Warned: Race competitors told not to bring personal food to Japan — Many teams wanted to — Told do not pack food in luggage

Published: September 23rd, 2011 at 12:52 pm ET


IRTA restricts MotoGP teams from taking personal food supply to Japan, MotoGP news, September 23, 2011:

International Racing Teams Association (IRTA) has warned the MotoGP teams not to carry any type of food items to Japan.

The teams are conscious about the nuclear radiation at the surroundings of the Twin Ring Motegi circuit [100 km from meltdowns]. […]

In order to be cautious, many teams requested to take their personal food supply to Japan. However, the IRTA issue an order which read, β€œWe have been asked by Dorna to inform you that you should not pack food with your freight. Discovery by the Japanese Customs could result in delays or penalties imposed by the Japanese authorities.” […]

The IRTA document further stated as, β€œWe repeat that, in our opinion, transport of food is unnecessary. Government agencies have not issued any general warnings about food consumption. Furthermore the independent report commissioned by Dorna reported on sampling and testing of many types of food at Motegi and the surrounding area and found absolutely no problems.” […]

Published: September 23rd, 2011 at 12:52 pm ET


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59 comments to Warned: Race competitors told not to bring personal food to Japan — Many teams wanted to — Told do not pack food in luggage

  • kintaman kintaman

    To the race competitors (Danica Patrick included), go to Japan at your own peril. While you may be ok from any airborne contamination the food is a definite risk.

    If you refuse to go on your own it will likely impact your career but if you all stand together (foreign competitors) they cannot fire you all. It is a coin toss, do you wan to live a healthy life or race around a circuit?

    • odiez1 odiez1

      Stand together and DON”T GO TO JAPAN!!
      If you all take the hit, what can they do about it?? YOU ARE THE DRIVERS, no one can replace you.
      DON’T EAT THE FOOD OVER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • farawayfan farawayfan

    I’d say those racers better get a big case of “stomach flu” right before they have to go….

  • BadjerJim BadjerJim

    Now this is news. Long before Fukushima, Lance Armstrong would pack his own bottled water and foodstuffs for the Tour de France, to ensure he had consistent foods during the event. So now foreigners, visiting Japan are denied the same?

    • Sickputer

      Maybe they see it as really valuable contraband…like dope. lol

      “Hey buddy…I’ll give you 50,000 yen for that Evian bottle and the Slim Jim package!”

    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      The Japanese govt should not try to maximize profits by making sure visitors spend money only on local food vendors. Perhaps they have an issue with what types of food is being brought in? What if the racers bring in apple pectin, bentonite, baking soda, and some supplements, Vitamin E and alpha lipoic? Would they have a problem with that? A few days of eating radioactive food is not so harmful if you can take some or all simple measures. If they are going to give everyone lie detectors tests (being facetious) to force their belief that e the food will not do anyone harm, or, insist that all the racers eat local food or be fined bringing food in, then the racers will have to make their own personal decisions about what is important to them. If Japan officials rip off passive dosimeters on visitors’ clothing or confiscate radiation meters, I think they are over-reacting to outsiders’ fear and in some ways, adding to it. They are not fooling anyone about radiation. What will they do when everyone on Honshu has symptoms of rad sickness? The nuclear industry controls all of us by severely downgrading our DNA and impairing brain function, despite claims that it is a panacea for all our energy needs. Radiation waste will be everyone’s downfall, a veritable human Achille’s Heel until we know definitively how to make the daughter products entirely disappear, without dangerous residue. In the spirit of competition, Japan should relax their grip on everyone’s personal…

      • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

        …opinions about radiation, and simply act like the gracious hosts they are, without undue regulations on visitors and racers. It’s best for business- πŸ˜‰

  • Sickputer

    Too late…she has already been there and raced and sucked down the hot particles going around the track.

    MotoGP is motorcycle racing.

  • I would NOT go to Japan without my own food. So simply ship the food to yourself via FedEx. There, problem solved.

    I follow directions well, but I do not take orders, is what I would say.

    The Nuclear Industry knows that when large organizations stop going to Japan then people may ask the reason… Why?

    • bmurr bmurr

      I would NOT go to Japan!

      • WindorSolarPlease

        I have heard that Japan is beautiful and the people are friendly.

        Even in the US we are not allowed to take fruit or plants into different States. We all have our rules to follow.

        When you go to other Countries, even if you don’t agree with their rules, you should follow them, just as you would expect anyone to follow the rules we have here.

        However, sorry I wouldn’t go to Japan now, and I don’t recommend anyone going there.

        If your lucky enough to visit the Southern Hemisphere don’t walk, run.

  • sebaschan

    Formula 1 will be next in 3 weeks… I’m very curious how they will react. I personally would cancel the event because Japan is not able to negotiate about alternatives. Just saying NO! is not the correct answer to such worries. Well of course… its just baseless worries I guess πŸ˜›

  • Earthmen are very peculiar. I often find them unfathomable, but an interesting psychological study.

  • Steven Steven

    Funny how you always know when you are dealing with a fascist; the first thing they do in any dispute is draw a line in the sand, as it were, decline further negotiation and issue statements which define the new reality.

    • alasanon

      Yes, to deny food choice and preferences to someone is a serious imposition and denial of basic human rights!! That is totally obscene, but it’s happening to a lesser extent to all of us!!…

    • Sickputer

      Holy Toledo! They were fixing to blow up Pee Wee’s big top! Before it even had a top! *;-)

      (Re: Tepco find a lot of hydogren gas in a pipe at Reactor 1 that they were planning to cut!)

      Boom! Probably will happen anyway.

    • bluerthanblu bluerthanblu

      One wonders if there is a plan to let nature take it’s course. Officials are not concerned with the hydrogen build-up since there won’t be any ‘sparks’ to set it off. Mmm, ok, move along.

  • Auntie Nuke

    There can be no clearer indication of the Japanese government’s fears than this move. To deny athletes their choice of food and ability to control their food source is paranoid and unacceptable. As an earlier poster stated, Lance Armstrong brought his own food… in part to make certain he didn’t eat anything that interfered with his body’s internal chemistry and impact his performance. It’s normal and logical under most circumstances for athletes, even without the radiation problem. I say boycott; one’s future health is more important than a single race.

  • StillJill StillJill

    Yes! Too bad we can’t ask John Wayne if he’d like “a do-over”,…not make that movie near that recent weapon’s testing site, huh?

  • Darth

    Help is on the Way

    Comet Elenin Thought To Harbor Alien Craft

    …if the rumors are true that this thing is actually a pod of alien space ships or craft that was placed into a 26,000 year orbit during the last Mayan era when Earthlings had possibly reached very advanced technological capabilities – sent into the future then to warn us today or deliver some sort of message during this current go-around…

    …then alien help is on the way.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Those are just duty regulations, or not?
    I once tried to enter the US with an APPLE in my bag.

    Guess what happened at Chicago Airport?

    • Sickputer

      BnB types:
      I once tried to enter the US with an APPLE in my bag.
      Guess what happened at Chicago Airport?

      SP: The customs agents took it home to their kids I am sure. *;-)

      “Sehr gut madam…please bring oranges next time!”

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Well, not exactly

        • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

          My point was that it’s just not allowed to bring food into certain countries – with or without nuclear disaster.

          • Sickputer

            And yes…joking aside…that policy is not just a national checkpoint decision. Some US states confiscate fruits and plants to prevent pest imports like canker.

            Still, if I can’t bring some beef jerky to live off of, I’m not visiting a country like Japan that has suddenly assumed worse than third world standards for food quality.

            There is no number to decribe what has happened to their food quality…it’s not really food in my opinion anymore…it’s a longterm agonizing death sentence. OK (fear monger alert…so shoot me for a quicker death)

        • Sickputer

          Ok…another guess…so they threw it in a barrel next to the one with confiscated pocketknives. Then when you left and at the end of the day they took the food barrel home to feed their farm hogs. >;-> Danke!

    • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

      Dear Bread: Of course, you’re right. Those might just be duty regulations. However, it’s still an enforcement status quo that ignores the reality of the Fukushima cataclysm for purposes of disinforming the people effected by the same cataclysm.

  • Sickputer

    Yes…the riders (the poor suckers who are going) have been led to believe by an Italian survey in late July (nearly 2 months ago) thatthe October 2 race less than 100 kilometers from Fukushima Daiichi is not going to kill them immediately.

    Just don’t eat the meat!



    • Sickputer

      If I were a rider I know I would demand a more recent report!

      Especially since there has been several recritical episodes (at least) and unmeasured quantities of airborne radiation lofted to that little racetrack (and beyond).

      The Italian geniuses also did not measure for plutonium, strontium, or a few thousand more dangerous isotopes sitting in the soil. If it rains they are really going to be contaminated on their bikes.

      The things people do for money…but not everyone will be participating in this race. Some of the top riders will sit this one out.

      • Ludwig von Mises

        I posted on the Danica article a few days back that Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi had stated more than once that they would boycott the event. We’re now just a week away and not a peep from them!

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Japan’s becoming so fascist lately. We’ve not seen the worst of it’s government’s behavior by a long shot. I think the racers should boycott Japan, of course.

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    Of course, all products from Japan should be boycotted until there is a revolution by the people to impose, and I do mean IMPOSE and rudely as necessary, CITIZEN REVIEW of all food safety protocols and practices, as well as all publishing of such inspection results and protocols for world consumption. The same must occur everywhere else, as well. The U.s. citizenry is also not receiving any realistic information about food safety from a radionuclide contamination standpoint, or from a GMO or toxic residues standpoint.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hey Pallas, I already wondered where you were! πŸ™‚

    • Sickputer

      You are quite right…in light of the massive plutonium clouds and other dangerous elements circulating the Northern Hemispher atmosphere there should be food monitoring on a regular basis with a list like the Italians provided for the racing federation. Do we deserve less than professional racers?

      Of course then they would have to admit fallout is everywhere and that elephant in the corner is not getting introduced yet by our governments.

      Meanwhile the trains keep running to Treblinka and Dachau. They will be pulling your gold teeth out soon…

  • Lee Binder

    .. which once more proves the ape-level amount of brain and intelligence ANYBODY involved in car racing has. To me it doesn’t matter anyway if such human scum dies in a race or of cancer. “I’m jogging here each morning, and everything seems fine”. LOL sure sis, if you had gone to school instead you (might) have learned that radiation is invisible ……. have a soon but loooong & agonizing end of your life.

    My 2 c. ..

    • Steven Steven

      Highly offensive and inappropriate remarks.

      Just my 2c

      • ya … race car driving is far more important than lives blown into abyss … the world knows nothing of this

        25min in the shoes of melting down Japan. this woman has b*lls of brass… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QBb6ZT8iNQ

        • Steven Steven

          My problem was with the unpleasant death wishes. The level of intellect achieved by the average race car driver is not my concern, although I doubt it’s as easy at it looks, and generally they seem more articulate and amenable than some of the haters posting here lately.

          • arclight arclight

            stick to the plan steven …were here to alert the world to another cover up….the schill patrol will be convinced given time…and we have plenty of that πŸ™ …. also adds a bit of sparkle to the forum…especially if we dont let it run away from us…like the twirly thing!! πŸ™‚

          • Steven Steven

            Thanks arclight, you are probably correct. I’m just a little concerned that if the majority don’t at least go on record as being against socially inappropriate sentiment, visitors may get the wrong impression about the forum and thus the reason for it.

            I’ll leave it to Admin in future, it’s his party after all.

  • 1984

    hey, now they finally can use some real bitches to be human air filter testers. this frickin made my lousy week.

  • socal socal

    So nice being on a website with so many professionals!

  • Anthony Anthony

    Wow, such ignorant control-freaks.

    And Japan isn’t even considered desirable a destination by us outsiders anymore to the extent perhaps Japan should not treat prospective visitors like they are such assholes. This article totally turned me off of ever wanting to visit their country in the future.

    I guess you can tell your own citizens what they can and cant eat, but I am too independent to buy into that being okay for me when I choose to be a visitor someplace! *Eat the poison or you cant come to Japan*… not a hard choice for me!

  • Anthony Anthony

    Fukushima To Slow Global Nuclear Industry

    By Stephen Bell & contributing to Dow Jones Newswires; 61-8-9244-4243
    Published September 22, 2011

    PERTH — Japan’s Fukushima nuclear accident in March has damaged the credibility of the uranium mining industry and will slow nuclear power growth for up to two years, a Rio Tinto PLC (RIO) executive said Thursday.

    Andy Lloyd, chief development officer for Rio Tinto’s uranium unit, said it will take time for nuclear power producers to address the safety and design issues learned from Fukushima. “We continue to believe that will slow down the industry for a few years; a year or two, we’d hope,” Lloyd told a nuclear power seminar.

    Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2011/09/22/fukushima-to-slow-global-nuclear-industry-rio-executive/#ixzz1YphmYhBt

  • staycalm

    Most counties have restrictions on bringing in food in luggage. The question is whether the statement was ‘Don’t pack food in your luggage’ in the same way you can be fined for taking bananas into Australia (as an example) or “You can’t bring ANY food into Japan and have to only eat Japanese produce”. The former is not anything out of the ordinary. The latter is sinister, but I’d want to see proof of that being the case before I jump on the “OMG” bandwagon.

  • richard mancer

    This guy has started a debate and fully expects the riders to go ..


    check out the comments πŸ™‚

  • jec jec

    If visitors bring some method of checking radiation such as dosmeters, they can self-test. Frankly, the MOTOGP teams should hold responsible the oversite group who dictates following the external food ban, the International Racing Team Association. Its not the Japanese Government, it is the IRTA who is interpreting the regulations. Hope the organization has good legal advice, as they are making life and death decisions for members.

  • Downwind

    Who has the official list of import restrictions?

  • Fall out man!

    @StayCalm – Agreed, bio security is important for any nation. People bringing in their own fresh food from places that have foreign diseases or pests can cost a nation billions. Its something to be taken seriously. That said, give you some idea of how rigid the Japanese are in looking after their local food production and keeping foreign food out.

    I work for a big global firm, and after the earthquake/nuke disaster, one of our staff was assigned the job of supporting our Tokyo office by getting them some supplies. The most requested thing that staff wanted most to keep working there was safe food and water. One might have thought that the Japanese would appreciate food aid from a very safe supplier of disease free high quality food during their worst crisis since world war 2. But no, that was not the case. The person assigned to sorting that out for the firm I work for was not allowed by the Japanese government to send milk products from New Zealand (a premium supplier of some of the best food in the world). No protein powder, no UHT milk, no cheese, no butter, nothing, nada, zip, zero. She did manage to source them some bottled water and noodles (from Korea I think from memory), but that was difficult. The Japanese have all kinds of restrictions on food coming in and they would not relax them for the disaster. I do know that NZ normally exports milk and meat products to Japan, but there are severe restrictions on how much. There are high tariff barriers against foreign food products, and strict quotas limiting volume. That said, the Japanese can get some imported food, but that is carefully restricted and controlled to protect local food producers. Which is logical normally, vital for national security in fact, but disastrous now. Not much use forcing your population to eat local food when its poisonous.

    It may be that in 10 or 20 years time many of those racing teams end up regretting their Japanese tours, especially not taking their own food & water. But to let them do what is logical and safe, would be to admit that nuclear power is unsafe. That will not happen.