Workers “trying to understand scope of damage” at U.S. nuclear plant — Structural problems at Unit 1? — 500 ton device fell on water lines, electrical equipment — Reactors still using emergency generators

Published: April 1st, 2013 at 10:07 pm ET


Platts, April 1, 2013 at 5:19p ET: [… Terry Young, an Entergy spokesman] said Entergy’s onsite personnel, and other employees brought to the [Arkansas Nuclear One] site, have been conducting walk downs “trying to understand the scope of the damage.” He said “one of the areas under investigation” is why Unit 1’s turbine lift device failed during the movement of its main turbine generator stator, which the company said weighs about 500 tons. […] The falling stator damaged water lines and electrical equipment, which caused 1,065-MW Unit 2 at the site, which had been operating at full power, to shut automatically, Dricks said. Unit-2 suffered damage to its switchgear, Entergy told the NRC. “At this time, the full extent of structural damage on Unit 1 is not known,” Entergy said. Damage to a breaker caused a loss of all offsite power for Unit 1, Entergy said in the NRC report. Emergency diesel generators at the site are supplying power to Unit 1. Power to Unit 2 is being supplied by diesel generators and offsite power, Entergy said in the statement. […]

Local TV coverage here

Published: April 1st, 2013 at 10:07 pm ET


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105 comments to Workers “trying to understand scope of damage” at U.S. nuclear plant — Structural problems at Unit 1? — 500 ton device fell on water lines, electrical equipment — Reactors still using emergency generators

  • lickerface lickerface

    It doesn't seem resolved. This is scary and scarier that we can't trust what they're saying. Actual threat is 1000 times more than PR tells?

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Bringing back memories of TMI.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      There may really be no cause to worry, but we'll never know.

      The average person seems remarkably oblivious to the media black-outs or the consequences of a radioactive release anywhere in the U.S. The assumption is: "The government will take care of it and tell me if I need to do something."

      Here's an overview of the planned Arkansas Nuclear One government response:

      0. No immediate danger. Set up Rumor Control (censors) at HQ.

      1. In case of a serious release, evacuate out to two miles, evacuate out to five miles in the direction of the plume, everyone else within the emergency planning zone (10 miles) shelter-in-place. Don't panic people by giving any plume details – this will ensure they head to contaminated evacuation centers.

      2. Sorry – no Potassium Iodide distribution to unimportant Arkansas residents.

      3. Rad teams – both of them – each have a Ludlum Model 3 survey meter with a few probes. It's *ambient* gamma 3 ft. from the ground that kills people. Not the radioiodine, xenon, cesium, plutonium, etc.

      4. Public Health has three decontamination station kits for some reason. Strip, citizen!

      5. Outlaw farm products within a 50 mile radius so people don't eat them.{19F24226-DAF4-423D-858B-25A13A03C9D9}

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    FRYING DUTCHMAN humanERROR Anti Nuclear Musical performance; via A Green Road

    Fukishima 15 Year Old Speech-Song; via A Green Road

  • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

    Same ol story, same ol greed.

    Nothin to see here, move on.

    Don't ask ANY questions, no no no

  • snukey

    we really need inside info on this. if this goes im outta here. I live a few hundred miles away.

  • Jebus Jebus

    When the Entergy spokesperson was asked if there was anything else, he said,
    "What else… Oh ya! We killed a guy and crippled six or eight more.
    But remember, no one has died from nuclear.
    Low level radiation is actually good for you.
    Theres no immediate harm. Only indetectable amounts have escaped.
    The public is not in any danger, so were just gonna put up these emergency evacuation signs now.
    Bye, Lie to ya later…"

  • patb2009

    " why Unit 1′s turbine lift device failed during the movement of its main turbine generator stator, which the company said weighs about 500 tons"

    there are only 3 reasons why the lift device would fail

    1) Improper maintenance: Things are old or they replaced parts with inadequate parts
    2) Improper rigging: They lifted things wrong.
    3) Operator error.: Too hard, too high, too fast,,,,,

    That's also a big problem.

    well getting a busted stator out is a big problem, not easily repaired, not easily replaced.

    They will need some serious people to get it out and fix the damage, meanwhile the station is on EDG.

    • Sickputer

      Yeah…just a little old part fell that weighed more than TWO Statue of Liberties! How would like a 1 million pound part fall on you? I hope the Wade family gets a 10 million dollar payoff and that isn't even worth his death by a long shot.

      Remember the "tiny" 300 ton South Korean-built reactor vessel that took three years to build and then it fell off the railcar near the port of Savannah last December? No problem! It was protected with Saran wrap! Not even a slight tear of the covering material despite 600,000 pounds of metal falling on a rocky railbed. A freakiing miracle worthy of another Mark Burnet miniseries!

      "“It was fully contained in shrink wrap and there was no damage, not even to the shrink wrap itself,” said Joey Ledf­ord, a spokesman for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

      SP: You can't make this shit up! So now we know Saran wrap was the missing backup system at Fukushima. Hell, it probably would have contained the whole blast at Unit 3 and then could have been disposed of like a 500-foot condom!

      • Sickputer

        BTW.. My comment was in no way directed at patb2009 who I respect very much. Threads somethings can leave false impressions. Plus typing on a phone is an art that sometimes fails to convey the proper meaning.

        (Damn it Siri! I said "Sit on that idea" … Not "Shit on that idea!") 🙂

      • getoutwhileyoustillcan

        "just a little old part fell that weighed more than TWO Statue of Liberties! How would like a 1 million pound part fall on you?"

        Thanks for putting that into perspective. 500 tons was just a number, but 2 Statue of Liberty's completely changed my perception. You don't just drop 2 Statue of Liberty's. It's more like a massive piece of this thing just collapsed, and you can't just get a couple guys together to pick it up, and duct tape it back in where it's supposed to go. And then how do you make sure this massive piece of equipment still works, and nothing really important broke that could potentially wipe out Arkansas and Missouri? I'm sure they're going to do a thorough inspection before even thinking of turning this thing back on?

      • Sickputer

        SP typed these pixels of light yesterday:

        "I hope the Wade family gets a 10 million dollar payoff and that isn't even worth his death by a long shot."


        Correction…I meant the Walters family, Wade is the first name of the unfortunate victim. Has anyone heard any details about how he and his friends were stationed in harm's way?

        "Pope County Coroner Leonard Krout says 24-year-old Wade Walters of Russellville died in the accident. According to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission report, Walters died after a 500-ton piece of equipment fell on top of him when “a temporary lift device failed"

        • Sickputer

          Tuesday report about Wade Walters and his death at ANO:

          "Friends and loved ones took to social media Sunday and Monday to pay their respects to Walters, remembering the Arkansas River Valley native and Pottsville High School graduate.

          “He was real quiet and solemn,” said Logan Hughes, a family member. “He wasn’t an unhappy person, he was always happy, he just wasn’t really excitable about anything. He was pretty level-headed. He just kept to himself a lot.”

          Hughes said Wade worked outages at plants throughout the South.

          “I never really knew where he was one job to the next,” he said. “We expected Wade to be here as long as this generation of cousins. There’s two things in life that he was all about, working out and his family — his girlfriend in particular. I know she’s taking it real hard. It’s tough on her because she’s got a lot of unanswered questions.”


          SP: Very, very sad. A tragic loss of a good man.

  • Sickputer

    Hey, not to worry. If the DGS fails they have probably 4 hours of battery life to run the cooling pumps. Drive very far to the west if you get that tidbit of information.

    Watch out for oil on the road! 🙂

  • SwimsWithGators

    EPA Radnet data shows spike in Gross Beta

    These are directions to EPA 7 day data.

    No hot link. Copy first EPA link and remove spaces in URL then go from there. Found an almost 90 Gross Beta count when I looked yesterday.

    AT:: http://

    REMOVE SPACES after * :// should read http://www.epa

    *Near real time data*

    Selecting Arkansas and clicking brings:


    Which is where you ask for data from AR
    Selecting data……

    select these two below… move them to the box at right to query using >

    *beta gross count rate*

    *measurement start date time*




    select *time*

    click small calendar… go back just a month or so

    click: submit

    scroll down and find the

    *Graphical Plots for the Past 7 Days*

    Click *Scatter plot*

    You'll see some rather high readings

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      So how can anyone in Ft. Smith, Arkansas be sure they're safe today? Easy – check the EPA's real-time monitoring on RATNET:

      See? Nothing to be worried about. Radiation levels are rock-steady.

      Thanks from all of us little people, EPA.

      • Sickputer

        Yep Pw3…I am sure we will all sleep well after checking SADNET values.

        They have CPMs in the 30s and 40s for Little Rock (anybody buying that sick puppy?).

        Oh…but Memphis which is downwind ANO on the latest Jetstream has a whopping ZERO listed for CPMs for every hour of today. You mountaineers are damn safe according to the Univac computer your taxpayer money bought courtesy of a Bush-Cheney spoils handout to one of their lovely supporters:

        "Who is responsible for assuring that the system is up and running? The EPA contracted this responsibility to a private company, Environmental Dimensions, Inc.

        Environmental Dimensions, Inc (EDI) has provided maintenance for EPA’s RadNet monitoring systems under a sole source contract which can be viewed at the end of this article. The base amount of the contract is $238,000.00. This does not include materials and travel, which is billed back to the government as needed.

        The contract was awarded to what is stated as a “Woman-owned 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business“. The disadvantaged woman in this case is EDI company president Patricia S. Bradshaw , former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense appointed by George Bush."

        • Sickputer

          SP: Things just get better and better for the Bush-Cheney SADNET suckups (aka Environmental Dimensions Inc.):

          March 21, 2012:

          "EnergySolutions (NYSE: ES – News) today announced that the partnership it has formed with Environmental Dimensions Inc. has been awarded a $200M contract for Waste Characterization, Processing and Waste Operations Services for the U.S. Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

          …"About Environmental Dimensions Inc.

          Founded in 1990, EDi is a woman-owned small disadvantaged business that has provided radiological and environmental support services at more than a dozen DOE sites. Headquartered in Albuquerque New Mexico, EDi also has offices in Santa Fe, Denver, Oak Ridge and Washington DC."

          SP: Yes…that about sums it up…the SADNET bunch is promoted here by new BFF as expertise in running a DOZEN DOE sites!

          Gee…I was under the false impression SADNET had TWO HUNDRED sites! See here:

          "RadNet is a national network of more than 200 monitoring stations distributed across all 50 states and the American Territories. These stations regularly sample the nation's air, precipitation, drinking water, or pasteurized milk for a variety of radionuclides…

          SP: Nucleocrat crooks and scoundrels run amok…

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          This woman was known by enenewsers to be incompetent in 2011. Someone tell the government so they can stop awarding contracts to such a company. Probably if they were told they would never read the message. People have been harmed. Mass arrests need to take place.

  • razzz razzz

    Unit 1 not so important, it was shutdown anyway.

    What happened to Unit 2 while it had no power to run its primary and secondary loops after the SCRAM?

    The news video from the lst posted article to this event showed a 3 second shot of steam belching out the side of the reactor, must have been a bypass valve dumping since Unit 2 normally uses the cooling tower for the secondary loop and couldn't at the time because of a loss of power.

    Any radionuclides released will tell the story of the condition of Unit 2.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    for comparison, here you can see the 500 ton, 187 foot long patrol boat Bodri;

    "you see sir, we sort of….dropped it…..SIR"

  • Jebus Jebus

    Wow, check out the clear and concise instructions from the
    Emergency Instructions Arkansas Nuclear One
    These paragraphs do tell all…

    Sheltering means to stay indoors. Close all doors and windows.
    Turn off sources of outside air. Close the fireplace flue if not in use.
    Remain indoors until told it is safe to go out. Use the telephone only for medical,
    fire, or other extreme emergencies! If traveling in a vehicle, close windows,
    air vents, and put the air conditioner on the maximum setting if needed.
    Always listen to your local radio station or Tone Alert radio for further instructions.

    Staying indoors is very similar to sheltering. However, there are some important
    differences. Because the mid-summer heat in Arkansas can often climb well above 100
    degrees, closing off your home without air conditioning could present more of a health
    hazard than the one presented in a release at ANO. Therefore, staying indoors refers to
    just that, staying indoors but with your air conditioning or heat running to keep you
    cool in the summer or warm on a cold January day. The filters in your home’s heat and
    air system will also act to filter some of the radioactive particulates that might be in the
    air in your area because of a release at the nuclear plant. The Division of Health
    believes this to be a logical and safe alternative to sheltering during weather extremes
    such as heat or snow and ice.


  • rakingmuck

    ENTERGY is our TEPCO: Hanover, Pilgrim, Louisiana, now Arkansas. If oversight is not immediately brought in that is not pro-nuke oriented we will be experiencing our own Fukushima in the very near future.

    • Mad Scientists Mad Scientists

      Journalist Thom Hartmann from reported on a protest rally against Entergy's nuclear power plant in Vermont—

      "You need to know this. People around the world are recognizing the danger of nuclear energy. Over the weekend, 500 protesters marched down Main Street in Brattleboro, Vermont to rally against the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. The group gathered in opposition to what they claim is the illegal operation of the plant, which is owned by Entergy Nuclear. The plant has been opperating without the state's required certification of public good, and has been plagued with with technical problems. Protesters carried signs reading "No more leaks, lies and lawyers," and demanded that the plant be taken off line."

      No more leaks, lies and lawyers….that's catchy 🙂

      • Mad Scientists Mad Scientists

        And Thom Hartmann makes this AMAZING statement:

        "It's time to end the use of nuclear power. No one has ever reported a solar energy meltdown, or a toxic spill from a wind farm. For the sake of our planet, our nation, our economy, and our safety, let's make the switch to green energy. No nukes."

        Add Thom Hartmann to the list of great journalists with the courage to tell the truth.

        • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


          They will lie and tell you that wind and solar are not cost effective. The government will NEVER tell you that nuclear always has government support in many ways that are not obvious. Although the NRC required npps to save money for decommissioning, they have not done so and nobody has made them. They expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab. Someone must have documented exactly how much they have "saved" toward it.

    • enoughalready45 enoughalready45


      Had to add Palisades Nuclear next to South Haven, Michigan to your list of Entergy slums.
      A group with two chapters has formed to shutdown Palisades and encourage and support alternative energy in Michigan. Our press release is linked to in the Beyond Nuclear article.

  • rakingmuck

    I do not buy for one second the OIL SPILL and accident (or whatever) at NUKE PLANT are unrelated. Whoever whoever is that is trying to extinct the US and all its citizens is doing a great job, seriously. Pacific Ocean – gone. Atlantic – gone. Gulf – gone. Radiation and debris from Fukushuima will arrive in TONS is 5-6 months. West Coast – Gone. Now attacks in the middle. What's left? NOTHING.

    • We Not They Finally

      It does seem like a bizarre coincidence, but that is not an EXPLANATION. If there was any seismic event in the area that caused both (for instance), can't find any info on it. But residents close to the plant say they heard a boom at the time. What it sounded like, how loud, or whether 500 tons dropping alone could give a boom for miles around (and I guess it could), don't know.

      • Eureka Springs

        The plant is on Lake Dardanelle, which is a man made lake/flooding the Arkansas River. Anyway, it's way out in the open over a lot of water… easy to imagine the sound could be heard for miles in many directions.

    • tomarsandbeyond tomarsandbeyond

      I don`t buy the extinction theory but there is another possibility: small-scale attacks by other powers around the world. we cannot expect to destroy iranian nuclear plant machinery without some consequence. we are in a new version of the cold war. its about energy and resources. we can`t have the big world wars anymore. but we can have a low level conflict with little acts of sabotage, little pinpricks back and forth. This surely happens in Iran, a proxy conflict that could even break out into war. might even be happening here in the US too. Sabotaging a crane that carries a 500 ton object sems like an easy target.

  • Sickputer

    BTW… The US nuclear whores can't find any signs of their vaunted Nuclear Renaissance in America so they are peddling their wares to the Chinese:

    "Apr 1, 2013
    Westinghouse announced it has successfully installed the containment vessel top head at the nuclear island of AP1000 reactor unit 1 at the Haiyang nuclear site in China."

    SP: Pretty heavy little kettle there also…same reactor design AP1000 as the miracle Saran wrap vessel.

    They took no chances of dropping their vessel in China… They used stainless steel rollers, triple layer of Saran wrap, and no train… instead they hired 5 million Chinese coolies for a one day gig.

    (Just kidding)

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Time-bomb waiting to go off is what reactors are. Switch 'em off for good, we don't want or need them, at all.

  • Mad Scientists Mad Scientists

    "George Washington's Blog" hits it out of the ballpark again —

    "Fake Science Alert: Fukushima Radiation Can’t Be Compared to Bananas or X-Rays"

    • Sickputer

      +311 George Washington!

      SP: I wish I had written that blog entry (writer's envy) 🙂


      "The Potassium-40 in bananas is a particularly poor model isotope to use, Meggitt says, because the potassium content of our bodies seems to be under homeostatic control. When you eat a banana, your body’s level of Potassium-40 doesn’t increase. You just get rid of some excess Potassium-40. The net dose of a banana is zero.

      And that’s the difference between a useful educational tool and propaganda"

      SP: His graphic of Banana equals Hiroshima? is classic:

      Spread the word…the nucleocrats are losing on all fronts. It's a sick, dying industry despite the mad final dash to kill more people in India, China, and third world countries by the out of control Russian, French, and USA nuclear corporations. The megapowers keep building more reactors for those countries hungry to achieve the "civilized status" of modern countries.

      It takes a global trend to abolish the deadly country-killing machines and everyone will replace the monster machines with cheaper and cleaner technology. One the trend begins it will be the end for nuclear energy by attrition. Hopefully the megapowers will eventually "buy" out the last remaining dinosaurs before they blow up and ruin more countries. It's only fake money anyway.

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        And yet the sick weasels (ASLB) has approved Levy County I & II. We need to use far less energy as well. People can make a greater effort to conserve it and that would help.

        They only await a permanent place to store the waste (about 1 1/2 more years). This waste should not be moved. It should be dry casked onsite and if there is not room for more, what more would need to be said? Close the site. It has no more room.

      • vital1 vital1

        This is a test chart of the Black Fungus material, that started growing in Japan after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. It provides a compassion of radioactivity by weight, of Potassium K-40 you would find in a Banana, verses Cesium Cs-134 and Cs-137.

        There is no copyright on this chart, so use it where ever you wish.


        Get the message out there on how serious the Fukushima nuclear disaster is
        quickly, and efficiently. You don’t need to explain anything just distribute the lifesaver.pdf or create your own, hand it out, mailbox it, or email it.

    • +1 GW

      "…the more times someone is exposed, the greater the potential damage."

      Aren't we getting a little more 'exposed' or 'hosed', as the case may be, every day now with no end in sight?

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        ChasAha, you are so right. When are they going to turn off the spigot?
        And when they say that there is no immediate threat to your health, it reminds me of a spigot, too. You know, when you have a long hose, say 100 foot long, and you turn on the spigot. There is no immediate threat of getting wet, but let there be no doubt: if you are at the end of the hose, just wait a few seconds…you are going to get wet. I guess it depends on your definition of "immediate." Bill Clinton's lawyer must be working for the nuke industry, now. But I guess that would depend on your definition of "be" is. And by the way, to understand what I am trying to say, it depends on what your definition of "is" is. Or if reasonable you are, may the force be with you.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Fuku radiation CAN be compared to bananas and x-rays….Fuku radiation is a billion trillion million times worse. You don't have to eat a banana if you don't want to anyway… you can turn an x-ray machine off, refuse it, or walk out. I feel like I am being forced to eat a trillion bananas in an shorted out x-ray machine, and no trips to the bathroom.

  • dodge

    Even here most people are still focused on the massive radiation dose for those who are near to the accident site. Evacuation, moving away from facilities – protesting new facilities in your neighborhood. What we are not communicating effectively is that the "small safe controlled releases" which are part of every nuclear facility are gradually raising background radiation levels – the food chain is gradually bio – concentrating these levels and world wide health consequences are sure to follow. There is no movement away from background radiation – bio-concentration – and the ill effects of long term exposure to low dose radiation. Basic fact – we have and will survive some major accidents. (loss of life, sure – but not loss of society). The real question is will society survive the slow increase in background radiation. We are the proverbial frog in the kettle – can you feel it? It's getting warmer.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      dodge, water feels fine here.

    • We Not They Finally

      That's VERY TRUE. Leuren Moret has done a lot of work on how MANY diseases increase exponentially over time from so-called "low level radiation." Not just cancer at all — diabetes, heart disease, autism and, notably, genetic disorders. The whole "low level" thing is a euphemism for constant bombardment with life-destroying substances. And the substances themselves are so sub-microscopically tiny that (for example) just a few pounds of plutonium dust spread evenly across the planet could wipe us all out.

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      My only consolation is that it will affect all of them as well.

  • yohananw

    for contrast, see nrc blog

    Looks like a controlled and contained nrc public affairs media.

    Has anyone from enenews ever gotten a comment in there?

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      Went to the NRC site. Went to post a comment, but it requires you sign up. Went to sign up but refused it. Here is part of the user terms and agreement," User Submissions. The Services may provide you with the ability to create, upload, distribute or post (“Submit(ting)”) data, photographs, avatars, software, graphics, profile and other information to the Services (collectively, the “User Submissions”). By Submitting User Submissions, you acknowledge that you are publishing that User Submission, and that you may be identified publicly by your avatar and other User Submissions (e.g., in connection with your blogs, comments and/or email address) by Automattic, third party Gravatar-enabled websites (as that term in defined below), and others. More specifically, you hereby do and shall grant to Automattic a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and fully-paid, transferable (including rights to sublicense) right to perform the Services (e.g., to use, modify, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, perform, and otherwise fully exercise and exploit all intellectual property, publicity, and moral rights with respect to any User Submissions, and to allow others to do so)."

      I don't know about that part where it says, "royalty-free and fully-paid" right. I am not a lawyer, and I "ain't payin shyt" .

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        Good thing you didn't sign up. They will track you down and kill your pets if you post anything they don't like.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I remember reading that some complained about this site because it stated in an article some figure in percent instead of as a multiplier. Something like say 3600% instead of 36x. Oh, they are biased and trying to scare people, they said.
    Well, in the spirit of fairness, 1,000,000 pounds sounds a lot more hazardous than 500 tons. Why are they trying to sugar-coat this?

  • ForwardAssist ForwardAssist

    The nuke culture ALWAYS assumes that nothing can go wrong. So, they see no need to design a plant layout where they don't have to lift 500 ton objects over critical plant infrastructure.

    /it's purely a cost based decision.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      If anything does go wrong, the crack ANO Emergency Preparedness Team will spring into action:{5875A875-C345-466A-8A89-45F79FA50916}

      • unincredulous unincredulous

        Paveway, are the crack ANO Emergency Preparedness Team "preppers'? They better be careful the DHS will take thier guns, arrest them, throw them in indefinite detention without trial. We can't be having the US ready for emergency response . The little dutch boy plugged the dike with what, bubble gum, a thumb, what? And that had better be all the ANO carries or boy, will they get in trouble! I heard they fixed the Louisanna Dikes with old newspapers. Now that is proper response.

        • PavewayIII PavewayIII

          The Arkansas DHS is *part of* the team that would respond. ANO itself isn't part of the team – they just supply the radionuclides.

    • unincredulous unincredulous

      ForwardAssist exactly right. I always say if I ever get rich, I want a house with no upstairs, and no downstairs. No lifting junk up and down the stairs. Now here comes the rich nuke lobby and they want the swimming pools 100 feet in the air. That way they have an excuse to pay the pool guy a million bucks a week to clean the pool. I wonder what they pay to have the lawn mowed. No doubt it's alot because the lawn is above the swimming pool hanging by piece of kite string. It's purely a subsidized cost based decision.

  • unincredulous unincredulous

    I don't know what is wrong with me today. I am commenting too much. Sorry. A bit of anxiety today I guess. Angst. Arkansas is just upwind of my old Kentucky home. (about 3 miles from here)

  • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

    @unincredulous; You don't have to apologize or 2nd guess your response to anxiety brought on by the same parties trashing all of our lives along with the planet that never belonged to them or gave them the right to hurt everyone and everything so badly! I woke up an hour or two ago to find my wife suffering some of the same symptoms as the sea critters and then read todays reality-check via the latest bitch-slap TPTB and their pet cash-cow gave us in the details of their successes at FUKuING EVERYTHING up and for a change "I" don't have much of anything to say anymore & just want to lay back down and hope I die before I wake… I may not find words to describe where this whole mess is taking me and those smart enough or decent enough to care but don't knock yourself for saying things that others actions brought on because the fact that you DO care makes you better than ANY and ALL of the elite assholes put together! TAKE CARE

  • The Higgins web site is gone, but there's a new effort to round up EPA RadNet data (for what it's worth) at


    * I'm not sure on what basis they're presenting RadNet beta and gamma CPMs, but they present trends for all operating RadNet stations on a national map.

    * Unfortunately, you don't get to see graphs for those stations unless you give them $20.

    Here are the two URLs I have with respect to RadNet's reputation:



    • I poll the hardware directly.. as the put a "Bug" of java type in the system.. to give below 100's to registered monitor stations.

      I currently post the full graphs on 2 sites on FB.. and in my 4-shared and photo bucket.. but look to see the data soon, here.:

      I'm now author there… most my stuff ends up there anyhow.. too much currently with wrong info written in text.. so.. got me a co-author to do what I don't have the time for. But will see it goes-out with correct info in future.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    I thought..I remembered something about this area.

    March 11 2011–

    American cross….Nuclear Rumbles…

    "In Arkansas, two pressurized-water reactors at the Russellville Nuclear One plant supply 30 percent of the state’s power, U.S. Energy Information Administration data show. The plant is about 180 miles from the New Madrid fault line, one of the most active and dangerous fault lines in the United States.

    Actually, if you see the map of Nuclear power in America, it promptly brings huge red-flags. Cannot copy/paste, so check out this link:

    That, as I see it, is where something is going to give next, possibly in the window coming up (19-23rd March). Created, natural? That would be speculative. All I see is that the ends of the Axis have been loaded."

    "Wishing calm and kindness, grace, gentleness and generosity all around."

    Kinda interesting….yep.

  • Does everybody realize whats happening here? Correct me if I am wrong but there has been at least 10 if not more events since the beginning of the year involving questionable accidents, revelations, cover ups, etc., all involving nuclear facilities in the U.S. I won't even mention Fukushima! I am afraid we are really off the deep end and have painted ourselves into a corner my friends. The beginning of the end began with the Manhattan project, the bombs being dropped on Japan and just the splitting of the atom in general. What good has it brought us so far really to screw around with the basic building blocks of life? We wanted to play God without knowing anything about the supreme universal intelligence and how it works. The Hopi prophecy says "The gourd of ashes" (radioactivity)was a sign and "All living things will die when the oceans turn black. (oil spills) Warnings that have gone unheeded! It is almost certainly to late now. If man did a 180 degree turn tomorrow it still might be to late and we know that isn't going to happen. All because the millions of people have given their power in all areas of their life to the 100's or fewer at the top of the pyramid. The only solution is to not recognize these people as having any power at all over us starting right now and get rid of them like so many parasites! it's either that or watch your children and grandchildren die! The millions have the power not the few, so blame yourself for giving it away!

  • yogda yogda

    Welcome to hell.

  • SophieQ

    In order to remove atomic energy from our lives, we need to remove those who profit from it, who promote it and who permit it, first. It is that 'simple', looking at the level of corruption and government/corporate collusion the population of an entire planet is experiencing right now.
    What will it take to free us from NWO?

    • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


      There is another way to give them pause for thought. There are more of us than them. Give up as much of your electricity as you possibly can until they get the message. No profits, need to do something. We lived without it altogether when young and can do it again. You think you need refrigeration? Eat beans. Dryer? Dry clothes on the line. Heat water? It will soon be summer. Buckle down and do it!

      • NoNukes NoNukes

        The purpose of nuclear is to produce weapons, it is a net consumer of energy. The only thing that drying clothes outside will do is to make them more radioactive.

  • okcrad

    Ok seeing as I am 170 miles from the plant on the oklahoma side.

    I did a look up on the rad readings like posted above. You are unable to click on the FT Smith station. You can only click on the Little Rock.

    When you access the data like Swims says, then you can see that there are NO READINGS from sometime past the 18th (Need to verify) until a couple days ago with a 37x and a 4XX CPM beta spike.

    So why did it have daily readings till a couple weeks ago?

    This is playing out just like Fuku, and I have a bad gut feeling. The jet stream rolls over from West to East, but we have a chance of exposure during storms. When a Low spot rolls through the weather "Circles" around it, and the rotation covers several states. IE. "Snow, ETC".

    Pattie B needs to consolidate her writing on here. There is to much going on right now to ignore this event. I understand that Fuku is out top priority, but now its on our shores.

    • okcrad

      The data dosent make sense. If you look back several months it fluxuates at about 60 cpm. Then there is a straight line with no "Data Entry Points" then a massive spike to almost 400. Then a 400+ spike, then all the way back down to 60.

      If you look at the scatter plot you will see what i am saying.

  • razzz razzz

    If I read the NRC postings of reports correctly, Unit 2 went 8 hours without power. Other than that, nothing happen at the plant site after the death and injuries of workers from the falling stator incident.

    Just a big blank for 8 hours other than a SCRAM and some venting.

    If it was bad and they are not saying so, they will have to pull the cap on Unit 2 and inspect the fuel rods and assemblies, a delay for restarting.

  • ftlt

    Serial mass killers!!!… They are insane…

  • ironbark

    rub your chicken down with sink hole sheen,then add a dash of
    wont be funny when you go to your local grocery

    • PurpleRain PurpleRain

      Thank you for posting the Tyson-Chicken-link. I couldn't help but share it with others on Facebook. I would like to think that Tyson *might* be big enough to at least get behind the clean-up efforts. Otherwise, I'm sure many people will be afraid to buy their product if the drinking water supply for all that poultry might be at stake for being poison too.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    Okay. Some of this I can follow…some is just talk…and some is over my head, but all that aside: WHAT IS THE UPDATE ON THE SITUATION??!! Can anyone tell us anything else regarding what is going on there now? Please. Thank you.

  • PurpleRain PurpleRain

    Shouldn't they be telling pregnant women and small children to leave the area around this plant like they did with TMI

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    3.1..Center Ridge, Arkansas, United States…4/03/2013.
    40.52 from Arkansas One Npp

    See last 10…shaky quaky..

  • Let me put it in a "Nut-Shell" for everyone.

    ALL NPP here in the USA… ONLY at Peak LOAD… not what capable of, but MAX-LOAD in summer add to the grid!…??? 36 megawatts. That's ALL !!

    We installed 1/3 of that.. 13 Gigawatts in renewable solar and wind in 2012 alone.
    5 megawatts in just the month of Dec. 2012.

    We do 3 times that this year..? We replace all that NPP's actually contribute with extra 3 gigawatts left over!

    With a push on.. change from 50% new power, to 100% all new power being renewable..? Would take just 6 months to not even need then running at all! Let's SHUT THEM ALL OFF!

    • norbu norbu

      PattieB, right on! Shut them all down.

    • nukemillwright

      do you have any idea how many people your whacked out idea would put out of work.?????

      • Jebus Jebus

        Should of thought of that before choosing a dead end occupation, besides Tepco is looking for lots of nuke workers.
        You should be able to work there for the rest of your life.
        Seeing first hand what a really bad day at a nuclear plant is like, might just enlighten you…
        We don't need nuclear and the decommissioning process will provide many years of employment.
        Shut 'em all down!

  • WereAllDead

    There are 2 obvious things that come to mind from reading the comments on the articles about this accident:

    1) Very few commenters have any idea what happened.
    2) PattieB doesn't know jack about how a nuclear plant works.

  • lickerface lickerface

    As of 4:00am EST 4/4/13, the reactor statuses in the USA as seen here…
    …show both Arkansas Nuclear 1 and Arkansas Nuclear 2 are at zero output.

    When I read that diesel generators were supply backup power, I thought it meant the reactors are back in service. They aren't ouputting any power, so what the news meant was that the diesel gens were simply providing power to cooling and controls. There's still no update on NRC website as far as events go. This is very concerning.

  • Au Au

    Why was a construction crew working on Easter morning?

    – after he chats about kids on the west coast getting thyroid symptoms @ 2:48.

    • WereAllDead

      Refueling outages are scheduled in the spring and in the fall. Certain things can not be done with a plant at power and have to be performed when the plant is down. Maintenance is performed around the clock during an outage. Industry standard.

    • nukemillwright

      we work 7 days a week and 12 hours a day as stated its an industry standard

  • Madashell10 Madashell10

    The Only thing we have to FEAR is NOT DOING ANYTHING .
    read about halfway down to

    The plant operated from April 1975 to June 1989 but had a lifetime capacity average of only 39%; it was closed by public vote on 7 June 1989 (despite the fact that its operating license did not expire until 11 October 2008) after multiple referendums. And thats how you do it PUBLIC VOTE NOW …..Takecare all

  • dave14139

    They dropped the 500 TON generator stator – really???? Who was running the lift – Homer Simpson? Unbelievable. And the DFMEA's never foresaw this possibility – right? Critical switch-gear and cooling lines and firefighting lines were placed where a 500 chunk of metal was to be lifted??? Gives a person little faith in the expertise of the designers.

  • Japer

    Having more than one nuke plant at a site is an economy of scale but at what cost to safety.
    A stator drop in a non-nuclear area of ANO-1 not only results in death and damage to unit 1 but causes damage to and shuts down unit 2.
    Massing reactors at a single site is a recipe for disaster.
    Proves once again the nuclear genie cannot be safely kept in the lamp.

  • nukemillwright

    to me the funny part is no one on here seems to have a clue. im currently working in a nuclear powerplant as a millwright. we have taken apart the whole turbine asssembly. yes this is an accident. yes it probably was preventable. we knew of this accident hours after it happened and hours before any of the outside world knew. the lifting structure failed. the piece fell. no nuclear safty was comprimised. the plant is not gonna melt down. i have no idea how this can even bring back ideas of tmi as stated in a prior comment. i dont mean to sound harsh as a fellow industry worker i feel for the workers whom lives were taken.but life will move on.

    • Jebus Jebus

      nukemillwright says, "life will move on."

      without nuclear power…

      With nuclear power, I'm not so sure…

    • 16Penny 16Penny

      What I find hilarious is that no one in your industry knows how to clean up after themselves. Your mom doesn't work here, stop dumping this crap into our air, water and soil. Stop killing our planet. When you are wrong, people die. You think nuclear power is safe? You are wrong. You think your plant design is safe? You are wrong.

    • razzz razzz

      Typical professional grunt, can't spell safety. Knows San Onofre is a disaster waiting to happen but life goes on regardless as long as the paychecks are good.

      AK Nuke One site, last I read, claimed two weeks of restart preliminaries before Unit 2 goes back on line. That was a week ago so 1 more week. Other articles stated Ak Nuke One site didn't need permission from the NRC to restart Unit 2, even after the SCRAM.

      Everything is kool, nothing to see here, move along…we use the side vent and bypass the cooling tower and pray for makeup water not to run empty all the time.

  • WereAllDead

    I see people are back to posting things they have no clue about.


    Cooling lines and critical switchgear were NOT damaged by the accident. Remember hearing about the use of Diesel Generators? Those power the critical switchgear. If critical switchgear was hit by a 500+ ton generator, they wouldn't be tied onto a diesel generator and there would be no point in running the diesel.


    You realize nuclear power plants have caused less deaths than coal plants, gas plants, etc….?


    SONGS is shutdown to be decomissioned I believe….doesn't sound like much threat of a disaster. As far as starting backup without NRC approval, there are NRC inspectors on site at every site. If the NRC doesn't want them to start up….they won't. And AK = Alaska, BTW.

  • 16Penny 16Penny

    And how would you feel if you and your daughter had to stand in line at a charity clinic because the government and Tepco refuse to acknowledge their destruction and provide thyroid testing.×337.jpg

    You cannot provide any proof that all of the radioactive releases from Nuclear Power Plants have magically missed being inhaled or ingested by people and you cannot prove that those particles have not caused life changing and deadly cancers as well as other disorders. It sounds like you are miking assumptions based on misinformation.

  • WereAllDead

    Well since stats are being suppressed and this site has a bunch of articles stating nuclear power is terrible….it MUST be true!!!

    Quick, man your underground nuke bunkers!!!!!