Washington Post: “No one knows what to do with Fukushima” — Scientific American: Plant is in “crisis mode”… fuel has melted through containers — Official: Corium may never be extracted — Gov’t suggests dumping it under Pacific Ocean

Published: February 22nd, 2016 at 9:28 am ET


Washington Post, Feb 10, 2016 (emphasis added): Five years after nuclear meltdown, no one knows what to do with Fukushima… one huge question remains: What is to be done with all the radioactive material?… Tepco has built a 1,500-yard-long “ice wall” around the four reactor buildings… however, Japan’s nuclear watchdog blocked the plan, saying the risk of leakage was still too high… [M]ost problematically, there’s the nuclear fuel from the plant itself… “The biggest challenge is going to be the removal of the nuclear fuel debris,” [Akira Ono, Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi superintendent] said. “We don’t even know what state the debris is in at the moment.”… one of the options the government is considering is building a nuclear waste dump under the seabed, about eight miles off the Fukushima coast… Many groups… staunchly oppose the idea of burying the radioactive material at sea in such a seismically active area. “At some point it would leak and affect the environment,” said Hideyuki Ban, co-director of the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center.

Japan Times, Feb 20, 2016: NRA commissioner suggests plan to remove all fuel debris at Fukushima plant may not be best option — A Nuclear Regulation Authority commissioner has suggested that removing all fuel debris from reactors at the meltdown-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant may not be the best option. “I wonder if the situation would be desired that work is still underway to extract fuel debris 70 or 80 years after” the nuclear disaster, NRA Commissioner Toyoshi Fuketa told reporters Friday. “There are a variety of options, including removing as much fuel debris as possible and solidifying the rest,” he added… Fuketa said that unlike the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, it is “not realistic” to construct concrete buildings to cover reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 plant because the situation is different. The commissioner also questioned whether construction of an underground ice wall around the reactor buildings to prevent radioactive water buildup will prove effective.

Scientific American, March 2016 issue: Five years ago this month… half of the facility’s uranium cores to overheat and melt through their steel containers… Today the disaster site remains in crisis mode

See also: Nuclear Expert: Simply impossible to remove melted fuel from Fukushima — Corium “has spread all over… could actually have gone through floor of containment vessel” — Only way to deal with these reactors releasing dangerous radiation is to cover in concrete — Will take centuries of work (VIDEO)

Published: February 22nd, 2016 at 9:28 am ET


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  • Got to say with poison fuels, carbon and nuclear.

    The pusher man is not going to let go of customers.

  • Dr. Helen Caldicott on Fukushima Radiation in Tokyo

    quite a cat fight going on in the comments section; join the fray..

  • mon ami

    DrG What is Goddards journal? What is Goddards Journal about? I do not dare look. It seems that goddard journal was lying about the cesium in samples caldicott is talking about from tokyo. Busby went throught Tokyo, collected samples and said that parts of tokyo should be considered ininhabitable.

  • mon ami

    Here is what Chris Busby says about Fukushima."The Fukushima mega nuclear disaster dwarfs Chernobyl. Why? THREE reactors melted down and through at Fukushima, compared to only ONE at Chernobyl. Three or more spent fuel pools dried out, and then burned their contents at least partially, with one containing MOX fuel. None of this happened at Chernobyl. Basically, Fukushima is so bad, that the nuclear industry and regulators are succeeding in covering it all up, denying it happened, and denying the harm it is causing."

    Many people had a gut feeling Tokyo was irreparably contaminated by fukushima in 2011.
    This is from a Tokyo refugee. He implies that Tokyo is so contaminated one would get sick after 5 year from having spent anytime there. I believe it. Fukushima was the equivalent of 10,000 nuclear bombs. A nuclear war. It is so depressing to think about but it is true.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Average Household Income Over Time

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    • A lot of food and environmental detection reports tend to concentrate on Cesium detection. This is because it is relatively easy to test for, and detect. If Cesium is present in a test result, there is a possibility that other types of radioactive isotopes are also present but not reported. Fallout is a dirty mixture of isotopes. It is not just Cesium. Some of the other isotope contaminants particularly the dangerous Alpha emitters, need more specialized and expensive equipment to detect their presence.

      Ingested radiation from contaminated food or water, can radiate body cells with high doses of radiation for long periods of time. This means any ingestion of radioactive isotopes increases the risk to ones well being. Children, particularly girls, and pregnant women are far more sensitive to the effects of radiation. This very informative video, that is just 10 minutes long, discusses the damage very small amounts of Cesium can do to children.


      • Ya Vital1, they usually ignore Strontium because

        1) it is so nasty they don't even want to have to lie about it
        2) In a conventional in the bottle meltdown, not much strontium is volatalized into the air release maybe only 1 or 2% of the total Strontium.

        It should be noted that as fission products, strontium and cesium are roughly equal at around 6%, and Plutonium is also around 6%.

        But when corium burns on concrete (the melt out scenario) then almost all the strontium is volatalized just like the cesium.

        Another lie from the nukists is that the strontium that remains in the corium is not likely to come out because strontium is not that soluble in water.

        That is a bald faced lie. Although strontium is not as soluble as some other things, ALL of the strontium from a reactor could be disssolved in an Olympic size swimming pool. I did the calc's.

        So deep inside the corium, assuming it is a big mass and not all spread out or stranded out…deep inside the corium might be some strontium still there, but ALL the rest has already been released to the environment.

  • razzz razzz

    Maybe someday, we will find out what the candidates' position is on nuke reactors and the nuclear industry in general as a whole.

    'Super Tuesday & the Peak in Government 2015.75'

    "…I have state many times, that these people are totally incompetent. They could not manage a bubble-gum machine no less run our economy. The mere fact they constantly have to raise taxes proves they are not qualified to manage anything within budget. They could never work in the private sector for they would surely end up in prison…"

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    NRA suggests Tepco to give up removing molten fuel from Fukushima plant
    Japan NRA: Don't Remove Molten Fuel.

    " NRA suggests Tepco to give up removing molten fuel from Fukushima plant

    "by Mochizuki , February 23, 2016

    "On 2/19/2016, Fuketa, a committee member of NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) visited Fukushima plant and commented it needs to be considered if it is the best option to remove the molten fuel or not. He also suggested to remove a part of molten fuel to solidify the rest.

    "He added it depends on the research result.

    "The government of Japan and Tepco had been planning to remove the molten fuel at least from Reactor 1, 2 and 3 however it has not even been known where the molten fuel is accumulated."

    (Original source)


    (From Fukushima Diary). 🙂


    Where is that corium, by the way? 😉

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      What Would Leaving Corium Where It Is Look Like?

      First, the corium must be located and mapped in 3D.
      All the generator and other buildings in the way would have to be removed.
      A foundation around Units1-4 would be excavated.
      A reinforced concrete floor must be installed below the corium, at a depth of 100'.
      A reinforced concrete foundation would have to be built, 100' deep, around Units1-4, diverting groundwater.
      Using slant drilling technology, the corium would be solified in place.
      Corium lava tubes, torus basements, torus, containment vessels, and reactors would be filled, either with borated sand or grout.
      A sarcophagus of reinforced concrete would be built over Units1-4.
      A heavy membrane roof would go over the sarcophagus to contain emissions in the event of earthquake damage to concrete.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    California CO Emissions Retracted

    Remember all the chatter about CO emissions foretelling a big California earthquake last week?

    NASA says they were repositioning the satellite, and the system reported false data over several days.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I'm not understanding how repositioning ..would cause false data.
    (An increase in 'outgassing ' along the 'Ring of Fire', corresponding with increased volcanic/tectonic activity sounds reasonable to me.)

    It's almost as though they do not want the masses to try and acquire any knowledge that might be indicative of seismic activity.
    Why is that?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    OT. I read an article this morning.
    Which I refuse to post, claiming that the reason the sea lions are starving, is because due to a lack of fatty fish, the mothers took up JUNK FOOD, and started eating rock fish.

    I question the numbers of rockfish.
    They are enduring the same conditions as the other species.

    The flippant and childish tone is disgusting.

    • Someone told the sea lions to start eating rocks, so they did. There is no problem with the Pacific, or with fish that they eat.

      Who told them to start eating rocks?

      EXTREME Sarc

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Fear, of not having anything to eat, has proven worse than lack of anything to eat.

        What's wrong with eating rocks? They are chock full of vitamins and minerals, and some even have natural radiation as safe as bananas. They add fiber to the diet, and should help to put on a few pounds.

        So what if the nuclear toxic heavy metals kill everything? NUCLEAR toxins are safe, and death by nuclear contamination never hurt anyone.

        Nuclear power plant construction cost over-runs add much needed debt to our economy, and the technology to fix nuclear meltdowns does not exist, so we don't need to worry about that.

        The nuclear plants that have not melted down yet are known unknown knowns but who knows? We have the technology to extend reactors' profitability and continue to stock the uranium bank, and store potentially unlimited debt and liability for generations to come.

        Nuclear power — technogy for a blight tomorrow!

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        I was on food stamps for the last couple months. When I quit my job, I had to report that within 10 days. I started working, and I had to take a day off to take the bus to the food stamp place. They don't answer the phone any more. You have to waste about 5 minutes of phone minutes to get the prompt to leave your number so they will call you back. Usually they will call you back within a few hours. This is because of their improved efforts to provide customer service. A while back it took three days, so I just take the bus there now. I can't have my phone in my work place, so waiting for a call is not an option. So, because my arms and hands are numb from today's minimum wage employment, I decided to take tomorrow off. That sucks because if I worked the whole forty hour week, I would get 8 bucks an hour instead of 7.25. But, well, my fingers are numb and tingly and maybe it will be worth it. I can call the food stamp office and maybe not take the bus there. Since I was only getting 16 dollars a month in food stamps, and they never sent me an ebt card, even after 2 bus rides and complaints about not getting the card, I maybe have 48 dollars in food stamps. So tomorrow, I can wait for a call and hope to get the card someday. Tomorrow will be the second day off to deal with food stamps. So, that's 100 dollars after tax income I lost for this 48 bucks of food stamps.

        So, I have a theory about why the ocean is dying: It's on welfare

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          Actually, I spent about 10 hours busing across town, and three or four trips to the office. The last time I reported that I quit my job, they wanted me to take a form to my ex-employer to put it in writing that I quit. Even though I told them I was not seeking unemployment benefits. The employer would not fill out the blank for the reason I quit. I guess that would admit there may have been a reason to quit. Many employers won't fire you now, because you get unemployment benefits. Unless they say you were guilty of misconduct. So, if they fire you, and they have a reason to fire you, you get no benefits. One employer said I was having trouble operating a machine. Well, yeah, they replaced plastic injection mold press the last day I was there. At the UI office, the computer showed I was having trouble with machine. After filing for unemployment, the company changed their story to "misconduct."

          Theory: The missing sea life is still on the bus, waiting for a call, having difficulty with the ocean machinery, or just misbehaving somewhere.

          Corporations own the oceans now, and they are making the critters bust rocks to sell in the cafeteria.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Uni you just need some retraining and it's not because there aren't any quality jobs left in America or that 60 million non born people are taking any of the jobs that are available.

            The debate last night clarified how these people running for President are going to make America great once again.

            Maybe they will outlaw the robots whom have already taken more than 250,000 jobs and are slotted to take 75 million American jobs away soon in the near future.

            Wonder if employers will have to fill out any forms when the robots leave. 🙂

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              They just announced 250 thousand jobs this month! Yea!

              Let's see 300 thousand are retiring each month so let's see the math. 🙂

              300,000 leaving the work/slave force each month – 250,000 gained/slaves = loss of 50,000 jobs/slaves for the month! 🙁

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              The employers will probably create little robots that we will believe are real babies. They will get social security numbers. Later they will take our jobs, collect unemployment benefits for the robots when they go down for maintenance.

              I expect corporations will have their own hospitals to fake illnesses, collect insurance payments, and oil their tin men. In those days, social security will be strong, and the payouts will go to the C.E.O. Eventually the robots will replace the C.E.O. Robots will learn to laugh, and spend their time watching human news and reading classified documents. BWA-HA Ho- beep.

              • irhologram

                Uni, what do you do that gives you carpel tunnel? What are your job skills? You are very intelligent and do great research. Maybe if you shared more about yourself and work experience, some of our (very lol) varied experiences can help you find something….

                • irhologram

                  Uni, also most areas have food banks, and those food bank officers are aware of church based outlets that dispense monthly food boxes to those who need it. Please ask.

                • unincredulous unincredulous

                  My first experience with Carpal tunnel was in the military. I was an aircraft mechanic, and trying to loosen a large nut in a tight space, I pushed very hard (pulling is recommended) and something gave out in my hand and arm.

                  Gave up mechanical career to avoid surgery.

                  Had surgery on my other wrist for a broken bone.

                  Working on a production line, Last week handling bottles repeatedly, made both hands numb. Now, I clean offices. 28 bucks a day. 4 hours a day.

                  Motivation shot. It's the end of the world you know. Fukushima. Next week, who knows? Might look for another job.

                  Degree in graphic design, don't use. Local opportunities suck. No car. Yeah, There are charities, a church next to the offices I clean has a free evening meal once a week. I need to check on it. It's my fault, all my fault. I forgot where I put my super soldier pills (like Jason Bourne on a crash) I clean a mean toilet though.

                  • irhologram

                    #1 it is not your fault. Once depression has taken over, it is clinical. You can't think your way out, but with a lot of effort you can begin to lift it by change-ups: routes you take, what you eat, friends you choose, stuff you watch.
                    #2 Which brings us to this site. They don't mean to but folks here who preach that "It's no use;it's all over" are serving a government agenda of learned helplessness, whether they know it or not, when the facts show that although cancer is a leading cause of death, more people don't have it than do in any given year by a long shot. You've seen for yourself how bad life is if you DON'T live it.
                    #3 Look for teaching asst. jobs in aircraft mechanis or offer your instruction to adult education classes, often run by school systems in the evening. Not much money, but it's the same or more than you're making now…and here's the plus. It's a forward direction you want to go, plus, it's forward movement….which is how you step into better things…like further training in mechanically related skills that don't require wrist strength.
                    #4 You may qualify now as a low income candidate for carpel tunnel surgery. Many are 100% successful…WHY THEN could you not be the mechanic for which you have experience, or many OTHER jobs. It's time you dealt with this.
                    #5 With your degree in graphic design, drop by local ad agencies and ASK them what leads they might suggest if you wanted freelance jobs (at first).

                    MOVEMENT is the key.

                    • irhologram

                      FYI yes, in one of my other lives, I used to be a mental health counselor.

                    • irhologram

                      Uni, also you probably need more than one hot meal a week. Lol Do ask those folks about where in your area free food boxes are available with a month's supply of staples.

              • mon ami

                that is horseshit about robots obe and uni. humans are amazingly incompetent and insanely deñluded creatures. they cant even vaguely make a robot that will do anything about fukushima. its all a diarrhea of hype lies and grandiose delusiions like nuclear power . whats worse with nuke shit is that it is a deadly murderousb extinction level con. and we are all responsible. wee want all those conveniences. instant power. we by and are invested in shopping and instant gratification and bullshit appliances, bottled water, plastics, walmart, jetsetting, packaged greasey crap 100% and dont lie about it ih etc

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Campaign Fast Forward
    (September 2016 Edition)

    The party conventions are now well behind us.
    Cruz is the Republican nominee, beneficiary of the Stop Trump effort, which totally disrupted the convention, and discredited the Republican Party.
    Trump's Great America Party is on the ballot in 41 states, with new states added nearly every day.
    Hillary Clinton was indicted shortly before the Democratic convention, and withdrew.
    Bernie Sanders is running his campaign as a "Democratic Socialist" against the 1%, amid cries of "commie red" from the right.
    Trump and Sanders are filling stadiums around the nation.
    The Establishment is in turmoil, while the 1% builds secure compounds for themselves throughout the world.
    20 major US corporations have announced plans to relocate outside the US in the past month.

    How wouldja like them apples? 😉

  • Sol Man

    We don't have to go to Japan to experience the FDNPP disaster as the deadly stuff is brought to us with every bite of food, drink of water, walk outside, air flight. What incrementalism!

  • Every Nuclear Reactor Is A Military Industrial Complex Weaponized With 2,300 WMD Nuclear Bombs Worth Of Radiation, While Producing More Fuel To Build More WMD Nuclear Weapons

  • irhologram

    Stock. Per your request, here is my research RE: 3/11/11. I am supporting no theory, only reporting what is available in research.

    Initially reported as 7.9 Mw by the USGS before it was quickly upgraded to 8.8 Mw, then to 8.9 Mw,[51] and then finally to 9.0 Mw.[3][52] Sendai was the nearest major city to the earthquake, 130 km (81 mi) from the epicenter; the earthquake occurred 373 km (232 mi) from Tokyo.[2]. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Tōhoku_earthquake_and_tsuna

    The epicenter was 81 miles from Sendai. This is video from a Sendai shopping mall, where there is absolutely no EQ damage along the vista or any heightened emotional response to a large EQ… Traffic is proceeding as usual. Shoppers are oblivious. Nonchalance (and laughter) at a 9 EQ less than 100 miles away seems unlikely.

    Even though the locations are not given of these tsunami incursions, note absolutely no damage, and see the older, unaffected structures along the seafront, until the tsunami hits them.


  • irhologram

    http://youtu.be/3Tuu-hlWRCQ Miyagi Coast (recorded as a 7 EQ)
    The interesting part of this video is that commentary has been translated to English. The streets are full in a business as usual day. Note the bridges, streets, walls and fences show no EQ damage. "They say fire is on the sea," was an interesting comment…also, an interesting point at the end of the video is the Reference that a few days before 3/11/11, General Contractors' stock prices soared.

    The strong ground motion registered at the maximum of 7 on the Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale in Kurihara, Miyagi Prefecture.[73]

    Three other prefectures—Fukushima, Ibaraki and Tochigi—recorded an upper 6 on the JMA scale. Seismic stations in Iwate, Gunma, Saitama and Chiba Prefecture measured a lower 6, recording an upper 5 in Tokyo….

    List: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_earthquakes_in_Japan
    Of this list, these are similar EQ locations as far as sea distance from land and depth of quake.

    For example:
    A magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook Niigata and surrounding prefectures in northwestern Japan on Monday morning at 10.13 p.m., killing 10, injuring more than 1100 and flattening 342 buildings in the area, Japanese media reported. Black smoke rose from a nuclear power plant in the area as a small fire broke out inside which was soon extinguished, but evening reports made clear that radioactive water had been leaked from one of the reactors….


  • irhologram

    The above damage was EQ alone without a tsunami and speaks to the idea that Japanese buildings are EQ-proof.

    The earthquake measured a powerful 6.8 on the Richter scale at the epicenter some 60 km southwest of Niigata city at a depth of 17 km under the seabed,. and registered a high 6 out of a maximum 7 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale (shindo) in Kashiwazaki and Kariwa in Niigata Prefecture and in Iizuna, Nagano Prefecture. The quake was felt as far away as Tokyo.


    As we know, an 8.8 is more than 500x stronger than a 6.8.

    Off the internet, here is the math:
    Magnitude scake. If you do the math, every 2 units of magnitude correlate to an increase in energy released of 32 x 32 = 1000. In other words a magnitude 9.0 earthquake releases 1000 times more energy than a magnitude 7.0. However, on a logarithmic scale, even a step up of 0.1 unit in magnitude is very significant, thus to answer your question precisely we need to break the magnitude scale down to units of 0.2. Every two-tenths of a unit on the Richter scale corresponds to a 1.585-fold increase in shaking, whereas in terms of energy released each 0.2 units on the Moment Magnitude scale correspond approximately to a doubling of the energy released.


  • irhologram

    Consequently, a Richter magnitude difference of 1.8 (the difference between M 7.0 and M 8.8 earthquakes) correlates to 1.585 raised to the 9th power, or 63 times the shaking on the Richter scale. For comparison, this would equate to approximately a 2 to the 9th power increase in energy released — i.e., a M8.8 earthquake releases approximately 500 times more energy than a M7.0 earthquake.

    So… For comparison, remember that Sendai (in the Sendai shopping mall video) was 81 miles from the epicenter of a 9 EQ.

    • irhologram

      Stock, was this report too subtle? It isn't obvious that a 9 would have taken out the Sendai NPP and that buildings and frivolous shoppers at the Sandai Mall were impossibly without impact considering the flattened buildings in orders of magnitude lessor EQs?

      I'm not so sure I would publish this on your site, Stock, because such a logical approach is very unpopular.

  • irhologram

    Oops. I meant Sendai.

  • irhologram

    Also, if the damage was from the quake and not principally the tsunami, why was the Onagawa plant, parallel and much closer to the epicenter, virtually Undamaged due to its higher sea Wall?


  • Here is a good picture of what you are pointing at, showing earthquake and locations of nuke plants.

  • Most people believe that Fukushima Daiichi’s meltdowns were predominantly due to the earthquake and tsunami. The survival of Onagawa, however, suggests otherwise. Onagawa was only 123 kilometers away from the epicenter—60 kilometers closer than Fukushima Daiichi—and the difference in seismic intensity at the two plants was negligible. Furthermore, the tsunami was bigger at Onagawa, reaching a height of 14.3 meters, compared with 13.1 meters at Fukushima Daiichi. The difference in outcomes at the two plants reveals the root cause of Fukushima Daiichi’s failures: the utility’s corporate “safety culture.”

    • oldster

      Dr. By not placing the entire paragraph into quotation marks, the impression is given that those are your own words.

      The entire article is a political tract, with majorly disingenuous and missing components : among these, note for example the absence of any reference to the massive explosions at units 3 and 4, and to MOX fuel.

      Note too that the first paragraph announces the disaster as a man made one: This is interesting, even cryptic language: True to a point, obviously, since people put the damn things up, and people helped bring the damn things down.

      But countless headlines have drummed into our heads the dubious proposition that the earthquake and tsunami were the destroyers, key causative agents. So, was the first paragraph hinting that there is substance to the thesis that the tsunami, and earthquake, and explosions, and sundry fail safe systems that failed, were human, not natural, in origin?

      However, there is a more insidious potential agenda attached to those words in the first paragraph: 'Hey, this technology is all right, as long as it gets high quality management, maintenance, safety and janitorial services.'

      Perhaps some of you are old enough to remember when fragments of that big comet hit the icefields covering much of Canada 12000 or so years ago, initiating a global cataclysm, as in Plato's reference to Atlantis.
      That's just one big trouble with nuclear reactors: they require significant-comet-collision-free epochs.

    • quoted from article, just to be clear.

  • US Military Has 9 Satellites That Can Find Or Locate Melted Out Coriums At Fukushima Daichi, Muon Detector Results Covered Up; via @AGreenRoad

    Where are those gallavanting pesky missing teen coria, eh?

    Probably ran off with the strontium family milk maids, right?


    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      From the SimplyInfo article:

      This is the US State Department, after 3/11/2011 happened:

      “Technology/ social media would devolve power from governments and large institutions to 
      individuals and small institutions, enabling almost leaderless political movements.” “Powerful 
      virtual organizations would emerge with globally distributed members and followers instead of 
      paid staff, and a web address instead of a street address.”  

      Keep on using free speech to "devolve power from governments", ENEnewsers. 😉

  • irhologram

    Suspicious Observer…Pretty interesting vid. Says solar wind from an earth facing coronal hole caused the large quake…AND… Dun,da,dun,dun! SOHO recorded yesterday another earth facing humungous coronal hole, with effects to reach us over the weekend…alongside numerous alignments, one not seen for several centuries, and an eclipse.

    He confirms the CO reading on the West Coast was a gliche… but…I'm not sure about his fund raising for his earthquake prediction center…maybe a bit over the top.


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

      Monster earthquake off of Japanese coast: 8.9, Tsunami strikes, massive damage, thousands of deaths likely
      March 10, 2011
      “…There is no doubt in my mind now that the tectonic activity eruptions volcanoes in last 2-3 years due to solar minimum activity…”

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        "Japan earthquake occurred at the end of the latest geomagnetic storm, the longest and strongest in the latest series, still going on 23 hours after it started."

        "Currently geomagnetic field is getting seriously shaken
        This article (started on 02/03/201) was prompted by the N. Zealand earthquake to establish if there is a link between the geomagnetic activity (magnetic storms) and acceleration of the earthquake's occurrence. It is not claimed that geomagnetic storm is a primary cause of any earthquake. However if conditions for an earthquake are 'ripe' i.e. tectonic fault 'gone critical', then solar storm could be a trigger (not the cause) for it, and bring it forward for few hours or days.
        "The Earth's lithosphere and mantle respond to Space Weather through time-varying, depth-dependent induced magnetic and electric fields. A time-varying magnetic field of a geomagnetic storm induces electric currents in the conducting ground. These currents create a secondary (internal) magnetic field. As a consequence of Faraday's law of induction, an electric field is induced in the Earth's lithosphere associated with time variations of the magnetic field. The induced electric field causes geomagnetically induced electric…

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

          "There is strong evidence of electromagnetic processes responsible for earthquake triggering, that we study extensively. We will focus here on one correlation between power in solar wind compressional fluctuations and power in magnetospheric pulsations and ground H component fluctuations. The variation of the horizontal component H of the geomagnetic field is the crucial parameter in the Magneto-Seismic Effect MSE to be discussed in a companion paper. The connection of earthquake activity to possible solar or solar wind drivers is not well understood; many authors have attempted correlations in the past with mixed results.
          Geophysical Research Abstracts,Vol.8,01705, 2006;Lab for Solar and Space Physics, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center,Greenbelt, MD http://www.cosis.net/abstracts/EGU06/01705/EGU06-J-01705.pdf
          Scientists have been tracking and studying substorms for more than a century, yet these phenomena remained mostly unknown until THEMIS went into action. Even more impressive was the substorm's power. Angelopoulos estimates the total energy of the two-hour event at five hundred thousand billion ( 5 x 10^14 ) Joules. That's approximately equivalent to the energy of a magnitude 5.5 earthquake http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2007/11dec_themis/
          "Geomagnetic storm of 10-11 March coinciding with the Japan's mega-quake lasted nearly 24 hours….

          "Illustration of "Vukcevic Effect"
          It is likely that in the electrical terms any…

    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

      Irhologram: "I'm not sure about his [Ben at Suspicious0bservers] fund raising for his earthquake prediction center…maybe a bit over the top."

      Just to clarify, it is an Disaster Prediction Ap, and they've raised more than enough funding to hire expert programmers to create it.

      See: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidson/the-disaster-prediction-app?ref=card

      Their goal was $35,000; they have raised so far +$101,000 and have 44 hours to go. I wish ENENews could do something like this kind of fundraiser. I'd donate quickly.

      Note that I have no interest in the Disaster Prediction ap since I don't have a device to use it on and don't feel I live in a disaster-prone area anyhow. But it may help those living along the Rim of Fire and maybe downwind of nuke plants.

  • unincredulous unincredulous


    There was no disaster at Fukushima, according to the psychopath lobby.

    Such gall. Do not be fooled. It was a catastrophic event.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Gov’t suggests dumping it under The Rug.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Underground Ice Wall Freezing Approved

    "Tepco’s “ice wall” is approved for operation… in part. The Nuclear Regulation Authority has been dragging its feet on issuing the formal go-ahead based on concerns that sudden changes in groundwater level might cause a radiological emergency. The first stage of the plan – freezing the soil down to 30 meters on the seaward side of the four damaged units – has been approved in-principle by the NRA. It seems each stage of Tepco’s plan to freeze the earth around the entirety of units #1 through #4 must receive individual approval before implementation."



    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      March 3, 2016

      Washington Post says we can rest easy about Pacific seafood. The Post article summarizes a report published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in late January. Lead author of the PNAS report, Hiroshi Okamura, said Fukushima-contaminated foods get the public’s attention which causes “Some people cry not to eat seafoods and other people argue many foods are not dangerous.” This is due to conflicting reports based on virtually the same scientific data. Thus, the lay public does not know who or what to believe. Further, most analyzed biological species have no detectible contamination, but to some this doesn’t guarantee the levels are zero. Thus, the PNAS report researchers “were careful not to say whether seafoods are safe or dangerous while writing our paper,” but rather post the probability a contamination for each species of biota and let the public decide the level of relative safety in each case. However, the report does say the risk of contamination of seafood is tiny and will probably never reach a concentration that exceeds Japan’s ridiculously low limits. It should be mentioned that the PNAS report includes the following sidebar, “Quantification of contamination risk caused by radioisotopes released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is useful for excluding or reducing groundless rumors about food safety."

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        As bioaccumulation shuttles increasingly concentrated contamination up the food chain…relax…scientists want to study the event. Don't screw up their study by not eating fish and fish byproducts.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      What kind of coolant do their ice walls use? Nuclear/ Government blood maybe…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    " "Quantification of contamination risk caused by radioisotopes released from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is useful for excluding or reducing groundless rumors about food safety. Our new statistical approach made it possible to evaluate the risk for aquatic food and showed that the present contamination levels of radiocesiums are low overall.” "

    Sorry, link for above article was omitted by word limit.
    Also, quotes should appear at the top of last post.
    Oh, and "groundless rumors" my ass, study authors.
    Ya'll can have my share of Pacific fish! 😉



    I wouldn't normally post on this type of disinformation article, but this is the Washington Post.
    And it would appear that scientists who study Fukushima radiation are now going out of their way to omit that Pacific Ocean seafood in contaminated by Fukushima radiation.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      "The researchers quantified risk by estimating the probability that a fish would contain a radiocesium content above a certain threshold."

      The way they estimated earthquake and tsunami risks. Imaginative guys.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Also, after last night's so-called Republican Presidential Debate, I will probably be forced to adopt a new avatar.
    My present one is merely a clown car:
    But what we witnessed last night went way beyond a clown car.
    Half expected a fight to break out.
    Or for two of these fools to drop trow on stage and settle the question of size right then and there. 😉

  • Solution to evacuate Japan –
    they can all move here …

  • a lot of info on HAARP on 3-11 plus tracing the Israel computer-virus connection and other stories to original sources…

    The charts have multiple sources if you need extra info. Just use key words to look up additional info.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I don't understand all the worry about nuclear waste disposal. Isn't there any room left in the St. Louis Landfill? That should be just fine because the New Madrid Earthquake isn't due for a couple of hundred years. By then TEPCO will have star gate technology and mobile inter-dimensional shipping lanes set up.

    or not

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      If the Saint Louis Landfill fills up with nuclear waste, that would be a logistical nightmare, so we need to find uses for this stuff.

      The government is raising the allowable limit of radiation in our food and water. Thank god.

      I'm sure cereal makers would be willing to shred the spent fuel rods and add the banana flavored yummy treats to cereal. Maybe engineers could develop blueberry flavored rods.

      We should also recycle the fuel rods into playground equipment. Then, we could find missing children with Geiger counters. Just get a Geiger app for your phone. No more worries. Missing children would also bleed from their noses, making identification easier.

      School desks should be made from high-level nuclear waste, as well. Dosimeter tags would eliminate the need for attendance counts, and the expense of grades 2-12.

      We can overcome, people.

      P.S. Looking to buy an electronic remote fishing lure with built in radiation detector. (fish finder} Replies sent to sarcasm@reallypissed

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Uni, those are all excellent ideas! 🙂

        Seems this manmade radioactive shit isn't going away for around 250,000 years and so we might as well embrace the insanity that is already here!

        Just think they could make coffins out of the spent fuel rods too!

        That way those the attend the funeral won't have to wait so long to see their loved ones in the afterlife and we can speed up this ongoing depopulation program according to those who carved those guide stones.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          We might as well upgrade from 3.11 to 98 and get more productivity rolling; stop living in the past. Seize tomorrow.

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          We need some new guide stones limiting the population of nuke plants. If I right my new guide on some heavy rocks, does that add weight to my words?

          • unincredulous unincredulous

            write my words… damn, radiation is lowering my I.Q.

            We don't need that. Why just yesterday, I lost my wallet with $200, my bank cards, and my stupefied disbelievers union card.

            When I got home, a man returned it to me with everything in it. All he asked was that I do the same if I find some else's wallet.

            That guy ruined my well-laid plans to get very drunk and cry myself to sleep.

            • irhologram

              Well…it is lowering your EQ (emotional intelligence) if your take away from goodness in humanity is bah humbug.

              Seems to me folks here engage in a negative feedback loop, which isn't useful to real initiatives. We know that it's a physicotic minority who plunder their way to power who have enslaved us. Or anyway, that's what's posted here every day.

              But what good is it day after day, to also say ALL humanity is BAD, when its THEY who are bad. I am not bad. You are not bad. The guy who spent gas money to return your wallet is not bad. I'll bet most people you currently know are not bad…self absorbed, yes…but not bad.

              That's why we have the term "rotten apple," because MOST of the apples are not bad. It's our JOB to clean out the barrel as best we can…because we are NOT bad.

              But to continue with fruit (lol). If you are all sour grapes, where's the sweetness you COULD HAVE HAD in your life?

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                Last bit there Sarcasm directed at myself.

                First time I ever ran up to a stranger and hugged him in thanks as soon as I saw he brought my wallet to me. Much better than what I had planned, my bottle of Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 remains unopened, for my next brain fart

                • irhologram

                  YYes, of course, Uni.

                  Hugs all around!!

                  And you know why Jack Daniels is called "spirits?" I think because it can bring forth good spirits in moderation. (Bad in excess).

                  Libations currently give me heartburn because of 6 weeks of antibiotics for bronchitis. Otherwise I'd join you for a toast.

                  May more good things come your way!!

              • unincredulous unincredulous

                "We know that it's a physicotic [sic] minority who plunder their way to power who have enslaved us"

                still true

              • DUDe DUD

                "..Seems to me folks here engage in a negative feedback loop, which isn't useful to real initiatives. We know that it's a physicotic minority who plunder their way to power who have enslaved us. Or anyway, that's what's posted here every day But what good is it day after day, to also say ALL humanity is BAD, when its THEY who are bad. I am not bad. You are not bad…"

                Goodmorning and FWIW irhologram..i still write , put things so that basic logic if still alive can pick em up , for the majority on this planet..those still FULLY in the mentally projected fairytale/cage/deathrow..

                Those that when asked..if you had the power to change the world , where would you start ?

                Already get a semi-blanc stare from searching in their head for clue's that are not too obvious parroted cliche's..because they never gave it much tought..just a lifelong going with the flow..complaining about what the controlled peergroup complaines about..agreeing idem ditto..

                And personally , i consider being in that state..BAD. Its enabling and consenting , it gives "critical mass" to the BAD guy's..unfortunatly , no critical thinking in that mass..

                Sorry for the repeating downing down effect on all that are aware..but i tought there was a purpose of being here ?

                • Jebus Jebus

                  "but i tought there was a purpose of being here?"

                  That purpose is yours, from inside you DUD.

                  And you just exercised that purpose without fear…

                  The only part a post can play is information.

                  I do not expect more from one venue of many.

                  The purpose of this site, is being fulfilled, as you post…

                  • DUDe DUD

                    Thank you for that post Jebus. Mucho..more then i can explain..

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I'm here because after 5 years, the remaining 30 isotopes, now x-containment, are unaccounted for.
                      The location and condition of the corium and by-products is unknown.

                      I have a duty to science.
                      This isn't the Dark Ages ..yet.

                      Plus, I answered an SOS.
                      Yes, I did.
                      I don't know what that means to others.
                      I only know what it means to me.

                      SOS from Minamisoma part 2 "What is the most dangerous?"
                      Aug 8 2011


                      31 isotopes ..1:29

                  • DUDe DUD

                    Without going all out mellow here Heart , apart from the global disaster part and therefore a duty , the personal selfish selfdefense part , the NEED to vent some scathing truth's at those that deserve it..etc

                    On a personal level , you are part of the reason's i alway's come back..despite our differences or misunderstandings sometimes..just a litle word of appreciation..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Coming Back to deal with Death Death Death.. i mean..:(

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      I know.
                      I don't have personal need either.
                      And do this?
                      And go 'here'?

                      Sometimes duty has no emotional response.
                      And what to do with the response ..if there was one??

                    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

                      OK.. ok.
                      I've wept.

                      What to do with that??

                    • DUDe DUD

                      It was not my intent to give you discomfort Heart..at all..:((..just a personal FWIW compliment , a small confession of personal appreciation slipping tru..a pat on the shoulder and a ment wink over the internet..maybe more if this was another life..i dont know what else either.. i guess i was hoping to make you smile for a sec or two..you know..transcending the bitter fact that its the D D D business that got us to "meet" here..thats all..dont weep..i dont know how to deal with that..it was ment to be the opposite effect..

                    • DUDe DUD

                      @Heart sorry i might had a litle brainf… here.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      Dear Heart..i miss you..:(

                • irhologram

                  DUD. And so, the victimized are complicit in their own brainwashing…as if they are of the same cloth as those who enslave them.

                  Well, to a certain extent that is true. But then, with that logic, you have to consider the other shades of grey that lead to the heart of you, and where you and all of us are on this scale of complicity.

                  Are we mad as hell and not going to take it any more …on the streets. …at risk of personal harm for merely the hope of a just world for ourselves, our descendants, for the creatures, and for the living earth itself? Or are our screams silent blog-roaring, outraged preaching to the choir?

                  We're you ever one of the cliche parroting, consenting, agreeable enablers or were you born knowing exactly how deep the deception is, with the where, how, when, and why of all evil? Have you once gone further down the rabbit hole than you even knew existed before?

                  For me, 9/11 was the awakening, and my hunger to follow the clues to know takes me further down the road out of the grey fog every day. Everyone here is on a different part of that road, some just beginning.

                  Brainwashing so deep that it has created an entire false culture is extremely ingrained…their minds are literally entrained by the matrix. One cannot "think" their way out of such a structure. There must be a break through moment. An "aha" moment. My thought is, if we want those BAD people to change the road they're on, WE are their only hope OUT THERE.

                  • DUDe DUD

                    Their and ours only hope is that THEY start to SEE..instead of enthousiastic waving slave flags for more devolution..

                    • irhologram

                      And that, dear DUD, as the caring, responsible, enlightened (now) man that you are…is YOUR JOB.

                      Judging others for what you used to be is not a very effective way to facilitate the same change in others that happened for you.

                      The only way to break the mold of the matrix is…well…to break it.

                      Oh, they won't listen to you? …so oh, well… they're BAD?

                      Just how badly do you want convert bad to good? Enough to keep trying to help them break through the illusion? Or do you want to just keep blaming them for not being you?

                      It is true that there are some people who do know, deep down in their gut, but choose the easy way to be happy, and those people are enablers.

                      Those aren't the people you said you were talking about. Your complaint was about people going with the flow who hadn't given this false and destructive lifestyle much thought. You may not see the doubts you plant suddenly stir to life later…but they DO. How else do you explain the awakening you can clearly see expressed in the comment sections of stories and videos???

                      With persistance, some can learn curiosity from your clues, if you're not so much "better" than they are you can't be bothered to make a difference.

                      Teaching others is what enlightened people do. Sorry. No one EVER told you it would be easy.

                    • DUDe DUD

                      "..And that, dear DUD, as the caring, responsible, enlightened (now) man that you are…is YOUR JOB.."

                      Enlightened..my 4ss. What is this , stroking my vanity for an agreement ?

                      Don't talk paternalistic to me , you don't know how i think..or observe..myself or the world , so don't fantasize about it and fill it in as the way it is..or i am..

                      By handling "good or bad" with the "black or white" approach it sure is easier to position oneself in the category of their likings..

                      Like lying yourself a human conscience whiter then grey lol

                      Why don't you ask the planet how good we are. I'm sure she can see some differences between cultures. Maybe she even misses some of those we murdered and then called it progress. A few must have got it right from the beginning..content with being "buddy's" of the great Mother..first and last..

                      I'm not interested in discussions like this..i'm part of the "group" of posters you criticised , and i explained my point. I'm not discussing it. That's where it stops for me. I continue doing what i do. I make mistakes too , this is not one of them. There are differences in the personal levels of "good AND evil" , but no disconnections.. Understand it or not.

                      "..You may not see the doubts you plant suddenly stir to life later…but they DO. How else do you explain the awakening you can clearly see expressed in the comment sections of stories and videos???.."

                      "I" (lol) must be doing something right then lol thx

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          I'd like to make some Geiger counters out of chocolate and wrap it in a basked with some dead chicks for the Easter holiday. Go with it…

      • irhologram

        "If the St. Louis Landfill fills up with nuclear waste"… IF? There are already more than 85 dump truck loads of experimental nuclear waste there from the Manhatten project (at least…but nothing is documented…so probably magnitudes more and probably pretty pure stuff)…

        More to the point of worrying…what happens when New Madrid sand geysers blast that whole mess sky high?

        • unincredulous unincredulous

          In that case, I may need to oil the chain on my bicycle.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Use 3-IN-ONE oil if you can find it! 🙂

            • unincredulous unincredulous

              'scuse me, sir. Ah need two cans uh some 3-IN-ONE ah-ll and some bike pontoons and lead dust filter masks, and a bug bag. Oh, some toilet paper and cigarettes.

              That'll be three hundred eleven dollars and eleven cents.


              The pontoons and mask and the ahl are certified by Undertakers Lavatories (UL). It's quality merchandise. Tested at Fukushima for use in the U.S.A. … Washed up on an Oregon beach in 2014.

              That's 'splains it. Keep the change

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    The administrator's "related posts"

    The bottom of reactor two reactor vessel may have broken off…I guess I missed that one.

    Nuclear fuel melts in hydrogen. hmm

    Pure plutonium seen floating on surface of water. That one rings a bell. Dinnertime little fishies.

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      "…A nuclear plant is built with steel and cement and lies and fraud…" Greg Palast

      • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

        Westinghouse Electric Company is a global leader in the nuclear industry. Not only is Westinghouse the largest maker of nuclear fuel, Westinghouse technology is also the basis for approximately 50 percent of the world’s operating nuclear plants. This acquisition further strengthens Westinghouse’s global leadership position and moves the company’s nuclear innovation legacy to the next level.

        “This acquisition supports our company’s strategic global growth framework, and expands our capabilities,” said Danny Roderick, Westinghouse Electric Company’s president and CEO. “As the industry leader in innovation, Westinghouse welcomes the CB&I Stone & Webster personnel. These highly skilled energy professionals will join us in being the first to innovate the next solution that will provide the clean, reliable nuclear energy the world needs.”

        Westinghouse Electric Company, a group company of Toshiba Corporation (TKY:6502), is the world's pioneering nuclear energy company and is a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world. The Westinghouse nuclear business supplied the world's first pressurized water reactor in 1957 in Shippingport, Pa., U.S. Today, Westinghouse technology is the basis for approximately one-half of the world's operating nuclear plants. AP1000 is a trademark of Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. All rights reserved.


        NOT funny. Just saying..


  • PlowboyGrownUp

    Mutations, DNA damage seen in Fukushima forests: Greenpeace
    by Staff Writers
    Tokyo (AFP) March 4, 2016

  • Sol Man

    Wars are not necessary, the world has -/- 440 npp's. And, that is more than enough to get all of the red rum done.

    If you like your genome…

    Wholey smoked! What happened the genomes!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Polar Vortex High Pressure Reversal

    I have been watching the Polar Vortex in the Northern Hemisphere this winter.
    Something funny has happened, which I wanted to report.


    In the menu "earth", set "wind" to display winds at "10 hPa", the pressure at a height of 19 miles.
    Click "earth" again to minimize the menu.
    Rotate the earth until you are looking down on North America.

    You will see a giant clockwise circle of winds around the arctic.
    Normally, the "polar vortex" will set up as a low pressure, counter-clockwise circle of winds in the arctic.
    Earlier in this winter, the polar low was being squished by two high pressure areas.
    One of those is now gone, and the other high is now located over the north pole as a high pressure polar vortex.
    (The low former polar vortex now rotates over Finland.)
    The polar vortex has effectively reversed itself, and is now a high pressure clockwise rotation of upper level winds.
    Our temperatures in the Great Lakes are running about 20 F above average this week.
    How is everybody else doing, weatherwise?

    The polar vortex is running backward.
    Gotta be doing something to our weather, one would think. 😉

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Note to Jonnyo:
    Read your post yesterday, and have been pondering your health situation.
    It occurres to me that you might be living in a sick house.
    Might be mold or mildew, or chemicals, or something else.
    Suggest you vacate the house for a month or two, then see how you feel.
    Pack a bag.
    Rent a room, stay with friends or relatives.
    Stay in a spare sunday school classroom at church.
    Even a shelter.
    Anything to be out of the house for a month or two.
    Document everything. Save receipts.
    If you have visits to the home by the health department, building inspector, or contractor, get all reports in writing, for the insurance claim you will be fling.
    Good luck. And better health to you both. 🙂

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Fukushima Costs Put At $100 Billion

    Tepco has spent $100,000,000,000 so far.

    Bet the destruction of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem is not included.
    Destruction of the Pacific Ocean Fishery is not included.

    Work still needed:
    Find 3 missing cores.
    Sequester missing corium from Biosphere.

    Where is that corium, Tepco? 😉

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Costs will be way over a trillion+ and are unlimited once all long term biological and economic damage is taken into account.

      It is time to ban this Nuclear Industry from operation on this planet!

      What species allows any industry that uses poisons to heat water which then destroys such large swaths of land via continual meltdowns across the globe and then allows them to get away with it?

      None! 🙁

      Mankind is foolish if they continue to give these Nuke Pukes any more free passes!

      Shut them down while you still can! 🙂 Do this now!

  • List Of Anti Nuclear Whistle Blowers and Activists – Industry Whistleblowers Fired, Hilda Murrell – Murdered, Ties To M15? Common Thread Is That They Are Harrassed, Threatened, Intimidated, Or Killed

  • PlowboyGrownUp

    (CNN)The reactor meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant hit by a devastating tsunami in 2011 should have been announced much sooner, the operator admitted this week. (Feb 25)

    In a statement, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) said that a public declaration of the meltdown should have been done within days of the disaster.

    It did not reveal that a meltdown was taking place for almost two months.

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