Watch: Kids run marathon on street with radioactivity of 134,000 Bq/m2 — “Children of Fukushima will be killed by the gov’t… Someone please help” (VIDEO)

Published: October 8th, 2012 at 12:24 pm ET


Title: Children of Fukushima has still alive
Source: 148production
Date: Oct 8, 2012

19 months have passed since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident. The situation has deteriorated. Children of Fukushima will be killed by the government.


Someone please help the children in Koriyama. Fukushima will be collapsing.

Watch the video here

Published: October 8th, 2012 at 12:24 pm ET


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26 comments to Watch: Kids run marathon on street with radioactivity of 134,000 Bq/m2 — “Children of Fukushima will be killed by the gov’t… Someone please help” (VIDEO)

  • jec jec

    So sad. Its documenting genocide.the "less valued" citizens…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    They'll have to abandon contaminated areas. And in time, will.

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Around Chernobyl, after it became PAINFULLY obvious what was going on, everyone that had enough money to move. Those with the means as well as intelligence left, and those without, stayed.

    The people left were mainly the poor. Many of those left did not 'care' about dangers of radiation, and/or were misinformed about it. Many thought that drinking lots of vodka would 'protect' them, much like smiling will.

    Tokyo; is it safe to live in or visit? via A Green Road

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    But then again, this is also happening all over the world…just on a smaller scale… How many people live within 50 miles of a nuke plant of some kind?

    75% US Nuclear Plants Leaking Toxic Tritium Radiation Into Drinking Water Supply; via A Green Road

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    What if those people could 'see' the radiation? Quite sure they would not be looking so relaxed and at ease… Probably there would be NO race and no one around…

    If we could imagine radiation as smoke in the air and fire on the ground, who in their right mind would walk towards smoke and fire and then lay down in the fire?

    What parent would allow their child to run a marathon through smoke and fire that is actively burning?

    This shows ignorance on the one hand. It also shows that the misinformation campaign is working.

    To the extent that people are showing up here without meters, or ignoring people WITH radiation meters, the spin and propoganda campaign is working.

    Smile people, you are all radiation sponges, sopping up the mess left by FUKU as you run.

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      I'm thinking all this and more. My jaw kept dropping as I watched. This is the radioactive environment these people are exposed to every day PLUS what ever hot spots they happen to encounter. I don't understand. How can they be so ignorant?
      This is CRAZY!

    • Anthony Anthony

      Totally agree.

  • shiverca shiverca

    Honestly though, what are you supposed to do just live your life in a box? Most of these people don't have the money and resources to afford to move, or go to another country. The Country can't afford to displace everyone so it's that or just try to live as normal as possible and try not to think about it.

    It's a slow moving nightmare.

    • eatliesndie eatliesndie

      Under such dire conditions, You simply need to leave. Being homeless in a clean environment is a far superior option to nuking your kids. Find others like minded, form a caravan, and get to hell out. Beg, steel and borrow. Anything is better.

  • arclight arclight

    its all part of a convincer campaign

    the international meeting in sendai needs to show how the children are thriving.. hope they didnt hear the childrens breathing as they were running… in contamination registering 1 microsievert/hr

    the seminar for the IMF etc needs to see these children running and they will also be talking too!

    i dont think any local ngo`s are invited..

    the notes that they will be working from are from last years seminar in september 2011.. no updates?

    Japan ready to share 3/11 disaster lessons
    "Global leaders, disaster experts and survivors will gather in Sendai for the "Sendai Dialogue," a meeting hosted by the government and the World Bank to focus on ways to reduce the economic impact of natural disasters."

    "The Sendai Dialogue will open with a plenary session in which Japan's experiences will be conveyed through speeches by Sendai Mayor Emiko Okuyama and reconstruction minister Tatsuo Hirano as well as stories told by high school students who survived the disasters."

    the notes from last year are here

    notice that nuclear disater ends up on the world bank web-site?
    maybe because no other web-site would post such propganda rubbish

    poor children

    and the PR are now using tedx see tedxsendai website

    • Maggie123

      arclight: I checked tedxsensai and found this: "Sendai, Japan, October 10, 2012 …
      "in Sendai and the Tohoku region, people are rebuilding their lives,…
      "In a tightly choreographed 3 hours, TEDxSendai will bring together some of the most interesting thinkers and leaders from the worlds of business, art, politics and science to share a message about disaster recovery, resilience, and hope."

      I so hope someone – at one, or more, or all of the Sendai events – challenges everyone present in a voice that rings clear with the sober truth.

      Today for me is one of those days when such a challenger seems completely unlikely. Earlier today I spent a few minutes thinking about "wisdom" – about how we never hear people say that one of their life goals is to gain wisdom. I wondered if seeking wisdom has ever been "popular" in any highly "civilized" society over, all the ages.

      • arclight arclight

        hi maggie
        i think that the activists will have this "unbiased" seminar in its sites!!

        should be inteesting! πŸ˜‰

        as long as the japanese activists find out anyway.. hmmm!

        now im off to post the link on to "smooth" things over a bit! πŸ™‚

        posted a few headlines up
        but heres one that shows some greenpeace activists getting kicked out of south korea and now they are heading towards japan!! wonder what they are up to then?? lol!

        Greenpeace ejected by South Korea -”can’t deny the risks of nuclear power forever”

        "..I am at a detention centre at South Korea’s airport, quickly writing these few words as best I can on a mobile phone. Together with my colleague, Dr. Rianne Teule, I have been denied entry to South Korea…"

        go get um Jan Beranek and Dr. Rianne Teule

        no wonder the nuclear mafia need a PR moment .. or 2

        saikato hantai!

        more fantastic up to the minute global activist/nukeheadlines here
        this is NOT a spam moment!

        err actually maybe it is… but its quality spam πŸ™‚

        no american should see the george galloway video link posted where he kicks the senates butts all over the floor imo
        its truly embarrassing!

        • Maggie123

          Thank you arclight – nuclear-news was a welcome boost as well as rich with information! Many uploads yours I noticed; thank you for that also! πŸ™‚

          Also viewed the Galloway/Senate, then stayed at YT for a while, gathering ideas and feeling more reassured, including from commenters – the global aware community *is* sizable! (Am speaking more broadly – not specific to nuclear.)

          "26-S Madrid: Manifestantes expulsan a la policia de Neptuno" a 2-min clip that would be so wonderful to see replicated in Japan!

  • Gnyf

    Rich people go – poor people stay?
    Maybe it sounds horrible saying it, but rich and poor both got their legs for free.
    Have heard this several times: "No money to leave" – "Jobs are in Fukushima" etc. Who in their right mind thinks about jobs when their life is at stake? Who in their right mind worry about their future in other places, when it's certain they don't have one where they are now?
    I would love to help. I have tried everything I can think of. I have written and demanded my goverment to take action, and lot's of other stuff, but it's like running in to a briggwall. And to what purpose? They have just been staying instead of getting out of there, and now it's to late for them anyway.
    Only one thing to do. When the next accident happens somewhere in the world, remember to get your butt out immediately no matter how. No matter how much money you have. No time to go to the bank, JUST GO!!!

    • NoNukes NoNukes

      Blaming the victim IS horrible, Gnyf. It ignores reality. Blaming the victim has only made the victimizer more money.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I agree the rich people can go..and usually poor people can't go.

      Rich people..can call for travel arrangements and can pay for the tickets..

      Poor people..can walk (maybe), but to where..

      If you don't understand what makes poor people stay even when they don't want to, then I doubt you have ever walked in their shoes.

      • Gnyf

        How many people don't know radiation is dangerous? I believe that some exists, but it must be very few. Maybe there are some isolated groups living in mountains somewhere, who never had contact with the outside world. Maybe, just maybe they don't know, but people in a technical advanced, and informed country like Japan?
        You can call it blaming the victims, and innocent victims is what they are, no discussion about that, but if you have kids and stay in an area that you know is dangerous….. Do I need to finish that line?
        If you are poor, you start walking right away, and get your family as far away as possible. When you are out of there, THEN it's time to worry about the next step. Maybe get a job on a ship or something, and get to another country. Only lack of imagination sets the limits.
        If a storm of Japanese fugitives starts arriving in other countries, then the world might just wake up, and start doing what should have been done a long time ago. It would suddenly be difficult to continue the downright lying, and ignoring the situationen that governments all over the world is guilty of.
        Maybe the world finally would start putting pressure on the Japanese government, and Tepco instead of being a bunch of silent wuzzies. And maybe people would realize that now there is one less place to go when it happens in their own country because they just sitt on their xxx, instead of fighting nuclear power where ever it is.

      • eatliesndie eatliesndie

        Poor IS a state of mind that is often a precursor to victim.
        I live from week to week, hand to mouth – I will not stay in a place that will cause my children a lifetime of illness and suffering. I will do the right thing and go away, safe in the knowledge that I am not alone and the world, my world, will look after me. I simply don't understand why anyone would stay. It seems brain dead.

    • richard richard

      And where is tep.guv equally compensating the rich and the poor for the lose of their home, their lively hood, their stock, their stash, their heritage.

      Rich and poor alike should have been evacuated, but they weren't, and the mongrels that have profitted from nukes have not been prosecuted to compensate the victims.
      I don't care if they are rich or poor, I want some truth and I want fair and strong justice.

      But nothing is going to happen, Exelon and the USA and tep.guv will just walk away, the facists that they are. The whole scenario just demonstrates how pathetic the bulk of those with 'authority' are.

      And then the weak public just gullibly let's themselves get run down repeatedly. They keep believing the 'authorities'. Insane. This world is friggin Insane.

      Can someone show me some light please. Else I'm just giving up, I don't want to know any more about how people in the northern hemisphere are decimating my planet, it's people and flora and fauna.

      I'm going to try 'ignorance is bliss' for a while. I figure when I start hearing about everyone dying in the northern hemisphere then I'll still have a little time left for myself, go to the beach.

      • Maggie123

        Hi Richard, others … There are so many reasons people don't leave, but when I think of what we have seen of war and famine refugees, I want these people to just gather what they can, even if it's only important papers and a change of clothing, and move. Drive if they can, walk if they have to, even if they can't put healthy distance between themselves and the terrible toxicity. As their numbers grow along a path of exodus, officials as well as international media will be unable to ignore them.

        As for 'ignorance is bliss' as a restorative measure – I am so annoyed with myself. I shift through several key mind-sets every 2 days, sometimes within 24 hours! The only intensity I don't reach anymore is anger, simply because I've stewed in it enough. As for other emotions – sorrow, general angst, discouraged, encouraged, detached analytical – each streams through constantly. Not a one lasts, including an occasional 'cerebrally serene' state.

        I've thought recently the kaleidoscope is "the way it's going to be" for a good long while, maybe for the duration. I'm retired and thought by now I'd have found my way to a philosophical perspective that has some constancy!

        • Anthony Anthony

          Collective denial.

          Live, goals, dreams, plans, investments have been potentially ruined and that`s a bitter pill to swallow.

          • Maggie123

            Anthony, what gets me is the sheer stupidity we humans have demonstrated across ages – especially when the 20thC gave us so many warning situations, and at the same time delivered more wide-spread awareness of wisdom! We entered the 21st with global communication among ordinary citizens. People for the most part genuinely meant to care!

            But we in dominant cultures went too far chasing gee-whiz distractions. So much fun stuff to see and do and buy! We let ourselves be 'dumbed down'. We took new understandings (deeper explorations in psychology and ancient teachings) and turned them into mind-over-matter tricks to make personal life excessively comfortable. The 'new wisdom' was "meditate for success, wealth and fame" – most of all – *no negativity*! (Barbara Ehrenreich's "Bright-Sided" sold well among calls to 'get real'.) We had no time for watching what TPTB were cooking up – people who did were "too negative".

            • Maggie123

              Forgot – in addition to an explosion of exploration in psychology and ancient teachings, was greater public interest in science's findings re nature of universe (Chaos theory, butterfly effect, etc.) TPTB *were* paying attention. They knew from Bernays how easily we could be entertained, and that they could persuade us to work-buy stuff. They encouraged this – found ways for us to work, and sold us entertainment. Not just TV, but via internet, block-buster gee-whiz films, and giant sports arenas. Wars on the side kept us unsettled, increasing both fear and the appeal of mindless entertainment. Bread and circuses.

      • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

        This is one hope and ray of light… that this list keeps expanding, …

        List Of Countries/Nations With NO Nuclear Power Plants; via A Green Road