Video: Plume rising from area outside Fukushima reactors

Published: September 8th, 2012 at 12:41 pm ET


Starts at 2:30 in (Uploaded by at 20x speed)

Part II

h/t  via Fukushima Diary

Published: September 8th, 2012 at 12:41 pm ET


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41 comments to Video: Plume rising from area outside Fukushima reactors

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Diesel?? I remember a similar video from some months ago…to me, it doesn't look like it's rising from the reactor, but from in front of the building.

  • Anthony Anthony

    When will TEPCO admit they are NOT in COLD SHUTDOWN?

  • Urban27

    From all that we have heard lately – there are a lot to be suspicious about.
    This looks it is near unit 3.
    It should be in every ones interest to have more observations at the site.
    When ever there have been need of information, we have just got some irrelevant data.
    When a place like this is holding three cores and four spent fuel pools, that are in a catastrophic state, there is cause to be as well informed as possible.
    This fumes could be a hose that have burst, and steam from the cores are dispersed right into the air.
    The winds seems to be in direction inwards land.

  • jec jec

    It looks like workers are there as well. Good job and catch Nuckelchen! The webcam blog is alive and well with your videos..

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Could be the a branch of the corium burning under ground. JMHO

  • See the PR dis information spin tactics are successful 99% of the time. Its just that pesky 1% that aren't completely asleep at the wheel who question everything. TEPCO just feeds us lies so maybe the smoke was from a diesel starting up or maybe it is highly radio active steam from a cooling system fault or even a crack in the ground and the steam is coming up from where ever the melted cores are. Or maybe the smoke is there all the time just the TEPCO photoshop guy was on a coffee break. Thanks to the TEPCO spin doctors those who are actually watching don't trust them. So the conversation " where is the smoke coming from?" wouldn't be happening if the information given to the public was actually credible. Oh well.

    • Fury Fury

      Maybe it is where they lit up a burner to burn off flammables, rags plastic etc, to get rid of the non radioactive stuff and reduce the volume of radioactive material to something manageable?

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Creeping Corium

  • psylotron Hello Enenwers: I want to share with you this video of my track Children of Atom Edited by Nuckelchenblogde. I will be always in debt with him because of his help with this one and all his hard work in his other videos. I hope you like it and if you belive it worths SHARE IT.

  • jahdesm jahdesm

    concrete sawing with diamondsaw could do this effect

  • psylotron and this is the video i made BUT nuckelchenblogde version is much better. Thanks and scuse my links

  • RJ RJ

    Geesh! I Love this song…but I never thought I'd be living it!

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    It's curious enough.
    In the upper take, there's a huge black cloud, followed by the (scary) white smoke (which last quite long).
    In the lower one, we have the long lasting white venting.
    All seems to come from the bottom of the third reactor, so the worst-case scenario may be spilt spent-fuel from the ravaged pool.

    • Nigwil

      Yes the first puff is smoke or debris dust as it persists as is blows away, while the white emission is steam as it dissipates rapidly. Could be a small steam explosion pushing debris into the air as it blows the lid off something,

      Quite a lot of steam, and I cannot think of any bit of plant they may be running as part of the recovery that would need to discharge that amount of heat. It did seem to die down a bit but it was not clear – maybe it was just getting mixed more with the wind. Be interesting to see night shots.

      Maybe its a line to a stack that's become disconnected, but since its by reactor 3 which has no primary or secondary containment it will not have any pressure to push anything up a stack. So; its a lot of steam – seemingly emitting from a vertical duct, and the only heat generator operating in the area is corium.

      Unless Tepco tells us the truth about some alternative happening we are left to conclude that we are seeing steam from groundwater and corium. Nice.

    • Andres Arce Andres Arce

      I think to have seen a footage of that white smoke by night, I've just forgotten it.
      If that's the case, isn't someone drilling !

    • Fury Fury

      EXCuse Me. But the "Ravaged" fuel pools are still in one piece.!! Nothing spilt out of them. Get your facts straight before speaking. Please.

  • Shortly after the above event I checked the Tepco cam and got this screen grab:
    The dark blotches are smoky spots on the camera shield. At the same time, the Tomioka camera went black and remains so.

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    Neither Tepco nor some (surviving) employee there read these threads for calming down the nerves of all humans on Earth.
    It seems like some drilling, btw, although down there it's still suspicious.

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    a sweet smurfeling crowd we are, sometimes. 🙂

    there is nothing with "shortly after above event", your pic is taken 50 hours later.

    syncro-tepco-tbs-fukushima 2012-09-04 10:45-11:14 JST

    @ all: i have lost my little psylotron, did someone seen it ?

  • omniversling

    Have to agree with Bread&Butter on this one…diesel startup then smoking till she reaches operating temperature…or, diesel/kerosene started fire in an incinerator burns burns black, then all the tasty rubbish burning white till it's all in the atmosphere…appears to be coming out of a stack or chimney of some sort..

    either that or it's BBQ day for TEPKILL executives…can only hope…

    • nuckelchen nuckelchen

      she diesel?
      come on,
      when it was any diesel, then it was a rudolf diesel!

      and please figure out for yourself the dimensions of that what we see in the videos.
      in march 2012 we had checked it out with the biggest diesels from the world (ship-diesels)[that can figure in the area from where "it" rised]-they are not able to produze such a big plumebala at once.
      and specialy not from a lady 😉

      • omniversling

        good point nucks, but I also said incinerator started with kerosene or diesel would have similar effect. Where is Fireman Mark? What are the burn characteristics of a fire that starts with black smoke, which then turns white?

        If you search: burn characteristics of a fire black smoke white smoke, you'll see that generally white smoke is a product of no open flame. And if diesel or kero was used as an accelerant or fire starter, you'd see the same or similar characteristics of what's in the clips.

        As far as we know, it could be any amount of rubbish…even old work clothes, and I believe we should be very cautious about assuming and posting speculation that could be mistaken for 'fear-mongering'. The whole FukUp is terrifying enough. What gives this site is deep credibility is references and moderated tone. Newcomers (as all of us) can become informed here. I personally think some of the comments above assume too much on the dark side. There's enough of that already.

        For sure, if it's burning at FukuSteamer, it's highly likely to be radioactive. The question of whether it makes a sh*t of difference to the total amount of nukepuke in the air, at this point is probably pointless…

        peace on earth…and in the omniverse…

  • psylotron

    @nuckelchen : Im here master 😉 (darth vader's breath sound)

  • pierre

    in a world of accountability and to spare the 1% aware people of worrying too much about Fukushima (as Busby seems to advise), TEPCO should have to disclose the source, duration and quality of any suspicious apparitions. that way we can know all the other ones are something to worry about. in a perfect world, that is. like an indicted owner of a crack house on parole would have to declare visitors.

    headlines from 2030 – an investigation of the 2011 Fukushima crisis has reported that 2 billion people have died from the event as it unfolded . no charges have been laid.

  • pif

    I think this steam is coming from the common spent fuel pool. Explanations in my blog with pictures. I added a translator to help :

    What is surprising : 2 other events happened september 4, 2012!

  • pif

    1) hydrogen and krypton-85 an increase in reactor 1
    2) sudden increase of temperature in the reactor 2
    3) steam coming out of swimming pool
    All that happened Sept. 4, 2012, see my article with references here

  • pif

    sorry, not "swimming pool" but "common spent fuel pool"!!!
    Bad machine translation!

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    Doesn't this look like the same location in this video from Feb 2012?

    "ALERT TEPCO FUKUSHIMA 2012.02.28-11.12.35"

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    one month later we had at march 29th the same "event" again, but tepco named it then "starting of diesel engine".
    so i named my video "TEPCO:THATS NO DIESEL-ENGINE!!! "