Wall nearly 100 feet tall to be built underground at Fukushima Daiichi to prevent further spread of radioactive contamination — Construction begins tomorrow, ends June 2014 (PHOTOS)

Published: April 24th, 2012 at 2:18 pm ET


Title: Commencement of Water Shielding Wall Construction
Source: Tepco Press Release
Date: Apr 24,2012

The water shielding wall will be installed in front of the existing seawalls of Units 1 to 4 to prevent further contamination of the ocean due to the leakage of ground water, for which we have conducted preparatory including geological survey per measurement and boring inspection thus far.
(Previously announced on October 26, 2011)

As a license to landfill publicly-owned seawater surface is required to install the water shielding wall, we have applied for the license to Fukushima Prefecture on February 7, 2012. Since the necessary investigation procedures have been finished and the license was issued by Fukushima Prefecture on April 20, 2012, we will start construction of the water shielding wall from April 25.

Appendix: Outline of Water Shielding Wall Installation (PDF 136KB)


Even though we are making utmost efforts to prevent the water accumulated within the buildings of Units 1 to 4 from leaking into the groundwater, we are planning to install a water shielding wall of steal sheet pile having enough impermeability in front of the existing seawalls of Units 1 to 4, just in case of the accumulated water leaking in to the ground water to prevent further contamination of the ocean.

Published: April 24th, 2012 at 2:18 pm ET


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53 comments to Wall nearly 100 feet tall to be built underground at Fukushima Daiichi to prevent further spread of radioactive contamination — Construction begins tomorrow, ends June 2014 (PHOTOS)

  • Anthony Anthony

    Who cares?

    I'm only concerned about the status and safety of SFP4.

    • If this gas been built prior an accident, would have helped somewhat ! But wasn't built prior to accident because it was not felt to be cost-worthy so why now !?

      • Anthony Anthony

        I think its smoke and mirrors. With the tendency to save face above most else, when the Senator suggested they need help I think there was a reactive show of being in control and power. I saw something from TEPCO denouncing the idea that there is a hazard in SPF4 as suggested. I will try to find that again – it blatantly officially said they were just find that link, it was quite a different story than Sen. Wyden's take on the situation. Moon hit it right; how can I believe this is something important they feel should be done when hypocritically they are dumping endlessly into the Bay and Pacific and even want to heap debris burns on top of it?

        I also think there is a pressure they live with some pretty hardcore next door neighbors to deal with constantly. An internationally perceived weakness may not bode well with whats happening behind doors. They have indeed soiled the entire neighborhood so tensions may be even higher on Japan then someone like me from over here is even able to fathom.

  • The Atomic Man

    For real lol. Our ocean and air are now radioactive junk thanks a lot! Shut em the frack down now.

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    Among about a 1000 other issues, how about when that shield wall gives out in, what 50-100 years, and the contamination is still just as bad as now? Fools.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    We are not engineers, but if they think that is going to stop or even slow down the movement of FUKU generated radioactive water underground, they are sadly mistaken.

    Water will find a way out and through, unless it the whole underside of the complex is water tight.

    This wall also ignores the corium(s) melted out into the ground, going down who knows how deep?

    What effect do they have on groundwater contamination and radioactive water movement?

    It will be interesting to see how they explain ocean radiation levels not decreasing over time, even after this wall is installed.

    And then finally, what about the radioactive fuel rod pieces and bits thrown out of the nuclear explosion at #3 into the ocean up to 1-2 miles out? Are they just going to ignore those?

    Yea, build a wall, it make someone feel better and a few contractors will get rich.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    This is actually going on all over the globe.. it is not just Fuku…

    La Hague; France's Nuclear Waste Nightmare; via A Green Road Blog http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/03/la-hague-nuclear-waste-nightmare.html

    Hanford; Lethal And Leaking; A Race To Armageddon? via A Green Road Blog

  • charlie3

    We discussed building this wall 6 months ago.

    • Sheesh 5 days after the accident

    • steve from virginia

      Building this partial cofferdam is a good idea. The question is why Tepco did not start last year, it would have been finished already.

      The cofferdam must also encircle the site otherwise it is pointless to have it at all.

      A permanent structure would have a slurry-wall built adjacent. Water could be contained within the dam: dewatering the site would reduce the amount of radiation released.

      A 'swimming pool' would be constructed of concrete on the landward side of the reactors from unit 1-3. This would be flooded w/ water so horizontal drilling rigs could cut (diamond drill) corium material from under the reactors through holes in the walls of the swimming pool. Corium cores would be removed from drills in the swimming pool w/ remote control machines and transfered along with other spent fuel into long-term storage away from the site.

      None of this can be done without the cofferdam. With the cofferdam in place the reactors could be cleared in ten years. The reactor buildings should be demolished and removed as they present a radiation hazard for centuries.

      • CaptD CaptD

        A year ago for me:
        Plan of Action:
        1. Move all children and mothers that are pregnant to S. Japan.
        2. Double the size of the restricted zone.
        3. Establish monitoring 24/7 throughout region
        … maintained by International Org.
        4. Allow Greenpeace and others access to the waters
        … off the reactor complex to monitor air and ocean
        … pollution that is ONGOING!
        5. Immediately remove as much radioactive water to another
        … location for processing not dumping into the Pacific Ocean.
        6. Re-enforce #4 complex so that it does not collapse.
        7. Fill-in the seawall jetty and then drain it of contaminated water.
        8. Build a coffer dam and drill under the reactor containments
        … and start pumping in "stuff" to solidify the corium and or seal
        … additional leakage.
        9. Post camera 24/7 with night lens so folks World wide can see
        … what is being done to end this Reactor Debacle.
        10. Daily news updates on progress and radioactive readings
        … by a "pool" of embedded reporters from around the World.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Up against the rate the corium is going downward..?
    The corium continues a downward path.and has for a year…the wall is a hundred feet deep.
    I think the dog will be able to dig under the fence….

  • charlie3

    Anything that helps keep the poison onshore and in japan rathwer than in the Pacific ocean is great.

  • Anyone care to bet the "fill" will be radioactive waste?

  • many moons

    I don't get it. Above this stream is one mentioning radioactive water being thrown into the ocean, scroll down -now their only plan thus far is to buuild a wall to prevent contaminated water from going into the ocean. Just how concern is Japan about ocean water…they are dumping radioactive stuff into tokyo bay…they wanted to throw it into the open ocean but were stopped. This seems like something to do cause they can….like the sheeted building….doing something…not much of anything though….how bout supports for sfp 4?

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    hmmm, perhaps that's above their pay grade, but, it's a darn good suggestion, many moons.

  • Sickputer

    The piling wall idea was advanced a year ago by Arnie Gundersen. Except he proposed a wall all the way around the units down to the bedrock. They have missed their opportunity by a year. Just like the tents that were going to be installed by December 31, 2011 at Units 1-4. They missed that deadline. Any bets on this job getting done on time?

  • Gotham


    More "proven" techniques that will ensure containment. I don't believe you will find this in any nuclear power plant emergency response manual. Just making it up as their nation heads for destruction.

    Any information on how many workers will be involved? Radiation dose that can be expected?

    Is the expected life span greater than at least 300 years?

  • MarcNJ MarcNJ

    so, any effort will only elicit negative comments? I'm not a fan of nuclear, but change does not happen radically overnight. No matter how dire we see the need. More action should have been taken a year ago, maybe some more did than what is reported, we certainly don't get the whole story. But for every "they should have done X" there are probably specialists who say they shouldn't do "X, because Y will happen." We're seeing scraps of a multifaceted issue. And at the end of the day, that's all we'll ever get. Because until we get enough people together to matter to the right people who can give us answers, we can't expect more. But I do know one thing, in diplomacy, negative criticism at every step gets you nowhere.

    • Anthony Anthony

      I agree but if the SFP4 topples how relevant is the 100 foot perimeter wall as a solution really? I think they need to go great guns to secure the pool OR come clean and admit it has already left the building. I find the pool sheeting highly suspicious behavior.

      • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

        between China, Russia, and US spy satellites, I am sure somebody knows what is going on. But they aren't talking.

      • MarcNJ MarcNJ

        There is more than one problem to be solved. And there will not be one solution for them all. I think working toward containment is very important. Whether the situation is worse than we are being told or not, there is going to be more water used, and the more water, the more chance of spillage and ground contamination. I would suspect we will see a lot more containment put in place before anything real happens. With any large emergency you set up a perimeter to try to contain as much as you can. Again, this should have happened a year ago, but I'm glad they're doing something.


          I agree with you MarcNJ. There will be a host of issues that need addressing. This is but one. We should remain constructive in our criticism. At this point, I welcome every effort to get this under control. It's a start…

        • Anthony Anthony

          Maybe the containment is BECAUSE 4 has already gone…. makes me wonder? That would make sense. What does not make sense is to ignore the most pressing lethal situation. Moon also said it right with one report informing they will dump tons daily with the next report stating containment from the ocean is a priority????

  • goathead goathead

    I wonder if Israel will be building that wall! They're pretty hot on containment!

  • Sharp2197 Sharp2197

    Every dam must have an outlet, or it fills and overflows.

    This will stop the flow for a very short period and then the water will go around or over.


      or under. I'd be interested in seeing the hydrology survey for that coastal region…

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Sharp, yes, that's what I thought, too. IF the shielding sits in the impermeable layer as the sketch suggests, the uncontrolled water flow from those "leaking like a sieve" reactors will cause the ground to become even more soggy than it already is.
      I can't see how this could be possibly helping to "stabilize the situation" in the sense of the word.

  • VyseLegendaire VyseLegendaire

    So Superman is going to fly in and take the fuel pool at Reactor 4 away? Interesting how the most important issues going whitewashed.

  • Blown Camaro

    They have already tried to build a wall around the FACTS, but those keep leaking out as well!

  • patb2009

    is it just me, or is it stupid to build a wall in a earthquake prone area?

    Also, unless you build the wall as a total containment, it will just bleed around.

  • snowwy snowwy

    well, to have a small leak seems to be better than to have the whole thing leak into the world ocean(s). it might be a kind of plaster onto a severed leg type of situation but they are desperate to stop it somehow and as statistically the accident never happened as it was improbable then it is only logical that there is no known method to stop the disaster. desperate times call for desperate measures… the world demands it now, so Japan got to act somehow or at least has to be perceived to act…

    • patb2009


      Say it works, then what? It becomes a bathtub full of radioactive waste. Then what? it fills up.
      You desperately try and pump out and filter. Every time it rains, you then have to pump like crazy.
      but if you pump too much then seawater rolls in making the job harder. if you pump too little, the radioactive water rises and overflows. If you have a quake, it cracks and leaks like mad.

      Instead of trying this stupidity, they should be getting whatever's left in the spent fuel pools into dry casks, and cleaning the site and trying to manage all the other waste. This silliness ust irradiates workers who are needed deserately elsewhere.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Mother nature always wins

  • glowfus

    if it is the water in the reactor building they are worried about, simply pump that water out of the building. oh, it leaked out, o.k. so simply drill a thousand old fashioned water wella around those buildings. what's that? you would rather build this enormous ridiculous wall first? say cheese!

  • sunpower

    Of course it is smoke and mirrors. They will leave the site wide open with an underground wall, big deal. All the plutonium fuel rod debris will be out in the open. And whatever new radioactive steam they can produce, will not stop at an underground wall, but rain out in Michigan.
    Which way does water travel in volcanic soil? Does it not percolate down like through coffee grinds and find its way to the lens just above sea level. And as the topography reaches sea level you find fresh water lens moving into the ocean because it is the end of the migration.
    Now at Tepco, they are already pumping out into the ocean. It makes no sense putting a wall inland of the plant. My best guess is the reptilians are just toying with people throwing them crumbs of hope, while they let the thing spew forever, same as is planned globally, no meltdown response (they pretend) that makes sense and would save the land, is planned by these zombies.
    They know fully well the only solution to meltdown is sand vitrification, but they purposely avoid protecting Honshu. People need to ask why everyone knows it has to be entombed, but they pretend that no, entombment is absolutely the most ridiculous remedy, just because it is so effective and in fact the ONLY remedy to meltdown. Yoo hoo Tepco! Bury the whole frikkin industry at the same time, down deep.
    The Navajo were right, don't dig up this cledge.

    • StillJill StillJill

      O.K. sunpower,…you stumped me. "cledge" is new to me!
      So,…I looked it up. Could be either definition,…in a tongue and cheek sort of way.

      Cledge – definition of Cledge by the Free Online Dictionary …
      n. 1. (Mining.) The upper stratum of fuller's earth.

      Urban Dictionary: Cledge
      (verb) To make a truly serious, solemn promise that you later casually announce you didn't mean, hadn't thought out properly and now have no intent…

      see what I mean? 🙂

      • CaptD CaptD

        To me it means to "jury rig", like using bailing wire and duct tape (instead of a stainless steel fastener and a replacement hose) to fix a leak!

        Four Wheeling Dessert "Rats" also refer to it as Mexican Engineering,
        ie. Making Do…

      • Jon_NY Jon_NY

        The Navajo creation story actually mentions a certain material, cledge which comes from the underworld, and was to be left in the ground. The legends state that cledge is a yellow substance. Through their songs and stories, the Diné express that they had a choice between using the uranium or the yellow corn pollen and that they chose the way of beauty, the way of life. Uranium was to remain in the ground. If removed, it would bring great suffering, death, and destruction to the world.

  • JonahW JonahW

    Speaking of impressive large-scale construction projects, how's that covering-the-seafloor-with-concrete project coming along? I'd imagine that would be the largest use of cement since the United States built its interstate freeway system, seems there should be a ship or two working on it by now. 😉

  • yellowrain

    So let me get this straight they are going to bury a wall at 100'. I wish they would at least stop calling it a 100' tall wall. Shows where their engineers are from. How tall are the wells you are drilling guys? (Small rant sry) So they are going to bury a wall, then dig wells around the reactors so they can pump and pipe the water into the pacific. wonderful. Hey Tepco I can save you 2 yrs. and @ least a billion dollars. Just keep dumping it the way you are because your plan sucks.

  • CaptD CaptD

    They figure they cannot tunnel under the #1 —#4 reactors so they are going to "try" and prevent the Pacific Ocean from seeping inland while at the same time drilling downward inland so they can keep the ground under the Corium(s) dry to prevent a Hydro-Corium Steam "Event" that will also tend to CHANGE life as we know it …

    Notice they are not doing anything around #5 and #6 reactors because they STILL are in Nuclear Denial* and have hopes of restarting those reactors…

    *Nuclear Denial
    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

  • CaptD CaptD

    I bet the Yakuza will provide all the materials and almost all the labor making them the wealthiest Contractors on the Planet and even further in Control of Japan's future!

    • CaptD CaptD

      Every Nuclear Reactor, their spent fuel rods and especially
      … their storage pools are now prime targets for nuclear
      … terrorism and or Global pollution!

      In short: The Nuclear Reactor Complex has become the
      … AK-47 of the 21 Century and it can be used against
      … mankind by terrorists and or any Rogue Gov't.'s
      … to poison the Earth!

  • CaptD CaptD

    They will have 3 molten corium(s) on one side and the Pacific Ocean of the other!

    Good Luck Japan and to all of US on Earth.

    p.s. While they are doing this they are not saying that they are STILL hoping to restart reactors #5 and #6 that are right next to this "wall"; the Japanese are gambling that Nature will not make suckers of them and the rest of the Planet!