Will California close all nuclear plants in 2012? Secretary of State approves ballot initiative targeting Diablo Canyon and San Onofre — Similar idea worked in ’89

Published: November 23rd, 2011 at 12:24 am ET


Ballot Initiative to Close Nuclear Plants Gets Go-Ahead for Signature Collection, San Clemente Times by Stacie N. Galang, Nov 22, 2011:

California’s Secretary of State approved a ballot initiative November 18 that seeks the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and the Diablo Canyon plant.

The initiative was filed by Ben Davis Jr. [who] drafted this and an earlier petition that led to the closure of the Rancho Seco power plant in June 1989.

As drafted, the latest initiative parallels existing state law prohibiting the creation of new nuclear plants until the federal government finds a solution to dispose of radioactive nuclear waste and reprocess spent fuel rods. If enacted, the initiative would essentially shut down the state’s two remaining nuclear plants by stopping them from creating additional waste until a federal solution arrives. […]

Davis has until April 16, 2012 to collect the 504,760 needed signatures to allow the initiative to go the voters in the fall presidential election. He expected to start the signature drive after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Published: November 23rd, 2011 at 12:24 am ET


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66 comments to Will California close all nuclear plants in 2012? Secretary of State approves ballot initiative targeting Diablo Canyon and San Onofre — Similar idea worked in ’89

  • Mack Mack


    California enenewsers…

    Find out how you can help with gathering the 504,760 signatures needed!

    Good luck!

    • Grace Grace

      hey Mack – gotta link for that?

    • Auntie Nuke

      I interviewed Ben Davis, Jr. on the Nov. 22 Nuclear Hotseat Podcast. Tons of great info, straight from the source.

      Here’s the direct download link: http://lhalevy.audioacrobat.com/download/NuclearHotseat-23–11-22-11.mp3

      It will be up on iTunes within 24 hours: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nuclear-hotseat-hosted-by/id458213762

      I’ll continue to cover this issue closely. To get all the news, sign up on the Nuclear Hotseat group page on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/NuclearHotseat/

      Let’s do this thing!

      • Mack Mack

        Auntie Nuke – Downloaded the interview and ready to listen to it shortly. Great job you’re doing!

        Quick request…can you make your Facebook page available for everyone to see? A lot of folks don’t “do” Facebook anymore so they won’t be able to see the content and how they can help. Thank you.

        • Mack Mack

          UPDATE —>

          Ok, listened to the interview with Ben Davis, Jr.

          So far he has reserved a domain name called:


          It’s not up-and-running yet, but he said it will be soon.

          Here’s how it’s going to work:

          1. The petition will be on the website
          2. You download the petition and print it out
          3. You go out and get signatures of registered voters

          The petition cannot be signed on-line!

          4. After you get signatures, you’ll mail them to Ben Davis, Jr.’s post office box.

          This is my understanding, anyway. Clear instructions will be on the website.


          (interview with Ben Davis, Jr. begins @ about a third of the way in on podcast)

          Auntie Nuke is a great interviewer, by the way. Sharp!

          • Auntie Nuke

            Thanks, Mack! I’m going to use your summary about Ben on my FB Nuclear Hotseat site. Well done! (I’m not financially set up to have transcripts made as of yet.)

            Meanwhile, I didn’t quite track what you were saying about making my FB page available for anyone to see. Can you not go there?

            Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/NuclearHotseat/

            Does that do it? If not, let me know more specifically what you mean.

            BTW, if you’re in CA, there’s going to be a one-day free seminar on Nuclear Power and the Media at SF State University on Saturday, Dec. 3 at Burk Hall. Lots of speakers and networking. Don’t know if it’s going to be recorded, but I’ll be interviewing the organizer, Steve Zeltzer, on next Tuesday’s Nuclear Hotseat. 4 pm Pacific time, phone: 712-432-1100; PIN (access code): 324564#. Live Q&A. Join us! — Auntie Nuke.

            • Mack Mack

              Hi Auntie Nuke – When I click the Facebook link, I get a log-in prompt saying “You must log in to see this page.”

              You might have to set your Facebook settings to “everyone” ?

              Thank you for the info on the meeting and next podcast. I re-posted it on the Enenews “FORUM: Upcoming meetings, gatherings, & demonstrations about energy issues.”

              Definitely post your upcoming podcasts on Enenews as a reminder to everyone!

    • Lil

      We have a lot of educating to do as well as getting signatures. Right now votes are 355 in favor of shutting them down & 479 in opposition to shutting them down. Not good! With low MSM coverage many people still do not know about Fukushima.

  • westcoastguy westcoastguy

    Oh Mah Gawd!
    This is some good news

    • westcoastguy westcoastguy

      California will get the ball rolling just like they did with the legalization of marijuana!

      • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

        Yeah, unfortunately it’s still not legal…we tried, though. but the feds are cracking down on it lately. It’s too bad, a lot of the dipensaries are very professional.

        I love California though, because they are on the forefront of things like this. Sonoma County is a GMO-free county, no GMO’s can be grown there.

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          I’ll glaly sign any petition and vote for any measure that closes them down.

          • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl


            • Mack Mack

              That’s great, but for this to pass, it’s going to require that everyone gets involved.

              Contact Ben Davis Jr. and find out how you can help.

              Ben Davis, Jr.
              [Admin: Sorry no phone number requested]
              bendavis54 (at) gmail.com

              • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

                I wish I’d live in California
                lol 🙂

                • Mack Mack

                  “enoughalready45” had some good ideas on how non-California residents can help.

                  Here is one idea enoughalready45 posted that everyone can do:

                  “Start looking for articles in California Newspapers and post comments encouraging Californians to end nuclear in their state.”

                  If anyone has any more ideas, post them here.

  • MadMama MadMama


  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Ancient Granny proverb:

    Count chickens after eggs hatch.

  • Ron

    Oh please, oh please, oh please.

    Let it be yes.

  • gr81 gr81

    Too good to be true?

    Let’s hope not.

    We should get similar going in Texas, even tho our Nukes are few and far ‘between.

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Well, as the recent WH petition against nuclear not even made it to 5000 signatures and therefore failed, I’m not too optimistic. We’ll see hardcore pro-nuke lobbying in full force! They will “fight for jobs”, “California needs the taxes”, “nuclear is green”,….all this BS will come to the table.
    I love the initiative, but I hope they are prepared.

    Because if this goes wrong it will have been the last anti nuke initiative for a long time, I’m afraid.
    Well, until the next meltdown, that is (so probably not too far in the future).

    • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

      Show them how it’s done.

    • Erin

      Hi B&B – I understand your skepticism, and I share it to a large extent, too. However, please keep in mind that the petition was started by this extremely busy housewife and mom, and I barely touched on a few places in trying to spread it around in my spare time (which was literally a few minutes a day, most days). There was no planning, and I made a number of mistakes along the way. I really don’t think the petition is any kind of a real representation of how the public feels about nuclear power.

      This is exciting! Regardless the outcome, this will be an awesome opportunity to educate the public about nuclear power!!!

      Let us all give thanks (and then get busy)! 😉

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        +1 🙂

      • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

        You’re right Erin, let’s be optimistic. If it HAPPENS, it could be the first nail in the coffin of the US nuke program….and the California people seem to be quite energetic folks!
        But if i see this right, the 504.000 signatures would only be the first step? It would just allow the topic to be discussed politically?
        So it could still be stopped?

        • Erin

          Yes, the signatures would only get the issue on the ballot, and even if California voters pass the measure, I believe there are ways the opposition could still fight it to some degree.

          The great part, though, is that the whole time this measure is in play, the media will be more willing to cover the issue. Instead of waiting for new nuclear news to come out so we can write letters to editors, op-ed’s, etc., we will now have a ton of election coverage to add to the mix.

          The discussion is OPEN! I believe this all but guarantees it will be discussed widely. 🙂

          • Auntie Nuke

            Education is the key to getting this passed. We need to develop our talking points, spread them far and wide, and get ready for a really intense ride.

            Don’t wait until the new year; let’s ask for signatures on the petitions as our holiday presents! The gift that keeps on giving…

  • enoughalready45 enoughalready45

    Everyone in the USA knows someone in California. Contact everyone you know there and get them to support Mr. Ben Davis. Start looking for articles in California Newspapers and post comments encouraging Californians to end nuclear in their state. This initiative has great implications for other states in the USA. Here in Illinois we have a moritorium on new nuclear but the existing nuke plants are still running. We already have the most stored nuclear waste but we just keep adding to it.
    Chernobyl, Fukushima, Illinois??

    • ion jean ion jean

      The nuclear waste issue is the most logic defying aspect of this whole matter

      Its like the nuclear military industrial complex is your house guest who has worn out his welcome…he shits in your toilet then breaks the handLe trying to flush…a little while later he needs to go again so now its filled up and starting to stink…then he’s gotta go again but you tell him not to because it can’t be flushed but he tells you not to worry his brother is good at fixin stuff and he’ll take care of the problem…so in the meantime he barges right past you and shits some more…this keeps happening and his brother never shows…now the shit’s running out the door into your carpeted hallway and this guy says “Well, duh, here, I have some paper bags and I’ll just fill them up with all the eXtra shit and we’ll pile them up right here on your carpet till I can figure out what to do next.”

    • Mack Mack

      Excellent idea. Anyone else have any ideas how non-California residents can help?

  • dave14139

    Wow! Would this work in New York State? I live in western NY, down wind from now-closed West Valley Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Plant. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE the number of people in this area with cancer, or MS. Would love to see the boiling water reactors in NY closed.

  • stopnp stopnp

    Awesome! Get rid of those death machines. I used to work and live in San Clemente. Now mahbe my friends over there won’t get sick. I don’t think our loving government and media alerted them to all of the radiation from fukushima though.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    11/23 Aqua Chernobyl – Fukushima Update 2011/11/23

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Pretty important imo:
    11/23 Nuke Test Samples in a Suitecase – Sunday Mirror UK via Dave Whyte
    Decades of horror stories and official lies, which laid the groundwork for today’s nuclear industry.

    • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

      Unfortunately, I can’t read the newspaper article.

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        Well basically I only READ his post too. Oh well. 🙁
        Way OT I watched Hugh Grant testify yesterday on CSpan about the Phone Hacking in the UK by Murdock empire. I was so proud of Hugh taking part to bring that asshole down. RM in Hot Water and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. 🙂

        • westcoastgirl westcoastgirl

          It just loooked like an interesting article…I wonder if any of his family had health problems after that.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    One time shot – see if this works
    (wont make a habit unless Admin okays it)
    Media separating the responsibi­lity for nuclear crises.

    AC posted this originally.

  • That is good news for California and all of those who live down wind.

    Now if we can just get the California Department of Health and the EPA to recognize the fact that we’ve had proven amounts of fallout that are affecting our dairy supply and other parts of the food chain, that would be even better. 🙂

  • dpl dpl

    Jerry Brownose won’t buck the FEDs ever so he will VETO it if he gets a chance.

  • Auntie Nuke

    VOTES NEEDED ONLINE ASAP: http://taxdollars.ocregister.com/2011/11/23/poll-would-you-vote-to-shut-down-san-onofre/139673/

    They are trying to get the jump on the agenda by reinforcing the Attorney General’s office prejudicial wording about the economic impact. If I didn’t know any better, “I” would not vote to close them down, either. Totally unbalanced. Please – go and vote ASAP.

  • Auntie Nuke

    Okay – I tried to post something about an online poll being taken about shutting down San Onofre that frames the CA anti nuclear agenda in the most frightening, negative way possible… and ENE told me it was a duplicate post. Huh? I posted about it on Facebook, not here… and they’re blocking me? So not cool…

    It is at this url; I’ll separate things that should not be separated so it doesn’t kick into a system. Just close up all the spaces: http:// tax dollars. ocregister.com /2011/11/23/ poll-would- you-vote- to-shut- down-san-onofre/139673/

  • Auntie Nuke

    One last time tonight: I got a “this is a duplicate post and we will not post it” message. Then I posted the previous message, only to find that the first one did get up. Sorry for the duplication. Boomer Luddite here…

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    Tar sands industry eyes California


    Will they ever ever ever stop? Protesting could very well be a fulltime job these days….

  • Pallas89juno Pallas89juno

    🙂 🙂 🙂 BEAUTIFUL NEWS!!! I seriously can’t wait to sign that signature petition to end nuclear power once and for all in CA. That’s movement in a revolutionary direction!!! Whooohoooo!!!!

  • Lil

    Join California Against Nuclear Power & help me to work with legislators & policy makers to stop Nuclear Power. http://www.facebook.com/groups/315704371776383/