Watchdog: Inexplicable that EPA shut down Fukushima radiation monitoring after finding high levels of radiation in drinking water

Published: May 11th, 2011 at 12:19 pm ET


Watchdog criticizes feds for pulling back on radiation monitoring, California Watch, May 10, 2011:

“With the Japanese nuclear situation still out of control and expected to continue that way for months and with elevated radioactivity continuing to show up in the U.S., it is inexplicable that EPA would shut down its Fukushima radiation monitoring effort,” said Jeff Ruch, executive director of the watchdog group [Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility], in a statement.

He said the agency found high levels of radiation in drinking water, and now was not the time to be pulling their efforts back.

He also said the EPA’s monitoring program, RadNet, is unreliable and fails to cover large swaths of the West Coast. […]

According to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the EPA has proposed raising their guideline radiation limits […] According to Ruch, the new clean up standards are “thousands of times more lax than anything the EPA has ever before accepted.”

Documents obtained by the watchdog group [PDF] via the Freedom of Information Act indicate the EPA made a decision to approve the revised guidelines months ago, but has yet to make a formal announcement.

Published: May 11th, 2011 at 12:19 pm ET


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111 comments to Watchdog: Inexplicable that EPA shut down Fukushima radiation monitoring after finding high levels of radiation in drinking water

    • anne

      Thanks very much for these links. Also I learned a lot from the other videos listed with the youtube link.
      Thanks again.

  • SteveMT

    “Inexplicable” about what the EPA is not doing? I think NOT. I believe that there is a very logical explanation for this non-action.

    • extra knight

      and that is worshipping a pile of money is more important that clean drinking water. geeze. that don’t even sound right, to be honest.

  • Novamind

    Makes me want to Bitch Slap the head of the EPA! Reminds me of the 9-11 standdown orders that kept responce fighters on the ground. What has happened to America?

  • I’m re-posting this–it got lost with all this new news! 🙂

    I hope it’s helpful!
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    It was $50 a bottle, now $65 I see,…but it has lasted me 4 months at 1 heaping teaspoon per every two days.

    They also suggested LL’s Environmental clay soaking bath clay. It was about the same cost for a box that is good for about 20 full baths, or 50+ hand or foot soaks.

    All this seemed WAY too much for me, even six months ago,…but I have eased my way into them,…and I want to report what results I have seen. They are GREAT!

    The bath clay was very powerful for me at first,…and I over-did it. They suggest a foot bath first, or 1/2 strength bath soak,….I didn’t listen, nothing new there, and went ‘full throttle’. So, please use caution and be ‘teachable’. Baby steps win this race–but take those steps, PLEASE, especially if you are in the line of fire MOST, Yes?

    Why the clay works in ‘Clay for DUMMIES speech”. It’s about magnetic charges! All our “Bug-a-boos” put off POWERFUL positive charges,…and these clays are negitively charged POWERFUL ‘drawing elements’ from deep within the volcanic ash, etc,……PICTURE this,…where does a gut-shot bear or wolf go off to to ‘hide away-and sometimes heal up’? A vat of clay-mud. He stays there days, weeks perhaps, and comes out skin and bones,…but he’s healing. He will survive another day!

    I walked my talk the past two and one half days, with both clays, and a small liver cleanse and I feel 100% better! I know that I was contaminated,…..and I no longer feel it today. My dogs are on it also,…and I swear I have seen some ‘yellow, glittery, oily sheen’ on their poop after I treat them. This stuff works!

    • xdrfox

      What State are you in ?
      Glad to see you are focused and working to your solutions. How is the water where you are ?
      Own well or Municipality source ?

      • belle

        I understand that Jill is in Cali. That is great about her pets, too. They seemed to be hurting! That is really good news.
        I read that some workers at Chernobyl smeared Bentonite clay all over themselves during the worst of it and it ad/absorbed about 80% of the radioactive stuff. That’s amazing!
        And the milk thistle herb will indeed help safely regenerate an ailing, stressed-out liver–yea! These old-time methods, including Lugol’s iodine for the thyroid, are some of the best…

        • xdrfox

          @ belle
          I studied up on milk thistle last year, now it comes into play. Hummm !

          Where are you at ?
          Here in Fl.
          Don’t know what the neighbors might think if I mow my yard with mud all over me ! lol

    • ZombiePlanet


      The protective effect of silymarin was attributed to its antioxidant and free radicals scavenging properties. [Radioprotective effect of silymarin against radiation induced hepatotoxicity. Pharmacol Res. 2002 Jun;45(6):447.]

      Silymarin is found in Milk Thistle Tea and in a capsule at the Health Food store.

      • Anna

        I have mentioned MaxGXL before as it has a glutathione precursor (NAC) but it ALSO has Alpha Lipoic Acid, L Glutamine, Vit C and then it has a recycling blend so that those ingredients can be used over and over by the cells : Cordyceps, N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine, Quercetin, Milk Thistle Extract (80% Silimarin)

        This product is very good.

  • While the wife & I are old as dirt, our 2 kids, their spouses and our 4 teenage grandsons will live (or die) based on failed political leadership! Have sent emails to my representative person as well as both senators expressing deep concern for their cavalier attitude regarding this radiation hazard now upon all of us. As was stated at Pearl Harbor in 1941 “This is no drill!!”. Main stream press – what a joke! When was the last report from any our vaunted anchors on the scene of this catastrophe?? Pathetic empty suits the bunch!!

    • extra knight

      dude nothing personal but you need to do some research about the actual radiation level readings on the ground sixty-seventy kilometres from fukushima dai-ichi versus chernobyl at it’s highest readings. only then will you become more in tune with the truth of the matter here, i don’t think it’s safe to be within seventy kilometres of the failed nuclear reactors. The Talking Heads as a rule aren’t known for dispensing the truth in any recognizeable format.

  • Hey Doc,

    I’m the one in the Sacramento valley mountains above 3,500 feet. The water is bad,…I started boiling it last May! That, or distilled, can’t afford RO, although that would be my preference, Yes? I am on municipal water. Three days ago,…my water smelled like FISH! 🙁
    Again today,…it smells fishy. I have no bloody idea what that may or may not be about, but it’s there! Neighbors who still drink milk, are now buying soy or rice milk because they say, “The milk just tastes,…FUNNY”. They don’t believe what’s going on-period!

    • John

      Radiation doesn’t have smell or taste at all. You can’t feel it.

      • xdrfox

        Runny nose’s, eye’s, metal taste in mouth, skin sensitive, red faces, blood pressures up, achy bones, more, we have blogers here (US) and stories abroad of these and more, as well as my own !

        • Decker

          Metal taste is a a symptom of acute radiation poisoning, meaning a high percentage of the population dies within weeks. It’s been weeks already?

          Radiation can not be seen, smelled or tasted. That’s why you need equipment to detect it.

          • xdrfox

            We have had people here US blog that symptoms, I know each is different and some can be more sensitive to things than others to small amounts !

          • Decker

            You mean the other symptoms you mention like “Runny nose’s, eye’s {…}, skin sensitive, red faces, blood pressures up, achy bones”?

            Come on, be serious. Someone mentions in a blog some of the most typical signs of allergy or the common cold and it has to be related to Fukushima?

            I don’t think you know what we are dealing with.

          • xdrfox


            Can you read ??? I said people here have said this were their symtoms, go read to your hearts desire and get it from the horse mouth if you want to debate, go talk to the people with the said symtoms.

            “I don’t think you know what we are dealing with.”

            I don’t know what we are dealing with ??
            You just wrote STUPID all over YOUR Face !
            How old are you ?
            Congrads, ur the biggest one on the boards This week !

          • Deetu 3

            @Decker “Come on, be serious”
            What part of the current situation is NOT serious? To shrug off noticeable symptoms at the present time doesn’t strike me as a very appropriate response,given what is happening.
            “I don’t think you know what we are dealing with.”
            You don’t need to be a weather man to know which way the wind blows…

          • Deetu 3

            @Dr.Fox..Yes,in plain sight for a while now…

          • Decker

            Look, you can live in a radiation hotspot for years and you would only notice when people around you start dying of cancer (families usually don’t talk about miscarriages or deformed fetuses in public).

            Do you get it? No runny nose, no achy bones, no sneezing, no metallic taste in the water or funny colored clouds. NOTHING. Unless someone comes with a geiger counter and takes a reading on the area.

          • Deetu 3

            The present scenario can hardly be called a “radiation hotspot” -except perhaps by the industry.

          • Decker

            You know what a radiation hotspot is, right?

          • nyc

            Metal taste was reported by many in the vicinity of TMI. They did not die within weeks, in fact many were interviewed well after the fact.


            This entire book is very good by the way.

        • belle

          yeah, you should get some effects. This type of fallout radiation is a direct assault on your immune system, even if it is invisible. hey, I definitely felt “funny” after just one digital CT scan–headaches, weak, weird–NEVER again! 🙁

          • belle

            Most x-rays and CTs are not necessary. They’ve never found a broken bone, joint problem, or cavity on me yet. (yes, I can be an active clutz!) And please think of Thermography first for you or loved ones, rather than automatic mammograms! Mammograms are extremely damaging–can cause cancer!

      • ConnectTheDots

        “Radiation” versus “Radioisotopes”

        “Radiation” is the energy, or particle decays, and it’s not known to have a taste or smell.

        But let’s not confuse radiation with radioisotopes.

        Radioisotopes (like cesium and iodine) can be smelled or felt. Iodone has an odor. Cesium is powdery.

        And very importantly, radioisotopes can interact with elements that are already in the environment, and that’s when you might notice something different in the air, etc.

        For example:

        When Iodine interacts with Ozone, a grey-yellowish powder is formed.

        Cesium is known as a reactive metal.
        When cesium reacts with water, hydrogen gas is released. Cesium also reacts with air vapor. In labs, cesium is stored in order to keep it from reacting with air and water vapor.

        So what people might be noticing are the changes in their environment when radioisotopes are reacting to the elements already in their environment.

        Just ask any chemist how many new elements are formed when one comes in contact with another.

        I personally notice a grittiness to the air that wasn’t there before the Japan crisis.

    • Ewww – you can’t possibly drink fishy water can you? Insult to injury! There’s got to be something unhealthy with that water.

    • xdrfox

      Call the water works and ask, whats up !

      What chemical that they could be useing in water, that has a fish smell, anyone know ?

      That must be rough, water smell like fish !
      /milk tastes,…FUNNY?

      • pamela827

        Iodine smells fishy. Open up a small bottle and take a smell. We’ve been noticing how “yellow” the Chesapeake Bay looks after a heavy rain. It almost seems to have a yellowish haze above the water. My son, who is too young to be aware of what’s going on, looked out at the Bay and asked why it looked so yellow. My guess is the Iodine 131 fall out.

        • Anthony

          Holy crap and yes I’ll jump to a likely conclusion given the facts, but I read earlier about yellow rains in Tokyo, which if you dig deeper – suggests/confirms presence of Strontium (radiation).

          Yellow Rain Falls In Tokyo? Pollen Excuse Exact Same As Chernobyl Yellow Rain Lie

          If you are right and seeing this ‘yellow’ it is beyond coincidence they had yellow rains in Japan lately too. Strontium I believe is one of the heavier hitting poisons to cross & think it’s the one who crosses into your bones as an imposter calcium… god if this is true…how on EARTH can our Governments hurt us like this?

        • xdrfox

          You made me get up and go smell my bottle of Iodine, doesn’t smell fishy to me, smells just like when Gramma used to put it on after i did things I shouldn’t have been doing ! lol
          Bring back memories, thanks !

  • fuckyoushima

    1:01 frame

    read where it says epa seafood testing for ‘gamma ray emitting radionucleotides’

    this it? how convenient that gamma emitters have very very short half lives and cesium is a pure beta decay. although cesium is turned into a minute long gamma emitter… after 30 years..

    whoever believes the government will same them will die.

  • Anonymous

    I am in Longmont, CO. We just got our first rain in a couple of weeks, so I got out my geiger counter, a TBM-15 with a P-15 pancake probe. The geiger counter is showing radiation levels of about 2x normal background radiation in the rainwater. Normally I get about 50 – 60 CPM from background. When I wipe up some rainwater with a paper towel and hold it to my GM probe I am getting around 100 – 110 CPM. Just some real data FYI.

    • xdrfox

      50 – 60 CPM from background, Terrible !!!

      • anonymous 2

        radiation network was reporting 78 CPM background radiation in March.

      • belle

        don’t they have high background radiation in CO due to the high altitudes? Denver is like 5000km! But, I believe >100 cpm is too high!! ouch!

      • Anonymous

        CPM is dependent on the sensitivity of the geiger counter. Some geiger counters may show 20 CPM for background radiation where a more sensitive one may show 60 CPM. The mR for each should be similar, however. This is why it is important to have a good baseline CPM count for background radiation to compare other readings to, especially when using a counter that has not been calibrated. Calibration is a matter of making sure the gauge readout is correct, but will not change the number of “clicks” heard. The clicks are the number of decay events detected by the GM tube, so will not change even of the counter is badly out of calibration. This is why i provided the baseline number and the rainwater number, so people know that I am seeing about 2x background radiation, not 5x.

    • anonymous 2

      Thanks very much. I also live in Longmont and can’t afford a geiger counter. I stayed home from work today because I didn’t want to walk to work in the rain. I wish I wasn’t just being paranoid. Just finished my 5th small greenhouse last night before the rain began. All the work, as it turns out, was necessary.

  • fuckyoushima

    iodine is 90% beta 10% gamma per wiki.

  • I disagree with you John,…some CAN feel it. You are sadly mistaken!

    • WindorSolarPlease

      I agree Jill..I do think there is a chance for people to feel it.

      In April my eyes, nose and throat were burning. For days it felt like is if I could not breath fresh air.

      One night I spit up blood, the next morning my husband spit up blood. Which that has never happened to us before.

      Husband thinks it’s just allergy’s, it could be or not?

      • Moco

        No I don’t feel the rad’s. I do feel sick about felling sick about this shit. Wallstreet criminals, GOM contamination and now this fuck you shima silent killer.

        You know just the usual, new normal.

  • I’d bet the most dangerous weather element to navigate post Fukushima will be low lying moist rolling fog. Seriously consider the concentration of the radiative particles and walking through a fog patch.

    • xdrfox

      You have been posting some very thought through inf. Good Job ! Thx.

      • Anthony

        Thanks xdrfox. You got my attention by simply assembling info as you have on the Mass Animal Deaths. There is a reason you are able to show what a terrible thing, scientifically speaking, is occurring in front of our eyes. I appreciate how you invest yourself. I also take this forum and collective energy as a clarion call of sorts, not unlike the animal deaths but perhaps more like an early hint of what danger we face ourselves, right before our eyes, as animals too.

  • FanJapan

    放射性物質含む水流出 限度の62万倍 福島3号機
    Fukushima Unit 3, water containing radioactive material has been rejected. The concentration is 620000 times above the legal limit.

    (Sankei Shinbun)

  • Mike

    Good grief. The most intense Iodine 131 hit the US in the last week or so of March. The vast majority of people would have no measurable exposure, but in a few hot spots where light rain came down and it was in the clouds in the area too, there may have been some in the milk from grazing cows. Iodine 131 doesn’t last long – 8 day half-life. Any chance to do anything about that is gone. Whatever your thyroid took in is there. If it was enough to cause cancer, maybe in 10 or 20 years it will. A very small percentage of people would be affected, that group being mostly from those who are children or young females now. Taking some iodine pills beforehand can block absorption, but nothing will make a difference now. Even if you do get thyroid cancer, it’s usually treatable and general not fatal with treatment. If the thyroid is removed you’ll have to keep taking medications to substitute for its function.

    Send that $65 to the red cross, and if you want minerals eat some vegetables or got to a natural hot spring if there’s one near you. People are lined up waiting to take your money. Yeah, that happens on the internet. Really. No kidding.

    If there’s another major flare up in Japan you’ll hear about it before a release gets to the U.S. It takes roughly 5 days. If it’s bad, then check into whether iodine pills are needed, and consider skipping milk for a month or so depending on the news. The anxiety worrying about this stuff can do more harm that the radiation is likely to. How many people in the U.S. died from Chernobyl? Few enough you don’t hear about it and that was much worse.

    The EPA should provide more data. The town in California that found Iodine 131 in the milk isn’t even included (never was) in the listed results. Most other places don’t test for it.

    They do have a good reason to shut down some of the portable test sites. Because of a possibly higher threat level after the recent Pakistan events, it is probably appropriate to have more detection equipment placed at certain strategic locations. So they’re not complete idiots. They do have reasons for their actions and are working to protect us.

    • xdrfox

      Longer then many think, then add in the accumilation affects ! Something to help !

    • belle

      FYI, I-131 takes 100 days to fully clear your body…the ‘half-life’ is a little misleading! And having known people who had thyroid cancer and surgeries, it can be a very arduous, painful ordeal with complications. I knew a young woman whose surgery went wrong and now she’s partially paralyzed and permanently disabled. Another had her parathyroids injured during surgery and now she’s totally drugged up & disabled, too. I also know a guy who died because he didn’t get the surgery in time. And then, if you live, survive the biopsies and constant blood tests, you are dependent on medication to live, pending getting balanced on the correct dosage.
      The complex thyroid is totally underestimated as a troublemaker! 🙁

    • ConnectTheDots

      We were told that the worst of the radiation would come from the initial amount that reached the U.S. around 3/18, which wasn’t true.

      As a matter of fact, some government agencies are still using a statement dated around then to say the U.S. received no harmful dose of radiation.

      Now we’ve learned AFTER THE FACT that the worst of the radiation came at the end of March.

      It would have been nice to have a warning.

      I don’t want to lulled into a false sense of security. I prefer the truth.

      Lets also not forget that cesium-137 and iodine-131 are still being measured in the air every day, which obviously increases our risk of exposure every day. (See CTBTO graph)

      • Poor Daddy

        I live in Oregon and to this day, if you google “radiation levels Pacific Northwest”, the whole first page and further are all dated mid March to about March 28. Without a site like this, most people would just assume they were getting the most recent scoop. Pisses me off.

    • Moco

      Geez, protect us?

      Like protect our armed forces and fighting fathoms in the middle east?

      They don’t even protect the tax base by sending jobs to china and india.

      Be warned the boogie man is on the loose, taking no prisoners.

    • Deetu 3

      “The anxiety worrying about this stuff can do more harm that the radiation is likely to. ”
      The russian authorities used this approach in the Chernobyl cover-up,
      they caled it “Radiophobia”(a star is born?) others call it “blame the victim”.

  • mark V

    A prefecture just south of Tokyo said it had detected higher-than-permissible amounts of radioactive material in tea leaves

    Kanagawa Prefecture:

  • Demosthenes

    Thank you enenews, and all the commentators on this site for your persistence, diligence, and care of the situation unfolding.
    Keep taking the epa to task. They have never responded to any questions I have emailed. Over a week ago.

    I second the bitchslap above, lol.

    Stay safe, and keep spreading the word even in the face of disbelief. It’s a good fight and worth any amount of ridicule from the uninformed.


  • WindorSolarPlease

    Two Months have gone by. Things keep getting worse. What has been done? Not easy getting US updated radiation data. Testing and giving it out to the public is not as it should be. News media, is staying away from this situation.
    It feels like they are all ignoring this situation, acting like nothing has happened.

    This disaster and the Gulf are two terrible situations that effect everyone, and it seems like our officials have dropped the ball on both of these disasters.

  • I hope they are “Reading their tea leaves” too!

    • Novamind

      Not Good at all, how are the winds?, will this be on Americas West coast in Three Days? Need to devise a way to send this to TEPCOs CEOs location.

  • leder


  • mark V

    When you cool anything, that’s over 100C, the coolant water becomes steam. This is seen in the webcam. While hihgly radioactive, it is too little of a concern beyond 20-30km evacuation zone. The concern is the state of 3 melted cores in reactors No 1,2,3, spent fuel pool in No4, and progress in reducing the amounts of radioactive water, dumped into the ocean. The melted cores in the soil should mostly concern japanese themselves, the radioactive water is worldwide concern.

  • Two quakes in Spain- 7dead, many trapped and injured.

  • 36 hour ago news-but IMPORTANT!

    Update rain precipitation contamination in Santa Monica, Southern CA area:

    Michael Collins [of Radiation Station]
    May 9, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    “….we just tested the precipitation we’ve had at Radiation Station in about 6 weeks and it has come in at 42.2% above normal background. And by the nature of the drop off in ionization picked up by the Inspector pulling away from the wet towel we used to collect the rain drops (off of plant leaves in our garden), it appears to be of alpha and/or beta origin.

    Fallout needs a mechanism to come down to earth. It has one now in Southern California and we’re picking it up. It isn’t as dramatic as Potr in St. Louis who used his Inspector to show rain coming in at a whopping 62 times background, but it is clearly not from a natural source.

    This is also not the first time Fukushima meltdowns fallout has impacted Southern California. And it won’t be the last. Yet EPA has stopped its special testing. We haven’t.”

  • Starwatcher

    I’m thankful for this blog but it sure is depressing! Keep in mind that I live in the Pacific Northwest and it is raining like there is no tomorrow (which is the way i feel). Good luck to all of us. Between the oil spill, Fukushima, and our nation’s incredible debt load, we are indeed facing a change in our future.

  • Doesn’t everything depend on a desired outcome?

    If the EPA shut down monitoring, what could it possible mean? More of see no radiation, smell no radiation, measure no radiation and MAGIC, there is NO radiation, or certainly nothing for North Americans to worry about…spend, borrow, drink beer & watch TV, but not to worry about something that the PTB say doesn’t exist.

    It should be obvious to any thinking person even operating on 2 cylinders that Fukushima changed the lives of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere on March 11. It changed our lives whether we like it or not and it changed our lives whether we believe it or not.

    The radiation is continuing and it will touch all of our lives. Unless we live inside all of the time and eat only greenhouse grown food. We can be sure that we are eating, drinking and breathing radiation fallout.

    Our only choice is to remove as much as possible from our bodies, our animals, our food and our soils. It’s not that daunting a task and become a habit. A habit that will need to last forever.

    The 600% increase in Japanese pneumonia should be an indication that all is not well. Look around you, how are people doing? Any lung or other respiratory infections that are lasting longer than normal?

    There are simple things that each of us can do.

    • Moco

      Sorry most people only have two cilinders to operate on, for which one is broken and the other does not work very well.

      I am going camping ten weeks this summer and don’t give a shit anymore. I’m tuffer than boilded owl shit and will survive as well as anyone staying indoors. fuck it, live, laugh and love, while you still can.

  • Cindy

    We live directly off of rainwater catchment systems in Hawaii…

    Holy $hit !!

  • Cindy

    I don’t think it’s going to matter anyway..

    We’re all in this together, and slowly but surely everything will become irriadiated…

    They are dumping tons of radioactive water into the sea, daily. Eventually it will make it’s way into everything , I’m afraid …

  • xdrfox

    There are many good bloggers here about filtering water, you may want to look through some of the stories at top of page TAP WATER, you may find some useful Ideas and how to’s !

    But there are many more all through the site, many here had to learn a lot quickly also !

  • Tricky Dick

    So much for the purity of our precious bodily fluids…

  • Taken from modernsurvivalblog–

    “NILU has just today posted on its website that it will no longer track Fukushima weather forecast plumes:

    last modified 2011-05-11 21:12″

    “Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running.”

    Parting words of NILU Fukushima radiation plume weather forecasts.

    Wonderful! Sweet! Now none of us will have any idea of any corrective actions to take should the need arise– because we will all be in the dark, if the need does arise. Keep the public ignorant, so they won’t panic mentality. Yes, the average person no longer wants to know about Fukushima radiation threats. They are scared! They don’t want to talk about radiation. Anyway it is no longer news. And, if you don’t know, you will be safe. Think I will put my head in a hole, even if the sky does rain down upon me.

    P.S. The Radiation Station in Santa Monica, CA has pledged to continue live date posting of radiation levels for the Los Angeles basin area.

    It is better to light one little match, than to curse the darkness.”

  • firefly;O=D

    someone please explain this …is this real? Is this a movie plot??

  • anne

    Thanks for the link. I tried to find it after watching the following video and wasn’t successful:

    BREAKING NEWS – NILU – Norsk “Institute = ZARDOZ = radiation at EMERGENCY – 5/12/2011”

    Unfortunately, it is real.

  • Maybe this can be modified to counter radiation affected foodstuffs – post 311?

    Field trials begin on crops protected from ultraviolet radiation

  • Anthony

    Researchers find traces of radiation

    After weekly measurements, the team found deposits of 6,000 atoms of iodine per square centimeter, a “really small” number of atoms, according to Landis. While long-term consumption of high levels of iodine can lead to thyroid cancer and thyroid diseases, the iodine discovered was never at levels dangerous to humans, he said.

    “If you were to consume all of the iodine that came down with rainwater on a square meter of ground, it would be on par with the radiation levels of an X-Ray,” Landis said.

    Because the iodine levels were undetectable after mixing with ground water, there were also no potentially dangerous environmental effects, Landis said.

    Team members were relieved to find no evidence of cesium-137, another byproduct of the explosion that has a half-life of 30 years, Renshaw said. Because the body treats cesium like potassium, it easily spreads to all tissues and bones rather than just the thyroid if ingested, greatly increasing the chance of health problems, according to Renshaw.

    “It’s definitely going to be a huge problem in Japan,” said Hamm. “That’s why they have a 10-mile radius around the reactor that people aren’t supposed to live in.”

  • Anthony

    4:19 pm March 25, 2011
    Anonymous wrote:

    Strontium (chemical symbol Sr) is a silvery metal that rapidly turns yellowish in air. Strontium-90 is also found in waste from nuclear reactors. It is considered one of the more hazardous constituents of nuclear wastes. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant also introduced a large amount of Sr-90 into the environment. A large part of the Sr-90 was deposited in the Soviet Republics. The rest was dispersed as fallout over Northern Europe and worldwide. No significant amount of stronium-90 reached the U.S. SOURCE:

  • Anthony

    Home Video Shows Radiation Levels at 6000cpm in Kawasaki Saiwai-ku
    As usual absolutely no information from TEPCO or the Japanese government has been forthcoming. Just recently the Japanese government released SPEEDI computer system radiation projections 2 months after the nuclear disaster. Their reasoning for the delay was preventing panic and maintaining order was more important than notifying residents on the potential risks of staying where they were.

  • Anthony

    New Leak Released Highly Contaminated Water in to Ocean at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

    … According to TEPCO water in the pit contained 37,000 becquerels of cesium-134 per cubic centimeter which is 620,000 times above the safety limit set by the government.

    TEPCO also found that seawater between the intake and a nearby special water barrier had the same radioactive substance at 32,000 times the limit.

    TEPCO states they managed to stop the leak later in the day after it blocked the pipe and buried the pit in concrete.

  • Anthony

    NOt a big twitterer but maybe this will end up being helpful here in near future …

    How Fukushima’s Radioactive Cloud Influenced Social Networks

  • Fainitis

    What goes around comes around.
    Irony is that maybe Japan is getting their justice as we tremble in the wake of the radioactive clouds.

  • ohthehumanity

    The USA, the first country to use nuclear weapons, is also ‘getting their justice’.
    For those who prep (including myself) it is the water that will decide everything. It’s contaminated, so all attempts to grow food indoors, eat sprouts, etc. won’t come to much.

  • Heart of the Rose

    Where you been all this time Mary..troll camp?