WIPP Expert: “Very likely” multiple nuclear waste drums exploded, risk of more occurring; It was clearly something major… signs of fire at container holding over 500 billion Bq of Plutonium and Americium — Nuclear Engineer: “This is a huge dirty bomb” (VIDEO)

Published: June 24th, 2014 at 12:34 am ET


Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer, June 19, 2014 (at 33:45 in): I do believe the part about it being a hydrogen explosion [at WIPP]– due to the decomposition of the green kitty litter — that causes a whole bunch of problems, and one of them is that this is a huge dirty bomb. >> Full interview here

Insight New Mexico interviews Don Hancock, director of the Nuclear Waste Safety program and administrator at Southwest Research and Information Center, June 12, 2014 (at 4:00 in): They haven’t been able to physically get to the one or more containers that… exploded, or had some kind of a deflagration. They had pictures of one container that’s clearly breached, has holes, the lid is off, there are signs that there’s melting around, small amounts of fire, etc… So clearly something major happened. We still don’t know how many containers are involved, I think it’s very likely that its more than the one… the reason I think there’s probably more than is while this particular container has 16 or 17 curies of plutonium and americium [592 billion to 629 billion becquerels] in it, which is a much larger amount than what the average container is, there are containers including ones sitting right beside it that have more radioactivity. We don’t know how much came out, but from what we do know, it looks to me that it was more than what could have come out of a single container. >> Watch the fwull interview here

Nuclear Hotseat #156, with host Libbe HaLevy, M.A., June 16, 2014 — Hancock (at 28:45 in): I think the evidence is pretty strong that there has to be more than one breached container. But the container that is breached… there are 54 other containers from that waste stream in the same room… I’m pretty convinced and other people that have looked at the data are pretty convinced that there’s got to be more than this one container that has leaked… there could be another container nearby that in fact caused the breach and because of its explosion, that forced this other container to leak. […] This morning the House Appropriations Committee, the US Congressional House released a draft report that will be considered by the full committee tomorrow morning in which they in essence say that their understanding is the ventilation system at WIPP and the exhaust shaft are so contaminated that they can never be used again… a new ventilation system and new exhaust shaft [are needed]… clearly they’ve said some things to members of the Houseand people in the House believe that they’re not going to be viable to us those parts of the WIPP anymore. […] At this point there are still risks of additional events happening… it’s going to keep going on and on and on for quite some time.

Full interview with Hancock here

Published: June 24th, 2014 at 12:34 am ET


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141 comments to WIPP Expert: “Very likely” multiple nuclear waste drums exploded, risk of more occurring; It was clearly something major… signs of fire at container holding over 500 billion Bq of Plutonium and Americium — Nuclear Engineer: “This is a huge dirty bomb” (VIDEO)

  • bf9 bf9

    So begs the question…now what?

    And the other question for TEPCO in Japan…where are the coria?

    • We Not They Finally

      People don't realize, but HAARP alone can give VERY vivid accurate reads on what is beneath the Earth. Like one type of vibration means oil, one means gas, one means gold. It is inconceivable that they know nothing abut the disposition of the coriums.

      • Runningonlove Runningonlove

        Excellent point, WNTF. Undoubtedly the black-ops NWO scientific types have located the coriums already. But for their own agenda, they are just allowing them to go their own deadly merry way. Probably to eliminate good old obsolete homo sapiens, and roll out their satanic transhumanist plantation world. Kinda gives you that warm, fuzzy, goodbye dear planet feeling, doesn't it? That being said, one can still hope and pray that a remnant of humans with still-functional
        minds, consciences and hearts are embedded somewhere in the matrix, and can blow the lid off in time. Like NOW.

        • We Not They Finally

          Runningonlove, thanks for the rant (and not saying that you're wrong,) but honestly, this is out of even their control by now. They've been running tone-deaf science experiments without a whisk of conscience for so long, that the whole "It's not working, you morons!!" never even gets to them.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

          It just shut down for a while, but is back up and running.
          07/15/2013 is the date of your link.

          Or course, there is an even larger ionospheric heater is Alaska, and there are many more around the world including mobile units.

        • We Not They Finally

          Charles, it would be good to separate the actual HAARP from the PR stories about it. (Just saying….)

          • We Not They Finally

            Check in on Dane Wigington (geoengineeringwatch.org.) He has a handle on all the geoengineering. Very high integrity guy.

        • whereslora

          So they say. Assuming they are to be believed. Fat chance.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Hydrogen.. probably in the mix ..along with plutonium achieving critical mass…IMHO
    Don Hancock..is very intelligent man.
    I admire his work.

    • We Not They Finally

      Don Hancock is slow, ponderous, circuitous, cautious. You won't get answers, much less protests — just tons of questions and considerations and ponderinss.

      But that said, he does his research best he can and he seems to be the only one in New Mexico speaking up! Most discouraging.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        Mr. Hancock..is not slow..
        He is smart …very keen..
        I don't find him circuitous ..any more than any other person involved in opposition…that find themselves having to start from square one.
        He offers leading questions ..allowing for the audience to come their own conclusions while offering a solid basis for his.
        I find him the rare breathe of fresh air.
        I understand him …and his opinion of conditions are close to my own.
        The only thing that I would emphasis ..is that.. not only multiple drums exploded.. other drums of the same composite are 'warming' up… and also having and effect on drums of equal and less volatility.

        With the ventilation in disrepair …there is not shot at venting…the various gas build ups ..let alone filtration.

  • Gradius

    Americium = mass genocidium!

  • Nigwil

    '…the ventilation system at WIPP and the exhaust shaft are so contaminated that they can never be used again.'

    So what – they are going to dismantle it, scrape the shaft walls, bin it and ship it to the back of the tank farm at Fukushima where a little more will never be noticed?!!!

    So its bulk issue of tyvek suits and face masks for all WIPP staff now is it?


    • We Not They Finally

      They probably need to do a sarcophagus, like at Chernobyl. But predictably, they won't. It may be years ahead before they will even concede that it failed, if then. And the lives it is costing — well, that may be admitted never.

  • Yep, I think I was the first one to call them Dirty Bombs.

    • ftlt

      Can these things go critical an have a chain reaction nuclear explosion of scale, is my question.

      Are the other wastes stored there safe from being involved in the future?

      • We Not They Finally

        Once they get in there (four years? who knows?) maybe they can at least acknowledge your questions for sidestepping.

        There was never supposed to be liquid nuclear waste shipped there AT ALL. By law. But LANL did it anyway, so they got what they got. Or New Mexico did. And Texas and maybe many other places.

      • Not like a full on nuclear bomb, but something on the lines of Fuku 3 is possible with a prompt moderated criticality. Asthe drums explode in the near term, and rust out in the 5 years term, all their contents can mix and seperate by densities, plutonium being one of the most dense. Picture a "hot pocket", on a grand enough scale a mini-cirticality would make the nearby water, yes it is there vaporize to a steam bomb, which would pressurize the whole underground area.

        A very small nuclear bomb was tested underground in 1957 at 2000' deep, it was only 1.7 kTon. That sucessfully containeded the explosion at least for any immediate release. Those bombs had around 7 to 14 lbs of plutonium.

        WIPP has 500,000 barrels of 55 gal equivalent, assuming 10 lbs per gallon, that is 550 lb per drum.

        WIPP has 275,000,000 lbs of contaminated stuff, but a bomb is just 7 lbs. Granted, not all the waste is plutonium also plenty americium, as well as the old favorites, cesium, strontium, et al.

        Got that warm and fuzzy feeling yet?

        After the whole underground area was highly presuurized with no where for the pressure to go the temperature would also go way up and no telling how many other chain reactions would occur, we could have a chain reaction of chain reactions.

        Consider also the 3 straight up vent shafts, probably filled with what else, salt. Could these chain reactions launch those tubes full of salt, I sure think so, and then smolder with a mini…

        • We Not They Finally

          SO the short answer seems to be "yes"? Freaking scary.


          and I'd add, stock, the resulting "out-gassing" could be far worse for the surrounding region, as the plumes are likely to carry highly concentrated rad-toxins close to ground level. Not that they're any less dangerous, but high-energy above ground detonations use convection currents to lift rad-toxins into the stratosphere, thereby dispersing them. WIPP stands to become a intermittent dirty bomb, pushing rad-toxins out-onto the region (surrounding states) for centuries. Hard to believe no one foresaw this scenario.

          P.S. as usual, you've done an awesome job of putting things into perspective. Thanks bro…

          • +10000000 Stock… nailed em to the wall.

            Rather than being safer with WIPP, all of humanity is now LESS safe.

            • After we as USA decide to stop producing more radiation then I will be active in mitigating the damages from what we have.

              Until then I will be a thorn in their side.

        • smoulder with a mini OKLO that we cannot even access to deal with. Shite, we can't even deal with coria 50 feet down at Fuku

        • jec jec

          Uh..Stock..isnt 'steam' able to condense to "liquid"?? And isn't liquid forbidden in WIPP because the darn saltdome will collapse quickly? Think ENENEWS has the regulations posted..supposedly, no liquid. Tell me I am wrong…

          • The steam is AFTER the dirty bombs explode creating a steam explosion, jus to clarify a bit.

            Yes they have water down there, more than they ever thought they would…hence big bags of absorbant…. they keep trying to retroactively "engineer" this thing….this impossible task of trying to keep waste reasonably safe, which it will never be.

            Nuke steals from the future. Eff NUke, shut it down!

  • fireguyjeff fireguyjeff

    What is amazing here is the outright admission of such a large quantity "on the loose".
    And just from barrels!!
    So much for the idea of lasting thousands of years.
    My question is what ever happened to the workers who had the exposure?
    Or will their demise be relegated to the back pages of the local obituary page.?

    • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

      Anything they want to hide, like bodies, now is the time to do it. Room's 6 and 7 are perfect candidates. Seriously, who's going to open them up and search for the evidence?

    • We Not They Finally

      We listened to the Hancock interview. Apparently, they cannot even get a second opinion from an independent doctor without paying for it themselves. Disgraceful.

    • jec jec

      Doctors, like in Japan, don't like to speak about radiation, its hard to prove and the 'fallout' high (a pun so to speak). I DARE you to find a company paid or insurance/government paid doctor anywhere who will mention the danger and exposure issues to his patientsn without strong arm twisting. If a government foots the bill..silence. Guess they think, NO PROOF, and have been 'media' blitzed by world government administrations. Know that in the USA,with Obamacare rules..we have lost a lot of safety and care. Probably on a par with Japan's rules..they do follow the USA administration like ducks…oh..excuse me..stock market like ducks.

  • Uranium_Mountain Uranium_Mountain

    The fact that they are crying about the venting system never being used again is very much implies they still want to use the mine but can't because how will they get clean air except to built new air shafts which is what they will do. Can't you see they are determined to use the mine? However, even with putting in new vent shafts, it will be impossible to to clean every surface area of the cave to ever be able to use it again. Even scrapping every surface would kick up more dust. A millionth of a gram of Pu on a worker as dust, transported out and inhaled can cause cancer so how could they possibly clean it up? No amount of money can pay for the impossible. I guess they could spray a hardened glue on every service thereby pinning the Pu to the walls and surfaces. Oh, that wouldn't cover the other isotopes. Only the Alpha emitters and even then they prove to have a mind of their own. Little Pu Devils.

    Sabotage via educated idiots. Does that count as sabotage? I've said it since this all started.

    • We Not They Finally

      All true and all academic. They'll do whatever they do. Doubt there is anyone with any teeth to stop them. Before we left Albuquerque, we went to a poorly-attended meeting called by Don Hancock, with mostly elderly people and no one seemed to be inclined to get out into the streets at all.

    • jec jec

      I would think the WIPP WALLS need to be scrubbed down. Maybe they should take lots of water and POWER wash inside!!! Then see what happens. I like powerwashers…..high pressure and water spray. HUM..wonder what will happen??

  • dosdos dosdos

    I'm not so convinced that it was multiple containers. I'm more inclined to think that the containers were above spec on the amount of radiation that they were carrying. LANL was in a hurry to get those barrels out of there before deadline, and the quickest way is to overload them.

    I also tend to think it was a nitrate detonation with hydrocarbons and metals burning from the heat. There is just too much shredded material from the drier bags (magnesium oxide) for it to be a deflagration.

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

      I'm sure we haven't been told the size of the radiation release. If it is WIPP expert who has multiple containers, there is no reason to question that it is multiple containers. There is no way that anyone is going to be exaggerating the event.

      • We Not They Finally

        We weren't told where it went, either. We were living in Albuquerque at the time. (Thank God we got out of New Mexico!) We didn't even know what had happened because there was no immediate announcement. Then suddenly, overnight, both of us were severely impacted! (Which I guess can happen to people — but both at once and out of the clear blue? We still haven't a clue which radionuclide does that.) Then we got fatigued — like ALL THE TIME. Then I noticed that I had spontaneous bruising on various parts of my body that could not have been manually injured.

        So we got "hit" — yet we weren't downwind from Carlsbad, rather 274 miles to the north and supposedly with no wind currents coming our way. Didn't matter. Some release happened that "hit" us and we'll probably never be told.

        What did strike me when the initial DOE report came out, is that nearly the first thing they always say is "no harm to human health." But with this, they didn't say that — rather that everything at WIPP had been done negligently from the start. That startled me, and made me realize that it was WAY worse than whatever had been announced publicly.

        Since we left New Mexico, our energy is coming back and the spontaneous bruising disappeared. We wish New Mexicans well, but we'll never return. Too "hot."

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Good point dosdos as they would rather lie and say more barrels exploded, than admit they have not been adhering to allowable limits.

      • We Not They Finally

        You know, it's probably all that, everything, plus more. Because who ever enforced ANY "allowable limits" at WIPP? Non-permitted types of waste, liquid waste, waste hauled through city streets, etc., etc.

    • They can "legally" go up to 7 Curies per liter. Look up what a Curie is.

      Roughly 250 liters per barrel

      20,000 barrel of the "high" low level stuff

      480,000 barrels of other "low level"

      Seriously look up what a Curie is, 7 Curies could contaminate 1 Billion chickens. And they are stuffing it all into one place.

    • jec jec

      The inventory for those last containers, where is it? And the cross ref to be able to walk back to what stuffed in those containers. AND the xray of the container that blew..full of liquid..which was not supposed to be in the container…at all.

      I guess DOE will redefine LIQUID like they did HIGH LEVEL WASTE to make it LOW LEVEL. Geez….

  • Jebus Jebus

    We really need to start an anti-organic kitty litter movement.

    There's just too much risk…

    • Geneva Snow Geneva Snow

      Yes! I was waiting for someone to mention the kitty litter- Thank You Jebus!

      If the right brand of kitty litter can't even be found for the job… Hey.

      What d'ya expect?


      • We Not They Finally

        I still think that the best response was some jokester months back calling this "The Revenge of Chairman Meow." But the fact that they were using kitty litter when there was supposed to be no liquid waste at all…. Salt caverns are dry. They are supposed to stay that way to keep stuff in safe storage. That was the whole point.

  • …but seriously, folks, get the rad word out already

    These cards reference Fukushima as well as WIPP, and are easy to print and pass out without a need for explanations. Leave randomly where ever you please. Distribute liberally.

    Other tools for raising current nuke event awareness and remedies for remediating radiation. Especially for those with young families, all Combat Radiation Forum pages are priceless

    • combomelt combomelt


      A typo in your fuku business card…

      "There is also crisis in New Mexico at WIPP, "
      shouldn't it read….
      "There is also 'a' crisis in New Mexico at WIPP," ?
      or space allowing…
      "There is also 'a nuclear' crisis in New Mexico at WIPP," ?

      a great, simple instrument of information you have provided us…ty

  • rogerthat

    ''the ventilation system at WIPP and the exhaust shaft are so contaminated that they can never be used again''

    – well, they could always build/dig another WIPP nearby. It could perhaps be done quite quickly because all the approvals are already in place. And never forget that WIPP has a perfect 15-year track record, ha ha ha. But seriously, what is the alternative? Revive Yucca Mountain? Ship it all to that above-ground Texas landfill? Sell it to the Russians? Colonise a banana republic and ship all the banana-equivalents there, put all the bananas in the same basket, so to speak? Pack it all into shells, start a war somewhere and sell the delivery systems (tanks, artillery and missile launch systems) to both sides and let them get on with it?

    • We Not They Finally

      There was no solution before this, and this "solution" only produced endangerment. Would be nice if someone started thinking this through back in the 1940's when the lies began.

      But then there is climate change guru, Al Gore, saying, "I assume that they will solve the problem of nuclear waste."

      No one has a clue what to do. People die and they continue to lie.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    We allowed all these people to play with the never ending Nuclear Hell Fire and we all sadly will get badly burned before all is said and done..it's only a matter of time now. 🙁

  • dunkilo

    WIPPY pop!!that stuff will continue to POP Away.No end in sight.

  • Sol Man

    If a 15/10000 success rate is all that the smartest apes in the land can achieve then we better finish that bucket list pronto!.

  • or-well

    Nuke catastrophes do tend to go "…on and on and on…"

    You can't keep a good nuke-tastrophe down,
    either below the water or deep in the ground
    sitting beside a river or cooling pond
    or by the World Ocean Life depends on;
    when nukes decide to go they are gone,
    into the atmo and then into lungs
    and bio-accumulating in things –
    like whatver grows, breathes or feeds
    so that tends to include the food we need –
    and no writ or warrant can put them in jail
    so nuke regulators make industry bail
    wherever and whenever nuclear fails
    because they're not the dog, they're just the tail
    and we need to be hammers pounding that nail.

    A one-coffee rant.

    • Runningonlove Runningonlove

      Yeaaaaah rant! Small addendum:
      or we're all up shit creek without a paddle or sail
      so get on yer box and rant and roar
      or there won't be any life on earth no more

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Can concrete plugs be installed to seal Panels6&7 before the next explosion happens?
    Probably not.
    Dead workers in WIPP's future?
    Probably so.
    One thing certain:
    WIPP is finished.
    All they can do now is to seal it up and walk away.
    What symbol will they leave at WIPP to warn future visitors to stay away?
    How is that there "Pilot Project" workin' out for yous, eh WIPP? 😉

    • newsblackoutUSA newsblackoutUSA

      Where is the next nuclear dump? I am sure they are currently looking for another poor state that will allow anything in just for a few jobs that pay over minimum wage.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar VanneV

        There's one east of Denver already. And on the western slope of Colorado and Kevan Blanche saw them transporting nuclear waste in Utah. Haven't they been competing in Utah to receive the nuclear waste. And Hanford is still receiving nuclear waste.

        • We Not They Finally

          Poor Denver. They already got the brunt of Rocky Flats. Colorado apparently has the highest rate of MS in the nation — no wonder.

      • 23skidoo 23skidoo

        Hey newsblackoutUSA,

        The nukesters here in Canada are absolutely CRAZY suggesting this as a solution *Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Nuclear Waste
        Collection related to proposal by Ontario Power Generation to construct and operate a deep geologic facility for the disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive waste.


        BTW newsblackoutUSA, We greatly appreciate the posts you make and the work your doing along with so many other 'veterans' of Enenews. Its Day 1,201 of this World Nuclear Emergency and critical thinkers like you are the true unsung heroes bravely staring down the criminals running the global industrial nuclear complex -the last line of defence. WildGreens have experienced numerous computer attacks for attempting to enlighten the 'other' news wires. This planet killer event – the most under-reported environmental story ever, has been exposed by un-paid volunteers. Can you imagine what we grass-roots activists could have accomplished had paid 'BIG GREEN' been on top of this event right out of the gate with us? Thank you for paying attention and please stay safe.

        Warmest regards,

        Steven Kaasgaard

        • We Not They Finally

          Good luck in Canada, Steven. Most of us are very disappointed in so-called "Big Green" — maybe they've been co-opted by the bad guys, or made dyslexic through the "climate change" scares. Apparently much of "climate change" is actually CAUSED by malevolent geoengineering. We just seem to be a science experiment to TPTB.

      • 52Rockwell

        Newsblackout, Rick Perry ,the Gov of Texas in lobbying for nuke waste storage here in Texas.Job,Jobs,Jobs, for the Docs and morticians i guess.

    • combomelt combomelt









  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    Unfortunate that our nuke woe's are coinciding with a global mafia of corrupt government. There should be a grand jury conveined and RICO prosecutions forth-coming.

    • We Not They Finally

      Except that when one thinks "mafia," it's been the underworld. This is way above ground and everywhere. So which corrupt government or international agency gets to convene the grand jury? You see the conundrum.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    If these people have detonated a "Dirty Bomb" on US soil then they all should be tried as insurgent terrorists and then jailed accordingly. 🙁

    Can there be a difference in the intent and/or application of any occupational malfeasance?

    A "Dirty Bomb" is a dirty bomb anyway you look at it..

    • We Not They Finally

      Only people who are marginalized foreigners seem to be called "terrorists." This crew is just "business as usual." Mainstream.

  • Sickputer

    I doubt they will walk away. Too many years invested by the feds and it's their last hope to transport waste from the nuclear sites across America.

    They will seal the air shafts and the contaminated rooms. They have many more to use:

    "The final facility contains a total of 56 storage rooms located approximately 650 meters underground. Each room is 100 yards in length.[10] The plant is estimated to continue accepting waste for 25 to 35 years and is estimated to cost a grand total of 19 billion dollars.[2]" Wikipedia


    SP: My guess…They will be back in operation by early next year. YMMV

    • sally

      I agree Sickputer. Congress just gave them their yearly budget and an addition $102 million to get it fixed. Which in my opinion will take an additional 3 billion dollars. This may be the breaking point because Hanford's budget was cut by about 100 million.
      This nuclear waste stuff is costing a lot more than congress planned on, because the nuclear industry said that the waste issue will be paid for by the electrical rate payers and is years down the road. Not a problem.

      Well were years down the road and look at where we are. Congress can't go to the American public and say; Hey we screwed up. "Buddy can you spare a dime." They know what the answer will be.

    • We Not They Finally

      I really hope you are WRONG about "back in business by next year." But unfortunately, there seems to be no furor and uprising in New Mexico.

  • Sol Man

    Hoe many Pu emitters can our world safely handle?

    Answer: 0! (but, we knew that!)

    How many Pu emmitters does our world have?
    FD 1,2,3, &4

    Please add.

    And, then the accidents.

    • We Not They Finally

      That list is either incomplete or will be. There's lobbying to do more MOX fuel (includes plutonium.) Don't recall exactly where I saw that, but believe it's out there. It may be Georgia in the States, also China. I'd also look into France. I know I saw it somewhere.

  • Nick

    I don't have exact numbers but a simple question to us all….

    What if the cost of nuclear anything were diverted to other endeavors?

    Maybe our world would be a bright and wonderful one!

    The waste is unacceptable.

    • Sol Man

      The killing of the ecosystem is impossible to accept. The world has 70 years of nuclear mess to clean-up. Can it be done now?
      I have doubts.

      The world would be a bright and wonderful place. Why don't tptb want that?

    • We Not They Finally

      Nick, I'm on your side, but that's something like saying why war, why not peace? And that does not even count begin the black budgets.

      Interesting that Eisenhower, who had after all been a five-star general, had so little say in anything military once he became President, that it was only three days before he LEFT office that he made his famous military-industrial complex speech. When he was IN office, he was promoting the lie of "Atoms for Peace." Maybe he thought that since he was on the way out, it was the one chance he had to protest. (For all the good it did.)

      It's apparently a whole separate secret government going on. For a long time now. With no one else having any say about allocation of funds. Unclear that Congress has, or EVER had the power to change that.

  • mutante mutante

    None of this surprises me. I have had enough of watching this on going train wreck for at least few days.

  • sistahawk

    just remember : DOE says no permit needed for WIPP (published Dec. 12, 1998 Albuquerque (AP ) : The US Dep. of Energy argues in documents filed in federal court that it should be allowed to open a nuklear waste dump in N.M. early next year without a state permit for hazardous waste. The department contends no state permit is needed for nuclear waste that does not contain chemical waste specifically regulated by the state , such as led and solvents.

  • GQR2

    Hi Obewan perhaps a slight semantic adjustment is in order.

    according to propagandists, the definition of a dirty bomb according to DHS is that it doesn't cause casualties but it causes contamination. Good old newspeak. They are said to cause mass disruption. Perhaps WIPP should be described as an ongoing simmering criticality. seems to fit, though it is chemical.
    That cascading chemical reactions in the barrels. (over a thousand of them spread all over the place, sitting in lots.

    Way more dangerous than a dirty bomb,according to their own definitions. 🙁


  • sistahawk

    …DOE put forth its argument in a 45-page brief filed late wednesday that urged U.S.District Judge John Garret Penn of Washington,D.C., to lift a court order he issued nearly seven years ago blocking the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant from opening. Pennin August had delayed a hearing on a petition filed by N.M.Attorney General Tom Udall and several anti-nuclear groups seeking to block movement of waste to nthe southeastern New Mexico repository because of the lack of a state permit…

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I believe this to be more than a dirty bomb,
    and I can see another non stop disaster and other disasters.
    I have learned, they don't like to tell the exact magnitude of things.

  • sistahawk

    …. Related Searches : DISTRICT JUDGE NEW MEXICO JOHN GARRET PENN U.S.DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY CHEMICAL WASTE TOM UDALL UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENT WASHINGTON D.C. ATTORNEY GENERAL…(please read ISSUES AROUND WIPP PERMIT …very interresting..) and here we are today …these Wiredoz are alowed to run free ,AND THEY LAUGH ABOUT YOU PEOPLE… and if you protest , they put you in jail…me thinks its beyond madness….

  • weeman

    It's been the same old song and dance now for seventy years and they are still looking for away to make radioactive isotopes inert and the song is just repetitive and the dance of the fandangle has lost its luster.
    Time in a unimaginable time frame is the only answer.
    SFP were originally envisioned to be a temporary stop guard till a way of dealing with the waste was discovered, still waiting while the tptb continue to stockpile waste with no alternate plan, like stop producing more waste?

    • Angela_R

      Hi weeman, you remark, in part: "and they are still looking for a way to make radioactive isotopes inert"
      "SFP were originally envisioned to be a temporary stop guard till a way of dealing with the waste was discovered, still waiting while the tptb continue to stockpile waste with no alternate plan, like stop producing more waste?"

      This was also how I saw it. They had developed perpetual self generating energy, and once let out of containment, it broke loose, unchecked by reason. And the cycle continued with every nuclear test, the effects multiplied.
      Then they sought to put the energy to use, to generate an income to deal with its effects and created more…
      Witness the Ouroboros (the snake) who led man into the circle of destruction.

      But now I'm drawn to the consequences, and to examining the dire effects to our atmosphere.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    I realize there are people who work there that know exactly what is going on.
    Some keep there mouths closed for that pay check, retirement, maybe some are scared.

    However, what good is all that when this stuff starts effecting you and your loved ones, and you start coughing up blood!!

    • GQR2

      a paycheck and the powerful feeling one has when they have secrets. So many people are willing to keep these secrets. One of the most profound pay-offs is psychological. They feel more powerful,smarter,better fed,more toys, more privilege. Worst of all they feel justified in their behavior. This psychological pay off of feeling power applies to all levels of employees and hench people. The collusion is heavy duty because power rubs off on one's friends and family. This "personal power" pay off from keeping secrets,keeping things proprietary,whatever the legal maneuver appears to be one of the most serious obstacles to Transparency.

    • We Not They Finally

      windorsolarpleace, when your motive is to make nuclear bombs, and electricity is just a convenient by-product, that's what happens. During the Cold War, ALL they cared about was bombs and no one had the guts or the power to stop them. Then it became a self-perpetuating secret government. Now it's a self-perpetuating mass death machine.

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Hi GQR2, We Not They Finally, We Not They Finally

      Transparency is what is needed to stop this continuing insanity.

      We have seen penalties for whistle-blowing. It's the honorably and brave thing to do. Grab that devil and throw it in the fire. Get behind me devil there are worse things.

      When people don't blow the whistle on Nuclear Power it only creates a new meaning of penalties for many and this world.

      Coughing up blood, seeing you and your loved ones die a long suffering death…Radiation accumulates…

      Nuclear Power Plants and it's wastes are only death panels even for those who don't whistle blow.

      You can't win with these people, if they don't get you, their plants and waste will.

      Don't worry about getting muddy, your in the radiation mud already

      • WindorSolarPlease

        Oops sorry We Not They Finally.. I put your name twice..That just means you must be doubly important. lol..

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    I think governor Richardson needs to speak up. Yoo hoo, your state needs your leadership……….

    And over the whole world there was no leadership to be found.

    So the people suffered.

    • weeman

      The people have to speak up and impose there will, make it clear that if the politicians do not agree to close the facility down, they will not be re elected, time to make a stand?

      • We Not They Finally

        We lived in New Mexico until recently. No one is making a stand. No one is protesting. Don't know what it will take.

        • If you got out, GOOD FOR YOU!

          • We Not They Finally

            Thank you, thank you. We got a housing offer and before we even broke our lease in NM, much less had a new lease where we were moving, we said, "We'll take it." We moved quick — felt like an emergency panic evacuation. But we'll never look back. We're in beautiful green Massachusetts now, in the Boston suburb where husband was born and raised. No guarantees anywhere, of course, but it's great compared to NM and we're grateful. We know that a lot of people can't do this.

            • Good job, I don't like crowded place, but I do like Boston. NM is a slave to radiation, teams named the "Isotopes" makes it so "homey"

            • Shaker1

              WNTF, I've congratulated you before about getting out, having lived there and really appreciated the state for its visual treasures, to me it's a shame that one must abandon the place for that reason. I lived there through the original public discussions and any protest or seemingly real concern wasn't too much better at that time. NM in my consideration was always a state run by big money and dependent upon federal cash and the resources that follow it. It really mattered little if it was the old good ol' boy big-rancher Democrats like Bruce King or Tony Anaya, to that egotist Republican ass Gary Johnson, who claimed how self-made he was, yet if it wasn't for federal money he would just be another small-time contractor in a small city that happens to be in the Rio Grande valley. Don't need to talk of Washington representatives, do we, of the likes of Richardsons, or Wilsons, or Domenici. Those might be gone, but I doubt the basic personality hasn't changed a bit, just the names.

              All I can say is that it's a shame that such beautiful places are so defiled. Were you ever in the Los Alamos area? Or ever visit Carlbad? I know, I may be a bit different as I even have feelings for the badlands between Soccoro and Elephant Butte, but I feel such a loss it's difficult for me to comment on these WIPP threads.

              Wish you and yours well, though.

              • We Not They Finally

                Thanks for the kind words. We actually heard a veterinarian on a call-in radio show say that half of the DOGS who died in the Los Alamos/Santa Fe area, it was from cancer.

                Me, I didn't find New Mexico beautiful (except maybe for Taos), just barren. Asked a life-long New Mexican the last night there, who named this State "The Land of Enchantment"? "Oh," she said, "It's not The Land of Enchantment. It's the Land of ENTRAPMENT!" [smile] Now, tragically, that seems to be true.

        • Paid to fail. Paid even more to fail more.

          Paid to cause suffering and death.

          Paid to be the outreach coordinator for the invisible Grim Reaper.

          Paid to spread invisible poisons all over the globe.

          Out of sight, out of mind.

          What's on TV tonight?

    • We Not They Finally

      There's no Gov. Richardson. It's Governor Martinez. And haven't heard from her.

      • Cisco Cisco

        Richardson would have been no help. He was with DOE and is all apart of the Cabal. Just another crony capitalist politician…in my view, a POS.

      • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

        I believe he will always be known as "Governor Richardson" hence forth ( just as former presidents are ) But I quibble – my point being he was very well known and can mount a huge soapbox anytime he chooses. He like the rest of his colleagues have declined to speak out on so very many vital issues. His political career is more important than the people.

  • Nick

    "Don Hancock, director of the Nuclear Waste Program at the nonprofit Southwest Research and Information Center in Albuquerque, called the task of decontaminating and reopening WIPP “daunting” and likely to cost a lot more money. He said there’s no precedent for this cleanup.
    “We’re talking about doing something that’s never been done before. This is a big deal,” said Hancock, who has studied WIPP since the facility opened in 1999. “It is not starting over, but it is close to starting over.”
    He said the contamination likely affected 3,000 feet of tunnel to the bottom of the exhaust shaft and 2,150 feet up the exhaust shaft. “It is not credible to say there is not contamination along the whole way,” he said.

    ..starting over….

    …spending vast sums….

    …man, do I love the money nuclear anything brings!…

  • tbg

    I thought there was more than one container since the first images.


    I cant find my other image that had the best angle image but it looks to me like that tote is cracked and broken as well as the drums.

    • We Not They Finally

      THey apparently made systemic problems, so probably it was a lot of drums, not just one.

  • cosmic charlie cosmic charlie

    This will brighten your day: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-24/us-drones-strike-isis-targets-bbc-reports-pentagon-denies

    Surely there are adults minding the store somewhere?

    Perhaps not……..

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      No adults..sorry ..just a bunch of kids fighting inside a much larger, bigger, messier sandbox.. 🙁

  • combomelt combomelt

    Don Hancock, "it’s going to keep going on and on and on for quite some time."

    that's 3 'ons' he used to qualify time!!!!
    that must be a very long time Don!!

    ooooh, ya got that right. coupla hundred thousand deadly freakin years worth there o' pal 'o mine!

    how long will it be until the entire underground shyte-hole goes critical and blows itself clear to the moon!??"

    biggest freakin collection of bomb grade material PACKED IN STEEL DRUMS(bremsstrahlung anyone?) close together, surrounded by SALT, then mixed with volatile organic solids(kitty litter), and inorganic nasties too!

    could the unknown volatile shyte there go critical?
    drums packed close together like fuku's storage tanks…check
    bremsstrahlung reported with fuku's tanks….check
    underground bremsstrahlung at WIPP yet?….ya think??…check.
    run for the hills…check
    doesn't matter, and now out of breath from running….check
    shelter in place – useless….check
    invisible, odorless, tasteless….check
    pacific ocean dead…check
    and on and on and ON……

    • Ontological Ontological

      This is a prime example of excellent thinking. We need more of this here. TY for your input.

      It will go on and on and ON!

      Right. Clean energy. Check.

    • Runningonlove Runningonlove

      Combomelt, you made me smile, and even chuckle a bit, for the first time today…after gazing up in defeatist horror at the spectacular
      chemtrail smear job overhead here in Canada. For the third day in a row, an absolute horizon-to-horizon nano-particulate mess…check.
      Mixing with stratospheric radioactive Fuku shyte…check.
      Do not inhale…check. It's pathetic when the only thing that makes me laugh is mocking our impending planetary demise! I think they
      called that "gulag humour" back in the USSR…check.

  • Nick

    I sense a perfect storm brewing.

    While the nuclear waste piles up, the bombs keep getting built.

    While the fuel pools fill up, the uranium continues to be mined.

    While the vast nuclear medicine machine creates more gadgets and machines to slay the cancer cells (or image them) the rates of cancer sky-rocket.

    Look at the children play. Listen to their laughter.

    Now weep, as you realize how tragic a future beckons us all, thanks to the fools who split the atom and tried to hide the waste.

    Remember, WIPP is about stashing weapons waste. We haven't begun to deal with the electrical side's vast amounts of spent fuel.

    Our ONLY way of getting rid of some of it is as DU. Ofcourse that's insane.

    But who said humans were sane?

    Yes, a perfect storm brews. Nations will crumble. Chaos awaits us all.

    Fun eh?

    • We Not They Finally

      Well, it used to be DU. They tipped weapons with it. Now, apparently (according to Dane Wigington, who is very knowledgable,) it's just pure uranium. And Steven Chu, when he departed the DOE, his parting gift was to allow radioactive metallic waste to be used for the likes of belt buckles, door knobs and silverware.

      No one learned a thing from ancient Rome, apparently.

  • Sol Man

    Salt caverns are dry, except when they were created, and then there is Bayou Corne.

  • 20 Close Calls; Why MAD Total Nuclear Global World War III Almost Happened 20 Times So Far; via @AGreenRoad

  • I've watched the Carlsbad Town Hall meetings. I've watched the LANL public meetings. Here's what I know.

    >>> First of all, what comes to my mind, is a a game of Whack-a-Mole being played to the tune of Pop Goes The Weasel. That should give you a general picture. 😉

    1. It's now been over 4 MONTHS since the event. They still don't know what barrel or barrels exactly. They know it could have Plutonium-238, but they're not sure.

    2. They are building a new air duct filtration system. The filtration system should be in operation by the end of the year 2014.

    3. They have a 'door' that can be closed to seal off the room.

    __A – If they close it, they may never determine what caused the initial event.

    __B – If they don't close it, other barrels could erupt and make it even harder to close the door or do anything for that matter.

    "……it’s going to keep going ON and ON and ON for quite some time."
    – Hancock

  • rogerthat


    wipp compliance application review documents and technical support documents. at a glance, some interesting stuff for those with time and expertise.


    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Poor management, an eroding safety culture, ineffective maintenance and a lack of proper oversight are being blamed for a radiation release that contaminated 21 workers and shuttered the federal government's nuclear waste dump two months ago in southeastern New Mexico.
    The series of shortcomings are identified in a report to be released Thursday by the U.S. Department of Energy's Accident Investigation Board and are similar to those found in a probe of truck fire in the half-mile-deep mine just nine days before the Feb. 14 radiation release from the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) near Carlsbad….

    • Shaker1

      Degradation of processes is something that must be fought constantly. I've seen it over and over in manufacturing, a process proved and running with zero scrap rate a year later running 10% rate and no one knows what's wrong. The good intentions at the beginning are circumvented at every turn, from management to workers and their view of safety. (Who'd work in WIPP without a respirator? I realize they're very uncomfortable and difficult to maintain and maintenance is generally a personal task, but I wouldn't do anything in there without one even if it was simply salt.) The pressures there were likely stupendous, from management that is of financial background first allowing the cutting of corners and encouraging lower level managers to do such, to workers harrassing their peers for following rules they feel are tedious. I'd like to see some remarks from the statisticians who've obviously worked on the risk factors that were used for decision-making and assessing its viability.

  • rogerthat

    ''Participation in data collection and detector maintenance activities on site at WIPP will also be part of the responsibilities''

    International Society of Nuclear Air Treatment Technologies, Inc
    33nd International Nuclear Air Cleaning Conference
    Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, MO June 22-24, 2014

    – does anyone know about this? a huge number of experts delivered papers that look directly relevant to wipp, hanford, fukushima, hepa filters. take a look at the agenda. i may be wrong, but this stuff seems to have been posted after the conference, not before. whatever, their papers may be available and i am sure would be of great public interest. for example:
    BWR Mark I and II Mitigation of Dose Exposure and Land Contamination Steven Kraft, NEI
    WIPP Incident Response: Underground Ventilation System Assessment, Elaine Diaz, USDOE, William Lawrence, URS
    Effectively Communicating Radiation Risks: The Toughest Task, Henry Royal, M.D., Washington University
    Development of High Strength HEPA Filters for Hanford’s Waste Treatment Plant (WTP), Patterson, Bechtel
    … and so on. lots of it, take a look, it's fascinating. i wonder if anyone from the media went along?

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "The EXO experiments needed to be conducted in an environment with cooler temperatures and used xenon to do so, but the gas warmed when all experiments had to be abandoned. Scientists were able to capture the xenon in bottles by remote from the surface, according to Weaver, and it appears no harm was done to the project."

    WIPP closure shuts down ‘critical’ science experiments – Alamogordo Daily News


    Where are these bottles of xenon ..now?
    How many bottles?

  • rogerthat



    – i wonder if this stuff is safe?


    EPA received the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) official Compliance Recertification Application on March 26, 2014. The comment period for the application has not yet opened; the Agency will publish a Federal Register notice in the near future which will officially open the public comment period. Once this occurs, the comment period will remain open until EPA specifies the end of it with a future Federal Register notice announcing its completeness determination….

    – there's lots of it, have a look

  • rogerthat


    While US States such as Washington State (http://www.atg.wa.gov/divisions/ecology/hanford.aspx) and now South Carolina, are forced to threaten, fine, or even sue the US Government-DOE in attempts to get it to take responsibility for Nuclear Waste at US National facilities, Obama and Moniz are trying to import more nuclear waste, currently from Germany, to the Savannah River South Carolina site. There is still no place to put US commercial waste, which with the Yucca mountain facility cancelled, is stored in a precariously overcrowded way, on the premises of nuclear facilities around the USA. Recently German radioactive waste was sent to Tennessee to be burned: “The Germans are a worldwide leader in toxic waste incineration, yet they seek to send their radioactive waste here to burn. If it is safe, why don’t they burn it themselves?’ asks Don Safer of the Tennessee Environmental Council. The EnergySolutions incinerators have been operating since around 1990 and have never undergone a comprehensive environmental impact analysis.” (See: http://www.nonukesyall.org/stop_German_waste_import.html) …

  • rogerthat


    WIPP Filter Replacement Complete, New Federal Investigation Begins
    June 26th, 2014


    SUMMARY: This notice announces a meeting of the Environmental
    Management Site-Specific Advisory Board (EM SSAB), Idaho National
    Laboratory. …
    DATES: Thursday, July 10, 2014 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
    The opportunity for public comment is at 1:30 p.m.
    This time is subject to change …
    The purpose of the Board is to make
    recommendations to DOE-EM and site management in the areas of
    environmental restoration, waste management, and related activities.
    Tentative Topics (agenda topics may change) …
    Recent Public Involvement
    Idaho Cleanup Project Progress to Date (Including status
    updates on Transuranic Waste, Spent Nuclear Fuel, and the Integrated
    Waste Treatment Unit)
    Update on Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
    WIPP Directed New Work Plans–Idaho Treatment Group and Idaho
    Cleanup Project
    Update on Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project …
    Individuals wishing to make
    public comments will be provided a maximum of five minutes …

  • rogerthat


    For the past 15 years, Ontario Power Generation — one of the largest producers of electricity in North America — has been working to obtain approval from the Canadian government to build an underground repository near the Great Lakes to store its nuclear waste.
    As the approval process for the Deep Geologic Repository, or DGR, nears an end, some concerned citizens have started a petition asking lawmakers in Canada, as well as the United States, to block the approval of the proposed nuclear waste repository near the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant site in Kincardine, Ontario.
    Almost 61,000 people have signed the petition so far, including Dr. David Suzuki, a famous Canadian environmentalist.
    Much of the concern is focused on the proposed repository’s location — just about a half mile from the shores of Lake Huron. Groups such as Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump argue that if radioactive nuclear waste leaked into the water, 40 million Canadians and Americans who depend on the Great Lakes for their drinking water, would find themselves without access to a source of clean freshwater. …

  • Chudleigh Chudleigh

    WIPP is making TEPCO look like a bunch of nobel laureates.

  • reaiege

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