Worry about “wall of water heading towards the control room” at U.S. nuclear plant if leaking 300,000 gallon tank fails? — Flood control berm in place (AUDIO)

Published: May 9th, 2013 at 12:44 pm ET


Title: Nuclear Regulators Stick Their Heads In The Sand
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Date: May 8, 2013

Kevin Kamps, a radioactive waste specialist with Beyond Nuclear: It’s leaking into the vicinity of the [Palisades nuclear power plant] control room, if not directly into the control room.

And my concern has been: What if that leak were to all of a sudden shift direction, and go someplace else in the control room?

They are over-confident that they have this leak captured in buckets, but they’re obviously worried about a worse leak happening, because we learned last year thanks to the watch-dogging by David Lochbaum at Union of Concerned Scientists, that there is a flood control berm surrounding the Palisades control room.

And my speculation has been that they are worried about a massive sudden failure of this 300,000 gallon tank of water that sends a wall of water heading towards the control room.

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Published: May 9th, 2013 at 12:44 pm ET


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16 comments to Worry about “wall of water heading towards the control room” at U.S. nuclear plant if leaking 300,000 gallon tank fails? — Flood control berm in place (AUDIO)

  • combomelt combomelt

    So sick of these lying liars.
    Main Entry: crime Part of Speech: noun Definition: offense against the law Synonyms: abomination antisocial behavior atrocity breach break caper case corruption criminality delict delictum delinquency depravity dereliction enormity evil evil behavior fast one fault felony hit illegality immorality infraction infringement iniquity job lawlessness malefaction malfeasance misconduct misdeed misdemeanor mortal sin outrage racket scandal sneak tort transgression trespass unlawful act vice villainy violation wickedness wrong wrongdoing

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    You are the ranking Operator at the Palisades Nuclear Plant.
    Suddenly, radioactive water begins pouring from a 300,000 gallon storage tank on the roof.
    Water pours down from the ceiling onto your nuclear reactor control circuits.
    Water pours down the hall, and you find yourself standing ankle deep in radioactive water as sparks fly everywhere!
    Suddenly, you have NO information,
    And NO ability to control processes at the plant.
    What do you do now?
    You remember your family, who live in nearby South Haven.
    You hit the alarm sirens, which carry for ten miles, so that everyone will have time to take the free iodine tablets Palisades has been handing out to nearby residents.
    Too bad that this circuit has also been fried.
    Meanwhile, in South Haven, folks at the Idler Bar, sitting on the Black River Harbor on a restored river boat, party on through happy hour, as a cloud of invisable radioactive nasties envelopes them.

    • pcjensen

      jeezuz, Phillip, you triggered my PTSD… must time to stop reading this stuff again

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      God help the people of Chicago. It would be a sickening irony if a major meltdown occurred at Palisades, in the home city of the Chicago Piles and the Argonne National Laboratory.

      Their (Argonne's) home page says, "Outlook Brightens," regarding solving a problem in development of one type of solar cell. You betcha.

      It would be a sad type of poetic justice if Palisades was destroyed. I'm so saddened the people there will likely get NO warning or proper regard for their safety. Johhny B and others are there. I was born there, and am very saddened by the state of affairs there. Corrupt politicians, rampant environmental degradation, and on and on ….

      So much of the Midwestern U.S. is beautiful, rich country. And nuke plants everywhere (sigh), spoiling the land for everyone and every thing.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Sorry, pcjensen. Trying to make it real. Did too good a job. 🙂

    • pcjensen

      no worries, Phil, you did indeed do a good job … oughta get you hooked up with the crowd that may get together to produce the nuclear world comic book … gonna go find Tom Tomorrow's contact, see what he thinks

  • weeman

    I don't think the tank that is leaking into the control room is contaminated and the way I understand it is another tank that is leaking, please verify

    • combomelt combomelt

      This tank. That tank. Who knows what tank? Is it a tank a pipe a pool? Who does know? Corrupt as usual in the land of lincoln. Argonne are gone? Are u gone? Its all too far gone. We even have a best by date on bottled h20 at the supermarket for c sake!! When/what year was this garbage bucket pieced together in? Its expired folks. Never did work right. Lemon law anyone? Lolol cough hack….

  • fill er up

    kill one person you get death penaltied,kill millions you get tax breaks


      nice play, fill er up, on the Man of Steel's original quote; or should that have been "Steal"?

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      And/Or…Kill 1 person, it's murder. Kill 100K, it's U.S. foreign policy!

      • NoPrevarication NoPrevarication


        Or, kill 1 person, it's murder. Kill 1 million, get a free heart transplant.

  • Ancient Voices

    There's a new term I saw at http://www.guymcpherson.com : pre-TSD. Way too mild–pre-terror would be better. BTW would some of the whiz kids here PLEASE check out this site. It argues that all life on earth will be extinct in 17 years due to global warming/climate change. Virtually the only role he gives to NPPs in all of this is when we run out of oil and can't power the plants for cooling. I lost two days of my(remaining)time tracking down his sources because he claimed that in the southwest US everyone will be dead in 3-5 years due to warming. He's part of a group called Near Term Extinction (NTE). I agree we could well be headed for extinction, but more because of NPPs that warming. And not in the very near term he posits! (he's a molecular biologist–just click on the first link on the right of the home page for his "scientific" arguments. PLEASE assess them and help me find him wrong; there is something fishy going on IMHO.)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    or-well, are you still here? We need you! Poem on Palisades, please!

  • irhologram

    Interject? Ode to the Downwinders
    There once was a nuke plant near Chicago
    Whose control board was about to go blotto.
    Hot rain drops were fallin' on their head but that didn't mean their eyes would soon be turning red.
    Their fried eyes'll be turnin' white, cause they have seen the light of radiation..
    Leaky, leaky, the coolant tank was leaky, and disgrace!
    'Cause it's too hot to handle and it hides 'til it drips on your face!
    Just in time, the Keystone Cops in a fire line,
    Man the buckets…toss the hot potato water into the lake for a 24-7 clam bake.
    Weather, weather everywhere, but doom to the downwinders there,
    Sisyphus-like, day in and day out,
    the "man," croons the no danger tune,
    as tired a refrain as irradiated, cracked, wet metal in the control room "brain."

  • jump-ball jump-ball

    Here's what the Union of Concerned Scientists has to say about Palisades and the lack of NRC enforcement, inferring how our presidential administrations have historically, and do still, support nuclear utility economics at the expense of and danger to the public:

    "It appears the owner doesn’t know how to fix this recurring problem, and that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has not been doing its job to ensure that the owner understands the cause of a recurring problem:


    If anyone says to ignore facts and professional opinions such as these because they originate from, oh say for example, The Heritage Foundation, or to look for promising nuclear containment breakthroughs through such fallacies as "magnetic reconnection", well, just don't believe him: