Video: Situation in Fukushima is beyond imagination — Many young and old people dead from heart attacks — Young woman died of leukemia

Published: April 28th, 2013 at 5:53 pm ET


Title: An Appeal from a Fukushima Woman: A Young Girl Died of Leukemia. Please Investigate What Is Happening in Fukushima
Source: FukushimaVoice
Date: April 28, 2013

From a weekly protest gathering outside the Prime Minister’s official residence. On April 12, 2013. […]

The situation is beyond imagination. Also, the press should research the issue about Fukushima.

Not too long ago, a young woman died of leukemia. […]

In addition, many people, young and old have died of heart attacks.

Therefore, the press should hurry and do good researches within Fukushima Prefecture before reporting. […]

Full report here

Watch the video here


Published: April 28th, 2013 at 5:53 pm ET


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31 comments to Video: Situation in Fukushima is beyond imagination — Many young and old people dead from heart attacks — Young woman died of leukemia

  • dosdos dosdos

    I can hear the officials now, "There is no evidence linking these fatalities to event at Fukushima Daichi." Same old "no provable link" dodge they've been using for two years. I wonder how long they think they can play that ruse before the world at large becomes aware of their cover up. Forever?

    • We Not They Finally

      Nuclear energy leads the World at large to an ongoing massive contamination and the last days for planet earth.Shakespeare..What fools these mortals be…..What happens in Japan is only the beginning of a world wide disaster…We have had an onslaught of billions of doses of Radiation as it destroys the worlds ecology and the food chain and the priceless DNA of not only humans but the whole creation….Why?Why?Why? Greed…..

  • amberlight amberlight

    A friend in my northern California town has been dealing with laryngitis for the past year, and it was recently discovered that he has a cancerous node in his windpipe. He has never been a smoker or junk fooder, but now he has an inexplicable (to mainstream medicine) cancer in his throat. Fukushima's legacy is spreading far & wide. The "officials" (medical, legislative or nuclear regulatory) will never admit the connection, though.

  • Imperial College University London hints to Prof Yamashita that they would destroy vital evidence of thyroid tissue samples in 2011

    Op-Ed -Arclight2011

    Published –

    28 April 2013

    It makes me ashamed actually, the media coverage we have had that has added pressure to the Japanese who have had a lot of problems at the same time…”

    “some people in the future will actually not want the samples at all – the bioinformaticists amongst us will actually want data to look at, rather than the tissue samples themselves.”

    “(but what about evidence for future litigation on behalf of the victims who were demonstrating outside the Symposium? Arclight2011)

    Professor Geraldine Thomas at the Fukushima Symposium September 2011 (video on link )

  • more cover up here

    Long Shadow of Chernobyl (2): German and Belarusian Researchers Say 64% of 229 Belarusian Children with High-Risk Thyroid Cancer in Complete Remission, 30% in Near-Complete Remission

    On Sunday the 27 April 2013 in a little room somewhere off Grays Inn road London, a meeting took place. In this meeting was Ms Tamara Krasitskava of the Ukrainian NGO “Zemlyaki”.

    In this meeting she qouted that only 40 percent of the evacuees that moved to Kiev after the disaster are alive today! And lets leave the statistics out of it for a moment and we find out of 44,000 evacuated to Kiev only 19,000 are left alive. None made it much passed 40 years old. And if you need statistics because it helps to swallow this level of carnage, please feel free to contact the IAEA ….

    3.2 million with health effects and this includes 1 million children..

    That statistic tells me that children are effected more than adults.. but i suppose you could read statistics any old way.. if you are Richard Wakeford or someone like that! imo very clever guy grrr! (from the comments)


      those – are – scary 'numbers', arclight. Thanks…

    • jec jec

      The video report is heart breaking. The number of remaining children is in a few hundred? 40% of Kiev evacuees from Chernobyl–have died; ages average under 40 years. How long can this kind of information be hidden? Or is this just a simple way to keep populations under control? Have any governments considered radiation does not take into consideration on age/IQ/abilities? So it is across the board illness. In the future, with lower IQs and other DNA damages, will we even be able to manage basic tasks; move over dinosaurs, here come humans.

      • Sol Man

        Think that time will prove that dinosaurs reign was much longer than that of the conflicted humans.

        • We Not They Finally

          Sol Man we are a self destroying species…..The dinasours will survive much longer than this insane species Homo lunatics…


          actually, what humans refer to as 'insects' are far-more 'advanced' on the galactic evolutionary scale than all-other 'evolved' lifeforms; and quite possibly, the entire universe. 'Monkeys' make-up such a small percentage of 'known' species in this galaxy, they're considered more an anomaly than the rule. However, the fact that humans are so rare a species makes their plight all the more interesting. Thankfully, their 'genome' (via 'abductions') was long-ago whisked-away from this lone 'egg-basket' and adapted for preservation elsewhere. So, just as the 'lizards' continue doing just fine 'elsewhere', the 'monkeys' will continue doing so, as well…

          • Anthony Anthony

            I totally agree with you on that….Ive always been amazed at the society and family that ants and bees and other insects are capable of. It is no different than people if you look at it. The biggest difference is that they focus on the most simplest and powerful task which is survival of their species. People as smart and as superior they feel to these creatures, have shown to focus on exactly the opposite. So who is more or less advanced after all?!!


              @Anthony: our ability to make decisions without consensus was the very thing that ensured our preeminence on the planet. We are 'wired' for consensus within the collective but due to the need for quick decision making (flight or fight), natural selection also valued individual initiative.

              In a modern technocracy (corporate collectivism), a lone individual (or representative group within the organization) can have tremendous impact on all about them. The collective did-once all cheer for Edison's work to unchain us from the dark. Yet, that same collective was itself incapable of consensus over the price we'd pay for the derived 'convenience' of electrical power. Damming of the rivers was only the beginning.

              The insularity of the individual and collective disagreements over the path we should be taking, prevents a timely assessment of the repercussions of 'progress'. We are caught-up in an evolutionary quandary that rewards all exploration; even that which threatens its own foundation. Humans may find comfort in thinking of themselves as somehow special, but it's evident nature can easily endure our extinction. This is why I refuse to disassociate our actions (as individuals or collectively) from nature's path. We will make mistakes in the application of our developing awareness or quickly suffer the consequences, should we refuse to acknowledge them. Put simply: we either learn or burn…

      • hi jec
        i was shocked when she stated the actual figures for refugees.. it does not bode well for the evacuees of fukushima either 🙁

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        Actually jec, It's says "40 percent of the evacuees that moved to Kiev after the disaster are ALIVE today"!
        60% have died.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          Actually the figures are much worse than that. I have to look for a journalist's report, but don't have time right now.

          • eatliesndie eatliesndie

            I love your work anne.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            Chernobyl exclusion zone survivors
            “Even though the Exclusion Zone is still guarded by the Ukrainian military and still very radioactive, thousands of people have returned to their homes illegally, undettered by the sever health risk that their surroundings impose. Less than 200 of these people are still alive….
            “What's the standard of living like in the Exclusion Zone?
            “It's really bad. There are no schools or healthcare because it’s illegal to live there. All of the kids were really, really ill and had cancer and weak immune systems. But their parents were completely oblivious to it and ignorant of the fact that radiation was causing those problems….”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            The life that claims from death / Tchernobyl 20 ans après
            “Twenty years after the worst nuclear accident of History, Chernobyl area tries to survive…”
            “Alexander Savitskiy, 20, a mentally disabled boy, shows the document certifying that he's a victim of Chernobyl accident. He was healthy when he was born but after two years he experienced a delay in his mental development. Alexander lives in Boyarka, in the so called Fourth Zone, an area where lots of evacuated people from the Exclusion Zone were relocated and that it is said to be contaminated as well.[The distance between Boyarka and Chernobyl is 104 km (65 miles)]l…
            “Clavdia Semenivna, 67, is physically handicapped for she has digestive problems…. Boyarka…
            “Vladimir Ivanovich, 49, is physically disabled, for he has breathing problems and lung cancer… Boyarka (Kiev-Svyathosin district, Ukraine)…”
            “Ylia, 10, smiles at his mother, Nadya. He's disabled, for he's got skeleton problems. Nadya is both physically and mentally handicapped. They live in Boyarka, in the so called Fourth Zone, an area where lots of evacuated people from the Exclusion Zone were relocated and that it is said to be contaminated as well…. Boyarka…
            “Ylia, 10, as he sits in the kitchen while his mother, Nadya, dances with his cousin Lena. The three of them are physically or mentally handicapped. They live in Boyarka, in the so-called Fourth Zone,…

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              “Ylia, 10, as he shows the document that certifies he's a victim of Chernobyl accident. He's disabled for he's got skeleton problems….
              “Nastya, 7, is a direct victim of the Chernobyl accident. She is the daughter of a liquidator and she was born with cerebral palsy, like all her partners at the boarding school for children with consequences of cerebral palsy and polio…. Kiev [[The distance between Kievand Chernobyl is 93.27 km (57.95 miles)]…”
              “Shreia, Roman and Kostya at the dining room. They were born with cerebral palsy… Kiev…
              “Dima tries to put on her jacket. She and all her partners at school, like Ylia and Sasha (left and right) have cerebral palsy… Kiev…
              “Sviatoslav, 10, has bronchial asthma…. Boyarka…
              “Lena Martyniuk, 12, is a direct victim of Chernobyl accident. Her mother, Marina, 51 (left), was a liquidator from 1986 to 1988. By the time the accident happened she already had two children, both healthy. Lena was born in Kiev time after the family had evacuated from Prypiat and she has lots of health problems, a very big thyroids amongst others…. Kiev…
              “Clavdia Semenivna, 67, shows the document that certifies she's a victim of Chernobyl accident. She is physically handicapped for she has stomach problems…. Boyarka ”

              • andagi andagi

                Dear Anne,
                Thank you for all you do to illuminate such difficult realities. All innocent lives (caregivers too) affected by Chernobyl, Fukushima and nuclear in general need a voice, validation and support!
                I believe we will be increasingly hearing from frustrated, fatigued medical professionals.
                Remember, much has to do with ICD 9,10 and other coding. It is quite possible to bury radiation related, also GOM ailments through coding.
                Folks, keep reading, posting, sharing awesome ENENews! -Generating change, worldwide 24/7!

    • We Not They Finally

      It is disturbing what the attached link LEAVES OUT. Like how many children died before they could get ANY treatment? And how many of the "treated" children had their thyroids removed as part of the "treatment" — which harmed their physical well-being permanently? And whoever wanted to portray this in such a positive light in the first place — how can you believe their statistics at all?

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Around the globe, many will get leukemia. And many will have their thyroid removed, thanks to nuclear.

  • CB CB

    The cowardice neglect of the MSM to report this have grossly failed their people with holding valuable tools to help them survive.

    • CB CB

      & what Mack said a few months back if your out there, did you ever research whether the officers received the iodine pills, leaving all the enlisted to die?

  • We Not They Finally

    Checked out the post this is linked to. What is really sad is that the Japanese woman shown, however upset she is about physical conditions there, and sick people, is talking about "before they lift the evacuation order, they need to rebuild the water and power system, the supermarket, the dentist…" And this is for a town within a mile or two of Fukushima Daiichi!! It is INSANITY to even think of moving back to her town ("1.2 km away"). She is TOTALLY IN DENIAL. Upset at this, upset at that, but still thinking she could/should MOVE BACK??? She thinks that she can/will be moving back EVER? "If only they will clean away the dead rats [she saw]"? But that is also part of the profoundly sinister nature of radiation. You cannot see it, touch it, taste it, feel it. So people think that they can just MOVE BACK?? Clean away the dead rats, maybe spray some Lysol and it will be fine??

  • kintaman kintaman

    This video needs English subtitles for those around the globe to understand and have the needed global impact.