’ There is no truth in the media in Japan today. There are all sorts of these mysterious events happening that are still unexplained and uninvestigated.
  • At 43:00 — Even today the gov’t is insisting the rise in pediatric thyroid cancer rates are not due to the accident…Why are they being so insistent? It’s because the moment they admit the reality of what’s going on, then they obviously can’t restart any of the nuclear plants and must change their entire nuclear policy.

Carole Hisasue, translator (at 1:15:00): It’s disappeared from the media, it’s disappeared from people’s consciousness. There’s this big culture of denial going on outside of Fukushima. They want to pretend like it never happened. I can’t talk to my own family about radiation contamination… They don’t want to hear it. They go, ‘You don’t understand because you don’t have to live here, we have to live here.’… It’s like ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’… just trying to ignore it and pretend life is the way it was before 3/11. It’s frightening, it’s very very frightening[My sister-in-law] is completely brainwashed by the gov’t who says, ‘Oh no, it’s fine, fine, fine’… she believes it, even though her son suffers from a lot of nosebleeds — and I think that’s a serious problem. If I mention it to her, or even to my own mother, they get very offended. They go, ‘Oh no, no. He’s always been like that. It’s nothing to do with radiation.’ Talk about denial, it just hurts my heart.

Watch video of the event here

Published: February 4th, 2015 at 9:56 am ET


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  • rogerthat

    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2015

    Fukushima Update
    Fukushima continues to look extra-pink and atmospheric emissions have been visible at moderate levels all week:

    I'm very busy at work and don't have much time to post right now but I do want to make a special notation.
    Last week's rains started on Thursday. I woke up feeling quite ill but with no definite viral symptoms. My youngest son vomited unexpectedly but then seemed fine, albeit tired during the rest of the day.

    That same day, I had 3 students email me saying they woke up feeling sick. Attendance is voluntary so I think these students really were sick since they were not required to contact me.

    An informal poll at work found the majority awakened feeling very low energy, exhausted, ill, etc.

    It could be coincidence, or the sudden onset of a low-grade viral infection across large population groups. It also could be that those very high radiation levels detected in late November and throughout much of December rained out on us last week.
    Hard to know what is real but I'm a bit worried…

    • We Not They Finally

      I imagine that that is TRUE about the rain-out. Majia is apparently in Phoenix AZ. I wonder what their own sky looks like. We move from major-hazard NM to less-hazard (though no one is safe — hardly!) Massachusetts. But right after the major blizzard here recently, right on the evening news was a photo of a "beautiful sunset" over Central Park in New York. The photo was clearly NOT doctored color-wise, because at the horizon, the sun was still clearly orange. But just above that was a huge blotch of really VERY-bright-pink sky! And around that, no, not blue, not even grey, but clearly purple! Yet they were calling this completely freakish sunset "beautiful."

      We saw a pinkish sunset the next night in Massachusetts, nut since then it reverted to the usual orange.

      So the bright pink was clearly a "snow-out" from the blizzard.

      Phoenix may be getting quite dangerous. Even possibly from WIPP over to its East. Winds normally blow west to east, not west to further west, but I think there are exceptions. (Someone can check on that.)

      Majia's wonderful and we can only wish her well. It's getting pretty crazy out there.

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Please go comment on this Economist article about the costs of the Fukushima cleanup. There are already pro nuker shills (Warigal) spreading lies in favor of nuke energy. We must battle the lies and propaganda.

  • rogerthat

    … The Snake River aquifer faces another threat in the form of spent nuclear fuel that may be deposited at the Idaho National Laboratory. Boise Weekly reported on that possibility on Jan. 15 when former governors Cecil Andrus and Phil Bat held a press conference condemning Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's attempt to bring 37.5 tons of nuclear waste from around the country.

    "If there was contamination in that water," Batt said, "it would cause our potato industry to fold up. It would cause fish farms to fold up in Magic Valley. It would create all kind of problems with municipal water."

    "It could gain $10 million in revenue, but that isn't one tenth of one percent of what you're gambling against if any of that waste gets lose in the aquifer," Andrus added.

  • rogerthat

    Former Idaho Governors Phil Batt (left) and Cecil Andrus address a room of reporters on Thursday morning, appalled at Gov. Butch Otter's attempt to bring more nuclear waste to Idaho.

    Former Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus said Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's recent decision to reopen importation of spent nuclear fuel to the Idaho National Laboratory was "done in the dark of night."

    Democrat Andrus sat aside former Republican Governor Phil Batt, at the Andrus Center for Public Policy on Thursday morning, and both were clearly upset and appalled that Otter would break Batt's 1995 landmark agreement, forbidding any more nuclear waste to come into Idaho.

    "Neither one of us have any intention of letting this decision by two of the elected officials in the state of Idaho (Otter and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden) come to pass," Andrus said.

    Both the governors spent large amounts of their terms stopping the importation of spent nuclear fuel into Idaho. Batt produced the 1995 Agreement, which was then ratified by more than 60 percent of Idaho voters.

    "It's not my agreement, it's Idaho's agreement," Batt said.

    But in spite of that 1995 pact, Otter and Wasden have agreed to receive 50 spent nuclear rods, each weighting 1,500 pounds, for a total of 37.5 tons of nuclear waste, according to Andrus. The letter between Wasden and…

    • rogerthat

      the Department of Energy states that the nuclear waste will be used for "research purposes."

      Batt doesn't buy that. He wrote a letter to Otter on Jan. 12, criticizing Otter's decision and reprimanding him for going ahead with it without consulting Batt or Andrus.

      The danger of the waste accumulating at the Idaho National Laboratory, Batt said, is the risk it poses for the Snake River Aquifer, directly under the repository site.

      "If there was contamination in that water," Batt said, "it would cause our potato industry to fold up. It would cause fish farms to fold up in Magic Valley. It would create all kind of problems with municipal water."

      "It could gain $10 million in revenue, but that isn't one tenth of one percent of what you're gambling against if any of that waste gets lose in the aquifer," Andrus added.

      Throughout the press conference, Batt was calm and firm. Andrus on the other hand—expressed outright anger.

      "I read in the paper that the Governor is concerned about his legacy, how many terms he will lead and so forth," Andrus said. "I will tell you what his legacy will be. It's going to be that they've created a Yucca Mountain in Idaho. That the two of them have done to this state what every other state and this state until now has opposed—and that is the importation of high-level radioactive waste for Idaho for storage."

      Andrus and Batt's greatest fear with Otter's decision is that Idaho will be stuck with the nuclear waste…

      • rogerthat

        forever, and turn the state into the nuclear waste repository for America—and without any input from Idahoans.

        "If this was so important to the state of Idaho and how we were going to gain from it, why didn't he mention it in his State of the State address?" Andrus said.

        "I'll tell you why, it's because he didn't want the people to know what they'd done in the dark of night in secrecy, in breaking this agreement and letting new waste come into the state of Idaho. It's a travesty," Andrus added, raising his voice.

        "I've been around a long time," Andrus said, "But I guess I'm going to have to live a bit longer because we're not going to put up with this."

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          Thanks roger, fighting the crap in Ida-hoe every day
          Idaho moving ahead in the 21st century.

          Soon, no soggy cold fries, hot n' tasty,,, forever !

        • We Not They Finally

          Note: in the weeks following Fukushima, some of the highest rad readings were in Boise, Idaho. Now some of the early highest fall-out cities (not all on the West Coast at all) were clearly because of wind current patterns, but one cannot help wonder if the Idaho lab there just makes things worse on a regular basis.

          • hbjon hbjon

            I remember a Japanese citizen with a Geiger counter getting readings in the tens of thousand of CPM on a handrail 20 miles from the complex. Readings high enough to fry up some bacon and eggs 🙁

          • AirSepTech AirSepTech

            Hanford to the north, INL south, WIPP stuff on the hiway to WHIPP, dug up crap from RockyFlats sits in an openair circus tent waitin' on WIPP, need a clearer picture?

          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            I vividly recall the high readings from Boise,Idaho and the uStream live Geiger unit from Driggs,Idaho because in the weeks following 3/11/11 I'd learned that it gave me around 24-48 hours notice before the same plumes of Shitium would arrive & set off my own Geiger counter here on the SW border of Chicago 5 minutes from Midway Airport that also resulted in some people I knew being sent home from work from Argonne National Laboratory until it was determined that their own sensitive radiation monitoring systems had detected things that did not come from any of the crap they had on hand,but they were reluctant to say it was even possible that the origins of such high level detections setting off alarms had come from 6,125 miles away in Fukushima,Japan[?]! I had "hands-on training" by learning to follow the european ATM's(which were soon to be debunked & scrubbed from the Web)& weather systems & seasonal patterns,jetstream models,"SADNET",& clicking & chirping of my own Geiger unit,but it did nearly nothing to prevent or protect anyone at the time among those I "used" to share the details with on Farcebook,etc.& my wife got hit hard with cancer even before the 1st anniversary of 311 anyways…But at least "I KNOW" it(311)was real & REAL BAD and even without the proper degree's or credentials I saw proof of what happened & an idea of what was coming aside from my often-mentioned "gut-feeling-instinct"that "ichi-efu" was puking enuff Shitium to be dubbed an "ELE"…

            • We Not They Finally

              JB, are you near St. Charles, ILL? Something with VERY high rad readings happened in that area — not sure the cause, but the beta readings were apparently in the thousands.

    • razzz razzz

      "I read in the paper that the Governor is concerned about his legacy, how many terms he will lead and so forth," Andrus said. "I will tell you what his legacy will be. It's going to be that they've created a Yucca Mountain in Idaho…"

      The answer for politicians worried about their legacy is, term limits. Throw them out every election cycle and get an new attitudes in office and these personal agenda will have a harder time getting instituted. More than likely these politicians have a business/monetary interest down the road after they are out of office when pressing for illogical implementations or need campaign contributions to stay elected.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Think that article is supposed to say "50 fuel bundles" or "assemblies," not "50 fuel rods."


      • razzz razzz

        Think that article is supposed to say "50 fuel bundles" or "assemblies," not "50 fuel rods."

        Do to poor and ignorant reporting it is unclear what type of fuel is being discussed other than spent fuel. If I were guessing I would say bundles/assemblies from a pressurized reactor core since they are longer rods that would contain more pellets and more rods per an assembly.

        Sounds like a 'gateway' arrangement, if allowed to take place, more would be on the way there for storage in the future.

        I emailed the editor asking clarification from the reporter of the article. Wait and see if answered.

        In the meantime…
        'Nuclear fuel'

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

      They are experimenting with using spent fuel for nuclear reactors, Idaho National Lab, Terra Power (Bill Gates). One of our trolls posted about a Ph.D. (beautiful girl) her dissertation from Colorado School of Mines, is involved in the experimenting.

      Here is a criticism of this experimenting venture:

      Traveling Wave Reactors: Sodium-cooled Gold at the End of a Nuclear Rainbow? By Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D., September 2013
      “…One of the most difficult engineering problems with sodium-cooled reactors has to do with the fact that sodium burns on contact with air and explodes on contact with water. Further, some of the non-radioactive sodium nuclei of the coolant absorb a neutron and are thereby converted to intensely radioactive sodium-24. Leaks create difficult clean-up and maintenance and repair problems. This is especially so for primary leaks, but also true for secondary loop sodium leaks where no radioactivity releases are involved – as was the case with the 1995 Monju fire. Leaks are often followed by weeks, months, or even years of repair, cleanup, testing and inspection before the reactor can be restarted. Further, leaks have been a common problem in sodium-cooled breeder programs, including in France, the UK, India, Russia, and Japan (IPFM 2010, various chapters). Core meltdown accidents can also occur: two of the U.S. sodium-cooled breeders have had partial core meltdowns (IPFM 2010, pp. 92, 95).

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

        Sodium-cooled reactors have some safety advantages relative to present-day light water reactors, such as operation at low pressure, in contrast to light water reactors. But they also have safety disadvantages, including the potential for the reactor to continue to sustain a chain reaction in the event of coolant loss (IPFM 2010, pp. 8-9)…”

      • Sam Sam
        This firm out of Corvallis Oregon is developing Bill Gates dream of
        small scale nuclear reactors. Check it Out!

        "NuScale Power Module

        NuScale Power has created a new kind of nuclear plant, a smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology, designed with natural safety features.

        The NuScale plant uses natural forces to operate and cool the plant. This eliminates the need for many of the large and complex systems required in today’s nuclear plants. This simplicity allows the NuScale Power Module™ to be factory-built and transported to site. This makes NuScale plants faster to construct, and less expensive to build and operate.

        Each NuScale Power Module generates 50 megawatts of electric power (gross). Additional modules can be added, providing scalability as electricity demand grows. This gives customers with smaller power requirements economical, reliable, and carbon-free power in their portfolio. NuScale's 160MW thermal output also makes it a perfect fit for process heat and steam applications, such as refining, desalination, and district heating.

        Learn more about NuScale Power Technology."
        For more information concerning NuScale Power, please contact:


        See our Careers section
        Business Development

        Michael McGough
        Chief Commercial Officer
        Phone: 503.715.2238
        Corporate Development

        Dale Atkinson
        Chief Operating Officer and Chief…

        • Sam Sam

          NuScale Power To Host "NuEx" Exposition

          Showcase Development Status and Test Facilities, and Interface with Key Officials Planned
          NuScale Power will host the first NuScale Exposition (also known as NuEx) on August 20 and 21, 2015 in Corvallis, Oregon. NuEx will provide the opportunity to learn more about the US leader in small module reactor (SMR) development, tour its facilities, talk with senior executives and interface with suppliers, investors and state and federal legislators.

          Tours will include the one-third-scale NuScale Integrated System Test (NIST) facility which has been in operation proving the features of the NuScale Power ModuleTM since 2003, the full-scale 12-module NuScale control room simulator, operational since May of 2012, a full-scale mockup of the upper assembly of the NuScale Power Module and a full-scale representation of the nuclear core of the NuScale reactor.

          NuScale will also provide “poster session” displays staffed by members of its design, engineering and licensing organizations describing specific details of the NuScale design.

          A gala dinner, hosted by NuScale,will be scheduled for the evening of August 20th and will feature some of the finest wines of Oregon.

          These are interesting times in the energy market and this event could be oversubscribed. Should you wish to request an invitation to this unique event, email your Full Name, Company Affiliation and Address, and Phone Number to…

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

            They aren't so small. Reportedly they are 1/3 the size of current reactors used for nuclear energy.

            • Sam Sam

              At 50 MWe (gross), the NuScale Power Module™ is the smallest of the light-water SMRs, broadening its market reach and application to markets that require smaller sizes and for customers who wish to make smaller investments in nuclear power.
    ’s 50 MWe (gross) size and multi-module plant design permits a high degree of flexibility for deployment in support of both electrical and non-electrical applications, giving it a wide reach to many energy markets.

              Electric Generation – Each NuScale Power Module™ produces 50 MWe (gross), and up to 12 modules can be located at a single NuScale power plant. Hence, this technology can be used in response to either new small-demand or large-grid markets that have low demand growth rates. The scalability feature also makes the technology well-suited as a replacement for retiring coal-fired plants, most of which are less than 300 MWe. Because only one module is refueled at a time, a multi-module plant can provide continuous power throughout the plant lifetime. NuScale estimates that the plant’s full power output will be available >95 percent of the time – making it one of the most reliable electric generation systems available.

              Cogeneration – After steam from the reactor module passes through the turbine, it cools in the condenser and returns to the steam generator for reheating. The NuScale power plant design allows a portion of the steam to be extracted from the

              • Sam Sam

                Cogeneration – After steam from the reactor module passes through the turbine, it cools in the condenser and returns to the steam generator for reheating. The NuScale power plant design allows a portion of the steam to be extracted from the turbine and re-routed for use in a range of low temperature, low pressure applications, such as water desalination and district heating. In addition to this conventional approach to co-generation, a multi-module NuScale plant can also co-generate at the plant level by designing for some modules to produce only electricity, while other modules produce only steam for non-electrical applications.

                Process Steam or Heat – A NuScale Power Module produces 160 MWt of steam for industrial applications, such as for chemical processing, enhanced oil recovery, or for use in producing synthetic fuels. As with co-generation, some modules can be dedicated to electricity production while other modules provide steam and heat to support industrial processes. This feature makes the NuScale design especially well-suited for hybrid energy applications in which multiple energy sources are integrated with multiple energy consuming processes to form a highly optimized and efficient system.

                Government Applications – Individual NuScale Power Modules can be deployed for remote installations or for military bases to permit energy self-sufficiency for mission-critical installations. In addition, carbon-free nuclear energy can help US government facilities to…

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                  “…The companies, their partners and the R&D projects that received the awards are:
                  • AREVA Federal Services partnering with TerraPower Company, Argonne National Laboratory and Texas A&M University, researching liquid metal cooled fast reactor fuels…”

                  Nuclear accidents are so terrible, I don't see how these people are still in business. After WIPP plutonium releases into the atmosphere and the debacle at Savannah River, and MOX failure at Fukushima, AREVA should be out of business and in jail.

                  After Bill Gates investments into Monsanto and illegal monopolies, he should be banned from the US and from all business ventures.

                  So should the other players gaining contracts listed at the above link, e.g., Westinghouse (Toshiba) and Hitachi-GE, also be out of business and facing criminal charges after Fukushima.

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

                At 1/3 the size of the Fukushima units, 12 modules will be the size of the 4 melted through reactors. Also since refueling released huge amounts of radiation when they remove the reactor cap, these SMRs will pollute the surrounding area 3 times as much and as often as a conventional power plant. They will be 3 times more likely to meltdown or have a serious nuclear accident.

            • Sam Sam

              They are small enough to be transported by huge flat bed trucks
              to a site and assembled. If they were one third the size of a nuclear
              plant then this would be impossible. This is truly a scary development
              with huge implications for the proliferation of portable small scale
              nuclear plants.

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder


            Yes agreed 100%

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

        MFX 1209
        July 19, 2014 at 2:11 am
        “…The operation of EBR-II required specialized knowledge of how to configure the core for burner or breeder application. For the IFR the blanket was configured in such a way that the core fuel (the U-Zr metal fuel from IFR) would have walk away safety and recycle actinides….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          Re: BREAKING: Sodium fire underway at “Material and Fuels Complex” at Idaho National Lab — Identical location as recent plutonium exposure
          AP: Authorities say one employee has been burned in a sodium fire reported at a building at the Idaho National Laboratory.

          • Sam Sam

            This event happened in 2011. still significant!

          • Sam Sam

            Idaho Spuds-so good for you!
            Some one ought to go out to the beet fields
            and potato fields of Idaho nearby Idaho Falls
            and measure soil radioactivity. Grab a handful
            of dirt from several locations and go out of
            state with it. put it in lead box and do some
            testing later. Idaho Falls Lab future depository
            for high level spent nuclear waste. There may go
            the Snake River aquifer.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

              Talk of leaching into the aquifer makes the Keystone Pipeline mild in comparison.

              But then no wonder NY state has banned fracking. They use uranium to blast their holes for fracking. The mess in the Gulf of Mexico has been reported to be because they were using nuclear charges.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

              World's First Nuclear Power Plant – Tour [over 50 reactors so far]
              Arco, Idaho
              “Looking out over the flat expanse south of Arco, its understandable why it has been used for nuclear reactor experimentation and development. Any slip ups would render uninhabitable a plain already devoid of trees or towns. It's pretty empty here still, with most of the 900-square mile Idaho National Engineering Laboratory closed to the public.
              “A historical marker at a scenic pull-off boasts that "Since 1949, more nuclear reactors — over 50 of them — have been built on this plain than anywhere else in the world."
              “The world's first peacetime use of nuclear power occurred when the U.S. Government switched on Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 (EBR1) near Arco, Idaho, on December 20, 1951. The town of Arco* became the first city in the world to be lit by atomic power from a reactor built near EBR-I, the BORAX III, on July 17, 1955. It was only temporary, but the way was paved for commercial use of nuclear power. The Arco reactor later suffered a partial meltdown — another World's First. There's no highway sign bragging about that….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          Sodium fire reported at INL building
          KTVB, KTVB.COM 2:08 p.m. MST November 11, 2011
          “IDAHO FALLS — An employee believed to have been burned in a fire caused by a sodium reaction at the Idaho National Laboratory has been released from a hospital, with physicians reporting they found no evidence the cleanup worker was injured.
          “The U.S. Department of Energy says 10 others were evaluated on scene Friday and released by medical staff. Officials couldn't immediately comment on the size of the fire, but suggested it may have been caused by a sodium reaction.
          “Laboratory fire crews responded to the Materials and Fuel Complex, where officials say there's no more evidence of a continued reaction or fire. Firefighters and operations personnel have re-entered the building.
          “The incident comes several days after 16 cleanup workers were exposed to radiation when a box containing plutonium powder was opened.”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          Hugely Expensive Technology Would Increase Environmental, Health, Safety
          And Nuclear Proliferation Risks, New Report Says
          "’Asking the public for huge sums of money for new reactor research and development under the guise of radioactive waste management appears to be largely a scheme to perpetrate the nuclear power industry using public opposition to waste repositories as an excuse,’ said Dr. Arjun Makhijani, President of IEER. ‘Our research shows that the road will not only be costly and dangerous, but that it will also be a dead end. There is no magic bullet for solving the problem of long-lived nuclear waste.’
          “According to The Nuclear Alchemy Gamble, even transmutation proponents agree that many long-lived components of radioactive waste, such as cesium-135 and carbon-14, cannot be transformed into less dangerous forms because of fundamental limitations that cannot be overcome by technology development. Uranium, which makes up 94% of the mass of the spent fuel, cannot be transmuted because it would result in the production of even more plutonium. In some cases, the report notes, transmutation would create new and even more toxic transuranic radioactive materials, making the residual wastes far more dangerous per pound….”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

            The Nuclear Alchemy Gamble: An Assessment of Transmutation as a Nuclear Waste Management Strategy
            Statement of Annie Makhijani, Project Scientist
            May 24, 2000, National Press Club, Washington DC
            However, even if all of the technologies deemed necessary by its proponents are developed, this scheme cannot be realized. Even proponents of the scheme now acknowledge that a geologic repository would still be needed for much of the residual long-lived waste, including elements like plutonium and neptunium, as well as fission and activation products. In fact, only two of the dozen or so long-lived fission and activation products can be effectively transmuted. Huge volumes of "low-level" and transuranic waste will also be created. Moreover, proliferation dangers would increase due to repeated separation of plutonium and other transuranic materials in reprocessing plants. New reactor types will be necessary and they will create new safety risks. So after hundreds of billions of dollars in investment, the existing problem will not be solved and new ones will be created. …”


        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          Plutonium "burning" in LWRs
          “So, we may conclude that in the current situation, the point where the reactor really starts to consume plutonium cannot even be reached.”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          Civilian Uses of HEU
          Jan. 29, 2014
          “Highly enriched uranium (HEU) is uranium with the proportion of the U-235 isotope at or above 20%. …
          “HEU Use in Fast Reactors and Possible Future Nuclear Power Reactors
          “Fast breeder reactors are designed to produce more fissile material than they consume. The surplus fissile material is produced by surrounding the core of the reactor with a blanket of fertile U-238, which is transmuted to Pu-239. However, fast reactors do not have to operate as breeders. The same underlying fast reactor technology can be used to burn (or consume) plutonium and other actinides, such as americium and neptunium. Such reactors are known as fast burner reactors.
          “Some fast reactors use HEU in their seed fuel, which is loaded into the reactor core, although not all fast reactors are designed to use HEU. A MIT study concluded that only fast reactors with a high conversion ratio (above unity) would require either plutonium or HEU. [42] A number of countries, including China, France, Germany, India, Japan, and Russia have constructed or are currently developing fast reactors. [43] Most, if not all such future reactors, will rely on plutonium or U-233-based fuels. India, for example, plans to employ U-233 with a thorium blanket, while fast reactors in the European Union now use mixed oxide (MOX) plutonium fuel. If even a small fraction of these reactors were to be fueled with HEU, it could have significant policy implications.

      • Angela_R

        PJ @3.31am, from your extract: "One of the most difficult engineering problems with sodium-cooled reactors has to do with the fact that sodium burns on contact with air and explodes on contact with water"….

        reminds me of Monju.

        Extract from Wikipedia –
        'Monju is a sodium cooled, MOX-fueled, loop-type reactor with three primary coolant loops, ….."
        (My emphasis: Sodium cooled AND MOX -fueled.)

        "An accident in December 1995, in which a sodium leak caused a major fire, forced a shutdown. A subsequent scandal involving a cover-up of the scope of the accident delayed its restart until May 6, 2010, with renewed criticality reached on May 8, 2010. In August 2010 another accident, involving dropped machinery, shut down the reactor again. As of June 2011, the reactor has only generated electricity for one hour since its first testing two decades prior. As of the end of 2010, total funds spent on the reactor amounted to ¥1.08 trillion. An estimated ¥160-170 billion would be needed to continue to operate the reactor for another 10 years.
        As of 2014, the plant had cost 1 trillion yen ($9.8 billion)."

        • Angela_R

          "Research and Tech Minister Says Nuclear Is the Way of the Future for Indonesia
          By Shesar Andriawan on 06:53 am Jan 07, 2015
          The minister said Indonesia needed nuclear power to generate electricity, saying it was a cheaper and cleaner energy alternative to coal, from which Indonesia currently gets most of its electricity."
          "He added fears concerning earthquakes that often hit the archipelago should not stop the country from developing nuclear power.

          Nasir said the southeastern coasts of Sumatra, parts of Kalimantan and northern Java were among areas in the country relatively safe from seismic activity, and thus ideal locations for future nuclear power plants."

          Perhaps the true costs need to be fully factored in, both monetary and in risks to the health and survivability of all life.

  • rogerthat

    Researcher works to make database of A-bomb survivor accounts

    NAGASAKI — A guest researcher at Nagasaki University's Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition is working on creating a database of over 1,000 testimonials from A-bomb survivors, put out over the years in a citizens' group publication.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We are led by morons.. 🙁

  • Sam Sam

    Morning reading done. Looking forward
    to Ness's new website so can read her
    theories and observations without
    distractions. Give us a link when up
    and running. This will give you your
    own platform to the World. Maybe
    you have some good recipes to share
    as well. I do cook and bake. Corium is
    an interesting new phenomenon. Suggest
    people go read the old forum on it
    here at EEN.

    • We Not They Finally

      One poster recently mentioned that Ness is from The Netherlands. So if her new website is good, maybe it will bring more Europeans our way, which will be good.

  • Ness Ness

    I don't need a website and i do not fancy one. I have 2 websites i can post articles on, and zaplog (in Dutch):

    The kauwgomballenboom (chewing gum ball tree) article translates easily into English via google. But i'm thinking of rewriting and summarizing it in English and post it on WRH. It's a lot of work though. I've suggested posting it here but Sam and PTT 'refuse' it, instead accusing me of using this site to spam non-related articles. The Europeans are already here, don't worry 🙂

    • Sam Sam

      Ness; please post anything you want in the non-nuclear thread
      on topics non nuclear related. That forum is for non-related items.
      I am no longer a foil for you to rant against. The administration
      here makes the decisions on what gets posted. not me!

      • Ness Ness

        Actually you are one of those i refuse to react to. The above post was meant for WNTF but i used the wrong 'reply'. Say hello to Kali, Sam, when you meet her. I'm done with you, totally.

        • Sam Sam

          Kali has reincarnated into a Tiger and now
          accompanies me along my ways. It is best
          to not interact with me. No loss on my part.
          Be nice here in your tone. Helps with the
          flow of good Karma.

    • or-well

      Ness, on a different topic – I saw on zaplog that you were not familiar with Chris Busby. He is anti-nuke and tries to educate people about low-level radiation dangers.

      You cannot trust the wikipedia entry on him. It is constantly edited by pronukers to discredit him.
      Using public money the nuke industry can afford to pay agents to alter data 24/7/365 on their opponents.
      Never mind the "grabber" title on the link below. It is about Busby, who has done much to expose the nuclearists and the lies of their stooges.
      he is one of the "good guys" Ness.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth (Jesus)

      Ness, as always another straw argument. I don't know a single person on this website and I don't know Admin. I have not refused your article. I definitely don't have that power. I can't even say what I think of you because I would be banned from the website. All the things you say about me are simply not true. You just make them up so you have something to argue against. And so you can pretend to be a victim. The victims are those who are dying of radiation poisoning, like me and my family. The victims are all the children of present and future generations.

      It is quite frightening to realize that the nuclear weapons switches are held by persons who are autistic.

    • Ness; please use paragraphs with spaces in between them. You have some good material, but it is very hard to read because it is all run together into one huge page full of words.

  • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

    Take "e" as the natural logarithm 2.718281828 and assume: 1) Fukushima had only 2.17
    cases of cancer in the pre-311 era in 2010 (1 in 1 million or so), 2) The trend persists for at least
    five consecutive years, 3) The 2.17 accepted cancers of 2010 are not said to be all Nuke Victims,
    Let's multiply the Nuke Victims of the previous year with "e" the natural log 2.718281828 from 2011

    2.17 x e = 5.9 for 2011,
    5.9 x e = 16.04 for 2012,
    16.04 x e = 43.6 for 2013,
    43.6 x e = 118.52 for 2014,
    What will it be by the end of 2015? I don't know.

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Close to 400 a wild guess, then 1100, 4000, 14,000, 50,000.
      2020 Olympics will be interesting.

      • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

        Frightening prospect in terms of medical care. I would love to work with Korean statistics. but for some reason they don't come forward much over here. I wonder why?

        • AirSepTech AirSepTech

          MONEY and CONTROL
          OOps, forgot 2020, 180,000?,, a very wild guess.
          Nukers are hoping for WW3, or something close.
          Hide it in plain sight.
          Ultimate goal for the nukers.

          • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

            AirSepTech, don't they just know exactly how many fatalities recorded "AT" wind farms, and then they say no fatalities related to nuclear "AT" nuc sites. Apples and bananas. Wind farms don't take their fatalities across the northern hemisphere.

          • Ness Ness

            Uncle Werner, that is the most amazing use of the number e ever applied. It has nothing to do with maths but hey, who cares 🙂

            Actually the number of victims cannot be calculated this way. If anything, the e-function and all other exponential functions are used in growth, particularly when bacteria multiply, or money, all cases of compound 'interest' with a start'capital', be it money or squirmy little things. The chance of getting a contagious disease can be calculated as well, using the first group of people infected as 'starting capital'.

            One can calculate the chance of someone coming down with cancer due to Fukushima, given the normal chance and the extra chance caused by those meltdowns and subsequent pollution worldwide. But that is not even necessary. Everyone living close to Fukushima is at risk, the children and babies first. And it is not just cancer but other illnesses as well, caused by radiation, heartfailure, leukemia and such – the chance must be close to 80% by now.

            For the rest, it cannot be calculated at all. The chance is random and massive. I would say everybody living in the northern hemisphere now has a 25% chance (very rough estimation) of coming down with one or more Fukushima-radiation related illness in the years to come. And that chance is increasing – accumulating like the radiation itself. That is why a good diet is so important.

            • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

              Ness, first of all, thank you for spotting the kick off integration to get started with. What I might add to you, is that I verified the coincidence of similarity with two other very mathematical methods which are several pages long. It is not fail proof, but I can substitute the 2.17 with those who got accute radiation sickness, and have since passed away, to keep all my calculations in the house, if squirmy is what bothers you. Will you cry or be happy if the bank gives you one Pound free? Please forget the bank comparison, because I can see that you don't understand it. Did you ever open an account and they tell you to deposit money as a condition for opening an account? The bank assumes no off switch for their calculations untill everything is paid and the integration of the Riemann Distribution and its derivatives is not fail proof either. (I am not the first person to note that). We are forced to incorporate an off switch into a mathematical model which has no beginning and no off switch. For safety the calculations are limited to five years. I am surprised that you haven't spotted the fact that people cannot be measured in decimal fractured numbers – that is another red zone.

              • Ness Ness

                There is no such thing as a Rieman distribution. There is a zeta distribution and a Rieman hypothesis on that, concerning prime numbers. If you do not understand compound interest, please do not assume everybody else is equally limited. Be it money or debt, interest rates are calculated with an exponential function.

                Any mathematical model on cancers and other illnesses from Fukushima would have a clear start, and a clear end – beginning on 3/11/11 and ending when everybody has died.

                I do not see how one can use that on the distribution of cancers and such when the chances depend on inhaling one or more particles of plutonium, or 137cesium. It is everywhere, therefore every person and every animal is at risk, depending on the diet, the precautions taken, the size and weight and the state of health.
                But i'm done explaining. This is mathematics and totally off topic.

                • Oom Werner P. Oom Werner P.

                  For laughing myself to pieces, I have trimmed the rest of my response to empty.

                • Sam Sam

                  Is this an instance of the kettle calling the pot black?
                  I want to believe that you are going to stay on thread
                  in future posts and post in appropriate places. Calling
                  another off topic is a bit haughty because you disagree
                  with his post. I am not at all at odds with your thoughts
                  of cancer in the populations. It is going to be impossible
                  to pin it on radiation. The numbers are going to be
                  skyrocketing. Oom Werner P has again awakened us
                  to the horror off this catastrophe. So so hard to look
                  at the figure of Death that now haunts all of us. Sea
                  Lions dying on the beach. Who is next?

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Not necessarily, Ness. Interest can be compounded as simple interest. The exponential function can be helpful for computing interest over a large number of periods, or for financial equations.

                  It is most useful for computing nominal interest.

                  But ask most bankers about that, or even real estate agents today, and they won't be able to explain how these computations are done.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              The exponential function has a lot more uses than you apparently realize.

              • Ness Ness

                Oh did i have to write ALL of them all down Ho? And then get accused of spamming/going totally off topic? And for what, exactly? Simple interest only exists in the Islamic world. It is a one time fee for the duration of the loan. That bankers have no idea how these functions are made, doesn't mean that there are no formulas for them. Actually i gave some examples, bacteria, contagious diseases, debts, savings – but these are not written in the simple forms f = 3^x, it's more complicated than that.

                • Ness Ness

                  It's an iterative proces that can be written as an infinite sum and handled that way, and the crux of the matter is in the exponent, with a factor time. THAT is the type of an exponentional function i was talink about.

                • Ness Ness

                  Decay is also seen as compound interest and calculated that way. It is thus expressed as a growing/decreasing and accumulating rate.
                  It works like this: you have a mass A, decaying over time t. These formula's start at t = 1.

                  Now this is also taken as an infinite sum. The nice thing about these sums is that you can 'fold' them in half, and add the biggest term to the smallest, the next biggest to the next smallest and so on – this way all the terms come out the same. After rewriting it again you take the limit for t => infinity and decide on the growing/decreasing rate.

                  That way you can write it as 1/2 A = (1+or-growing rate)^at. Because A is a known mass you can calculate the time it takes for half of the mass to decay or: calculate the a-factor of the time you started with, be it years, days, minutes with a logarithm. These are the standard formulas.

                  If we knew all the data, the presence of radiation related diseases would show an exponential rise since 3/11. But that data is missing, hidden, lied about, so no go.

        • Sam Sam

          The coming avalanche of cancer in the years ahead
          will definitely overwhelm the medical care systems.
          For those interested in an Integrative model of cancer
          care should read the writings of Donnie Yance of
          Mederi Health care in Ashland Or and check out the website
          linked below. He has done some remarkable research and his botanical formulations
          over the years are worth looking into.
          Only concern I have is that all medicinal botanicals being grown and harvested
          after 3-11- are now infused with fall out radiation. You will not hear a word out
          of alternative medicine about this. There is no mention in upcoming
          Annual conference of Integrative Medicine in New York City in late Fed on radiation.
          Maybe in denial like the rest of the medical profession.
          My Kaiser GP when I mentioned radiation said, don't eat the fish and wash the veggies!
          Little does he know about internal uptake of nuclides in vegetation.
          Having said all of the above, I still have faith in the formulations of botanical medicine.

          • GOM GOM

            Sam. Look into New Chapter. Organic whole food supplements. Main farm is in the Children's Rain Forest, Costa Rica. Other in Vermont. At this point, I can only trust in them and have for 20 years. Right now I take double-dose prenatal for all vit/min/iodine needs. Men need this too. It's not cheap. But it's all you need on a supplement level with organic diet, good water.
            http://www.newchapter. com/

            • Sam Sam

              Thanks. website server not connecting on new chapter. will check them out.
              Supplements are controversial. either you believe in them or not. do they
              help-may be? Botanicals are plant based medicine. also important to check out the purity of the supplement.
              the integrity of the company. how it is being promoted-? multi level marketing?
              hiding behind the walls of practitioners whom you have to pays $$ to get them.
              then thee are others who say eat a good diet? simply said but our food is
              not nutritionally dense as it once was and furthermore its now compromised by
              radiation. even organic is no assuredness of safety though better in some ways
              than conventional. in the end it is each to their own to figure out.

              • GOM GOM

                Sam. They have great vids on their site. Company low key, word of mouth sort of thing. Think you'll be impressed as to credentials and staff.
                Take care.

                • Sam Sam

                  I found 120 items of New Chapter at an online shop I buy at–.
                  Natural Healthy Concepts. thanks again. I will look into them.
                  They give free shipping and no tax (at least to Ca.)
                  I like that New Chapter grows a lot of their herbs in Costa Rica.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising the Truth (Jesus)

      The chance of getting cancer in your lifetime before Fukushima was 1 in 2, almost 50%, not 1 in 1,000,000. After Fukushima it will rise quite quickly to 100% worldwide

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Atomnicide! 🙁

  • @itsa….you are pushing the limit. Stop pushing like that.

    • smellslike

      itsa is paid to troll or stupid. I bet stupid.
      Hasn't learned s**t about quakes in 4 yrs.
      Being a crass sensationalist hypocrite preying on the gullible and exploiting the stupid is the newest career. Lots of opportunity on the fringe cuz there's a sucker born every minute.

        • itsanuclearwar

          You smell like a coward. Still waiting for you to show up, but you already know that you can't win, so run and hide or get some one else to do your fighting. You talk a lot of shit behind some ones back, face to face you are nothing. You have zero credibility. FUKU WAS DONE BY DESIGN, YOU DEFEND THOSE BEHIND IT! I CALL YOU OUT TO ARGUE THIS. YOU RUN AND HIDE! YOU DON'T WANT THE TRUTH TO SURFACE WHICH WILL OUT YOU AND COST YOU YOUR JOB. CHICKEN LITTLE CHICKEN SHIT

        • itsanuclearwar

          The "nukepro" is a "noshow" as in "no mas". Take a dive before the bell even rings to start the first round, and then talk shit. Yea, you are every ones hero, or, I mean ZERO!

      • itsanuclearwar

        Let you tell it!

  • My solar Karma is going to run over the Nuclear Dogma
    (no Beagles were harmed in the production of this comment)

  • rogerthat

    This BLOG is for LLNL present and past employees, friends of LLNL and anyone impacted by the privatization of the Lab to express their opinions and expose the waste, wrongdoing and any kind of injustice against employees and taxpayers by LLNS/DOE/NNSA. The opinions stated are personal opinions. Therefore, The BLOG author may or may not agree with them before making the decision to post them. Opinions not conforming to BLOG rules are deleted. Blog author serves as a moderator.

  • razzz razzz

    I don't know why anyone would use compounding interest to express nuclear poisoning resulting in illness and death. Compounding interest is much to a simplistic representation. You need to use probabilities and it would take a computer programmer to write for that dealing with with all the nuclear elements including daughter products causing anything from malaise to death by cancers to mutations and anything in-between. Chance uptake from fallout and its resulting effects seems almost impossible to map out conclusively. Mainly due to expense.

    Localized chronic and latent implications from fallout detailed in hospitals and doctors reports are collected and sealed by governments that know enough about nuclear radiation so not to report it or show the results. Makes statistical observations difficult if not impossible.

    Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction – February 28-March 1, 2015 at The New York Academy of Medicine

    A unique, two-day symposium at which an international panel of leading experts in disarmament, political science, existential risk, artificial intelligence, anthropology, medicine, nuclear weapons and other nuclear issues will be held at The New York Academy of Medicine on Feb 28- March 1, 2015. The public is welcome.
    A project of The Helen Caldicott Foundation

    Venue: The New York Academy of Medicine. 1216 Fifth Ave @ 103rd St. NY, NY 10029
    Location, Directions and Parking


    Or: Click or copy and paste:

    Important notice: Tickets will be on sale until Feb 18th, 2015. Register early to reserve your place. After the cut off date you will have to pay by CASH at the venue.

    There will be NO FOOD OPTION for those who do not pre-register.

    There is no bank machine in the building.

    *****THE EVENT WILL BE LIVE STREAMED***** Look for link here.

    The Symposium: The Dynamics of Possible Nuclear Extinction.
    Russia and the U.S. possess 94% of the 16,400 nuclear weapons in the global nuclear arsenal. The U.S. maintains its first strike winnable nuclear war policy, and both…

    • melting mermaid melting mermaid

      Thanks. Agag. Good info. Go Helen Caldicott. She's definetely got balls. I think we're going to take her advice and come down there and I'm sure we'll need all kinds of help. Maybe we could meet in person. I'd like to meet as many enenewsers as I can before I die. It's part of my bucket list. I've never moved to another country. It's kind of daunting. Two of my favorite people live in Valparaiso and Santiago, would be three. One of the nicest people I ever met, but he just died of Leukemia. He was only 27. Too sad. I guess it's the new normal.

  • The Radioactive River Styx Flows Through Fukushima, Leading Directly To Underworld, Hades, Death And Chaos

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid
    Toxic cloud over Barcelona. A chemical plant exploded covering the sky with a toxic orange cloud. Good picture.

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