Watch: Police get rough with citizens at townhall meeting on burning debris — Women scream as people forcibly removed from building after asking questions (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Published: September 2nd, 2012 at 8:44 pm ET


Credit: IWJ_OSAKA1

Credit: IWJ_OSAKA1

Title: Osaka City Police Forcibly Removing Citizens from Townhall Meeting on Disaster Debris Burning in Osaka City
Source: EXSKF
Date: Sept 2, 2012

You don’t see this in any of the mainstream media […]

the one and only townhall meeting to explain things about disaster debris acceptance in Osaka City on August 30


This happened after the meeting […] Many citizens remained in the hall, wanting to have the answers to their questions from the officials at the city’s bureau of environment. Instead of engaging the citizens, they started to remove them out of the hall, according to this blog […]

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Published: September 2nd, 2012 at 8:44 pm ET


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6 comments to Watch: Police get rough with citizens at townhall meeting on burning debris — Women scream as people forcibly removed from building after asking questions (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Citizens don't want man-made radiation endangering their families. It's their government. And they might replace it.

  • or-well

    Would there be Kings
    without the Kings' men
    ensuring obedience
    from Citizens?

    Would there be Oppressors
    minus those on a mission
    to enact oppression
    and enforce decisions?

    Would there be tyrants
    and Tyranny
    without terror enforcers
    armed and fear-worthy?

    Would there be Rulers,
    truth-denying foolers,
    wiithout knuckle-drag thugs
    and sycophant droolers?

    Falsely-named "Leaders"
    need more than who follows,
    they need willing "muscle"
    and Police powers,
    they need servants willing
    to give people a "chilling",
    they need those that protect
    them from the gallows!

  • intric8

    These police need to be dropped off on an iceberg.

  • I am grateful for the people who are speaking up and demanding truth and accountability. Peace to all.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Wow – so many thoughts and feelings stir from this video. Good on them for standing up for what is right. Shame, shame, shame, shame, shame on Government officials who treat their citizens as such for asking questions. Governments will implode themselves if they destroy the support of the people ultimately. Treating people like this shifts into dictatorship territory.

    It infuriates me that Japan *happily* seems to believe it is okay to burn radioactive debris. For me that seems to increase my odds of being innocently exposed, even way over here in BC. There certainly are other, much safer ways of dealing with the problem.

    I would be right there fighting with them. Japan is moving from accidentally poisoning the world to deliberately poisoning the world every time they are guilty of even planning to burn radioactive debris.

  • Michele

    I remember watching the US news stations soon after the tsunami but before the concern for the Fuku plant and the meltdown. There were comments made to compliment the order and civil behavior of the victims, and how the Japanese culture with so many people living in close quarters was responsible for the calmness and willingness to patiently wait for each one.

    That was before the government leaders and the TEPCO representatives stalled and began the great lie that all was well and there was nothing to fear in terms of the people's wellbeing and health. Now, we understand that like most of the modern nations, the people are not valued enough even to provide truthful information, the fact that there were three meltdowns and that the nuclear nightmare will not be resolved. However, the obvious need for monies to run the government and the energy industry has been the primary concern. What society requires the elderly who have nothing and are living in a school gymnasium with cardboard seperation, to require them to pay for meals. The people are ignored and as one official said, "we are avoiding confrontation". He is very wrong and this video is the example of the breakdown of that facade of manners when people learn that they are in a struggle for life and death. The end result has been known by those in control of the information since March, 2011.