Video: Cemetery blocks filled with babies downwind of US nuclear site — “This needs to be talked about, the children… murdered” — Mother: My newborns died within hours, tumors all over, brain disintegrated after massive stroke — “Body parts, cadavers, fetuses… the nuclear industry took in the dead of night… from all over US”

Published: December 16th, 2014 at 2:33 pm ET


Kay Sutherland (Walla Walla, Washington) published Nov 8, 2010 (emphasis added):

  • We’re in the Walla Walla Mountain View Cemetery standing where the babies’ graves are… Many children all died in the same era… (counting tombstones) 1950, 1950, 1950, 1950, 1945 — All of these babies need to have a voice in what Hanford has done. From this section… back towards my car, is all babies. Some of them do not have marked graves, my cousin was one.
  • All of them here say ’48, ’49, ’48, ’48, ’48… ’55, ’55, ’56… ’48, ’48, ’48… This is what needs to be talked about — the children… our future, that Hanford murdered… ’46, ’46, ’46… this area must be the 1954 and ’55 area… It breaks your heart to know that there was so much sadness… because of a handful of men who decided to play god and took away… our life, our hope. ’62, ’62, ’62.
  • My daughter [Jennifer] was born in 1963 [and is] buried here… double club feettumors throughout her body, an enlarged liver, and died from a massive stroke which disintegrated her brain. She lived 15 hours.
  • It doesn’t even tell you about all the miscarriages… I myself had 4 miscarriages.
  • My children are right over here… Todd lived 36 hours… These babies need to have a voice in what has happened… Todd weighed 3 lbs, 14 oz… the placenta didn’t develop.
  • Jennifer, her birth was very traumatic… I hemorrhaged… filled my bed with blood. The doctor told me… when the water broke, it was green, foul smelling… It took her 2 hours… to die after she had her stroke. They never brought her to me so I could hold her… I wasn’t even told until the following day she was dead… It just goes on and on and on.

According to the Walla Walla coroner’s website, they have ‘unclaimed’ remains of nearly 100 cremated babies. 95% of the babies died between 1946 and the 1970s (56 of 57 boys; 33 of 36 girls). “Hanford produced its first plutonium on Nov 6, 1944 [until] the reactor shutdown in the 1970s.” –Source

Sutherland also noted this about Jennifer: “Her body had been removed and I wasn’t even told that she was cremated. I thought that she had been buried hereshe sat on the shelf of the mortuary for 4 yearsIt was big secret that was kept from me, from my whole family… Everything that I thought was true wasn’t. What was true I didn’t know… Jennifer was delivered by one of the old doctors of Walla Walla… the old doctors were in-on-the-know with Hanford… His very church-going friend… did the experiments on the prisonersShe was autopsied by the very same pathology lab that autopsied Hanford people. They would… steal them away from the mortuaries over there, bring them to Walla Walla, have the pathology lab do their tests or take their body samples or parts, and take them back to Hanford… without their families ever knowing… The nuclear mausoleum [is] under the direction of… Washington St. University… They have body parts, cadavers, fetuses — any kind of sample that you can imagine… that the nuclear industry took in the dead of night, under cloak-and-dagger terms, from all over the US [and] nuclear facilities.”

Watch the interview with Sutherland here

Published: December 16th, 2014 at 2:33 pm ET


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  • Bill Duff

    Mean OLD people should stop SCARING jackbooted federal agents.

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      We need to search out mainstream news articles related to cancer, mutations and radiation so we can post factual based comments for others to read. I am already doing this. People see these comments and some of them start thinking critically. I just posted at: on an article about genetic mutation testing on babies.
      "Genetic mutations are increasing as we proceed through the nuclear age. Autism has now been linked to various genetic mutations. Cancers of all types are genetic mutations. Cancer rates were 7% before we invented and built nuclear reactors and bombs. Cancer rates now are over 56%! Nuclear reactors are literally massive cancer factories that pollute our environment, food and bodies with mutagenic radioactive isotopes of innumerable types. Nuclear power is the most dangerous invention in the history of mankind. Nuclear weapons are created by nuclear reactors. Learn for yourself. Radiation from man made nuclear reactors is not whatsoever comparable to naturally occurring radiation. Nuke reactors put radioactive gases, particles and fluids into our bodies. That is INTERNAL RADIATION. Naturally occurring radiation is outside of our bodies; external. Comparing radiation in sunshine or bananas to radiation bombarding us from Strontium 90 or Cesium 137 is a complete joke. One gram of Cesium 137 has 18 TRILLION times the radioactivity of one gram of Potassium 40 which is the radioactive isotope found in bananas which the pro nukers always use in their attempts…

    • Must see! Yoichi Shimatsu's latest investigation on what was behind Fukushima Incident!!

  • Bill Duff

    The US Senate has not been properly constituted in over a century, following irregular enrollment of Amendment XVII.

    Unconstitutional federal taxes are paid under duress following irregular enrollment of Amendment XVI.

    The White House is unconstitutionally occupied by the Kenya Native Barack Hussein Obama.

    I pay federal taxes at gunpoint, and for no other reason. And I fully support restoration of the Constitution of the United States; also at gunpoint.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      Only in your own opinion. Not the opinion if the rest of the country. You have no right to be a dictator or to murder people. No constitutional right and no moral right.

    • 53rockwell 53rockwell

      Preach It Duffy
      Clue em im. It hopeless. They will not listen.Clueless


        they're not necessarily clueless, 53rockwell. Bill is making an effort to cut through decades of social engineering. When one takes the time to seek common ground in what we're doing out here, we're more often than not surprised by those efforts.

        I once spent several days (years back) discussing these issues with-what turned out to be gentleman who had (extremely juxtaposed) politics from mine. Unlike others, we both came away with great respect for eachother. And in truth, I also came away from our (international) dialog, honored by our friendship and respect. I'm only saddened that we'll never have the opportunity to break bread and spill wine in his home country! He eventually developed an understanding of the dangers of centralization, while I also acknowledged his angst against laisefaire capitalism.

        These are serious schisms that've long plagued social progress. That we're each incapable of solving these issues, does not preclude any from attempting to understand where the other is coming from. Such should be the metric whereby each measures motive of the other.

        I can respect Bill's objective to educate the great unwashed, yet retain reservation at the tactics used in acheiving his objectives. Of course, I can personally attest to his pointed disagreement against those who display equally undisciplined tactics against those they'd choose to marginalize, out here…

    • name999 name999

      BD, right wing trash…take it some where else.

      • Bill Duff

        The Sagebrush Rebellion is a bipartisan Western State federalism issue.

        Bill would move New Mexico's federal lands into state custody, Eddy County has 1.6 million acres of federal land, By Stella Davis, Posted: 02/07/2013 09:45:49 AM,

        Legislation that would move ownership and management of the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management lands in New Mexico has been sent to the House Agriculture and Water Resource Committee for study. House Bill 292 – The New Mexico Transfer of Public Lands – was introduced by Rep. Yvette Herrell, R-Alamogordo, and Sen. Richard C. Martinez, D-Espanola, and calls on the U.S. government to extinguish title to public lands and transfers title to the state of New Mexico on or before Dec. 31, 2015. The legislation would exclude national parks and monuments, national historic parks, wilderness areas and tribal lands.

        The bill, is similar to the Transfer of Public Lands Act enacted last year in Utah.

  • SadieDog

    You two are making me wish there was a quota for comments by individuals. Get a room.

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      "The People of the Earth understand that the Fukushima nuclear crisis continues to threaten the future of all life. We understand the full implications of this crisis even with the suppression of information and the filtering of truth by the corporate owned media and Nation States. We strongly urge the media, corporations and Nation States to acknowledge and convey the true facts that threaten us, so that the international community may work together to resolve this crisis, based on the foundation of Truth."

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      "The foundation for peace will be strengthened by restoring the Original Instructions in ourselves. Prophecies have been shared and sacred instructions were given. We, the People of the Earth, were instructed that the original wisdom must be shared again when imbalance and disharmony are upon Mother Earth. "

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      "We acknowledge that all of these devastating actions originated in human beings who are living without regard for the Earth as the source of life."

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      "In 1994 the sacred white buffalo, the giver of the sacred pipe, returned to the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people bringing forth the sacred message that the winds of change are here."
      Plowboy..I heard about the white buffalo coming back in the '80's>

    • PlowboyGrownUp

      "Our collective future as human beings is in our hands, we must address the Fukushima nuclear crisis and all actions that may violate the Creator’s Natural Law. We have reached the crossroads of life and the end of our existence. We will avert this potentially catastrophic nuclear disaster by coming together with good minds and prayer as a global community of all faiths."

    • Angela_R

      Thank you Dr. Goodheart for spreading that message, i also note from your record:
      "During this time it was revealed that the spirit of destruction gained its’ strength by our spiritually disconnected actions."

      'The spirit of destruction' which mankind manifests at times by 'our spiritually disconnected actions'.

      Umm, this draws me to reference the 'son of perdition' sometimes translated as the 'son of destruction'. Though there are and have been many sons of destruction, this one tends to denote a particular individual:
      2 Thessalonians 2:3 "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;" King James Version, 1611

  • There has been a large amount of 'taking' going on historically.. Who are the 'real' owners?

    The illegal taking is still happening today.. you just don't hear about it.

  • jec jec

    New reports out on the Hanford radiation leaking mess. Its not good news…

    And check out monthly on status..
    How many more birth defects and deaths of babies will there be?

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Great info on that link re Hanford tank farm leakage assessment report. I will be spreading that info out to my activism network soon. The scale and severity of radioactive contamination at Hanford is difficult to comprehend frankly. Nuke reactors and bombs are pure evil. Nothing good comes from nuclear; only death.

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      Let us not forget the pictures of the thousands and thousands of barrels of nuke waste that was illegally buried in unlined trenches at Hanford. Literally miles of unlined trenches contain now corroding barrels of nuclear waste that was buried by machinery. Everyone is so fixated on the tanks, which do pose an extinction level threat if they are not properly addressed. We can only guess as to the contents of these countless drums of radioactive nuke waste that are just rusting away right next to the Columbia River. What have we done in our quest to play God with the atom and create Satan's element Plutonium??

  • name999 name999

    jec, thanks for posting this article. I lived in that region for 25 years! This is one of many examples of how our government makes provisions for secrecy for Hanford and many other sites nationwide and worldwide with knowledge of the murder of innocent people. That appears to be irrelevant to the overseers of this contamination. This information barely limps into the media occasionally and then is immediately suppressed.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      These reports/reports like these confirm the stupidity of a Nuclear future on this planet..

      • Sol Man

        There is nothing with genomes destroyed.

        • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

          So true that if we keep damaging our DNA with nuclear radiation there will reach a point where successful reproduction and birth of healthy babies will be a low probability outcome and eventually nearly impossible. So many babies and young people now get cancer and have genetic diseases, like autism. A new study identifies specific genes that when mutated cause autism. Nuclear is slow motion mass suicide. Nuclear is criminally insane. We must ban reactors forever and figure out a method to safely store all of this radioactive mutagenic death waste for 250,000 years.

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