Whale Expert near Vancouver: In 30 years I’ve never ever seen this kind of behavior, “They must sense this is a safe place to be” — Captain: I’ve never seen anything like it in 50 years on Pacific — “One even placed its head on the boat” (VIDEO)

Published: November 30th, 2013 at 11:14 pm ET


Vancouver Sun, Nov. 27, 2013: Michael Harris, executive-director of the Pacific Whale Watch Association […] said he’s been working in Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia for 30 years and has “never ever seen this kind of behaviour going on. They must sense this is a safe place to be.” […] Wild Whales Vancouver had up to 10 close encounters this season in the southern Strait of Georgia, mainly near Galiano Island […] The whales typically rolled on their backs and sides next to the boat and looked up at the passengers. One even placed its head on the boat while spyhopping, a behaviour in which the whale rises up vertically to look above the water […]

Global News, Nov. 27, 2013: Capt. Jim Maya […] who runs Maya’s Westside Whale Watch Charters, has been working on the waters of the Pacific since 1965 and says he has never seen anything like what they saw that day. […] Maya says he estimates the whale was about 35 to 40 feet long and was an immature female. She hung around the boat for about an hour […] Chad Nordstrom, a researcher with the Cetacean Research Lab at the Vancouver Aquarium, says they have been receiving more and more reports of humpback whale sightings along the B.C. coast, especially in the lower Strait of Georgia.

Vancouver Sun, Nov. 28, 2013: Andrea Hardaker, manager of Wild Whales Vancouver [said] “The passengers loved it. But they don’t know what to expect on the trip. Whatever they see they think is normal. For our guides and the captains, we know it isn’t normal.” […] [Hardaker] believes these are the first such reports in local waters.

See also: [intlink id=”cbs-news-hundreds-of-whales-in-bay-on-california-coast-its-never-been-like-this-we-just-cant-even-believe-it-experts-we-just-arent-sure-whats-going-on-this-is-a-once-in-a-lifetime” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Watch CTV’s broadcast here

Published: November 30th, 2013 at 11:14 pm ET


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36 comments to Whale Expert near Vancouver: In 30 years I’ve never ever seen this kind of behavior, “They must sense this is a safe place to be” — Captain: I’ve never seen anything like it in 50 years on Pacific — “One even placed its head on the boat” (VIDEO)

  • mesa777

    Thanks TEPCO, GE and the Japanese Government for killing the entire life chain of the Pacific Ocean!! I take it humans are next!!

  • applepie

    "They must sense this is a safe place to be"
    Well, not for much longer..

  • weeman

    No buddy you got it wrong, in one sense yes it is a safe refuge for now, do they have a option no.
    It is getting very scary.

  • Nick

    If anchovies are scavengers and massive amounts of marine mammals have died are the fish frenzy feeding?

    What other fish species are in the bay?

    The mammals and birds and sharks are feasting on a bonanza.

    Just an anchovie bloom? Yup. uh huh…

    • Grampybone Grampybone

      Species are close to a tipping point in the ocean right now. Volatile species explosions such as, oysters, and starfish began when the most fragile life structures in the ocean reached lethal dose. Which is not much considering a single electron can kill the RNA code for bacteria. The corpses then slowly drift to the bottom where the eager lungs of starfish await producing a bloom. The upward spiral of feeders and breeders in the sea makes the normal movement of animals look erratic, brutal and disturbing.

  • Gradius

    We are ALL so f* dead!

  • CB CB

    I see the movie total recall… female on the fence line before the explosion at the playground holding the fence before the the heat consumed her. . No where to go and trapped.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    Movies to watch tonight:

    Neverending Story

    Star Trek IV

  • mairs mairs

    Yeah well…. there was a "cute" article about a sea lion pup in Southern California begging to be pulled into a boat, and a guy cradling it for an hour before letting it slip back into the ocean. Awwwww….what a photo-op to see a sick sea creature up close!

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture


    that something is wrong, and asking us to do something about it.

    For the nuclear people and their weak governments to turn off their horrid invention and stop ruining the sea and life.

    • drinkupdreamers drinkupdreamers

      >>One even placed its head on the boat

      I agree; this broke my heart.

    • andagi andagi

      Dear TheBigPicture,
      Nuclear, dumping and run-off pollution, garbage, military testing (please see my other posts today), diminishing and poisoned food supply…
      Thank you ENEnews for covering these issues! Folks, keep reading/posting/sharing wonderful ENENews -generating change worldwide 24/7!

  • zardoz2012 zardoz2012

    The solution to the Fukushima problem is to exist in another plane where we can have a stronger foundation to support us. We need a planet that will prevent us from harming it. Not a better planet, but a more defensive one, or a planet that is in line with our inherent curiosity and need for luxury and progress.

    That's the solution. How long it will take for us to create a plane or planet like this remains unknown. I think it would take at least a couple of million years.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    As planet hoppers our viral pathogenic human behaviors will find another planet soon to inhabit and then destroy. India is heading to Mars and the moon will soon be inhabited at least that is the plan.

    When you destroy the world you were freely given to care for, you must then try to find a new one to trash in the future… 🙁

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      What about the US headed to Mars?
      Using India to figure out it can't be done?

      Hopefully ..Humans will never get the capability to leave the planet in mass.
      Frankly..I think it is too late..to try and place Humans on other planets.

      Death,sickness and disease..is equal opportunity..and will affect all strata of society..
      I think we will be too sickly and ..(because radiation effects brain function..too stupid to leave town).

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    I don't cry, and I'm running out of tears…………

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Certainly does not look good for the official version of the tale… 🙁

  • I'd be very appreciative if you would check out my blog that addresses many of the same issues you all are concerned with here on ENE news. Many thanks.


  • Angela_R

    I see that Bo, above, has queried the radioactivity around Hanford. Unfortunately most of the populous appear to be stuck in 'denial.' Personally I admire those on this site who control their anger, I understand anger when one has dependents to protect. Yet anger will achieve nothing re Hanford. Hanford has been decommissioned. Hanford is seeking to process 'wastes.' Over time, truth has been told, it can be found if one searches. However lies have also been told and truth is possibly still being subverted.

    Here is 'Truth' http://www.bt.cdc.gov/radiation/contamination.asp. A US Government site. Read:

    People who are externally contaminated with radioactive material
    can contaminate other people or surfaces that they touch. For example, people who have radioactive dust on their clothing may spread the radioactive dust when they sit in chairs or hug other people.
    People who are internally contaminated can expose people near them to radiation from the radioactivity inside their own bodies. The body fluids (blood, sweat, urine) of an internally contaminated person can contain radioactive materials. Coming in contact with these bodily fluids can result in contamination and/or exposure."

    It is another Invisible Virus!

    Does it help to know?
    Well, I want to know and I want to be able to find that information online.

    to be cont

  • Angela_R

    at the end of mankind? No!

    At the end of a liveable earth? Maybe

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    No livable Earth= No Mankind! 🙁

    • Angela_R

      obewanspeaks, I'm unsure whether you will understand this:
      firstly I don't care whether I die, all I ask is that I do not suffer pain. In the meantime I have been concerned re my children and my grandchildren and all the children….but I am not concerned whether they live, I am only concerned re their pain, yet pain has been part of our lives!

      However, I read scripture. I read Rev. 8:9, I read Hosea 4:3, I read many others…I see that these were written many centuries ago;
      I see that one third – survive!


      and I have theories

  • alasanon

    ok, there is definitely a clear and noteworthy pattern here!! We can witness, even just in passing, high profile West Coast sea creatures and sea-dwelling mammals taking a big hit!!…It's happening in the Pacific Ocean and is at its worst coming from Japan, post-Fukushima, and has not occurred before. And I don't anything like it happening here on the Atlantic Ocean. I did hear of a bad rash of dolphin deaths due to a virus on the east coast, but reports did not include these other physical anomalies or behaviors reported. (Granted, the east coast dolphins had their share of toxic torture after the BP oil spill and Corexit carried up the Gulf Stream…) I remember looking to California seafood and produce when we were getting doused with Corexit, which made all the local plants look like they had cancer. They have recovered, gratefully.

    Obviously, Fukushima poisons are more damaging at the genetic level and lasting in duration….

    My Question: Can Biologists Guide the highly intelligent and responsive Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) to Safety?? Can they be herded??? There is safer territory there and they can travel thousands of miles on their own. Sea World and all the experts need to get on this!!

  • alasanon

    My Question: Can Marine Biologists guide the highly intelligent and responsive Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) to Safety?? Can they be herded??? (maybe through nets, boats and/or high frequency noise and sonic vibrations?) People have been studying their communications for many years. It is time to apply that expertise!! There is much safer territory out there and whales can easily travel hundreds of miles on their own. Sea World and all the marine science experts need to seriously get on this!! Can't they use their famous "distress signals" or unique "calls," as recorded, to help guide them to safe passage??!… Time is of the essence and we have a basic humane duty to do something now! :O

    • alasanon

      The time to play ignorant or surprised is OVER. I know a lot of boat owners and coastal dwellers who would do EVERYTHING they could to help.