Report: 3.5 microsieverts/hour inside Tokyo home — Later drops below .2 microsieverts/hour (VIDEO)

Published: December 22nd, 2011 at 6:40 pm ET


Google Translation: The hot spot radiation measurement -2011.12.7 home in Shibuya, Tokyo

Uploaded by: MultiShake777

Date: Dec 7, 2011

Description: When the belt unit microsievert /. Around 21:00, measured by SOEKS01M Ver1.CL. The video began beating 3.69μSv / h but then the best. Models and variation in numbers though, and not ordinary!

Uploader Comment (Google Translate): After that I settled down below 0.2μSv.
Uploader Comment (Babelfish): After that settling below 0.2μSv, it increases, but.

More from Fukushima Diary:

12/7/2011, 9:00PM They measured 3.58 microSv/h in Shibuya, in an interior room. […] After taking this video, it went up to 3.69 microSv/h.

Mochizuki has at least 5 more recent reports of Tokyo hotspots over 1 microsievert/hour. (SOURCE)

Published: December 22nd, 2011 at 6:40 pm ET


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53 comments to Report: 3.5 microsieverts/hour inside Tokyo home — Later drops below .2 microsieverts/hour (VIDEO)

  • arclight arclight

    london uk near heathrow

    been getting peaks of 0.37 microsieverts per hour today, bit less tham the 0.42 microsieverts/hr of the past few days and slightly less frequent too… slightly more than 1 an hour

    lowest outside reading 0.09 microsieverts/hr (briefly)
    highest non peak outside reading 0.20 microsieverts/hr
    average reading about 0.13 microsieverts/hr

    inside low with hepa filter with 0.003 micron filtering. (model blueair 203 in 2 bed house/apartment).
    0.07 microsieverts/hr

    tested this over a few days.. not completely conclusive yet.. but these are the figures.. it is likely that particulates are in the air, and using something like this could mitigate some of the air contamination, especially while you sleep.. sort out the worst drafts, i havent.. but if the contamination had got worse, i would have started that experiment..

    as a side issue, the used hepa filter can be stored away.. with the details of its run time and be used for any future litigation against the shareholders of nuclear companies!! know im keeping mine!!

    in japan it might be worth getting a smaller micron sized hepa filter..

    as a side issue, probably coincidence.. 0.42 microsieverts/hr peak in london and a 4.2 microsievert/hr peak in japan??
    highest reading within range 0.20 microsieverts/hr and that is the normal average in japan…

    wierd huh??

    normal average in london (ignoring heathrow eurdep monitor because it lies) 0.12 microsieverts per hour allowing for sunspot activity as recommended by tepcoiaea


  • americancommntr

    Thank you for documenting this and showing it.

    • arclight arclight

      all the information regarding the post can be found on the radiation monitoring forum linked on the right..
      cheers americancommntr

      • arclight arclight

        why has the word information been underlined and highlighted?? the link takes me to an i phone winning page that asks for my number? and i win an i phone?? huh??
        gives me a three minute countdown or the prize goes to someone else??
        used google chrome.. but to insert that??? nightmare

        nothing to do with you admin was it??

  • SnorkY2K

    Are you noticing a difference in emissions from water pipes (if they are metal) between hot and cold? Does the cold pipe appear to have more dust on it that is hot?

    Is dust collecting and the ground side of electric outlets?

    In our factory which had a few curies of Am241 exposed at a time, there was significant dust migration to grounding rods throughout the factory. If moisture collects on a pipe, more dust may stick to it. Have you considered trying to dehumidify air and testing the water collected?

  • SnorkY2K

    With readings like this, are you keeping your eyes covered at least with safety glasses? For the portion that is alpha, most will be shielded just with plastic lenses.

  • SnorkY2K

    Sorry, mistook your location for Japan.

    • arclight arclight

      hi snork
      will check the hot cold pipe thing out anyway! interesting point about being drawn to a negative ground. is that because they are positively charged? and does this apply to all isotopes that we are discussing on enenews as the main release agents? does this apply to gaseous isotopic states too?

      • SnorkY2K

        I only worked the the Americium Isotopes and we were told at first that we were only working with 241 but later studies showed that quality of source varied and we had other species such as 242 and the surrounding radionuclides. However, gaseous radionuclides may still occupy spaces within dust particles and I have no model for secondary decay emissions with could be beta, alpha, or other. It the case of a gaseous species, it is possible that it would be charged for a very short period of time but the species that captures the emission from decay may also have a charge or impart a charge to other particles causing them to seek a ground.

        Also, not just positively particles seek the ground. Particles seek charges opposite to their relative charge not absolute charge. If the ground is the nearest most opposite charge, the particle will still tend to move toward it if stronger same charge is in direction away from ground.

        • Atoms For Happiness Atoms For Happiness

          Hi Snork,
          A “few Curies” of Am-241 seems like a huge amount to have “exposed” in your factory – was it a smoke alarm maker? Anyway I really hope you were never anywhere nearby because of its gamma radiation and autospallation. And if they told you it was Am-241, but later found it also contained Am-242 and several more, I wouldn’t necessarily take later statements at face value!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    A must read tonight from Paul Langley (An Aussie) Dated 23rd:
    Casualties from nuclear activities
    December 23, 2011
    Personally…after a few hours away, I’m more depressed and pissed off than I ever was. Tomorrow will be another day OF BAD NEWS. THERE IS NO ESCAPING IT. THERE IS NO A GOD DAMN THING WE CAN DO.

    Nite…Sweet Dreams StillJill.

    • Whoopie Whoopie


    • Whoopie Whoopie

      “In this blog I have concentrat­ed in part on the casualties from nuclear events in Australia, the US, the Marshall Islands and have referred to the German KKK study of childhood illnesses in areas adjacent to German reactors.

      In all cases except, perhaps for the KKK study, official response to victims and surviving families has been one of denial. In the US, the US DOE has told people to PROVE the link between their illnesses and radiation.

      I am not there. The argues about casualties from the Fukushima disaster will last for decades, life times.
      There will casualties from the Fukushima disaster. The nature of the casualties will take many forms. Officials will this possiblity absolutely­. As they always have done. And likely will continue to do so.

      Busby is not wrong regarding the hazards or the nature of hot particles. What is open to question is the number of people who will suffer as a result. I don’t know the answer, but people will suffer in my view.

      Averaging external dose to an entire population does nothing to assess the risk to a specific individual subject to a specific external and internal dose.

      We are not a HERD, we are individual­s.
      SNIPPED A BUNCH FOR LENGTH…but he gets it.
      Now how to wake up the WORLD.

      Tomorrow…nite all.

      • Please Keep Working Whoopie – We All Love Japan So Much.

        Now Is The Time For Action Against These Criminals – Through Every Available Peaceful Avenue And Vector To Establish Our Frontline Against The Forces Of Evil Which Pursue Our Rapid Destruction Day And Night Without Repose.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Thanks Whoops. I left a message for Paul saying that the important study is actually called KIKK, not KKK (slightly different thing). The whole title is “Kinderkrebs in der Umgebung von Kernkraftwerken – Childhood Cancer in the Vicinity of Nuclear Power Plants”.
        Might help if anybody searches the net for it.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Whoopie,…..I must have gotten your prayer message here,….I slept like Rip Van Winkle last night,….and I passed some isotopes,…feeling some BRASS back in my blood too!

      Watch out ‘Snakeface’,……I’m coming to get you!

      I love you Whoopie!

  • Wakeeeee Wakeee world..

    Time to get up and smell the Long half life radioactive elements

    Part I Elements 1-9
    Part II Elements 10-13

  • According to the following article, the total radiation released at Fukushima is 60 million curies, while Chernobyl only released 50 million Curies.

    The Japanese government is saying that the the radiation releases from Fukushima are ‘under control’. On April 25, the Japanese government raised the ‘acceptable’ radiation exposure limit for children from 1 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year. So now all children are safe, because the ‘safe’ radiation levels were raised. (Forget about measuring internal radiation sources; that does not count at all.)

    According to Arnie Gunderson, the DAILY radiation release from Fukushima is estimated at 13 TRILLION Bequerels per day (today). With plastic cover over unit #1 it is now down to 10 Trillion Bq per day, as long as filter is working well and taking out up to 90% of the total airborne radiation. This release is ONGOING, CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING.

    This amounts to 100 Trillion Bq every ten days, 1,000 Trillion Bq every 100 days, and 3000 Trillion Bq every 300 days. Is this their definition of ‘cold shutdown’?

    So where is the filter material? Who is in charge of disposing of it or changing it? Where is the report saying how often they change it out? Who is measuring the total amount collected and verifying this, plus the types of radiation found? Where is this filter material anyway?

  • Can you believe that with this level of radiation release, that the Japanese government and TEPCO are INVITING the public and the media to come back and live CLOSE to the plant, while at the same time raising radiation ‘acceptable’ safe radiation limits for everyone on March 17, 2011 in food (2000 Bq/kg ) air, 300 Bq/liter in drinking water, milk and etc. Even plutonium and uranium is now ‘safe’ in food and water. Presto, all food and water is ‘safe’. Remember this is an averaged measurement, and some food can test higher and still be ‘safe’ to eat, because it is mixed in with lower radiation food.

    Is it any wonder that the radiation levels in Japan are INCREASING over time?

    • This Is Open Genocide By The Technocratic Tyranny Of Scientific Dictatorship.

      Japanese Citizens Must Rise In Consciousness And Take Responsibility From The Empty Husks Which Are No Longer Humans That Rule Their Nation With Absolute Supremacy.

      America Must Take Heed From Their Nihongin Counterparts And Establish Their Sake And Sovereignty Against Dialectical Materialism And The Godless Scourge Of Scientific Nihilism.

  • Human0815

    I’ve been in Shibuya last Sunday,
    my Measurement was at Groundlevel (direct Contact)
    for 5min.:
    0.17- 0.15uSv/h!

    I created a new Channel for this
    so please excuse my non-existing Design!

    • arclight arclight

      nice idea human
      do you mind me asking what was the reading 1 meter above ground?

    • All People In Japan Must Engage In Peaceful Revolt And Resistance Against This Astronomical Assault Against The Very Value Of Life Itself Through The Autocracy Of Beurocratic Corporate Negligence.

      If The People Take No Action Then Their Assured Destruction Is Deservedly Earned.

    • desert_lady desert_lady

      Thank you! Subbed!

  • Human0815

    @ arclight,
    at one Meter i/ we get in average
    ca.0.10uSv/h in the Setagaya-Ward

    I write we because we are a group
    of older concerned People (PTA)
    who are Monitoring the Neighborhood constantly!

    I check normally with a Radex1706 which is average
    but when i get higher Readings than 0.50uSv/h
    i change for my better Dp66M!

  • Human0815

    My personal max. amount of accepted Alpha-, Beta- and Gamma-Rays is ca. 0.55uSv/ h,
    when it goes above i would move!

    • arclight arclight

      thanks for the reply human
      thats an interesting point you pose about the accepteble level, i will have to give that one some thought!!

      it is good you have thought about it.. your readings are lower than mine except i got down to 0.07 earlier before the rain front came in.. and the gieger has popped its nose in at 0.09 a rew times,,

      last night i was seeing 0.16 today 0.14 but with some peaks as high as 0.37 microsieverts/hr but the frquency seems to be dropping and i see 0.27 approx, more often than not! its a small world 🙂 and in fallout terms we seem to be not far apart!! my thoughts go yo those that are dealing with the figures above.. especially the younger people (under thirty).. tough times ahead indeed for some! and my thoughts are always with those that are left with higher dosages! heartbreaking, but it gives me the strength to motor on and do anything to help those dealing with this awful situation!!

      stay safe human, you are doing an unfortunately necessary job and a possibly dangerous one! and you have my respects for that!

      peace light and love

  • This Is Unspeakable Audacious Atrocity –

    The IAEA, TEPCO, Japanese Government, Hitachi, Toshiba, General Electric – And Many Other Corporations/Institutions/Organizations/Governments Must Face Justice.

    CEOs/Presidents/Administrators And Many Other Leaders Must Be Criminally Charged With Lives And Given Equal Justice.

    Let Anne Coulter/Obama/Ozawa/Tepco And Others Clean Up The Radiological Contamination Alongside Hard Working Citizens.

    Evil Death And Destruction And Wickedness Will Only Rise Up All Around You And Consume Your Soul In Absolute Darkness Unless We Individually/Personally AND Collectively/Culturally Take Action And Responsibility.

    Anything But Complete Order By Public Authority (You, And Me..) To Dismantle And “SCRAM” All Operating Nuclear Reactors Is Idiotic Inescapable Lunacy.

    I will Not Live In A World Without Japan – And Will DIe Fighting To Save Japan For This World.

    I will Never Practice Silence In The Face Of Evil – What Excuse Do You Have For Not Speaking Up And Taking Action?

    • or-well

      Two replies for the price of one !

      My excuse:
      busy shopping
      something good on TV
      adamantine-strong happy-think bubble


      conditioned to respect/obey authority

      The thought of dissent is an uncomfortable if unconscious psychological reminder of the consequences of NOT obeying authority that one experiences as a child.

      I can’t emphasize this enough.

      I recommend Alice Miller on this topic.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Mochizuki is feeling better!! Escaped plan 12/23/2011

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Samcheok, Yeongdeok new sites for nuke plants DELAYED!!!
    December 23, 2011 9:18 PM YAHOO!!!

  • Whoopie Whoopie


  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Scattered Across Japan Fukushima Refugees Trapped By Uncertaint­y
    December 23, 2011

    I think the Pro-Nukes should go to Japan and tell these people not to worry. “Radiation is good for them” “dont worry, Be Happy!!”
    Think they’ll do it? Naw me neither. EVACUATE JAPAN!

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    2 babies were born with endocardial cushion defect and congenital biliary atresia | Fukushima Diary: via @AddThis
    4 minutes ago

  • plastic

    I have seen a lot of videos showing dangerous radiation.
    I made a video to show how this can be fake.
    Be carefull what you believe.

  • plastic

    I have seen a lot of videos showing dangerous radiation.
    I made a video to show how this can be fake.
    Be carefull what you believe.
    video is here

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