Tweet from computer expert who has represented Wikileaks: Climate scientist studying radiation from Fukushima says it’s much worse than disclosed

Published: April 24th, 2011 at 4:40 am ET


Jacob Appelbaum tweets, Twitter, April 23, 2011 at approx. 11:30 pm EDT:

Jacob Appelbaum is an independent computer security researcher. He is currently employed by the University of Washington… Appelbaum is known for representing Wikileaks at the 2010 Hope conference. He has subsequently been repeatedly targeted by US law enforcement agencies, who obtained a court order for his Twitter account dataWikipedia

Tweet 1: Recently, I took a taxi ride with a climate scientist studying the radiation from Fukushima; he considered it much worse than disclosed.

Tweet 2: He said that the sensor network he uses for study was seeing high radiation in the Pacific; the radiation was Chernobyl scale early on.

Tweet 3: His view was that Japan was lucky because of wind blowing it into the Pacific ocean; bad wind would have resulted in evacuation of Tokyo.

Tweet 4: I’m really going to be curious to see real radiation readings and data from all of the NOAA sensors – with historical context too.

Tweet 5: It will be really interesting to compare news reports and actual sensor data: Who was accurate? Who was wildly incorrect? What did we learn?

Tweet 6: Humans tend to ignore risk when they can’t directly see an impact – eg: it’s safe because no one is sick; no one will be sick as it’s safe.

Tweet 7: Pro-tip: if your baby can’t safely drink the cesium infused water, you probably don’t want to be the adult cesium experiment

Published: April 24th, 2011 at 4:40 am ET


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22 comments to Tweet from computer expert who has represented Wikileaks: Climate scientist studying radiation from Fukushima says it’s much worse than disclosed

  • soozla

    Jacob A. carries a copy of the “Bill of Rights” in his pocket.

  • mr. x

    “Climate scientist” is a contradiction.

  • Mothra

    Nothing new news-wise.
    Of course it’s worse than “officially” disclosed. It always was. Fukushima is the largest uncontained nuclear fuel ton load in history. First meltdown with Mox plutonium fuel. First meltdown of a cluster site directly on the Pacific ocean increasing distribution pathways. It’s going to take consensus a while to get their minds around. Maybe the live birth numbers by year end won’t be as invisible as the fallout or government action?

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Since this stuff can/is creating… higher readings, get into the food, water, air, can cause cancer and so on, plus travel the world contaminating things. Why wouldn’t this be one of the worst things to happen?

    I thought they just admitted, that the levels were much worse than disclosed?

    This is much worse, no one has stopped this yet, and so far it seems they can’t.

  • Lloyd Hart

    Global Petition: End Fukushima’s Deadly Radioactive Fallout! Entomb Fukushima Now!

  • Thomas Wells

    This gives a whole new meaning to the term “global warming”. All this “hot” crap blowing out of the blown reactors is raising radioactivity all over the world.

  • Funniest post i ever read

    So funny, from DU

    Yup. It’s contained. It’s about to be contained. It’s partially contained. It’s soon to be partially contained. Containment is in the cards. Containment makes you happy. Believe in containment. It’s happening. And God said “containment” and it “was contained.” Units 5 and 6 contained. Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 not so contained but soon to be contained. Explosive blowoff of roofs contained. Sea water magic containing the containment. Be not afraid, containment is the thing. Sing it! “Con-tain-ment, con-tain-ment, I love you, Containment!” Dig it. Containment is groovy and full of love. Enjoy containment. Whew! CONtroversy CONtained! Lid on it. CON-fusion of CON-tainment and CON-entertainment CON-founded and CON-troversy washed out to sea.

    Believe. Containment. It’s you.

  • Thomas Wells

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I just can’t contain myself,said Fukushima.

  • Percy

    Didn’t TEPCO even admit as much–not telling people how bad it was to prevent panic? It’s exactly the behavior you would predict from a corporation, an industry, and the governments of societies dependent on energy industries to survive. I believe the shift must be towards distributed energy generation rather than large, centralized developments. In the latter model, even solar power is environmentally destructive, as is currently being seen in southern California. Distributed energy generation means small-scale, locally supplied energy that can be from a variety of sources. A huge amount of energy could be saved through building housing that takes advantage of passive solar energy as well.

    well, there are independent sources for radiation monitoring data in the US, fortunately. I imagine there are in Japan too. You just have to be motivated enough to find it and evaluate the risk against what has been published in prior studies. No radiation is good for you, but we are all exposed to some; the more you are exposed, the greater the chance of getting cancer later on. The government and corporations have every reason to keep their citizens in a wage-slave-coma. They aren’t going to issue daily radiation reports.

  • planning plans....

    California is very progressive on public health issues. They actually ban building materials that make people sick where I live, so I give them a lot of props for that. They are on the cusp in Public Health matters, usually…

    However, now there’s no special monitoring or warnings going on with Plutonium and Uranium confirmed in the air and water??? Not to mention all the other high levels of radionuclides? No instructions, no precautions–in liberal California?!!

    That’s so strange. What’s going on with Gov. Brown there, anyway??! Budget or no budget, where are the warnings??!!!

    What’s going on there? I don’t have the highest expectations for the EPA, but I did for CA. πŸ™

    • Mothra

      I know. It’s weird. Like a Twilight Zone with plutonium. I wrote Senators, Reps the water PUC and the Governor’s emergency management division – nada, nothing. The EPA is barely testing. They barely have any monitors and public, timely release of data is even more anemic. Near San Diego their air one weekend was above 200. It rained that weekend – no advisories for kids. Nada. Still nothing. It’s here. It’s serious. It isn’t going away. Still nothng. Silence. I think they’re afraid econmically. Apparently, they believe this is acceptable behavior and risks. No, they won’t look for it, disclose or warn us. The only answer is private citizen prevention because the public officials have conveniently abrogated their oath and responsibilities.

      • planning plans....

        Thanks for doing what you can, as a responsible citizen!! I’ve worked in public policy and CA is cutting-edge on many health and environmental issues…You don’t realize how much other places look to you. If CA can’t do it, who can? Also, OR and WA set high standards. The West Coast has taken on issues where other states fear to tread. So… yes, I’m stunned, to say the least. And isn’t CA the top agricultural dynamo in the nation?…wow. p.s. Direct calls might help, too! Can’t some interest groups and members start pummeling these officials in high volume??! Getting it done locally may be the last chance… :/ I don’t think anyone would be surprised if CA and company bucked the ignorance!!

        • planning plans....

          1 persistence
          2 high volume
          3 guts and courage from the public at risk

          That seems to be the way and CA, OR, WA would a great venue for this! πŸ™‚

          • planning plans....

            honestly, CA & its citizens have the moxie and the pre-existing reputation to fight back successfully and not incur any Fed. or cultural backlash. The Feds and media would not even have time to get their backs up or make a new spin with resistance from these states (which is how you have to do it)!…then press on.
            We all must try, but CA has both the motivation AND the position to make a whopping difference here! πŸ™‚

  • planning plans....

    It may come down to asserting State’s rights…if the Feds won’t do anything, some states are going to have to kick it up a hefty notch. Health Boards should recruit unemployed, seniors, & volunteers to monitor, report, spread the word, share crop covers, greenhouses, filter technology… whatever it takes fiscally, but the West Coast: CA, OR, WA, HI, and AK should be leading the charge!!!

    I myself, the entire nation, and the world rightfully expect so much more from those absolutely beautiful (& tree-hugging!) States!!! State’s Rights!

  • Anna

    You know what really ticks me off? So, today the west coast is going to get pummelled with even higher levels of radioactivity and as it blows across the nation the Freaking Chemtrailers have insured that we get mega rain so that it pours down on us for 5 days straight. In fact, we can expect floods. WTF! grrrr Why don’t the diabolical idiots running the whole “ruin the earth scenario” (Actually it is: “Let’s just mess up the northern hemisphere so we can at least we can live in a nice place down south.”)…Why don’t they just drop an A Bomb on us and get it effing over with?

    • terraohio

      I’ve been checking the skies since March 11 and no chemtrails near Cleveland, Ohio. Nada, none. Unseasonably cold and rainy. Why doesn’t the EPA test Cleveland water or air? The EPA is only testing milk here.

      Happy Easter to all!

      Christos voskrese!

      • sassyiam

        Good for you!:) Wish I could say the same. Pummeled in PA since the 21st and looooow too. Odd because if there are any here at all, they’re very high altitude.. unlike Mass which were always low..(and spelled letters too quite often..wyrd).

        You too!
        haqan qam!:)

  • WindorSolarPlease

    The only reason why, I know there is a radiation problem, is because this site.

    If I did not find this site on the Internet, I would be clueless.

    You can tell people what is happening with the levels. They roll their eyes saying it’s the Internet don’t believe all you read on there, and they have a point.

    However, what is happening in Japan is real, and it is blowing this way.

    People need that official word, they expect the truth, and we all should have it.

  • This is probably not that important, but I was wondering if we’re all going to die, and approximately when.

    Anyone with a good estimate?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi Bruce,

      Every question is important. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have no clue when any of us will die.

      I believe in God, so I trust that God has a plan and everything will be done in his time.

      I’m not saying ignore the dangers or problems at hand, but walk above the circumstances of this world by keeping your eye on the Lord.

    • radegan

      It’s not that bad, Bruce. And even if you get irradiated, it isn’t a death sentence, at least not immediately, that would take about 500 rads in an hour (and still 5% would live). If you’re a senior, chances are something else will kill you first. If you’re a kid, not so good, lots of time to develop cancer, but look at all the boomers who made it to Social Security, and we were children during the atmospheric testing phase, dosed dozens of times without warning by our own government.

      Having said that – chronic long term low to mid level irradiation cannot be benign. And there are some unanswered questions in this scenario – is there a hidden weapons plant beneath one of the reactors with some trapped nukes? I give that about 2% – Japan has made up about 25 nukes, that was in the press several years ago. They haven’t proclaimed themselves a nuclear power yet because they have never ‘screwed the top to the bottom’, so they can say they don’t have any. And what the heck is going on with several other reactor sites? Looks to me like problems with at least two other reactors, hopefully nothing like Fukushima. And the 1100 plus earthquakes since the FukuQuake, with lots of them being major quakes 6.0 and up – is that the earth calming down or warming up? Those are wild cards that could change the prognosis quickly, so stay current.

      For now, the constant dustings, layer after layer, over the months it will take for the reactors to cool – will subject the young to Boomer Fallout Experiment #2, which will no doubt include ‘directed fallout’ – a technique of rainmaking used by the Russians to save Moscow. So start taking notes from the smart ones, and start making new habits, likes shoes off at the door – and don’t let the pets run free. Watch those sites that give you fallout maps, but don’t expect them to tell you the full story, even if they want to be truthful, they are dependent on TEPCO and Japan to give the the basic data they start with.

      Live every second you have, Bruce, and live it with as much joy as you can find in your heart. Whether you have a year to live or 90 years. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, do something for someone worse off.