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WSJ: Concern there are cracks in Fukushima reactor buildings leaking irradiated water into Pacific

Published: March 10th, 2013 at 8:12 am ET
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Title: Fukushima Digs In for Decades of Cleanup
Source: Wall St. Journal
Date: March 8, 2013

[...] The continuing discovery of highly contaminated fish in the waters off Fukushima is also raising concerns that there are still cracks in the reactor buildings that are leaking irradiated water into the sea.

Last month, surveyors caught a greenling near the plant containing a record-high level of radioactive cesium—510,000 becquerels per kilogram—or 5,100 times the level the government deems safe for consumption.

Tepco says that radioactive elements may have accumulated in the fish’s body and that the plant is no longer leaking.

Thus the protective sea wall [...] is being built is one of the most heavily contaminated in the compound, meaning careful planning to minimize radiation exposure for workers. [...]

See also: Japan Times: Walls are cracked below ground at Fukushima reactor buildings -- "As if the damage above ground isn't enough to worry about"

Published: March 10th, 2013 at 8:12 am ET
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14 comments to WSJ: Concern there are cracks in Fukushima reactor buildings leaking irradiated water into Pacific

  • We kind of knew that a long time, but good that semi MSM is picking it up now.

    Now is time to kill nuke.

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  • jec jec

    LIES !NO LONGER LEAKING INTO THE OCEAN says TEPCO. Lies. WSJ needs to look at a few of the other releases and call out the deadly deceptions. The next "leaks" from the TEPCO will go like this.
    1. NO LEAKS! Smile.
    2. Possible small crack in containment vessel. No immediate danger.
    3. Water used to cool the reactors may have reached groundwater, but no contamination.
    4. OH..the corium has breached the containment vessel at one reactor.
    5. A few other containment vessels have small cracks.NO danger to environment. The subsiding buildings and land, we will fix it with concrete.
    6. Cooling water, we will filter it to 99%, and release into the oceans. Believe us we can do this.
    7. All reactors had meltdowns, all containment vessels cracked, all corium is into the watertable under the reactor buildings, we dont have enough storage for radiation waste water, water treatment/storage, temporary plastic drain system have failed, area is like a sieve and has millons of leaks, and radiation is flowing into the contained harbor area where the proposed stainless steel containment system will capture it.
    8. Good news, the containment system will be in place in 2025. No immediate danger.
    9. Have a nice day!Smile!
    10. We are moving to India and new Japanese Cities in other countries. We will have customer service provide phone support for any future problems after 03/11/2013.
    11. TEPCO stock is available for a very reasonable price, buy nuclear with TEPCO. Support our new…

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    • We Not They Finally

      That's pretty much where the line of BS leads. Also see agreenroad blogstpo for "Total Fukushima Radiation Released into Ocean, Air, Groundwater, Storage Tanks, Etc." It was from a year ago and already super-scary.

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  • I can't read the original article–probably a good thing. I'd get even more confused.

    A person might be led to believe that 100 becquerels per kilogram is a tiny amount, safe to eat because some governbent says so… but we know that this number is five times higher than the pre-Fuku number. I also wonder which plant it is that T3PC0 claims is no longer leaking. They seem sure about that, even tho they aren't so sure where the radioactive fish might have picked up such a massive amount of unspecified nucleotides.

    WSJ = MurdochMedia = 5,100 times the level the government deems safe for consumption

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    "The continuing discovery of highly contaminated fish in the waters off Fukushima…" could also be behind:

    Chicken of the Sea canned tuna fish recall expanded

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  • ftlt

    WSJ Is clearly the cutting edge in the news… What a breaking story!!!

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  • weeman

    I do not know how you are going to build this sea wall, the contamination in soil will be extremely high and disturbing it will only make it worse, how do you protect the workers, can't all be done remotely.
    My thoughts were to freeze the ground outside of plant to form a ice dam, which would restrict flow of contaminants, then on the outside of ice dam build the permanent concrete sea wall.
    Engineers use this method all the time to stabilize poor soil conditions when boring tunnels.
    Yes what do you do with excess contaminated water?, but this will be a problem anyway.
    Just speculating, always looking for answers, this mess will never be fully decontaminated and the best we can hope for is we can live with that, sad is it not.
    It's time for change, it's time to rewrite constitutions, when wrote we did not have the ability to annailate life, we need protection from ourselfs.

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  • We Not They Finally

    There is no "protective sea wall," folks! They haven't a clue and we haven't a prayer. And why would TEPCO care about fish when they do not even care for humans — like children massively poisoned with radioactive iodine, nearly half with thyroid growths by now. They could have been distributing iodine tablets all along to prevent that — not even costly. But the nuclear industry in Japan has been operating like a criminal mafia for decades LEADING UP TO this. Everyone should tune into Arnie Gundersen at the Fukushima Syposium tomorrow in New York, for "What Did They Know, and When Did They Know It?"

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  • hbjon hbjon

    The geniuses at the WSJ say the buildings may be leaking radioactive water. Three of the 4 reactor buildings I know about are nothing more than dangling pieces of concrete and cement held to the walls and ceiling by twisted rebar.

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  • "…radioactive elements may have accumulated in the fish’s body and that the plant is no longer leaking."


    At least they are suggesting 'accumulation'.

    I could be wrong, but I think that's the 1st time TEPCO gas uttered the word ACCUMULATION.

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    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      They've not yet earned even the slightest increase in credibility and have proven themselves unable to be trusted or deserve to even be given the benefit of an doubt based on their previous continuing flow of lies IMO the radiation-tainted water still flows from TEPCO's "Portal to Hell" into the ocean and groundwater and is & has been "accumulating" as it WILL for long beyond the time of our demise! They have never had "concern" about what enters the Pacific Ocean and judging by the event log of what they've been doing to date there will be a LOT more intentional dumping in addition to unimpeded leaks(?)!! By the time undeniably high level radiation forecast to hit the USA/Canada Pacific coastal region by 2015 they will have all but abandoned the site per "planned" delays to "allow radiation levels to decline adequately to resume decommissioning work"-which IMO "hints" of more SERIOUS,yet subtly announced concessions of their failures & inability to even stabilize the plant's status & provide a working environment that allows work to continue instead of making BS excuses for the rapidly approaching day that NOBODY in their right mind would seek employment there now that even the dimmest-witted,cash-strapped, shit-shoveler KNOWS that the odds are against their surviving beyond 5-10 yrs from the end of their stint as an emergency nuclear laborer @ Fukushima-that is IF they even manage to exit the site other than in an ambulance or a body bag?!!TEPCO's full of…

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