Weapons-grade plutonium at location of Idaho sodium fire — Just days ago director of complex said “hazards were not thoroughly understood and controls were not properly in place”

Published: November 11th, 2011 at 2:45 pm ET


Two Idaho lab workers inhale plutonium oxide from weapons-grade plutonium reactor, Idaho Stateman by Rocky Barker, Nov. 9, 2011:

[…] Sixteen employees were exposed to the plutonium at the Zero Power Physics Reactor, INL officials said in a telephone press conference Wednesday. The employees were decommissioning the reactor that was fueled by weapons-grade plutonium — plutonium pure enough to build bombs. […]

DOE officials told me in the 1980s when I toured the reactor that the weapons-grade plutonium was loaned to the U.S. by the British government. […]

The β€œhazards were not thoroughly understood and controls were not properly in place,” said Phil Breidenbach, nuclear operations director of the Materials and Fuel Complex that used to be the Experimental Breeder Reactor II complex. […]

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Published: November 11th, 2011 at 2:45 pm ET


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10 comments to Weapons-grade plutonium at location of Idaho sodium fire — Just days ago director of complex said “hazards were not thoroughly understood and controls were not properly in place”

  • Dogleg Dogleg

    What the hell is really going on down there?

  • Anthony Anthony

    The precariousness of the equipment failing themselves is what informs the neighbors that something is dangerously amiss next door.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    How did these windowlickers let all this weapons grade fuel within 10 miles of fire? It only takes one fire to cause another Fukushima this time with weapons grade plutonium.

  • gr81 gr81

    Guess now we gotta do one better than Fuku!

    We’ll show the world a REAL CATASTROPHE!!

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Yikes Idaho! Wish I could tell you all to come to Illinois, USA, the state with the most nuclear reactors and stored nuclear waste of all the states in the USA, but we are the next Fukushima waiting to happen.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    So, just how does all that weapons grade plutonium get transported across the seas all the way from Britain, just on loan, mind you. Surely they jest. I’m certain the US has plenty of it’s own already. Why would be need another to loan us some? Hmmm…another money trail.

  • CB CB

    Anyone here remember the clouds like this days after fukushima?http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2011/11/11/iridescent-clouds-over-omaha/

  • nuckelchen nuckelchen

    over alaska were for three days auroras.
    and it wasn’t clear what CME had been the trigger for that.

    ultra longtime aurora over kiruna in sweden.
    skycam countdown 2011.03.11 :

    views from the laplandcams:
    there was a unreal looking cloudlayer

    these ones had i nuckeliazed too,
    the days before and after the 11th of march,
    but non-result. πŸ™

    the cloudcam from hawaii had shown flashes in the wide pazific-aera, headed straight to japan.
    but i must upload the video about it if you wanne see it.
    at march we had a pretty comment disscusion at the video….
    i will search later in the deep space of my backups for it .

    at youtube wasn’t nothing to find too at march-april.
    at the 12th march was shoortly one video up with an Undulatus asperatus cloudy sky what said it was minutes before quake but it was fast out of web.

    and all the privat records on tube until the quake had happend i had nuckeliazed the skiea in the backgrounds,
    but nada…

    and the different sat-images didn’t shows some specials for the days.

    i will look after my personal skywatch records from march too when i will look after the cloudcam video from hawaii.

    please gimme a *bescheid* if i should search it or not.

  • idarusskie

    EBR II was a sodium cooled reactor that ran for 30 years with no problems. This building was the sodium boiler building. This is a building they were tearing down and the sodium had been drained. There is no plutonium or radioactive materials in this system. They were introducing water to react with what sodium that was left. I believe it went boom bigger then expected. This is most likely not a fire but a Deflagration. The fire department gets there and no fire. The worker rightly so was sent to the hospital just in case. The doctors looked at him and there were no burns. The worker goes home…

    as for getting plutonium from England. Anything is possible different kinds of fuel may have been exchanged.