People from Tokyo area report thyroid cysts and nodules — Japanese doctors laughing at patients (VIDEO)

Published: November 30th, 2012 at 11:22 am ET


Follow-up to: [intlink id=”fukushima-woman-people-are-talking-about-nose-bleeds-and-coughing-that-wont-end-nurses-warn-patients-stay-quiet-dont-mention-radiation-to-doctor-video” type=”post”]Fukushima Woman Warns of Cover-up — Nurses tell patients: Stay quiet, don’t mention radiation to doctor (VIDEO)[/intlink]

Title: Report on the “Learn from Chernobyl” tour in Japan
Source: ERF2012 (Cinema Forum Fukushima)
Date: Nov 25, 2012

Ms. Kazuko Kawai, Founder of Voices for Lively Spring: Although thyroid disorders in Fukushima had been much reported by the media, we found that evacuees from the Tokyo area also complained about thyroid cysts and nodules.

Both doctors [who traveled to the area] are very angry about the Fukushima Prefecture government’s handling of Patients with thyroid disorder. That is, no secondary testing in two years. It is internationally agreed upon within the medical community to control such patients by repeated testing at least once in 6 months, and every two months in more serious cases.

Further more it is widely thought that thyroid cancer started surfacing in Chernobyl 4 years after the nuclear disaster and it is based on the data in Chernobyl. But according to Dr. [inaudible], Chernobyl did not used to have such precision devices for thyroid testing as we have in Japan right now. And the doctors in Chernobyl manually diagnosed thyroid cancer. Without out any precision exam devices. The ultrasound devices were introduced in big cities in Chernobyl about 4 years after the disaster […]

At health consultations on the tour, we kept hearing about Japanese doctors who laughed at patients or did not listen to patients at all.

Watch the video here

Published: November 30th, 2012 at 11:22 am ET


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16 comments to People from Tokyo area report thyroid cysts and nodules — Japanese doctors laughing at patients (VIDEO)

  • Sickputer

    The Doc Goebbels-inspired Japanese national government doctors have no time to take ultrasounds of ragamuffin pre-teenagers on the plains of Fukushima Prefecture. Nor the city urchins in Tokyo.

    They are too busy shilling $1000 3D resin models of unborn fetuses for high class expectant Tokyo parents with state of the art 3D ultrasound equipment:

    SP: Seriously there is no excuse for the Japanese AEC not funding a couple thousand of the portable ultrasound devices now manufactured for use all across Japan.

    Including this one from the biggest nucleocrat company of them all:

    The Japanese citizens may be meek and subservient, but they are tired of lies and deception from the Tepco/Diet scum… (aka genocidal fascists).

    The Japanese people should show them what a ten-million man march looks like. What better time than before the elections.

    Arise…march peacefully on Sunday at the Diet building and the PM residence. Take back your country from the people who have murdered your future and your progeny's future.

  • If I brought a family member or loved one in to the hospital there, and they LAUGHED at me; they'd be fishing their stethoscope out of their a**

  • locina

    The inaudible name of the Dr is Dr. Dörte Siedentopf.
    Here is the link with of the IPPNW with many good informations:
    <a href=" title="link">IPPNW Informations</a>.
    Thank you very much for your report. It is very important to get informations from Japan.

  • It's similar the World over, not just in Japan. The Docs are often the bottom-feeders of the Funny Handshake Brigade & Fascist / Zionist. After Chernobyl they diagnosed my mum with constipation as she died off cancer – the 4th or 5th death from our row of houses on the street.
    My current Doc is a T.Watkins … go figure..

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Doctors are not trained in dangers of low dose radiation.

      Most know less than ENE NEWS readers.

      Then there is the active conspiracy to keep this nuclear genocide quiet and out of the public eye..

      The medical profession is part of that, just like the pro nuclear apologists and their minions of darkness.

      Remember, they use genetic code destroying and negative mutating radiation in many ways.. all radiation causes harm and accumulates, including Xrays, airport scanners, etc..

      The genetic code is the building block of all LIFE on the planet. When you destroy that, you destroy the building blocks of all life, FOREVER.

  • dosdos dosdos

    "One thing you can't hide is when you're crippled inside." John Lennon

  • Jebus Jebus

    The ELEphant in the room

    In view of this situation, Ms. Kada has made a very significant statement: "Pushing nuclear power generation only from the viewpoint of economic efficiency while forgetting the heavy responsibility for having polluted the earth with the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant not only deprives Japan of dignity as a nation but also is something that must not be condoned ethically."

  • Mack Mack

    "Fukushima Worst Confirmed, Radiated Children Need Evacuation"

    Article includes a link to a Petition to "Evacuate The Children From The Contaminated Area Immediately"


    A Petition to Demand "Accountability For Those Responsible For The Fukushima Disaster"

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Pneumonia cases in Japan still off the chart – even higher than last year, and much higher than past 10 years.
    See the official graph:

    Still don't think something's wrong, doctor?

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Bnb, this is an incredible, dark display of political and social disinformation and propaganda we are all witnessing. And not only does the Japanese government and medical profession not want to admit to such illnesses, but, they are completely unused to large portions of their civilian populations doubting and challenging them. I can relate in my own small way. I had Lyme disease but i didn't know what it was and doctors just couldn't figure it out because they hadn't been taught to look for it in Oregon. So, it got into my central nervous system and just about made life impossible for many years until i figured out what was going on, found some true healers and practitioners, learned energy medicine and herbs and began to get well. Socalled doctors kept putting me on meds that just made me sick and would get angry with me for not cooperating. In their minds, the disease i had didn't exist in me because they weren't taught about it. but in reality 30 to 100 people a year contract Lyme disease in Oregon, but most have to go out of state to find a doctor that will treat them and not think they are making up their illness. So very sad and very frustrating for these people and for any person a doctor dismisses out of hand by their own ignorance. My patient file only said – "round infected rash from unknown insect bite" about why i had gone in there feeling so sick in the first place. Not a single doctor over the years made the connection.

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Wow Vic……telling story. I personally also doubt more and more the pharma industry sponsored "medicine". I've never been to a hospital in my life and don't plan on doing so.
        I'm totally convinced of homeopathic therapy and / or phytotherapy. It does wonders for me.
        Of course, when the nukers bombard your immune system – what can you do?

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        2 VicFromOregon, I have chronic Lyme, too. I'd venture to guess THOUSANDS, not hundreds are infected in Oregon annually. The infection rate in Humboldt County, CA, is as high as it is in Connecticut or New York. Oregon, having a similar climate, probably has a very high endemic rate of Lyme in the local rodent population. Where there are rodents, there is Lyme. Remember, even the CDC states the actual infection rate is probably 10X what is reported.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          So what does this have to do with Japan? It just illustrates how a group of doctors (the IDSA Lyme panel, in the case of Lyme) can control testing, diagnosis, and treatment of serious illnesses. In Japan, people cannot get their radiation-related illnesses diagnosed nor treated properly.

          From discussions I've recently had with friends in the health care field, this phenomena (lack of access to care for seriously ill patients) exists worldwide.

          Meanwhile, back in the good old USA, people can just run across the border and drop an "anchor baby" at the taxpayer's expense, guaranteeing the entire family a foothold in our supposedly sovereign nation. We end up providing social benefits for the whole family, at the expense of taxpaying citizens. Why do they have more rights than we do?

          Oh, and our hospitals are going broke and closing in droves, thanks to providing healthcare for the anchor babies, their moms, and all the illegal aliens who can't pay for health care.

          I don't have a problem with immigrants. My family was a family of immigrants. Just please come here legally.

          The health care system, globally, is in shambles. Except in OZ, where apparently one can get decent government-sponsored healthcare. OK, I'm going off topic here, so if further post, will do it at the Forum.