“Worst Ever”: Alarm over shocking crash of salmon population in Pacific Northwest — “Very frightening… Pathetic… Grave… Disastrous… Non-existent” — Official calls for immediate government action — “Something majorly wrong is happening in our oceans” (VIDEOS)

Published: November 18th, 2015 at 6:38 pm ET


Globe and Mail, Nov 12, 2015 (emphasis added): The collapse of major salmon runs in B.C. this fall… prompted First Nations to request “an urgent meeting” with newly appointed federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo. Chief Bob Chamberlin, chair of the First Nations Wild Salmon Alliance, said the disappearance of millions of pink salmon headed for the Fraser and the collapse of the Adams River sockeye run underscore the need for immediate government action. “Only about 2,000 fish made it back to the Adams River*. That’s supposed to be one of the biggest, most precious runs of sockeye in the world,” he said Thursday. About 1.2 million sockeye were forecast to return to the Adams… No explanations for the failure of the runs to materialize have been given by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans… Mr. Chamberlin said… “This year’s runs have made it abundantly clear that our salmon stocks are in grave danger“…

Globe and Mail, Nov 4, 2015: British Columbia’s iconic Adams River salmon run… appears to have collapsed… Jim Cooperman, president of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society, said the spawning beds… are empty this fall… “It’s pretty grim here at the Adams River … it’s quite depressing here really.”… Because the fish mature at four years of age, the runs are on a cycle, which means each one usually reflects the progenitor run that occurred four years before [i.e. 2011]… it is the worst return ever on that cycle; the next lowest year was 1939, when 16,000 fish came back. Mr. Cooperman said the small return represents “a very frightening crash,” and two successive poor years should set off alarm bells

Salmon Arm Observer, Oct 27, 2015: Sockeye numbers shockingly low… South Thompson sockeye run has been disastrousNo late-run sockeye were observed in upper Adams… Four years ago, late-run salmon were in the millions, sparking hopes of a large return…

CTV, Nov 6, 2015: Alarm sounded after dismal sockeye salmon return to iconic B.C. river

CTV transcript, Nov 6, 2015: One of B.C.’s most important salmon runs just hasn’t happened… The story it’s telling is ugly. (Jim Cooperman, president of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society:) “This is a collapse. This is a crash. It’s very significant.”… What’s missing is the salmon. Normally by this time of year with the spawning over, you’d be seeing a scattering of sockeye carcasses along the Adams River — but today you’re hard-pressed to find a single one… Government biologists say [it’s been] very disappointing.

Global News, Nov 6, 2015: [T]he number of sockeye returning to the Adams River is down sharply from the number originally expected. Now a local environmental group is raising concerns the return may be a sign of even bigger problems. “It was pathetic,” says Jim Cooperman, president of the Shuswap Environmental Action Society.  “That tells me that there is something majorly wrong happening in our oceans… think [of] salmon as the canary in the coal minewe have some major concerns and it is not just the salmon.”… “We can say the returns are significantly below what we had preseason forecast,” says Stu Cartwright, Fisheries and Oceans Canada… federal authorities don’t know why fewer sockeye returned this year than originally expected.

Vancouver Sun, Nov 3, 2015: The late South Thompson sockeye run has seen far fewer fish than expected… “In terms of the sockeye return, it’s much more disappointing than people were hoping to see this year,” said Greg Taylor, senior fisheries adviser for the Watershed Watch Salmon Society… “They arrive in the spawning grounds in October, and the numbers they’re seeing are disturbingly low.”… Taylor noted that this is the second year in a row that both the early summer and late summer components of Shuswap sockeye returned at levels well below pre-season expectations.

Vancouver Sun, Sep 9, 2015: [A] fish expert says this year’s salmon season seems to be non-existent… “I didn’t smoke or can anything this year,” [Ken Ashley, director of the Rivers Institute at the B.C. Institute of Technology] said…

The Province, Sep 10, 2015: “I think we’re looking at the gradual biological extinction of salmon” [said First Nations fish adviser Ernie Crey]… Crey, 66, has been studying the situation for 35 years, first as a member of Fisheries and Oceans Canada… “This year’s run on the Fraser will be one of the lowest returns we’ve seen,” [fisheries scientist Brian Riddell] said…

Watch broadcasts: Global News | CTV

Published: November 18th, 2015 at 6:38 pm ET


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520 comments to “Worst Ever”: Alarm over shocking crash of salmon population in Pacific Northwest — “Very frightening… Pathetic… Grave… Disastrous… Non-existent” — Official calls for immediate government action — “Something majorly wrong is happening in our oceans” (VIDEOS)

    • Warren

      Emails of Scientists referred to in lead articles above:

      Ernie Cray: First Nations Fish Advisor.
      Email: ecrey@telus.net,

      Brian Riddell, President and CEO of the Pacific Salmon Foundation,
      Email: briddell@psf.ca

    • As always, thanks for the emails, Warren.

      Dana Durnfurd's take on the Globe and Mail with bare B.C. Coast pictures…

      Fukushima theglobeandmail hates kids wales birds fish but loves Uranium Stocks

    • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

      We need to keep supporting Kevin, Dana and all the other great activist leaders who are fighting against the evil nuclear cartel. The more we spread their word the better. We also need to begin going after these pro nuker PR firms. These idiot nuker PR mouthpieces would give their own children cancer to make a dollar.
      Ban Reactors Forever!
      Cleanup the Radioactive Waste!
      Prosecute the Criminal Nukers!

      • SadieDog

        You keep supporting these shuck and jive guys. Some of us know better.

        • Ya!! Dana et al should foot the bill solo for the work we are too chicken, unknowledgable and our governments won't do. Dana checked into Fukushima in Fall 2013 when Japan brought the secrecy law hammer down. He has taken an amazing amount of action up and down the B.C. coast, all documented, and yes, all in a wheelchair. Watch his extensive archives and then ask yourselves what is it that you do for Fukushima, People.

          SadieDog: Connectingthedots1 is a shill that can barely speak in full sentences and presents underwhelming evidence, unlike Dana, and a lot like yourself. Rail against GE etc and get off your troll high horse. You are no force.

          Anyone know how today went for Dana in court?

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Great post chemfood..

            "..Anyone know how today went for Dana in court?.."

            No , but maybe someone like Kevin Blanch knows..if anybody here is in contact with him..

            • SadieDog

              Yeah KB would know. They are probably docked up right now. Another POS nutball.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Dana's e-mail address is posted on the video where he told about being arrested. It is very close to the end of the video, which is ~ 34 minutes or so long.

              Kevin Blanch posts his phone number on his videos and I think sometimes his e-mail too.

              If you'd like to reach Dana, you can try one or both of those two methods.

          • SadieDog

            Dana Durnford is a scumbag, lying conartist. You poor saps.

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              Yep Sadie is a real troll no doubt..now claiming the man fakes hes disability..I dont even need to see the man (Dana Durnford) standing up to see there is a problem somewhere..but thats no problem for Sadie the proffesional scumbag to publicly ridiculise that at the height of the mans legal troubles..

              there goes the neighborhood guy's..at least the mask is gone..

              • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                "..there goes the neighborhood guy's…."

                What was left of it anyway..

                • SadieDog

                  I hope he drowns or stays in jail. And fuck you! 🙂

                • SadieDog

                  How much are you getting paid by these pieces of shit?

                  • SadieDog

                    What kind of low life would ask for money from well meaning people while taking advantage of the biggest disaster in history? Dana! Oh, DID. Can you do anything but quote others posts? We know you're not that intelligent, but try.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Blabla your a con yourself and are here to make a mess on top of "the biggest disaster in history"..You had no trouble jumping on the offer for a GC , but "forgot" your part of the deal..but wichhunting like there is no tomorrow yourself on gutfeelings..claiming to hate liars and all that heroic trolhorsing..i hate liars lies the liar..REALLY ? lol

                      That skinthe… email should have been a warning enough on top of the rest you already demonstrated but yeah..

                    • SadieDog

                      Another threat from another peanut. Well since I gave my email here when I gave away $200 worth of iodine, it really doesn't matter does it? And i don't have that email anymore so, duh! Don't know what you wrote and don't care DID. Have a nice night.

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    "..How much are you getting paid by these pieces of shit?.."

                    If "they" would be what you so elonquent says to chase people away..and i would be aware of that and connected to them..paid by them..i would not have the personality that give selfproven hypocrits a second chance and donate a GC to them..i think..

                    But maybe a corrupt mind like yours sees things differently dunno..evil people can have very strange thoughtpatterns..since they miss so much..like a conscience and stuff.

                • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                  The only way proNukers can look like they are winning is to wage an ad hominem attack on a person. What matters is the truth and what is happening to the planet.

                  Do we see now is an attempt to forget the issues and the terrible deaths caused by radionuclides released by 75 years of nuclear experimentation and nuclear failures by all technology.

                  And subtle propaganda, such as one person stating that Fukushima was caused by underwater nukes.

                  Glossed over is the insanity of using MOX – plutonium fuel and all the many, many safety checks failed at Fukushima for years. Glossed over is the fact that earthquakes do happen and not only do nuclear energy plants released deadly radiation every day and huge even worse amounts when the fuel is changed quite often.

                  Why put a dirty bomb in your backyard that any enemy can detonate with an EMP bomb, which can detonate with an earthquake whether caused by fracking or CERN or any other nuclear particle accelerator or by a solar flare?

                  Why make every nation bankrupt with such extremely expensive nuclear technology?

                  • SadieDog

                    Anne! You think it's OK to reveal someone's name without asking? I know who you are and where you are. Well see how you like it, if you don't shut up.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      WindWalker revealed it. I didn't.

                      And you are threatening me and if something happens to me now the world will know that you threatened me.

                    • SadieDog

                      You posted it. I am threatening to reveal yours if you don't leave me the fuck alone. Take responsibility for what you did.

                    • SadieDog

                      And of anything starts happening to me, the world will know its your fault. You had no right to do what you did.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      I already revealed my name on this website, so thousands of people already know who I am. I took the free online nuclear engineering class under my own, real name and received threatening emails from the staff for that class, so my real name is already known to the nuclear industry.

                      I've been nominated for Who's Who in American many times, and if I had turned in the paperwork and weren't disabled and spending so much time fighting for the environment, I would already be included in their publications.

                      I'm sure all the alphabet agencies already know who I am. I applied to the FBI after 9/11 and to the State Department as well, so they already have my cv.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      You are making threats, Sadie Dog. I will personally report you to the FBI if you continue. You do not have the right to threaten ANYONE here.

                      They can find your ISP and can locate you. Don't doubt it for a second. Don't screw around with me or I WILL DO IT.

                      Got it? I'm more than done with your attacks and foul language, which violate user policy.

                      But your attacking PT and threatening her is just NOT going to fly.


                      Try me.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      And I don't like contacting the government with complaints about anything.

                      Attacking a defenseless 74 or 75 y/o woman who has a history of serious illness just won't fly.

                      You're just not going to get away with attacking and threatening a weak and innocent person. I don't care what the other people here think.

                      I personally will not allow it.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Hey, my "How" is in the wrong place.

                      Sorry. Carry on.

                    • SadieDog

                      I threatened to do exactly what she did. And you don't scare me. You need to read my post again, nazi.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      AnitNukers don't do anything to people. Their arguments are rational and the truth. They don't need to do anything to anyone to win the debate.

                      Saving lives is what is important.

                    • SadieDog

                      Fuck you Ho taters. Anne thinks its ok to reveal people's names without their permission. I said the same. Fuck you again!

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      There is a WHOIS function on some anti virus programs which can reveal the IP address of anyone who has contacted you, or websites online. It can be narrowed down to individual servers. This technology has existed in the public domain for over 15 years. Rest assured intelligence agencies have far more sophisticated methods of tracking an online post back to its originator.

                    • SadieDog

                      I am aware of that. And like I said. I said I would do exactly what she did. So piss off. You don't scare me.

                    • SadieDog

                      You obviously don't read well. Call em dick! I've got all the defense I need right here.

                    • SadieDog

                      Beware enenews, that's two people who have threatened to call the Feds for erroneous reasons. Anne and HoTaters.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Quote "..if you don't leave me the fuck alone.."

                      Why the fuck dont you leave this place alone ?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Sadie, I'm not allowed to talk to you cuz you bark too loud, but for your own sanity, just know that involving the feds is the LAST thing they want done. Bait and switch.


                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      PS, FBI is the wrong venue for the tit for tat going on here. Police might be interested, but again, bait and switch.
                      Now the nuke cartel infiltration and targeting of individuals, including character assasination- THAT is something the feds might be interested in.


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      I will weigh in; To my knowledge, its been three people threatening to turn other bloggers into the FBI; Praise Truth, Dr Goodheart and Ho taters. I think that is very serious, and Ive never seen any action here that would warrant such a drastic action. Whats with you people?

                      Sometime after PT first said she was going to the FBI a black quad drone flew low and aggressively over my house. I heard this strange sound, went outside and this copter was flying within 20 feet of my windows and then hovered over me before departing. Sure, it could be a kid in the neighborhood. But Ive never seen a kid playing with a drone around here before or since.

                      If there is one thing we can be certain of, its that the government doesnt need much if they want to go after you. They can and will plant anything or make any allegation. You will be harassed at airports… One thing nobody deserves here is to be under the spotlight of FBI agents. This is the reason I left a few days ago and the same reason I will leave again, besides the general low level of discourse and constant hounding by PT. FBI talk is disgusting, pathetic. Sadie doesnt talk any worse than Durnford and HoTaters threat was worse than having Sadie tit for tat reveal PTs name. Whats with you people here? Im gone

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Stick around Code, it's about to get better. 😉

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HillBilly, have you ever been harassed at an airport? I have, its no good at all,and people have recounted nightmare stories. I would take these threats more seriously if I were you. A bunch of loose canons and psychos around here. Even if they never do anything, why hang out with them?

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      I can't answer that.
                      But I will say this:
                      YOU have truly touched my life simply with your words here- you have taught me so much and have given me undue respect by answering my dumb questions. The brain tours you have hurled me into…Your insight, intuition, intelligence…You have reminded me on so many occasions- of the value of life itself- the wonder and miracle. To you, I owe my joy here. You don't know me from Sam, but if I knew you, I would give you this driftwood piece that fits in the palm of your hand, naturally, perfectly shaped like a chickadee, it's wing dipped like a little dish. I'm sorry.
                      And thank you.
                      If you must go, I understand, but know this- you will be missed.

                    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                      Let's pleeeezzz do some deeepp breathing . what is going on here ..this cannot be all the durnford thing ..

                      Let it go folks ..this anger is so counterproductive .

                      We are playing into the cards …

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                    The nuclear industry can only look like winning through smoke and mirrors, by storyboarding on issues that are totally unrelated.

                    Nuclear energy kills over and over again and the amount released by Fukushima is 1000s of times worse than Chernobyl. The amount will keep increasing for the next 250,000 years. And that is just one accident. There have been hundreds, and it is impossible to hide the effects or to hide the spikes in radiation readings all over the world. It is impossible to hide all the mass animal deaths or the huge costs for medical care which is only palliative nor nor curative.

                    The nuclear industry can only give the appearance of winning, but every person is and will suffer whether they are proNuke or antiNuke. We see over and over again that those will huge amounts of money are dying early of cancer and it will only keep getting worse until the nuclear technology is banned completely and forever.

                    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar PraisingTruth

                      This is just what is known since Nov. 10:
                      18th November 2015 – 2,200 ducks dead due to avian flu in Battambang, Cambodia.
                      16th November 2015 – Massive die off of fish in fish farms in Nui Thanh, Vietnam.
                      15th November 2015 – 230 dead sea lions, dolphins and sea birds found washed ashore, 800 this year in Lambayeque, Peru.
                      14th November 2015 – Thousands of dead fish wash ashore along a creek, 'causing shock' in Townsville, Australia.
                      13th November 2015 – 100,000+ fish have died due to algae in Middle River, Maryland, America.
                      13th November 2015 – Mass die off of fish washes up along a river in Ferreira Gomes, Brazil.
                      13th November 2015 – Hundreds of dead fish found in a port in Sirmione,
                      11th November 2015 – Thousands of fish die due to drought in Benoni, South Africa.
                      10th November 2015 – Hundreds of dead sea birds, dolphins and turtles found on beaches in Santos, Brazil.
                      10th November 2015 – 35 TONS of fish have died in a reservoir in Wonogiri, Indonesia.

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Hillbilly HD, it is simple. I'm not going to explain it here.

                    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                      Wrong thread, HoT.
                      But while ya'll are at it, tell our buds at the FBI that PT hurt my feelings and threw stones at me. Mmmk?

              • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                Sadie is not troll ,she is very passionate about this shapeshifting polarizing individual .
                Many are feeling or have felt the same so she is not alone .

                We must stop giving dd and co anymore FREE bad publicity , its too bad we cannot have an open dialogue on this subject without the barbs .

                I am sorry for speaking up for you Sadie , but I too would face the same . please forgive me as I bite alarger hole in my tongue.

                If I may make a suggestion to those here that are new or have drank the dd and company cool aid , or are just cluless on how a man in his ways has polorized this once vibrant community of like minded Good honest folks who have shared the ultimate horrifying ongoing nuclear destructor of worlds event ((wordy yup )) suggestion is Google dd , proctologist you know how ..fraud , read any and all check out also Shawn arclight, oh just link up to European news weekly podcast November 16 to hear a grown up discussion with very strong long going organizers in the anti nuclear movement discuss this whole issue without debasing anyone even dd .its 40 or so minutes long please listen to the whole thing and try not cherry picking it , its mature thinking and sharing .the end is very good ..

                Of course they too are taking heat as enemies . you will be hard pressed to listen and come out of it feeling bad .

                This too I will add its called divide. And conquer and that's what the cabal wants …also throw in the BS attitude of " if your not with us your a…

                • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                  Pt two you are against and pro nuclear ..enough already

                  • SadieDog

                    +SD. Thanks. But I am a guy. ;). Sadie was my dog.
                    I said I'd leave it alone, but I will defend myself. Especially against lies. AB.

                  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                    She has been spoofed! No idea whom she is dealing with!
                    November 18, 2015 at 11:43 am
                    Suck down my dic@ Obe.

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    clamshell, do I recall you are friends with Carlos Arredondo? Or was that a different poster….

                    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                      Code I was at occupy Boston he was holding vigil for son he lost in bushes war on our freedoms , he seemed like a good man to me.
                      He also was on some of the same working groups. Then they marathon happenend and I was having a hard time digesting claims. And the vids bo sent me blew me and my reality away ..

                      I mean I knew it was a setup and false flag but his involvement…makes one really wonder , maybe he was one of that blet all the attention go to his head…

                      He had signed letters from Kennedy in regards to his work in s first son

                      Since that (marathon) his other surviving soncommitedsuicide . not sure of anything in this world we live in anymore ..you ?
                      I must get out of city and off the grid again I'm feeling so vulnerable ..thanks for the inquiry..PS I was heartbroken about verdict and Boston strong work use the shirts as rags …feel free to call me I left my number out .

                • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                  Eesh I'm response to Sadie stating she was a troll ..then all this filled in the thread ..just to clarify

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              You're a real downer, Sadie Dog. You just can't bear people disagreeing with you, can you? So we're all a bunch of loser a-ho's if we're not in lockstep with your negative thinking, right?

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                If it will make you happy I'll go suck two dozen rotten, spoiled, uncooked eggs. There, are you all jolly now?

              • SadieDog

                I can bear it. DID started the troll shit again. I responded.

              • SadieDog

                Nope Ho, please don't suck any rotten eggs. But as good as some think some fake activists are, I think they are just as evil. And I will say so.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  OK, well try to clean it up a little OK? Please don't threaten people here. I didn't see where anyone outed you. Maybe I missed something.

                  We just can't devolve downward into violence here or anything that even has the faintest odor of it here or WE ARE DONE.

                  If you continue this kind of behavior, you're likely to get the site shut down. Reporting you might do the same, but it would scarcely make any difference at that point.

                  • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                    quote me "..LINK ?.."

                    quote HT "..or WE ARE DONE…"

                    Sorry HoTaters , i posted before i readed this post of you..i'm ok with giving it a rest..

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Did, none of my comments had anything to do with you. Please don't be offended.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      How could i be offended by you HoTaters ? Here i was afraid it was the other way around 🙂

                      I wanne thank you and All others that have raised their voice in defense against the coördinated attack on ENE and the antinuclear movement as a whole..thats all i can say really..

                      A sincere Thank You All !! 😉


                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Typo you = You


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      an FBI squealer…Im offended

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Did somebody squeal..or was a troll kept in check..

                    • SadieDog

                      There you go again asshole. Trolling. What are you 5?

                    • SadieDog

                      You are the only one disrupting the flow today. I think you have a crush on me. I'm flattered.

                    • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

                      Thinking is good for you..practise a lot and "maybe" some day you pass a human behaviour test..a long way to go..should not have waited so long..Troll

                      In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion,[3] often for their own amusement.

                      This sense of the word "troll" and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families."[4][5] In addition, depictions of trolling have been included in popular fictional works such as the HBO television program The Newsroom, in which a main character encounters harassing individuals online and tries to infiltrate their circles by posting negative sexual comments himself.[6][7]

                    • SadieDog

                      Have you been taking lessons from Anne? At least she posts actual info and gives something of value on occasion. You… Never. Spoiled brat. Still flattered tho. Maybe one of your 'we' can get you to behave. You are the troll.

          • Thank you, Chemfood. I completely agree.
            I was online, on the stream, night one (when Dana and Terry first came back from their ten-day trip.) WE asked Dana and Terry if they would go back and explore more of the coast. WE offered to pay for it. Some of us did not and do not have much to give, but support, and these fools who took something from Dana, without giving anything of themselves, should just zip it.
            What have they done? They hang around ENEnews and pester others who don't spend all day into the night, here. Where do they SHARE this info? If it is with that idiot, "connecting dots/ silver Goldman", it is nowhere. Hanging with that guy is a trip to nowheresville, and I can tell who's been there and who knows better.

            On the main topic (above); were these fools to spend more time pissed-off at what's finally being proven, in the ocean, as they are at Dana (for showing them this before any government agency), maybe they could get offa their fat rear-ends and teach people something (aside from what jerks they are, here.)

            • GOM GOM

              You speak of "pestering others"? Is that a joke? Look at your own posts. I too stand with Sadie 110% .

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              AnneBeck, thanks, that helps put things into perspective. If Dana has lied, why should ANY stories here about marine die-offs, mass deaths of marine mammals, collapses of marine and freshwater fisheries, mass casualties of land mammals, animals, birds, fish have any credibility whatsoever?

              And what about all of us (that I'm aware of) agreeing the bug splat on the windows is basically gone now because there are almost no bugs?

              My gut says Dana is not a fraud. I certainly cannot believe Kevin Blanch is a fraud. He has lost too many family members. Someone fighting the health battles he has fought wouldn't bother with activism if he were not passionate about it. Losing a father and other relatives to the horrors of nuclear has galvanized him into action.

              I'm tired of seeing people I admire, who have sacrificed so much to try and raise awareness, having their good names casually smeared. By whom, I ask myself.

        • BanReactorsForever BanReactorsForever

          So Sad Dog ,
          What the hell have u specifically done to advance the cause of the anti nuclear movement?? I see you on here tearing down legit activists like Kevin and Dana but u don't seem to be much more than a pathetic cry baby at best or a nuker troll plant at worst. When you risk your life and livelihood to stop nuclear then let us all know , ok ?
          Till then, shut yet negative worthless pie hole.
          Ban Reactors Forever

    • P.S. People: If sadiedog shill is getting on your nerves, there's still "report comment" buttons around here. Last I remember, ENE Admin respnds to banning individuals who have been reported many multiple times for comment violations. It takes a couple of days sometimes, but we here at ENE certainly need to be the first, and multiple times each report with why. Then it it'll be hey hey sadiedog goodbye. Not before.

    • Fukushima Radiation And Links To Mass Die Off Of Sea Stars, Starfish, Chitons, Abalone, Mussels, Sun Stars, Salmon In Pacific Ocean, S. California To Alaska

  • GreenRenew GreenRenew

    Immediate government action? Hmmm… Well let's start by including the word RADIATION when formulating and the sting hypotheses.

  • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


    You'd think Cullen would be using more than a bucket and some volunteers to measure Fukushima effects.

    Guess he's just lowering himself to the general publics inability to understand and comprehend sound science, as he implies.

    That, and the nuke industries financial influence on his reports, lends one to believe someone's hiding something and the facts have gone fission.

    • He sure gets paid enough to do more than test bits of water.
      Let's work that out, okay?
      It costs six-HUNDRED dollars for Cullen and Co. to provide,"test kits", and test the water. This does NOT include shipping and, "handling".
      A 5-gallon bucket costs, what(?) 2.49 (Target)..
      The majority of manpower involved is provided by people who do the collecting (taking special precaution to add nothing but water to the water.) As I stated, shipping of five GALLONS of water (think that is 25 pounds, weight, no?)
      So for testing the water, these jerks have $597.51, with which to pay their lab assistants and for equipment and incidentals. Except, equipment is, "free", in both UVic and in Wood's HOLE. At UVic, students pay for this with their fees. At WH, the community (and government) pay for it with donations and grants. So, that's free. Lab assistants are not paid, either; they donate their time as part of their education.
      So, we're back to (let's round it up) six HUNDRED dollars for looking at WATER and saying it is not radioactive.
      For how long can Cullen and Buesseler keep up THAT SCAM? Not sure, but, how long will people stay asleep? As long as there are fools who go along with them (Like Dotz Goldman and his foolish followers), it will be a while.

  • earthsmith earthsmith

    so how many will return next year…???

    grim is a pretty tame description

    • You have to go back 3 years, count how many which left, then subtract about ninety-eight-point-seven percent, that will die (or have died) in the ocean.
      I guess it will be, maybe, five hundred?
      Or, it will be a smattering.
      They are, as one of the articles stated, going extinct. This means, in the next year or two, there will be none.

      Sad, too, it will not end with salmon. I shall go to the market today and see how many fish are up for sale. I'll photograph them for future generations.

  • freebywill

    Sockeye salmon feed extensively on zooplankton during both freshwater and saltwater life stages.

    Wonder what the health of the few returning fish is ?

    Anyone doing zooplankton studies ?

  • Jebus Jebus

    Scientists Unmuzzled?

    Globe and Mail found a tap?

    The truth never lies and no one can lie about the truth.

    • Yeah, I dunno, Jebus.
      But, maybe this is why they have a judge speaking for them? Of course, he says the bigger salmon prolly ate all of the food usually claimed by the smaller (sockeyes) and later-season salmon.
      'cuz that makes sense.

  • rogerthat

    1000 scientists in search of a brain

  • Gasser Gasser

    Radioactive Times Ahead

    Short featured article in GMI Survival Magazine >

    Prepare for the world wide Domino effect of Nuclear Rector core meltdowns.

    Get this simple Ten Year Deep Bunker isolation food supply.

    1. Water

    2. Bacon

  • wa6smn wa6smn

    The maturation period is 4 years from hatchling to maturity for return to spawn. It is now 4 years post Fukushima. It appears few fish survived to maturity.

  • rogerthat

    for anyone with a spare lifetime, this looks like a hugely useful resource, ha ha.


    Proposition One Committee's

    Anti-Nuclear Web Sites
    & Related * Resources
    *"Related" = Sites devoted to Conversion, Human Rights, Environmental Restoration
    (Please notify us of the name and URL of any links which don't work!)
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M
    N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z …

    Here's a random sample:

    … * Melbourne Action Group – Sustainable Energy and Anti-Uranium Service
    * No Nukes News Letter (South Australia)
    * West Australia Anti-Uranium Coalition – Jabiluka Industry and Internet
    Averting Nuclear Annihilation
    Azaiya Forum, Sweden – Einstein Quotes

    Baltimore Activists Coalition | BAC Press Releases | BAC Action Alerts
    Ban Waste Coalition
    Barcelona 2004
    BASIC (British American Security Info Council) | Nuclear Pulse | Index
    Bay Area Action
    BE SAFE campaign
    BEIR VI (National Academy of Sciences)
    Bellona Foundation (see "Russia" below)
    Berkeley Center for Nuclear and Toxic Waste Management
    Big List of Nuclear Related Links
    Bombs Away – Inside the Canadian Arms Industry
    Bonn International Center for Conversion
    Bradford-SIPRI Chemical/Biological Warfare Project (UK)
    Bread Not Bombs Plowshares
    Bridges for Peace | News Updates from Israel
    British Youth & Student Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    Brookings Institute – Nuclear Weapons Cost Project
    Buddhist Peace Fellowship
    The Bulletin…

    • rogerthat

      I got that from this, which in the hopefully temporary absence of nucnews is worth a look:


      NucNews Source Links

      NucNews Archives | For Subscribers – YOU send articles!

      Cost of Wars Counter

      NucNews Editor

      A-Z Antinuclear Weblinks

      Fact Check

      1 Nuclear Place Headlines | NucNews.com (Nevada) | World Nuclear News
      Antiwar.com – Submit Links | Google | Information Clearinghouse | Radiation Bulletin Headlines | NPRI

      Agence France Presse | AFP SpaceWar | Topix Nuclear Energy News | AP | Reuters | Reuters Photos/nuclear
      Environment News Service
      Environmental News Network
      Planet Ark (Reuters)

      DU Update

      Washington Times – Front Page | Nation/Politics/Daybook | World | Local | Economy

      Search: nuclear OR plutonium OR uranium OR radioactive OR radiation OR missile OR energy OR security OR protest

      Washington Post – Front Page | Politics | Local | Business | Opinion
      National | World | Search: Gen | A.P. Search | Previous Editions | Feedback | Cartoons | Presidential Transcripts
      Search: nuclear OR plutonium OR uranium OR radioactive OR radiation OR missile OR energy OR security OR protest

      Time Online | Time Cartoons
      USA Today – World | Nation | Politics | Cartoons | Email

      New York Times* | World | Nation | Search | A.P. News | Reuters Int'l |
      Editorials & Cartoons | Feedback | Supreme Court Index
      Search: nuclear plutonium uranium radioactive radiation missile energy security protest …

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    by Kens understanding, probably the fish ARE OK to eat on the West coast.

    So to ballpark, say the water has twice the radiation ken is measuring because of strontium and more, that gives 15 Bq/ ton and multiply by say 2000x for bioaccumulation and divide by 1000 to get bq/kg so you get say 30 Bq/kg. Thats a ballpark of what I would guess the fish measurement of fallout is. Thats 1/5th the FDA intervention level for water or 1/40 what they allow in fish. Compare to Yurakucho Station, Chiyoda-ku: Radioactive cesium (134 and 137 combined): 20,955 Bq/kg

    But heres a test showing much less strontium and cesium in fish. http://fukushimavoice-eng2.blogspot.com/2014/01/radiation-testing-of-seafood-by.html
    OTOH, bluefin tuna found off Japan had 61–168 Bq kg.

    But lets think about the Iodine that blew over. It was pretty high and iodine accumulates 50 times in fish and then 100,000 times in the thyroid. This means everybody has some level of thyroid dysfunction now. But Ken thinks because theres an 8 day half life, there is no danger now. Its a scientific myopia. A true picture would include the other heavy metals like mercury and then the reduced health and parasites and whatever and finally the fish arent so appealing

    US FDA's derived intervention level is 160 Bq/kg for strontium 90, 170 Bq/kg for iodine 131, and 1,200 Bq/kg for cesium 134 and 137

  • rogerthat


    Nuclear Australia
    « Open letter to those offering their area for nuclear waste dump
    Michele Madigan cuts through Australian govt spin about nuclear waste dump

    – great piece

  • rogerthat

    by the way, i often see this, and it always strikes me as funny:

    Radioactive waste – Science Daily
    19 hours ago – Radioactive waste is waste type containing radioactive chemical elements that does not have a practical purpose. It is sometimes the product of a nuclear …

    ''does not have a practical purpose'' … Nuclear waste has other, less innocuous properties

  • rogerthat


    Hill End meeting warned spent fuel rods will be part of nuclear waste By Louise Eddy Nov. 19, 2015,

  • rogerthat


    Nuclear body snatchers in UK

    During a period of over 30 years, a number of nuclear power workers in Britain had their organs secretly harvested and tested after they died.

    Family members buried or cremated incomplete bodies, some of which had been made to look whole by use of props such as broomsticks instead of stolen bones. This network of organ snatchers was led for a number of years by former chief medical officer at Sellafield, Cumbria.

    "The health professionals involved in the scandal routinely ignored the regulations governing the removal of organs…

    'Some relatives said afterwards that they had always suspected that the UK nuclear industry was intent on ensuring that no link could be made between the death of an employee and its own activities.

    'They had expected the authorities to protect both their interests and the interests of their loved ones.

    'We now know that the `old boys club` between the pathologists and coroners and the scientists in the nuclear industry did not do this.' " The Telegraph

    November 17, 2015

    • rogerthat

      State of NY denies Entergy coastal management permit, blow to Indian Point's license extension prospects

      As reported by the Associated Press, the State of New York Secretary of State has denied a coastal management certificate to Entergy Nuclear, for its twin reactor Indian Point nuclear power plant near New York City. The Secretary of State, Cesar Perales's, decision is the latest blow to Entergy's application for 20-year license extensions.

      As reported:

      "For over 40 years, Entergy's Indian Point nuclear facilities have been damaging the coastal resources of the Hudson River estuary," the state agency wrote. That includes 2.5 [billion] gallons of water withdrawn daily from the Hudson for cooling that kills an estimated 1 billion larvae, small fish and other organisms annually. More.

      November 16, 2015

  • rogerthat


    Khartoum — Experts in Sudan have confirmed the large-scale dumping of toxic waste in the country. Besides the reported disposal of nuclear waste in Northern State, an environmental conservation society received information that toxic waste is buried near oilfields in West Kordofan.

    The former president of the Sudanese Environment Conservation Society (SECS), Dr Muawia Shaddad, claims that the waste has been kept in certain "vulnerable areas" where it could pose a health risk to the population.

    Shaddad told Radio Dabanga in an interview that he received the intelligence from the Sudan Atomic Energy Commission (SAEC) and other sources. He was told that the quantity and the way in which the waste was buried, poses a threat for the environment and can be dangerous for the public health of people living nearby.

    Shaddad is particularly worried about figures reported in Bauda area in Northern Sudan. The equipment to locate the barrels has not been made available.

    Earlier this year, the SAEC discovered that the radioactive containers in six oil-rich areas in West Kordofan state are unregistered. …


    Media silence as Pacific hot blob grows. Map shows Barents/NW Alaska anomalies.



    Fukushima is destroying the Earth. Fukushima will come for your families as sure as it's killing the Pacific Ocean.


    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Talked with water resource expert with CA State Health Dept. today on matter unrelated to Fukushima. Much to my amazement she is VERY aware of the effects of Fukushima and said she no longer eats Pacific seafood, and is very select about her choice of fish. This is a middle level manager. I was pleasantly surprised. Collectively, our attempts to educate others ARE making a difference!

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    re; Dunford. What makes him a schister? Does he need lawyer funds or not? Is the arrest a fake to get money? Are the photos of devastation along the BC coast faked?

    Dana does not have a comprehensive science background for the radiation subject. Like almost everyone here, he would be unable to argue the mainstream science.

    This is true of Kevin Blanche, and like I said, everyone here.
    The benefit to these outspoken activists is that a viewer feels the emotion. They make mistakes, but then, scientists make mistakes too. And thats a huge point; scientists look at the radiation levels, and according to the standard and 'scientific' ICRP model, there is no danger. They are making a mistake. But its not so easy to argue with them about it. Depleted uranium is an example; its devastating but when doses are calculated, there is no danger compared to background and the ICRP LNT dose model

    • SadieDog

      Code, my problem is he and blanch are conmen. Period. I say it's wrong to lie about Fukushima to get donations. That's my whole argument. Watch the video I put up a lil while ago. Hes a liar, not crippled and he stays in hotels along the coast of he even went up the coast. And this is why he got arrested. –
      He used to have others schemes till Fukushima. Now it's his meal ticket. He actually asked for 40k after he got arrested. 40,000! He begs for cash in every boat video. I hate him.

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        Sadie, its hard for me to go looking through past ENE posts. If you have it quickly at hand, please point me to evidence Dunford is not crippled, didnt take photos and doesnt need lawyer fees.

        I feel Sadie makes a valuable and pithy contribution pointing out false flags and corruption. Is his research on Dunford quality or is it a hunch?

        • SadieDog

          Well, he's on the boat by himself, walking along the coast in one. I never said he didn't take photos, just that he is very deceitful with them. It's not hard to take pics of nothing. He may want a lawyer, but 40,000?
          And it was my gut first, then I dug into it. Did he take the wheelchair in the boat and roll along the rocks? No. In the hotels, he's not in a wheelchair. In other videos, he says there is zero life but shows anenomes and another thousands of urchins. But it gets bad when you watch his old videos. Oh and the boat was donated. He never discloses how much money he's been donated. This is a repost, but a classic, he tried a music scam years ago. Sucking off real unsigned artists, it didn't work.


          • SadieDog

            There's more via clamshellernh today, like he was arrested for drugs and domestic violence. He also has had dozens of YouTube and web names/sites, some sexual in nature. Clam also provided a podcast today discussing him. Worth a listen, I think. But like I said, he's a creep in my gut. I'm done for today, if you want I'll post more tomorrow. Beware of people asking for money!

            • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

              "..Beware of people asking for money!.."

              Says the conartist with great conviction..

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Sadie, I looked at the video. He can play guitar. What did I miss? Life is full of con artists, I keep an open mind. In the two dimensional impersonal world of the internet its hard to know people. I guess I will hunt down Clamshellers stuff. Theres more than one person here who hopes to profit on disaster. More than one using crude lingo

              Apologies to Durnford, I was unintentionally misspelling his name.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Sadie Dog, you're correct, Dana has a long history going back on YouTube. I haven't checked out the BreakUpSexVideos, etc.

              What I CAN say that may be of interest is he touches on the physical and possible sexual abuse of young people in Canada, with authorities looking the other way.

              There are several people "outing" sex offenders who commit pedophilia, human trafficking, and even murder in the U.K., Canada, and Australia. There is a vast and interconnected web of these people who have evaded justice for a long time. It could be Dana was alluding to the activities of those people, and the "public servants" who enable them to continue these activities.

              I haven't seen enough of this to comment and discern whether he is honest or not. It's clear he's sitting in a wheelchair in one of the older videos. And perhaps he could play guitar before his accident but not after? It's hard to say w/o knowing when these different videos were taken.

              It's possible you are right. I no longer know. But it appears he did some great work of documenting the damage to the B.C. coast. IMO he'd have a hard time faking going out on the high surf in that Zodiac, judging from some of the videos.

              Jury's out on this one. If he's a fake, I hope he's exposed. If he's not, I hope he is vindicated.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                The people outing the sex offenders and people in the pedophile/human trafficking rings are in grave danger, and fear for their lives. There are VERY high level government individuals in the U.K., the Commonwealth countries, AND the U.S. participating in these activities. It's an international crime ring. That Dana alludes to this is credible, IMHO.

                He may just be an individual who is very keen on activism on social issues. I just can't say. I'd have to know more.

                But I'll allow you may be right.

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  One last comment, then I'll leave this alone. The people trying to expose and break the international pedophile/human trafficking rings are in very, very grave danger. They have exposed some VERY high level government officials.

                  If Dana's being messed with on account of not looking the other way, that's a very real possibility. I did see some negative comments on YouTube from people who said they know him personally and he hasn't acted ethically with them where finances are concerned.

                  Again, jury's out IMO.

                  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                    @ HT I agree with you
                    I have watched each and everyone of dds you tube vids and actually looked forward to them .
                    I began to see a troubling trend though with the promoting of violence and brought it up and was censored all the time , i wae swearto datand called a troll forjustaskingbifhecould tone it down , i was the outmost politeaswell , for a matter of fact i never did see any opposing questions being brought up and frankly it frightened me .it wasout and out censorship

                    We all know its a huge world out there and there are those that would act out on the those threats .
                    Wasn't anyone else concerned I ask ? Here I ask because am familiar with many that had strong opinions of opposition towards him .

                    And if am not talking about. Connecting the dots and company .

                    I was threatened by the army of hounds ,at risk of being redundant ,we do not promote this type of thing even with our children . so why would we throw the baby out with the dishwater just to get our message of the serious nature of Fukushima out to the masses .

                    I was also very concerned about about asking for money after I had contributed myself a fairly large sum that amounted for a dinner out for two at a nice ethnic restaurant.

                    I noticed straight away that there was not to be any radiation monitoring of f any kind , when please correct me but there was talk about that or at least lab work.

                    I also heard him mention the money would be returned , so now that he is doing a documentary and…

                    • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                      Pt two with rense following dd he has the advertising in the he bag . will he be returning any of the very large contributions to his followers or their estates ? O must say I have not seen nor heard of dd mentioning the return of moneys .

                      PS I'm not looking for my money


                      I will not be participating on this subject matter any further becuase I do not want it to having any legs and the sooner this becomes something of the past after the outcome of the trial the better for the whole movement.

                      Bad publicity in our fight against all things nuclear is not good at all a s far as I can see .

                      I will end on this note however , it is unfortunate that this case could undermine our abilities to gtsomthing done stopping nuclear and in essence silencing us with Eve more laws stifling freedom of speech ..look at Paris and the suspension of rights going on .

                      Thank you all that called me earlier I look forward to our continued freindships and thoughts, I wish that we all of as free to speak as openly on this beloved site slash home from the storm enenews .

                      Be blessed all.of you .

              • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                Code I think that one of the things that are missing is transparency .I agree hes connecting the dots with info he gets from aggregators such as this site and puts it in a format that Grabs the uninitiated , we all can do that take notes and get your talking points in order but I stand firm on if you ask for money of any kind you must open that up and share every penny with contributors

                We are not the cabal nor do we want to leave ourselves open to any scrutiny from anyone .

                And let's face it there are many sick individuals that have internet access that may take his threatening behavior to the next level , mob mentality cannot be tolerated in any form . it will be twisted and used against us as a whole have we not learned that ?

                I know we are all so frustrated with the lack of scientific research that reflects truth , lies of ommision? What ever .

                There have been many folks coming to our side with our continued questioning by us

                But also we cannot polorize and restrict .we cannot alienate folks like caldicott fairly Gunderson mouseau and us as seasoned anti nuclear activists we need them . without them we are fools with no scientific empirical evidence to prove our case .

                Squeaky clean backgrounds are helpful in the long-run if we are to make claims doing citizen research .

                Why is that so hard to understand? Why the rummy response " your either with us or against us " …I'm making a discussion group and reporting back here with links , need…

                • One aspect of the Occupy Movement I find to be a decent model for no nukes activists is the code to cause no harm, create no violence, make no verbal assaults…. stay cool and be aware of those who might drag you down…

                  • clamshellernh clamshellernh


                    I was in my occupy , still am in her own way , always and forever .

                    It's weird we didn't have much discourse on fuku or nuclear while at the he camp .

                    I headed up mutual aid under finance and I had to be as transparent to a p
                    Penny as one could be , I had an aggressive tool to give money out with forms as well as a Google doc that only a few could look at.

                    There was value in that has had paper and back up ..at the end of the day after thousands thousands of dollars pass through my hands I was off by less than fifty dollars .

                    What I'm saying is so many were sick at any given moment . we were six months into fuku and also the shelters for this homeless had for lack of another term KENNEL cough . IT WAS pneumonia starting with the rains in the spring of 2011 ..the likes of it from what the healthcare for homeless was never witnessed before
                    I'm attempting to o say a few things here but most important was transparency issues , we all need to help hold ourselves to a lofty set of standards .
                    The cabal will come with whatever they can no matter how much we try .

                • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                  Re discussion group
                  This group needsa name
                  It will be a file cabinet with links to aggregators
                  It will be a place to have debate
                  It will be moderated but no
                  It will be run by many
                  Those that have proven they are not disrupters will be off moderation
                  WeWill be kind but voice our concerns in any area without the fear of being called a troll or shill
                  It will be a "Safe Place "
                  I have had these before on Lyme disease mold and other things all activist type.
                  What will it have ? Afile system and a link system
                  When I have it sent it up we will need moderators and two owners I will have to be one to set it up

                  Sadie can you help me ? I will set it up first so all can look at it .
                  It will be a yahoo group , any concern for that ? It means that one will have to be a yahoo email account holder

                  It's just so easy to do and we will not be taking from this site but adding to the facilities will a file and link system , I think welcoming the idea to critiquing said links and files and doing so as a group

                  Let's be creative and kind not polarizing ..give credit where its due and dare to talk about our concerns

                  @gasser how about a name , ene plus ?
                  No money involved at all .
                  Need help with header , a picture and rules ..I can do it myself but would like to funnel us positively together ..

                • 1, ClamSh.. If one does not know how to give, one should not attempt it.
                  2. The money has been spent on the expedition. Those of us who gave knew what we were giving to and knew it was not going to be a cheap outfit.
                  Dana has said, regarding articles sent to him, anyone who wants them back should arrange to get them back. He does not have money with which to return them.

                  When you say you will say no more, yet continue to say more, you seem to mean you want the last word. Problem is, you are not seeing what the point of the whole expedition was. Nor do you seem to comprehend that Dana did not ask for loans, or cash or of items. He asked for donations, and I am sure that was difficult for him to even do, each time.

                  • clamshellernh clamshellernh

                    Ab my posts are all skwed I think it's the site . I will not and do not want to do anything but move on ..you must listen to the podcast though it is helpful to all those. For and against Dana .after all we want and end to althings nuclear.right

                    Peace out . I'm not evil I just have concerns like many here showing want to catch flack that's why they asked when they call ed me yesterday thanks for all youdoannebeck

              • I have known Dana on youtube for years. I've known him a lot longer than Fukushima's been the disaster it is.
                I know him well enough to say two things about him.
                1. Dana is concerned with many causes. He is quite sympathetic to those he sees as injured, to the point of being empathetic. This causes Dana to go over the edge, at times (a lot of times.) And,
                2. People who are physically disabled (and I know of what I speak, personally) tend to go through highs and lows. The man was disabled in a terrible diving accident. He has spent more than a decade in bed or a chair. Of course, since getting out more (on the water, in particular), he has gained quite a bit of upper-body muscle strength. Anyone who's seen Dana (as much and as often as I have) can SEE the changes in him, physically. This in, in great part, due to the therapeutic effects of the ocean's waves, and has some to do with what getting out there and doing, for others, can do for oneself (has done for him.)
                Now, I know Dana well enough, too, to see that he did NOT make money off of this endeavor. Do you know that he slept ON THE BOAT, much of the time? Do you have ANY clue what this was like? The cabin, which he mostly made (with friends and by using the cash DONATED to the cause), is TINY. And, he had Zoe (his dog) in there, too. Anyone who calls this a vacation, again, IS A FOOL. Absolutely. I am sure DANA paid more than anyone, save Geoff Palko, thanks to DOTZ.

              • SadieDog

                @HoTaters – Kudos to you for at least doing a little digging. Thank you for that. No hard feelings to you, from me. I'll leave it alone, for now. Peace.

          • Because you know nothing, SD, I will assist.
            His wheelchair went overboard. I guess you missed this in all of the time you were trying to help, hey?
            I remember you showed up once, in the livestream, and moaned and complained about whether or not you would get a (phantom) G-C back, IF you were to, "donate it".

            Like I said, giving is lost on people like you, and it should be left up to those who care.

        • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


          Think "Trick, trick, trick."

          A better approach might be "Sorry fans of his. Sorry you are about to find out he let you down- in a big way. Truly sorry."

        • Quality or a hunch?
          How about distraction and disgusting?

    • Jebus Jebus

      Knew you would be Code, because there is no back…

      As your last paragraph challenges, these guy's tried long ago.

      What they say, is still true today. Only the magnitude has changed…

      No Safe Dose – Berkeley


      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        The last headline showed that C137 contaminated Florida to levels around 5 to 10 bq/ kg. Coffee has radiation of 1000 bq/kg. This is the problem in a nutshell, in a coffee bean. I dont believe that the radiation from coffee is 100 times worse than Fukushima fallout. That is why I focus on this subject. Its difficult to argue against Cullen because he will simply say your morning coffee is 100 times more radioactive than Florida contamination. The truth is that man has poisoned the planet. The thing scientists and posters alike should be figuring out is why 10,000 nuclear bombs is destroying the planet, not that the dilution seems to bring it to non poisonous levels, or repeating over and over that there is no safe level.

        • Jebus Jebus

          There is no safe dose… 🙂

          There is no one dose.

          There is no one radiation…

          I think that we should stop using the word radiation to describe the individual radioisotopes created in a nuclear event and call it contamination by/of chemicals, naming them by their individual radioisotope chemical names.

          Coffee protects you, errr… rats, from radiation before, but not after, irradiation, in this morbid paper…


          Conclusions can be drawn…

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

            Is there no way to determine what isotopes are causing background readings at any one place/time?

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Hillbilly, no doubt its the potassium in coffee. I dont personally believe there is a radiation risk from coffee, whereas I believe there is an underestimated poisoning from fallout.

              Here is a question for you; after Buesseler collects 8 bq of C-137 out of 10,000 bq of sea water, what is the bq/kg of the organic polymer exchange resin? Not just the bulk resin, but the microscopic boundary layer that actually absorbs the cesium. And not just the average surface area, but the point source of agglomerations. I mean to say that perhaps 25% of the fallout was in the form of nano spheres containing billions of atoms and having radiation intensities of millions of becquerels per Kg. This makes me wonder also; if Buesseler caught just ONE hot particle, it would completely destroy the accuracy….does this happen, and do they throw out the ion exchange resin that has thousand or millions of becquerels from a hot particle?

              Buesseler talks about ion exchange resin
              "Our 5 mL AMP-PAN resin column was on average 95 % efficient in the removal of cesium from 20L samples at an average flow rate of 35 mL min"

              So right away we have a radiation concentration of 4000 times (of bulk ion exchange resin). Im wondering if bio-polymers and cell membrane ion pumps can act in a similar way to ion exchange resins. Just a thought… I dont know, Im just a foul mouthed musician wit no education, bound to my computer chair with bloggers calling the FBI on me

              • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

                Love your stuff, Code. I will be dissecting this gem (above) into the wee hours, I'm sure.

                And what about the fact that cesium settles below the shelf, in deep water and sediment and strontium-90 will accumulate closer to shore? Why are they collecting shore samples for cesium and filtering contaminants?

                Yes, I noticed the issues with Buesselers testing methods. Did you read that awhile back?

                Also, Cullen states that while doing his legitimate studies, they are very precariuos about container contamination and specimen contamination. But in this case…anything goes.
                What a set-up!

            • Gamma scint, $2000 gets you into the game.

          • penny penny

            Technically, it's radioactivity, not just radiation. You're right; using a banal word like 'radiation' (think sunshine) is quite unproductive.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    re; Leuren Moret. This individual is unfortunate because of the overlap of true and untrue in a sensationalist manner. This leads to throwing out the baby with the bath water. So many 'conspiracy theories' turn out to be valid. Its a shocking awakening that will come too late for mankind. Its a thin line; the world trade center demolition false flag is a keystone to bringing down the dark forces behind so much of the government/military/nuclear interwoven fabric of corruption and psychopathy. The weight of evidence makes 9-11 more than conspiracy theory. But when a sensationalist person throws layer upon layer of other way out ideas into the mix, the public will throw out all of it. Thats why I dont care for Moret

    • SadieDog

      It's like no one has instinct anymore. I could understand if young people, say under 30 couldn't tell they were being hustled, but damn, I know some of the conman's supporters are well past middle age. My advice, stay out of the cities… You won't make it.

      • SadieDog

        That's all I'll say tonite about it.

      • No one has instinct anymore. You mean nobody has the ability to reason anymore? That is rich coming from you, SD.
        You seem to have missed exactly what it was we ASKED DANA TO DO. You also seem to have missed the FACT that WE ASKED DANA to DO THIS (and we asked his friend, Terry, too.) WE offered to pay for it.

        You still have not said you actually gave him anything. You said you sent him an email and asked, if you LOANED him your GC (and come on; it costs less than $200 to replace, so whaahh), would he return it to you. You went into it sideways, if your intention was ever to do anything to help US get images and videos of the coastline (which is what Dana offered and what WE expected, and what WE GOT from him.) I never asked Dana to give back anything, not that I was able to give much, anyway. But, you see; giving anything to Dana was not actually for Dana's benefit. It was for OUR benefit. Or, are you one of the fools who thinks siting in a rubber boat in the ocean, in the middle of WINTER (and Summer and Spring and Fall), in BC, is a, 'vacation'? If this is what you think, I think you have lost ALL ability to reason. You've been hanging out for far too long with that Concocting-dots, the Ditz, Goldman. He has rubbed off on you. It is sad, really.
        And you come her to flipp-out on people who care about this? Where DID you leave your sense? Honestly?!

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Video response to Dana… he is not able to refute Dana's observations, with his own. If you want to scream and yell fraud show real proof… not the Planned Parenthood type. Once you go to the west coast and video your own observation then if extrordinarily different share your proof you might gain credibility… currently I can only assume your motive is not to educate and inform rather it is to distract and deceive.

          • Thank you, Cataclysmic.
            John Wynne also seems an honest man with nothing to gain by photographing, or videotaping, and posting what he has (also) found.
            One thing I have noticed of the anti=Dana squad is this: they are not even saying Dana's proof is wrong. In fact, they are not really mentioning his proof, at all. Now, why is this?
            The words that also come to my mind, when considering this, are; Distraction & deception. It is a trick and they, as some who've played that game have acknowledged, use it often, "all the time".

            And they have not addressed my statements of fact, either.
            For, WE asked Dana to go back to the shore and do these expeditions (some of us in here) and WE offered to fund the trip(s). Some did not seem to pay enough attention, in the streams, to understand that what Dana said he knew he could do was take photos and videos, and only this. Some, in the streams (who never paid attention to Dana, and spent all of that time attempting to distract others from Dana's words) were moaning and complaining that he wasn't concentrating on Geiger-counter readings. But, this is not what WE asked of Dana. And it was not what Dana provided, though he would give a reading, occasionally (and even he said he did not trust they were accurate.) I thought the idea of taking readings, for a year, a stupid one, regardless. I guess not everyone is blessed with a high i.q.

            As my mom would say, "C'est la vie."

            • penny penny

              Anne, thank you for the background information about the Expedition for Life. Personally, I like to investigate everything, but time and again I've proven that I can rely on my gut instincts to decide whether or not people are honest. Watching Dana and Terry during their very first video, it is clear they are broken up about the state of the Pacific.

              I want to take exception with one point, though: that no one said Dana's proof wasn't valid. There's this:
              <"vital revelatory scientific detective work, massively documenting the post fukushima" hahahahahahahahhha!!!!!!!!!>
              and this: < Does he take film of life in B.C. and said there was none? Yes. Send him money. Quick! I never cared about this liar before[…] >
              and especially, this: <Local fisherman responds quite well to the BC conman's BS.
              https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2ngu8QUgP3w >

              Attacks on character and all the vitriol are not nearly so damaging as the occasional slipping in of the grave lie that the ocean is not faring badly, or even that it isn't doing as badly as some say (good gods, a matter of 99.5% dead or dying vs. 99.6% – or whatever the numbers – is still GAME OVER for the Pacific!)


              • Slylandro Slylandro

                "Local fisherman responds quite well to the BC conman's BS" I have to disagree. His statements are worthless since he provides no historical data to make his argument. He states, "come out with me and I'll show you." I'm not from around there, or is anyone else that "needs to be shown" so what historical references do I have to go by? Hmm… Looks good. Maybe it was better 10 years ago? See? Also, "see, here's some pictures of fish". That's nice. All you have is his opinion. Others say different. The can't all be telling the truth.

                There's obviously something going on for the gov't to act the way it's acting (hiding, obfuscating, patronizing, lying, etc.).

                Thankfully, the NRC, when it completes it's long overdue cancer study may shine a light on some of this.

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Cat..there you go! 🙂 Can't refute! Can't compute!

      • clamshellernh clamshellernh

        @ sadiedog I have Posted my contact info before , so I'm.doing it again give me a call if you can , 857 247 9412 I'm a her BTW ..skrew it I'm almost sixty catch me if you can …I'm Not black block.
        If anyone else wants to call me feel free I'm in Boston area..just do not hound me on my opinions on dd if you can figure that out

        I am not going tech challenged right now other wise I'd definitely a snail mail to others to contact others ..I'm always up so don't be worry about time zones. Home.now too if your up !

    • Code; re, Moret, I absolutely agree. However, when I listen to her, which is rare, I then take the smallest kernel of,"her truth", and I investigate it. Almost always, she bases her ideas on sane ideas. But, she then goes So far over the top, it is difficult to even bother. Same with her pal, Weber (and i think he eggs her on, for reasons not so clean, either.)

      No matter WHOM it is we're getting our info from, the only reasonable response is: INVESTIGATE, Verify (if possible), and DO YOUR OWN WORK.
      I trust nobody's opinion on everything. I sometimes even wonder if what I know is absolutely true. So, I investigate all sorts of sources, and I feel pretty confident that I know what I know. I also don't care if people call me any kind of zany theorist. If I am, I can say this; at least I think.

      • penny penny

        Her reports are classic psy-ops technique: say the things that need to be said, that no insider will ever say, and then add something outlandish to discredit the valuable information.

        Dead on, we all have to be our own best scientists! Having a degree doesn't mean one is better informed than someone who has researched diligently without jumping through the academic hoops. I jumped through them, and I'm telling you that the hoops are there to skim off independent, critical thinking ability! (I didn't even think of trying to get a job recommendation after grad school. You have to fit the mold for that kind of thing. Meaning you have to have the moral substance equivalent of Jello.)

        Not every career scientist is an unethical sell-out, but any ethical person who can reason is worth more as a source of information than all the ph.d.'s on the planet. Science training these days is incredibly narrow; scientists count the angels dancing on the head of a pin. Look at all the 'confusion' over the Pacific extinctions! And consider that they each think they have identified the one and only canary in the coalmine, as Anne and another poster (HoR?) have said.

        • Cataclysmic Cataclysmic

          Yes Penny! .. don't miss that every single day we hear of yet another corporation in bed with universities and scientists, phds, changing data skewing data all geared and based on the profitability of a corporation.

          Our PhDs today may not have as many details of truth that our PhD's a few years back may have had access to and we must also consider our PhDs that are older might have fallen trap to the government public grant game that basically says tell them what they want to hear and they will fund the next five years of your life in fine style. You are right we all have to think for ourselves discuss things logically to come to an understanding.

          What has worked for the Corpocracy and associated nuclear cabal for so long is ignorance rattling these folks get us angry at each other calling names jumping up and down…everything but discussing the issue.

          I suspect this way of being is taught in one of those universities with honors courses at some of those secret places like the Bohemian Grove.

          If anyone decides to look up the Bohemian Grove be sure to look up Vannevar Bush too… dots to connect if you like games;)

  • Jebus Jebus

    Pathetic. “Worst Ever”: Government Action…

    Inter-Taxa Differences in Iodine Uptake by Plants: Implications for Food Quality and Contamination.

    Received: 22 July 2015 / Accepted: 4 November 2015 / Published: 9 November 2015


    I-129 and tritium too…

    • SadieDog

      "After the light test, conducted by the U.S. Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA),  U.S. officials claimed that the launch proves Washington’s “continued commitment to security,”
      This latest test took place at Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, although the bomb did not contain any enriched nuclear material. NNSA Deputy Administrator said that the the test “provides additional evidence of the nation’s continued commitment to our nation’s security and that of our allies and partners.”

  • SanityQuest SanityQuest

    My world in 90 seconds…

    “When we look at fish we depend on culturally in B.C.”
    “we don’t expect the impact to be measurable”
    “Quote is Jay Cullen.”
    “Children under 5 get a free 10 Severt Dosimeter Ring”
    “someone's hiding something and the facts have gone fission”
    “grim is a pretty tame description”
    “Anyone doing zooplankton studies ?”
    “The truth never lies and no one can lie about the truth.”
    “Prepare for the world wide Domino effect of Nuclear Rector core meltdowns.”
    “The maturation period is 4 years from hatchling to maturity for return to spawn”
    “for anyone with a spare lifetime”
    “Time Online | Time Cartoons”
    “by Kens understanding, probably the fish ARE OK to eat on the West coast”
    “But heres a test showing much less strontium and cesium in fish.”
    “But lets think about the Iodine that blew over”
    “Nuclear body snatchers in UK”
    “They had expected the authorities to protect both their interests and the interests of their loved ones.”
    “State of NY denies”
    “Pacific hot blob grows”
    “Fukushima is destroying the Earth”
    “But its not so easy to argue with them about it.”
    “Now it's his meal ticket.”
    “Is his research” “quality or is it a hunch”
    “My advice, stay out of the cities… You won't make it.”
    “Its a shocking awakening that will come too late for mankind.”
    “That's all I'll say tonite about it.”

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      Geesh. No wonder I come here…

      I hope I'm not in trouble for laughing.

    • Hey, Baby; thanks for that! WONDERFUL take.
      Wish I had only done this and ignored the lunacy alone. But, alas; I could not. I wouldn't be me if I left that sick dog to lie all over the pages…

      Excellent, though. We cool, too, hey?

      • SanityQuest SanityQuest

        Sup Girl… we cool.

        Re strays with a chip… "Give to Caesar what is Caeser's" but understand we are all subject to the world.

        I have a good friend that has a common saying "Its all good" and initially I had to disagree, however after lookin at who it was coming from and what he was subject to through several tours I began to realize it was more a habitual self persuasion response prior to dodging IED's and bullets.

        We are all subject to our own experiences and we are all scared.

        Peace and Grace to you Anne

  • Gasser Gasser

    Radioactive Times Ahead

    World scientific Nuclear experts now recognize the dangers of Nuclear Reactors and have ordered NRC to shut them all down immediately, ENEnews is having a big "cold shutdown" celebration party.

  • oldster

    Re: harmful effects of various radionuclides: The 'con'/scam is inherent in isolating factors, quantifying these isolated, individual factors, then declaring them safe or unsafe, without reference to context. Context involves myriad factors, synergies, vast combinations. And experience is the best guide, thus the precautionary principle and good quality epidemiology. The best evidence is provided by comparing a population that has been subjected to a known set of factors, to a similar population which has more or less escaped those factors. This still involves unknowns, etc, but for practical purposes could provide substantial solid ground. But much of the history of artificial radioactivity, and 'living better with chemistry' is the history of lies, cover-ups, etc. Without integrity in science and officialdom there can be no consensus solid ground, beyond something like common sense.

    The conjunction of a body burden increase in various radioactive materials and exposures, with increased levels of aluminum, mercury, cadmium, dioxins, etc is the general problem. The general solution is reducing the toxic load. More particularly, those particles of plutonium and other diabolical fellow travellers lodged in the body are bad news in any case. Via an increasing constellation of toxins, there is the underlying peril of declining reproductive health, more and more damage to egg and sperm. I know this is mere rehash, but so often context is understated….

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      Oldster, your point needs to be restated 10,000 times. There is practically zero basis to comparing becquerels, the toxicity of which can vary by a factor of 20,000 or even an infinite factor if it turns out some level of a radioisotope is normal to biological function. It should be recounted that the official understanding is that depleted uranium poses no harm, living next to nuke power plants poses no harm and Fukushima poses no harm. Many people/scientists believe this because the indoctrination into thinking in terms of the radiation dose is so strong, so compelling. Even anti nukers must work hard to rid themselves of this unconscious or conscious assumption. What is the minimum volume of tissue for standard dose calculations?

  • rogerthat


    Dalgety Bay radiation: Radioactive source detected in Fife mussel beds
    18 November 2015
    From the section Edinburgh, Fife & East Scotland

    • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog

      That all government radiation contamination monitoring was that transparent or cared this much…or even a tiny bit.

      But Noooooo we get stuck with you-know-who.

      "Let them eat tuna!"

  • rogerthat



    Remember that Gas Pipeline proposed in Massachusetts? Fracking Produces More Radioactive Waste than Nuclear Power Plants

  • rogerthat


    – the comments are interesting:

    By Lanny Budd on Wed, 11/18/2015 – 10:37am
    Fun trivia: the manufacturing operation that used to be in 575 Albany before it burned out stored more radioactive material there than anyplace in the country that isn't a nuclear power plant or waste site. …

  • rogerthat


    NOVEMBER 19, 2015
    Nuclear Waste Peddlers Still Pushing Yucca Mt. Dump

  • rogerthat


    Australia’s really big radioactive waste dump is at Roxby Downs

    Dennis Matthews, 19 Nov 15, In the 1980’s we were repeatedly told not to worry about uranium mining at Roxby, that Roxby was a copper mine and that uranium was incidental. Now we are being told that Roxby has the world’s largest deposit of uranium.

    Despite strong public opposition, mining at Roxby got the nod from politicians. Soon radioactive water started leaking through the un-sealed base of the tailings dam, and now BHP is building an ever-expanding man-made stockpile of radioactive waste. …

  • rogerthat


    No need to rush on radioactive waste

    The federal government’s announcement that three South Australian sites including two on the Eyre Peninsula are being considered to host a national radioactive waste facility has understandably generated much attention and concern.

    The plan involves the shallow burial of low-level radioactive waste and above ground storage, in sheds, of long lived higher level waste. There is no intention to ever recover the low level material, while there are plans to remove and bury the higher level waste after 100 to 300 years.

    The employment and economic opportunities provided by the plan are modest. There would be some short term trenching, fencing and construction work (most likely by an external contractor) and there are plans for six ongoing security and maintenance jobs, plus a ‘community fund’ of no more than $10million (with no clear guidance on where, when or how the government – not the community – uses this money).

    Radioactive waste hangs around for thousands of years. So its management demands the highest quality decision making and information. Regional communities would do well to scrutinise the fine print and ask the hard questions during the consultation period.

    Previous federal attempts over many years to force a national nuclear waste dump on multiple sites in regional SA and the Northern Territory …

    • rogerthat

      have failed, so the Turnbull government’s commitment not to impose radioactive waste storage on unwilling communities is important and welcome.

      Further good news is there is no need to rush any decision as around 95 per cent of the radioactive waste slated for any future national facility is securely stored at two dedicated federal sites.

      Australian radioactive waste now returning from treatment in Europe is set to go back to where it was produced – the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation’s Lucas Heights reactor facility. ANSTO and the federal nuclear regulator have confirmed it can remain there for decades.

      Environment, public health, Indigenous and trade union groups have long called for an expert, open and independent Inquiry into the full range of waste management options. Sadly, this approach has been ignored by successive federal governments.

      With regional concerns high and no compelling social, health or technical reasons to rush, a genuine review is the best way to identify and advance lasting and responsible management options.


      Australian Conservation Foundation​

  • rogerthat


    Radioactive waste site surveys to be postponed
    Nov. 19, 2015

    Japan's Environment Ministry is likely to postpone a plan to start onsite surveys by the year-end of 3 candidate sites for a radioactive waste disposal facility in Miyagi Prefecture. The postponement was due to local opposition to the plan, among other problems.

    State Minister of the Environment Shinji Inoue is expected to convey the decision to Miyagi Governor Yoshihiro Murai at the prefectural government office on Thursday.

    The ministry plans to conduct field surveys at the sites, including one in the town of Kami, to dispose of contaminated waste from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in the neighboring prefecture.

    Ministry officials have paid daily visits to Kami since last month to try to conduct the survey, but local opposition prevented them from starting the examination.

    Ministry officials wanted to start the surveys by the year-end before snow piles up on the ground. But Kami authorities plan to block roads leading to the candidate site starting on Friday.

    Municipalities of other candidate sites — Kurihara City and Taiwa Town, have indicated that they may give up the offer to host the sites if the surveys were not conducted by the end of this year.

  • rogerthat


    Deliberative Democracy for the Future: The Case of Nuclear Waste Management in Canada

    – this was published in 2008 but looks apposite

  • rogerthat


    U.S. government proposes 17-year delay in start of Hanford nuclear cleanup — until 2039

    November 19, 2015

    The Energy Department has proposed a 17-year delay in building a complex waste treatment plant at its radioactively contaminated Hanford site in Washington state, pushing back the full start-up for processing nuclear bomb waste to 2039. …

  • rogerthat


    Soviet-era radioactive waste haunts Kyrgyzstan

    One of the legacies of the Soviet era has been the abandonment of radioactive waste in countries that were once part of the USSR. In Kyrgyzstan, 92 nuclear dump sites are threatening not only people, Read more…

    -2min33s video

  • rogerthat


    Plutonium in the Hills: How Do You Keep Nuclear Secrets Buried Forever?
    November 19, 2015
    by Alex Pasternack

    This story appears in the November Issue of VICE.

  • rogerthat


    DIW Berlin

    Press Release of 18 November 2015

    European climate protection goals can be reached without nuclear power

    Photovoltaics and wind power can replace nuclear power – DIW Berlin’s energy experts maintain that a nuclear power renaissance is neither sensible nor necessary – financing for the decommissioning of nuclear power plants and the search for a final storage should be secured through public funds

    Europe’s climate protection goals will not be endangered if existing nuclear power plants are gradually decommissioned and no new ones are constructed. This is the result of case studies and scenario analyses conducted by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), according to which the European emissions reduction targets can be achieved through a significant expansion of renewable energies—and entirely without the use of nuclear power.

    “Europe does not need nuclear power,” says Claudia Kemfert, Head of the Department of Energy, Transportation, and Environment at DIW Berlin. “Significantly rising investment costs for new nuclear power plants, increasing operating costs, and unresolved issues regarding decommissioning and final disposal make the technology economically so unattractive that there is not, and will never be, a renaissance of nuclear power.”

    Above all, says Kemfert, the increasingly favorable electricity production from wind power and photovoltaics could offset …

    • rogerthat

      the decline in nuclear power.

      DIW Berlin’s energy experts agree that the capital needed to decommission nuclear power plants and dispose of radioactive waste should be secured through a public fund. This “nuclear fund” could take the legal form of a governmental “special fund” or a public foundation. Corporations’ payments could be stretched out over eight to ten years following the construction phase of the bank-restructuring fund.

      Nuclear power is expensive, complicated, and risky

      In the Western world, nuclear power is on the way out: In many countries, its expansion has nearly come to a standstill, and more capacities are being shut down than are being newly constructed. The share of nuclear power in global electricity production has fallen from 17 to 11 percent over the past 20 years.

      Most of the roughly 400 nuclear power plants in operation are old, and must meet increasingly complex and expensive security requirements. New power plants are only being built in a few countries, among them China, Russia, and the UK (Hinkley Point). The projects are often delayed and are ultimately more expensive than originally planned. “Not one single nuclear power plant in the entire world has been built without extensive governmental aid,” explains DIW Research Director Christian von Hirschhausen. Stricter conditions are increasingly burdening the balance sheets of the nuclear companies, which are partially facing existential challenges.

      In light of the ongoing…

      • rogerthat

        transition towards renewable energies, DIW Berlin used an electricity market model to calculate various development trajectories of Europe’s electricity industry. The result: In the “no new nuclear power” scenario, all nuclear power plants could be replaced through a massive expansion of wind power and photovoltaics as well as increased storage capacities in 2050—simultaneously with existing decarbonization.

        If there were an increase in the energy efficiency, the need for electricity storage would likewise decrease. In this scenario (“no new nuclear power & energy efficiency”), the total costs—which consist of the investment costs in the electricity generation capacities and networks, as well as the operating and production costs—would be the lowest by far. But even in the “no new nuclear power” scenario, the economic costs are lower than they would be in the case of a life extension for old nuclear power plants in Europe.

        Corporations must contribute between 35 and 82 billion euros to the nuclear fund by 2024

        When nuclear power plants are decommissioned, the high costs fall to the energy companies, which also must secure financing for the management and disposal of the radioactive waste. Although an induced stress test administered by the Federal Ministry of Economics this past August showed that E.ON, RWE, Vattenfall and EnBW can handle the decommissioning obligations, DIW Berlin’s energy experts …

        • rogerthat

          remain skeptical: The companies are losing value in the stock market—and besides, the fluctuating energy prices and other technical challenges could show up on the balance sheets.

          “With the establishment of a public fund, financing should be secured permanently,” said DIW research director Dorothea Schäfer. In order to cover expected costs in Germany up to the year 2099, tens of billions would be needed: Assuming an (realistic given the current low interest rates) interest rate of 1.5 percent, a total of 82 billion euros would have to be pulled together by the year 2024. At an interest rate of 4.58 percent, which the corporations have been using for their provisions, the target volume would still stand at 35 billion euros.

          “Alternatives like a private foundation solution are not suitable when it comes to the nuclear industry,” says lawyer and co-author Cornelia Ziehm in reference to the financially powerful RAG Foundation, which will supposedly bear the eternal costs of the coal mining industry. Even in this instance, there would be considerable risks if the public sector were to sit on the costs—and expected costs in the nuclear field would be significantly higher.

          Given the current practice of nuclear companies creating internal provisions, there exists the danger that the companies will at least partially shirk their financial responsibility through restructurings.

          • HillbillyHoundDog HillbillyHoundDog


            How do you finance lethal waste for 100,000 years?
            What a dump. Stupidest thing we have ever done- nuclear.
            Go humans. Yay. 🙁

            Taking of land, taking of animals- everything it touches.
            And now, imposed upon all persons without consent or knowledge and then to charge them for it- and any succesive generations…What a scam.


            (Enforce), verb bid, bind, burden, charge, command, compel, conscript, constrain, decree, dictate, direct, drive, enact, encumber, enjoin, exact, execute, extort, force upon, impel, imponere, iniungere, innist upon, lay upon, leave no option, make, make obligaaory, necessitate, oblige, obtain by force, ordain, order, press, put in force, require, require compliance, tax
            Associated concepts: impose by law

            (Intrude), verb encroach, enter unlawfully, force an entrance, force oneself in, impose, infringe, insinuate, intercede, interfere, interlope, interpose, invade, obtrude, overreach, overstep, poach, thrust oneself in, transgress, trespass, violate

            (Subject), verb bring under rule, coerce, constrain, control, domineer, effect, enslave, force, make submissive, master, oblige, overcome, require, subject to authority, subject to control, subject to deeendence, subject to influence, subjugate, subordinate

  • Byrian420 Byrian420

    No where to run, no where to hide!!!! Radiation is everywhere now, bioaccumulating and biomagnifying. Hopi proficies says that this world will be destroyed by radiation and with no technology to fix this within the next 200 years it looks as though the proficies are being full filled.

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Sadly, not enough people can handle truth. Like sheep to the slaughter. Maybe if big pharma got behind a real and mandatory red pill lol. God help us all.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    "The Pacific Ocean is…dying." Kevin Blanch. (Many thanks, Warren. Nice way to start off this thread.)
    "That tells me that there is something majorly wrong happening in our oceans… think [of] salmon as the canary in the coal mine… we have some major concerns and it is not just the salmon." Jim Cooperman
    This is all so very sad.
    Why is this happening so fast, so dramatically, so badly?
    Nobody thought a nuclear reactor could just blow sky high, until Chernobyl and Fukushima.
    Nobody thought melted nuclear core could burn through the bottom of a containment vessel, even a GE Mark I.
    Meltout from reactor buildings occurred not once, but 3 times at Fukushima.
    In the ground, where nobody thought it could go.
    China Syndrome.

    In the ground, the core was washed into the Ocean by a fast-flowing underground river.
    Unit 1 had 69 tonnes of nuclear fuel assemblies, Units 2 & 3 had 96 tonnes each.
    All blown up, burned up into the atmosphere, or melted down, into the earth, washed into the sea by a groundwater river.
    The amount of radiation in the Pacific Ocean is many times more than the "leaks" Tepco will admit to.
    Hundreds of times more, perhaps thousands of times more radiation is in the Pacific Ocean than was thought possible.
    Enough to kill an entire ocean.

    Going on 5 years, now.
    We ask Tepco:
    "Where is the damn Corium?"
    Silence, still.

    Meanwhile, the ocean is dying, the ocean floor accumulating dead plants and animals.
    Recording the Fukushima…

  • tarpitboss tarpitboss

    We all know Canada has moved to legalize marijuana. BUT isn't it contaminated with Fuku Fallout? Has anyone done a survey of this one. Talk about Grand Irony. Its OK to consume it now that it is radioactive!!!

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    As a little child, I wondered why there was a tall smokestack beside every nuclear plant.
    Even before Fukushima, the amount of radiation was increasing.
    Background radiation was rising…

  • melting mermaid melting mermaid

    Nearly bankrupt French nuclear corporation sends nuclear waste to Australia in crappy ships. God help us all.

  • Nick

    "Federal regulators on Thursday approved a genetically engineered salmon as fit for consumption, clearing the way for the first genetically altered animal to reach American supermarkets and dinner tables.

    The approval, by the Food and Drug Administration, comes more than five years after agency reviewers made their initial determination that the fish would be safe to eat and for the environment, an unusually long delay.

    The salmon has been fiercely opposed by consumer and environmental groups, which have argued that the safety studies were inadequate and that wild salmon populations might be affected if the genetically engineered fish were to escape into the oceans and rivers."


    Wild salmon populations seem to already be in decline so why not release frankenfish up stream to battle the rads?

    Maybe the DNA massaging will include rad-hardened ones, ensuring that we can eat and glow on into the diminishing future…..?

    • Yeah, Nick; I was gonna say…, how are they going to make these salmon immune to radioactive isotopes? If they want them to remain FISH, they need water in which to spawn them.
      Or, they can mix their genes with tadpoles and eels, then knock them off before they reach maturity? That way, they don't need much water, at all. Right>

      Wonder what they would taste like? Surely, the scientific arm of the corporation has a locker full of scents and flavors, and they can inject the meat with whatever they like. Right?

      Okay. Problem solved.

      (And you know some whacko geneticist is reading this and thinking it a good idea. I should ask my sister, who teaches these whackos, up at Johns Hopkins…haha)

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Did you know that US Federal Asset Forfeitures are now more than all Property Offences?
    The US government now steals more money than burglars and robbers do.

    "Asset Forfeitures" are supposed to be limited to the confiscation of ill-gotten gains of drug dealers and such, but law enforcement at all levels, from feds down to the village traffic cop, seem to be abusing the situation by going after any and all cash from anybody they can get their hands on.

    "That’s $4.5 billion in federal civil asset forfeitures in the U.S. just within 2014. Billion, with a “B”.

    "The FBI estimates that, by contrast, all 2014 property offenses totaled approximately $3.9 billion."



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