Officials: “Such a bizarre thing” off California coast — “We’re seeing multiple aborted fetuses every day” — 100,000s of seabirds that nest in area now missing… “Huge, unprecedented die-off like we’ve never seen” — Many baby seals dying after mothers led them to a cliff edge… “Brutal to watch” (AUDIO)

Published: April 10th, 2015 at 9:36 am ET


KQED Science, Apr 5, 2015 (emphasis added): About thirty miles out from the Golden Gate, the federally protected Farallones are breeding grounds visited by hundreds of thousands of seabirds – many of which use the islands as a  winter way station — but not this year. Gerry McChesney, manager of the site for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, says that’s a bad sign not just for the Farallon Islands but also for wildlife more broadly along California’s coast. There was also hardship for breeding marine mammals. Dozens of pregnant sea lions proved too weak to carry their pups to term “That’s such a bizarre thing,” McChesney says. “We were seeing multiple aborted fetuses every day,” 94 in total – or nearly half the number of sea lions born there in 2014. Nor was the warm winter kind to elephant seal pups. Russ Bradley, Farallon program manager for Point Blue Conservation Science, says elephant seal mothers, trying to cool off amid the unusual heat, led their pups up to a cliff that, while breezy, proved perilous – “and actually had a fair amount of pups fall into this sea channel, because they’re pups and they’re clumsy and they got too close to the edge.” “It is pretty brutal for the biologists out here that had to watch it,” McChesney says. “It was pretty tough.” Among the conspicuously absent birds was a type called Cassin’s Auklet, which feeds on krill. All along the Pacific coast, McChesney says, these birds have been suffering “a huge, unprecedented die-off like we’ve never seen” for want of food. That’s also bad news for other species that eat krill, he says, from salmon to blue whales.

US Fish & Wildlife Service, Apr 1, 2015: Over the past four months, seals and sea lions are having difficulty reproducing, local seabirds have had low colony attendance… Observations of disrupted breeding activities include: California sea lions aborting pups due to poor body condition of the mothers. Since January 9th, 94 aborted sea lion fetuses have been recorded on the islands, well in advance of their June due date. Ninety-four is almost half the total number of sea lions born on the island in 2014. High elephant seal pup mortality due to warmer air temperaturesPup survival was low this year… Many pups died when overheating mothers led them to a cliff edge in attempts to get cool; pups then fell to their deaths.  Low attendance of breeding seabirds – Farallon nesting seabirds usually visit the islands during winter, but this year winter attendance was unusually low. In fact, the Cassin’s Auklet… has been largely absent from the islands in the last few months Since auklets feed mainly on krill, their activity and nesting success are good indicators of the availability of this food resource, which is very important for many marine predators including whales and salmon… “These unusual observations highlight the importance of monitoring our coastal wildlife,” says [Gerry McChesney, manager of the site for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service]. “They are significant indicators of ocean health.”

KGO, Apr 2, 2015: Researchers view the Farallon Islands as a barometer for the health of the overall ocean and this year in particular has been tough. Hundreds of sea lion pups have beached themselves, but elephant seals are having trouble too… — Doug Cordell, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: “Some of them have died when the mothers lead them to a cliffs edge attempting to get cool and the pups then fell to their deaths. We’re seeing unusual occurrences with the bird populations. Very low attendance of the breeding sea birds… Any of these things in isolation you might say, ‘Hmm, that’s interesting.'”

Feb. 22, 2015 winter pelagic trip, Monterey Bay: Shearwaters were extremely low in numbers, either because of the warm water, or because of the declining numbers which I have been talking about for the past several years, or because of both reasons.

Full KGO broadcast here

Published: April 10th, 2015 at 9:36 am ET


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407 comments to Officials: “Such a bizarre thing” off California coast — “We’re seeing multiple aborted fetuses every day” — 100,000s of seabirds that nest in area now missing… “Huge, unprecedented die-off like we’ve never seen” — Many baby seals dying after mothers led them to a cliff edge… “Brutal to watch” (AUDIO)

  • rogerthat

    Fukushima April 10th 2015 150 melon-headed whales dead in Ibaraki


    • Dana's computer has been hacked again. This is the fourth computer that's been trashed during the Expedition for Life.

      It goes to show what total slimeballs governments and the nuke industry are, that they'd attack an elderly cripple who is risking his own life to document what's happening to the BC coast (and I mean no disrespect to you Dana, if you're tuning in).

      • bowling

        many peoples computers got hacked rob and u r right there r trolls here. it just comes down to when they want to.rear their ugly heads

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          I got one of their little "greeting cards" on my desktop in late 2011 or early 2012. Had just written some scathing comments here re: the NRC, or about some other aspect of U.S. government activities in connection with nuclear.

          Laptop froze, crashed. Re-started it the next day, and had a file from a high level employee at Langley AFB, Lockheed Martin. Had 20,000 personal contacts for a ton of folks at Lockheed Martin, all his personal contacts, apparently.

          Practically scared the pants off me. Yes, the watchers are watching. The trolls we have here are tame by comparison. If they level their sites on you, beware and be wary.

          The only difference between then and now is there are many more of "me" out there, many other 'Newsers and people in the know.

          Why did they single me out? I likely got too close to knowing the truth about something.

          What it was I'll likely never know.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Officials: “Such a bizarre thing” on Japanese coast — “We’re seeing multiple aborted nuclear reactors every day” — 100,000s of fuel rods that nest in area now missing… “Huge, unprecedented run-off like we’ve never seen” — Many baby reactors dying after engineers led them to a cliff edge… “Brutal to watch” (AUDIO)

    — parallels are befuddling scientists

  • All of this talk of WARM water taking out so many species? It just makes zero sense. So, I finally decided to check out the fairly recent past; the nineties, when the world was learning about, "el nino", and first discovering, "la nina".
    Here's something from PennHall (1997 to 1998) about warm water and what happens to fish (and other sea creatures and birds??):
    "El Niño is good for the sportfishing industry in California, Oregon and Washington as it brings warmer-water species to places they would not normally be. This equates to a short-term economic boost to the local communities involved in the sportfishing industry."

    **I have researched and read MANY articles, from NOAA, Fish & Wildlife (from back in the day), and plenty other big-name, well-known, accepted as scientific-FACT, sites.. Nobody goes on about ELE of any creatures, save a few hatcheries' fish, Peru, by not ensuring food-fish like anchovies, here:
    "…we in the Western United States can learn lessons from the crash of the Peruvian anchovy fishery off the Pacific coast of South America. The anchovy populations, once the largest single-species fishery in the world, plummeted in 1972. Fishing for anchovies, once comprising 18% of the entire global fish catch, has never recovered as an economically viable industry. Part of the problem, of course, was overfishing. However, the El Niño in 1972 reduced nutrient-rich cold-water.." (more)

    • (sorry) Meant to post: FOR anchovies. not ensuring food-fish FOR anchovies..
      I always seem to proofread after I post, and not before .. mea culpa.
      Anyway; all of that talk of el-nino and la-nina, back when, and no crazy die-offs like we're seeing now? In particular, the few events they did note did not cross species, as we're now seeing on the West Coast (esp the coast) of USA and CA.
      When will people finally call the sciencey-guys on their b/s?
      Yes, I know that readers of ENEnews are doing this, as I recognise some of you (elsewhere on the net.) Good job, but, what about the rest of this world? Where are they?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        AnneBeck, good stuff! 🙂

        • Thanks, Obewan.
          I still haven't found the normal temps of the Pacific, say off of Cali 0r anywhere, but from what I do understand, it's not warmer or cooler than it usually is. Each time, "science", says it's warm water or cold water or the water, at all, I wonder what the temps are.., and just how much warmer or cooler it is.
          Did you ever notice that they don't post ocean/seawater temps in all of these articles in which they state, "it is due to warmer (no temp) water", or, "it is due to cooler (no temp) water."
          In 1997-98, the temps were a full 14 degrees warmer than ever. Sea lions were not washing ashore, dying and dead. There was some seal deaths (about 400, I think), off of Monterrey. But, I think that's about what they're seeing up and down the coast every week (or day, sometimes), this year.
          How soon people forget what they were concerned about 15 to 20 years ago.

          Btw: the 1976 el-nino was MUCH worse (temp-wise) than anything going on, these past four years. No mass die-offs, to write home about.
          I will write an article and post it this weekend., after I study this some more.

            • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

              Good stuff freebywill, and it seems odd that the temperature water increase coincides with the Nuclear Bomb testing going on all over the world during these time periods. Could the tests have damaged the sea floor and/or could the heat generated been captured in the water columns and maybe still be increasing over time as it circulates.

              Also it appears they dumped tons of hot manmade radiation contamination waste in the oceans all over the world.

              Did they/could they have actually broken the Earth?

              Yep! 🙁

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Obe, wondering same. Pls. see my comments below in the thread, and some studies & news sources cited.

                One of the links shows hundreds of point-sources of contamination in the Pacific.

            • Thank you for this,Will. I thought it was better to go back to the publications from the time they were printed; not that fifteen years back isn't far enough, but I do think a certain agenda was evident in most articles starting around the year 2000. That's why I went back to the nineties, to see what people were saying (at the time) regarding die-offs. They did see a big die-off of the anchovy, but, they say this had to do with hatcheries not following a reasoned plan to ensure the small fish would have food-stuffs to continue on. Of course, the anchovy came back until very recently (until Fukushima), when they crashed again. And, of course, many larger species, including (especially) sea-going mammals, are dying off because they now have no food. (IF it is proven these mammals are dying solely due to starvation, and we don't actually know this, yet.)
              Anyway, I am looking for actual sea-water temperatures, still. I think maybe some book like the Farmers' Almanac, but for fishermen, would provide what I want.
              Does anyone know of a particular publication or log that fishermen use to mark the temperatures of the oceans over the years? I haven't found it, yet, but I think something like that must exist.
              Thanks, all.

              And, Obewan; yes, I think this planet is broken. It did start with the bomb-testing. I mean, it started with nukes (of all sorts) and it may end with nukes. I don't know how anyone could have ever thought these things good for anything but…

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                AnneBeck re ocean stats.

                Here is what I can think of:

                There are many, many Sportfishing boats. Sometimes the 'landing' owns some/all the boats, some private/co-owned/opted, many combos thereof.

                My guess, all the boats have logs, or at least the captains would, it 'is' their business. The landings keep fish 'counts', it furthers their marketing, they may also keep weather records, I know if it was my thing I would.

                There are likely 50-100 boats from San Diego to Santa Barbara that go out of 20+ locations, I can't say for sure, been 25 years since I lived there.

                They also pickup fresh bait daily. They have many anglers and multiple species so it is much different than commercial fishing.

                Just like Japan, the 'little guys' are going to be the real info magnets, they are just a few '0' count days from being out of business. They have to make it work.

                People keep stats on everything under the sun, there may be a registry for sportfishing, IDK.

                I'm sure Scripps would keep records, the Coast Guard, newspapers used to.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  I dont think the powers that be will do anything until the fisheries are affected. Of course we saw the anchovies and I think sardines sea stars, dolphins and sea lions etc. But if you look at fishery hauls, they are still bringing in about the same amount of fish,…at least thats what I find. And its a huge amount…we exploit the ocean life in a big way

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Hey Code, I was sure wondering about KB's statemeny about ODFW.

                    I asked around but no one could remember the Chinook and Coho forecast.

                    He said ODFW is holding an impromptu meeting.

                    Anyone have any info?

                    Code you raised a very opportunistic point…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      Jingle bells in the air for 2015's salmon runs as well December 12, 2014

                      2015's salmon and steelhead runs will look much like the record returns of 2013 and 2014.

                      Columbia River fall chinook — returns are expected to match those of the past two years. Specific figures will be computed by March.

                      Columbia spring chinook — forecast is 232,500, a little above 227,000 predicted for 2014 (242,600 actually returned).

                      Columbia summer chinook – higher, with 73,000 predicted compared with 67,500 predicted for 2014 (78,300 actually returned). The hatchery mark rate for summer chinook will be higher, between 40 and 60 percent of the run.

                      Tule fall chinook — slightly higher, but will still likely dampen upriver bright seasons. Both states are working on research to determine specific physical differences between tule and upriver fall chinook.

                      Columbia coho — numbers will be high again as well, although runs into tributaries below Bonneville Dam may be only half as strong as this past year. The 2014 run over Bonneville numbered nearly 1 million adults. Sport boats were still catching coho in early November out of Astoria ports.

                      Warm water is pushing into the north Pacific Ocean, Bowles said, at a rate and temperatures "that have never happened in recorded history."


                      For the record…

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      And check the end of the article…

                      Good upwelling dampened harmful effects this year, he said, but commercial crabbers are finding poor crabbing in water still as warm as 56 degrees. Many have simply pulled their pots.

                      "There are some weird things going on out there we know nothing about," Bowles said.

                      Sooner or later, there may well be some coal in our salmon stockings.


                  • From what I've read all over, fisheries have been affected (well, sea-going fish let out of hatcheries..) Is this what you mean? Salmon let out at the usual time died soon after release. (This was in 2014.)
                    I came across a few other articles, yesterday and while searching for temps, that stated different fish are crashing. Shellfish, in particular, are not being harvested off of the Americas (at least not from Baja up into BC.) They may be harvesting/ fishing/ diving further south and west (further south than Hawaii), but I would think if all the boats are honing in on that area, whatever is left will be depleted soon.
                    Alaskans have been talking about missing all fish (all different fish) and some have thought this was due to Japanese fishing boats taking whatever there was up in AK waters and in the area. But, Japanese are selling less fish, over the past two years, so I don't think this is the case.
                    *Everyone wants to blame the Japanese for something. On the other hand, I blame the Westernized nuke-pukes for pushing nuclear onto Japan.*

                    • Jebus Jebus

                      All I know is that exceptional salmon runs, all seasons, are expected.

                      Near records.

                      I will have questions if this doesn't happen.

                      But, and this is good, so far, the spring season seems to be well…

                    • At earthday fair today, the local ocean experts all avoided talking about Fukushima, went to great lengths and lots of trouble to avoid saying the R word.

                      Deflected to other subjects instead of answering any question about radiation; two booths;


                      Marine lab

                      One of them mentioned the starfish 'wasting syndrome' was being studied.

                      There was one weird colored starfish in a bucket.

                • Thank you, AirSep…
                  I have a friend who used to work out in SD harbor. I'll ask him if he knows anyone with a big boat. Hadn't thought of that, though/ Good idea and thanks for it.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  It might be worthwhile to study reports in the California publication on fishing, called, "The Fish Sniffer."

                  It contains weekly reports. Baitfish (oceanic) populations are discussed in connection with bringing larger game fish into certain geographic areas.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                AnneBeck, well, it's very telling that sea lions are starving to death in Southern California, with their bellies full of rocks.

                I cried when I read that story here, and saw the videos.


    • @AnneBeck.

      Never heard of huge chunks of yellow pollen falling all over everything around us either. 2011 was the end…

      30 years of the same summer. Never once seen that. Ever…

      Who else got that ?

      • I recall white flecks of something (looked kind of like ash) on my deck, in 2011 and 2012. I actually thought it was Corexit, from down in the Gulf (I'm in Austin and we do get some nastiness off of the Gulf of Mexico and from Mexico, too.) I still don't know what it was.
        Now, regarding pollen and plants; I've been walking, lately.. There are a number of prickly-pear cacti in this area and they have multiple new paddles (nopales), like I have never seen before. Some of these plants have between six and twelve new paddles coming up, and i mean just about every one of the paddles has new growth. The cactus will add hundreds of times its usual growth (some, maybe a thousand percent). I've lived in Austin and in Texas since the mid-seventies, and I have never seen growth like this. My neighbors are all looking at these plants with great interest (I should take pics of their expressions, and not just of the cacti.) I mean, it's like they were dormant for forty years, and then, BOOM. It has not rained a lot this year, so I really don't know what accounts for this.
        Also, this season's bluebonnets are double the size (height) than usual. They go to seed, and then they bloom, again.
        It is a very strange season. I'm documenting it in pixels.. Wondering what might happen next year?
        We always have a LOT of pollen, in Austin, but this is the wrong time of year for it (and my scooter was covered, yesterday.)

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      AnneBeck, I have to wonder what the French and British were doing in terms of nuclear testing around that time. What radiation had entered the Southern Hemisphere at that time?

      (From your post):

      *I have researched and read MANY articles, from NOAA, Fish & Wildlife (from back in the day), and plenty other big-name, well-known, accepted as scientific-FACT, sites.. Nobody goes on about ELE of any creatures, save a few hatcheries' fish, Peru, by not ensuring food-fish like anchovies, here:
      "…we in the Western United States can learn lessons from the crash of the Peruvian anchovy fishery off the Pacific coast of South America. The anchovy populations, once the largest single-species fishery in the world, plummeted in 1972.*

      What was dumped into the Pacific, maybe near the mid-Pacific Rise?

      This should cause umbrage:

      See the part re: South America, and the Pacific Ocean

  • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

    Government withheld report of a simulated attack on a nuclear power plant
    1984 ministry document addresses a Fukushima-like scenario
    APR 8, 2015

    The Foreign Ministry secretly conducted a simulation in 1984 to assess damage from a hypothetical attack on a nuclear power plant in a war and concluded that up to 18,000 people would be killed with acute symptoms from radiation exposure, it emerged Wednesday.

    The previously secret report also mentioned the possibility of a hydrogen explosion that could follow the meltdown of fuel rods in a nuclear power plant, the exact phenomenon that happened during the 2011 Fukushima crisis.

    Anti-nuclear activists slammed the ministry for not publicizing the report earlier, allegedly out of fear that the warnings could fan anti-nuclear sentiment among the public.

    “The report should have not been held secret. (The government) should publicize it and consider how it can protect” nuclear power plants, said Hideyuki Ban of the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center.

  • Ki11more Ki11more

    All you ever needed to see….
    … act appropriately….
    …. 🙁

    Thank you Dana for your record of this horrific offence against all life…..people all over the world salute your efforts….

  • Yeah, I might say, "hmm, that's interesting". if I was an idiot.

  • Jebus Jebus

    To my elected leaders and government abc's, for who I am supposed to trust and that which I pay taxes for to protect me, and my family, in all ways, it's too late to apologize…

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      I quit voting. It's too late. The way Ron Paul was marginalized…

      He is a sane man, and made sense.

      I have no opinion on the Tea Party, they started crying about unconstitutional abuses of presidential power a bit too late (After Bush-Cheney)

      Money – corporate power – smoked the America I loved.

      Too late to apologize. Indeed. Fucking presstitutes too.

      If I found the fountain of youth, I would never join the depleted uranium US military again. They will soon have gamma ray weaponry.
      How long before they sell surplus gamma weaponry to local police departments for use on protesters?

      This country has really tanked.

      • unincredulous; I feel ya, completely.
        I joined in and did all I could, back in 2012, and I saw too much in regard to what the powers-that-be do to us; how they marginalize us. I worked as an election-judge, and I saw votes actually disappear. Some votes were (obviously) changed, and I mean both machine-votes and hand-written votes. Before the primary of 2012, I really didn't believe these things happened. I thought it was just laziness on the part of prospective voters. In fact, it happened…
        We do not have elections in this country (or proabaly anywhere in the West..) We have Selections, and we have no part in it, except for acting as pawns in their game.

        We have to work against all of it. It is the only way to revolt, peacefully. (I'll post on this in my wordpress blog, later, after I post about the sardines/anchovies.)

        **Sorry this is a bit OT, but I think it all goes together..**

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Jebus, loved it! 🙂

      Way to late to apologize!

      Shut all this Nuclear Junk down now!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Nice, Jebus, I keep thinking of the one below. Ms. Milky the Clown did a great job pairing the song with the story.

      "Will it be worth it then?"

      A question we should all ask ourselves. Oh, the infinite sadness. I generally don't listen to such sad music, but this one rings true.

      If you're not familiar with the song, friends, please read the lyrics.
      "when the fish all die and the lakes catch fire, will it be worth it then
      when the cancer rate’s 90 percent or higher, will it be worth it then
      when the whole world’s at war over water and oil, will it be worth it then
      when there’s no more fighting, because there’s no more spoils, will it be worth it then"

      what will it take to make you change your mind
      what kind of sign could convince you that people are worth more than you can get from them
      what has to happen before you embrace your part
      will it be too late to fix all the problems you promised the market would sort out

      economic growth won’t save us
      cost analysis won’t save us
      voluntary rules won’t save us
      rich economists won’t save us

      – when the glaciers are gone and the oceans are too strong, will it be worth it then
      when the deserts spread faster than we can run, will it be worth it then
      when the wind and the skies become our greatest threat, will it be worth it then
      when military might won’t pay our debt, will it be worth it then

      Lonnie Rae Atkinson, the author, says the song is…

  • Meanwhile, back at the road to Daiichi…traffic just keeps rollin' along.

    I found the little picture on an article somewhere of waste barrels and remembered I'd had a screen shot of a truck load that puzzled me.

    Aha! (And anyway, I'm learning how to do superimposed photos today. Might come in handy) 🙂

  • maybesomeday

    Compare the "Warm Blob" with this 8 Year Simulation:

  • maybesomeday

    Where are the Auklets? Dead on the beaches from British Columbia to northern California.

    • Oh, the auklets simply aren't, "attending", the island(s). When they died on the beach, "science", came out and said it wasn't a big deal. "Science", said this happened because there were simply SO MANY of these litle birds, that the excess overabundance (well over normal numbers?) just had to die. That's why we saw so many dead auklets (a bird rarely seen on US soil!) on the beaches.
      But, now, where would the (normal) population of auklets be? I mean, if these dead auklets were simply superfluous, where's the usual number of live auklets? Certainly, it wasn't because the food-fish the auklets eat were killed-off earlier in the season?
      Maybe the auklets didn't receive their usual invitation to attend the island(s)?

      I wonder what, "science", has to say about this?
      As is usual in the case of these die-offs, "science", is being awfully quiet.

  • Jebus Jebus

    I think we passed level 8 back there somewhere…

    Mass Death of Seabirds in Western U.S. Is 'Unprecedented'

    Why are so many auklets, from California to Canada, starving?

    In the storm debris littering a Washington State shoreline, Bonnie Wood saw something grisly: the mangled bodies of dozens of scraggly young seabirds.

    Walking half a mile along the beach at Twin Harbors State Park on Wednesday, Wood spotted more than 130 carcasses of juvenile Cassin's auklets—the blue-footed, palm-size victims of what is becoming one of the largest mass die-offs of seabirds ever recorded.

    "It was so distressing," recalled Wood, a volunteer who patrols Pacific Northwest beaches looking for dead or stranded birds. "They were just everywhere. Every ten yards we'd find another ten bodies of these sweet little things."

    • How many auklets died following an oil tanker spill off of San Fran, back in 1984? Here's something from back then; considered a disaster:
      "Just after dawn on October 31, 1984, the oil tanker T/V Puerto Rican exploded offshore of San Francisco and released nearly 1.5 million gallons of oil near the Farallon Islands.
      "At least 1,856 Common Murres, 548 Cassin’s Auklets, and 176 Arctic Loons died during the spill. The oil spill came during the non-breeding season when Common Murres float in the sea making them more susceptible in a oil spill. "

      Due to the crash/spill of the Exxon Valdez, approximately thirty-thousand sea-birds died, and this was considered a disaster. Now, we have a hundred-thousand birds (one species) dead, and, "Science", doesn't seem all that interested pr concerned? Odd..
      That's something that makes me go, hmmmm…? When is, "Science", going to see Fukushima for the absolute disaster it is?

    • Multiple that by the entire range, and it really adds up.

      Much or most of the Pacific coast line is uninhabited and not monitored by humans.

  • Jebus Jebus

    And if that isn't enough.

    Rise in mass die-offs seen among birds, fish and marine invertebrates

    By Sarah Yang, Media Relations | January 12, 2015

    The most severe events were those with multiple causes, the study found

    The study found that the number of mass mortality events has been increasing by about one event per year over the 70 years the study covered.

    “While this might not seem like much, one additional mass mortality event per year over 70 years translates into a considerable increase in the number of these events being reported each year,” said study co-lead author Adam Siepielski, an assistant professor of biology at the University of San Diego. “Going from one event to 70 each year is a substantial increase, especially given the increased magnitudes of mass mortality events for some of these organisms.

    They are on to something…

  • Jebus Jebus

    Need more evidence it's broken?

    A mass die-off of sea creatures is taking place off the coast of Singapore – March 6, 2015

    Swathes of dead sea creatures—including pufferfish, sea horses, squid, and eel—have been washing up on the shores of Singapore over the past few weeks.

    Last year, farms also reported mass fish deaths, caused by hot weather and a plankton bloom that clogged fish gills. Scientists say that this time is also likely attributed to a species of algae, Gymnodinium mikimot which is not toxic to humans but can kill sea creatures.

    A local biology student has been posting photos of what he calls a “friggin mass grave” on the eastern part of Singapore, along the Johor Strait between Malaysia and Singapore—you can see his photos here. “We woke up and saw all the fish floating belly-up,” a local fish farmer told the BBC. “It’s devastating.”

    Others are reporting dead fish floating in the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve along Singapore’s northern shore. (Images courtesy of Ria Tan, who runs the blog Wild Shores of Singapore.)


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Where is Captain America in all this?

    • And Superman, and Batman, and most importantly, Tin Man, and the Wizard of Oz?

      • And Dorothy, and Toto, too?

        So many species; so many MASS die-offs (numbers not seen before), and those we pay to even comment on this are mum? One thing that bothers me about they saying this is due to algae bloom or viruses or bacterium, is this: "whatever it is", has crossed species in nearly ever place. This is just about unheard of, "in Science". Is the problem that our scientists are simply confused by it all?

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      mt1000, the Four Corners "hot spot" may be related to abandoned uranium mines around the area. Massive contamination there. A 'Newser recently brought this to our attention, here. Thank you, whoever you are.

      Kevin Blanch may also have mentioned this in a recent video ….

    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

      WIPP is several hundred miles and several mountain ranges away on the opposite (southeast) corner of the state. The four corners (comprised of the NW corner of NM, NE corner of AZ, SW corner of Colorado, and SE corner of Utah) is home to a lot of mining and drilling (and Native Americans, sheep, cattle and jack rabbits). I was just recently transcribing a memoir of a man living in the Gallup area who noted in recent years the lack of nuts on pinon trees as well as the worsening drought, and he thought it related to power plants in the area. He also recalled deep snows years ago that just don't happen any more…

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    To CodeShutdown, and all deniers of Unit 4 SFP defueling:
    It is easier for me to believe these pictures of the SFP4 defueling, than to believe that this has all been staged, and that there was nothing left in SFP4 to be removed.

    SFP1-3 will be emptied, each in turn, followed by SFP5&6.

    The essential, and more important, question becomes:

    Where is the damn corium, TEPCO? 😉

      • mt1000

        … and the protective cladding burned.
        So they cannot be handled or 'removed'. Removal project is just more P.R. from TEPCO.

      • Ha!
        What they posted, at the beginning (first set of photos from index) was certainly Daiichi/ The rest? No clue where that is. Maybe Daini? But, you're right. It is surely not FDNPP (as in Daiichi).

        The first posts from Index; click on them and they are very specific about what and where. The posts of shiny-new plants, electrical, etc.., not one mention of Fukushima anything/anywhere. Not too surprising.

      • jec jec

        Third down link is the best example of the covering (a real coverup!) process for the Reactors..looks like plastic sheets with metal stretchers. Must do one heck of a lot of good visually–not so much for radiation. So TEPCO put a pretty face on the mess..kind of like a halloween costume in reverse.

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Thanks PhilipUpNorth. I looked at the photos and in retrospect, I agree, theres little reason to doubt the official narrative. Things are always clearer in hindsight! I reiterate that I never outright DENIED safe removal of SFP4, I continually stressed it was an assertion.

      So what we know for certain so far is this;
      They removed about 1000 assemblies from the common pool to dry cask before transferring SFP4 which commenced on Nov 18th 2013. Despite apocalyptic fears, the work went smoothly and all fuel was removed by November 5, 2014.

      I dont deny the impressive structures and ongoing site cleanup. SFP4 success certainly instills confidence and theres no reason to doubt that all fuel will be successfully removed from unit 3,5 and 6 as you say. TEPCO confirms that no pool reached 100C despite the appearance of steam. Decommissioning can then continue with the removal of the reactor cores which according to tepco are still within the outer containment.

      Philip, I maintain its always good to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        For newer readers, its perhaps interesting to review what we know so far, besides the successful removal of fuel from SFP4;

        There were three reactor meltdowns. Unit 3 looks like a spectacular event, yet no radiation was released besides the small amount from venting the day prior to the explosion to relieve pressure.

        Sandia labs have done extensive modelling and it seems that there is difficulty determining the source of hydrogen for the blast. Similarly, since the pipes from U3 to U4 were severed from the U3 explosion, its considered a possibility that heavier than air carbon monoxide drifter over to unit four, filling up the containment building to explosive levels. Thus carbon monoxide drift is the only theory so far for the massive explosion at unit 4. Unit 3 is provisionally being called a hydrogen explosion until further modelling can determine the cause with more certainty.

        Regarding danger, TEPCO says;

        "the health effects of the radiation released during the Fukushima crisis appear to be minimal; zero deaths occurred as a direct result activities at the nuclear plant.

        The gaseous emissions were released in the early days of the accident and have dispersed and decayed to small levels and are no longer a health threat. Based on measurements in November, TEPCO has already declared that significant gaseous releases have stopped and that the temperatures in all three reactors are <75°C (167°F)"

      • I am going to stay out of this one for my own sake.

        • Time Is Short Time Is Short

          Remember, 1 in 6 are psychos, and more than 6 post here.

          We've got lots!

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Tacomagroove, I may have lost my first volley in questioning the integrity of SFP4, but perhaps our experts are falsely reassured because of an oversight in considering the Henershot-Morely failure modes of the turbo-encabulator which initiated a breach in the reactor coolant cirulation mark 1 reflux return valve, followed by a rapid waterhammer expulsion of the delta fraction radionuclide Farnstrom precipitate into the heat exchanger inlet plenum. This would have caused an irreversable exponential feedback loop in the single phase Fourier conduction flux resulting in a steam explosion liberating aerosols of pyrophoric zirc-hydrazine-chloride condensates during the loss of the primary loop recirculation system. Such a catastrophic event could explain the appearance of SFP4 fuel isotope ratios half way around the world. Your expertise is needed Tacoma

          More on the turbo encabulator here;

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            a better look at the actual machinery of the Rockwell Retro Encabulator here


          • Essentially the Head of the SFP Is Pulled at a downward propulsion When orientated correctly the Device will allow the Head to retract from the core unit. (Methane is typically discharged). So the reactors are inserted with a protective latex coating to be applied to the head to give ease to the component. Once the head was dislodged from the reactors core, the Head is able to predisposition itself.

            This would have caused an irreversible (which you spelled wrong) exponential feedback loop in the single phase Leading to the shit getting all over the place. I mean in this day and age it sounds like technobabble But I assure you this will help reduce Emmissions of methane. As well as protecting the oxygen levels on the earth so that We have more time to deal with the more important issues.

            That was a great question

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

            TEPCO would like us to believe that it was only a valve that failed. But the failure is due to keeping nuclear energy stations in service far too long. The cooling pipes were severely degraded from the fission process and they crumbled with the severe earthquake long before the tsunami hit.

            Nuclear energy which relies on a power grid supplied by fossil fuels is complete insanity.

            Fast breeder reactors are nuclear explosions waiting to happen. A technology that cannot stop the degradation of the containment and cooling systems because of the fission or fusion caused degradation is an energy technology which will only know failure and death.

            Even if the nuclear energy stations were replaced every year, there is no place for the nuclear waste and using fossil fuels for mining and reprocessing is destroying the planet with CO2. And the economic cost of nuclear energy is exorbitant no matter how you look at it.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

        All the arguments about the removal of fuel rods from Unit #4 are just storyboarding by TEPCO and the entire worldwide nuclear industry.

        There are undoubtedly still damaged fuel rods in the Unit #4 SFP and those that were removed were undoubtedly thrown into the ocean along with all the other radioactive debris slowly disappearing from the Fukushima Daiichi site and other radioactive debris in bags some of which gets incinerated before landing in the ocean.

        The reason the world's governments are silent is because there is no place and no solution for nuclear debris. TPTB have decided that slow death from radiation is better than dying quickly from a nuclear bomb attack. With exponentially increasing so-called background radiation the end of the world is rushing chaotically nearer to the final train wreak.

    • Here's my question, PUN: (and I will say, I am a denier of SFP-4 offload, for varied reasons, not the least of which is NRC's statements about SFP being empty or near-empty, soon after the explosion..)
      Anyway, my question is: given the hot-ness (instability) of the rods, "in SFP-4", and the fact that these rods could not be safely stored into casks, what did Tepco (and Yakuza) do with that fuel they supposedly removed? This question was not exactly my question… It came from the US' main guy (to Japan) at NRC.. If you've read the documents released via FOIA, I think you may have a different take on what really happened to Unit-4 and Unit-3's (brand new) offload (hoax.)
      I am not going to the depths of the pool (no pun intended) and won't call names and do not mean to come off as snarky. I simply know what I read and the (actual) photos of reactor-building-4 are permamently etched in my memory and, when that fails, they are saved on my hard-drive.
      This is why I am sure there was no offloading of fuel from SFP-4. I agree with US NRC.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I have no trouble thinking that Unit 4 burned and the images from TEPCO are another location.
    Or, perhaps they are stupid enough to try and rebuild , the weapons factory on-site.


  • Skydiving@56Mike

    Open question,what is the smallest amount of plutonium that is still fizzile?
    What I'm getting at, and correct me if I'm mistaken, but it's my understanding that pure or enriched plutonium is/can fissile, even in the smallest amount's.
    So is is possible that the warming of the Pacific Ocean, is in fact the
    result of all the plutonium reacting.

    • What amount of heat is generated by tons of nano particle nuclear materials being deposited in Pacific and then decaying as a result of exiting Fuku?

      Huge quantities of heat are generated, as proven by spent fuel pool rods, which need constant cooling after being pulled out of reactor, for many years. MOX fuel is the worst, requiring much longer cooling than regular uranium fuel rods.

      Anyone want to tackle that one?

      • Your addressing the problem wrong dr.

        Heat is established through energy. Its not to say your wrong. Your simply leaving a very known factor out of your analysis. Hence to get to the end you must go back to the beginning. Thus where this very ordeal began. In the hands of the very own albert einstein. Through his famous formula which explains the most commonly known universal laws. Mass + acceleration creates energy.

        Thus Mass accelerating = heat. Particles do not have the mass to have very high temperatures (even in culmination). However Tsunami debris weighing multiple Millions of tons. Well Then you would have a real conductor wouldn't you 😉

        • But that would be my inference that you are mentioning the oceanic temperatures. Hence the Blob.

          The difference Is you are right to add the radiation (to the mass / tonnage). However the heat decay will diminish once the particle becomes an oxide / aerosol.

          • The reason we have heated reactors is due to active fission. Which is caused by neutron bombardment. Which decay is exposed to creating said contamination / Isotopes.

            Hence The "hot shutdown" That I didn't want to get into earlier.

            I have no doubt the community will value my current / article. Hence my need to take some time to argue with myself today;)

          • Are you sure Tacoma? Would love to hear some GOOD news around this for sure.

            But what happens when a nano particle of whatever decays in ocean water?

            Doesn't every radioactive element/isotope and actinide release heat as part of that decay process of going from one energy state to another?

            An excited nucleus releases a high-energy photon (gamma ray). Aren't photons just the same as light? When they hit and get absorbed by something, they emit HEAT in the infrared range?

            Isn't that what causes beta burns in the skin?

            Or, is this all wrong, and it is COLD RADIATION, with no heat whatsoever?

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          Tacoma says "Particles do not have the mass to have very high temperatures (even in culmination). However Tsunami debris weighing multiple Millions of tons. Well Then you would have a real conductor wouldn't you"

          this doesnt make sense to me Tacoma. Im reading 22 megawatt hours per gram of fissioning U235. What difference does it make to have tsunami debris floating around?

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

          It depends on what isotope you are talking about. Particles of transuranic radioactive particles have extremely high energy.

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            Its not the isotope that matters more so than the fluence of particles that make up a dose. That is why 1 Curie of Co60, used in weld inspections, is much more hazardous than a microcurie of plutonium, which is in heart pacemakers.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Praising Jesus

            April 19, 2015 at 2:30 am
            Nuclearist one line rhetoric is entertaining.
            Anyone awake for any moment of the last 30 years, knows ICRP standards were developed before the discovery of DNA.
            The rational ask, how such a model explains the effects of low level radiation on DNA or other macromolecules. A: it doesn’t.
            Ferrell’s cowbell symphony continues to hold the opening previously offered to you.
            By a particle, do you mean the particle that contains millions or billions of atoms? And just to clarify, is that hypothetical particle at the side of the road or internally ingested? Is it organically bound?
            Single α particle emitted from one atom of 239P contains 5.1 MeV. 238U atom emits 4.2 MeV particle. The average α particle travels between 30 and 40 microns, the equivalent of 3-4 cell diameters.
            Double strand breaks can be caused by as little as 10 eV. So 30 year nuclear worker, self-proclaimed smart person, the number of biologic chemical bonds can be broken by just one atom?
            Never heard of the term “densely ionizing?” Look it up. The energy of a single α particle is sufficient to break hundreds of thousands chemical bonds.
            “There is no definitive evidence a single hot particle or stray radioactive atom will cause cancer…” blah…blah
            A plethora of studies show the adverse effects of low level radiation on DNA, macromolecules, and cellular behavior.
            Quit being so lazy. Prove that your statement, that’s already been disproven by real scientists, is…

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            True, but they emit particles less frequently than short lived isotopes. Thus their long half life. The more frequent the emissions, the more the fluence of particles over time. If you have a transuranic that emits an alpha 1/halflife(ln(2)) and you have Co60 or some other isotope with a shorter half life, the "Activity" is higher in the shorter half life. Activity is the key, not half life per se. Atoms disintegrate as a random process and taking the Poisson distribution P = e-kt where k is the rate constant, the half life is in the denominator. So long half lifes have shorter probabilities of decaying per unit time. Simple.

            That is why even though Pu has a long half life, it is not as dangerous on a per atom basis than say Co60, a common isotope used for non destructive testing.

      • Doc; I don't know the answer (temps) but I do know these rods (what was left inside of unit-four) would have been far too unstable/ hot to have been placed into casks.
        Besides, according to NRC, the rods blew up and OUT of the pool, and they landed around the site and kilometers away from the site.
        I don't think there were rods in any pool to be removed. NRC said it was good, in a sense, that the fuel (spent fuel) was already outside of the building.., and that they were simply going to have to ignore the idea of re-filling the pool and re-cooling rods (which weren't there anyway). All this was to be done in a pool which had many cracks and a HUGE hole in its side.
        Besides, if zirc=cladding is hit by air, it catches fire and it explodes. We saw that. The NRC did not believe there would have been oil fire(s) and I absolutely agree. The NRC was sure that, if there were fire(s) or a fire, it was due to zirc-cladding being exposed to air when the fuel-pool drained.
        Again, I agree.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        I will give it a shot Doc.

        I do not believe the 'spent' fuel is going to produce more heat or energy than a fully loaded reactor, pound for pound, rod, however you want to measure it.

        The spent fuel, in a pool, is not going to get hotter than it was in the reactor itself. That is why it is 'spent'.

        A BTU is energy, 1 BTU to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree f.

        1btu=3400watts 1MW=3,400,000btu
        8.3 pounds to 1 gal of H2O.
        324,850gals = 1 acre foot/H2O

        28,000,000 acre/ft in Lake Mead at full capacity.
        28,000,000 x 324,850 = 9,095,800,000,000gals.

        9,095,800,000,000 x 8.3 = 75,495,140,000,000lbs.

        75,495,140,000,000/3,400,000 = 22,204,453 MW

        22,204,453/1000 = 22,404 thousand mw ….or, in simple terms….

        22,000+ 1000mw powerplants to raise Lake Mead 1 degree.

        Easier calc:

        .8mw to raise 1 acre ft. 1 degree f.

        640 acres to 1 square mile

        500mw to raise 1 sq.mi. 1 foot deep, 1 degree.

        • That means the only negative effects being looked at are the heavy metal poison and radiation damage effects.. not the DIRECT heating of the oceans from the massive dumping of radiation into them.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            But the heating from non fissioning fuel is not much. I read 100k watts per ton. Like 1000 light bulbs. The cooling system of running nuclear reactors is by far the greater heat contributor.

            Surely 'heavy metal breath Alex' as all the answers, why doesnt he contribute?

            • AirSepTech AirSepTech

              "The cooling system of running nuclear reactors is by far the greater heat contributor."

              True that is. Knuckledraggers.

              "Total world energy supply (or consumption) is different from actual world energy usage due to energy loss. For example, in 2008, total world energy supply was 143,851 TWh, while end use was 98,022 TWh. Energy loss depends on the energy source itself, as well as the technology used. For example, Nuclear Power (as of 2008) loses 67% of its energy to water cooling systems."

              "In 2008, world nuclear energy was 8,283 TWh (constituting 5.8% of total world energy), while nuclear energy end-use was 2,731 TWh."


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Then I hazard my first pass calc that the heat from the worlds running reactors is 2.8 e+16 BTU and will raise 4.5 e+14 cu ft of water one degree

                which is just over 500 miles x 500 miles x 50 ft deep

                If thats true, its a lot more water than I expected, based on my feminine intuition.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    stock…per year. But Im only operating on two cylinders, check for yourself. What takes me 15 minutes should take you 5 or less.

                    Thats the world total of nuke power, not just fukushima. Water heating from coal and gas power plant cooling is greater.

                    Nuke plants kill a lot of fish in their cooling water supply. A single nuclear plant killed close to 3.5 million fish–32 times more than the combined impact of all of the other plants in the study.


                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Well CS, that is not so good, wonder if it is correct?

                      MW for MW, they must cool the heat source,
                      I would have to say regardless of fuel type. Even if you were to use 7 billion hairless apes, someone will likely overheat and need a little H2O. There is no '0' impact in this equation.

                      So that points to 'fuel type'?
                      Uh-oh, need to put the tinhat back on, I should know better. 😉

                      I like Palo Verde using turd water to cool itself, entertains my peabrain.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      AirSep…The coal and nuclear era was short and catastrophic. When men thought nature was his to exploit. wind power and voltaic solar dont use water cooling.

                      A south facing window and a thermal mass floor insulated underneath is more efficient than any power plant, costs nothing to run and seldom breaks down.

                      Solar cookers save the trees in third world countries.

                      sky lights work better than light bulbs. These things are the fundamentals of mans basic energy needs

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      Yesssireee CS, the place in Nevada is high gain. Very. Bill runs $30/mo. average, time-of-use@$.1-.25kwh, seasonal. Service charge is $13 of it, bastards. But that is very reasonable, to have 200amps at the flip of a switch. Cheap backup.

                      The silly bastards come by every so often, to make a 'courtesy inspection'.
                      I tell them I use mostly propane. They look at me funny, and they go away,
                      baffled. Propane only for cooking and occasional directvent castiron stove, cause it is pretty to watch.

                      All else is electric/solar/stored energy.
                      No panels/batteries/net metering.

                      F-them, and their horse. And harry r.

                      And yes, catastrophic. Our bell curve will look good to the top, then straight down. Call it a 1/2 a bell curve so to speak.

                • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                  The numbers get big real fast, so most will not see what it takes to get there.

                  Palo Verde puts out close to 4000mw thermal power
                  or, 4000x8760hrs…35 million mw/hrs/yr

                  I say your volume is 8 bil acre ft.
                  Requiring 6.4 bil mw/hrs for 1 deg rise.

                  Full thermal output from P. Verde for 180+ years
                  Or 180 Palo Verde's for 1 year.
                  Are we close?

                  That is too big of a hot tub, may want to downsize.

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            The ocean volume is too vast for ionizing radiation to raise its temperature. The raising of the oceans temperature is more likely from solar that deposits 1 kW/m2 on the surface of the earth. Ionizing radiation from any cause is a mere fraction of that. The heat capacity of water and the volume of water ensures that the delta T is small for small fluxes of ionizing radiation. When the atomic bomb went off, it wasnt the ionizing radiation that was the heat source, it was the 200 MeV/fission over a nanosecond.

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              japAN, so lets just say for example that three reactor cores melted into the aquifer and warm a "river" of water, a current, say 50 miles wide by 500 miles long, how much will the temperature be raised? Theres two answers; a non fissioning corium, and a fissioning corium. Your colleagues are watching to see if you get the right answer

              • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                He will not answer that question..

              • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

                Depends on the heat source. You need to specify a heat source, probably in BTU or joules. You need to know the number of fissions, and convert fissions to energy content (~ 200 MeV) and then convert MeV to joules. To get number of fissions/sec, or the power, you need to do a "depletion analysis" which covers the decay of all fission products over time.

                Codes like ORIGEN can do this, or you can code up the Bateman equations manually, but then you will have a lot of decay chains on your spread sheet.

                You also neet the total number of atoms from the onset, or the mass of fuel.

                You can get all the information on the internet to do a rough calculation.

                Im going out to dinner so I will give all of you a break tonight.

                We will continue the lesson later.


            • How about an actual calc on that, shillface?

              lets see….the earth core is hot enough to melt rock, and half of that heat is from ionizing radiation.

              PS stocks own theory, the other half of the heat is from the earth spinning like a motor in a magnetic field (of the sun primarily)

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                This is much simpler than you think, if you just want a heat 'guesstimate'.

                1 MW = 3,400,000 btu

                Take the ball and run with it, give me an amount of water: gallons, acre feet, cubic miles, Dixie cups.

                What is the temp, and what do you want it to be?

                Your 10,000 gallon swimming pool? About 250kw, for a 10f rise. 😉

                There aren't enough powerplants in the world, much less NPP, to change Ocean temps by much. Even if they are running at full power, discharging the heat directly into the water, no generation at all.

                Toxic is another story, the nuke fools would love it if we chase the heat thing.

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      At the end of the day, Mike, this is all one big nuclear experiment. We are beyond what any scientific team has physically experienced, and all anyone can do is just sit and monitor what happens next.

      The general outline of this being an ELE is true, but how we get there, and how fast we get there, is nothing but conjecture. I'd say 100 years, tops, for most of the Northern Hemisphere before all life is wiped out, with the Southern Hemisphere, at that point, probably no more than 50 years behind. Everybody else will have a different timeline, but that's how this goes.

      And between A and B, our .govs will do their best to cover eveything up. Hell to pay for any scientist that breaks that deal.

        • Radioactive decay results in a reduction of summed rest mass, once the released energy (the disintegration energy) has escaped in some way (for example, the products might be captured and cooled, and the heat allowed to escape). Although decay energy is sometimes defined as associated with the difference between the mass of the parent nuclide products and the mass of the decay products, this is true only of rest mass measurements, where some energy has been removed from the product system. This is true because the decay energy must always carry mass with it, wherever it appears (see mass in special relativity) according to the formula E = mc2. The decay energy is initially released as the energy of emitted photons plus the kinetic energy of massive emitted particles (that is, particles that have rest mass). If these particles come to thermal equilibrium with their surroundings and photons are absorbed, then the decay energy is transformed to thermal energy, which retains its mass

          • Decay energy therefore remains associated with a certain measure of mass of the decay system, called invariant mass, which does not change in the decay, even though the energy of decay is distributed among decay particles. The energy of photons, the kinetic energy of emitted particles, and, later, the thermal energy of the surrounding matter, all contribute to the invariant mass of the system. Thus, while the sum of rest masses of the particles is not conserved in radioactive decay, the system mass and system invariant mass (and also the system total energy) is conserved throughout any decay process. This is a restatement of the equivalent laws of conservation of energy and conservation of mass.

            • Doesn't this sound like a lot of HEAT?

              Why would it make any difference whether these things are scattered around as nano particles or in a big bunch in a spent fuel pool?

              • I would assume that: The difference is distribution, and flow. A mass is harder to penetrate (resting body). Which creates insulation. A scattered field allows venting / cooling.

                I think I really lost topic in my earlier post (thinking you were addressing the oceanic temperature rise). Instead of the Reactors / Core signature heat.

                However I am happy to try to help you figure this out:)

                • Note Photons confuse the hell out of me. In regards to mass.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  Isnt the question the total addition of decay heat to the ocean from nuke fallout/ and fuel cooling? Take the non fissile decay heat in joules…it all gets to the ocean no matter the dispersion pattern, and compare this to something known for reference. Maybe coal burners or something. One could calculate the increase in ocean temperature, but it would be very small I think, and not necessarily indicative of the possible effects, like changes in convection currents or something

                • Yes, the focus is on the ocean temperature rise..

                  Is it possible to get a 1 or 2 degree rise in a certain amount of ocean, due ONLY due to the 'blob' of high level radiation that was released from Fukushima?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    Dr G, surely one of our experts can give you a good approximation easily. Not me. But my take on it is that the decay heat of spent fuel doesnt look enormous, maybe 100k watts per ton to start out, getting less of course with time. Intuitively, that seems very little, but I read that here


                    On the other hand I am reading that U-235, assuming complete fission, would release about 80 billion joules per gram. That appears to be 22 megawatt hours per gram! Holy bejesus!

                    I would venture a guess, based on those potentially wrong numbers, that the cooling of a running reactor…which is what? maybe 35% efficient? that would seem, at first glance, to be the greater contributor to ocean warming. I would suppose that there is an earth energy equilibrium system at work (all heat sources minus the radiation out to space), such that the shorter term and local heating would be of more concern.

                    OK, thats my interim babble until someone who actually knows anything can kick in a word…

                  • My interpretation is the oceanic temperature rise is a culmination of Tsunami debris as well as the potential for radiation. I am more concerned about the amount of unknown contamination / sources that were taken into play. Such as auto factories, oil refineries, gas stations, fertilizer plants ect.

                    The culmination of entire cities (Multiple cities). In addition to both seismic activity, Radioactive decay, pollution, potential methane discharges, as well as hundreds upon thousands of tons of random trash / garbage. Would lower oxygen levels. As well as raising the temperatures.

                    What pisses me off more is how the blob magically appeared. When in all reality it was a situation that took place over some time.

                    My guess is if you play the model backwards, you solve the case. However our epa is doing a smash up job following up on this; Unless you count raising limits and looking away, at every possible turn as "functioning".

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      I'm still unable to see the heat factor from the debris Tacoma..unless as an insulation shell where it stick's together above heat giver's..
                      Does the dissapearance of oxigen change the thermic properties of salt water ?

                    • Sam Sam

                      Is this not Dr. K Busseler (sp) specialty the
                      chemistry of the ocean. Go ask him for his
                      analysis of the chemistry in the oceanic plumes
                      traveling to WestCoast America. We know he will
                      downplay radiation as expected but lets see
                      what he may have to say on all the other toxics
                      out there. Where is he on the Pacific Oceanic
                      warming? There's a good chance he will minimize
                      it all. Someone have his e=mail? or
                      telephone #. sounds like a good time to go
                      on a exploratory expedition on this subject of radiation in
                      ocean ,toxics, warming, high pressure system and draughts.
                      The desertification of the Western US is in my
                      estimation a catastrophe soon to happen if no
                      rain. Forget about drinking ocean RO water and be
                      healthy. This will hit us harder in short term than
                      the ELE from Fukushima.

          • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

            Why are you citing nuclear science 101? We are well beyond that.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    So they are cooking the entire ocean?

    That would be bad..very bad.. and the primary reason for the high pressure system over the Pacific Ocean changing the jet stream patterns while the warming waters which are now responsible for California's drought.

    Yes, that fissile thing would be very bad! 🙁

    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      As bad as the drought is, imagine what's going to be in the rain when it does fall and fills up our water supply.

      Things will be so dry, the absorption rate will be fast and furious.

      Bottom's up!

      • So far anyway, the rain has not tested 'hot' in the Bay area in the last year, except for random here and there events, up to 100 CPM. The rain swipe radiation always decayed in a few days back to background levels, so that supposedly means radon? Inspector Alert pancake detector used for test.

        Anyone have long term 20 year experience with radon or tritium in rain swipes? Before nuclear age, how often did rain test hot with radon?

        A recent sample of seaweed and mollusks taken from ocean beach tide zone north of SF.. The sample tested double normal background when wet, 60 CPM, but when tested a week later and dried out, it tested at background. 20 to 30 CPM.

        There were no insects flying around seaweed piles on beach. Rocks seemed kind of bare, but hard to tell, since no experience long term on that rocky beach.

        No explanation for this and no idea about potential tritium, plutonium, harder to detect items..

        No disputing people finding no life left in tide pools, mass die offs, etc.

        • You are all speaking my language Note:

          Contamination is accumulative. (I don't mean bio accumulative in this regard). I mean that the radiation releases via oceanic nature are constant. (roughly 60tons a day). (direct release).

          So that is accumulating, and the leading force of the radiation wave is now breaching from Canada to California. Because we have a split current system. It is being dispersed pretty evenly. At low rates for the moment. HOWEVER.

          On one end the pipe keeps filling on the other, the pipe is clogged. What will happen is now that the coast is a wall. Whats behind and collecting behind It will.

          Aerial emissions, were largely impart to the aerial emissions. Many of which lingered in the upper atmosphere for up to 90 days or more. *From each emission;

          However rain in the usa is a direct product of the NW Coast. Thus as time progresses the rain will become more dilapidated. If the reactors aren't shut down fully. There will begin to fall a acid rain on the west coast. Which will soon make its way more and more eastern. Until the radiation plume (Oceanic) begins making its way towards south america, and around the horn. At which point, nations such as Africa, and England will begin to be effected.

          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            "Aerial emissions, were largely impart to the aerial emissions." Hey, do you work for the government by any chance?

            • Don't we all.

              And there were different dispersion methods aerially. Meaning some was ram material, escaping via oxidation, while other material is ejected via convection.

              • Note Tired:

                There were multiple types of aerial emissions. There was raw oxides and dioxides (from gasses) created when the fuel was non-submergence (including hydrogen carbon dioxide / monoxide ect) Then there was raw material ejected into the open environment via explosion. (raw nuclear fuel fragments / pellets) as well as there being convection which is particulate swept away by evaporation and convection in the fuel pools open coolant, and oceanic conttamination.

        • JapAN US relations for 200 Alex JapAN US relations for 200 Alex

          Why is 100 CPM significant? Different meters, different calibrations, different dose response curves.

          CPM really doesnt mean Sv. Its just a response from a detector.

          Check the gain or voltage.

          Look at the vendor calibration curve. If 100 people get 100 different readings from 100 different instruments, then what does that tell you?

          • The simple answer would be…

            …that the California Highway Patrol considers a CPM reading that's 3x background a HAZMAT situation.
            (that is estimated at between 100 and 150 cpm)

            How long it sustains is 'one thing', that becomes very important. Determining the type and source is usually a good idea sooner or alter.

            Studies of radiation's dosage and it's affects to the eyes, (there is a difference), are not even covered by the NRC. Why is that… hmm?

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        @TIS,obewan &?; Before I'd seen stock's report on Palisades NPP on Lake Michigan,from which we get our potable water here in Chicago & suburbs that have sub-stations testing,pumping & paying to be connected to Chicago's water system was being polluted my the Michigan NPP's,in addition to whatever remains or may be leaking from Zion NPP,which has been shut down & in SAFSTOR mode for some years now! But as I started out this post I'd meant to bring it to the attention of ALL of those who rely on any/all of The Great Lakes for food,water should know that 7,000+ liters of "Heavy Water" was discharged or leaked into Lake Ontario thanks to the incompetence of the obviously flawed/failed nuke plant on Toronto responsible for this VERY recent,current event that poses an increased risk potential to get cancer and/or other radiation-related health problems that people like the goofy little kid,"Alex-200" either actually believes or is just here to get under people's skin,but so far has proven to be an "asset" rather than "obstacle" or "threat" to our predominantly anti-nuke peeps here[?!] via the EXAMPLE he sets like his mentors/heroes,ie;"Jimmy full of caca Conca","Kenny ABLUTOPHOBIA Buessler","Lady Barbaric Sludge","Dishonest Abe","Rod Uncle Fester Adams",etc.,the "MBP,MFX1209,Arevaunoz,etc." troll was as dumb as a box of radioactive rocks,but still did a bit of damage to ENEnews. This new dillhole,"Have straw,will travel-felcher boy,Alex200=a pimple on…

        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          cont'd…MBP's ass in comparison of the two! The inspiration for my rants against the little punk are based on the time I wasted even reading or responding to his crap and I won't be bother with such a waste of precious time,a commodity his heroes have cut short for all of us regardless of the incredible amount of effort the nuke-pukes put into erasing all traces of research & studies that held the "proof" that radiation coming from 311/Fukushima and the release events,both accidents & intentional that the military/corporate industrial complex removed from public view since 3/11/11!!! I'm done with the kid and anybody else he rides in here with or pretends to be from here on out and I still feel sorry for him as opposed to hating him. It's obvious he's too stupid to have been "sent" here,and if it were ANY other issue at hand,I'd humor him and give him all the attention mommy & daddy obviously never gave the obnoxious little ass when he was just a wee,little tadpole swimming in his test-tube destined to one day become a pain in "someone's" ass??!! I have a hunch that he "haunts" other websites & instigates on a variety of subjects whose discussions/threads suffer via his actively commenting presence[??!] If he actually is in a position that could hold great harm for any region/portion of the population,then we're in even more trouble than I'd already suspected even before his entrance via VPN,whatever here in OUR 'hood??!!Done with this one too! TTYL…

  • We Not They Finally

    There is no excuse for the idiocy of destroying earth for a "little ego"
    Hopefully these fools must pay the piper for the rest of time…

  • Skydiving@56Mike

    To "Time is Short" & all other's who respectfully replied, Thank you very much!

  • Skydiving@56Mike

    I asked not only about this nearly 4 year on going contamination, but for every and all "contribution's",by what ever mean's, accidental or deliberate/industrial/military testing since and leading up toTrinity.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I am thinking we need to sell arms, weapons, missile launchers and laser cannons to all the animals..

    They are currently sitting ducks for all those domain people..

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      obewan;if I could figure out a way for the highly intelligent species under attack by the weapons systems built,sold to,but designed specifically for humans rather than species who SHOULD hate us if they don't already-I WOULD!! Unfortunately,"Flipper" would have trouble holding,aiming & squeezing the triggers of anything our kind built for use on each other & more often than not,on ANYTHING that flies,crawls,trots or swims near the trigger-happy,human asshole-"Mighty Hunter"-types who ruin it for those of us who can pick up a firearm or weapons system WITHOUT feeling some deviant,perverse sense of "power" & superiority over all people & critters within range of their sights!! I'm PRO-GUN/2nd Amendment,but I do not subscribe to those who hunt wild game for "trophies",rather than having to defend against wild animal attack from the 4-legged as well as 2-legged varieties of predatory animals which I feel nauseous & disgusted when I see mounted heads of their kills that they're so proud of!! It's a WHOLE 'nuther story re;the people & places where hunting wild game is necessary to provide enough food to last through the Winter and/or sustain lives,including those regions where license tags for certain game are issued as needed to reduce populations of deer herds,etc. where their food sources aren't adequate to keep the herd healthy & well-fed. It's the "2-legged predators" who pose the biggest threat though,by far!! 🙁

    • DebbyS-AbqNM DebbyS-AbqNM

      From an old bumper sticker, still appropriate today: "Support your right to arm bears!"

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    🙂 Love it looks just like us humans! Arm them all and make the fight a fair one!

    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Me thinks we should send that hairy little fella out with his AK-47 to the next meeting of warped,twisted,nuke-happy minds & let him "go banana's"[lol]the minute they bring up[lies re;] his favorite food as being equal to or more dangerous than the man-made isotopes which are metabolized much differently than Cs,Sy,Pu,etc.,etc.,but have that part conveniently omitted from their BS propaganda-only official studies findings! Usually,right after they mention "bananas",they go into their script of heinous lies,ie; "people who ingest Pu-239, a "low-level" have only received the equivalent of common chest x-ray"[?!] 😐 It is such a despicably misleading pile of crap that the monkey should flip his AK-47's selector to "semi-auto" to take "carefully aimed shot placement into the heads of any genocidal sociopath who would dare to repeat such blatant bullshit,even to an audience of members of the primate family allegedly less intelligent than naked-apes who believe/support such claims & make every shot count"!! To say someone who worked or lived near Fukushima or WIPP who BREATHED in Pu,etc. particles that remain inside lodged in their lungs,organs/tissue where they immediately,slowly irradiate adjacent cells until mutations begin to replicate until they're diagnosed as cancer,& the months,years or even decade conveniently aiding nuke-puke's "prove it" line of their scripts via the "exposure to cancer latency period", "shields" them from…

      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        being held accountable,prosecuted and/or paying damages for their crimes against humanity & nature in which every living thing is a victim!! Forget the AK! Give the felonious primates a "Ma-Deuce" and an endless belt of .50 BMG ammo!! 😉 My post is far less ridiculous as intended than TPTB's official stance & their regualtory agencies cozy relationship to the criminal offenders!! The monkey shares something in common with the nuke-pukes & govt. though!~They both can get away with murder and never see a day in prison for their acts!!!

  • We Not They Finally

    We are out of sheer evil and greed and vast stupidity wiping out most of this planets species..The humans are being also destroyed by crazy bastards
    In the end nothing will be left of course those who dared to destroy this planet may disappear and never incarnate on any planet forever..Eternal hell should be where they all end up. Burning in hell forever.

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