Film Crew Near Fukushima Plant: “That was bizarre, I felt it as well” — We drove into a high radiation area and something happened in the car (VIDEO)

Published: July 18th, 2012 at 1:38 am ET


In Containment: The people of Minamisoma, 15 months after the meltdown – Part 4/5
Camera: Ian Thomas Ash/ Koji Fujita
Published by DocumentingIan
Published: July 17, 2012

Namie Town

Hiroshi: Let’s head towards the mountains.


Ian: It’s getting fairly high right now.

Cameraman: What is it now?

Ian: It’s 5!

Man: It’s 60… 80… This is impossible! It’s 100!! It’s 300!

Hiroshi: It just hit 500!

Ian: Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!

Man: This is not good.

(Camera cuts to black; Unidentified screams)

Man: Oh my god.

Cameraman: I think we’re in trouble. That was bizarre. I felt it as well.

In response to a question from arclight about the ending, the filmmaker writes:

It’s difficult to explain, but basically, we drove into a radiation hotspot and something happened in the car. What was it? Even the four members who were in the car don’t all agree on exactly what occurred. I hope viewers can watch this (along with Part 5) and decide for themselves what they think happened.

NOTE: The radiation measurements are in millirem per hour (mR/h). 1 mR/h equals 10 microsieverts per hour (microSv/h). The top reading of 500 mR/h in the film is equal to 5,000 microSv/h.

Published: July 18th, 2012 at 1:38 am ET


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64 comments to Film Crew Near Fukushima Plant: “That was bizarre, I felt it as well” — We drove into a high radiation area and something happened in the car (VIDEO)

  • timebomb

    Help the filmmakers out here folks. Vote this up on REDDIT and stumbleupon and whatever else so people actually find out about their efforts. Sign up for accounts and vote and share. It is one of the best ways to get this out. We need to start working together and leveraging our powers.

    • timebomb

      More votes up on Reddit than total tweets. Nice Enenewsers! FYI, to all those so eager to throw others under the bus here is what the filmmaker just wrote on his youtube:

      "I'm sorry that not having Part 5 up yet causes you to question the authenticity of this documentary. I can assure you the work that I am doing is serious: I am trying to let people know about the continuing situation in Fukushima."

  • arclight arclight

    this is the reply to my question about the situation..

    "Thank you for your questions. It's difficult to explain, but basically, we drove into a radiation hotspot and something happened in the car. What was it? Even the four members who were in the car don't all agree on exactly what occurred. I hope viewers can watch this (along with Part 5) and decide for themselves what they think happened…."

    • andagi andagi

      Dear Arclight,
      This validates innocently all. So many brilliant minds collectively here at ENENews have so steadfastly, eloquently and poingnantly discussed the issues …and now, perhaps, is the unfortunate rubber hitting the road? Oh, what unfortunate truth should this be so …but, as I've said before, there are persons who will do their best to care for you all – whatever comes our way 🙂

  • TepcoSievert TepcoSievert

    Car became ionized and experienced an EMP stroke?
    or –
    Radioactive cow attacked car?

  • sadtexan

    I appreciate the efforts of this filmmaker to document life after the nuclear disaster, and have watched nearly every video he's posted. But I take issue with that last video…that is some distasteful funny bidness hypey BS at the end. Does the cliffhanger trope really suit *this* particular subject matter? Really?

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I have no clue what that was all about.

    Two other things did bother me.

    Radiated Boats on the side of the road, they said that can be repaired.
    Boats For Sale Cheap

    Are we sure that cattle or their babies won't be sold or given for meat or for their hide?

  • allanshields

    what Tony explained I am shocked that any body can get paid $7399 in 4 weeks on the computer. have you read this page

  • Nigwil

    5,000 microsieverts per hour is 5 millisieverts. The folk at Fuku eat that 5mSieverts per hour for (and probably with) their breakfasts. if it was 1000 times higher at 5 sieverts per hour, then the film makers and actors would be in trouble, but it's unlikely that 5m Sieverts is going to cause film black and great drama.
    I think they are just trolling for a bit of script to wind up the shoot. Pity, 'cause they had some cred until this.

    • HamburgGeiger

      Hi Nigwil,

      5 millisieverts per hour means 50.000 times normal background! You get your dosis for one year in 12 minutes. Please think again.

      • Sickputer

        I'll think for him…Nigwil is correct. It's no garden party at Daiichi nor a joyride cruise by some non-technical camera crews.

        Men at Chernobyl ( the "Liquidators") of whom 95% of the living survivors are in ill health would frequently "use up" their allotted yearly dosage in 45 seconds and then be released from duty onsite for a year.

        The same scenario confronts workers at Daiichi except they don't have 800,000 backups. That's why you only see about 20 workers actually working near buildings at any one time. The significance of the difference in numbers will become more important as things worsen. They can't build four huge domes with the current work force. And they may need much more concrete and boron for the entire site.

  • markww markww

    WHAT WAS THE DATE of this video is it old or brand new anyone have a idea MARK

    • TheBowRiver TheBowRiver

      Hi markww

      The video properties show it was posted, last modified, or created on July-18-12 7:35:02 AM. The title indicates June 2012?

      I guess we have to wait until part 5 is uploaded to see the climactic outcome!

  • I very much appreciate Energy News and check this web site several times per day. Although I realize that a good news round-up means including a few questionable items –I've twice placed and then removed links to EneNews on my own web pages. <br> <br> My humble monitoring station is the only one of public record along the Oregon coast, government or private. (16 months along now, and I still find that hard to believe.) I try to both be and appear responsible, so as not to run down Radiation Network's important work. As you well know, when we bring our issues to the attention of opinion makers or officials in government and public interest organizations, it's hard for them (or anyone) to believe what's actually going on. We can't afford links to faked stuff, publicity hounds or easily dismissed Chicken-Little assertions.

  • armin zane

    Personally, I preferred "The Blairwitch Project". At least it was novel. Then. 15 years ago.

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi armin, Blairwitch Project. My thoughts exactly!
      I mean, they did the subtitles, uploaded it to youtube and so on…how could they have NOT been able to say what "happened" in the end?
      Screaming, yes.
      Screaming for attention, methinks.

  • Fred

    This camera is an ordinary, but expensive, ENG videocam. The black "drama" is totally faked, probably because they realized the rest of it was uninteresting and wanted to sell it to somebody.

    If the video had been real, we would have started to see "sparkles" in the video as radiation started to pass through the CCD or newer imager, which is very sensitive to gamma and higher powered beta rays. Old film used to "fog" with radiation. Video gets "sparkles" in it like this:

    Not a single second of "sparkles" in this UNSHIELDED camera….It's Fake.

  • chrisk9

    i am not sure what the drama was at the end of the video, but having experiences with over ten times the dose rate they experienced, I can report that I felt nothing.

    That said their video is a service in showing the realities of the situation. What probably happened with the dose rate zooming up so rapidly was that a hot particle probably got stuck to the windshield or hood of the car. General dose rates can not be that high just driving around because no one would be allowed to enter, and other people or reports do not have dose rates anywhere near that high.

    With complete certainty there are hot particles that are floating and laying around that are probably over 5-10 Rem/hr. That can even happen in a normal plant that has not had a hydrogen explosion and lost containment. The hazard of being unlucky enough to breath one in would cause me to want more than a dust mask to drive around the area.

    • Fred

      They may also have contaminated their detector with some hot stuff stuck on the window of the tube. But, alas, we never saw a reading because they faked it, 9/11-style with the same kind of fade-to-black the broadcasters did when the nose of the fake plane came out the other side of the WTC from an editing goof because the helo drifted to the left, moving the tower right in the shot…proving it was faked.

      Fadeout is an old movie trick to save budgets…

  • markww markww

    These guys may have just lost all their creditability and staged a fake video ending. Honesty just went out the window

  • 500 mr/hr is definitely a "high radiation area" as defined. In U.S. plants 100 mr/hr and above gets roped off for cleanup and decontamination, but may lay around as puddles (from leaks) on the floor for days or weeks before that gets done.

    In my day annual allowable accumulated dose at a U.S. facility was 5R, no more than 3R in any quarter. During a serious emergency – like a meltdown – that could go as high as 10R. Readily measurable blood changes and symptoms of acute radiation poisoning don't start until ~50-100 Rem, and LD50/30 is upwards of 350 Rem. This is of course acute exposure, there is no really 'safe' long term exposure.

    It would take this crew sitting still in the middle of the high-dose zone for 6 hours to get 3R of dose. Since they were just driving through, it is highly unlikely they encountered anything worth screaming about. Though a giant mutant glow-in-the-dark feral bull charging the vehicle would probably qualify… §;o)

    • chrisk9

      Joy=were you an HP? road tech? I knew a "Joy" on the road.

      • HP yes, your basic "Rent-a-Tech" road-bound subcontractor stuff – with per diem! Though I only actually worked at one plant (dosimetry), as part of an investigatory team assigned by the subcontractor per 10CFR.21 provisions at that time. No doubt changed when we submitted our documentation some years later to Congress/NRC. TMI-2 beginning 5 days after the meltdown, that was 33+ years ago!

        Husband, brother and all their friends were road-bounds for a number of years, I'm just the handy-dandy attachment who got to tutor a couple of 'em through nuke school, then the ANL certification course. All ending in 1979-80. You that old? §;o)

        • chrisk9

          I'm a dinosaur! I was a road tech from 75-98 off and on and worked for all the old companies: Bartlett. Allied, GE, Rad,CE, Arc, and was a house tech for awhile. And as i have said before here, had two tours of Fukushima.
          Nice to have some people here who have been there. As a side note I just got a notice from the government that I can get a free physical, blood tests, ect because I worked awhile at Hanford. They are offering that for all former DOE contractors at the major sites.

          • RadTech for awhile, eh? May have met in passing… Seems like everybody we knew for a lot of years were nukes. Gave it up for Lent after TMI, probably would have given up on the reporting job too if they hadn't killed my brother (HP site coordinator at Hatch for Rad until Sept of '80). That REALLY pissed us off!

            Wonder if they're offering the same freebie deal for the nuke school grads [USN] who did their internships at INL. No matter, don't do no-need physicals just for jollies and don't plan to start. Everybody I've ever known who gets regular physicals is on 4-6 'lifetime' drugs by the time they're 35, and die well before retirement age. Just drumming up business for drug pushers and scalpel-happy gouls… Western allopathic medicine sucks! §;o)

            • gotnuttin2lose

              Cynical as reality is JB, please hang in there. You were probably cat scanned for brilliance, and then marginalized. 40,000 comin' in everyday. Don't B afraid!
              Those catz worken on the Fuku Daiichi & Daini are all pumped full of Risperine (Risperdal)…a combat med the Kamikazes' injected AND mixed it up with SAKE.
              And we thought those 16 year olds were so brave!
              The US VA still prescribes this medicinal chrystal meth today. Or do they call it Adderall now.
              Saddist thing about combat speed, is that it is/was only intended for desperate moments…not 2B used for a civilian reck drug.

            • chrisk9

              Worked at Hatch, worked with your brother, know your husband although it was just in passing, think different shifts, can't remember where maybe San Onofre?

              • Just North Anna, Surry & the Peach prior to TMI-2. Got called back for the meltdown, very short-term (a month's worth of 7-12s, day then night). Had left the industry in June of '78, went into media/publishing.

            • gotnuttin2lose

              Thanks JB, my sped-read skills just keener…GOD BLESS you BABE!

          • jec jec

            What about the people living around Hanford?

            • chrisk9

              The true Hanford story may never be really known. There was a lot of exposure at work and in the environment. There is a nuclear wasteland of over 100 sq miles that will never be usable.

        • gotnuttin2lose

          Joy B, we need to make a website just for you and all of your comrades. We will call it ORACLE of ENENEWS. ENENEWS must expand and diversify. I will not burden you with this venture.
          Admin if they do not secretly work for BB, should beg you for your precious time and wisdom beyond the stars.

          • Have a bit of a website –

            Coalition for Independent Investigation

            Haven't put too much work in, as time is expensive and I've been publishing mostly to Enformable/DKos for basic news and analysis, spent some months helping a Japanese citizen group and Safecast get their monitoring gigs going. The Japanese group now has outlets for local monitoring of food, unfortunately very necessary, but not something folks outside their areas needs to know (they'd get shut down). Heck, I haven't even linked over there for a couple of months, and I thought my STUXNET piece for Enformable was pretty good (had to wade through WAY too much background…). Besides, I also have a homesteading blog, about growing food, raising and educating kids, keeping up the property, raising ducks, and managing the forest/energy/farm policy issues.

            And then there's props and costumes for the clown crew, booking and scheduling, etc. That's –

            Mountain Circus Arts

            I have transitioned to paper-and-film-less publishing, quite a distance from my early days of setting lead type backwards into wooden boxes for the Daily Phoenix. Still a little slow.

            But thanks. Some of us out here in the Big World have been "at it" (battling TPTB) for decades. Few of us are 'famous', doesn't mean we don't keep on keeping on. §;o)

    • Dogleg Dogleg

      What if the meter toped out at 500?

  • Cindy Cindy

    Not sure about this video. Seems pretty "dramatic", as in "staged". This is NOT cool…Thousands of people have died and hundreds are displaced. If this is a fake video…Shame on Them! If not..then why the "cliffhanger"?

    • gotnuttin2lose

      Maybe, they are just staging the stage, 'cause the govt. is a bunch of 3 stooges: emperor, yakuza (893), Tepco.
      The reason they chose the name Tepco is because "KO" is child-like term of endearment. Same reason they invented Pluto-kun(boy)…an extra from the Jetsons…to explain to the general public that plutonium is OK.

  • They might have seen a neutron beam, the car may have started shorting out or, um, … they saw a ghost:

    "It is theorized that paranormal entities (ghosts, spirits etc) are at least in part based on or composed of energy. This theory is strongly supported as many encounters with the paranormal coincide with measurements of relatively high or unusual energy levels (electrical, magnetic, thermal etc) at the same time and location. It is theorized that entities somehow tap into available ambient sources of energy, drawing on them to help constitute and manifest themselves."

    [research on this is a bit inconclusive]

    However, one ghost was caught on tape in a Japanese tunnel:

    Ghost caught on tape during radiation leak testing in old Japan WWII tunnels

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      It's Homer Simpson's radioactive ghost – I saw it clearly in their professional still frame analysis! He whispered "duh"

    • gotnuttin2lose

      Pretty Good P239, Did you copy, cut, paste that or remember verbatum?
      Who quoted: Man(un)kind need not fear the paranormal…all (s)he needs to fear is what we homosapians have done OR will do.
      If you can translate in Russian. I will be very impressed.

  • gotnuttin2lose

    Believe it or Not! 🙂 ;D >>><<&lt; I think some very clever and daring Japanese had a hand in this video as well.

    • gotnuttin2lose

      All of you ghouls sit on the sidelines watching and thumping away at your amusement/fear AKA ELE. Do any of you even try to think up a solution? I know I have.
      I tried to explain a solution but always got attacked by silver spooner twig boys, who only think about their next bitch session on ANYnews.
      First thing all need to look at is the Pre-existing asset, before anyone can save the planet Earth…instead of just bitching about it to the pirate captain who knows his ship is sunk…let US move forward.
      As that RISING SUN author/actor said: In a crisis, Japanese do worry about WHO Fucked UP. They worry about What is fucked up AND how do we fix it?

      • richard richard

        mate, i think you're moving a little of target. i'm certainly no ghoul, and i certainly do more then thump at ELE. At a guess, I probably do more then you do.

        so before you go whinging at me or us, tell me what you are doing as an activist. what was your last donation to the cause ?

        and yes, it's important to find out what is FUBAR, but it is equally important to find if someone has behaved in a criminal manner and they need to be brought before justice. it takes very limited thinking skills to NOT see that.

        are you blogging under the influence again 😉 ?

        • gotnuttin2lose

          Guilty as charged Rich, but are you WELL?

          • richard richard

            thanks for asking, no I'm not well right now, I have a cold that's been knocking me around for two days.

            (bear in mind it is winter time down under, so I think I can be excused for catching a cold).

            that didn't stop me from going to an activist group session last night. so I'm still soldiering on 😉

        • gotnuttin2lose

          Where did you go Rich? I know you have done more than me for the cause. I am just a NEW B. Howz Cairnz Australia by the way?

          • richard richard

            i'm here (i am at work actually, so I can't always write 😉 )

            we're all mostly newbies, I know I am. (well, there was action a long time ago, but I consider all anew).

            I am trying to do stuff though. all in an amatuer way, but i feel it's better then just complaining on a keyboard.

            if you can't actually get out to do things (i'm not judging, some people simply can't) then please consider donating to a cause.

            top of my list are animal activist groups like ..

            World Society for the Protection of Animals

            Sea Shepherd

            (hint, buy some shit, then you''ll look good and fund a good cause 😉 )

            Next on my list are sites like this one and ex-skf

            There are many more, I am getting OT.

            Thanks for being involved, excuse if I was too over the top. It's good to have your company 😉 And I am certainly not perfect.

            • richard richard

              and Cairns was pretty good last time I was there (18 months ago). Very humid. No surf. Lots of backpackers 😉

              there are some great backpacking venues actually, I was really impressed with one that just had everything in one campus.. so much fun 🙂 (ok, OT again, doh).

              • gotnuttin2lose

                Rich, I appreciate your responses very much. And, I want you to Know the most famous Japanese Proverb: "The Child is the Teacher of the Father".
                I think this proverb was handed down to all of us…but I personally Believe in Amaterasu…a female GOD.
                She has 13 openings to the UNIVERSE: 2 tear ducts that cry; 2 ears that hear her baby crying; 2 nostril openings that breath fresh air; 1 mouth that speaks GOSPEL. 2 breasts that feed her crying baby. A vagina that delivers the Baby. And, of course 2 other openings to relieve herself from time 2 time and create fertilizer.
                Her last opening: the belly button from whence it all began. Yes, it is true Rich, I am Blogging under the influence.

      • gotnuttin2lose

        Well, I got some TNT notions. DON'T tell! No, do tell.
        Fukushima's no entry zone has 1000s upon 10s of 1000s of water wells. Array of depths across all these wells in the no entry zone
        vary from 50m to 500m deep. Some are commercial wells bored even further into ancient pristine water tables used for the best beer and sake.
        The pre-existing asset is that those wells will teach all of us above ground ghouls, just where the corium is bleeding into the capillaries, veins and arteries of OUR precious PLANET EARTH.
        Some of you twig boys better respond to this old fart OTHERWISE "U" cannot help me save the PLANET EARTH.

    • gotnuttin2lose

      Bunch a balzy engineers with an epoxy-elastic resin board. Probably real. Notice he says: "oh shizer!" That means, "oh SHIT" in German.
      Most of the engineering, legal law, and medicine in Japan came from Germany, long before America occupied.
      I believe it!

  • Ariana

    Up until the point where they became all dramatic and said "Oh my God, we're in trouble!", I was interested in the video for what it was: a documentation of an area that has been completely destroyed by radiation. I think more people need to see what their hometown would look like if there were a meltdown. People (especially in the US) live in a little it-can't-happen-here bubble, so they don't pay any attention to the effects in other countries.
    That little bit at the end though? Hard to believe. I felt as though I were watching that ridiculous Chernobyl movie that just came out. (No, I did not spend money to see that. I think it is exploitation at its best.)

    • arclight arclight

      documentation of a disaster zone.. well said, that is my view also.. whatever the angle.. the videos have been enlightening.. the roving gieger readings just added to the feel of what is an interesting look at this area in japan.. i feel that the 2 lads might have ulterior motives but by the look of it they have lost so much…

      i understand everyone being cynical but we should be able to take from the video some knowledge..

      and i think i can safely say that EVERYONE will want to see the last episode.. lol!

      cant the boys do some citizen PR too? the nukie lot are lying through their teeth so a bit of balanCe is cool.. though i dont want to judge the veracity of the ending of part 4.. they could have experienced something unusual.. they wont fess up if everyone doesnt believe them before they have even put the point.. imho

      and its all free!

      cant wait for part 5 ! 🙂 LOL!


      • jec jec

        By the time they got to the END part of the footage..they were probably scared. So anything happening..kind of like someone saying "BOO" to kids in the Halloween. The footage sure makes you see the scale of the tsumani and EQ damage..a tiny part for sure. And the business, homes just abandoned; wonder how/when the owners get help to establish themselves elsewhere? Would love to hear the "missing" Japangate tapes of comments by Japanese officials just after the accident..the missing days or weeks…

  • Didn't hear sound of video relied on sub titles. Too bad if it was some staged ending but it was cool to see the abandoned villages that are getting no money from TEPCO…….With that outcome I see no good reason for nuke power.

  • gotnuttin2lose

    Well mate, now that of taught you all you need 2 know about homosapian sapian females, 'should b good 2 go and survey those Fukushima wells. Nuttin' but a pin cushion there, far as I can tell. Go up there and get laid with the finest sasses your bloody horney eyes of ever seen…and bring back the best survey…so us US wankers can sit around and decide what 2 do next.

    • arclight arclight

      the tree branches on the top right dont appear to move nor does the white dot on the middle of the road (just slightly up and to the right of the drivers left hand..) is this an optical illusion? no change on the right (apparently) and only a change on the left foreground .. the distance stuff doesnt appear to change perspective either… hmm? could you analyse a few more frames forward to see how the perstective in the top right corner changes and the distant left side?

      • richard richard

        @arc, thanks for taking the moment to look.

        What it is is the same scene has been used twice, but different levels are exclaimed. The scene at 6:14 is the same as at 6:16 because wee 'drive' along that section twice. To me it just shows a deliberate reuse of the same scene and then a different value is sub-titled. Why?

        So the photo I've provided shows the same frame (well close) repeat two seconds apart, with the differing sub-titled value. I hope I've explained it correctly.

        What I'm saying is the clip has a deliberate manipulated scene and so the validity of the conclusion of the clip is in question. Markww was right to question this clip.

        'Blair Witch'.

  • Maybe just an editing glitch, not deliberate falsification…
    I heard "The Hills Have Eyes" was based on fact. Once read of the Sheriff who gets to patrol Death Valley area – he just didn't want to talk about the things he'd seen, and the people he'd seen high-tailing it like they'd seen Hell itself.
    After stopping to talk with the Police, they'd have been on monitoring satellite and perhaps targeted by a Jap HAARP beam / chip tampering in their Geiger to scare them out the area….