“Worst hurricane ever” headed straight for multiple US nuclear plants — Winds up to 225 MPH — Storm to cause “apocalyptic damage” — Officials making Fukushima comparisons (VIDEOS)

Published: September 6th, 2017 at 10:21 pm ET


Miami Herald, Sept 6, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT (emphasis added): Two South Florida nuclear power plants lie in Irma’s path… projections on Wednesday showed [Irma] headed straight for South Florida… But neither Turkey Point nor the St. Lucie plant farther up the coast had made the call yet to shutting down the plants… “If we anticipate there will be direct impacts on either facility we’ll shut down the units,” [spokesman Peter Robbins] said.

LA Times, Sep 6, 2017 at 7:40 PM EDT: [T]he Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it was getting ready to shut down two Florida nuclear plants

Bloomberg, Sep 6, 2017 at 1:10 PM EDT: Nuclear Plants in Irma’s Path Plan Shutdowns Ahead of Storm… Two of the Sunshine State’s nuclear facilities are in the Category 5 storm’s path… NextEra Energy Inc. will shut the plants “long before” the onset of hurricane force winds, spokesman Peter Robbins told Bloomberg…

Washington Post, Sep 6, 2017 at 7:50 PM EDT: This could be The Big One, again, and everyone knows it… Hurricane Irma is about as big as a tropical cyclone can possibly get, and the latest computer models show it aimed at South Florida as if following directions by GPS… This hurricane’s 185-mph maximum sustained winds are the strongest recorded for a landfalling hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean… Storm preparations also were underway at two nuclear sites in Florida… NextEra said that it will shut down its four nuclear reactors before Irma makes landfallNextEra also said that its reactors could weather a loss of electricity of the sort that caused a meltdown at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi reactors

PBS, Sep 6, 2017 at 6:50 PM EDT: Sustained winds are still blowing at a record 185 miles an hour, with gusts up to 225 miles an hour. One forecaster watching the assault today said this thing is a buzz saw…

The Times, Sep 7, 2017: Caribbean islands devastated by ferocity of Hurricane Irma, the worst Atlantic storm on record… The storm, at 480 miles wide and with gusts up to 225mph, is the most powerful recorded in the Atlantic — Hurricane Irma… left “apocalyptic” damage across Caribbean islands yesterday, inundating coastal areas and devastating buildings with 185mph winds… Officials on Barbuda said more than 90 per cent of the island had been destroyed. “Barbuda is literally rubble,” Gaston Browne, prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, said after visiting the island. “The entire housing stock was damaged. It is just total devastation,” he said…

Watch broadcasts here: PBS | Local News

Published: September 6th, 2017 at 10:21 pm ET


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897 comments to “Worst hurricane ever” headed straight for multiple US nuclear plants — Winds up to 225 MPH — Storm to cause “apocalyptic damage” — Officials making Fukushima comparisons (VIDEOS)

  • razzz razzz

    They can argue their margin of error or errors was inside the cone prediction variances but Irma kept them guessing not very scientifically.

    Irma was so large, it couldn't help but strike Florida. Large enough to spin in the middle of Florida and feed off moisture from both the Atlantic and Gulf waters and end up practically covering the entire State at one time.

  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

    Nuclear energy and technology creates monster storms:

    Effects of Nuclear Explosions


    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar

      Radioactive Krypton 85 Gas Generates Massive Storms, Larger Typhoons And More Lightning Due To Increased Conductivity Of The Atmosphere
      October 23, 2013

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      nice papers Anne, but I couldnt find the bits saying Krypton increases storm activity. There seemed to be a suggestion that it could reduce lightening. Im not arguing the point at all, just looking for the reference

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        Hello, Code. I have posted the link for a scholarly paper linking the presence of atmospheric releases of Krypton-85 to storm activity.

        Will either get the link and .pdf source from my library, or will try to re-post it. Too bad we don't have ready access to archived material. Personally try to save these links.

        There was a good one that was easily found in 2011. Posted the link several times in 2011-2012.

        Hopefully will be able to retrieve the entire article as it was published w/o restriction in the past.

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          It's probably on my desktop computer but will try to find it for you. The main focus of the article I found (and likely a few others here way back when) was the effect of Krypton 85 on storm activity, specifically.

          Don't recall seeing any inference or statement though in relation to the formation of hurricanes. Don't know if that's what Dr. A. might have said….

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            Ref. below is fr. footnotes at Wikipedia. Need to find the scholarly paper discussing how Kr-85 is specifically linked to increased storm activity. That does exist. It's easier to find studies discussing atmospheric conductivity.

            Winger; et al. (2005). "A new compilation of the atmospheric 85krypton inventories from 1945 to 2000 and its evaluation in a global transport model". Jrnl of Envir Radioactivity. 80: 183–215. doi:10.1016/j.jenvrad.2004.09.005.

            Might be stuck w. Elsevier references & need to purchase the article. (It was avail. for free.) Linking to DOE Technical Paper from 1978; poss. the most credible source readily available. Some anti-nuclear critics link the presence of Krypton 85 to climate change. (That's a stretch & poss. a bogus argument). Full texr of paper avail. in .pdf format here:


            Basically the hypothesis tested was: does presence of Kr-85 in the atmosphere alter the natural ionization background? Explores potential consequences of an altered electrical state of the atmosphere.

            Estim. levels of atmospheric Kr-85:



            Article above discusses environmental radioactivity
            air conductivity.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              This one might be the one discussing weather and climate effects:

              Kollert, R. and Bitzin, M.: 1989, ‘Climatic Aspects of Radioactive Gases, in Particular Krypton-85’, Kollert-Donderer, Bremen.

              (Will see if it's avail. w/o doing the "Google Scholar" bit.)


              From this preview .pdf: As of publication date in 1989 (and things may have changed dramatically since then), the…

              "estimated air load of Kr-85 is eight orders of magnitude larger than the natural Kr-85 radiation background of 100 nBq/m3 corresponding to a total natural Kr-85 inventory of 400 GBq (NCRP, 1975)…. This is the KR-95 inventory shown in Figure 1 as the natural background existing before 1945."

              This is interesting, from Wikipedia:


              "However, as of 2009 the total amount in the atmosphere is estimated at 5500 PBq due to anthropogenic sources.[5] At the end of the year 2000, it was estimated to be 4800 PBq,[4] and in 1973, an estimated 1961 PBq (53 Megacuries).[6] The most important of these human sources is nuclear fuel reprocessing. Nuclear fission produces about three atoms of krypton-85 for every 1000 fissions; i.e. it has a fission yield of 0.3%.[7] Most or all of this krypton-85 is retained in the spent nuclear fuel rods; spent fuel on discharge from a reactor contains between 0.13-1.8 PBq/Mg of krypton-85…."

              Stats from prior to 2011 and Fukushima accident.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                Code, what do you think of the following?

                The following is interesting. "HoTaters" gets plastered all over the internet. Hmmn, in association with the alleged climate change effects of Kr-85. (Sigh.) Guess that happens if you comment a lot, and people talk (which they do).

                The original post quoted is from an intelligent & thoughtful post from Horse, in response to one of our earlier discussions here re: Kr-85.

                "RE: Krypton-85 & Climate – Horse – 03-24-2017

                @ HoTaters, Noticed your interest in Kr-85 and extreme storms, one of my interests too.

                Quote:Lescaudron, Pierre; Knight-Jadczyk, Laura (2014-05-22). Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection (The Secret History of the World) (Kindle Locations 2031-2035). Red Pill Press. Kindle Edition.


                Nuclear plants exhibit similar properties. They emit ionizing radiation which ‘scrape away’ electrons from molecules, creating positive and negative ions. [307]

                In the conductive plume, the negative ions are attracted to the top of the plume by the positive ionosphere, while the positive ions are attracted to the bottom of the plume by the Earth’s negative surface. The fact that nuclear plant plumes are mostly composed of water vapor, a good electric conductor, eases the ionic movement described above and the upward flow of free electrons from the ground to the top of the plume…."

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                from comment by Horse and quotation, (cont.)
                Very interesting!

                "On April 18th, 2013 the LaSalle nuclear plant in Illinois experienced an unusual incident: two of its reactors shut down and a radioactive venting procedure was carried out when it was struck by lightning. However, from 1992 to 2003, U.S. nuclear plants were struck by lightning 66 times, yet none of those strikes caused equipment damage or radioactive leakage. [309]


                So, what really happened in LaSalle? Was the accident simply due to an insulator defect, as claimed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), [310] or was the source of this ‘lightning’ something out of the ordinary? Nuclear plants are very well protected with lightning prevention equipment, [311] but cometary discharges exhibit two major differences when compared to ‘normal’ lightning bolts: their polarity is reversed [312] and their intensity can be much higher. The steady increase in cometary activity may cause more such events in the near future."

                From Horse:

                "Good book with more on the Electric Universe theories, I bought the kindle version. Plumes of water vapor are a good conductor; Krypton is an even better conductor. Most lightning is negative but some lightning can be positive and 10X stronger than the negative. Krypton-85, with its 10.8 year half-life, wasn’t in the atmosphere until the Atomic Age…."

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Horse, cont.

                  "Bomb testing 60 years ago, most of it had beta decayed into stable rubidium. Industrial NPP releases have been steadily increasing as more were put online and numerous accidents along the way were dumping this in the lower atmosphere instead of blowing it up into the upper atmosphere where it would spend some time decaying before falling on our heads.

                  Fuku was four big accidents and fuel melt blobs are still in an uncontained and unknown state. In the early years I noticed lots of intense storms on the tepcams; fog, rain, and lightning. Remember the red lightning; that was positive lightning. As the plume spread over the northern hemisphere other areas began experiencing more extreme weather events. The plume acts as a radioactive cathode to deliver a stronger charge to ground. Charged particles from solar wind and upper atmospheric cometary dust loading find an amplified path to ground in the plume."

                  From personal observation (HoTaters), the atmospheric effects of the Fuku releases in March and April, 2011 were massive. We had rainouts in N. California of nearly Biblical proportions; massive storm cells such as I had NEVER seen. Everyone (inc. all the "old timers" 80-90 years old) said the storms were unprecedented.

                  So on some level, we may have to talk about anecdotal reports. But the link to the increased storm activity exists.

                  Just have to find that derned reference again!

                • HoTaters HoTaters

                  Code, what do you think of the discusson re: Kr-85, positive and negative lightning polarity, red lightning, Tepcam observations, and the presence of Kr-85 having a cathode-like effect?

                  I'm not up to speed on electrical energy and its behavior.

                  What do you make of this? You are better able to analyze the data in interpret it.

                  And Jebus, you, too, might understand this and be well qualified to comment.

                  Anyone else care to chime in?

                  My personal research on the weather in N. California and Oregon, parts of Washington State showed lots of heavy rain activity in March and April, 2011. Would have to check the rainfall data (precip. figures) for accurate info. I did check the rainfall for N. Cali. on the approximate date the plume might have made landfall after Reactor 3 detonated/got wrecked. There was a very intense rainstorm around Marysville and Yuba City the date the plume likely arrived. Wind and jet stream patterns showed the precip. for No. Calfornia was pushed into that area, where there was heavy rainfall.

                  Commenting on some of this pushes me back to trying to recapture data I'd studied back in 2011-2012. Some of the data is hard to find again.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Wikipedia article cont.

              "The average atmospheric concentration of krypton-85 was approximately 0.6 Bq/m3 in 1976, and has increased to approximately 1.3 Bq/m3 as of 2005.[4][10] These are approximate global average values; concentrations are higher locally around nuclear reprocessing facilities, and are generally higher in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere.

              For wide-area atmospheric monitoring, krypton-85 is the best indicator for clandestine plutonium separations.

              Krypton-85 releases increase the electrical conductivity of atmospheric air. Meteorological effects are expected to be stronger closer to the source of the emissions."

              Wondering what accidents like WIPP, Hanford incidents, other, may have done to the total atmospheric loading.


              Can download abstract in Excel. Must join ResearchGate to get full article access (or find it somewhere else).

              Majia is cited here:


              Majia cited the possible effect of the Fukushima accident on atmospheric Kr-85 levels.

              • HoTaters HoTaters

                OK, practically wrote a novel here, LOL. Don't want to wallpaper. Will post further discussion at the Nuclear Issues Forum so I don't go too far afield. This is what happens when I more or less take a week off from reading here! Down the rabbit hole I go!

                Would just like to suggest to others who do research here, try to capture your data & citations. It is very useful later on and keeps ya from having to re-invent the wheel.

                That being said, I really appreciate the posts from Hillbilly, roger that, Jebus, Code, stock, Drs. G and A, Majia (whom I miss), and so many others….

                • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                  Your doing fine! Great contribution! 🙂

                  Nice Brain Candy!

                  • HoTaters HoTaters

                    Ha, Obe, brain candy good! And Mongo like candy, hrrrr, hrrrrr. (Humor follows)


                    ("H. Rap Brown in the Old West")

                    Richard Pryor co-wrote the screenplay script with Mel Brooks.

                    Enjoy, Obe. Hope I can find the original article.

                    It was pretty interesting re-reading the data on the increase in atmospheric Kr-85 since 1945. And how its presence may indicate the presence of Plutonium, Xenon. Also Kr-85's presence in relation to fuel re-procesisng activities.

                    • HoTaters HoTaters

                      Side note: Cleavon Little did an amazing comedic sketch in Blazing Saddles. Wonderful spoof on race relations in the United States.

                      'Ho out.

                      Hmmnn, my OCD tendency is driving me to want to find that study on Kr-85. Bugs me that I can't find it!

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  HoTaters, thanks for your research. So far, the only thing I get out of it is that there is a large increase in Kyrpton and that its ionizing character increases the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere which tends to 'short out' the electric field gradients. How much of an effect is not clear.

                  The difference between positive and negative lightening bolts seems speculative since I seem to have read that both earth to cloud and cloud to earth streamers are part of the sequence of lightening strikes.

                  It strikes me off the top of my head that the lightening strikes noted near generators may not be due to krypton but the charge carrying capacity of water droplets.

                  As yet I havent seen anything indicating the the krypton makes super storms, although I certainly dont rule it out. How is it supposed to work? Cloud nucleation?

                • Radioactive Krypton 85 Gas Released By All Nuclear Power Stations And Nuclear Weapons Tests Generates Massive Storms, Larger Typhoons And More Lightning Due To Increased Conductivity Of The Atmosphere

                  Krypton 85 Released From All Nuclear Plants And Spent Fuel Reprocessing Facilities, Causes Climate Change, Cancer And Has Other Negative Health Effects, Risks, And Hazards – Reacts With Flourine, Massive Quantities Released By Fukushima

                  • Krypton 85 – 1,800,000 Bq Radioactive Global Warming Krypton Gases Released From Each Nuclear Reactor Vent Stack Each Second, Reprocessing Plants Release Equivalent To TMI Accident Yearly

                    Cherenkov Radiation, Radioluminescence, Fukushima Krypton Radioactive Gas Releases Continue, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Neutron Radiation, Ball Lightning, Dark High Altitude Lightning, Fukushima Daiichi Spider-Webs, Plasma or Artificial Lightning Ionization

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Goodheart…I didnt find the papers substantiating the conclusion that the alarming increase in krypton causes global warming, increased lightening or super storms. What is the conclusion on increased atmospheric conductivity? Is the air 15% more conductive, twice, hundreds of times.

                      Intuitively…or lets say one might naively expect an increase in atmospheric conductivity to reduce lightening…at least the intensity

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      More than 800 lightning strikes hit northern California as residents express anger and confusion at unusual weather patterns

                      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4876594/More-800-lightning-strikes-hit-northern-California.html#ixzz4sUjcXvkq
                      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                      DG… as always…pump the fear

                      'Most or all of this krypton-85 is retained in the spent nuclear fuel rods; spent fuel on discharge from a reactor contains between 0.13-1.8 PBq/Mg of krypton-85.[4] Some of this spent fuel is reprocessed. Current nuclear reprocessing releases the gaseous Kr-85 to the atmosphere when the spent fuel is dissolved.'
                      'The average atmospheric concentration of krypton-85 was approximately 0.6 Bq/m3 in 1976, and has increased to approximately 1.3 Bq/m3 as of 2005'


                      'In terms of radiotoxicity, 440 Bq of Kr-85 is equivalent to 1 Bq of radon-222, without considering the rest of the radon decay chain.'
                      'Typical domestic exposures average about 48 Bq/m3 indoors, though this varies widely, and 15 Bq/m3 outdoors.'


                      Radon–12 times as much, times 440 times as toxic,,,in the air you breath. Everyday.

                      3x more of it in your home.

                      Is Kr85 good for you, no. Just sayin',,,

                      A poor discussion to have with 'Pro-Nukes'

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      For me, I like the effort Dr G puts into it, the good will, the compilation. But the conclusions drawn are not always in sync with the data or info. There is an apparent stubborn refusal to make corrections. An aside; Anne references AGR and the AGR article references Anne; a loop! Loopy!

                      INMHO, he would do well to consult a science person…maybe find a student for cheap, to proof read. This could substantially increase the credibility factor

      • Code, in Hawaii, the clouds were "angry" for a month after Fukushima.

        hardly ever lightning in Hawaii, but we had lightning almost every day, even without storms, so to speak.

        Was it Krypton or other stuff or in combination.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Much easier 'low hanging fruit' to pick against Nuclear Power.
        Why waste effort. Shut them down on finance.

        Everyone understands 'money'.


  • freebywill

    According to the daily reactor power status reports both TP units are at 0 %.

    Sept 09th, TP3 at 0 %, TP4 at 100 %
    Sept 10th, TP3 at 0 %, TP4 at 100 %
    Sept 11th, TP3 at 0 %, TP4 at 0 %

    [ related Event Notices ]


    Crystal River 3

    St Lucie

    { St Lucie did not shutdown ]

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    If Kaku.. got even the smallest inclination that these storms are engineered, why is he not upset.
    REALLY upset..

    Inside a Texas Fema Camp after Hurricane Harvey " We are being Numbered "
    Sept 8 2011


    It's always alright when its' ..'the other guy'.
    Tick tock, tick tock.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    How can one complain about militarization of the police when your house has been swept away and you have been incarcerated for your own protection, by the very same.

    Lisa Rosenberg: Militarizing police under a cloak of secrecy
    Sept 10 2017

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It seems now tropical storm Irma..is headed for the Tennessee Valley.
    Coffee ..be back in a bit.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Turkey Point 3 & 4 are shut down!
    Both show 0% output on today's NRC Reactor Status Report.

    To Florida Power & Light:
    Many thanks for shutting down both Turkey Point nuclear reactors in advance of Hurricane Irma.
    It was the right thing to do.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    One of the Turkeys experienced a problem, initiating a scram:


    "On 09/10/17 at 1855 [EDT], [Turkey Point] Unit 4 reactor was manually tripped from 88% RTP [Rated Thermal Power] due to a failure of 4C Steam Generator main feed regulating valve causing lowering S/G [Steam Generator] level. All other systems operated normally. Auxiliary Feed Water initiated as designed to provide S/G water level control. EOP's [Emergency Operating Procedures] have been exited and General Operating procedures (GOP'S) were entered. Unit 4 is stable in Mode 3 at NOT/NOP [Normal Operating Temperature/Normal Operating Pressure]."

    "The licensee is investigating the failure of the feed regulating valve. Offsite power is available. Decay heat is being removed via main feedwater with steam discharged to atmosphere using the ADVs [Atmospheric Dump Valves]. There is no known primary-secondary steam generator tube leakage.

    The licensee informed the NRC Resident Inspector."


  • freebywill

    Irma is impacting Farley station in Alabama with heavy winds and rain.


    Currently 28 mph winds and 1 in rain per hour.


  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    Ocean view showing passage of Irma.

    Note hurricane Jose follows a confused path, seeming to trail along in the wide wake of Irma.
    We are probably going to hear more from Jose in the coming days.
    Jose may make landfall on Atlantic Coast.
    Watch him!

  • PavewayIII PavewayIII

    Sequence of NRC reports:

    NRC Friday Event Notifications

    Turkey Point (3,4) 52952
    Thursday 23:14 – NWS Hurricane Warning issued
    Friday 00:06 – Notification – Emergency Declared/Offsite Notification
    Friday (no time specified) 'Updated' – no indication of what was updated
    (Convenient notification Friday at 00:06 ensures it won't be seen by public until Monday)

    NRC Monday NRC notifications

    Turkey Point (3,4) 52952
    Identical notification appears again

    Turkey Point (4) 52960
    Sunday 18:55 Reactor only running at 88% for some unknown reason
    – failure of loop 4C Steam Generator main feed regulating valve
    – Loop 4C S/G [Steam Generator] water levels drop
    – Emergency Operating Procedures initiated
    – Manual trip of reactor from 88% PWR (?)
    – Auxiliary Feed Water initiated as designed [normal response]
    – restored S/G water level
    – Emergency Operation Procedures exited
    – returned to General Operating Procedures
    – Reactor at 0% PWR; in Hot Standby

    For the textually challenged (me) here's a diagram:

    The blue juice in one of the 4 steam generators go too low, so they pumped more in. The red juice got angry at all the commotion so the operators shut the reactor down. The reactor operators don' t like it when the red juice wants to leave the containment building and comes to visit them.

    Unusual that reactor was at 88% – something else was happening that they're not saying.

    • PavewayIII PavewayIII

      Either the manual scram (if unplanned, i.e., not part of planned shutdown) or the activation of the steam generator aux. feedwater system would have required reporting.

      The steam generator main feedwater valve is stuck/closed/secrewed up, so they can't run steam through the turbines, cool it down and pump it back into the steam generators through that valve like normal. That'e the normal route for the secondary steam loop. Instead, they're pumping auxiliary water into the steam generator thorough a different valve, and then just dumping the steam produced into the air outside the plant. That steam/water *shouldn't* be radioactive like the primary loop steam/water, but isn't completely radiation-free, either.

      In any case, the reactor doesn't care as long as the steam generators are removing enough heat from the primary loop reactor water. That's the red loop in the diagram that goes in/out the 4 steam generators' U-tubes.

      • Thank you for your comment PavewayIII

        Nearly impossible to find any information about the status of TurkeyPoint.

        Perceptions of nuclear impacts are being very carefully managed.

        • majia, exactly, they give lip service trying to project and image of open and honest, but if you dig just even a little bit, you see that is not the truth at all.

          The captures NRC is very strategic in the way they try to cover for their dying industry.

      • PavewayIII PavewayIII

        NRC Blog (stock linked below) highligts:

        * "Turkey Point Unit 3, in south Florida, remains safely shut down, as it has been since Saturday." […except we understood either both, one or none at various times so the NRC news blackout worked perfectly]

        * "Turkey Point Unit 4 shut down automatically just before 7 p.m. Sunday evening due to a valve issue." [So was it a manual trip as reported in 52952 or was it an automatic trip? God damn the NRC terrorists and their Goebbels PR machine…]

        * "The shutdown was uncomplicated, the plant is in a safe condition…" [Why the f*c& should we believe that?]

        * "winds and rain have diminished at the site such that the plant staff exited their declaration of an unusual event at 4 a.m." [WTF? Why nine hours? Is the valve fixed or are they just talking about the weather?]

        * "At St. Lucie…operators are reducing power on Unit 1 due to salt buildup on insulators in the switchyard that supplies offsite power" [WTF is THAT suppose to mean? Is offsite power lost or not? How in holy HELL do you design and operate a nuke plant switchyard on the Atlantic Ocean without shielding the insulators from salt spray? How will reducing power 'fix' anything?]

        * "Unit 2 remains at full power." [Why? Does it have a completely different source of offsite power / switchgear than Unit 1? How is it any less vulnerable to LOOP?]

        NRC: Is it really going to take a YouTube vid of Trump clotheslining a NRC-logo-headed figure before…

  • SadieDog

    9/11 was an inside job!

    • SadieDog

      "Sixteen years after a series of coordinated terrorist attacks by al-Qaeda (as the story goes) shook the United States and the world, the number of questions-raised-left-unanswered has perhaps never been any higher. Through their constant probing, investigating and challenging of the official story, world-class journalists, architects, engineers and families of the victims of 9/11 in particular have, however, to their credit, managed to unearth and pool together enough evidence over the years, to make a compelling case to suggest that the “official” narrative of 9/11 is only a “story” and not an accurate narration of what had actually happened."


  • indeed the fact that we have not switched to thorium, et al, is an indication that the entire nuclear supply and operation chain is a dysfunctional cartel, controlled by special interests that simply want to maximize profit, regardless of risk.

    To your point on not shutting down LWRs, I believe you completely missed what happened at Fukushima. 3 of 4 units where running at Fukushima.

    Shutting down would be far better, its the residual heat generation from the half life decays, many of which are very shortlived, so a few days shutdown makes a huge difference in ability to avoid a meltdown.

    I think it is very irresponsible not to have NRC DEMAND that these 4 plants be shut down immediately. NRC noted that loss of offsite power is extremely likely, and it could be for many days. This is actually the most dangerous situation for nuclear plants, loss of offsite power. So taking mitigating actions (shut down) to react to the most dangerous thing, is smart risk control.

    We can’t afford a multi-trillion dollar Fukushima in this country, although it would help balance the budget on Medicaid
    from NRC blog comments

  • Some very strong contributions here, Mahalo all good peoples, kind of like ENE of olden days.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    TESLA gave them full battery range.
    A bit of a problem in power outage areas…I guess.

    Tesla extended the range of some Florida vehicles for drivers to escape Hurricane Irma


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    "In Tesla’s case, it’s not quite the same. Sure, there’s a community of amateur hackers who poke around inside their cars and sometimes make fascinating discoveries, but the company has a significant degree of control over the vehicles, even if it doesn’t exercise it all the time. As we’ve seen, Tesla can remotely install new software, including code that enables and disables features unilaterally.
    This can be a gift, when getting caught with the “wrong” feature package risks putting you in a hurricane’s way. At the same time, it highlights the tremendous power your car company can have over you, not to mention whether it’s consumer-friendly for a company to charge you thousands of dollars to access hardware that takes just a few keystrokes to turn on. The debate has already taken off on Reddit."

    As Hurricane Irma bore down, Tesla gave some Florida drivers more battery juice. Here’s why that’s a big deal.
    Sept 11 2017


  • Shouldn't Browns Ferry by shutdown


    "At 1000 EDT on September 9, 2017, the Division 2 Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower (MDCT) fans were declared inoperable due to failure of the over speed fan brake inverter. The brakes prevent fan over speed from a design basis tornado. The MDCT fans are required to support operability of the Ultimate Heat Sink (UHS). The UHS is required to support operability of the Division 2 Emergency Equipment Cooling Water (EECW) system. The EECW system cools various safety related components, including the High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) system room cooler. An unplanned HPCI inoperability occurred based on a loss of the HPCI Room Cooler. Investigation into why the Division 2 MDCT fan over speed brake inverter failed is in progress. This report is being made pursuant to 10CFR50.72(b)(3)(v)(D) as a condition that at the time of discovery could have prevented the fulfillment of a safety function needed to mitigate the consequences of an accident based on a loss of a single train safety system."

    The licensee entered two (2) LCO Action Statements (AS); 14-day LCO AS 3.5.1 for ECCS (HPCI Inoperable) and 72-hour AS 3.7.2 for UHS. The licensee has two spare inverters on-site. After replacement and successful post-maintenance testing the licensee expects to exit both AS before 72-hours.

    The NRC Resident Inspector has been notified.

    To top of page
    Power Reactor Event Number:…

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Trump; " if you talk about branding, no brand has improved more than the United States Coast Guard,”

    Coast guard took orders from British Petroleum and seems to have colluded with the government and big corporations in a news blackout. Hey, thats fascist!


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Mind The Chemtrails: US Air Force Dispatches Sprayer Aircraft In Response To Harvey
    Sept 9 2017


    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Forecast was for 93 degrees today..actually 98 degrees. 🙁 5 degrees off!

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        theres not enough clouds, despite the krypton! The new global datasets show that clouds typically cover almost two-thirds of the planet, some 10 percent more than had been thought. Oceans are significantly cloudier than continents. Slightly more than 70 percent of the sky over oceans is cloudy. But in the last decades there have been less clouds.

        the sun gives us an average of 342 watts of energy on each square meter of earth. But the clouds and snow reflect 30% of it back to space. Over all, clouds have a net reduction of 20 to 25 watts per meter…a cooling effect. Cloud seeding by plankton is thought to be responsible for 4 watts of this cooling (shielding) effect. All the nuclear and coal cooling, the cars ships and planes, home heating and cooling…this warms the earth by 0.028 watts per meter, or 1/140th the amount of cooling from plankton. Just a very small change in cloud cover could compensate for mans fires furnaces. THe same cant be said for the soot. black carbon (soot from burning wood and coal) effect is 1.1 watts per square meter per year of warming by soaking up the sunshine and making snow less reflective. Thats forty times more of an effect than all of our waste heat

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    5 p.m. Update: Hurricane Irma continues in Georgia, nearly 50 percent of Georgia Power customers without power
    Sept 11 2017


  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    I just happened to meet a nuclear engineer yesterday. What are the chances? Retired. Said he likes to hike. I asked if he thought nuclear was on the way out. He said no, the future is in the new designs. I said the risk analysis boys made a big mistake. He was a little ambiguous, saying it depends what data goes in…suggesting some guys were good at it, others not. I asked what he thought of Fukushima. Not much answer. I said over a million may die from one analysis, or none by the ICRP model. He said people will die.

    My impression was a quiet, thoughtful, nice and sincere guy. He seemed happy and proud about his career. He did mention the horrible sound of sacrifice zones,..yet thought nuclear was a good thing with a good future, despite the accidents and kills

    • 😐

      Good insight.

      What some might call 'scholarly training' others might call 'opulent brainwashing'.

      It's almost funny how they themselves don't see it.
      Some TRUTHS should be self evident.

      IMHO: I think our oceans and atmosphere are now one big 'sacrifice zone'.

  • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin

    Hello nuke plant workers
    who read here as lurkers!
    What will you do
    if your plant goes berserkers
    due to design quirkers ?
    Or an earthquake
    knocks loose your building's girders
    and suddenly your boss
    starts shouting swear-worders?
    Will you stay
    or be a deserter,
    will you run away
    or accept your own murder?
    Can't happen to you?
    Check out recent history!
    You know better than that,
    it isn't a mystery.
    Will you fry your own fat,
    hoping to be a Hero,
    or say "Kiss my ass!"
    and run like a zero?
    I'm not trying to be mean –
    you know there's a choice,
    it's somewhere in between
    your silence and voice.
    You could be whistleblower
    or keep your mouth shut
    and help PR snowers
    or opt to get out.
    Don't wait too long
    as more will go wrong.
    It could be where you work.
    Then we'll hear your true song.

    Just know this – you WILL take the consequences of your decision to your grave.

  • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin

    July 14, 2016 5:45 PM

    When Sandra Black’s colleagues came to her to report unsafe, illegal or wasteful practices at the Savannah River nuclear facility in South Carolina, she assured them that the U.S. Department of Energy would not tolerate retaliation against them.

    “Now I know that wasn’t true,” said Black, of Martinez, Georgia.

    As the head of the site’s employee complaints program, Black was required by her job to evaluate such concerns and protect employees who raised them.

    Then she herself was fired, allegedly because she’d cooperated with government auditors who were investigating retaliation against whistleblowers, according to a highly critical Government Accountability Office report released Thursday.


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Magellan gasoline leak is biggest known spill of Harvey aftermath
    Sept 11 2017


  • These are the leaders of our country
    In May of 2015, Former Vice President Joe Biden's eldest son, Beau, died of brain cancer. By March of 2017, Beau's younger brother Hunter would confirm that although he is still technically married to his wife, Kathleen, he has begun a romantic relationship with Beau's widow, Hallie. Ew. But hang on, because apparently the rest of the Biden clan is cool with this. "We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill's full and complete support and we are happy for them," the former Vice President said in a statement

    Read More: http://www.nickiswift.com/51007/strangest-family-love-triangles-among-celebs/s/hunter-biden-is-dating-his-brother-beaus-widow/?utm_campaign=clip

  • Too cheap to meter with a new twist


    Ministers are ready to approve the swift development of a fleet of “mini” reactors to help guard against electricity shortages, as older nuclear power stations are decommissioned.

    The new technology is expected to offer energy a third cheaper than giant conventional reactors such as the ongoing Hinkley Point in Somerset.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Not going away anytime soon.. 🙁 We think we need the energy.

    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

      Not going away anytime soon.. 🙁 We think we need the energy.

      • Of course, we need the energy to live a better life. it works like that, why wouldn't it.

        The issue is, how to generate the electricity?

        solar PV is the no brainer

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        energy…if mother nature provided you with say one acre to be your entire sustenance…grow your food, warm yourself in the sun etc…this would provide you with 1000 horse power, running day and night. (239.7 watts per square meter average solar power x 4046 square meters = 1296 HP…round to 1000). That energy IS your life…its a small piece of land, and so I say 1000 HP per person continual power use is not extravagant.

  • freebywill

    St Lucie 1 has been shutdown – no reason stated in EN https://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/2017/20170912en.html#en52956


    "The Hurricane Warning has been terminated by the National Weather Service for St. Lucie County including the Plant Site. At time 1313 [EDT] on 9/11/17, St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant has terminated from the Unusual Event Classification."

    Unit 1 is currently shutdown in Mode 3, Hot Standby. Unit 2 continues to operate in Mode 1, 100 percent power.

    The licensee notified State and Local Government Agencies, and the NRC Resident Inspector.

    Notified R2IRC (Munday), R2DO (Michel), NRR EO (King), IRD MOC (Gott), DHS SWO, DOE Ops Center, FEMA Ops Center, HHS Ops Center, DHS NICC, USDA Ops Center, EPA Emergency Ops Center, FDA Emergency Ops Center (email), FEMA NWC (email), DHS Nuclear SSA (email), and FEMA NRCC SASC (email).

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    By gummy ..another one.

    Hurricane Jose path models: Met Office storm track shows DIRECT path to Florida
    Sept 12 2017


    I'm rather in a mood of contemplative concern.
    Words come hard.
    I'm glad others are aflame..

    Controlling Hurricanes: Harvey, Irma, and Now Jose? Dane Wigington -Geoengineering Watch


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Another quick sweep?

    Irma FEMA camps – Miami rounds up people AGAINST their will and holds them captive

    Sept 11 2017


    • PlowboyGrownUp

      Cities will assume more power than than a fascist government. They should stick to providing water, sewer services and such. They defy the constitution.

    • Stupid Ridiculous Fake NEWS…

      …and insulting to anyone with a working brain!!!!

      "Miami rounds up people AGAINST their will and holds them captive"

      What a complete crock!!!! What say we take the people that risk their lives and tell outright lies about them. What a slap in the face to our hard working heroes…

      If you buy into this tripe for a moment please call:

      one eighthundred I'm a complete fool…

      one eighthundred I'm in need of a doctor my head hurts…

      one eighthundred I'm a hallucinating drug addict…

      And don't forget to call:

      one eighthundred I'm the most gullible fool in the world…

      Wowsers and we wonder why some people have lost complete touch with reality?

      Studying this crap is the true hallmark of complete idiots…

      Grow a brain and don't give these sites traffic.

      And let's not froget the neame of this youtube channel is? Drum rool please….

      "Bowie Merlin's FAKE NEWS!!!"

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    A more blatant message ..make of it what you will..

    Texas CAPTIVITY not RESCUE.this is what going into Captivity looks like, they're not being rescued!!

    Aug 30 2017


    • This is so completely ridiculous it's truly pathetic…

      Some people will believe anything they see on you tube…

      It must be true I saw it on the internet…

      What a complete crock!!!!!

      Here's one to watch.

      Run for the hills!!!!

      The Aliens Have Landed!:


      • You seem to be having somw issues, How does that make you feel Hippy Dog?

        you should work on your issues, calmness is a healer dude.

        • Well when people attempt to degrade someone that will risk his or her own life to save another it brings up issues…

          And it's all for some childish need for attention…

          I personally have family members there right now helping with rescue and recovery. REAL people I know would be very insulted by that kind of tripe.

          It's slanderous and is illegal to make a (any) fake story without a disclaimer and this is not a joking matter, it could cause someone to get hurt.

          There is and will be some complete fool that will believe this tripe and resist or attack rescuers just trying to help.

          The name of the channel is?

          "Bowie Merlin's FAKE NEWS!!!"

          But that is not enough for the complete fools out there today to do the math on the validity of this potentially dangerous publicity stunt.

          There should be charges filed and this person should feel the consequences of his actions. It's slander, reckless endangerment and propaganda.

          These people take nothing seriously and there are idiots out there who will take any soap opera style fairy tale as truth.

          And some wonder why laws are being debated as we speak to stop this kinda propaganda.

          Here's to hoping this fool will pay the price for adding risk to the already dangerous job of rescue and recovery…

    • Here's one showing others that were captured before the hurricane even got there…

      Oh the humanity 🙁


      • Why not go and have a nice long stare out the window?

        • What am I looking for? Space ships? Pizza making child molesters? Fake caskets? Fake prison camps?

          Tell me what I'm supposed to be looking for?

          Al? Come on man, tell me what completely fake things I should be concerned about…

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            AI ..take that up with Elon.
            As you know..I'm not interested in alien life.
            Hidden child molesters..as far as I'm concerned..just a little dirt to get past the Hillary scandal..

          • Only you can know what you seek.

            How long have you been at this?

            • "How long have you been at this?"

              Fact finding? Most of my adult life…

              I've been online since the 90's and ran a BBS before most ever knew what the internet or a computer was…

              We simply didn't see the waste of time promoted today…

              Back then you tied up the phone line and payed by the minuet to access the internet so you didn't see the waste of time and totally false information we see today…

              Myth/fake news/propaganda busting?

              Until the last decade true information providers busted these crazy myths for us with factual information vetted through real professionals…

              …Not so long ago the real fact finders would have laughed the conspiracy monger cartoon reporters out of the buildings and offline as a waste of time and brain cells.

              So how long have I been doing this?

              23+ Years…

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    No..there is the rescue..the rest is interpretive isn't it?
    Quick with the 'fake'..aren't you?
    It's you ..Hippie..
    You had the heroic rescue, your home has been labelled uninhabitable, you are in an evacuation center.
    Where you going..Hippie?

    • Rescue from a disaster zone is just that, rescue…

      Where are you going? Wherever they can find shelter for you.

      The wrist bands are for identification but it's NOT what a conspiracy theorist or mentally challenged person would think of…

      It's more for family notification than anything else…

      If you are separated form loved ones knowing they are safe is the most important thing. The wrist bands identify where you are not where you can go.

      Let's say you have a grandmother retired in Fla and for what ever reason you couldn't get there in time to rescue her…

      What if you have a child in collage that didn't for whatever reason get out in time…

      How do you know she's safe? Good reporting and a system that can handle the location of millions of evacuees quickly…

      Wristbands? Sure same tech that runs the large chains of canned goods in a grocery store chain…

      Then the relatives can "lookup" the location of loved ones and not panic and run into harms way to rescue her.

      But with all the crazies out there it must be kept secure so unless you have a relative in the disaster you won't be able to access this info….

      Here's what the wrist bands are for sheeple…


      So the very things we do to help is now a way to capture productive people so we can enslave them or something?

      Insanity at it's finest definition folks…

    • "No..there is the rescue..the rest is interpretive isn't it?
      Quick with the 'fake'..aren't you?"

      Yes if your interpretation is fake, so is the information you provide…

      And WoW that was some totally fake tripe you posted…

      Learn how to learn and learn how to gather REAL factual information into your brain and YOU will be rescued from the captivity of the FAKE world of attention mongers and propaganda spreaders…

      …No wrist band required.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    You're going where that barcode on your wrist says you can go..
    Here have a pop tart.

  • Looking for a loved one after a disaster?


    Are you a evacuee?

    Click below and list yourself as safe and well…


  • curly


    I've reached a place where everything I see or read is questionable and I'm not sending money to anyone except the extortion racket called the United States of America, otherwise I'd be put in cage. To take a stand and say that this or that is true and everything else is a lie is akin to a dogmatic religious belief. I know you can reference studies supporting your beliefs and so can those who oppose you.

    I'm only sure that humans are creating and filling the earth with poisonous technologies and something is being sprayed in the sky by aircraft.

    In spite of my skepticism, Dane Wiggington makes a slick presentation with charts, maps and all the bells an whistles, on how microwaves are being used in weather and hurricane manipulation.

    What are the flaws in his reasoning? It sound pretty good to me but here I sit at my computer and I'm only capable of perceiving a fraction of the energy that surrounds me, or at least that's what I've been told.

    • Sol Man

      It is difficult to fault your thinking, except that perhaps you didn't go far enough. It is apparent that: the U.S. government is owned by others;

      organs are being harvested without consent;

      children are in danger;

      the life force is being annihilated.

      Do you have any additions?

    • "geoengineeringwatch"

      Fake because I know science and have looked into it (probably before you even knew about this completely fake campaign)?


      Well nuff said…

      And sol man jumps in there with…

      "organs are being harvested without consent"

      Where son… A crock of distractions with a side of keeping you tied up mentally in fantasy land…

      That way the real polluters and criminals can get away with murder…

      Not rocket science, discretionary foo foo….

      Don't guess you can give consent after your'e dead huh…

      They won't even harvest organs from dead people in america without consent.

      In cartoon land? I don't live there so I wouldn't know…

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        How would you know ..you might be fake?

        • It's called doing the actual work when presented with a shocking claim…

          The science has been looked at closely and the stories are just that, stories…

          And the 3 bears make a good bedtime story but guess what, that's all it is, A bedtime story…

          Bears don't sleep in beds or eat porridge…

          But if you didn't already know better, you may actually believe that story is true….

          Not true = false

          • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

            Actual work.. lol.

            • Exactly, like I ever saw HD presenting any actual work, except maybe lamarsworld which downplays radiation extent, and promotes "real science" like

              Kenny Boy Buessler and Jay Cullin — both funded by the military / gov.

              • Now stock you know I've said the exact opposite from the beginning…

                It's allot worse than we know…

                How do we learn so we can know more than a opinion, ever met anyone one you saw on youtube discussing rad reads?

                Study readings…

                …If you think my site is downplaying the readings study readings and the tools that derive them…

                Lowest reading, average over time and NOW is the way to read these things…

                14 would be high on a machine that reads 5 everyday, over time…

                150 is a good read on many EPA stations…

                Not downplaying anything, simply pointing you to the actual readings for you to read…

                Lookin good since last year in america (post fuku) look at the station histories…

                There's ya some work… 🙂

                • Your presentation shows much less alert levels than the full on NETC presentation. So it downplays.

                  • Nope focused on individual readings (live gm counters) from homes and back yards would be exactly what it actually is…

                    …a simple smoke detector system from unconnected folks.

                    Ya know random proofs…

                    Both maps are the same with the addition of more complicated reads on the full map…

                    …and remember the colors don't really say what you think they do so get out the pad and paper, run calc on your "com poodder" and see the ups and downs over time and averages…

                    …. then you will know quickly (the key to a nuke accident) and be able to flee or stay.

                    Same source, same reads, same is same…

                    Simply focused on first respondents.

                    Simple cataloged reads over time past will tell the real status and the real tale…

                    But you will have to know what they were before to know the difference.

                    Those that forget the past are condemned to repeat it… 🙂

                    Film at 11:


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog, tell us more about random proofs, this is really getting interesting. Hahaha, is that you socref, or does Hippie Dog have hidden knowledge?

                      Several results will be established using the portmanteau lemma: A sequence {Xn} converges in distribution to X if and only if any of the following conditions are met:

                      E[f(Xn)] → E[f(X)] for all bounded, continuous functions f;
                      E[f(Xn)] → E[f(X)] for all bounded, Lipschitz functions f;
                      limsup{Pr(Xn ∈ C)} ≤ Pr(X ∈ C) for all closed sets C;

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        one thing is certain, Hippie Dog does NOT know science!

        • Yea I blew it with code when I made the simple statement…

          Nuclear waste and a banana (potassium/K-40) are in no way comparable…

          Except that cesium is a potassium analog that the body tries to use but can't because it's pollution…

          …Don't ya just hate it when that happens?


          • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

            oh you blew it from the very beginning, trying unsuccessfully to blast any and all of my comments. You continued your losing streak, failing to answer any question and unable to support your assertions.

            What is the equivalent bq/m3 from the data you post from Eager Lab assistants? Compare to the Woods Hole info

            How many becquerels of Cs137 is equal to 1000 bq of k-40? What is this number given by woods hole and the rest? Is Woods Hole correct? How do you know, one way or the other? Why do you think my assessment is incorrect? For that matter, do you even know what my assessment is? Or you just enjoy trying to disparage for the heck of it?

            Prove your assertion that nuclear is significantly warming the planet by the waste heat

            I dont judge you for being a loser at all, I judge you for claiming not to be while claiming others are losers

            • Sorry you feel that way…

              Pointing out and learning is and can be tough and painful sometimes… K-40 Versus nuke waste?

              Ever tried to teach a 5 year old the time tables? No problem in most cases…

              Wait around until 10 and you get allot of whining and not much learning…

              And the thunder rolls…


              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                HDog…thing is, I provided the info representing hours of research on just that subject…what to say of seeing the significance of it in the first place. Instead of learning anything, you spent all your time saying I was wrong, talking nonsense, zero value…fairy tales etc.

                Yet when challenged on ANY of it, you could not defend yourself. So what could we expect…perhaps a little admission, maybe 'sorry I was wrong' or 'I will review'

                If you are the recipient of contempt, you were the instigator of it

                • You should be thanking me for stopping that complete waste of time…

                  K-40 and nuclear metal and ceramic poisons?

                  Wowsers no comparison to be made.

                  Here's a real comparison? Really??

                  Your'e better off studying this…

                  Handyman Corner – Portable Shade:


                  Kiddin around is all good and fine…

                  …still looking for some real evidence of graphics work from ya there code.

                  Watch this…

                  Famous last words of a Redneck:


                  • And never forget,

                    As grandpappy used to say….

                    "Doers do, talkers talk, lazy is lazy and liers lie"


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      answer this troll; Woods Hole says there is 1000x more radiation from K-40 and thus nuclear fallout poses near zero risk to any life in the ocean or people eating and playing in it. You give Woods Hole as the scientifically valid source of info…and yet REFUSE to examine this common comparison. So the question for you is this; Is woods hole the trustworthy source for understanding the risk or not?

                      btw, in NO WAY did you stop the dialogue on fallout vs background. And it is in NO WAY a waste of time. To the contrary, its at the very CORE of the anti vs pro nuke stance.

                      Anybody who has given it some consideration realizes this is the case. The standard dose model epitomizes this error in comprehension of low level radiation and proper differentiation of health impact from different sources…and is the legal reason nuclear can exist. Not just legal, its a conceptual problem. Lumping all ionizing radiation into one concept is as wrong as imagining a candle is the same as a laser.

                      Hippie Dog confirms his troll status

                    • Seems like the exact same whining sounding information you always spout…

                      And a troll? There's a troll here?? Really??? And it's not you????

                      Stupid is as stupid does (or doesn't do)…

                      Take the stupid test now…


                      And don't forget actual science either…

                      Eating radioactive apples from chernobyl? perfectly fine! [gamma spectroscopy]:


                      How bout them apples…

                    • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin

                      HD = chihuahua yapping when he has no answers.
                      LOL ! How bout that stooooopid huh ?

                    • "Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin"

                      Like the new user name (how creative), hate that you are sill clueless…

                      Dane brammage knows no bounds…

                      Parents Thought Albert Einstein Was Stupid? RIF 11:


                    • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin

                      Still blind-linking to irrelevancy I see, Mutt. U was nailed as a fur ball, long time gone. Most here have coughed you up and spat you out. Here's a vid that does more in 59 seconds for peace and common sense and a better world than all yours combined.
                      Go suck a dog bone, cur.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      bionerd is bamboozled by science. She eats an apple that has more cesium than potassium in it, then tests urine to show that she excreted it to a safe level. She compares potassium radioactivity to cesium radioactivity as if they were the same thing. Yet Yablokov and Bandazhevsky show that 70 bq/kg of k-40 is perfectly healthy whereas the same…actually half that, yields morbidity that shows up in heart tests and other metrics.

                      Bionerd takes the simplistic scientific view that is in vogue. But that is a mistake. Emerging science shows that cells that were never even hit by radiation can be killed en mass just because they were somewhat near cells that were…an information pathway of danger.

                      In fact we now realize from Chernobyl studies that nuclear fallout causes a systemic morbidity to very low levels. Bionerd IS harmed. Her hair and skin will start to reflect the fact that she infused her body with small levels of fallout, trusting the ICRP dose model and her counters. This is very naive. She revels in it, and spreads disinformation. Fools like hippie dog gobble it up like dog food.

                      One indication that the two sources of radiation are not the same is the specific activity, which is some millions of times higher in cesium. This will create hot spots

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog clearly promoting the safety of fallout.

                      If one were to measure the inflammation reaction in that nice girl bionerd, one would find it elevated. Bandazhevsky and others found very small amounts of radiation from fallout cause a cascade of reactions, the key effects being inflammation, free radical generation, mitochondria dysfunction, accelerated aging, cardiomyopathy, deficits in neurological function including reduced function, depression and anxiety and dementia.

                      accute diseases like leukemia and heart disease can no longer be thought of as an all or nothing roll of the DNA dice, but rather an outcome of systemic insults.

                      The suppression of this deeper understanding of nuke fallout is illustrated by the imprisonment of Yury Bandazhevsky on false charges, harassment of doctors, suppression of data by state secret acts and trolls on social media


                    • And what exactly do you do to help?

                      Whine like children? Spout theoretical nonsense and sling accusations on anyone that doesn't agree with your fairy tales? Maybe it's a kiss your fanny as you spout lies and misinformation continually problem?

                      Oh shame on me for (not) knowing better…

                      Must be real, true, disinformation trolls around here somewhere (several for proven sure)…

                      Don't let people rescue the stranded either according to the loonies they will take you to a fake prison and fakely (as in TOTALLY fake) imprison you…

                      The very people that actually do help people?

                      What a shame you disinformation trolliacks are to all…

                      Eat ya some k-40, run from a rescuer and act a fool on the net…

                      It's what you are good at…

                      Pathetic bunch of tripe spouted by the insane shutin do nothing fools of the world….

                      And be really careful of this one…

                      Don't click on it…

                      You don't really want to know…

                      Don't do it…

                      If you laugh you loose:


                      Hehehe 🙂

                    • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

                      Time for more heavy drug use to ease the pain of progress! 🙁

                      The hidden horror of hurricane PTSD: How Harvey and Irma will affect the mental health of the millions forced to flee or fight for survival

                      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4877944/How-Harvey-Irma-affect-mental-health.html#ixzz4sW5cwAFG
                      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      oy what an asstroll! HDog, not anti nuke at all. Bandazhevsky is one of the key heros to establish results of Chernobyl fallout. You call his incarceration fake news, his results fairy tales.



                  • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin

                    And the arrogance of the stupid is a thing to behold, in word and in deed, of no use but to troll.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      rise of the uber-idiot-arrogant-ass; they are invincible

                    • Wisdom has it's limitations, stupidity knows no bounds…

                      And nuclear is one hell of a way to boil water too…

                      Einstein? Ya there?? Really??? The aliens have landed?

                      Help me out here…

                      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

                      Read more at:


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog sheds light on human nature. If he wasnt trolling, he would likely be in car sales or, if he had a little more education, politics. His arrogance and lack of guilt means he would do well in the nuclear industry.

                      Its time mankind realizes and accepts what kind of animal we are. An aggressive, killer ape with a large brain and hive like behavior. Its not correct to think the majority are 'normal' with a few psychopaths; the human species is easily tipped into psychopathy, and indeed they revel in it; boxing, conquest, killing for sport, shrewd business deals

                      Theres a chance that the hippie dog character is a creation by pro nukers who cobbled together what they thought the persona of an anti nuker is…not bright, rock and roll good ol boy aging hippie. But in fact he also represents the cop, the pro nuker, the average citizen.

                      we cant fix the world until we realize what we are and fix the human species

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Humans are egomaniacs. Let me tell you about humans; their brains are shrinking. At the current rate, we will have the brain size of a chimipanzee in 140 thousand years…for perspective,, the neanderthal lived 300,000 years ago. They also had larger brains than we do.

                      We need to store nuclear waste for as long as it takes our brains to reduce in size to chimps.
                      'Of particular concern in nuclear waste management are two long-lived fission products, Tc-99 (half-life 220,000 years) and I-129 (half-life 15.7 million years), which dominate spent fuel radioactivity after a few thousand years. The most troublesome transuranic elements in spent fuel are Np-237 (half-life two million years) and Pu-239 (half-life 24,000 years).'

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      repeat; by the time man is done safely storing nuclear waste, he will look like this, given the current rate of brain shrinkage

                      These are all homonid skulls. We are heading from the lower right to the upper left and would reach it in a relatively short time.

                      mankind…not as special as he makes himself out to be. Smart enough to destroy the world, dumb enough to do it

                    • AST is salty…

                      Irritated, usually about something that already happened and is done and buried, not something still happening. Or, it could be something someone planned and finalized that you don't like.

                      Especially fake Bull Shit…

            • "What is the equivalent bq/m3 from the data you post from Eager Lab assistants? Compare to the Woods Hole info"

              Well code there is no equivalence or comparison to be made there either…

              Eagerlabs tested soil, woods hole tests water…

              You are trying to compare apples to oranges again code.

              All the numbers in the world won't prove a thing without a fundamental education on the processes and materials tested.

              You can calc them to deathb and they still won't relate in any significant way… And wouldn't prove a thing…

              May give you something to talk about but it's not science based evidence to compare two different substances tested in two entirely different ways…

              You need to do some studying on how reading are taken, what instruments and procedures (even how fresh the samples were when measured) are used on any given set of test results.

              Otherwise you are just stumbling and bumbling around in the dark.

              Example: Some samples are tested right away and speed is everything in these tests to determine quick decaying isotopes.

              Other tests are done after a period of time (sometimes weeks or months) to determine the levels of longer lived isotopes without the interference caused by the rapidly decaying short lived isotopes clouding the results.

              Comparisons like you want me to make are meaningless and cannot be compared.

              Waste of time and I used to think you were trying to trick me with a impossible comparison… Obviously not the…

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                Why is the quantity of nuke fallout per cubic meter of ground a completely irrelevant comparison to the quantity of nuke fallout per cubic meter in water?

                There appears to be much greater contamination on land. Why might that be? Its interesting that Beusseler found 1000x more fallout in the sea soil than the water above…the radiation settles out, both by gravity but also largely because the plankton absorb it, die and fall to the bottom. This is a known mechanism of water clearing after chernobyl.

                So if you just look at the water data you might think there is very little fallout, but if you look at the soil, on land and at the bottom of the sea, then you might find much higher levels. Interestingly, Buesseler found much higher sediment radioactivity in the black sea than he does in sediment consequent to Fukushima. A question mark right there

                • "Why is the quantity of nuke fallout per cubic meter of ground a completely irrelevant comparison to the quantity of nuke fallout per cubic meter in water?"

                  Because water is not land and air is not water and food is not land or air or water…

                  Each reading is relative to the actual environment and to the methods used to derive the reading for a specific purpose…

                  1 does NOT mean 1 in those terms it's like comparing 1 rattlesnake to 1 scorpion…

                  The only accurate comparison is that they will both hurt you, but the number of ounces they weigh is not comparable to the damaging effects of these two completely different animals.

                  Same with water, land, air and food in radiation testing/readings. Ya have to know allot more than just the number to understand what it means in the real world…

                  Like what they were testing to prove, what procedures they used, what substance they used and most importantly how long was the test performed and with what device/detector.

                  This is the area you need to study if you want to make sense outta these reading you keep comparing like it's all the same thing…

                  1 does NOT = 1… 1 = the specific type of test + the equipment used + the test protocol itself + the time tested + the length of time between harvest and testing + the type (and origin) of the substance tested = ????

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    HDog, you are wrong here…Woods Hole and Eager Lab is not giving results in instrument readings which have different sensitivities, but becquerels. As you said, a becquerel is a Becquerel. But is it…when talking danger?

            • Wow code one of the worst comparisons to date…

              You get the useless mind game puzzle award…

              How many becquerels of Cs137 is equal to 1000 bq of k-40?

              1000 becquerels is 1000 becquerels, a becquerel is a unit of measure…

              …That's like asking how many inches are in a inch.

              Oh the complicated and the complicators, here's a idea why don't you get so complicated playing mind games and connecting un connectable dots (many of which do not even exist) that even you become so confused ya can't see the truth anymore about simple subjects….

    • AirSepTech AirSepTech

      Motive? Why?

      340 watts sq.meter input from the sun is something man cannot control, on a large scale. To my thinking, on much of any scale.

      And what I interpret is confusing, the vid and assessment.

      1. Geo-Eng is being done to 'harm' people?
      2. The goal is to 'cool down' the rapidly 'overheating' planet. To help people?

      Everyone needs some income, and there are many ways to achieve it.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Oh ..let's all revel in self doubt..

  • I wrote the following in the comments section in response to a gov nuclear guy who wants this to be "no big deal" but it could be.


    Ah, but you miss the main points:
    1) Plant was running at 88% prior to "manual scram", which I believe to be an automatic SCRAM but they wanted to pretend they were in control
    2) This is coincidental with the hurricane and shutdown of the other reactor. This is suspicious of a more important underlying problem
    3) FPL made it a point to have NRC state there are no know major problems with the steam generators. Which makes me think the lady doth protest too much…why belabour this point, unless of course there was leakage, and therefore cross contamination and thus radiological release. The original steam generators only lasted 8 years, they were replaced around 1982, so the new set is now 35 years old. hmmmmmmm


    Also FPL's 2014 attempt to cover up a steam leak on this aging plant is duly noted. They pretended their shutdown was a "pre-planned evolution"


    Pressure to max out profits from this aging plants are clear cut as shown by the 2008 outage…

    David Hoffman, a nuclear supervisor at Turkey Point, resigned over the incident and…

    • Turkey Point Nuclear in Florida Dumping Steam to Atmosphere After Hurricane Irma

      full story


    • The REAL questions are?

      CAN they shut em down safely? Even with a few days notice?

      When is the last time they did that (cold shutdown) there?

      Is the NRC's reporting slow or wrong in any given period?

      Hummmmmmmmmmmm Inquiring minds want (and we all need) to know…

      Stopping is WAY more important than going is…

      Just ask a teenage kid with a hot rod…

      …No brakes? Startin to look that way.

      • AirSepTech AirSepTech

        Every time they refuel? 😆

        • OK but that's with a notice as long as trainsmoke…

          They know that's commin from the time they put the fuel in there…

          ..so that's what 5 years notice?

          We're talkin about with days of notice man…

          Try to keep up if you can…

          • freebywill

            non_emergency_shutdowns_2017 – From compiling the daily Reactor Status Reports.


            Oconee 1 – Feb 17 100 %, Feb 18 0 % – shutdown for unk reason, No EN

            McGuire 2 – Feb 23 100 %, Feb 24 0 % – not a scram, shutdown for repairs

            Palo Verde 3 – May 09 100 %, May 10 0 % – shutdown for unk reason no EN

            Indian Point 3 – Jun 11 100 %, Jun 12 0 % – not a scram, shutdown for repairs

            Turkey Point 3 – Sep 8 100 %, Sep 9 0 % – not a scram, shutdown due to hurricane

            Saint Lucie 1 – Sep 11 100 %, Sep 12 0 % – not a scram, shutdown due to hurricane

            The daily RS info is collected between 4am and 8am ET, usually posted for public view by 8am but as early as 7am.

            From this info we can see a minimum of 24 hrs from 100 % to 0 %, but in fact it can be accomplished in a shorter time-span.

            And as far as refueling cycling, there are two typical schedules depending on the unit, they are 18 and 24 months between RFO, not 5 years.

            So the answer to the question of whether a unit can be shutdown with minimal notice is yes, it's just not done unless there is a compelling need for both economic reasons and systems stresses that can cause or reveal other failures.

            Like aircraft there are two stable states, on the ground (shutdown), stable flight (full power), transitions are when human error or mechanical failure can cause problems.

            • You need to note that there are more kids around McGuire 2 with ocular cancer that any place in the world ever to date…

              How bout them apples…

              No link required.

              • Oh you like apples?

                Radioactivity is in the Air for You and Me – bionerd 23 @ EHSM – v4:


                How about that…

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  I enjoyed the video from bionerd on radiation. She concludes that the Chernobyl sacrifice zone is as safe as the beaches of brazil. This does ring a bell in her brain and several times she asks why isnt everybody in Brazil dying off. Her belief in her education is so strong however that it precludes her from asking the most important question; what if the dosimetry that I was taught is WRONG? I think it would be a shock…all those years of study and memorization…the degree, the colleagues, professors…

                  She is wrong by approximately 600 to 1000X and doesnt know it. Thats not twice or 10 times as wrong, or 100 times, but up to a thousand times! Even 10,000 times off, depending on isotope. When can you say she is TOTALLY WRONG…. I say 1 owe you a dollar and you say, youre totally wrong, you owe me 1000 dollars. This is the incredible reality of our best and brightest!

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                How about you blowing smoke up everybody's ass everyday

                That there is a double wowser bad Apple ain't it?

                Links are always needed and necessary, it proves what you say. And in some cases hahaha it even shows that you don't know what you're talking about. Or can't comprehend the material. Or didn't even read the material. And a few other unique things.

                That's why you never provide any. 😆

                "You need to note"?

                No, I think you need to note whatever it is that concerns you, you seem to have a real need on telling other people what to do.

                Smokey, hahahaha

      • Sol Man

        HD- Here's another you can read "On the Trail of World's Organ Brokers, Bone Thieves, Blood Farmers, and Child Traffickers."

        The Red Market, by Scott Carney

        somewhat behind the times, 2011

  • TP update

    My suspicion was correct, it was an automatic SCRAM from 88%. If they wanted a more controlled manual SCRAM they would have taken it to 30% or so.


    Two nuclear units at St Lucie were able to continue operating as Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida. One unit at Turkey Point was shut down as a precaution in advance of the storm as nuclear operators and regulators put storm preparation procedures into action, while the other shut down automatically because of a valve-related issue.

  • Quite a bit compiled here on SAI, SRM, or Chemtrails if you wish.

    Also have stuff on solar cycles, Dalton minimum, etc.


  • freebywill

    Gonna be a flood of used cars on the market – only submerged once.

  • I think I have the Turkey Point 4 mysterious shutdown partly figured out.

    Turkey Point 4 has a refueling outage 10-31-17. They would do anything to not have to shut that reactor down, along with the increased inspections, review of all the service interval documentation, and most likely, the NRC finding that FPL was non compliant on some important issues, and would therefore not let them restart. FPL would rather save this non-compliant work items for the shutdown.

    They also don't need any bad press at this time, I read somewhere that they go to trial in October for the ongoing tritium contamination that they have been busted on, after they knew about for years and did not report it.

    Basically, they would have done anything not to shut this reactor down. Once a plant is shutdown, and has many problems, there is a decent chance that it is shut down forever.

    So even when they noticed the water levels dropping in the steam generator, they were trying to come up with some type of fix in order to avoid the SCRAM. While they were trying, the automatic systems initiated the SCRAM. It is much better to SCRAM from a lower output level, lower temperatures. SCRAMing from a high output puts a lot more shock on the system, again, not just putting more wear and tear on everything, but increasing the chance of something really going wrong. They SCRAMed from 88%, a high level, and curious why it was not 100%.

    They claimed it was a manual SCR

    • They claimed it was a manual SCRAM, but this is not credible for the reasons above.

      RFO schedules

      A reporter from World Nuclear News contacted plant operators and got the information on how the plant had auto SCRAMed itself. Whoever they talked to "did not get the memo" that the NRC was going to report that it was a "manual SCRAM" meaning that they were really in control of the situation.


      Unit 4 shut down automatically on the evening of 10 September

      • Agreed!!!! The announcement was all 4 operating reactors in fla would be shutdown BEFORE the hurricane made landfall, a curious statement to say the least as the bulk of the bad weather (wind and flooding) is forward (in this case north and east) of this kind of storm…

        But then it seems nothing was really done to slow or stop these reactors and then couple that fact with the reactors at STP and we have a serious problem…

        Can these experts not shut down a reactor with days of notice?

        Wowsers a hot rod with no brakes?

        May as well give a 14 year old kid a six pack and the keys to a corvette and then leave for safer ground.

        Can't put the brakes on these poison factories (for whatever reason) in the face of emanate disaster?

        Something is more than a miss here.

        Stop nuclear before it stops someone you love.

        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

          this asstroll HDog calls Bandazhevsky and his work fake news fairy tales. Brazen BS

          Bandazhevsky…amazing this article was in USA today

          • Never said that!!!! I have NEVER Called Bandazhevsky and his work fake…

            You come up with more false information and fake accusations than anyone online I have ever conversed with code…

            Why don't you grow a brain and find something real to do with your time.

            And I'm the troll but you seem to spend every waking moment trolling this site spreading rumors and fake comparisons and studies and generally causing trouble…

            That my dear is the real definition of a troll.

            Now move on and stop worrying about me, you skills are noted and obvious.

            Working Musician? Nope…

            Graphics Artist? Nope…

            Radiation expert? HELL no…

            Trouble maker shutin with nothing better to do than cause conflict and spout fairy tales?

            We have a winner!!!! 🙂

            • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin


              what a cur. go suck a dogbone in an alley, canine.

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech

                The only interaction you get with the mutt is a giant sucking sound.
                I think if it plugged in a fan, it would spin backwards.
                If your a child, at lamarsmall, maybe your entertained

                Here, it is more like that one fly that won't die.

              • Amazing the amount of fools that don't seem to have anything better to do than to say the truth is a lie and anyone that tells it is stupid or a troll or some other fairy tale meanness… For what?

                Like a bunch of spoiled rotten children on the play ground are we?

                this small gang of complete idiots from what I see don't really care about the real problems in the world and only play kiddy games here. Anyone else with a brain that comes here and sees your childishness and total lack of any real knowledge on the subjects posted here leaves shaking their heads…

                I was actually dumb enough to send some real nuclear people here not too long ago and it was the subject of much laughter for many days after…

                And dumb ass me I actually though if I showed you some kindergarten nuke info you would catch on and stop embarrassing yourselves and this site.

                What a complete load of loonies we have trolling ene…

                It's sad that a bunch of conspiracy spouting fools have taken up here and it's turning this site into a laughing stock…

                I hope you mental midgets are prowd of your selves…

                • Ytoob'nWhiskey'nWildWIPPWimmin

                  HD, it's not that you're always wrong. It's just that you are wrong so often. And when your stupidity is shown to you, you viciously attack those who actually contribute, unlike yourself. Add that to the load of pointless incoherent drivel you so frequently spew & the constant barrage of irrelevant blindlinks and your complaints are disingenuous to say the least. You are hardly an "honest broker".
                  That's why you have no cred here. That's why you're a laughing stock.
                  What a mutt.

                • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                  the only way HDog knows 'real nuclear people' is if hes socref in disguise. An actual nuclear engineer wouldnt spare 3 minutes on this goofball character whos capability to comprehend and reason is equal to his grammar and taste in cartoons.

                  • Jebus Jebus

                    Not to mention that creepy vulnerable flash based website with all the childrens games ready to take advantage of whoever "shows up" on the server…

                    • Have you ever noticed that there is something wrong with everything around here?

                      So I say check out this site, it's a fun place to explore and now it's another danger that doesn't exists?

                      Tell that to miniclips.com one of the largest and most popular gaming sites in the world and guess what they are using flash and shockwave

                      Or look at the the top 20 entertainment sites that use flash and shockwave…

                      There is even flash on this very site (ene) did you know that?

                      That should tell you that flash is fine and if you mess with it, you may find the penal system is working pretty good too.

                      It's never that was fun or this is a cool site or thanks for the link….

                      Nope… There's got to be a great conspiracy, something wrong or dangerous with the site…

                      Just like there is something wrong or dangerous with everything in the world according to some….

                      It can't just be what it is, a fun site to explore around in and play games and stuff…


                      It's gotta be a danger or a conspiracy or somethin huh….

                      Wow and now someones trying to take advantage of you?

                      This pretty much shows the attitude of the danger mongers running around here and how some will yell danger about anything…

                      Even a simple entertainment site…

                      Damn now we have another danger and conspiracy to worry about.

                    • Reminds me kind of Michael Jackson and "Neverland", ya it never happened said the HD who protesteth so much the pizza gate

                    • Just call me reader…

                      The Russian Woodpecker of Chernobyl:


                      How To See Over The Horizon? Harp???

            • danger kitty danger kitty

              Mr. H. Dog,
              Thank you for your recent submission. I can't tell you how much it means to me, I just can't. There are no words.
              Unfortunately your post does not meet Enenews' standards. Please feel free to display your ignorance at some future date..
              * agenda to disrupt (paid?l
              * wallpaper artist
              * posts videos unrelated to post
              * barely comprehensible
              * poor reading comprehension
              * not up to speed re: nuclear

              Big shoes to fill…

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

              Hippie, you are right that you didnt directly slam Bandazhevsky…but after I quoted him to elucidate the fault in 'bionerds' trust in the ICRP dosimetry, you said; "Spout theoretical nonsense and sling accusations on anyone that doesn't agree with your fairy tales? Maybe it's a kiss your fanny as you spout lies and misinformation continually problem"

              Since the 'fairy tales, lies and misinformation' that I was spouting came DIRECTLY from Bandazhevsky, with the links included …and moreover you made no attempt to acknowledge/differentiate that source, then I feel justified in my accusation

              Even now you could fix it; admit that Bandazhevsky research invalidates the ICRP dosimetry which in turn makes the safety of eating apples from the chernobyl exclusion zone which have significant Cs-137 questionable

              while you are at it, you could apologize that the stuff I was spouting wasnt fairy tales lies and nonsense, and since you dont know anything about my skills or employment, you cant make any relevant judgement about the quality

              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                I did notice bionerd spent quite a bit of time wiping the apple on her shirt…and appeared to me a little apprehensive as she took the bite. I think she is flagrant…injecting herself with radioactivity, going to exclusion zones, digging with hands around extremely hot particles. All based on her unquestioned belief in her dosimetry education. She wont come through unscathed

                • "Spout theoretical nonsense and sling accusations on anyone that doesn't agree with your fairy tales?"

                  As usual you twist a sentance and then nit pick and use it for what ever you want it to mean…

                  Your crap is so obvious and does nothing productive…

                  And I was speaking of YOUR nonsense and non science!

                  That would be the things you yourself type out here.

                  And you want to twist that to mean whatever suits you?

                  No wonder you chase you tail so much with misrepresentations of known models and comparisons that don't count or in most instances aren't even comparable.

                  As long as you get what you want you will 180 anything said and it's not only dishonest, it's obvious.

                  Ya can't research if the research is twisted around by your own thinking, that's not research, that becomes a bedtime story you made up with bits and pieces of things you saw written somewhere.

                  This last insult is just another in a long line of that brand of slight wording dishonesty and fact twisting you've displayed here from the beginning.

                  Looks like you would want to actually know the facts…

                  For instance how much 137 was actually in the apple she ate? She has the gear to tell you and did but I'll bet you would have to watch it again to know the actual reading.

                  Now I would not eat it but she's a actual expert that knows what she's doing so instead of tearing her down, learn the readings, isotopes she found and the instruments used to know, ya may learn…

                  • And I was posting these subjects to help those that only seemed to know about standard counters.

                    You need to know what those clicks mean, what actually made that counter click.

                    Scint is the only way to know so you see the apple had almost NO 127 but the moss growing under the tree would glow in the dark…

                    What's the real lesson there? Some plants reject 137 while other like the mushrooms from over 700 miles away actually absorb all they can get thinking it's a nutrient.

                    Real world lesson here is watch what kinds of food you eat, it could save your life…

                    Kinda like the other real livesaving advice of filter your water and if you aren't feeling good test your home for radon as this test will also show other isotopes that may be present…

                    You can do it your self if you have around 6 thousand dollars for the gear that bionerd has…


                    You could get a test kit and send it to the lab.

                    Now that first alert test kit costs 10 bucks with free lab results…

                    Have you tested yet or are you too busy running people down online to do the real work of buying and mailing the kit off after testing…

                    Real? Or fake comparison research?

                    Real research would be to actually test your environment… Your air, your water…

                    Unreal is reading online articles from who knows who and comparing k-40 to nuclear poisons.

                    I not only can quote the numbers at my house from memory, I have compiled over 5 years of radiation readings from my living room and…

                    • So when we see people that are building sites and compiling all the cut n pate article information they can find (whether it's true or not) and they don't know the first thing about how those reading are derived and they say my true readings are wrong or a downplay of a situation then we know right away these folks don't really have a clue what's actually going on in the real world.

                      And if you don't even know how to interpret a true reading you will fall for any tripe out there that says what you want it to say.

                      And who's that helping?

                      Learn the actual machines, processes and proper procedures and then you may get a clue about the radiation problem we need to be helping to fix.

                      And you won't be worried about what some mouthpiece says, you'll already know the true situation.

                      That will help the confused people our there in forum land to know the good guys from the bad guys don't you think?

                      This is why we get all the world is ending, people are being detained in Miami against their will total horse shit fairy tales we see on these forums.

                      If you were studying real truth and documented facts, you wouldn't be so gullible.

                    • HEy Shittey Dog, anyone who is following the ICRP dose model is not "an expert", since the ICRP is literally fatally flawed.

                      You either are so thick you don't get our main point, or you are paid to promote the establishment science.

                      Either way, the site will be improved when you leave.

                    • Look here fool (stock)…

                      Stock (the ultimate fool) writes:

                      "HEy Shittey Dog, anyone who is following the ICRP dose model is not "an expert"

                      What does the hippie say?

                      Who do you think knows about this stuff, a expert or a complete moron that can't even read a simple GM map correctly…

                      You don't even know how these counters work much less what the results mean…

                      Ya made that obvious when you started saying I'm downplaying something…

                      Are you mentally handicapped? Or just plain ignorant…

                      It's people like you that hurt the real evidence and hinder the truth from being made public…

                      And it seems the dumbest of the dumb are the ones slinging lies, yelling troll at the drop of every hat and acting more learning disabled than a common monkey…

                      If you had any real knowledge you would have ask questions to find and learn what those readings actually mean…

                      Instead it was just another fake conspiracy every bodies wrong or covering something up but you huh…

                      People like you are the problem…

                      If you were real you would be trying to understand the proven readings you were shown…

                      But a frickin idiot won't do that, if they did they wouldn't be idiots.

                      But we are all trolls or we are lying, the experts don't know anything and you really know the truth huh…

                      What a fuckin moron…

                      Now buzz of you half cocked, half wit fool….

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog; "And if you don't even know how to interpret a true reading you will fall for any tripe out there that says what you want it to say."

                      Thats right, so if you get a radiation reading of 1000 bq how do you know if this is alarming or not if you dont know the harm or toxicity per becquerel? Normally given in an imaginary dose equivalent called sieverts.

                      So stop whining and help the people to understand their geiger results…right now;

                      What is the sieverts per becquerel (use micro sieverts if you like) of k-40 and what is the sievert per becquerel of C-137?

                      You know that I know you know…you yourself said you know science. So what is it? Stop whining, help the people understand, lead, educate

                    • danger kitty danger kitty

                      Mr. H. Dog,
                      Thank you for your recent submission. I can't tell you how much it means to me, I just can't. There are no words.
                      Unfortunately your post does not meet Enenews' standards. Please feel free to display your ignorance at some future date..
                      * agenda to disrupt (paid?l
                      * wallpaper artist
                      * posts videos unrelated to post
                      * barely comprehensible
                      * poor reading comprehension
                      * not up to speed re: nuclear

                      Big shoes to fill…
                      tagged & bagged

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      evidence HDog is an operative of socref; he makes a glancing reference to proofs of random variables…and theres no way in hell our Hippie dippy dog knows about that stuff.

                      unrelated, but the HDogs smear campaign is evident

                      HDog; "And I was posting these subjects to help those that only seemed to know about standard counters."

                      That seems to be a lie. The thread starts here, http://enenews.com/worst-hurricane-ever-headed-straight-for-multiple-us-nuclear-plants-winds-up-to-225-mph-storm-to-cause-apocalyptic-damage-officials-making-fukushima-comparisons-videos/comment-page-4#comment-866536

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog; "Scint is the only way to know so you see the apple had almost NO [Cs137]"

                      The apple had 39 bq/kg in her sample. This does not seem exactly correct because it appeared to have more cesium than K-40.

                      Its a 'small' amount, true. Its also about a gazillion times more cesium137 than should be in the apple. Its about 4000x more cesium than is in an equivalent volume of sea water off california. If this is "NO cesium" in your book, than the ocean radiation must be "REALLY NO cesium wowsers x10-10"

                      Bandazhevsky found ill effects in people dosed with that amount of Cs137. Bionerd talks about biological half life…you excrete it to safe levels..but this is not necessarily the case. Damage can remain, hot spots might remain, organ specific bioaccumulation might be present.

                    • And again code you can't compare open ocean seawater readings to food…

                      You could compare a fish to a apple or even compair seaweed to a mushroom…

                      But there is no comparison to be made between seawater and food or soil or air or anything else other than sea water…

                      You can't even compare sea water to fresh water readings accurately because of the electrolyte differences.

                      These are different classes of tests done in completely different ways with different scales and time frames…

                      The results are not for cross comparison with other environments and the levels mean completely different things.

                      Even if the readings were the exact same levels the real world results would be dramatically different…

                      So a reading of 150 is relative…

                      150 on a epa filter site? Not a problem…

                      150 on a gmc-300? Run for the hills!!!!!

                      So you have to know how it was gathered, how soon after being removed was it tested and what device is used in the individual test to have ANY idea what those numbers actually mean in the real world…

                      Otherwise it's just a number and you know nothing…

                      Starting to get it?

                  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                    HDog ; " I was speaking of YOUR nonsense and non science"

                    What is my nonsense then…be specific

                    dont say the nonsense is comparing k-40 to cesium because essentially Im saying you cant compare the two, even though Woods Hole and everybody does. Thats about the time you say dont listen to code because you cant compare the two. Then you bring bionerd, who compares the two, saying the cesium was safe. Then I say not according to Bandazhevsky, to which you say Im spouting lies etc.

                    • Code honey…

                      If you can't watch the video and see the VERY trace amounts of 137 in the apple and the crazy amounts surrounding the tree itself in the moss something needs to happen with your research skills.

                      Go back, get a pencil and a piece of paper and write down the test results for each food she tested…

                      The apple was MUCH less contaminated than certain foods (like fish and mushrooms) in many places in the world that are not in a exclusion zone and are eaten all the time…

                      …and then the mushrooms from Germany (700 miles away) that concentrated all the 137 to a astounding degree many times the amount that was in the apple she ate.

                      And how many people eat mushrooms? So mushrooms can be a hundred+ times more contaminated a thousand miles away than the apple she ate in the exclusion zone was.

                      When's the last time you ate mushrooms or rice or fish or wild meat?

                      Well you just ate more 137 than she did eating that apple.

                      Then imagine how much 137 is in the rice or mushrooms or fish or banana or coconut you ate last week or the week before or the week before.

                      You can BET there was some in it, and I can bet there was more 137 in those foods than in that apple.

                      And how do I know that? Because I know how real world readings work and have the gear and connections to test and find out first hand.

                      Something you people need to learn about if you ever really want to know about radiation pollution and what to eat and what not to eat.

                    • So do you know the radiation reading in your home?

                      I do…

                      …my current reading is 13 counts per min.

                      Do you know what the contamination level of your tap water is in your home?

                      I do…

                      54 Parts per million..

                      Do you know what your bottled drinking water has in it?

                      I do because I have tested it myself…

                      Matter of fact we just blew the lid off contaminates in the local water supply here after getting the "your water is great" letter from the supplier we tested locations in the area and compared them to the reading in the letter…

                      And hoop de do what do you know?

                      What did we find? Elevated levels of haloacetic acids, a potential cancer-causing agent.

                      This is how you make a REAL difference, know your readings, know where the numbers are coming from and what is used to derive them.

                      Or be blind like stock and sling insults and fairy tales like someone is getting paid to type on this site…

                      And all the time not even having the simple skills of reading and understanding a simple gm counter map.

                      Oh but the experts are lying huh…

                      Time to change if you really want to know the truth and become a help instead of a hindrance.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      Hippie Dog honey, you know my banana has more than 39 bq/kg of Cs137?

                      How do you know how bad it is for you health if you dont know the dose coefficient? You could be a thousand times off or more. Possibly hundreds of thousands of times. Why do you refuse to acknowledge that and give the people some dose coefficients honey?

                    • Code darlin 🙂

                      I just did but here it is in a simple a way as I can put it…

                      Even if the readings were the exact same levels the real world results would be dramatically different…

                      So a reading of 150 is relative…

                      150 on a epa filter site? Not a problem…

                      150 on a gmc-300? Run for the hills!!!!!

                      So you have to know how it was gathered, how soon after being removed was it tested and what device is used in the individual test to have ANY idea what those numbers actually mean in the real world…

                    • No code sweety, not what I said…

                      You overall diet can have WAY more 137 than the apple ever thought about having…

                      Remember darlin? It's the fish and rice and banana and mushrooms all combined into your daily diet building up and being excreted constantly that would give you more of a dose than she got from the apple…

                      So watch your diet as there are many foods out there that love to take up 137…

                      And it doesn't matter if they are grown 500 or 1000 miles from the original source…

                      Do you understand now sugar? It can't be that hard to grasp…

                    • The coefficient is this code (in simple terms)….

                      If you eat 137 and for whatever reason you can't excrete it (it gets lodged in a organ) and over time the 137 ruins your kidneys (and 137 will wreak havoc on your kidneys) it will kill you…

                      There a coefficient to think about

                      Coefficients are how they justify nuclear power, have you changed sides on us code?

                      Kinda like the Russian roulette coefficient…

                      137 is like playing Russian roulette with a six shooter and only one bullet..

                      Plutonium is like playing Russian roulette with a single shot shotgun and only one bullet…

                      That's a pretty good coefficient comparison don't you think?

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      oh Hippie Dog little honey poo, dont confuse the people..or yourself. If you give someone two brown bags with 10,000 bq of SOMETHING in each bag, and you dont tell them how toxic it is…that is, a dose coefficient, then things could be very bad. One bag could be 10,000 bq hot particle of plutonium stuck in a sesame seed bun, and the other bag could be 10 kilos of coffee.

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog; "I just did [give dose coefficients] but here it is in a simple a way as I can put it…"

                      No, actually you NEVER have given a dose coefficient for ANY radionuclide.

                      Ill give a few tentative ones;

                      Cs137= 65 nSv/Bq
                      K-40 = 0.013 nSv/Bq

                    • Well at least you finally figured out the difference between a nutrient and nuclear waste…

                      But it seems you turned it around on me when I was the one that told you that fact over and over again before you finally got it…

                      And again the k-40 read is in question because k-40 is never found in nature alone and the mitigating properties of potassium and the natural origins of the slight radioactivity means it truly has a 0, nada, nit, zilcho danger in any form or ammount to a healthy person…

                      The amount of twisting of facts and lengthy conversations to convince you on simple known science facts is scary…

                      …What's even scarier than that is when you turn it around to make it seem like I don't know when it was me that told you that last month and the month before and the month before that and the month before…

                      I don't have the time or patience to play games with you…

                      I'd like to see some reality injected here but it seems that no good deed goes untwisted around here…

                      Very sad and a real shame for this site and for anyone that comes here looking for real answers…

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog; 'And again the k-40 read is in question because k-40 is never found in nature alone and the mitigating properties of potassium and the natural origins of the slight radioactivity means it truly has a 0, nada, nit, zilcho danger in any form or amount to a healthy person'

                      So you are saying that Woods Hole is totally wrong to compare background to fallout. Good for you. Sort of throws into question their entire message doesnt it? Funny you list it as the ultimate go to source for reliable information…you should consider changing that, dont you think?

                      How far off would you say they are anyway? Lets see, radiation from potassium has zero toxicity as per your post above…and fallout is about 600x worse than the ICRP dosimetry…how many times does zero go into 600? Youre the statistics/math expert, cmon. Tell us how far off Woods Hole and bionerd are for assessing Fukushima danger.

                      btw, when did you learn about random variable proofs? 'Let X be a random variable, and let a and b be constants. Then, Var[aX + b] = a2 Var[X]'

                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      HDog sez; 'But it seems you turned it around on me when I was the one that told you that fact over and over again before you finally got it…'

                      I see…so since it YOU who taught ME about the relative dangers of background to fallout, what do you think of these dose coefficients;

                      Am I about right?
                      Cs137= 65 nSv/Bq
                      K-40 = 0.013 nSv/Bq

                    • "So you are saying that Woods Hole is totally wrong to compare background to fallout"

                      Nope I'm saying you are wrong to continue listening to people and never have a clue what the ACTUAL reads are…

                      And again it's kinda simple…

                      Do you know?

                      So do you know the radiation reading in your home?

                      I do…

                      …my current reading is 13 counts per min.

                      Do you know what the contamination level of your tap water is in your home?

                      I do…

                      54 Parts per million..

                      Do you know what your bottled drinking water has in it?

                      I do because I have tested it myself…

                      T For Texas (One More From The Road):


                    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

                      wow, I thought I had looked into the Woods Hole fallout to background comparison flagon, but fortunately I was corrected by Hippie Dog. It was HIS tireless efforts that educated me on the subject. Thank you Hippie!! So lets review what we learned from Hippie Dog about it;

                      We learned that actual tests of potassium radiation (the oceans and your bodies largest internal source of radiation) have shown it to be non mutagenic even at levels 100 times the normal. Meanwhile, we learned that the toxicity per becquerel of Cs-137 was quite a bit more than assumed by the standard dose model…about five times. So we can tentatively arrive at the new dose coefficients;

                      K-40 – 0.013 nSv/Bq
                      Cs-137- ICRP: 65 nSv/Bq

                      this implies that Cs137 is 5000 times more toxic PER BECQUEREL as K-40. Of course there are many factors which modify this, for example, the route of exposure, how old you are, male or female and more.

                      from this we can make a crude comparison of the toxicity;

                      Cs137 dose in the pacific is 65 nSv/Bq x 10 Bq/m3 = 650 nSv/m3
                      K-40 dose in the pacific is 0.013 nSv/Bq x 12,000 Bq/m3 = 156 nSv/m3

                      So the cesium, even at that really low low level is already four times as toxic as the potassium radiation in the ocean. This is quite a contrast to what Woods Hole says, which is that the cesium is about 1/1000 as bad as the ocean K-40 activity.

                      But Hippie Dogs research on fallout deposition reveals that the ocean sediment can be 1000x as radioactive as the water…

                    • We are danebrammage….

                      Guess… You can do it….

                      3rd Rock From The Sun Season 3 Highlight#1


                    • "this implies that Cs137 is 5000 times more toxic PER BECQUEREL as K-40"

                      I would shoot for more than 100 times for 137, 1000 times for 134 and infinitely for Plutonium…

                      Just guessin here…


                      Download 2011 Nuclear Power Plant Sourcebook Plutonium Radioisotope Radiation Health Effects and Tox:


  • Just had a thought as I prepare my 2016 S-corp taxes (not fun but most agencies want $1000 to do even these simple taxes)…..haven't seen much in the way of mass die offs in the Pacific or elsewhere lately…..

    Does that mean most of the die offs have already occurred?

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