Worst case at giant sinkhole? “Great fear it could explode” — Area to be sacrifice zone? — Very degrading situation (VIDEO)

Published: December 9th, 2012 at 7:18 pm ET


Title: Garland Robinette
Source: WWL Radio
Date: December 3, 2012

Garland Robinette: What’s the worst case scenario? […]

MaryLee Orr, LEAN Executive Director: I’ll speak from the people’s perspective. Their biggest fear is there could be an explosion there, because they see so much of this bubbling gas and because what they can’t see, there’s also natural gas on the land. We’re only seeing what’s coming up in the water […] their great fear is that it could explode. […]

Chemist Wilma Subra, LEAN Technical Advisor: […] So the issue is how big is this sinkhole going to be […] The fear is that this area is going to have to be a sacrifice zone and that these people will not be allowed to go back in their homes. Because it’s being feed by these production zone(s) of oil and gas it’s still migrating, so it’s a very active situation, it’s a very degrading situation.

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Published: December 9th, 2012 at 7:18 pm ET


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    I just wished Ms. Sabra would have addressed the H2S coming up in Observation Well 3A. That is the well that is directly in the cavern. So if H2S is coming up in the OW 3A, then it is also coming up into the waters of, (what I termed), Lake Oxy 3.

    What do you do then?

    • Maggie123

      I have checked LEAN website off/on for a few months. I've recommended them as a possible activist resource a time or two.
      LEAN homepage: http://leanweb.org/

      LEAN's page on Sinkhole not as 'vigorous' as I would have expected: http://leanweb.org/our-work/community/public-health/bayou-corne-sinkhole.

      I initially assumed they were "all about activism". I've come to believe from their 'about' information they are oriented to balance industry/environment interests. Employment and community economics also come into LEAN's perspective.

      Lots on LEAN's plate, too, especially since BP spill.

      There can be good value in maintaining reputation to industry minds as 'reasonable'.

      …just offering some thoughts on LEAN's possible perspective re Sinkhole.


        LEAN is well-intentioned to be sure and they have helped but as you state, "lot on their plate". Someone though has to champion these people in no small way and force Texas Brine and LDNR to pay for these folks for their property and make it a true "ghost town". The oil and gas companies win this one, but they should not get away scot-free. I know, wishful thinking.

        After what was done to Hutchinson, Kansas, and so in your face ONE got away nearly clean and all those lives ruined and sacrificed on the alter of greed.

        • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

          Didn't an Attorney, I think Becnel file suit on their behalf? Where the heck is he? Shouldn't he be standing up at these meetings and meeting with news organizations.

          • FREEDOMROX

            No, because that would taint him in a court of law. It's not like a murder case…until someone dies that he is representing..then he will get all indignant. The whole system is geared for reacting, "after the fact."

        • PurpleRain PurpleRain

          What was done to Hutchinson, Kansas? Is there some backstory here?

          • FREEDOMROX

            Yes, there is.



            Although not included my article, as it was off topic, is that;
            Three years after the explosions, a Sedgwick County jury found ONEOK and Mid-Continent both at fault and awarded Woody's and Decor more than $1.7 million in compensation. District Judge James Fleetwood also ordered Mid Continent to pay an additional $5.25 million in punitive damages.

            A June 2006 Supreme Court ruling, however, found the businesses had already been compensated almost $1.45 million by their insurance companies and overturned most of the award.

            The class-action suit, which did not involve properties that suffered actual damages from the explosions – those were settled or litigated individually – was moved to Kansas City, where a Wyandotte County jury ruled in 2004 in favor of the residents for $7.7 million.

            In October 2007, however, the Kansas Supreme Court reversed the verdict, saying the residents who'd had sought more than $90 million for losses in property value and business revenue never showed any actual loss.

            • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

              Kinda sad how these large companies normally get away with paying little to nothing compared to the damage they cause! Makes me sick. I have researched so much tonite, trying to make my way through LDNR's crazy search name, that I wasn't reading things correctly and had to break! It's ridiculous! One thing I did notice is RESPEC is one of the groups working on the sinkhole.

              • FREEDOMROX

                Don't get too frustrated. One of the main rules you have to impose upon yourself as a researcher is discipline and patience. Hard combination to accomplish. I have been a researcher for 33 years, and it never gets easier, because the corrupt find such inventive ways to hide the truth in plain sight.

                • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

                  Patience is a virtue, I keep repeating that, but the corruption is so deep here in the good old south, that it's sometimes difficult. Anyway.
                  here is the December 10th Golden Gate update..


                  • FREEDOMROX

                    Thank you. As I have tried to get folks to understand…they are major players in this. Can you believe it is a woman that is behind the actual drilling? Look at the permit. Woman's name anyhow. I also knew that the last update was prevarication, because no way had they made it over 13,000 ft. down that quick.

                    Want to know a secret? They are about to drill another one on the Desiree Prospect to get down even further. Not just Cris R II and III, IV and V, but Marg Vag, and Cib/Haz, then six and seven and eight of Cris R.

                    Notice anything left out? Big Hum. Seems like a Big Mum's the word to me.

                    If they are not causing methane and other gas migrations, being less than two miles from TB wells, then I would be beyond shocked, and they are about to sink another well, or already have.

                    They expect production from both wells by March 2013.

                    Food for thought!

                  • FREEDOMROX

                    Also, please take this into account as well, in their own words;

                    "This is a proven productive fault block with a strong water drive in the primary objectives. The
                    prospect has a significant oil column and long life production potential and was generated from
                    3D seismic and subsurface support for up-dip attic structure.This is a proven productive ""fault block"" with a strong water drive in the primary objectives. The
                    prospect has a significant oil column and long life production potential and was generated from
                    3D seismic and subsurface support for up-dip attic structure.

  • irhologram

    You ask just like you did…so that people everywhere will begin to take this seriously. This gas, going up the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer, who knows how far, and then in the jet stream who knows where, NEEDS to be prepared for. People sit on this blog and protest that those who see clear and present danger WANT it to be so. WAKE UP!! You have your life and the life of your loved ones in your own hands, why would you ever expect anyone would do this for you, anyway?

    • WindorSolarPlease

      Quote: You have your life and the life of your loved ones in your own hands, why would you ever expect anyone would do this for you, anyway?

      I agree..

      Here are some old wise sayings to live by:
      Nothing is for free.
      Don't expect anyone to take care of you.

    • Thad

      irhologram– the methane is not nigrating up the Mississippi Alluvail aquifer. And even it were how far north does the aquifer go? Not to Minden as claimed by Dupre– she mis read the aquifier map there is a 20 mile gap a clay ridge between the Mississippi alluvail and the Sparta/ Minden aquifier. Minden is on the Red River drainage basin… The flow drive in an aquifer is gravity high end/ north to low end/ south


        Thad, I believe he is concerned about migration to the Mississippi River basin, since there is a 20-30 ft. clay layer between the migrations already documented into the Louisiana and Mississippi Alluvial Aquifers, then his question has merit. So far clay has proven to be an ineffective barrier when it comes to the aquifers, as stated by Ms. Sabra, and LDNR and Shaw.

        If I am incorrect, please correct me if this was not your intent irhologram.

        • markww markww

          the questions were for THAD


          • FREEDOMROX

            Oh, I know, markww. Good questions at that.

            I have one for you. If you received a call that Natural Gas was found 16 ft. down spewing at 5 psi, what would be your professional response as a Firefighter, sir?

        • Thad

          If not clays then what acts as aquiclude keeping the water in the aquifer?

          • FREEDOMROX

            There are three states of matter at play, Thad. The clay is a semi-permeable solid that the water, (a known liquid last I heard), floats upon. Gases are just that…a gas, seeping through the semi-permeable layers of clay.

            Subra states it as well, "In addition, there is natural gas that has migrated into the drinking water aquifer which is no longer used very much for drinking water and it is anywhere from five feet thick to thirty feet thick, a column of natural gas right under the clay layer of the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer."

            Also to answer your next question relating to irhologram,
            "It is in the flood plain of the Atchafalaya Basin and the Mississippi River, according to Subra."

            In this way, all of the love coming from the stinkhole can be spread around and poison all equally.

            • Thad

              Your quote "a column of natural gas right UNDER the clay layer of the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer–"

              Not "in" not "passing through" but "UNDER". A more accurate description would have been-"between clay layers containing the Mississippi Alluvail Aquifer sand"

              Good info here —

              • FREEDOMROX

                Here we go again. Thad, the subject was a GAS migrating into the waters of the Aquifer. The Aquifer is on top of the clay. The gas is under the clay, and the gas moves through the semi-permeable clay into the water above. That's why the Aquifer is polluted with methane…

                You made my points for me…thanks.

                • Thad

                  Two clay layers — One above the aquifer sand and one below.. The gas is moving across the top of the waterin the aquifer and against the ceiling clay accumulating and breaking through at high points in the ceiling clay which have less overburdens– In case of an aquifer as shallow as the Mississippi Alluvail in the Bayou Corne area it is possible the top layer of clay seal is broken by organic and vegtation such as roots–

      • markww markww

        Can you do 2 things

        1. State your life your totally right

        2. Know for a fact beyond a shadow of a doubt cause if you are wrong people could die and their deaths would be on your shoulders


        • FREEDOMROX

          Well said markww.

        • Thad


          1)Would I stake my life — yes when all the laws of physics remain inviolate- but hypothesis that are based on repealing the laws of plysics is delusion-

          2)And as a mature adult have had to make life or death decision. I am very concerned about The Bayou Corne Sinkhole– but not about events with out some basis in fact and when the laws of physics– I see not revelance to a women name on a permit or other unrelated BS – name does nothing.
          Extreme migration in an aquifer– no the volume present is too small– not enough pressure, each natural vent reduce any pressure to the hydrostatic of water.
          My concerns are with the H2S and the plugging of vents that causes it to go to natural vents with controls / without monitoring. The other concern- the missing 2.75million yds3 sediment material- the unknown locations of the other voids–
          FRox-"I also knew that the last update was prevarication, because no way had they made it over 13,000 ft. down that quick"– how many wells have you drld — what are you basing this comment on…?

          • FREEDOMROX

            Number one. You asked about the woman's name thinking what?, I do not know.
            Number Two. You stated Big Hum was not shown on the east side of the seismic map, and that was proven false as well; since the subject at the time was the role Hensarling's well, (now known to have been Mantle's well that blew out last year), may have contributed to the collapse of the western side of the Salt Dome. That is known as a 'line of inquiry'. Also, if the Hensarling well may be used to ameliorate or exacerbate the current situation.
            Number Three. I am also very concerned about H2S, but you claim that a portable scrubber can be fitted over the whole sinkhole area. With what, I do not know, maybe a very large prophylactic?
            Number Four. Grand Gulf put out an update to investors over a month ago that they were drilling ahead at 12,349 ft. Ol' Debra Dupre' was reporting this from the rooftops…I didn't buy it. Now their update this morning states they have reached in their own words;
            "Golden Gate Petroleum Ltd (ASX: GGP) is pleased to announce that the Hensarling #1 well is presently drilling ahead at 12,120 feet."Now with all your years of drilling experience, (which are sadly out of date since 2007 according to industry experts), has this made you so arrogant and dismissive that you cannot read the documents as they are provided for you?
            This is not an attack on you, but it does get tiresome explaining over and over again, the fine details and minutiae you revel in.

            • Thad

              Still fail to see the significance of a women's name on the permit–
              Has it ever dawn on you that we may be looking at two different seismic graphic– and the possibility that the Big Hum was considered depleted therefore not listed as one of the target.
              If you could hold your ego in check long enough to read what I have posted about the concern of plugging the vents causing the H2S to migrate to natural vents without controls and without monitoring–The suggested portable scrubbers were for the manmade vents so they would not be plugged. No where did I claim or recommend a scrubber for the sinkhole–you assumed that–
              Comparing what Dupre said to what the company site states is not very reliable…But then your self called 13,000'
              Yes I ask for links to be sure I did not miss somwething and we are on the page.
              Your comment about because retiring in 2007 my drlg experience -is out dated–been doing consultant work sinece retire ment so not really stopped. And even experience only to 2007 is more up to date than your?And I'm sure 40 yrs is more than yours–Do you have any–?

            • FREEDOMROX

              Thad. there is no point in attempting to engage you further. You just cannot seem to grasp the concepts, and all you wish is to have the last word. So you shall have it so that I can get back to my passion, and it sure isn't defending the oil and gas companies.
              However, when we speak of clays, then you are not taking into account all factors, such as texture: grain size,
              texture classification,
              specific yield
              attenuation capacity

              I just got back on and refuse to take the bait again. Also, you are correct, I never used such hip slang as "drig", when drill rig works just fine. As for my former profession, none of your business. Except to say we always had to figure out just what remediation was required to clean up after you brainiacs guess-timated and then walked away and left others to clean it up. Just to let all know…it could never be completely cleaned up. Something's mother nature has to do on her own. It never really mattered to them or their so-called regulations that what they left behind was inimical to life.
              No, I have no respect for apologist's. Joust with someone not so close to the issue.

              • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

                Freedomrox – I tried to warn you about Thad , did I not?

                • FREEDOMROX

                  Evidently, I overlooked it or forgot it. I may never forgive myself for such a slip up.

                  Thx, TM2020, you tried.

              • Thad

                FPox — I have come to the obvious conclusion that you consider yourself to be the world's absolute authority on all things you utter — you are not.
                And when you are proven or even have some statement questioned you ego just can't handle it.
                Wrong about clay seals on aquifers-
                Wrong about me recommending an H2S scrubber for the sinkhole –
                Wrong about how salt caverns are mined from the bottom up-
                Wrong in just about everything you said about drlg ops-
                And wrong in your character that your only response is to belittle or change the subject or ignore it when you are wrong–
                Now you can report, cry that it is a personal attack upon you– It is not — it is an accurate description of you as evidenced here

                • FREEDOMROX

                  I knew you could not resist. Also, I don't report anyone.
                  We are not on the same page.
                  There is no such thing as a clay seal..water still migrates, albeit very lethargic rate.
                  You stated the H2S scrubber, while I was speaking of the H2S now coming from the sinkhole, and that is just common sense. I notice you haven't addressed the issue at all. How do remediate a sinkhole with oil, gases, and now H2S?
                  We are not on the same page.
                  I showed you how caverns are brined.
                  but pointed out the depth of the puncture was at the top of the cavern, and stated TB own permits and declarations show the brined at that same level. I asked why. No answer.
                  We are not on the same page.
                  I am not belittling you at all, and if you ever catch up and get on the same page, maybe we can have a nice conversation.

                  If I were trying to belittle you, it would be more like, "I can imagine seeing this man outside at 3 a.m. being arrested for disorderly conduct for arguing with a street light. Was heard to say, "But you have to stay on all night, sensors don't work that way!" The light post had no comment.

                  We are not on the same page.
                  I wish you nothing but the best in your efforts to defend your oil soaked interests. I do not share them, and I never will.

                  We are not on the same page.

  • irhologram

    That wasn't aimed at you freedomrox. God knows, I know you know.


      No offense taken. Just so much coming at us all from so many directions, and only alternative news sites covering it. Frustrating. Like screaming into a can with a string, only the string's been cut.

  • CharlesW

    Even if the final result was that this area by the sinkhole was safe to back to I would not risk living in this area! There are to many different things that could go wrong there! And when you see HAZMAT testing occurring they have a reason for what they are doing. They suspect serious problems with the environment in this area! I do believe that TB should compensate these people for their loses. They are not only losing their homes but their close relationships with neighbors, friends and other family members in this area. Everyone form this community will not relocate to the exact same area outside of the Bayou Corne area. Because of this things will never be the same for the people that live in this area. And I am sure the home values have surged in a downward plunge the last few months! I just don't see this area being a safe place to live anytime soon and maybe even for years to come!

  • many moons

    The area will be what it's been for many years…a place where industries do whatever they please without considering the people who live in the area. It was never suited for humans with all the crazy dumping going on, polluting the water, air and land. i wonder what the infant mortality is or the cnacer rates in the area?


      Cancer Alley

      "In 1987, some residents in the tiny community of St. Gabriel, Louisiana called Jacobs Drive, the street on which they lived, "cancer alley" because of fifteen cancer cases in a two-block stretch. Half a mile away, there were seven cancer victims living on one block. The eighty-five-mile stretch of the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans was formerly referred to as the "petrochemical corridor" but after media coverage of cancer victims in the small rural communities on both sides of the river, the entire area became known as cancer alley."

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    The Examiner coverage of this story..

    Louisiana sinkhole sacrifice zone



    TO ENENEWS. I get the point. I know I am invisible to other posters in the 'Comments' pane. If you want me to leave, then I shall. I have done nothing to warrant this, but if I am to be hidden and silenced, then so be it. Be kind enough to ask me to leave though. I do not use You Tube. I run now a free blog, and altruistic, but if you want to lump me in with the troublemaker, then have a party. Sometimes you have to stand up for others, and truth, even if not for yourself, and I will always do so. No matter the consequences.


    • vivvi

      ?? Dont know what you mean, Free, cos I have seen your comments there. Is this a new development? I like your comments, very informative.


        I cannot see my comments to the right anymore, so I figured this was a sanction against me. I was recently embroiled in an inane and senseless imbraglio with an unnamed entity, and today everything changed here on ENE. If it is some glitch, then I apologize.
        Like most here, I do multi-tasl and rely on the 'Comments' pane to be able to respond timely, but it has eluded me all day. Frustrating. If this is not the case, then all involved accept my humble apologies.
        And, vivvi, thank you, you are so kind.

        • Au Au

          That has happened to me too. Someone here told me that happens sometimes when a symbol is used. I was using the one for microsievert. Maybe there was a symbol in a link you used.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          It's a glitch , i had it happen too , first reflex assuming the worst . Don't worry about it, its nothing .

          • FREEDOMROX

            OK, thx to you both. Makes it difficult to keep up with all the conversations though. Maybe if I dump all cookies then it will straighten out, unless one of you knows a different path.

  • Ibuiltthis Ibuiltthis

    The Dugas & Leblanc #3 well spudded on 16 April 2011 and reached TVD of 8,000ft (TD 8,920ft) on Saturday, 30 April 2011. The well encountered gas shows through all primary intervals whilst drilling and a further show was identified in a potential new “S” sand structure. Whilst pulling out of the hole to complete electric logs the drill string’s bottom hole assembly (“fish”) became stuck. GOLDEN GATE PETROLEUM

    Appears there were things happening all over the Napoleonville field


      This is the one I knew had to be there. We all knew there was drilling all through the the dome and the outer edges, but the date puts this into a whole new light. An "S" sand structure indeed.


      Well, well, well, seems the Dugas & Leblanc field was drilled and run by our old friends at Mantle Oil and Gas. You remember them, don't you folks?


    Can you post the link to the SONRIS document please?
    This could possibly be the migration trigger, depending on where they drilled…


    Nevermind, "Ibuiltthis", I found the documents. I see there press releases also.


    Busy little beavers, it seems, Grand Gulf is.


    Dugas & Leblanc are on the very claims next to Hensarling's. Now, we are getting somewhere. Maybe when I wake up I can find an "Action (drilling) Plan, for them, then. If anyone understands where I am going with this and tracks it down before I do, or before it is removed, then be my guest. Just can't keep my eyes open any longer tonight.

  • Anthony Anthony

    Haunting words: ** …what they can’t see, there’s also natural gas on the land. **

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    And..where is the governor?

    Dec.4 2012
    Bayou Corne residents: Where is the Governor?



      Probably accepting another Thomas Jefferson Award for medical and health excellence, or take off on a trip to his native India. You know, Monsanto's killing fields. Can't be bothered by the little people with small wallets.


    The Dugas & Leblanc claims were drilled by and run by our old friends at Mantle Oil and Gas, the ones we all watched last year after they had a Blowout Preventer malfunction. We watched this in the middle of a sugar cane field.

    The one that you refer to 'Ibuiltthis' also was a Well Blow Out, next to the Hensarling lot, but LDNR says that the farmer harvested the SOYBEANS.

    So are these two separate Blow Outs in the same year? I believe so, because the Blow Out that was recorded on CNN was in a Sugar Cane field and on the North Side of Hwy 70. Still investigating.

    If true, then two blowouts on either side of the salt dome. By the way the documaentation shows that the pull is a 120 square mile radius. Is this the actual outside radius of the dome underground? We know it extends over in Grand Bayou… as stated, "NPLV is located in Iberville, Ascension, and Assumption, in Southern Louisiana." The caprock is only 1 x 3 miles. That is a very large area deep below that has no caprock.


    OK, I checked my own research and it was August 11th, 2010, for Mantle's Blow Out Preventer in a sugar cane field, and then Mantle blew out their next well in 2011 in a soybean field.


    Not a very good record.

  • Joviation

    I looked into a car loan this morning from Pentagon Federal Credit Union. Their website stated, sorry, they are temporarily not making loans in Louisiana and hoped to rectify the situation soon. Maybe nothing, maybe something only bankers know.


      Yessir, they know they are broke. Too many politicians drowning in oil and gas soaked monies that the little people can't even get a loan. Too high risk.

      Actually, that is a lie too since Louisiana still has billions on their second set of books. Check their Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and you will find billions.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A document perhaps helpful..

    The Effects of Earthquakes,Fault Movements and Subsidence on the South Louisiana Landscape.



      Thank you Rose. Quite a jig with the land dotted every 100 feet with a borehole as well as off shore…looks like swiss cheese, then to see the amount of fault lines…is quite sobering.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        @FREEDOMROX..You are welcome..It was quite sobering for me too.

        • FREEDOMROX

          I have read Sherwood's earlier work and even sourced him to one of my articles, but this time, Mr. Gagliano does not pull any punches. It was an alarming read, but also very detailed assessment. A very good find, and again, thank you. Everyone that cares about that region should be required reading.
          I loved that area years ago, hit the swamps with an airboat with buddies, but have never lived there. I think that was a wise choice.

  • BigLoner

    Like the cheesy woven wall carpet of all those cigar smoking dogs playing poker. The Honorable Gov. Bobby Jindal, the Honorable Gov. Scott Walker, the Honorable Koch Brothers…..

    They know Cancer Alley II is down the street, so they spend their time working for a reduction in Medicare benefits


      Truer words were never spoken, sir.

    • Sickputer

      Speaking of little Caesars…You won't hear any apologies or investigations for Texas Brine from the big-haired nucleocrat in Texas for Texas Brine. He makes Huey Long look like a back alley crap shooter. Might appoint a few 5th cousins to a special blue ribbon committee at $200,000 salaries.

      Then moving to the east side of the Gulf you have the man who practically bought his own governorship for $80 million.

      I don't think I have ever in my life witnessed worse politicos than the yahoos mentioned in BL's post and mine. Truly frightening examples of leaders. Regional Big Brother kingpins.


        "little Caesars" Good characterizations. You both understand just how screwed the people of those states are then. Soon to be every state I believe.

  • Thad

    FreedomRox – little example where your lack of knowledge in drlg technology sucks-
    Your article "Louisiana DNR Complicit in Sinkhole Cover-up and Mis-information" 2Dec12 You take the "Well casing/cement data" sheet added the pipe lengths up they come out to 4,850'instead of 3,400' so claim cover-up, but not saying what being covered up and mis-information.
    Let me help you to understand –casing lengths are measured from the surface 0 ft. First 20" was driven to 250', next ran in with bit drld to 600' and set 600' of 16" through the inside of the 20". Again run in the hole with a smaller bit and drld to 1,000' and set 10 3/4" casng through the inside of the 16" casng which is set through the inside of the 20" casing. Again ran in with smaller bit drld to 3,000' and set 3,000' of 7" throught/inside the 10 3/4" which is through/ inside the 16' which is through/ inside the 20"….3,000' mothing covered up– no mis-information

    While on the subject of drlg and caverns- pls go to page #3 shows how saltdome storage caverns are drld from the top but solution mined from the bottom– for clarity operation is as follows- after setting casing at 3,000 a pilot hole would be drld to TD 5,400', production tubing ran to that depth. In operation water is pumped down and out the end of the production tubing at 5,400' up the outsideagainst the salt until entering the casing/production tubing annulus at 3,000' exiting the well to be re-circulated until it is…


      Lord, you just won't stop, will you Thad? Is that street light making you upset again?
      I never claimed any such thing of you actually read the article.

      Quote, "It seems that LDNR and Texas Brine knows that the bottom is at 4241 ft. and not 5,650 feet now, (a loss of 1409 ft.), and either something is pushing up the bottom of the Salt Cavern, or is compromised by an outside influence, and have reported it in their documents, so please don’t jump the gun.

      “Assumption Parish President Mike Waguespack stated, “We knew when they got into the cavern that the bottom had been compromised.”

      Waguespack explained that “the bottom obviously had infiltration from somewhere that originally wasn’t there, originally it was brine.” http://www.examiner.com/article/hydrocarbons-breaching-sinkhole-cavern-bottom-oil-75-atop-hole

      Now how do you get that was a mis-reading of their documents? The well is further away, about 126 yards, which when converted to feet is able to act as a virtual transit that leads to the range of approximately 3450 ft., accounting for 100 ft. salt ceiling equates to roughly 3500 ft. to the inside of the cavern.

      You missed the whole point to the article. At the time, nothing was coming up other than diesel, then oil. "But they will not say what, exactly, is the source."


    (from above)
    " Why? Because it is METHANE AND OIL MIGRATION. Why would they not tell us this simple fact? Because it means that everyone involved is LIABLE! PERIOD. EVERYONE!"

    Short time later, guess what? Methane, and oil and other hydrocarbons were then admitted as coming from the SINKHOLE itself.

    Not very long after many of my, and OTHERS postings, then they admitted H2S was also coming from the OW#3, that they will soon admit is coming up from the sinkhole as well. It is common sense.

    I will not stoop to your level, sir, but for God's sake read it as written. I am not ashamed of it.

    All I can say to you anymore is, "Drig You!" Not worth my time anymore. We are not on the same page, so peddle your snake oil elsewhere. The readers here are too smart to fall for your tactics.

    Good Day, sir.

  • Thad

    Your words—"Add the above and you will come up with 4,850 ft. of piping, that is further away from the original borehole—"


    While on the subject of drlg and caverns- pls go to page #3 shows how saltdome storage caverns are drld from the top but solution mined from the bottom– for clarity operation is as follows- after setting casing at 3,000 a pilot hole would be drld to TD 5,400', production tubing ran to that depth. In operation water is pumped down and out the end of the production tubing at 5,400' up the outside disolving salt on the way up salt until entering the casing/production tubing annulus at 3,000' exiting the well to be re-circulated until it is saturated brine–


    Last time, promise. Yes, I stated precisely what was on the permit, and common sense tells anyone, other than you, of course, that if further away from the original drill bore, then more piping would be needed. Your comprehension skills astound me, or lack thereof.

    Also I stated and even gave you a graphic of how brine wells are created by drilling in from the top and extending to the bottom.
    I am tired of you stating falsehoods, when you know you are just trying to twist words, and no one actually go and look. All drilling operational plans are there, as well as all letters now, so the public can see the actual documents from top to bottom.


    • Thad

      One more time tell about your extensive experience in the oil field, on drlg rigs, about how much training in drlg technology, geology and hydrology—-

      • BigLoner

        Gentlemen, gentlemen please , no fighting in the war room!

        – President Muffy Merklin

        • FREEDOMROX

          No worries Loner. the gentleman is on "ignore". No real hard feelings, but the poster stays about 20 steps behind then gets frustrated. It's ok and understandable.