WHO: Fukushima workers had radiation dose over 10 sieverts in their thyroids

Published: December 1st, 2012 at 10:34 am ET


(Subscription Only) Title: High thyroid radiation doses in 178 Fukushima workers
Source: AJW by The Asahi Shimbun
Date: December 01, 2012

High thyroid radiation doses in 178 Fukushima workers

[…] A forthcoming WHO report, which cites the data, says two workers had an exposure of more than 10,000 millisieverts, a level widely considered to be a lethal dose when received as full-body exposure. However, a dose of this level received in the thyroid gland alone can have an impact limited to that organ and may not cause acute symptoms. […]

TEPCO has not published its thyroid test results directly. The company justifies this by noting that it publishes other test results instead.

[…] it has also not released individual thyroid results to many of the workers employed as contractors at the disaster site. […]

“There is a possibility that the thyroid gland radiation dose is 100 millisieverts even if the whole-body dose is only 5 millisieverts,” said Saburo Murata, deputy director of Hannan Chuo Hospital. […]

Published: December 1st, 2012 at 10:34 am ET


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27 comments to WHO: Fukushima workers had radiation dose over 10 sieverts in their thyroids

  • JustmeAlso

    statistically insignificant. in an older report of the WHO..

    Can someone find the WHO downplaying lies from last year?

  • weeman

    All smoke and mirrors.
    Disgraceful, don't these people have rights human rights, don't we have rights the right to know.

    Democracy what a lie, their got to be a better way, we have the power in numbers and through their own technology ( Internet ) we can make a change, you can only bully people for so long before they fight back, look at the French revolution,Russian revolution, fall of roman empire, dimise of the Egyptian empire and countless others, all caused by the repression of the people's rights and over taxation of the populous.

    Nothing last for ever not even to sun and moon, your time is coming sooner than you anticipate.

      • JustmeAlso

        Call me a TROLL.. while i am just a citizen who wants the planet to be livable.. Lets call people who do not give a shit about it all trolls.. or would that be too much to ask for? I can imagine the nuke lobby calling people on here trolls.. if you get my pic.

    • Smoke and mirrors, indeed! A whole article about thyroid problems and not one mention of radioactive iodine. Then they claim that this tiny organ got this lethal dose and imply that there was no other radiation exposure–how could that be? Also, how could a tiny organ get a dose like this and still function? Why not go full on disinfo and claim that it's like so many chest x-rays or such a number if intercontinental flights? ;;-)
      Propaganda–makin' folks dumber so they'll slumber…

  • Mack Mack

    1. The WHO got their numbers by comparing "medical records from Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic blasts"

    Why isn't the WHO comparing medical records from Chernobyl liquidators?

    Because the WHO helped to downplay Chernobyl?

    2. It's estimated that 240,000 Chernobyl liquidators received an average individual dose of 100 mSv

    Source: Page 26 – "Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment"

    3. Along with CANCERS, Chernobyl liquidators suffered heart disease, blood disease, chromosomal mutations, cataracts, disabilities, chronic illnesses, and their children had serious health effects.

    4. "The general morbidity of Ukrainian liquidators increased 3.5 times in the 10 years following the catastrophe (Serdyuk and Bobyleva,1998)."

    Source: Page 48 – "Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment"

    So that's what they may have to look-out for in Fukushima workers.

  • Mack Mack

    Quote from Secretary-General Kofi Annan:

    "Chernobyl is a word we would all like to erase from our memory. But more than seven million of our fellow human beings do not have the luxury of forgetting. They are still suffering, everyday, as a result of what happened . . .The exact number of victims can never be known. But three million children
    demanding treatment until 2016 and earlier represents the number of those who can be seriously ill . . . their future life will be deformed by it, as well as their childhood. Many will die prematurely. (AP, 2000)"

    Source: Page 35
    "Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment"

    • JustmeAlso

      Chernobyl is not just a word.. It means lives. cancers and deaths. no kidding.

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Mack, i believe Annan's activism on behalf of the oppressed was THE main reason Bush/Cheney doubled their efforts to make people think very unfavorably about the UN, and more specifically to be suspicious of Kofi Annan. They did lots of smear campaigns echoed through the media echo chamber and found on these very pages on this website all these years later. Amazing how effective that campaign worked IMHO.

  • JustmeAlso

    The W.H.0. is a joke fooling people about health to keep the nuke industry as a friend.

  • 'deformed future' – so profound – I'm sure Kofi wasn't infering that time is ben by rads, but it may aswell be to anything with a double helix..

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Fukushima Decommissioning Working Conditions Deteriorating; via A Green Road http://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2012/11/fukushima-decommissioning-working.html

    Greg Palast; The Lies and Fraud Behind Nuclear Plant Emergency Diesel Generators; via A Green Road

  • dosdos dosdos


    Tests on children in Tokyo is showing 36% of those tested had thyroid cysts. Rather than saying that the children in Tokyo are just as contaminated as those in Fukushima, they are saying the children of Fukushima are at no risk.

    If they wanted real data for an honest comparison, they should have gone to far southern Japan. But then, we know they don't want an honest comparison.

  • dharmasyd dharmasyd

    DNA damage is forever! How long will it take before we realize the dose to our species, and many others, is irreversible? Or will the irreversibility of climate change destroy us first?

    Merry Christmas, everyone!!!~~~

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    i don't know about any of you, but, this spells "murder" to me. No less than manslaughter. Not in an emotional sense or an outraged sense of "how dare they!, but, in a very legally technical sense of possibly withholding life saving information from employees. This action may very well be, at the very least, legally actionable in civil court.

    […] it has also not released individual thyroid results to many of the workers employed as contractors at the disaster site. […]

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      I totally agree with you VicFromOregon! and by the way, when are the rights of people and communities and whole towns and cities going to outweight the rights of these horrible companies and industries? We need to have some kind of movement or action that will accomplish something. Didn't I read recently where some people in India were protesting against the nuclear plant and they were shot and killed!

      • Radio VicFromOregon

        PR, Yes, they were shot and killed. A group of protesting women. Those Gandians are very dangerous, don't ya know! Wouldn't want them creating a chant powerful enough to unlock the gates, open the doors, and scramble the reactors 😉

        "when are the rights of people and communities and whole towns and cities going to outweight the rights of these horrible companies and industries?" Good question. My answer – I think when the Earth shudders. Suddenly she comes to a halt, those without their "love your Mother Earth" vibes emanating from every pore are immediately thrown off into outer space, and she starts up rotating again, with perhaps a few polarity shifts in new places. Kind of an early 1970's where's your commitment, "You're either on the bus or off the bus" thing. No? Orrr….we have the long tedious job of changing minds and hearts through the endearing and spirit lifting process of creating socially just communities. I'm not sure which one it will be ;-0

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    The nuclear industry and the fracking companies ARE THE TERRORISTS!

    • Radio VicFromOregon

      Hey, PurpleRain, i drive a car sometimes so i'm, indeed, my own enemy by giving these industries my money. So, i try to find and make better choices so that i can have the option to not choose to support those who's values i truly and deeply do not share. I am not completely over to the "really bad" end of the spectrum like frakers. And, compared to many in the US, i live an austere life out of choice rather than because i have no other option. But, i also live like royalty with luxury of a lightswitch, running hot and cold water, a house to rent, plenty of food at the grocery store compared to most of the world's people. Compared to the wildlife who needs to live off of my hand outs because i and others have stolen their means of survival, i am to be feared because i am human and untrustworthy, yet, accepted and welcomed because i have the food. There is almost always an injustice being done when we stand on the backs of others to lift ourselves up instead of entering into an exchange. I can strive to be more gentle, more mindful, and more aware of who i support with my buying choices. And, that begins to take me away from being a terrorist, too.

  • Radio VicFromOregon

    con't…We don't have complete choice. If i want food and i can't grow it, then i need to get to market and from where i live, that's a car ride, so i use gas. Dang it. Money to BP or Shell or Chevron! But, i can try and do most my errands together to use less gas. Yeah! Less money to BP or Shell or Chevron! I can buy green energy from my utility because they make it. My own electricity will come from killing salmon that are chewed up by turbines in a large dam blocking their way home each year. But, i make it possible for someone else to have energy that is better for the overall environment, if not so much for birds and bats. I recycle or reuse everything but some packaging i can't prevent the manufacturer from using, but, i can try and buy most of my stuff with more earth friendly ingredients and containers. That is what sets me apart from the frackers, clearly, but i always keep in mind that my footprint still can bring harm to others, so i need to pay attention, and choose wisely when i can.

  • arclight arclight

    heres a seminar held in chicago with akiko yoshida presenting the case for the families of fukushima, watri and itate areas
    she complains that the prefecture government etc are taking risks with peoples lives..

    Fukushima appeal -70 Years High conference in Chicago with summary (Video)
    “FOE and other NGO`s are demanding a re-think of the compensation scheme and an expansion of the evacuation area to reflect actual contamination and not a line drawn on a map using inaccurate data.”

    from summary

    “Radiation exposure is high, more than 1 Sievert/hour in my house. I am worried about whether I should make my children live in such an environment”

    Fukushima mother September 2011

    The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

    Streamed live on Dec 1, 2012 by chicantv…..


    and to stop the WHO sorting this mess out the IAEA are coming to the rescue of the Japanese government

    IAEA aims to start joint project in Fukushima early next year
    VIENNA, Dec. 1, Kyodo

    The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Saturday the U.N. nuclear watchdog aims to start a joint project with the Fukushima prefectural government early next year to address the March 2011 nuclear accident.
    (bit late huh? ………or just in time?)


    • arclight arclight

      and importantly from the last link

      "In the joint project, the IAEA and the Fukushima government are expected to engage in such operations as radioactive decontamination and health management services for local citizens."

      "…health management…"???????

    • Maggie123

      Many many thanks, arclight! I've viewed opening remarks and still have it 'up' to get back to, also will certainly bookmark it too so I can take it all in.