Watch: Local resident filmed how close giant Louisiana sinkhole is to SR 70 — “It is much bigger, and closer to the highway now” (VIDEO)

Published: December 2nd, 2012 at 2:11 pm ET


Source: rainbeaudais
Date Published: Dec 2, 2012


I stood on the shoulder of Hwy 70 to film this. I panned to the street both ways to show the close proximity of the hwy, where thousands of vehicles pass daily, to the sinkhole. This video was made October 27th 2012. That day there just happened to be 3 airboats working in the sinkhole.


[…] it is much bigger,and closer to the highway now. I did not post the video becasue I just didn’t think it was a big deal, or really enough to be newsworthy. But after another youtube user from 60 miles away came and shot terrible footage, and stated many false statements, I decided to post this one for truth. […]

Watch the video here

Published: December 2nd, 2012 at 2:11 pm ET


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140 comments to Watch: Local resident filmed how close giant Louisiana sinkhole is to SR 70 — “It is much bigger, and closer to the highway now” (VIDEO)

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    The film poster (rainbeaudais) has been very active on YT, including extensive coverage of this story.

    He appears to have "skin in the game". I can't tell how objective he is, but it's sure more interesting than government/corporate press releases.

    There seems to be a he-said, she-said war unfolding at YT over sinknole issues. It's safe to assume that at least some of the parties are not neutral observers, but who and why are hard questions.

    I tend to tilt towards believing this guy, but his supporters (see some of the YT commenters) and of course our rough-edged new visitor Thad (after Thad Allen?) make me want to run in the other direction. FUD and the fog of war always take a toll.

    It's bizarre that in the land of "big media", there is no ongoing detailed "big media" coverage of the sinkhole story.

    See what tomorrow brings.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    Hi..I am rainbeaudais, and am a she…:-). I have seen several of my videos posted here and appreciate the helpto get the word out, as well as the credit. I posted this new video, that I have had for over a month simply because the video you posted yesterday regarding "Homeland Security Now Monitoring", was inaccurate. I do understand that there will be inaccuracies, but the problem here was that when I went on to his comment section and identified myself as a local, (which was easily verifiable by simply clicking on my rainbeaudais ID) and corrected several statements he made, he immediately deleted my comments and blocked me from commenting further. He then did the same thing to another local.

    There is a difference between accidentally pushing false information, and knowingly doing it and banning all corrective posts. That leads one to wonder what the true agenda of this person is….truth, or youtube fame? We all know the more dramatic, then more the interest, like everything else in life.

    This person then came to our Bayou Corne Sinkhole page on facebook and threatened us, and started reporting posts with facebook. So now, this guy is attacking the very residents he claims to want to help.

    GOHSEP…Governors Office Of Homeland Security has been onsite since day one. There are NO fences anywhere. The sinkhole ISo n property that is private property, but, no fences. there are NO bubble sites in the direction this guy was filming that are veiwable from the road.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks for the post, rainbeaudais, and please accept my apology for the default "he".

      Please keep the information coming. We have learned to be skeptical of anything, but we're not hostile – just wary.

      In that vein, someone posted what looks like an innocent comment on your vid page, and it's been flagged as "spam". Do you know what's happening there?

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    I also did make one comment as a joke on his page, in which he took as a ridiculous threat. The comment said…


    And that comment was a true fact. Anyone can see how busy that highway is, and walking down the shoulder of the road at dark is not very smart.

    I also have a problem with someone coming in to a mandatory evacuation zone, and being allowed to just wander around and film, while focusing on homes that have been evacuated and singling them out. Also not very smart. People that have evacuated are assured their property is protected, and I would think that wouldalso mean not allowing any Joe Blow from 60 miles away to just take a casual stroll around and film those very homes, as well as point out their inhabited status.

  • @rainbeaudais, Someone here is doing this?

  • jec jec

    Hope not, but think rainbeaudais meant at YouTube. Such a difficult situation, and appreciate the efforts of all to keep everyone informed. I would HOPE the people in the middle of this mess ("locals") would be protected/safe from bystanders. And I know the desire to show to others what is happening…truth so to speak, and keep the information flowing. Since I have no interest in any youtube fame (like what does that get you?), would hope everyone would work together to provide real details. Reading the Youtube comments may not be helpful for bloodpressures either….glad we have ENENEWS and Admin! Keep it coming guys and gals..

  • Maggie123

    rainbeaudais – Thank you for bringing this to ENE attention, and for the video, I've not been using YT regularly re Sinkhole (mostly just the flyovers) and look forward to checking in on your video posts.

    Personally, as a distant follower (no where close geographically), I found the 'outsider's video a useful 'heads-up'. I didn't see much on his clip of an alarming nature re the Sinkhole (much more so on yours!). I took him to be a person whose interest had been piqued who, one day after work (I assumed), drove over to check it out – and while there caught some video.

    I can imagine myself doing something similar, without thought of seeming a threat or of putting property at risk. Will re-think now that you've described that the behavior can add to stresses of locals. (Have also done the 'walking on busy hwy shoulder at dusk' thing, using great care, of course.)

    I'm sorry the YT hassles have developed. Hope the guy is merely temporarily steamed and will cool down so that there can be cooperation – I've not gone to YT to get a 'feel' and maybe 'cooling down' isn't possible.

    Thanks again for showing up here with your informative video clip!

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    @JHewes76….no, not here.On YT and FB.

    No problem…:-), and I don't see a spam comment, but other users can mark a comment as spam. Not sure why. But you can unmark it…LOL.

    Here is an excellent site with many links, and a link back to our Facebook Group, an open group.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      Thanks, rainbeaudais. Sorry for the delayed reply. I've got intermittent connectivity problems – I think a router is failing. Here's what I drafted an hour or so ago.


      Thanks, rainbeaudais. Please keep the information coming. We're starved for details.

      The "spam" comment on YT seemed to be an innocuous compliment to you. Maybe someone pushed the wrong button by mistake, but I wondered if it was YT wars.

      Anyway, here's the one:

      "This has been flagged as spam hide β€’

      Thanks for the up closeο»Ώ and personal view. The flyover views seem timed to show little activity in the area. This must be unimaginably stressful to be so close.

      EarthFairy100 4 hours ago"

      I'm off to see what else has happened in the last hour. πŸ˜‰

    • CharlesW

      You forgot to mention that you run these two sites. That is important to know.

  • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

    Thank you maggie123. Check out the link I sent. You are sure to find some very interesting information in there…:-)

    • Maggie123

      You're welcome, rainbeaudais – THANKS FOR LINK TOO! I've bookmarked it for my 'Bayou Corne' file. I've long wanted to know what locals are thinking/feeling – have tried to sense it from meeting vids but know there's more to understand than I've been able to 'guess'. Best To All!!!

  • Jebus Jebus

    Go to google maps, type in "Bayou Corne, 8, LA".
    The marker is close to the site.
    Look for the "Gator Gold Casino"
    Choose satellite view and zoom in a bit.
    Go west about 2000 or so feet down I70.
    Look for those two above ground storage tanks, seen in the flyover videos, on the south side of I70.
    This will orient you to the location of the sinkhole.
    It's just SW of those tanks, you can see the drilling pad and the pipeline right of way.
    Google maps have not been updated since the sinkhole formed.
    You can still see the proximity to the town though.
    It is very apparent that DOW Chemical Company, (the one with the deep pockets), owns the property that the sinkhole sits on…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I think both recent vids are shows proximity of the sinkhole to 70..the other shows bubbling in the adjacent bayou.

    • Heart

      Any ideas why the NYT would be re-hashing unit 4 fire now?

      something is up I think.

      see my comment in the thread NYT on new footage…

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Hypothesis update – Since the recent uproars when in my previous hypothesis I suggested that the BP DWH explosion in the gulf may be related – I want you to leave that part out of the rest of what I was saying which is I believe that one or more of these salt domes containing butane or propane or a combination of both has been compromised as of months and mabey as of a year or two ago. I also believe that the bayou bubbles in combination with the naturally occuring organic methane bubbles and the sinkhole itself is a direct result of this happening. Everyone wants to get in an uproar when I try to link the BP explosion with the sinkhole event and I may have (again I say MAY HAVE) been wrong about that part of the equation. Mabey an earthquake or series of seismic events caused this to happen, only time will tell. It is obvious by the seismic readings that these caverns are having daily chunks fall off the interior walls of these caverns and fluid exchanges are nonstop. There are no cameras or photos inside these caverns and thats why no one on the planet can explain what is really going on down below. Not even the best of the best geologists so speculation and educated guesses is all we have to go on. SO put that in your pipe and smoke on it for a while mate! It sure as hell would explain a lot wouldn't it????

    • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

      Mabey just mabey its the saltdome cavern storage of these deadly gasses and petroleum products that the Strategic Oil Reserves are dependant on that is the problem to begin with! Mabey they are not a safe and permanent storage solution as they thought they were!

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Darn it I posted last comments on wrong thread – still most of you know what Im talking about. Sorry bout that ene communies.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    Going to repost on proper thread – sorry for repeat coming

  • amberlight amberlight

    Rainbeaudais, thank you for your solid reportage, and thanks to Jebus for the map coordinates.

    Several family members not living here in California have phoned asking if we are floating away in the floods. ??? Evidently the mainstream media is making it sound as if heavy rain and flooding are unheard of in the northwest up to now. Every few decades a particularly devastating flood takes place (snow melt meets heavy rains meets unusually high tide = sure bet flood scenario) but we're not there yet. Maybe next week.

    In the meantime the MSM doesn't seem to think that the never-ending Fukushima disaster and the burgeoning Bayou Corne sinkhole and Gulf oil slicks are newsworthy. Don't want to ruffle any feathers…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Latest sinkhole flyover video shows the sinkhole rapidly growing.
    As in previous flyovers this fall, there is no footage at all taken of the "path" between the gasline right of way, and the service road north of the sinkhole. Nor of the two tanks area. My take is that the two tanks area is now fully involved, and that the sinkhole size will double in the coming weeks as the land under the dead trees to the north of the present sinkhole falls into the pit. I guess that if the official flyovers are covering up the true magnitude and growth of the sinkhole, that citizens will have to go in to document the sinkhole themselves from ground level. If you live in LA and own a small plane, amateur flyover videos of the sinkhole would be a welcome service is posted on youtube.

    • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

      Could be, Rose. But the real problem in the GOM is the heaving and fracturing of the sea bed in the area of the BP well. Imagine. The oil and gas of a substantial oilfield under tremendous pressure releasing into the Gulf all at once. No way to contain it. No way to clean it up. Add an ignition source from any nearby flaring rig or passing ship, and you have a fire that may burn for years. We got no reason but greed to be messing this heavily with nature. Humanity better watch it, or nature may whip around and bite us in our behinds.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    That's about it… isn't it.

  • irhologram

    I notice the date on your video ip above is Oct. 27. Are you saying that because the video with which you have issue is from a couple of days ago that it is inaccurate because it shows the sinkhole has encroached much further bordering highway 70? It does seem that your post in the comments section was a put down for someone who drove 60 miles to try and help this situation with more recent coverage. Perhaps you could go back and record and then we can SEE if his video was inaccurate in showings the proximity? If you Don't allow helping hands just because your video was first, I'd question the usefulllness of your stance.

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      Not at all. I am saying his video is inaccurate because:

      1)-There IS NO gas bubbling north of the BC bridge closer than approx 3 city blocks. That would be bubble site # 10. There IS one very small bubbling spot south of the bridge, but again, it is behind the 2nd home beyond the boat launch and rental cabins and absolutely NOT viewable from the bridge. What he filmed at the end of the video was obvious water movement and reflection of the powerline just above. Just look at ANY of the bubbling photos. They look nothing like that. And he specifically says "you can see some bubbling going on out here".

      2)- Nothing is fenced off BECAUSE of this event. Whatever fences are here, were her already. Ordinary property line fences, etc. But Mr "W" intentionally made it sound like areas were specifically cordoned off because OF the event. He says " a lot of this area is fenced off, so most of the views you get will be from helicopter views". Again, that is incorrect. The sinkhole ITSELF is not even fenced off. There is NO fence along the highway on either side for MILES and MILES. The only fences seen are the gates across the industries road. Swamp on either side of that gate. No fence. Seriously, just look at HIS video. Do you see any fences anywhere? One wooden fence does separate the RV park from the subdivision, but it only goes down the side and across the back.

      3)-Further, he posts this in his comments "All of the houses around the area where you see the water are…

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        are vacant!" THAT is false statement number 3. And he says it TWO more times. here's one…"We noticed that all of the houses around this area of Bayou Corne are vacant! Everyone has evacuated to a safer area! It was rather strange to see numerous nice houses with no people living in the them! In person it wasο»Ώ like a ghost town type of atmosphere! "

        4)- he says "there is all kinds of Haz Mat stuff around here". Wrong. There is ONE Haz Mat Trailer parked and locked up.

        5)- He says "My main concern is the possibility of a Butane Explosion from a well close by that contains 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane!". Wrong! There is not, and never has been 1.5 million barrels of liquid butane. That is the capacity of the cavern, and 4 months ago, when they started transferring it, the total volume was 963,000 barrels.

        6)-He says…"We also noticed that the animals have left from this area! We saw no birds, turtles, fish, or anything alive in this area! It is very odd to see an area of water in Louisiana with no birds around!" ..WOW Mr "W".You figured all that out in 4 minutes at dark? Wow again!

        Finally, the sinkhole is 1/2 mile down from where he was. No new video will change the proximity no matter how hard one tries. He was filming Bayou Corne. They are absolutely NOT connected.

        • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

          My point is, his video is all about sensationalism and drama.Something we don't need any more of here, or on the internet. I do not believe he drove 60 miles JUST to film this. I believe he was probably passing through and decided it was a good opportunity.

          Also, the moment he stepped off that bridge and started walking up the bayou he was trespassing. That road and land is a private driveway, and private property, and if THOSE people are ones that did indeed evacuate, then Mr "W" is a perfect example of why people have NOT evacuated because they are afraid to leave their homes and possessions. As he said, he walked right past the cops, and on to private property.

          There are so many bad videos out ther like this one, meaning false statements, or statements to add to the drama that I try to correct inaccurate information when I see it, because I know people BELIEVE it. But this is the first time I have ever had my comment deleted and blocked because of correcting a falsehood. Usually, these people just ignore the truth. What he did was much worse. It proved he had an agenda other than what he claims to have.

          But yeh, I did get out and make another video to celebrate our 4 month anniversary. Raw and uncut to demonstrate that proximity truth you search for.Thanks for your concern and interest.

          • Maggie123

            rainbeaudais – I hate to see you wander deeper into this situation in addition to what you're already doing. At same time, I follow your concern – that sensationalism, observations made and published without background knowledge, … If this is what public first comes across, it muddies waters, delays understanding.

            I agree – internet is already over-burdened with ungrounded information – and public generally doesn't practice careful scrutiny and comparison. I don't know what to suggest to 'fix' it, because it's "all over the place" on all kinds of serious topics.

            Your mission seems obvious – report source from (and for) the very people who are experiencing this trouble.

            Believe me, people at ENE are very aware of the sinkhole situation and its implications for people of Bayou Corne and beyond. Very interested. ENErs are pretty sharp – not likely to give lasting time to a source that doesn't deliver facts. Your work is and will remain invaluable.

            Ideally the videographer would want to work *with* you, and there could be cooperation, but maybe that can't happen. Avoid a draining entanglement? (FWIW – I still don't think security is likely to be a concern; I could be wrong, but think odds would be very low.) Take care, πŸ™‚

            • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

              Hi Maggie, and thanks for listening to my concerns. I've learned that there IS nothing that can be done to stop the water muddying, except try to be there just as often with the real facts.

              Yesterday was exactly 4 months of the sinkhole birth, and not one single problem has been resolved, yet more and more keep being disovered.

              I do know that youtubers have kept it alive, and none of us can understand why MSM will not touch this story.

              • Maggie123

                rainbeaudais – re MSM: I've just searched to see if I could find corporate media and oil/gas 'financial entanglement'. Nothing close enough to the surface of corporate ownerships to show up.

                MSM also does not keep public updated on Fukushima, has 'forgotten' Chernobyl, does not cover political candidates outside 2 major parties, was incredibly slow as well as dismissive even insulting to Occupy … the list goes on.

                Simplest explanation comes down money – to serving interest of those who pay big $$s for ads. I don't watch MSM but do know that big gas/oil interests buy a lot of ad time. Don't mean Texas Brine, but the really big players – BP sized corporations. If media covers news that might stir up troubling questions for the gas/oil industry, their ad revenue is at risk.

                Huffpost tracks the Sinkhole:

                Alternative press (you are part of it)has some good journalism as well as completely off the wall stuff. Quality alt press routinely covers larger environmental disasters, but even they aren't doing much with Fukushima, which is very large.

                Links of possible interest:


       (Way behind on sinkhole updates!)

                Hang in there – keep on keeping on!

                • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

                  Thanks Maggie123 for all the info and the links. I figure it came down to financial supporters. I did try to respond to The Huffington Post and it would not take my comment. Too bad because it was a good one, and a long one. So I had to post my comment to alternative sites.

        • CharlesW

          All of what you state above in inaccurate! But I am not going to keep posting corrections to your statements. It would take to much of my time to correct all of your mistakes! I stated that the sinkhole is 3,000 feet from the bayour corne area where I recorded my video footage. That is accurate! And you question my statement about no birds, etc in the area of the sinkhole. That is a fact. I got out of my vehicle and observed the area and that is how I know this to be true. Unlike in your video where you stayed in your vehicle and did not get out. Maybe if you would have gotten out of your vehicle you would have observed more things in this area you would have discovered this! I suggest getting out of your vehicle and looking around next time!

  • CharlesW


    I am the youtube user that filmed the video of Homeland Security monitoring the Louisiana Sinkhole. I want to thank this site for linking my video prior to this video being linked here from a user that goes by the name "rainbeaudais". User rainbeaudais has harrassed me and posted lies about me on youtube and now she is doing this here! She is very aggressive and demanding! She seems to think she owns Bayou Corne and the Louisiana Sink hole itself! I blocked her on youtube! I have excellent standing on youtube with 1.7 Million user views! I never threatened this lady, she is a lieing! In fact almost everything she has posted here about me is a lie! She stated in a comment above ~> I have a problem with someone coming to a mandatory evacuation zone, and being allowed to just wander around and film, while focusing on homes that have been evacuated and singling them out. That is a HUGE lie! (Feel free to watch my video) I only mention that some homes have been evacuated. I would NEVER focus on and single out homes that have been evacuated! She mentions that there are no fences in this area that is a lie also. Some areas in this area along highway 70 have fences near the highway. And she states there are no bubbles in Bayou Corne, when there are. I am trying to handle this in a professional way without having to take any other actions. And I think she needs to brush up on laws and regulations. The area that I filmed is OPEN to public viewing! This woman needs help!…

    • amberlight amberlight

      Oh, great! Now we have a he-said-she-said turf war & we're supposed to determine who is in the right. Reminds me of when my kids would expect me to settle a squabble by deciding who was telling the truth when I had no clue who did what to whom. I would resolve it by making them sit in an easy chair with an arm around each other's shoulder until they made up. I could be SUCH a heartless mom!

      Charles, thank you for taking the time to travel to the area to shoot, but I don't understand why you didn't do it in better light. I admit to not watching yours to the end, because it was too long & dark & jumpy. Please don't take this as a put-down of your video skills. Although I am a retired video professional, I don't expect professional footage from lay persons doing their best to document a difficult situation.

      HOWEVER, I feel the need to point out a few simple techniques to improve one's footage. 1) Record with sufficient light. 2) Use a tripod if possible or brace yourself against something solid. 3) Do not zoom in & out randomly. 4) Do not pan aimlessly back & forth. 5) When you frame an element (e.g., DHS & Mobile Command Ctr vehicles) linger on the scene long enough for the viewer to discern what the heck it is you're trying to show us.

      I appreciate the efforts of both you & rainbeaudais. Now, play nice together & we'll all benefit from your on-the-scene reportage!

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        No, we don't have a he said she said war. We have a video made that multiple locals have tried to impress on this man is full of false statements, and he argues with each and every one of us like we are from Canada, and HE is the local. There IS no winning with some one ,like that, so I will just continue doing what I do,and that's posting accurate videos for those that want the truth and not just drama and sensationalism.

        I am done with any further conversation regarding his inaccuracies. Believe what you will.

        • Maggie123

          rainbeaudais – It *did* come across as he/she said. But I think your decision to return your focus to your original mission is wise. I posted thoughts addressed to you along this line separately (above).

        • Not to pick a fight myself, but why refer to Canada when not to many people are from here/there, & for you to say you're not aware of me who is from "Canada", West Coast British Columbia, seems it's a jabbed on your part being I'm really the only one who is outspoken enough to not only say something but also, put a real face behind the voice/words…??

          I sense your disturbed by the situation @ Assumption Parish & who wouldn't be living there, but please do your research & understand what I've been doing all these years is to benefit children, youth & their families, & the community including the environment, and the many creatures that in them. If there is another outspoken Canadian member on this site, then I won't take your poke in my direction personal, or otherwise I'm going to ask you to respect what I do by not making it any harder than it is already for me. I earned my stripes bottom line.

          • Maggie123

            Hi NNU – πŸ™‚ This thread for several days was the setting for a fairly heated exchange best described as a turf war that we hope is now over. Please stay 'ok' with anything said that can go unchallenged! πŸ™‚

            It's common in my experience for Americans who've likely had little exposure/experience with Canada – and who live quite far from the border (as is certainly the case for lower Louisiana) – to use "even in Canada", or "as far away as Canada" as an expression to mean "no where close to here where I am".

            Simply a figure of speech – that's all! πŸ™‚

            • I got ya loud & clear, but must say my nerves have been rattled on the home front as I prepare to have my Step-Fathers very ill wife move back into "my living space", as I try to tell myself I'll be strong enough to cope with her issues. Consequently, I'm having panic attack after another & she hasn't even been released from the hospital yet. Working hard on getting a room ready for her, but can only imagine shyt being smeared on my door frames as she conspires to piss me off even though it will be me who will be looking after her once she gets back home.

              So, slightly over sensitive right now ..

              • Maggie123

                NNU – Well understood!!! πŸ™‚ Best Wishes and know someone is mindful on your behalf!!

              • Radio VicFromOregon

                NNU, if i may jump in, this list might help if you haven't already got it covered – Lots of rags, throw away gloves, waste bags, and spray bottles filled with white vinegar disinfectant tucked away in easy to reach nooks and crannies around the house. Taking care of difficult and very infirmed people is tough at the best of times, but, in your own space that is not so easily set up for that can be a pain in the arse, especially if you are the sole caretaker. For you personally, I recommend california poppy tincture, or kava kava, and just a daily few drops of Siberian ginseng (not too much or you'll get too nervy, but just enough to stay fluid and refreshed – a good yin tonic). If she starts having Sun Downer's syndrome, there is always OTC benadryl for her sleeping until doctor can give you something like ativan for that purpose.

                • We began bickering about her prescription pills yesterday @ the hospital as she refuses to let me manage them for her. Unfortunately, she likes to play with them in bed & because she has a multiple # of them she can stock pile different types of pills quickly. She has to get them prescribe from a special doctor because that's how potent they are, & back in the day (as she's been living in my house for over 3 years now) I often wondered if she didn't somehow dope me up from time to time because I would simply pass out. It could have been from exhaustion from over working, but this woman has never liked me and has suffered mental illness for most of her life. I have found her pills in my cupboard, in my oldest daughters room after she had her baby, & in my 50/50 tickets I have in a drawer in the basement where they were wrapped up in paper with some scribbling on it as if I was being cursed. She suffers from OCD, Depression, Psychosis when she isn't taking her medicine & 2 eating disorders among a few other things. Honestly, I wish I wasn't so nice sometimes…

                  Yet, I can't justify leaving her in the hospital to die alone if the Doctor releases her because they don't have an extended care facility for her to go to. She was in rehab, but starved herself in 1 week to go back to the hospital.

                  Thanks for understanding so much, & we women despite everything still need to stick together.

                • @ VicFromOregon, my apologies as I was thinking I was writing to rainbeaudais, & not you. I'm not sure if you're male or female but take your name as a Victor & not a Victoria. My short term memory has been stretched while eye-sight continues to deteriorate from being over worked.

                  Came back in to further say,..this woman has been writing journals for years, have something like 5 boxes full sitting in my garage, but only I'm expected to dispose of them. Woman tells me to burn them when I have my backyard fire pit ready for my YouTube videos, but only that ain't going to happen. I wouldn't give her that kind of power. Burning the rambling haunts of a mentally disturbed woman who's been in & out of mental institutions for most of her life, isn't my idea of adding positive energy into my life or anyone's else for that matter, & under a fire pit situation, too. Nope, ain't gonna happen.

                  However, why should I be expected to cut that shyt up either, not my responsibility 150 books latter if you know what I mean. Hell naw, that shyt is going straight into recycling after she dies as her 'adoptive daughter' doesn't even want them, so why should I be forced to spend days hiding the demented thoughts of a twisted mind?

                  That's the crutch.

                  So, 1 day @ a time as I know the difference between reality & what is not.

                  Thanks for caring.

                  • Radio VicFromOregon

                    NNU, that would be Victoria πŸ˜‰ I sympathize with your situation. Thought maybe dementia, but, my mistake. So, forget her list of things i suggested, but, do yours if you can. But,NNU, if she starved herself to get back into the hospital, maybe that is where she feels most comfortable. They have their own order and can be calming for some people with severe OCD. I have no idea how'd you go about recreating that in your own home. I suppose you have no other readily available option but to take her home. A thought on her sneaking you meds. It sounds like she might be a bit possessive of her meds so may not want to waste any on you or your daughter. I hope so! And, you can very easily pass out from exhaustion, or maybe low blood sugar/exhaustion mix? Which is why i suggested the siberian ginseng (not the chinese ginseng, too strong). It also regulates blood sugar levels. I agree on the recycling. Personally, i'd be doing a cedar or sage smudge over them, then covering them in a blue tarp just for good measure! πŸ˜‰

                    • Cedar or Sage smudge, now that's a witchy woman..(lol). However, I kinda like that idea to finally put things to rest & hopefully @ peace at least for this woman. Is there a reason you suggest a blue tarp & not a different color?

                      I have 5 kids (almost all grown now but messier than children it seems), so I've been conditioned to go/work for long periods of time whether I'm eating properly or not, but admit I drink tons of cheap tea with 2 tsp of sugar for every small cup. Getting older now (50) but can still go the distance when under pressure, but that's the problem to small house with 2 many people making a mess with not enough helping so it becomes to much for 1 person. Around & around everyday & then throw in non-profit paper work or whatever, & it can get to be a grind.

                      Like I said, this woman never liked me & still doesn't really, so I do think she has done something in the past to dope me up, as if I had a glucose problem it would be consistent & not sporadic in nature. Even my oldest daughter had a few times in the past where she would pass out unexpectedly for no real reason, & came out positive for different drugs that she never took via hair sample due to being a recovering drug addict to heroin.

                      This woman would creep my stuff, take things for no reason other than to make me mad, & would always want to pick fights to get the house in a up roar so that my dad would have to choose sides & because this woman was/is always dying he'd choose her

                    • It was a constant battle almost weekly, & 1 time she took her cane & hit the wall just to geek my step-father up to get him even madder while she stood back after the fact to watch the crap unfold. Got to the point I just wouldn't take the bait anymore & closed my curtains & locked the door, & then I even went as far as to moved my girl with her baby back upstairs for a third time & told the woman to stay the hell out of my end of the house.

                      She's now 68, & today I was told she had something like 7 doctors tend to her as her lung infection has come back twice as strong. She was on IV for over 6 weeks, went into rehad for that 1 week & now it's back to IV in the hospital as she has a super bug that just won't go away. She coughs a spits into everything not to mention a few other things, but for my dad if the hospital releases her I will tend to her needs until she goes back if she doesn't finally die in my house. I bought a new bed just for that purpose & I'm prepared to give it away once she's gone if she should come home.

                    • So ya, I'll use Sage & if I have to I'll buy some Cedar wood @ the lumber store.. if you know what I mean.

                    • AND, you're right. Her comfort zone is with her doctor(s), the nurses, X-ray lab technicians, blood & other body fluid personal, clean staff & hospital volunteers @ the cool expense to the tax payer in the amount of millions of dollars.

                      Funny thing though, she is the epitome of what is right in our society despite not working for over 20 years (when she was working.. when she wasn't in the mental institution prior to that 20 years), while I the poor white trash is/was the problem.

                      The whole affair has made it hard for me to sympathize with old white women in general who are over demanding, needy, bitchy & who walk around with supremacist attitude just because they think the world owes them something. Mental illness or not, this woman was a government employee who was a supervisor in some financial department, & because of that the system caters to her whims while the poorest of the poor continue to fall through the cracks.

                      The only thing that keeps this woman alive (and has kept her alive) is the hospital @ thousands of dollars a day, but on the street same age, same old woman without a pension plan would be left to die on the curb of the road as if it's nothing to those who work within the system. No balance & that's the truth.

                    • Really, I don't know why I even let her move into my house & why I got stuck with her now. Don't know what I was thinking & sure in the heck don't understand the moral of this story, as it's been nothing but a fucking nightmare for me as you can read from what I wrote.

                      As the wave of elderly folks come into the system the last thing I need is a chip on my shoulder as I try to stay focused on this non-profit, but by the time I get old if I make it there won't be nothing left, as it's already heading into that direction as that generation that had the best of everything & still most isn't satisfied with what they have today. That's why there are so many young people struggling so much these days, poor getting poorer as people like me work ourselves to death for nothing but abuse from the elderly who think they are somehow better, & by those who work to protect their positions in life. It's to skewed to even be fair anymore.

                    • & then you got Obama bringing in a universal health care system not to help people but rather to start chipping them as they stand before the food bank line. Now how twisted is that?

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      NNU, she's got a lot of free floating angst and you are drenched in it. Sounds like she's dying. Even if she survives a super bug, what will be left of her just can't last long. The longer she remains in the hospital, her odds of dying from pneumonia go up. She is where she wants to be. If somehow she turns this around, she can't stay with you. In fact, giving her an option to be released to you from the hospital is also giving the hospital an option to release her.

                      I did non-profit for 20 years and i understand what it takes to keep them afloat – your entire fu–ing life! But, commitment work is just that, commitment work and you want to be doing that. When i feel like i really have somehow run out of options, especially when demands are unfair and i'm the only one around to fulfill them, then i know i'm not looking for help. This isn't one of those things you do alone. Ask for help, then expect it. It might arrive just in time. But, one thing i know for myself, i can never see my options, especially the ones i've never even considered or imagined, until i'm quiet and not freakin' out. I have to let go of my angst or i'll blow. Maybe pile it with the rest of the stuff under the blue tarp! Leave it there and walk away. Make it tangible.
                      Why blue. Blue diffuses the light spectrum at a certain wave length that seems to not be conducive to chaos, wickedness, mental illness. Many tests. We can talk another day about the science or metaphysics.

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      con't NNU…we can talk about science or metaphysics of light wave another day, but essentially you are limiting certain wavelengths from passing through that spectrum – quantum physics stuff. Plants need certain spectrums, people, too, one color has this effect on living organisms, another color a whole different effect. This way, the blue tarp, which actually lets light through, also covers her stuff so you don't have to hook into it each time you see it. Blue wavelength and cover = blue tarp. Easy.
                      Sounds like she gave you meds, then. So, you just have to let the doctors know her coming to your house is not an option. Too many risks. No way for you to prevent her from finding them, or becoming violent if she can't find them. She needs to go back to rehab, get her regime set, her meds all onboard. It's wrong for her to go to your house and it's wrong for you. Ask for help.

                    • Blue it will be then, but I don't even want to open the boxes that are stored in my garage so I will tarp them up whole 1 at a time, but she made sure to tell me she has a few stray books in her bedroom as I'm required to pack everything up & like I said, she requested that I burn them for her at my expense when doing a video in the future. I don't want to read what she has to say, so as I come across them I'll put them off to the side until such time she doesn't need or want them anymore as you're right, she is dying but lives to taunt me.

                      In all my years I have never had a nightmare until last year, as I woke up crying because of her & the stress she has caused me & my kids. Instead, I've dreamed good things like making a million dollars that wasn't mine which is very close now (that dream was before I officially founded the non-profit or soon after that, can't remember) & about flying over mountains or levitating which is very fun. However, with her it's like a dark cloud despite her being extremely religious in the Catholic faith which I'm now packing up a whole wack of religious books which will be donated to the rehab center &/or the hospital itself as surely someone(s) can benefit from those books for their own personal reasons. She's Ok with that as I tried to tell her I just don't have the space to store them & her adoptive daughter doesn't want anything to do with her mothers religion.

                    • So, I'm packing up Saint Mary's, Pope Paul pictures, Bibles galore, & Jesus pictures but feel like I'm in a living hell, so how does that make any sense??

                      It's still going to take me about another good week to 2 weeks before I can fully make the transition from downstairs to upstairs to accommodate her needs if the hospital does release her, & there would be a nurse to help at least a couple of times a week if they do. I promised my Dad I would suck it up so we'll see what happens but I'm getting panic attacks 20 to 40 times a day now just thinking about it. Not so much afraid but then maybe I am but just in denial.

                    • Not to change the subject, but was thinking it would be interesting to try & do a controlled experiment in the spring & summer with 3 different colored tarps & my making dirt series. You know stay positive & as Thomas Jefferson the 3RD President of the United States (1801-1809) would say, " When life feels like it's at the end of the rope, tie a knot in it and hang on". LOL!, Seriously when I read that under a quote section on the net, I couldn't help but laugh & think how human a president must be to say such a simple

                      I like science too, so might try to do an experiment with equal parts of mulch & such under the same light conditions to see the end of the result by years end. Could make for an interesting video series & might prove to be very useful for situations like in Assumption Parish under a land restoration project. Got to think positive & besides I tell my kids it's just to let people know that I am real person, nobody special but trying to do right in the community. It's a living memory for my kids.

                    • AND, of course you get to tweak the project to be in the position of crediting yourself with the initial idea.

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      NNU, love the tarp/making soil idea. Be sure to keep a little diary! If i get my website started, i'd love to link the experiment, should you ever actually get around to trying it.

                      Hey, keep me updated on your step-mom. Yeah, a promise to one's dad is rather a hefty promise and not one easily broken.

                      I love my flying/levitating dreams, too. They've usually indicated i was reclaiming some innate power or strength i had forgotten about and reminding that belief is a powerful and necessary tool. I still plan on being able to do that awake before i leave the planet πŸ˜‰

                      What is your non-profit business. Did you mention and i missed it?

                    • Victoria, my own mother died when I was 25 & only had 2 small children @ the time. Consequently, my mother was an alcoholic & suffered from her own mental health issues, so learned very early on to keep my sympathies at bay as her desires to use suicide as a means to manipulate me or the situation to suit her agenda, this woman who moved into my life was shyt out of luck for that same kind of re-pore my own mother finally couldn't get out of me anymore after growing up with that crap. So, I do not consider her my mother (step or otherwise) in any sense but rather the wicked step-mother who thought she could bully me. There's a difference but out of respect to my Step-Father I've tried to be the medium, so that she could at least say she had some kind of assemble (almost 4 years in my house) to what a marriage means in old age. So, that's why I will follow through on my promise & if she should happen to show up back here, well that's for another day.

                      However, I'm internally grateful for your interest to help me to internalize this (as is, in an open forum) because this is real & has caused much grief in that really, what is the moral of this story? WHY ME? Although, I take comfort in knowing I'm not alone as the tide of elderly is only coming in at the tip of the ice berg.

                      You've given me much valuable advice & even an alternative to exit out of the problem in a thoughtful way to where I'm being pulled in any further into her madness.

                    • where I'm "NOT" being pulled in any further into her madness. Using color seems appropriate & you also help to provide a strategy to bite the bullet as it's not easy packing up her stuff while making decisions as to what to do with it (eg. giving those religious books away). I think between the two of us we were fair, her private thoughts get buried with her, while her mental issues don't interfere with other peoples ideas about religion and what it means to them. That's important & especially in my line of work where the public is suppose to remain at arms length to religion within the Foundation I work on. I wouldn't want to promote Catholicism but then I also wouldn't want to destroy the concept of it either just because I have a grudge against a religious zealot.

                    • Long term goal is universal school meal program in Canada and/or school restoration namely in the United States.

                      Short term goal basically boils down to taking care of all the little needs within communities so that together @ some point we can as a collective can get on with tackling the larger ones like meal programs.

                    • Honestly, don't know if I can keep a diary & even if I was to ask my kids to help with that, I don't know if they would as they see the yard as the landlords problem & not their despite living in this house. In essence to much bad attitude but again, it goes back to that living history via videos that I upload from time to time, & if you don't know I got one big azz yard that I'm always itching to do something with. So, a small science experiment might just work plus, I'm a firm believer that as time goes by more of us are going to want to begin nurturing the land when opportunity arise as a time will come to where it will be survival of the fittest. Even my Uncle (when alive) said a time will come when society will begin to go back to the horse & buggy out of necessity & I tend to lean in that direction myself, for at least for holistic purposes within communities in general.

                      I'm already thinking to expand into a table meaning, instead of 1 row of 3 different traps I should try 2 rows of 3 with 6 different colors as I'm sure tarps are made in more than only 3 hues. Might even try something different than a tarp say like a burlap.

                    • Last post.

                      As for levitating for me it was walking off of a very tall tower/building and hovering several feet away from the edge. I didn't fall or falter in the least while below on 1 side was the poor looking up, and on the other side was the business suits with their briefcases & such looking up. Nobody could believe I was floating around up there but it was fun. Flying is just being free to sore above the clouds over the mountains, had lots of those when I was a kid.

                    • Maybe not last post.

                      Just want to clarify that the suits & briefcases represented the wealthy & the elitism that goes with that type of lifestyle. Both parties (rich & poor) were equal in nature & neither thought it could be done until they seen it for their own eyes.

                      For me though, it was just fun.

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      Had an crazy alcoholic mom myself. A few more in the family, of course. I decided to quit when i was 21. I'm 58 now. The project you're working o sounds very good, empowering, and needed.

                      Now, up there in Canadaville, you wouldn't want the tarps blocking what sun you can manage. i started gardening just a couple years ago and am working all the stuff out, like how to maximize sun with tall trees everywhere, amending clay soil. I'm doing for the same reason you would, i think we had all better know how to grow our own food and enough to share with the neighbors. I'm getting it but, leave yourself about 2 to 3 years to practice if you haven't gardened for food before. I will be using plastic as a cloche, tough, since the growing season is short here and i've wondered about the differently shaded greenhouse plastics around. Of course, most green houses are green as it turns out. Letting green spectrum through. Be well, and i appreciate people taking time to help each other now and again. It is, after all, what were about, isn't it? It was an honor to be welcomed into your processing, NNU. I was just there myself the other night for far less reasons. I'm sure all my animals thought i was having kittens πŸ˜‰

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      Perfect dream NNU for your non-profit, then! And, great insight into it! You have the vision, which is often the main thing that is lacking in the first place. You sooo got it – both sides are equally blind to the possibilities and doubt those who can arrive at a new and vibrant path. Brilliant! This bodes very well for your success in bringing something about.

                    • I like to think you got it spot on for the sake of the people, as I consequently did have that levitating dream back in about 2005 or 07,.. something like that. I was living in a shanty shack where @ that time another woman with mental illness was my landlady, & I looked after her little girl for almost 3 and half years until finally I just couldn't live there anymore, & I decided to move my family. However, I did make sure before I left that the little girl wasn't going to be left alone at night while her mom delivered newspapers downtown.

                    • Oh yes, where I'm living now my landlady says I can stay as long as I want, but only the house is really to small for someone like me or at least, the outlay doesn't suit my needs. So, that means that if I'm still struggling with this place in 1 year from now I may make plans to begin moving out. However, I'd like to try & turn this place into a recovery house for addicts but we'll see where life is @ in 1 year from now.

                      So, in the meantime I already have something like 8 different spots where I'm composting under a tarp of various colors (old school way), but just not under a controlled experiment like what we talked about and like I said, my yard is way to big for what this place is worth to me, so I still got a couple of extra places to play with while I'm here.

                      What I really like in my yard is the front where my youngest son helped to build in a path way made from broken up cement foundations. Talk about powerful energy flowing through this area of my yard. Go into that spot & you get the most exhilarating feeling washing over you & people come into the yard all the time to just stand there & look around. It's like they are attracted to it & can't help themselves. Nobody does any damage, don't steal nothing but must get their internal batteries recharged or

                • richard richard

                  @nnu, i'm sorry, i just don't get it. you write soooooo much fluff that i can't be bothered taking the time to read it.

                  To me it seems you need to be a bit more concise, like, get to point. way to much waffle.

                  Which leaves me wondering if it's deliberate, because frankly it clutters the comments archive.

                  Levitation.. huh? What on earth are you on about?

                  • Radio VicFromOregon

                    richard, NNU and i are having a personal chat for a moment. At least this is constructive compared to the 48 hour faux fight. Sorry for wasting your time. I thought we were on the off topic forum. Next time i'll be sure to check. I can't see where i am on my screen without having to constantly scroll back to the top. I get so engrossed, i lose the headline sometimes. We were discussing levitation dreams as part of our conversation. Surely you've had them yourself? It would be lovely to have an easier way to know where i am since there is so much related discussion to several topics across the forums and often the same people.

                    • richard richard

                      thanks Vic for the update. Yes, it's better then the cat fight that's been going down.

                      yes, certainly had flying/lev dreams. even had some precognicant dreams. Even have regular deja vu. Have done all of that since I was a youngster. (…which was only last year, by the way πŸ™‚ ).

                      and now i'm digressing. ah well.

                      que sera sera πŸ˜‰

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      I just knew it! πŸ˜‰

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      Ooops! for richard, I just knew it! πŸ˜‰

                  • Richard, there are things I'm good at writing & then there are things I'm not. In fact, sometimes I suffered from psychological damage as back in the day when I did live in my shanty shack, I did a lot of writing for the non-profit (the bulk of it), while local politicians in my area would proceed to criticize my efforts not because they were bad, but because it allowed them to stall for time (as, time is the politicians weapon) and/or to take what bits of info they felt useful for their needs without giving me credit. Basically, I was milked for info while told to go back & write more but only under the type of guideline you gave me..

                    Anyway, Victoria has really helped me a lot as I flip between being at peace & not. It's not easy packing up 2 sets of books while trying to be fair with where they go.

                    • richard richard

                      Yes NNU, I can see why you were asked to go back and rewrite your submissions.

                      It would seem you have a habit of writing to much. Valuable information can get lost in an avalanche of cascading verbiage.

                      Maybe write a novel or several. Apparently Tolkien would complain that he had not put in enough words to his stories.

                      But frankly, when I (and others) suffer info overload with all that goes on these days, reading overly verbose paragraphs becomes too much of a chore.

                      Just my thoughts on how to approach the contemporary audience.

                    • Radio VicFromOregon

                      NNU, living near a local library now, i hauled 75% of my books there. It was amazing how much living space i freed up! Next time we start heading into an off topic chat, let's move ourselves over to the off topic forum πŸ˜‰ I decided to take some of my own medicine and had some quiet time last night. I found how much i had really needed it. Life can be hard, but, being here on enenews is also a source of great sorrow. That's one big reason why most people don't want to know about this stuff. It hurts and it's frightening. We're trying to keep out hearts and minds open here, so that we can help in some way. And, we need to remember to take care of ourselves around witnessing such events as we read and experience here, which add to our own within our own communities right outside our doors. I don't do that well or often, but, every once in a while i remember that i'm only as good and effective as i am balanced and self cared for.

                    • Well Victoria, for all the other rhetoric on this site with people straying off topic @ their own accord, I don't think switching the script to a off-topic thread is going to solve the in house BS as to who's boss & who's not.

                      It's like a baseball game around here in that 3 strikes & you're out.

                    • Again, Victoria you seem like a very nice person & appreciate your advice. It's to bad there are control freaks on this site as they usually run off the members unless of course, everyone is looking to rant.

                      I too have tons of books, plenty of cook books & kids & teacher stuff along with an array of older resource references. However, I only want so many religious books so I got 1 Holy Qur'an & a Bible which was my mothers. Now I have 2 Bibles because I asked this woman if I could have the big one that her adoptive daughter doesn't want, so now I have 2. Other than that I'm a book worm & not ashamed to say so.

                      Don't know if I'll be posting here for awhile as it's just to picky, but yet full of rhetoric being there are 10's of thread with people chit chatting off of topic, or it's the same people pretty much saying the same stuff day after day. That's not their fault as 1 can only say so much after awhile, so more reason not to run off the visitors.

                      Take care of yourself & bless you for your sound advice.

                    • Victoria, you're a really nice person & I mean that from the bottom of my heart (fluff & all).

                      Regardless though, this is still just a message board that in essence is open to the public, & people communicate in various ways to get to end results of conversations that @ some point merge together.

                      As an example, nobody can say that universal health care for the convalescent whether in the United States or in Canada isn't an issue that wouldn't effect Assumption Parish @ this point being peoples lives are being disrupted by this growing disaster around the sinkhole. Bottom line our economies are broke while the need for extensive health care is increasing, so really how off topic were we in the great grand scheme of things?

                      If people want to be that narrow minded to say the same stuff everyday with just a few new ideas along the way, but never bother to open their minds to new ideas or thoughts/experiences then they shouldn't expect for nothing to change, & the status quo will remain in the hands of the elite while the middle class continues to shrinks into a poorer state. Yet, that's the game though isn't it…keep us dumb down to compile or risk being deleted.

                      At any rate, come spring I'll try to incorporate that experiment into my yard & if you're interested you can add in the physics behind the hues of said tarps we talked about.

                      Other than that, it's like you said, I really do have a lot of work to do so must forget the rhetoric & get up on it…

                  • WOW, Richard is such a nice guy who is simply so bored out of his wits that's he's got to make personal attacks against my writing style to suite his own agenda.

                    You go "boy".

          • Anthony Anthony

            Hey NNU – I'm Canadian too and read their post differently. They were impressing that on a local issue they (as the actual locals) were being treated as if they came from somewhere well removed from their own neighborhood.

            • Well Anthony considering that I work on a international non-profit "in nature", (through paper work) I took the comment about Canada somewhat personally, being some folks probably see us as outsiders who shouldn't be saying anything, never mind trying to offer solutions/help and/or opinions when it doesn't directly relate to us.

        • Steve_G Steve_G

          You're doing a great job Rainbeaudais, I reside in a smallish town, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada and let me just say that the events in Bayou Corne have me concerned. Few up here seem to have any knowledge of the staggering implications should some of the worst case scenarios take place. Even though I'm far away, I stand in spirit with you all in this bleak and extremely dangerous situation. Please keep the videos and other info coming but most of all, stay safe.

    • Maggie123

      Hi Greg – Amberlight's thoughts fit mine very well: "I appreciate the efforts of both you & rainbeaudais. Now, play nice together & we'll all benefit from your on-the-scene reportage!"

      As an elem. teacher I taught steps of Conflict Resolution in Sept. (Based on model used in serious adult conflict). By Dec. kids knew the steps and had independent skill using them. Unless an incident was truly tough, they talked through their issue with me present but doing other tasks, not directly involved.
      CR steps Rule1: no name, blame, or put-downs. Rule2: Hear the other and check as you go to see if you got the intended meaning. (more steps but you probably get gist)
      Underlying understandings: *All* humans have same core wants, which tend to be opportunity to contribute, positive encouragement, and "felt" validation of worth. The beauty of the CR process I learned/taught is that squabblers come to appreciate this about one another, get what they want (opportunity, encouragement, validation) and spend some minutes "in one another's shoes" (by listening, checking for meaning).
      I hugely over-simplify. My point is that squabbles and 'turf wars' (aptly labeled by AL) between all people, all ages, tend to arise from lack of core validation, encouragement, recognition. Once in place, cooperation and contribution can happen.

      There may be flare-ups but foundation is laid. Lack is v. common – fed by culture & habit. No one is born with turf war as goal.

      • Maggie123

        Charles – apologies!! I have no idea how I managed to turn your name into 'Greg'!

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        Okay, M123, thanks for the very brief lesson. I may need more, i'm sure of it.

        • Maggie123

          CR is one of my favorite "for 21stC" skill processes, Vic. Full model uses neutral facilitator to remind re naming and other 'rules', several other significant steps too, esp in formal CR consultation. In face/face situation, resolution includes declaration of intended changes ("next time I'll try to…") and both parties must agree to resolution. Facilitator not allowed to impose solution.

          Gr6 kids were trained for playground CR facilitation – but I found gr3/4 kids sometimes still came in from recess "X did this", "No I didn't", "You started it", etc. So I decided to try teaching the process to the kids so they could handle squabbles independently – partly selfishly – I hated playing judge/jury! Besides – what would rest of class do while I'm dealing with a squabble? πŸ™‚

          I operated on assumption (consistently confirmed by kids themselves) that they were quite sharp, astute even, about fairness, justice, how it feels to feel 'hurt', … I also believed in their competency. Teaching them basic simplified CR also worked for required units on "personal development".

          High needs school – kids of all backgrounds. Worked very well, boosted classroom community experience (greater general mood of trust). Win – win – win – win …

          The pattern can be learned/used by anyone in spontaneous modified ways. Works in many ordinary relationships, (if both have training or intuitive skill). Potential to shift the entire culture!

          • Radio VicFromOregon

            Okay, M123, please write a very brief how-to for parents to learn it. 3 pages of how-to, a few pages of practice, a nice little 60 second meditation at the back. And, then one to start their kids when they have learned to speak and express their needs more concretely – 5ish say? Illustrations of children with varying hurt, angry, sad or confused emotions showing on their face and in their posture and then followed by images of resolution. Teaches kids how to recognize and interpret the deeper communication and get it viscerally. I'll be honored to edit it for you for free, plus i get to glean the wisdom of it that way, of course before sending it on to a manuscript editor.

            • Maggie123

              Vic – Just used google to find this so I could reply, worked great! What you describe as a CR manual is exactly what I've had in mind. I've taken much time last couple years searching for resources, especially student instr vid as good for all ages and ideal stepxstep model. No luck so far. Some YT 'mini lessons' but not the structured process I've looked for.

              Our training paid by school dist – fly-in instructors from BC Justice Institute. Full facilitator training incl certification likely months – ours an intense, abbreviated in-service of a few days.

              CR skills significantly use established 'reflective listening' practices.

              Lesson resources we used belonged to district – videos, heavy cards with images of faces showing diff. emotions, etc. Our 'for student' instruct vid were made by districts I think in Chicago and Oregon, (kids with experience). If you ask around, esp at univ., someone may have something already!

              Training & discussion easiest to find seems to follow patterns that use a mediator as 'final arbiter' and is 'American work place' oriented. Very different.

              IMO the 'facilitator only' model is the one that leads to individual 'growth'.

              Been long enough that variations may be avail under generic titles like "kids social prob. solving" BUT I liked process I learned due as 'suits all ages' Basic. Neither dressed up nor dumbed down.

              More another time – will let you know if I make progress on the idea!

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      "This woman needs help!…"

      I am not the one that takes videos of dead, bloated dogs on the interstate and then claim it's an alien. Nor am I trying to convince anyone that the sinkhole is connected to a UFO crash.

      Good Lord…..

  • CharlesW

    Thanks for the comment Amberlight (above). I will explain the situation of what I recorded so you will understand it better. This was not a typical situation and way that I normally film my videos. But I have lot's of experience doing this with 223 videos on youtube and 1.7 Million video views! I have been very successful at this and overall I have lot's of likes in regards to the work I do with videos on youtube. But I will explain more about my video of the Louisiana sink hole area: The video is in HD if you change the video qaulity to 720p. This was not a typical video like I usually record on youtube. I drove into this area with a friend from New Orleans and it was getting dark quick so I had to act fast! I also was aware of the Police truck and Homeland Security vehicle, across the street from me! I wanted to quickly get this filmed withoutο»Ώ causing any problems! They were cool about it! Plus I wanted to walk it so you could see the distance to Bayou Corne. Usually I don't walk in my videos. But what I do like is the hurry effect of this video and walking it…It gives an intense feeling about it and sense of urgency! That goes right along with the feeling we get in regards to fixing the problem of this sinkhole! And when I got to the bridge I had to run at the end because there is only about 1 foot between me and the carsο»Ώ and trucks passing by me! On the way over the bridge before I video recorded a truck blew by and it moved my body a little! Very close to me!…


      Charles…. I admire your spunk and sense of drama, but Der Homelandkt Sekurity has been there since August 6th, John Boo-Drow will tell you so. Yes, you awere looking at their staging area, but they are cool with it, since they really aren't doing anything. Yes, contrary to Thad's assertions, there are fences…been there for years, as one resident spoke of how he'd have to jump the fences when he was a boy, so that one is busted, and it is evident from even the most cursory Google Earth view that fences abound in the area and along Hwy. 70.
      But….If you had only gone about a half mile down the road, then you could have seen the booms and the sinkhole waters right from Hwy. 70.
      Also, it is very stupid to make an attempt at being Louisiana "Roadkill" for a video. As for bubbling, it is everywhere and all locations are mapped on Climate Viewer as reported, (Thank God for Jim Lee).
      Your urgency is duly noted, but this was an amateurish stunt that easily could have resulted in serious harm to yourself and others, and seems irresponsible. If there were an explosion, then possibly the danger could be justified. I do hope you practice better judgment in the future.
      Otherwise I have no problem with you nor Rainbow. This is a disaster, and not a pissing match.
      All of you grow up, and act responsibly please.
      YouTube hits mean nothing to me, and shouldn't mean anything to you. Hell a cat barking like a dog gets more hits than most. Is the cat more respectable than…

      • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

        "and it is evident from even the most cursory Google Earth view that fences abound in the area and along Hwy. 70"

        No, they do not.

        • FREEDOMROX

          I am humbly chastized. I am mistaken. I do not know what it is that resembles fenceposts underwater on Google Earth, but I was mistaken. Now you can continue your pissing match with Charles the wanna be millionaire.
          I do appreciate the perspective that you have put upon this situation though and I will write an "Open Letter to Bayou Corne residents" to address this.
          Again, thanks, and good luck in the future…according to LDNR, it is a very rosy one.
          God Bless.

  • My take brings me back to History Tours (Casey Newman) from New Orleans & Greg Hall from Pensacola Beach. Now, those 2 guys did a really good job back in the day of the British Petroleum oil disaster, & through their reporting inspired me to get involved despite little did I know back then, that I on the West Coast of Canada would be experiencing a Fukashima crisis. It's really to bad Casey went sorta nuts while Greg just dropped off the map, & if corporate bullying had anything to do with that, then Americans in general are in trouble, but that's for an other day.. Remember when Greg took a shovel & actually dug in the sand, well from there he was my "hero". I have a few hero's in LA & I don't forget them.

  • CharlesW

    FREEDOMROX thanks for the comment.. I do admit it was rather risky going across that tiny concrete bridge with traffic to get the footage I wanted. But I do not regret it. When we arrived it was getting dark and I had no idea the bridge was so narrow. I found out quick as I crossed it. lol But on the way back across I was careful to not be on it as traffic passed by. I like many other's enjoy intense and sometimes dangerous situations! Sometimes in life you have to experience these situations to get the adrenaline going and feel like you are living life to it's fullest! ^5 Now I am not one to go rock climbing, parachuting, etc. I won't take that type of risk. But during hurricane I film outdoors in the brunt of the storm! But I will try to avoid anymore last minute hurry up videos where I have to walk a narrow bridge next to fast moving traffic! That part I did not enjoy! And my friend was not to pleased with me doing that either. But she made a joke about it knowing how I love intense and exciting situations! Glad you verified the fences being there becuase I saw them also. Now the youtube hits do mean something to me because I making money off them. lol But most of all getting a story like this back in the news is most important to me! It helps to make people more aware of the urgency of getting this disaster corrected some way if possible. The situation in this area is very serious and we just do not know what the final result could entail if not corrected soon. thanks

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      QUOTE "Now the youtube hits do mean something to me because I making money off them. lol "

      And THERE is the agendaI spoke of, and the need for false statements, drama and sensationalism.

  • amberlight amberlight

    Charles, you are taking the high road by being gracious about all the criticism we are aiming at you!

    I do understand the part about walking while filming to give a sense of place and I also understand about taking risks and/or being completely oblivious in an attempt to get "that shot." LOL (Yes I have been threatened with arrest, but somehow managed to avoid it… mostly!)

    As for YouTube, I am not registered on it and my Internet connection is too maddeningly slow to stream anything. I miss a lot of what people link here unless I am in town or near a good signal. Another reason why short & sweet is best. I'm sure I'm not the only one with dog slow "high speed."


    Well, gald you make money off of this, but I do not, and in all conscience, couldn't. This has been kept in the light by You Tuber's, but by independent blogs such as
    and my own, of course,

    and so many others that I do not know offhand, but I thank them all for caring, and you and Rainbow as well.

    We need all hands on deck, especially when we have Six Million lbs of TNT being moved from Camp Minden, with eh Minden Salt Dome, (full of hydrocarbons), and Bistineau Salt domes, which is linked to NPLV by Gulf (Koch Bros.) pipeline, and a matter of grave importance until the powder has been removed safely.

    Just so many threats in such a small area. I advise all to run, not walk from a hundred mile area for the forseeable future, until at least one of these threats have been eliminated.

    All of you be careful, please.

    By the way, I have jumped ovr a thousand times in my youth and skydiving is to die for. But that was by my own choice…unfortunately, these folks are not given a choice, and much more dangerous than my old activities of despising a perfectly good plane.

    Peace out!

  • CharlesW

    Rainbeaudais posted in her youtube video that this post is linked to the following words:

    "Thanks….the video I am referring to is someone from New Orleans driving through. He says he specifically went to the area to film, but who would wait until almost dark to do that? His false statements are: 1)- most of the area is fenced off. 2)- he is filming a bubble site.(there are NONE there). 3)-Homeland security is NOW here. (they have been here since day one). 4)-The sinkhole can only beο»Ώ filmed from a copter. Well, my video debunks that . The title was to mock the drama seekers on utube"

    Since I am a nice person I will answer your questions:

    I went to the sinkhole area late friday because a good friend of mine whom works in a high level position of an important government agency called me and asked me to go with her. That is why I arrived late since you must know.

    I said some of the area is fenced off. And that is verified by numerous postings including someone that posted a comment above.

    In regards to bubble site… I was filming the water of Bayou Corne which does have some bubbles in it. This has also been verified by numerous other people posting comments.

    You say that Homeland Security has been there since day one. ? Is day one your birthday?

    I also see you like to use Contextomy! At least I posted your WHOLE quote above that you posted on your youtube video at this link. Not part of the quote to make you look bad like you did to me above. lo

    • Maggie123

      CharlesW – first thought – Why bring this here? Many of us found value in your video, and we also find value in what your 'adversary' is doing. ENE can't be the stage for this. I'd suggest – leave it be?

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      This is my last couple minutes of my time I will waste on you. Why would be here and argue things so easily verified? You didn't say "some of the area is fenced off"….you said "a lot of the area is fenced off". Your intimation was clear. I really could care less who above verified your false statement because they can "pull it up on google", or because some guy at a meeting told a story of crossing a fence 40 years ago as a boy. NEITHER makes you statement correct. It is NOT correct, as it slays me that you would keep arguing the point.

      Second, please STOP telling me what you were filming. Is there something wrong with you that I have to keep repeating that I LIVE here, within a stones throw of that bridge, and I don't need you telling me what body of water that is?

      Yes, YES there are DOZENS of bubbling sites on Bayou Corne. But NONE…ZERO….ZIP…..NADA….where YOU were saying you were seeing them. You can look at your OWN video and see it is a reflection of the power line above the water. AND, you said you saw even THAT before you even crossed the bridge, and saw what you saw.

      "a good friend of mine whom works in a high level position of an important government agency"

      Well Gosh, NOW I am truly impressed. At least I know where you learned to lie so easily.

  • CharlesW

    But out of respect for this important site I am not going to go back and forth with you Rainbeaudais. You seem to think that you and your 3 friends that post all over the internet are the only ones that live in the Bayou Corne area. But that is simply not the case. And you do not control who goes into this area since it is open to the public! You stated in a comment above: "I also have a problem with someone coming in to a mandatory evacuation zone, and being allowed to just wander around and film, etc..

    I realize you have a problem! But your problem is not going to keep me or any government official from coming into your area for personal and or business purposes. As a former LE officer I know what areas I can and cannot go into. You trying to make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcomed in your area is not appreciated by me personally. And despite your strong and aggressive effort to pusuade me to stay away I will go where I chose, when I chose to do so! Many residents from your area have contacted me about my video thanking me for posting it on youtube! They have all told me to IGNORE you! But it is hard to do when you go from one site to another posting harrassing and false things about me. And why did you come here to get your video posted? This site posted my video here without contacting me. That is ok with me though and I appreciate it. It seems very strange that your video was posted here a few days later. I suppose you asked this site to post it? Interesting!

    • rainbeaudais rainbeaudais

      "Many residents from your area have contacted me about my video thanking me for posting it on youtube!"


      Yes, I'm quite sure they did. *wink*

      See ya!

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    rainbeaudais and CharlesW, I'm sure you folks know the old saying "Never wrestle a pig in a mudhole (sinkhole). You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it."

    Unfortunately for one or both of you, that is the view we get – from the outside it always looks like a two-pig contest.

    Your only conclusive way out of this dilemma is to withdraw (please don't) or to just keep providing evidence for your case. The other side might keep tearing into you so ignore it as best you can – any ad hominem retaliation just backfires and hurts your own credibility.

    One party (perhaps both) may not be interested in being right – they may want only to obscure what is going on, to generate FUD. Given the situation, those most likely to generate FUD would be industry-related. At first glance, that would give the "local" view an advantage, but the "locals" are probably split between those who make their living from the Energy Industry and those who feel victimized by it. Similarly, an "outsider" may be a champion of justice or an industry stooge – there's no way to tell from here.

    From my distant perspective, perhaps both parties are staging a diversion, perhaps both parties are industry-related. I understand how hurtful that thought is if it is incorrect, but remember we can't see your motives, only your actions. Your only effective tool is continuing credible film clips of events on the ground – the kind of thing once provided by Big Media.

  • CharlesW

    Rainbeaudais: Yes, See Ya! I am glad this discussion here between you and I has come to an END. I never wish anyone bad under any situation. I try to stay positive because karma is real in life and we must all work together to help each other in both good and bad times. My main reason for me filming my video is to help get the message to more people about the urgent concern for help needed in yout area! I think everyone in the state of Louisiana is very concerned about this situation right now! The most important thing at this time is that wise and responsible decisions are implemented in order to protect the safety and well being of the people in your area! It is news sites like this one here that help us in a HUGE way to accomplish our goals! So let's please move forward without anymore negative comments here or anywhere else. I hope that everyone in the Bayou Corne area stays safe and that all of what is occurring there at this time is corrected in the most efficient and best way possible. Cordially, Charles Walton

  • CharlesW

    This sinkhole is a scary situation here in the Louisiana area. I will be in the sinkhole (Bayou Corne) area again soon. I will be capturing some HD footage of the sinkhole. I am also reporting on this News story for a radio show out of Fresno, California. I will update you on this important News Story by providing you with NEW HD videos soon. As you can see this sinkhole is ONLY 60 miles from the Waterford 3 Nuclear Power Plant here in Louisiana!

    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

      Hi there CharlesW STOP SPAMMING IN EVERY THREAD !!

      • Au Au

        DID, I don't read every thread so I am glad Charles put the info where people, like me, can come across it. It is some very important information. It's a BFD. It's not like he is trying to sell anything. Peace.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          The moment i posted this when looking at the recent comments there where 4 or 5 copy's beneath eachother of this same post from him going in different threads , after some decent screwing up with all the lenghty bickering i say stop it . This place is already as easy to navigate
          tru persons posting history as a non alfabetical phonebook sort of speak (no offense Admin , i understand some people pushed this for "safety" reasons ). Defending when getting attacked is one thing , but NOT stretching threads 3 times behind their normal reading span He is not improving ENEnews whatsoever imo , the info he is bringing Must be worldsaving to come with such a pricetag when dimmisching the visibility of other info by quantity of crap nuff said .

          Quote "DID, I don't read every thread so I am glad Charles put the info where people, like me, can come across it."

          I'm afraid to take that argument seriously , because my response would be a bit "cynical"

          Btw What's a BFD ?

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder


            I'm sorry i said that without thinking too long, if you have a condition that gives you only limited acces one way or another Au , and i'm afraid i remember vaguely something now ,i connected it to your name but forgot nevertheless i think sry .

            quote DID "I'm afraid to take that argument seriously , because my response would be a bit "cynical"

  • Victoria, I brought this down to the bottom as it's easier to find.

    I think the people in Assumption Parish & the surrounding area should make sure they have water stored somewhere. Just as precaution.

    Don't know if this is a coincidence but concerning what's happening with Fukushima, & us talking about mental illness, & about boxing up blue tarps to seal in mental turmoil as with the case of mental illness, & me getting a fridge with a protective blue film on it delivered to my home yesterday, I just think something fishy is up.

    So many distractions that sometimes we loose sight of important things & especially when in danger under pressure.

    I don't take lightly what is happening @ Fukashima, but I'm helpless to beat it (even with a new fridge), so in correlation the people in Louisiana need to address their own issues psychological or otherwise, as "who is to say" that the Japanese don't suffer from severe mental health issues being that they got away with it for so long? It takes crazy people to be hypocrites when coming to the table with death & that's the point.

    My fridge is protected from this madness just as society is protected from the madness of a woman (yin yang), so why not the Japanese taking responsibility for the harm/madness they cause?


    • Radio VicFromOregon

      NNU, the universe just winked at you and let you know that not all is as it appears. It is a whole and you are an integral, valued part of that whole. Neither extreme, unquestioned superstition and religion nor Newtonian materialistic physics has gotten it right. But, you are. πŸ˜‰

      I have some very close friends who came over from Japan and we've talked about the TEPCO and Japanese civilian response to Fukushima. Japan is a very well ordered society and they pressure to conform, along with the skills every Japanese learns in order to conform for the sake of their families and their society, are very foreign to Westerners. We have the same pressures, but in far lesser amounts, in many ways, probably because, due to colonialism, we have had to include large parts of the cultures of the people we have conquered, so we have been forced to create more open societies with greater individualism. The Japanese will endure the fall out quietly in order to not upset the status quo. Those who speak out are the exception to the society, and that is the same everywhere. In Japan, however, you bring shame on yourself and your family…

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        con't NNU….for challenging or acting against ANY authority. The amount of people in such a tiny place, one of the most densely populated nations in the world necessitates this in may ways if "order" is to be maintained.

        The same goes for TEPCO employees. Following authority informs EVERY act they do as workers. And, following precedent is just as strong. If it is not in the operating manual, it will in fact, be ignored for as long is comfortably possible until something forces a new and different action. Few will dare to even think outside the box. So, before excepting the direness of their disaster, they will try everything in the manual first, then maybe consider that they need more information. Everything will be defined through the filters of what was done in the past. There is little innovation in Japan, if people stop to take notice. What they do best is tweak and refine existing technology, not create it. In Fukushima, creation of new methods of nuclear rehab is what is required, and all us Westerners shout here in these pages – "why don't ya get a clue you sociopathic monsters?!?!" At this point, they are all, TEPCO included, products of their society. It will take outside influence to help fix this, but, that is the final understanding of Japanese society. It is very closed racially and ethnically, and it does not accept outside influence without becoming uncomfortable to the extreme. It is only the US domination of Japan that has forced…

        • Radio VicFromOregon

          con't…NNU…it is only the US domination of Japan that has forced the mimicry, but not the full acceptance or Westernization of Western practices – clothes, certain technologies, certain lifestyle adaptations, but, not the deeper core value differences. The Japanese may look Western, but, they are. not, nor should they be. I'm not sure what the NRC and the nuke plant owner would be doing differently in the US, for all of this anyway. Some of the reasons might be different, but the use of social pressure, media distraction, ridicule, and denial is in full force, at least in the US regarding nuclear energy.

  • On a good note:

    A protected fridge is a "good thing".

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      I love it πŸ˜‰

      Btw, i did a diatribe above because your post gave me place to address some thoughts i've had about the Western frustration at the Japanese response to this disaster. Thx.

      • You write very good & what you wrote was concise & to the point with not anything that comes to the top of my head that I disagree with. Consequently, I live in a geographical area where 1 could say it's like "Little India" so, I understand cultural-ism & it's impact on ethnic families from the oldest to the youngest. Assimilation into a larger society (social acceptance/conscious/ideology/traditions has it's limits, as people learn to insulate themselves from what they perceive to be a threat to their & their families internal well being /needs. That's standard practice with all cultures & ethnic groups where the minority becomes the outcast even if it means sacrificing a few of our own for the collective good. Doesn't make it right but seems to be a general attribute of human nature, or at least nature in general. Ducks don't fly with Robins, & we don't like to sleep with spiders in our beds.

        However, we're past the dark ages & despite the clock being turned back within civilization in terms of human rights to where corporations can dictate to the little people that we are nothing but test subjects for the Kings, Queens & Emperors, the people themselves (the Japanese collective) must take some responsibility for that in times of "reveling in the spoils" of the reward. With the reward being,..

  • using nuclear energy to amass great 'national wealth' @ the expense of many, but when the shyt hits the fan the hypocrisy kicks in an ignorance card as a exit out route of responsibility that just doesn't wash in this day & age. Fool me once OK you got me, but try twice it ain't happening unless, I'm & mines are getting something out of directly & the Japanese people have been benefiting from Nuclear energy since the 1960's.

    Maybe this non-profit has made me to politically cynical because I'm always leaning towards the collective in terms of social responsibility, & the Japanese people have failed miserably but yet @ 1 point had the bragging rights to say they were 1 of the best of the best in terms of global markets. So what did all that fame & glory buy them? A bunch of brooding enemies?

    If there ever was a good time to grab a 'good book' & ask to find strength to forgive it would be now, but sometimes things come to late if ever at toll.

    The crutch of the matter is I choose not to remain ignorant because a ruling elite tells me so, even though that ruling party is the majority in terms of the general population who says nothing & does nothing to not rock the boat.

    Consequently, we're all in this together so the sooner we can get our acts together the better our collective society will become.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      We are, indeed, all in this together, as you say, NNU, and though the Japanese propaganda machine has accomplished a great deal and many Japanese think that all is well (thus no need to take action), there are other Japanese that bravely speak out, protest, report, and challenge.

      • You can just call me MamaLynn if you like that better than NNU. Nu-Nations Unity(R) is just an extension of what I work on but really not me.

        • richard richard

          Thanks, alright if I just call you Lynn, as 'mama' is reserved for my mother, or Earth πŸ˜‰

          • Right, it's mostly the kids who call me MamaLynn except for the DJ's (good guys) who work with me when doing an event.

            By the way, my apologies for being snippet with you in prior post but not only am I having to deal with my Dad's wife, but it seems my oldest daughter is going back into her drug addiction after trying recovery for almost 2 and a half years due to the birth of my only grandson.

            • richard richard

              hi lynn, thanks for the update. things can often be more complicated than i realise, obviously blogs aren't always the best medium, and i'm not always the best, well-behaved, player.

              i can understand when people may take a snippet at me, i sometimes aren't too happy with what i write myself πŸ˜‰

              anyway, i hope it can all get smoother. and i am trying to be better .. .. sorta. cheers πŸ™‚

              (this thread must be one of the most complicated ones in the history of enenews πŸ™‚ it's a spin trying to get to actual comments on the story πŸ™‚ ).

              • Well, when the time comes to do the 1 Million Flash Movement fundraiser, at least some of the residents in the Assumption Parish area will know a little something about the non-profit & who I am as founder.

                I still got my eye on that 50 millions $'s if you haven't read about this on a different thread. It's one big dot to connect but when it's done, I would think it will help a lot of people & the environment to 1 degree or another.

  • Right Victoria, & I've been fighting the good fight for a very long time too, while in my part of the woods the middle class rally for union wages, Bush anti-war protests & Occupy Wall Street agendas but outside of that they aren't to interested in anything else & even then it's mostly all about politics that have no substance as it quickly moves on to the next flash mob.

    I hold Canadians responsible for their apathy just as much as the Japanese, although it was the Japanese who benefited from nuclear energy to where they are running the poor in my country out into the streets in more ways than 1.

    People don't see me as the majority quite the opposite & therefore, I am not responsible for the majority when they themselves don't even want to take responsibility themselves.

    Had Mormons come to the house tonight @ 8;30pm, go figure???

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    Lynn it is πŸ˜‰