Massive mushroom-like cloud in Russia after ‘spontaneous missile explosion’ — Shockwave caught on film, felt 25 miles away — Entire town in plumes of black smoke — “No nuclear arms involved” – No risk to public, public evacuated (VIDEOS)

Published: October 9th, 2012 at 10:52 am ET


Blasts rock Orenburg polygon, RIA, Oct 9, 2012: According to preliminary data, the spontaneous missile explosion at the polygon near Orenburg has caused no casualties. The military were to dispose of several missiles, which spontaneously detonated resulting in a series of major blasts. A train loaded with missiles prepared for disposal has caught fire at a polygon outside Orenburg.

4,000 tons of shells explode in Central Russia, leave mushroom cloud-like plume of smoke, RT, Oct 9, 2012: “Children are being evacuated from kindergartens and schools. Everyone is being asked to go far into the steppe. The whole of Dunguz is in plumes of black smoke.” Other witnesses from the town of Donguz told RT they are being removed from the area, and claimed they saw a large number of military vehicles, ambulances, emergency workers, communication officers and repair workers heading to the site. […]

Watch the shockwave here (at :03 in)

Published: October 9th, 2012 at 10:52 am ET


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49 comments to Massive mushroom-like cloud in Russia after ‘spontaneous missile explosion’ — Shockwave caught on film, felt 25 miles away — Entire town in plumes of black smoke — “No nuclear arms involved” – No risk to public, public evacuated (VIDEOS)

  • Ace33

    if there were no nuclear "Arms" present why mass evec schools and ppl from a town 25 miles away? how many missiles were present for disposal? but at least there is a response being coordinated
    it seems

  • Okay, I'll say it.

    1. It looks like a NUKE Mushroom cloud to me.
    2. People were evacuated.
    3. The military's story is ludicrous. (as always)

    "Children are being evacuated…"
    "…they are being removed from the area…"
    "Buses were dispatched to transport residents away from the area."
    "…remain calm"
    "…claimed no one was injured"

    It does not add up.

    We might be told in several weeks or months that, "Oh, by the way, there were some canisters of radioactive waste, or something like that, which just happened to explode too. However, there is no immediate concern at this time."

    That's just how it works.

  • charlie3

    yes, that cloud has a very specific shape, that reminds me of historical film footage of other clouds with that appearance.

  • charlie3

    perhaps the time it took from the explosion to the shockwave arriving at the camera can tell us something about the nature of what exploded.

  • Maggie123

    Given enthusiasm for DU weaponry – hard to believe there's no radioactive involvement. Or were these "antiquated" missiles that merely blew homes, land, people and animals to smithereens – but did so "cleanly"? I'm deeply glad that so far residents seem safe – but they are driven from their homes. Likely dependent animals are abandoned along with gardens, food supplies, kitchens, etc… All this because of an "oops" event with its causal roots in insane and deadly human technological "cleverness"?

    We *must* encourage children when they ask the big "why" questions! The world we live in is partly the result of coaching children to "outgrow" these questions. We redirect their attention to "what really matters in life" (i.e. fearing, hoarding, blaming, defending, attacking, withholding, …)

    • aSpadeisaSpade aSpadeisaSpade


      Thank you for always seeming to have a humanistic view in the face of these crises! You are life-affirming, and optimistic. It helps me to keep from total despair.

    • StPaulScout StPaulScout

      DU is used more like a sabot. It is a penatrator weapon. Used on armor and brick/concrete.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      I am hoping the evac is to move people out in case more missiles blow. This looks like ordinary armament to me, and hopefully the animals will do okay for what could be a short time once the weapons are secured. Thx as usual for thinking of all the lives and levels, Maggie123.

  • Stephengn

    From wikipedia —

    "The Totskoye range is a military range established in September 1941 to the north of Totskoye village in Orenburg Oblast (The place where this happened), Russia, under the jurisdiction of the South Urals Military District. Marshal Georgy Zhukov picked the range for the 1954 nuclear test, which was considered top secret until 1993"

    "In mid-September 1954, nuclear bombing tests were performed in Totskoye range during the training exercise Snezhok (Snowball or Light Snow) with some 45,000 people, all Soviet soldiers and officers,[1][2] who were exposed to radiation from a bomb twice as powerful as the one dropped on Hiroshima nine years earlier. The exercise was commanded by the Marshal of the Soviet Union, Georgy Zhukov. At 9:33 a.m. on 14 September 1954, a Soviet Tu-4 bomber dropped a 40-kilotonne (170 TJ) atomic weapon from 8,000 metres (26,000 ft). The bomb exploded 350 metres (1,150 ft) above Totskoye range, 13 kilometres (8 mi) from Totskoye.[2][3]"


    Thousands who are believed to have sought help in local hospitals would later be surprised to find that their medical cards, containing their histories of sickness, had disappeared from the regional hospital. That fact was confirmed by a former soldier who participated in the exercise, Alexey Petrovich Vavilov, in his interview[1] with the television news broadcasting program Podrobnosti (Telechannel INTER) more than 50…

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    It's nuclear until proven otherwise.

  • evendine


    '…Thousands of civilians are being evacuated from two towns in Russia's Orenburg Oblast in the Urals after a train transporting ammunition exploded on October 9.

    The total population of the two towns is some 10,000 people.

    The towns are located some 10 kilometers from the site of the incident.

    Officials said the blasts in three train cars were caused by fire.

    According to the local citizens, the blasts were very massive and shattered all windows in the two towns and felled trees.

    A nearby highway has been closed and movement of all trains has been halted in the area.

    No casualties have been reported…'

    Interesting to compare this info with the damage caused by the 12.5+ kiloton nuke used on Hiroshima (more than 3x the power of the reported event in Russia):

    'Light damage' extended out to 5.5km in Hiroshima, so given the much lower yield of the Russian event, why were they reporting felled trees and all windows in two towns shattered at 10km+?

    Also, why are the population being evacuated after the event? :o/

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      They are likely evacing because there is still more ammunition that didn't go up. Fire won't detonate an atomic bomb. If this was nuclear, then it was tiny.

      • Jebus Jebus

        I'm thinking that the evacuations are because of chemical munitions in the lot…
        Russia has the most of all countries and they have been "decommisioning" tons of them.

  • NukeisShit

    I bet it was a tactical atomic bomb. Not a big one indeed, but a small, pesky atomic bomb…

  • Shall we add this to the list of 99 accident of nuke since 1950.

    sick how these jerks cover these up.

  • NukeisShit

    I would add this one for sure. No way a conventional weapon could cause such a long range mess. And please…I think we all know how an "atomic mushroom" looks like!!!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Seems someone there could get a Geiger reading before being whisked away.

  • eatliesndie eatliesndie

    ….I mean it looked like a nuclear mushroom cloud. There must have been no one for many miles around for there to have been no casualties and there's nothing in the cloud that would hurt anyone so…. Hmmm. Move right along now folks.

  • tooktheredpill tooktheredpill

    They're saying 'munitions'….

    4000 unexploded bombs don't ALL explode in 1 bang that blows windows out 10km away. They would go off like firecrackers in a fireworks factory fire.

    1 explodes…blows 4 others…then it smoulders then 3 go….they heat up another 7 etc.

    Lots of big (but localised explosions!) which would take a fairly long time (without firefighters who obviously couldn't get near it as all those blow up)

    This was an absolutely MASSIVE blast which shakes the camera in the scene miles away and sets off car alarms all over the area with the pressure wave.

    wait to see what the MSM spin is…

    • A bunch of bombs don't go off all at the same time in big blast.

      I agree with that thought.

      This event will not be on any MSM news.
      If it is, the 'spin factor' will probably make you dizzy.

  • blackbeer blackbeer

    I wouldn't jump to conclusions on this one just yet. I have seen amo dumps go up and the cloud was similar to this one. Not saying it wasn't nuke just not jumping to that conclusion. Of course to me the lesson is the simple one, armed military states are a danger to mankind and the world in general. Chris Hedges has a way of stating my thoughts so much better then I ever could, and I would invite you to read his speech from a couple of days ago. I have watched too many of my fellow Nam vets take the one way ticket out of here:
    I can only hope that all of the industrial garbage that is coming to a head in these last few years will help wake up those asleep in their own allusion and realize that we are in fact bringing about the end of life as we know it.


  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    If on the video, we are 25 miles away when the shock wave hits, my guess is that everything within at the very least a mile is completely flattened. Could be double that maybe? Just my guess.

  • richard richard

    You simply would not evacuate if it was conventional weapons. What's the point, the bang happened, whoever gets hurt, get hurts.. clean up the mess.

    Evacuation would be occurring due to toxic after effects, most likely radiation, or deadly chemicals/gasses. But gasses would have had their effect by now.

    It does appear to narrow down to nukes, but of course it is laymens speculation.

    The evacuations fly in the face of the fuku response.

  • omniversling

    Yes, very odd that up to 10,000 people are being evacuated if there was no fallout (radioactive or otherwise), unless there were more of these monster bombs also at risk. On the other hand, the event apparently took place at a test area (audio above), so what's to say it wasn't the Russian response to to the US 13.6 tonne bunker buster being tested, and covering it with the 'accident' story….the Russians do like to be the biggest and baddest…

    Tsar Bomba – Largest Nuclear Device Ever Tested (50MT) – YouTube

  • evendine

    Well it apparently broke every window in two towns more than 10km away and knocked trees over at that distance…

      • tooktheredpill tooktheredpill

        I refer to my previous post…EVEN MORE SO

        initially I thought this was a 'munitions' storage area but according to this post it was a train transporting them.

        How many shells to a carriage? how many carriages in the train…

        even more so I would now definitely say that an entire train containing 4000 'munitions' would not detonate all 4000 simultaneously causing an explosion so massive that it blows windows out 10km away and causes the evacuation of 10,000 people.

        Even following detonation effects and assuming that 1 shell went off at the back of the train and (even assuming there is a guaranteed chain reaction similar to nuclear fission…ie 1 shell then explodes a minumum of two others) that 1 shell at the back of a train with all the preparations and separation by carriage and container that any movement like this would have involved.

        If they said…it destroyed 4 1/2 out of 13 carriages….that I could believe…

        but I just watched the video 🙂

  • evendine

    Thx Richard 🙂

    Interesting that the report (based on reporting by ITAR-TASS and Interfax) suggests three rail freight car loads of shells went up. Slight problem – how could they carry enough? Large Russian freight cars can carry around 125 tons each, apparently, so out by a factor of 10:

  • many moons

    I find it strange only one person was slightly injured????
    Usually accidental explosions catch people by surprise…..If the explosion blew out windows 10k away, how was the rain crew able to escape unharmed???

  • evendine

    Well from the RT Post:

    '…More than 4,000 tons of shells exploded near a military testing ground some 40 kilometers from the city of Orenburg in Central Russia, prompting the mass evacuation of two nearby towns.

    Those 4,000 tons included 1,379 tons of 100mm shells, 400 tons of air bombs and 2,300 tons of 280mm reactive shells, the head of the military investigative committee announced…'

    Looking into it, the most likely transport would be something like this 68 ton capacity box car:

    So >4000 tons / 68 tons (max) = at least 59 (being generous) fully loaded freight cars, which are 13.5m long in this case. Total length of cars required = 59 x 13.5 = 797m + say 20% for coupling the cars = 956m long! Would have thought the cloud shape would be quite different to the one observed in those circumstances.

    Also seems likely that there would have been a ripple detonation, rather than the single sharp crack heard on video.

    Wonder what they mean by 'reactive shells'? Can't find it on google…

    • ITSNOTABANANA,industry_gov,aid_243430&dfpLayout=article

      Wasn't too hard to find…

      info from the article:
      A typical artillery shell explodes and breaks apart

      This design has the potential to make the warheads 500 percent more lethal, because the fragments they send out will flare and burn, releasing both chemical and kinetic energy.

      SRMs(structured reactive materials) are a new class of materials the military is exploring to bolster the effectiveness of frags. Like insensitive high explosives, these materials are usually composed of two or more nonexplosive solid materials that don’t react until acted upon by a strong mechanical, electrical, or laser stimulus.


      Looks like they are forgetting those 1 or 2 keywords…

      Maggie123 knows the word
      October 9, 2012 at 1:08 pm

  • evendine

    Here's a hundred ton ammo dump explosion for comparison:

    Can see the ripple on that one and hear the secondaries…

  • Andres Arce Andres Arce

    That humongous cloud looks nothing like nuclear.
    By chance I've been watching WW2 documentaries, and it clearly is like of powder.
    Besides, Russia isn't a Soviet system anymore, so the true nature of it is what the democratic authorities say, that's all.
    They have political opposition, and free press, I mean.

  • Maxxforce

    While we are all throwing out WAGs on what happened, the opening sequence of this movie immediately jumped to mind.

    The Peacemaker (2007)

    I suppose time will tell, as it usually does.

  • Gnyf

    Nuclear blast or not, we just have to wait and see. Some day the truth will be revealed.
    Russian things have a tendency to blow up. Back in the 80's it was a bit of a gamble watching television in Russia, because you never knew when the tv-set would explode in your face.
    Russia have a long history of things exploding by accident. The high score on that list is of course Mayak. (Chernobyl is in Ukraine and can't be added to the list).

    Da svedanya. Booooom!!!!

  • It's All Lies It's All Lies

    Given the fact that Russia wanted to cover up Chernobyl, I wouldn't expect them to be overly excited about telling everyone what really happened!

    Good comments on here, and it is hard to tell whether it is a nuke (tatical or not) or ammunition..

    Even on one of my Favorited TV series, a van full of bullets explodes simultaneously, not as one big boom.

    Maybe it was a tactical nuke not exploding properly? I'm sure we'll find out someday..

    @ Maggie I replied to you on the Radiation Monitoring forum 😀 Haven't seen you on there for a while!

  • stevemark

    Obviously NOT nuke – detailed views of the burning / exploding train here, as well as evacuation:

  • AntiNuke159

    It is not a nuke explosion in my opinion. I watched this video made by the Rus %sian sold @iers fleeing the scene. They were pretty close to it. At some point there is a large explosion or two which formed a perfect mushroom or two within seconds. I know that a nuke explosion would fry all electronics and vehicles would be disabled by the electromagnetic pulse. Their vehicle kept running just fine. They did stop a few times, it seems that they did it on purpose and didn’t have to restart the engine, you can hear the engine most of the time. I assume that a nuke explosion would have disabled their truck, right?

    Why they had to evacuate 10km? Because of missiles and rockets in the storage. I think the evacuation was called off an hour after the explosions.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      I think they are actually quite far away from this explosion in this video. I saw one video that was close. It was horrible.

      • AntiNuke159

        There were several explosions, one needs to count seconds from the time of a flash (gets to them with the speed of light) and then listen to the sound (gets to them with the speed of sound, which is 1 mile in 4.7 seconds). I think shock wave travels faster than the speed of sound. It took only seconds (definitely under 10 seconds) for the sound to reach them, so they were probably within 2 miles. Electromagnetic pulse causes damage at much longer distances I think. I only glanced at a few websites. My ballpark estimate is that their truck should have been definitely disabled if they were within 2 miles. Even if they were within 20 miles the truck’s electronic should have been fried as well I think.