*Watch* Protest still going strong as riot police go on offensive at restarted Japan nuke plant — May have forced Ooi workers to arrive via ocean and officers to climb up mountain after road blocked (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Published: July 1st, 2012 at 10:25 am ET
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(UPDATED) Ooi Nuke Plant Restart Protest at the Gate Still Going Strong, But More Police Reinforcement May Be on the Way
June 30, 2012


(UPDATE) Journalist Ryusaku Tanaka just tweeted that the employees at the nuclear plant, since the only road to the plant is blocked by the protesters and the police, arrived to work from the ocean, using a ferry boat. Tanaka says he heard it from a taxi driver who drove them to the ferry.

Further, someone else tweeted that the riot police who suddenly showed up had climbed the mountain to get there, because the only road to the plant is still blocked.

Both pieces of information are unconfirmed.

From Fukui Prefecture the second day of offense and defense : 500 people came to backup “SAIKADÔ HANTAI!!”
Dissensus Japan

Original text from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal 01.07.2012 http://tanakaryusaku.jp/2012/07/0004606

The offense and defense between people against restarting Ôi nuclear power plant and Fukui Prefecture Police entered the second day. Around 9pm tonight The No.3 Reactor of Ôi nuclear power plant is scheduled to be restarted (put off the control rod and set up the fission reaction of uranium fuel). The side of the police have to let Seishu Makino (the Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) come inside the site. The protesters want to stop the Vice Minister. There’s a tense atmosphere around the entrance of Ôi nuclear power plant. People came to backup the protest by watching the live broadcast (like IWJ Live channel) of the little war between protesters and riot police which has started last evening. There’s a line longer than 500m composed of cars with license plates from other prefectures on both the prefectural road and the town road. Cars from Kagoshima, from Nagoya, etc…Despite the dirty weather with fat drops of rain which continues, in front of the entrance of the nuclear plant, there’s about 500 people (at 9am). In a rhythmic pace of percussions, people arelike chanting slogans “Saikadô Hantai!” (Oppose to restart the nuclear power plant) which echoes all around. It’s like an atmosphere of carnival.


“If Ôi nuclear power plant restarts, all nuclear plants in Japan will restart. It was impossible for me to contain myself” said excitedly a housewife who came from Kyoto last night. The riot police stays without getting ostensibly too close but in fact they are running along the mountain road and they took the position to control the protesters from behind. PM Noda’s Office will motivate the police to let Makino, the Vice Minister, entering inside the site for their repetition. The tense situation will come to a head this afternoon.

[Live] The protest is being forcibly removed | Fukushima Diary

As it gets dark, police is starting to remove the protest violently.

[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan | Fukushima Diary

At 21:00 of 7/1/2012, Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 was restarted.

Riot police has started suppress the peaceful protest. This is the declaration of war against Japanese citizens.

Published: July 1st, 2012 at 10:25 am ET
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34 comments to *Watch* Protest still going strong as riot police go on offensive at restarted Japan nuke plant — May have forced Ooi workers to arrive via ocean and officers to climb up mountain after road blocked (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

  • charlie3

    The cops should understand that their badge doesn't protect them from radiation, and that their pension is useless if they are dead or dying from radiation poisoning. They shold wqake up ad join their fellow man, their fellow Japanese.

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  • or-well

    thugminionstooges and propagandology
    artificewarstrifedivision and profithypocracy



    The betting line is all over the place,
    all our lives the wager on how ends this race.
    We're all in the ring, like it or not,
    nuke upped the ante, the balls been kicked off.
    All bets-hope-life ride, as the ball spins,
    do we roll snake-eyes or bring nukes to an end?

    I've heard scent can stimulate our most primal reactions.
    May the perfume of the Hydrangea Revolution waft worldwide.

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  • MaidenHeaven MaidenHeaven


    September 20th, 21st and 22nd

    SEPTEMBER NO NUKES convergence on Washington D.C.

    "It’s time to really FOCUS on nuclear power issues BEFORE the 2012 presidential election! The Coalition Against Nukes is organizing an anti-nuclear convergence in Washington, DC, Sept. 20-22, 2012 to FULLY EXPOSE the nuclear crisis in Japan and its relevance to the insidious nuclear industry in the United States. This is a GRASSROOTS effort and we need YOUR INVOLVEMENT for these events to be successful! We must maximize AWARENESS before the election to bring attention to the dangers of nuclear power."

    "We call on citizens across the country to mobilize their communities by working from now until September to get to Washington, DC for these events. We also urge you to call or email your elected representatives and URGE them to attend the congressional briefing. C.A.N will also invite our congressional representatives to the briefing on Sept. 20th at the Cannon Bldg, Rm 121, 2-4pm."


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  • Horseman of the Apocalypse Horseman of the Apocalypse

    DO NOT go gently into that night. RAGE, RAGE against the dying of the light.

    The Japanese government and its agents, the police, are hired by the public to protect the public interest. It is not in the public interest to restart these nuclear power plants: the benefits to society do not outweigh the costs, either realized or potential.

    Japan already faces an unprecedented catastrophe as a direct result of nuclear power run amuck, and this after her people were brainwashed into believing that nuclear power was safe. Safe? Both Japan and this fair planet teeter on the brink of an extinction level event because nuclear power is safe?

    Best to forget the air conditioning this summer. Rather, focus on developing renewable energies which leave a small footprint. Inspiration may be had from the aboriginal communities who lived in harmony with Mother Earth for millennia -without air conditioning, electricity and other modern conveniences. Life will surely go on, if permitted…

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    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Hi Horseman, as much as I agree with your statement in general, I wonder if RAGE is the best advice here…what we need is a MASS movement of all people. We need to see hundreds of thousands of ordinary people in the streets over a long period of time, not a raging mob…Violence will draw most people away.

      And also policemen are human beings, after all. They have families and children, too. I personally know a policeman who had to protect a nuclear waste transport I was protesting against. He shared my fears, but he had a duty.
      Police is not the enemy.

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      • I wish it was like you say BnB. I wish a mass movement was all we needed, but I don't believe it is.

        The guards who worked at Auschwitz were as guilty as those giving the orders.
        (I hope the Nuke plant workers and those who support the Nuke Industry remember this point.)

        Bullies, like the Nuclear Industry Overlords, will continue to threaten our lives with their deadly lies and deceptions. To me, this is the same, if not WORSE, than someone threatening me with a knife or a gun. Now they threaten the entire planet and all 'innocent' living things, including me.

        Yeah, I'm pissed. I also disagree that violence would drive people away. I think once they ask themselves 'why' these people are raging then maybe they will begin to understand. Maybe they should rage too, if they really want change.

        Maybe the 'No-Nuke' Fighters will be labeled 'terrorist' or some other name commonly given to those who are forced to 'fight' for what is right.

        Bullies, cartels and nuclear overlords will not stop at all cost, until such time as they are 'put down'!

        We should not have to be 'pleading' with a corporation or an industry to STOP KILLING US!

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        • eatliesndie eatliesndie

          "The guards who worked at Auschwitz were as guilty as those giving the orders", The uniform is not an exemption from personal karma. Or an excuse not to think. Shame on the police. Shame on them.

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        • richard richard

          @ChasAha – "The guards who worked at Auschwitz were as guilty as those giving the orders.
          (I hope the Nuke plant workers and those who support the Nuke Industry remember this point.)"

          This is true. The nukers need to turn ranks and join us. If they don't, they are guilty of ecocide without remorse.

          The nukers have wondered why I am so hostile towards them – IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE HOLDING A GUN TO OUR COLLECTIVE HEADS.

          Give the nukers no sympathy and no quarter – unless they turn to the light side – because we'll need scientists to decommission every NPP (death plant).

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          • HoTaters HoTaters

            IMHO it's more like they are slow poisoning us with something like arsenic ….

            The slow poison victim — knows something is wrong, but not quite exactly what it is. And he has a devil of a time convincing anyone else of his plight ….

            (Just my analogy.)

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      • blackbeer blackbeer

        I hate to disagree with someone I have so much respect for but BandB you are so wrong about this. I have heard the "police are not the enemy" line so often in the last two years that all I can say is it must be a form of Societal Stockholm Syndrome. The decision to commit violence is a personnel one. You have to decide to swing your club at some unarmed old lady in a crowd. You have to decide to pull out your gun and use it on an unarmed person. Are you saying that "Duty" is above morality, is above right and wrong? It was the duty of the cops in Selma Ala. to kill and beat those people of color for having the gumption to demand equal rights, or in Mississippi, or in Watts, or in Iraq for that matter, or anywhere else where violence is unleashed on our fellow humans. Obama has a wife and kids, yet he orders the murder of not only fellow humans but citizens of our own country, and says it's his duty. When I came back from the Nam in 69 and went right into the streets to protest the war, I'm sure that the cops that were killing us in those streets had wives and kids also, and they were doing their duty. If you choose to sign up with the enemy, and you choose to defend that enemy, and that enemy is distroying my home, my planet and everything I hold dear, then you are my enemy also. If one were spend some serious time reflecting on how we are influenced in thought word and deed the truth would be almost unfathonable. We are in a war for our existence, simple…

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    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Dylan Thomas (the poet) wrote:


      Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      'Think that was the use of a figure of speech, not a literal commentary on rage and violence as a form of protest.

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      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        Wow. Thanks all for your input on this matter – one of many reasons why I love this site. Good discussion!
        I now feel I should've made my point clearer, though.
        I totally agree on the point being made that violent behaviour of any sort done by police staff is intolerable. And I'd agree on seeing those police as "enemies". There is a sadistic lot out there who take out their frustrations on anyone.
        I think the US are a great deal "ahead" on their way to a police state compared to the place I'm living at – the videos I saw from the college campus last year with peaceful students being peppersprayed really got to me. So, yes, I see your point.

        But still I don't see policemen as enemies just because they're policemen. If I don't agree with them protecting nuclear sites, I must think about the laws which make this procedure legal (not right, but legal). At the nuclear waste demo I talked about earlier, a female officer asked a farmer whether she could use his bathroom after she had to pee in the woods for two days already. He was very friendly as he replied: "I'm sorry. This is not going against you personally, but I can't agree on you being here. So I can't allow you using my bathroom."
        She understood.


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  • Ras Putin


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  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    The people mustn't give up. They've kept the other plants from re-starting, and will see to it that Japan does away with all nuclear (radiation death) plants.

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  • hill hermit

    I, like some of you, wish we could be there protesting along side them.
    Well, this is the global economy.
    A uranium mine plans to begin operating about 10 miles south of the Grand Canyon here in N. AZ.
    Not good at links ect but the story was front page today in the Az daily sun.
    For those of you here in the southwest the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder and help fight this same battle is coming home.

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  • RichardPerry

    You have no power with 500 people turning out. They will start all the plants now.They will turn out the army when they need to and the young men will follow orders.

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  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    "We found police crying. I asked one of the riot police officers if he’s actually against the restart of nuclear plant, he turned to me and slightly nodded to bear up in tragedy. There were numbers of times when I couldn’t stop my tears."

    Protestor's tweet from Oi on Fuku Diary.

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