Video: Corium from Fukushima causing increase in radon-222?

Published: April 28th, 2012 at 9:11 am ET


Title: Answers to Corium and Radon
Source: antiprotons (Computer Scientist)
Date: Apr 25, 2012

At 1:00 in

The question is can corium cause an increase in Radon-222?

The reality is, right there [Japan], maybe — Over here in America, probably not.

See also: [intlink id=”tokyo-suburb-children-on-playground-dirt-with-huge-amounts-of-radioactivity-alpha-particles-detected-cesium-levels-so-high-it-prevented-detection-of-other-isotopes-video” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: April 28th, 2012 at 9:11 am ET


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39 comments to Video: Corium from Fukushima causing increase in radon-222?

  • Toadmac

    Q: What is this then?

    I made this video for laughs and fame! Wish I could get some more normal readings like this for fun purposes! Maybe this was just normal back then and all recent readings are just extremely low? Lets face it…….. suckers!
    More funny videos coming soon (once readings get back to normal).

    P.S. I will make this offer again: Any person who holds credentials in this field or similar and has access to high end equipment, feel free to call my bluff and make a video with me to discredit/debunk my readings! My time,my choice of public place, your equipment with your choice of sample taken from the area! Leave your number and I WILL CALL YOU (ask your colleagues to confirm that I will call)! All equipment will be tested against four samples with known and documented decays of my choice.

  • SteveMT

    There will be a lot more Radon-222 coming our way.
    <b>Uranium – U238 Decay Chain</b>

    Symbol Element Radiation Half-Life Decay Product

    U-238 Uranium-238 alpha 4.46 Billion yr Th-234
    Th-234 Thorium-234 beta 24.1 days Pa-234
    Pa-234 Protactinium-234beta 1.17 minutes U-234
    U-234 Uranium-234 alpha 247,000 years Th-230
    Th-230 Thorium-230 alpha 80,000 years Ra-226
    Ra-226 Radium-226 alpha 1,602 years Rn-222
    Rn-222 Radon-222 alpha 3.82 days Po-218
    [Many more]

    • Arizonan Arizonan

      Yeah but it will take over 4.5 billion yrs for the radon-222 to start accumulating!! 🙂

      • SteveMT

        Think that through again, Arizonan. The U-238 decay has been ongoing since the formation of the earth.

        • The Blue Light.

          Make that since a star went supernova about 9 billion years ago and formed the heavy elements which went into the solar system at its birth.
          Ps. The star that went supernova might have some Uranium in it from the stardust from the supernova that came before it, and so on, and on.

      • Actually, a detectable isotopic equilibrium can form within processed uranium in a year or two.

        Ra222 is coming from the ground, from around the world. This has been known to science for a long time. People are starting to notice it now because they were searching for Fuku-fallout.

        • Many use 'Radon progeny' as an excuse or misdirection for readings. In my opinion it is similar to saying that ingesting a radioactive particle is like riding on an airplane. The 'experts' hope people won't research further and just accept the misdirection.

          I would say the Fuku Fallout has ADDED to Ra222.

          Dying in the RAIN! – The Radioactive Proof.

          see potrblog's latest:

          Who's he talking about, hmmm…? (at about 9:30 in)

          • Fuku-fallout would contain Cs137 and Cs134 in equilibrium. I have samples of actual Japanese soil, contaminated by that very fallout, and that is what they contain.

            Ra222 comes from radium 226. Radium 226 is barely present in uranium fuel. This is something removed to make the fuel work better. In fact, a meltdown would distribute far less Ra222 then an old uranium mine.

            Just because people want to connect the two, Fukushima and radon, doesn't make it true. it goes against over 100 years of science and understanding. The fact that it is debated astounds me.

            Why do people look for what isn't in Fuku-fallout and ignore what is? I131, I130 both rained on us for some time, months ago. That was confirmed by my researchers. Why must be create another new monster to fear?

            Radon washout is only new to those who learned about it post Fukushima. To the world of science, it has been understood since before I was born.

            As for the link, if Potrblog wants to know what is in his water, why spend money on Geiger counters when he could actually find out with a spectrometer? Scientists do not use Geiger counters for isotope identification because it would be the wrong tool. Like a wrench to hammer a nail.

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Perhaps the use of the EMF "tools" available to many nations, which are purportedly sometimes directed at the ground, could currently be utilized by some of these said nations to purposefully target the open air uranium mines and tailings precisely for the purpose of polluting other nations' air with additional radon off-gasing?

              Another possible cause for the radon spikes?

              • What-About-The-Kids

                If so, this would be yet another good reason to end uranium mining and nuclear power, and to clean up the mines and tailings strewn across our nation, Canada, Australia, etc…

                • What-About-The-Kids

                  And while we're at it, it might be a good idea to create international sanctions and laws FORBIDDING the use of such EMF "tools" altogether. Seems pretty immoral to use these "silent tools" against others who are powerless to defend themselves, don't you think?

                  Kind of like punching someone when their back is turned to you, or shooting an unarmed enemy in the back. At least, when I was growing up, these kinds of actions were seen as unethical.

                  Has the world changed it's ethics and moral standards while the rest of us have been sleeping?

                  Oh wait, I think I actually read a U.N. resolution they voted for which made the use of these "tools" forbidden. Or maybe I was just dreaming…

        • I think that people should consider the amount of air in the atmosphere and the amount of uranium needed to fill it with even a tiny amount of radon. Uranium mining creates large amounts of radon 222, but is not a significant factor with respect to the uranium found around the world in the ground.

          Currently, I am testing soil samples from around the USA and finding uranium 238 or thorium 232, and associated progeny, in nearly every sample (though in small amounts). The radon gas we breath in comes from out ground, mostly. This is why your basement may have radon problems… it's not because you have a reactor in your basement or nuclear fuel… or the jet stream dumped fuku-rain in your basement. How long have people vented their basements against radon? Decades?

          Radon is a significant contributor of radiation dose per year per person, and known to be a major cause of lung cancers. It is not to be taken lightly, but it is also mostly natural in origin.

          What we need to do is focus on issues at hand, such as fuel pool four. is it a real issue? Maybe. It needs to be addressed, as do the people in Japan who need our help. Also, contamination in food via bio accumulation. These proven and real issues deserve our time and focus, not radon washout.

          • What-About-The-Kids

            Thanks for your valuable input, Anti-Proton.

            I think we need to focus on whatever we can do to reduce our exposure to any additional radiation than we already have been exposed to. There are enough "experts" to insure enough people are focused on the multiple issues we face, including the reinforcement of SFP #4, insuring the Common SFP at Fuku isn't in jeopardy of burning and releasing the enormous amount of radiation there, as well as radiation mitigation and trying to minimize either our exposure to radon in our homes, Fuku fallout, or internal exposure in our food and water.

            Uranium mining issues and working to end nuclear power plants, as well as deal with our huge SFP storage crisis here in the U.S. are also problems we need addressing by our leaders. Take your pick and focus on the ones you know or care most about and let's get to work!

            Speaking of food radiation mitigation, SendaiMom, in another thread, asked if anyone here in the U.S. had started a citizen's food testing lab or network. I haven't heard of any citizens here who have the proper equipment (as you know, Geiger Counters are not adequate for such testing.)

            I suggested anyone interested contact the gentleman featured on PBS recently, David Sydney Moore, who started a citizen's food testing lab in Japan, and is soon moving to the U.S. He may be able to offer advice or even help set up just such a network here.


            • What-About-The-Kids

              David Sydney Moore's Tokyo Kids Radiaton Facebook page will also give you an idea of the work he's been doing in Tokyo:


              I appreciate your and everyone's invaluable input here at enenews. I truly believe we are making a difference by our participation on this vital forum. I know I sure have learned so much (we probably would all qualify for a degree in "anti-nuclear ecology" or something like that, if there were such a degree!) LOL 😉

          • Spectrometising

            It needs to said that David Sydney Moore is a member of this page (Link below.) which has many contributors. This is also an invaluable source.


            Other excellent source. Well established, reliable.

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Excellent! Thanks, Spectro, for the additional great resources! Surely those of you who have a passion for the technical aspects of radiation testing could be a great help in assisting a citizen's network to get the proper equipment set up to do it correctly.

              And I'll bet Bruno at CRIIAD in France could offer his advice, given the fact he has already created many helpful "how to" videos on radiation monitoring using Geiger counters on CRIIAD's YouTube channel.

              Where there's a will, there's a way. Perhaps the Radiation Monitoring forum here could morph into just such a citizen's network for food testing? There could be several set up, in many countries too, if the interest were great enough. But for those of us living in direct line of Fuku via the Jet Stream, or who eat food from CA, WA or OR, I think the first set up would generate the most interest and support here on the West Coast of the U.S.

              Any other ideas or suggestions from anyone else for setting this up would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 I know Kevin and Majia and SendaiMom are on board already, as I'm sure many, many others here are too.

  • Spectrometising

    Good work Tom. Here is something on the Pb210 factor.
    From Wikipeia
    Main article: Decay chain#Radium series (also known as uranium series)

    222Rn belongs to the radium and uranium-238 decay chain, and has a half-life of 3.8235 days. Its four first products (excluding marginal decay schemes) are very short-lived, meaning that the corresponding disintegrations are indicative of the initial radon distribution. Its decay goes through the following sequence:[22]

    222Rn, 3.8 days, alpha decaying to…
    218Po, 3.10 minutes, alpha decaying to…
    214Pb, 26.8 minutes, beta decaying to…
    214Bi, 19.9 minutes, beta decaying to…
    214Po, 0.1643 ms, alpha decaying to…

    At the next step, 214Po decays to 210Pb, which has a much longer half-life of 22.3 years.

    It is interesting that Lead 210 (210Pb) was detected in large amounts according to Dr Chris Busby in this article….

    • What-About-The-Kids

      Thanks for posting these decay chains.

      I question the oft-stated reassurances we hear from folks in the nuclear industry that radon is "naturally occurring" and thus the huge spikes and overall uptick in beta radiation levels in many cities across the U.S. which we've seen since 3/11 on the EPA's RADNET are "natural."

      Instead, I suspect that somehow these decay chains have been altered (or at least our previous understanding of how they work) due to what has been occurring at Fukushima since 3/11 (explosions, meltdowns, recriticalities and intermittant fires in the spent fuel pools) so that the uptick in radon is indeed from Fuku fallout.

      Any other thoughts regarding this?

      • I seriously doubt it. I can take a piece of uranium from my collection and literally watch as the elements it produces decay (using gamma spectroscopy). Elemental decay chains are not affected by fire, explosions, or even blackholes or a super nova. They are the result of complex quantum wave forms and probability densities of those functions. It's neat to think of them changing, but it doesn't stack up to over 100 years of measurement.

        • Spectrometising

          My current theory for further thought is that the physical equilibrium of radon above and below ground has/is changed/changing, and that more of it is above ground where it can easily more swiftly pass into the atmosphere rather than the arduous task of making its way out from within rock which may take longer than its half-life will allow..

          And i suspect radio isotopes/elements having a short half-life will be the most easily detectable of all the Uranium/thorium/etc progeny to identify, as very little of it is required in order to see observable decays if increases of the element/isotope are present even in very small amounts when compared to Radioisotopes which have a longer half-life so that more of that Radioisotope with a longer half-life is required in order to observe nuclear decay with detectors sensitive to radiation.

          • Spectrometising

            @ …So what i am pointing out is that while i agree there are the constraints governed by definite laws with respect to equilibrium of radioisotopes in a decay chain, the laws which govern the distribution of radionuclide's above and below ground may have been changed significantly.

            For instance….Radioactive rock samples are usually well vented if contained inside a glass case to remove Radon and prevent it building up in living areas. However, if the radioactive rock was in the ground, the radon it produces may never surface due to the time it takes to get there. So the rock sample has changed the Physical equilibrium of radionuclides above and below ground..

            This is not taking into account other sources of Radon like from Radium dissolved in water contained in natural aquifers..

            Those are my rubbing two sticks together, anthroponuclear thoughts so far.

      • Spectrometising

        @ What-About-The-Kids ….I pulled up that old documentation about the excessive Lead210 From Dr Chris Busby precisely because it indicates some very weird science, if the oft stated theories about Radon progeny are to be believed.

        For instance, did a bunch of Radon land more or less directly over Yokohama where it underwent decay into Lead210 and then promptly dumped itself right there where it was picked up By Dr Chris Busby who had it sent away for independent analysis??

        Does the fact that most Uranium is usually found in the ground locked in a matrix of rock prevent it from surfacing easily and swiftly enough to undergo the Radon decay in the air where it can be dumped a few hours later as Radon washout, or is extracting Uranium and liberating it in concentrated form close to the earths surface where it can easily get into the air giving Radon progeny a airborne superhighway to the clouds??

        YES!!!!, the decay chain of radioactive progeny follows a predictable behavior….so in summarising my most salient point….In other words..

        ….Does the very fact that in the past, Uranium was locked up in the ground where very little Radon made it to the surface quickly enough to undergo further decay?

        Or.. consider the effect of earthquakes which have been associated excess Radon by some papers on the subject.

        No,…..we cannot rule out anthropogenic Radon washout yet. In my ultra skeptical opinion.

        • Spectrometising

          I meant "we can not rule out anthroponuclear radon washout" *

        • What-About-The-Kids

          Thanks for your replies, Spectro and all. I tend to agree with Spectro's assertion that the natural "equilibrium" or "mix" of radon in the ground vs. above ground has indeed been upset by man's mining of uranium and the tailings which I understand to be piles of the stuff left open to the air. I only recently learned of two uranium mines north of WA state and two former mines on the Spokane Tribal Reservation. There apparently is one in S. Alaska as well as uranium mining in Saskatchewan, Canada (the world's largest exporter of uranium).

          An agreement for the clean up of the two open air pit mines near Spokane was only just reached last September:

          " WASHINGTON – A settlement agreement has been reached for the cleanup of the Midnite Mine Superfund Site, located on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Northeastern Washington, the Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today. The 350 acre site, which is centered around a former open pit uranium mine, poses a potential threat to people’s health and the environment due to the presence of heavy metals and elevated levels of radioactivity."

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            “Colorado has approximately 1,200 historic uranium mines, which produced over 63 million pounds of uranium from 1948 to 1978. In the past uranium mining and milling sites in Colorado have contaminated the air, soil, ground, and surface waters with toxic and radioactive chemicals. These operations created negative impacts on mineworkers, public health, wildlife, and the environment.

            “There is no special program to clean up and/or contain the toxic and radioactive legacy of thousands of mines left behind by the uranium mining industry. And nowColorado is facing another uranium boom….”

            • What-About-The-Kids

              1,200 uranium mines and no plans to clean them up???

              Anne, I am speechless. 🙁

              • What-About-The-Kids

                It is simply unconscionable and yet one more indication of a truly SICK and psychopathic cycle of abuse of our land, our water, our air, and all living things which is the bedrock of the entire nuclear cycle and the industry and Regulatory Illusionary Commissions that colludes to continue the destruction of our beautiful planet. 🙁

                If our officials and representatives who have ANY conscience or integrity or concern for humanity and the survival of our planet are listening, the time to act to STOP this insanity and put an end to nuclear power and the entire nuclear cycle is NOW!

              • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                As if there isn't enough radiation in Colorado, recently Canada shipped nuclear waste to Colorado, presumably to the western slope.

              • Bobby1

                There are mounds of uranium tailings hundreds of feet high in western Colorado, I've seen them myself. The wind is blowing on them day and night, spreading it around the country.

                • What-About-The-Kids

                  Incredible. But sadly, more people do not know the dangers of allowing uranium piles to be exposed to open air like this. We need a massive education campaign about this and the dangers of radiation and nuclear power in general in order to wake people up about it. Otherwise, no one will say a peep and just go back to sleep, playing on their iPads…

                  Hey, wait a minute…what about a radiation danger game app? A way to teach the video game and app-addicted masses? 😉

          • What-About-The-Kids

            But now to the question of the beta spikes on Radnet since 3/11:
            Is it just because we're looking for it that we are seeing it, and these levels have always been this high?

            I highly doubt it as the EPA had a statement on their website stating that any levels over 100 CPM were alert levels. But since Fuku, we've consistently seen levels in many cities which are much higher. We must have previously had much lower levels than what we are now seeing for them to consider 100 CPM and over alert levels, yes?

            Regarding the idea of something happening in Fuku that would disrupt the normal decay chain: I concur, this is unlikely; however, I still suspect something is happening that is causing the radon spikes on Radnet. Remember the new phenomena discovered recently, the "buckyballs" or fullerenes, the unique molecular structure that allows uranium to be easily transported on this robust new previously undiscovered structure? New phenomenon are indeed being discovered as a result of the unique situation (to put it mildly) occurring at Fuku.

            Like Spectro mentioned, perhaps the Radnet sensors are built to most easily detect the short-lived isotopes like radon, and not the other more longer lived ones. But perhaps because due to Fuku fallout somehow interacting with the radon, this might cause the radon numbers to appear to spike?

            • What-About-The-Kids

              Along similar lines of thinking: Could it be our governments' efforts to adsorb the radiation onto aerosolized particles which they are spraying into our skies ("chemtrails") are somehow interacting with the radon in our air and showing up on Radnet?

              Incidentally, on page 12 of the recently released (last Winter) USGS report of their findings of Fuku radiation in the U.S. (mainly in the PNW and California), they stated that their assumption that the spraying of these aerosolized particles would cause the fallout from Fuku to adsorb onto them proved to be false. They didn't (even though the Russian scientists claimed they were able to cause much of the fallout from Chernobyl to rainout onto Belarus due to their spraying of the aerosolized particles into the skies above Chernobyl.)

              Just some more ruminations about what may be causing the beta count spikes on Radnet post-Fuku, and whether the spikes are naturally occurring due to radon in our air or due to other phenomena…

            • I recommend watching this video for some answers to your questions What-About-the-Kids


              • What-About-The-Kids

                Thanks, Majia. I watched the video and have some questions. Did you see Anti-Proton's comment about it above?

                How does Portrblog know that the isotopes he is picking up in the rain are from Fukushima and not from another nuclear installation which may be leaking "accidental" radiation releases, or a fire in a depleted uranium storage unit like the one at Mitsui Chemicals in Japan, or any other similar incident which may exist but are being covered up (as the nuclear industry has been known to do)?

                Did he pick up the 1:1 ratio of cesium-134 and cesium-137 as would be indicative of a new release? (Not that it couldn't be coming from a different accident than Fuku as mentioned above).

                • Good questions.

                  Potrblog cannot prove the radiation came from Fukushima.

                  The team claims it likely since the spikes in radiation correspond directly to storms being brought in on the jet stream currents that were over Japan.

                  The team does not have the lab equipment necessary to detect specific radionuclides.

                  I guess this lab equipment is not commonly available. My campus doesn't have it either. I checked.

                  I have been following their posts for a year or so now and I have seen the correspondences between the jet stream and their readings, as well as the same effects on radnet when radnet was still reporting accurately.

                  • What-About-The-Kids

                    Thanks, Majia. I certainly admire his efforts. I just wish someone with more robust testing equipment would start reporting on this.

                    But then again, if someone here did have such equipment and tried to do a similar thing, they might not be allowed to…?

                    Perhaps its precisely because Portrblog is only using a Geiger Counter that he's allowed to continue posting, as many scientists would scoff at his "amateur" set up?

                    Who knows…

  • Sickputer

    WATK sez: "Any other thoughts regarding this?"

    SP: No thoughts… Only convictions. Namely this;

    There are three kinds of liars: liars, damn liars, and nuclear engineers.

    How these scientists can sleep at night knowing the invisible race-killing monsters they have created is beyond me. Stone cold I guess.

    • “……advanced degrees confer no special expertise in either common sense or morality. That’s why many laymen are better qualitfied to judge nuclear power than are the so-called experts.” – Dr. John Gofman Medical Physicist (Nuclear Power Pioneer)

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        So true, ChasAha. It's mostly not the best who wrestle their way to the top, but the toughest.