Wall St. Journal: Plutonium levels 1,000 times normal on seafloor 50 miles from San Francisco — Expert Appalled: Major nuclear dump offshore is a threat to health — Around 50,000 containers of radioactive waste in globally significant ecosystem

Published: January 2nd, 2014 at 1:34 pm ET


Wall St. Journal, Dec. 31, 2013:

  • [There’s] a major [nuclear] dump site […] about 50 miles west of San Francisco [in] “a globally significant” ecosystem “that supports abundant wildlife and valuable fisheries.”
  • [A]n estimated 47,000 containers lie at the site near San Francisco
  • 2010 report from [NOAA] […] called the waste site a “potentially significant resource threat.”

The ’91 Study

  • [S]tudy found fish contamination and recommended follow-up research
  • A spokeswoman for the California Department of Public Health said […] researchers “didn’t find anything in the first survey.”
  • “I would beg to differ,” Thomas Suchanek, the principal investigator and lead author of the 1991 study, said recently
  • [P]lutonium in underwater sediment at the dump site was up to about 1,000 times normal background levels
  • The study found americium, a radioactive decay product of plutonium, in some fish samples from the site as well as a comparison area about 60 miles away
  • Regularly eating such contaminated fish, about a pound a week, could expose a person to up to 18.5 millirems […] A chest X-ray typically gives about 2 to 10 millirems

More ‘Studying’

  • A 2001 federal study of part of the Farallon dump site [off San Francisco] found indications of leakage from barrels
  • Estimates of the radioactivity amounts in the containers “could be off as much as a factor of 10 […] little is known of the fate of radioisotopes added to the sea.”
  • [FDA] said that in 1990 it found traces of plutonium in fish samples from the site but at levels well within safety standards
  • W. Jackson Davis, a now-retired professor of biological and environmental sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz […] [said] evidence showed environmental damage and health threats were already arising at the dump sites
  • In a recent interview, Mr. Davis recalled that the more he learned about the subject, “the more appalled I became.”
  • EPA and FDA would continue radiation sampling of commercial seafood purchased in cities, such as San Francisco and Boston, near dump sites

Interesting timing for the Journal to publish this article. See: [intlink id=”scientist-leading-edge-fukushima-plume-showing-west-coast-fish-market-owner-customers-lot-concerns-about-nuclear-contamination-theyre-very-smart-educated-didnt-expect-quite-concern-audio” type=”post”]{{empty}}[/intlink]

Published: January 2nd, 2014 at 1:34 pm ET


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248 comments to Wall St. Journal: Plutonium levels 1,000 times normal on seafloor 50 miles from San Francisco — Expert Appalled: Major nuclear dump offshore is a threat to health — Around 50,000 containers of radioactive waste in globally significant ecosystem

  • Gasser Gasser

    Scott Mckenzie> If your going to San Francisco


    If you're going to San Francisco

    Be sure to have a Geiger counter when you get there.

If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some radioactive people there.

    For those who come to San Francisco

    Summertime will be a die-in there.

In the streets of San Francisco
Contaminated people with Cesium in their hair.

    All across the nation such a strange vibration

    People in commotion.

There's a whole generation with a new contamination
No people in motion from radioactive exposion.

    For those who come to San Francisco

    Be sure to wear a tinfoil hat for your hair.

If you come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a cry-in there.

    If you come to San Francisco

    Some time there will be a die-in there.

    ~Gasser Classic~

    • bo bo

      I dumped my nuclear waste… in San Francisco.

    • califnative califnative

      Gasser Classic – I don't find your rhyme funny at all in fact it's offensive and extremely insensitive to anyone who lives there. I have family and friends in California and having some immature twerp joke about a die-in is upsetting to me. Obviously you don't live here otherwise I don't think you would seriously joke about this horrific situation that is unfolding before all of us. I would say an apology is in order, wouldn't you?

      • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

        Califnative…ease off…it is only gallows humor. Enjoy it while you still can. Gasser…keep up the good work!

        • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

          I have friends in Cali..some well-to- do ..some influential.
          I spoke to many when this first started ..and they spoke to me like dirt..
          Just saying..

          • andagi andagi

            Dear Heart of the Rose,
            We cannot stop… ever. So fortunate for ENENEws, the brilliant and learned minds here. We cannot stop because of the many new brilliant folks learning about ENENews.
            For many, this fight grows weary. We cannot stop. We must keep presenting, intrepidly, the truths many have known for many, many years.
            A new generation is facing these difficult truths… with absolutely dire consequences for their lives and futures. I believe they are listening. Thank you Admin.
            For many of us, it's the same message… the same message… but, ENENews is making a difference!!! 🙂
            Folks keep reading, posting and sharing wonderful ENENews -generating change, worldwide 24/7!
            Dear Heart, it takes a lot of 'heart' 🙂 Thanks for all you do here and otherwise! Best New Year wishes to you and yours. You inspire us all!
            Aloha Always.

          • hogy

            The nuke waste dumps near the Farallons were in the SF Chron in the 60s or 70s already…..the mass media just yawned. I'm a Cal native and was living in the Bay Area at that time.

        • califnative califnative

          Don't tell me to ease off and enjoy it. I take this website seriously and come here everyday to read about critical information that isn't offered elsewhere. I appreciate the mature individuals that contribute their knowledge to this ongoing nightmare that could change for the worst at any moment. Everyone has their own way of dealing with this, perhaps facebook would be more appropriate for those who like to joke about this.


            this site, califnative, has long had a history of poetic 'gallows' humor. While most here will empathize with your situation and don't blame you for feeling outrage, you have to make room for such artistic 'expression', or we're all likely to…meltdown…

          • bf9 Fitz

            califnative, I would like to formerly apologize for my little rant below. It was uncalled for and after I read it again it was harsh. I myself need to lighten up. Hope you and yours are doing well, and I encourage you to stick around and help spread the word.

            • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

              That was nice of you, Fitz, and the right thing to do after finding out someone was offended.

              Califnative, the song was darkly humorous and I appreciated it. I was born & grew up in the Bay Area & am familiar with the Farallons, where the Navy dumped nuke waste for decades. Right now, I'm about 30 minutes north of SF at a relatives house, setting up a web reporting geiger counter. The place is stocked up with Iodine, too, at my insistance.

              I found the song parody darkly amusing because of the parallel to the social movement of the time it was written, when it seemed ordinary citizens could do nothing to stop the war in Vietnam. It's called, "satire" and has a long tradition of being used to make scathing social criticism.

            • moonshellblue moonshellblue

              No worries FItz, individuals deal with this and other disasters in a plethora of ways. Thus we are all snowflakes and I have always used humor to plow my way through very difficult times. To each their own. Hmm, that one researcher claims they found levels of plutonium which are too low to have an impact on life. I thought any level of plutonium was a bad thing as it accumulates or is bio accumulative? Perhaps I'm mistaken.

              • guevara3712

                even if it doesn't bio-accumulate a tiny amount is very harmful, from my limited understanding, you NEVER want to encounter even 1 tiny tiny amount of plutonium.

                • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

                  It's all a matter of perspective. One particle of plutonium outside your body probably won't kill you. One inside your body eventually definitely will.

                  Another way of looking at internal exposure: on aggregate the levels are too low for concern *to the population as a whole*…but to any afflicted individual or those who are close to it? Quite a different story.

              • We Not They Finally

                moonshellblue, you're correct. One tiny microscopic speck called a "hot particle," if it lodges in your lungs, becomes "an internal emitter," and buzz-buzz-buzzes for years until you get a cancer.

                Best article around on that, is on agreenroad, by Dr. Paolo Scampa, about the THOUSANDS OF BILLIONS of lethal doses of plutonium which have already circulated against the globe. It's the certainty of a lung cancer epidemic years ahead of us.

          • NoNukes NoNukes

            Thanks, califnative.

            Mothers are losing their babies in miscarriages and stillbirths, more and more. People are being diagnosed with more autoimmune disease, cancer, etc. Young people, middle aged people, grandmothers. Liberals, conservatives, etc. In San Francisco, in Boston, in Dallas.

            This lack of empathy and respect for those suffering from this holocaust, for the victims of nuclear in general and Fukushima in particular is calculated, I believe.

            This is probably not unrelated to the reports, including this morning, of suffering with nosebleeds, headaches, eating difficulties on enenews by people in California. http://enenews.com/forum-possible-fukushima-related-anomalies-deformations-yellow-rain-metallic-taste-mouth

            This is designed to offend. Unfortunately, this website is plagued by writers who are paid to "manage" opinion in various ways. "Forum sliding" is a popular way to divert attention, by posting anything controversial, for example, about religion. One writer in particular has been well known for a focus on religion, who also favors using a "z" instead of an "s" to end words, e.g. "my better half sez keep the" (below).

            They post under multiple different screen names, free proxies must make it easy. So, when I see something offensive, and then a lot of pats on the back for expressed lack of empathy and respect for suffering, I assume it is the same writer, or a coworker. Just my two cents.

            I agree with Admin that the timing on this…

            • NoNukes NoNukes

              I agree with Admin that the timing on this report is "interesting."

              The Wall St. Journal didn't seem to want to pick up SF Weekly's story in 2001:

              "In the mid-1940s, however, the Defense Department and, indeed, the federal government as a whole were much more concerned about keeping nuclear trash out of enemy hands than they were about the environment. The waters near the Farallones were seen as a convenient spot, far enough away to be out of sight, close enough to be under control.

              Government officials have long acknowledged that the dump site contains some 47,500 barrels of low-level radiation waste generated by Navy and University of California nuclear laboratories….

              An entire radioactive ship, the 10,000-ton aircraft carrier USS Independence, is believed to have been sunk in or near the waste site. The carrier itself was clearly "hot" when it went down. It had been used as an atomic bomb target and a nuclear laboratory, and it was packed full of fresh fission products and other radiological waste at the time it sank…"


              • We Not They Finally

                So we should have gotten the info a decade ago. OF COURSE we should have. But info is info, if it's accurate.

                Best documentary I've seen on nuclear waste, on youtube, is "Secret Nuclear Waste: The Dark Side of Humanity." Everyone should watch that.

          • Winterborn

            califnative, if you come to this site every day then I have to ask how it is that you haven't posted a response to any of the many MANY songs that Gasser has posted before? I come here daily myself and sometimes the 'gallows humor' (thank you for the right phrase AFTERSHOCK) is the only thing that helps with my mood when I sign off.
            Many heartfelt Thank You's to Gasser!

            My family and I are all within 90 miles of San Francisco and it's difficult.
            I'm sorry you're frightened.
            I'm sorry you're hurting.
            I'm sorry it's hard.
            I'm sorry the world may be ending for humanity or at the very least changing in seriously unpleasant ways.
            I'm sorry we are all 'living in interesting times'.
            But having said that, I still think you're the one calling people names just because you don't like what they are saying or how they're saying it and I think you're the one that owes the apology.

            • nedlifromvermont

              Hello 'newsers … having a little spat are we?

              I agree the Gasser songs are insensitive … I usually pass over the songs … even orwell's poetry … but I read all the other comments …

              I agree we need to make room for "gallows humor" and puns and all form of light-heartedness in this disastrous situation …

              I just dropped my son off at Logan Airport in Boston to catch a Virgin America flight to … … San Francisco!!! … where he lives while employed since last summer by Facebook!!!

              And I told him I'm not happy about him living out there … while he has his "dream" job … and to be careful about the local dairy, and to stay out of the rain, and he's vegetarian anyway (since birth) so seafood isn't an issue … he lives below the Mission District, so he's not in radioactive fog all the time, and he's pretty safe from the sea spray … but

              then I told him that the news is they may not send human assets into reactor buildings 1,2 and 3 at F. Daichi for 100 years … and he said, "Okay. This conversation has just ended. There is nothing we can do about it anyway." He doesn't want to discuss it … at all …

              MIT graduate … invincible … bright … Valedictorian at NMH School … and he can't bring himself to learn about this cluster F***

              nor his mother … nor his Harvard freshman sister …

              and I have to admit: …. Sometimes I wish I did not know, myself, that information which I seek to share with others …

              peace …

              • American Phoenix57

                "In every time and culture there are pressures to conform to the prevailing prejudices, but there are also in every place and epoch, those who value the TRUTH, who 'record' the 'evidence' faithfully. Future generations are in their debt."
                – Carl Sagan from Cosmos Part IV Heaven and Hell (at 23:25)

                Stay strong.

              • Sparky Sparky

                @nedifromvermont, others w/family, friends in SF Bay area. Yeah, I tried to have a similar conversation with my son and my new daughter-in-law last night. (They're moving to Hayward, CA today.) They were tolerant and respectful, but clearly sick of hearing about it–again.

                So hey, maybe we can invite all our "my-family/friend-just-won't-let-up-about-this-Fukushima-radiation-crap" loved ones to meet-up at a local SF pub to vent, share stories and compare notes about how obsessive, crazy and annoying we Enenewsers are.

                They can wear buttons that say, "Hello, my name is…related to/friend of Enenewser "['avatar']". We can each buy our respective loved ones a ticket for drinks and dinner. We'll make-up an icebreaker quiz, "Did your parent/loved one…buy a rad monitor? tell you to stay out of the rain/snow? plead with you not to live in/around the Bay Area? buy and foist upon you KI? Show of hands: who actually has their KI with them now?"

                Seriously, it's gotta be rough having the "ONLY" parent/friend who goes on about a threat that no one can see, hear, feel, and taste (with exceptions); a threat that almost no one is talking about, including MSM and gov't agencies.

                This would be a good way for them to vent and meet-up with other similarly tormented individuals. Unwittingly, they'll be developing their own local support network, become informed and maybe even prepared when things get really, really bad.

                I'm half-joking, but it might actually…

                • seanmck66 seanmck66

                  Great idea, Sparky!
                  As you say, "it might actually…"
                  I can picture the light coming on in their eyes as they look around at each other and start wondering about how if this many "significant others" finding themselves in similar straits would attend such a function, and those who attend usually constitute only a very small percentage of those who share their, shall we say, "common interest," well, perhaps there might be something to this whole radiation thing after all!

                  • Sparky Sparky

                    Thanks, seanmck66! Funny, further down in this thread TimeMachine2020 noted that his son was opening up a restaurant in SF called "Dirty Water", dishing-up food and drink using only distilled (hopefully rad-filtered) water and carefully sourced foods. Maybe this can come together after all. I asked him to post details of the restaurant on the off-topic, non-nuclear forum.

                    BTW, Perhaps I've missed your posts before. It is really hard to keep on top of the many conversations taking place, often within the same thread or forum, different times/time zones. In case this is your first post, Welcome! Does your avatar ref Rte. 66 by any chance?

                    [Note: Sorry Enenewsers. I'm trying not to post off-topic, but it is tough when I need to ref. another conversation w/in this same thread.)

              • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

                I sympathize. The old saying, knowledge is power, is absolutely true. Technology (something he should understand) gives us the ability to attain, retain and disseminate this knowledge. But most important I think, having knowledge displaces fear. And ignorance is an invitation to destruction.

              • PurpleRain PurpleRain

                It's so unfortunate that people keep making references to 100s of years until this or that can be done….or 30 years until something else can be done. When the headlines say or print things like this, it seems to me that people just nod out. They throw their proverbial hands up in the air as if nothing at all can be done…as if … there is no problem at all …because, that seems to indicate that the world will still be around in 30 years or 100 years…and then they assume it will be someone else's problem. I really think that some of these headlines are doing a dis-service to all of us. The way things are at Fukushima…we might not have 10 years worth of any decent food-supply (sea or land) …and those type of headlines take away from the URGENCY that this situation really calls for!

                • PurpleRain PurpleRain

                  Just realized how out of synch my comment must sound here. … Have to agree with Sparky that it's sometimes difficult to keep up with different topics/time zones etc. However, my comment was in response to Nedlifromvermont — when he spoke about the conversation he had with his son and mentioned the news that they might not send any people into Daichi for 100 years… (Anyway, just to try to put my comment into the proper frame or stream of consciousness of things here). 🙂 BTW: I enjoy the gallows humor. I enjoy the music references even more sometimes here too.

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Can we all agree to disagree? And move on?

              Please, consider that all of humanity (collectively) are the victims.

              The nuclear cabal owes the apologies. The Cabal is the one (or "them") who has created the nightmare for everyone. They're part of humanity at large, too.

              If anyone owes an apology and should take responsibility, it's the ones who belong to the Nuclear Cabal/Cartel, their political handlers, the investors in the technologies, the bankers, and so on.

              How do we stop this horrible freight train, bearing down on us, threatening to run us down, while the villian has tied us to the railroad tracks?

              Not blaming anyone here; just an observation.

            • We Not They Finally

              winterborn, don't make califnative apologize. If he's hurting, he's hurting. Some people really can't get past this into levity, and that's o.k. too. See both sides.

              I remember when "The Producer" came out ("Springtime for Hitler in Germany") and thinking, there are Jews out there who are having conniptions, even though it was hysterically funny satire.

              But that's all o.k. Really.

          • HoTaters HoTaters

            califnative, if you allow the gallows humor to bother you, you won't be able to survive reading on this site. Or maintain your well being. As the situation has worsened, many of us have begun to resort to gallows humor. It's just how we cope.

            If you see something you think is going to offend you, I'd advise you to just not read it. Otherwise, probably half of the posts made here are going to offend you.

            Really, we don't want to offend anyone. I'm sorry you and mairs found the comments offensive, but it's not likely our "gallows humor" is going to go away. Until we're too sick and weak to laugh anymore, that is. (Hopefully that won't happen any time soon.)

            You have my permission to give me an online "air bitch-slap" if it makes you feel better.

          • SykeWar(DELETED) SykeWar

            At least that's better than him running around the forum shouting, "It's game over man!! It's game over!!".

        • +1000

          Don't take the humor in a negative way. Look at it in a positive way.. It is a way of relieving stress, and keeping a positive outlook on a very depressing situation.

          By looking at it realistically, and then making jokes about it, there is a combination of learning and stress relief..

          Laughing relieves stress and brightens the mood. We all need that.

      • bf9 Fitz

        I wouldn't. I myself was born in SoCal and I have family and friends all over the state. What is going to happen is an absolute tragedy to my own friends and family, but joking about our collective end is a great way of coping. "Gallows humor". With something so terrible on the way, would you rather sit in a corner and cry or try to enjoy your time whilst laughing and making jokes? Words are only as powerful as the power you give them.

        I apologize if I sound rude, but if this is how you react to a "joke" about the matter…then how are you possibly going to be able to cope with the actual event itself? Remember, California is only the first of many stretches of land to fall.

        Also, welcome to the site. I'm kind of an asshole when I'm not in the best of moods so try not to mind me too much. Perhaps the Irish in me…

      • KidIcarus KidIcarus

        Hi Califnative,

        I am a California native too (near Sacramento) and it made me smile.

        Laughter is our coping mechanism here sometimes. But we all take things EXTREMELY seriously when it counts.

        I understand, especially if you're new to understanding the truth about Fukushima, that these kinds of jokes aren't funny. They weren't to me either, at first.

        After a few months of it, you'll be laughing with us.

        Breathe. The adjustment period is hard. Hang in there, pal.


          make sure, KidIcarus, you hand califnative a TEPCO-approved 'particle mask', before suggesting any deep breathes…

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          Yes, I agree. Hang in there. A lot of us have to cry sometimes, too, to be able to cope. You'll find us talking about that, too, when it all gets to be too much.

          I'm famous for rants when I feel ripped off by the nuclear cabal. Went on a big rant last week about how traumatized I was by having to watch the "nuclear education" propoganda (so called "documentary") films in grade school. That training was given to us along with "duck and cover" drills. As if it would have done any good in a real nuclear war situation.

          If you check the archives from last week, you'll see I mentioned feeling totally cheated that I was born into a world already tainted by nuclear power.

          I spent the first five years of my life within two (2) miles of the Chicago Piles. That's where the first two unshielded nuclear reactors built at the Univ. of Chicago were buried, back in the Manhattan Project days.

          Am now thinking it likely trashed my immune system from when I was a little tyke.

          I feel your pain, really, I do.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        In fact?

        "in fact it's offensive and extremely
        insensitive to anyone who lives there."

        In fact, nuclear energy is offensive
        to ANYONE who lives on earth.

        Don't beat the messenger.


      • mairs mairs

        I find it offensive every time someone makes flippant remarks about people on the coast in California getting radiation illnesses. All of the rest of my family lives near the ocean there and one has contracted leukemia. I just stay quiet though, though I hate the jokes.

        • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

          If it helps, I don't believe this song was intended to be mocking of the victims of radiation exposure. I took it as social and political satire, which is often used to mock the powers that be who allow or create or profit off of a terrible situation.

          I hope your relative responds to treatment.

        • We Not They Finally

          mairs, very sorry about your relative and leukemia. We just had a close friend diagnosed with two cancers at once, thyroid and lung, a rarity. So we've been researching for "blanket protections," so to speak, for us all. We're very excited about LIPOSOMAL VITMIN C — just ten minutes at home to prepare, and 4-5 times as effective as regular vitamin C. There are a lot of youtubes out there on how to do it. We're making our first batch tomorrow.

          We live in an area where radiation has spiked as high as 1,000 CPM!! So we are becoming very, "There but for the grace of God, go I."

          Some of these immune boosters even resistant people can be talked into.

        • We all may be getting the worst soon, because plutonium has that capability. We are all animals in a radiation experiment, just like the dogs breathing in plutonium, that all died within 5 years.

          So when we joke, we are pointing not at others or shaming/blaming, we are dealing with our own mortality and sense of maybe not being here for very much longer, so we better enjoy what little time we may have left by laughing about this very sad and depressing situation. Thus, gallows humor. Even a person on their deathbed has the right to joke about it, and get others to laugh at a very serious time, correct? We may all be on our deathbed. It is too early to tell yet, whether we are… Hopefully not, but time will tell.

          The only other option? Expensive therapy; $250 per hour, for the rest of our lives.

          Gallows humor is much cheaper.

          Join in.. try it..

        • irhologram

          "Gallows Humor" has really touched a nerve in this discussion! Each of our experiences here is a frequency, science says. What you "feel" is a frequency. Tony Robbins calls it a "state," and he physically exhilarates audiences into the state of endorphin euphoria. The government can broadcast thoughts through frequency, into your head. But for the most part, moment to moment, you choose what to think and feel. It's ultimate AA, one day (moment) at a time to connect to all you can be.

          Trust is the key, first of yourself, not to be your own fool. If you lie to yourself to hide what you think or do, your frequency and the frequency of the relationship then changes. Your "state" and feelings change when listening to music. What you give attention to, expands. If government actions bring catastrophe, even though it's not your fault, it's still your frequency, your choice of "state."

          Trust is rare today. Hearts are clogged with terror, weather, earth changes, and eco-nuclear-disasters, as we, voyeur-like, download our family values from TV, news, weather, movies, and sports reality actors, but most of us are disconnected from where we live. The world stage has overgrown to choke our hearts like never before, stunting trust in ourselves and others to be able to respond positively.

          • irhologram

            So what frequency is the spirit of mockery? Is it corse or is it kind? Does "Gallows Humor" come from sitting "in the seat of the scorner"? Is it bitter or is it sweet? Is it twisted or is it centered? I appreciate gallows humor, and have written some. But not about the suffering of those I feel and touch. "Gallows Humor" is a "distancing" of emotional response. For example, while you can use black comedy on the state of California, I doubt you'd write a sarcastic ode to your dying son, parent or wife.

            I have to ask myself in relation to your quote: "Reality goes at the speed and quality of educated freewill choices"… (I have to consider that the "frequency" of my "heart" is one of those choices in co-creating my own best reality.)… I have to ask: Will I feel better coming from a state of positive energy…appreciating, sharing, encouraging, than than I do letting out a jaded, sarcastic laugh?

            There are no two ways about it: While "Gallows Humor" does have "shock value" in exposing Truth, it exists on a scale toward the Dark side, and it varies by degree. But this whole culture is Dark, so I would only suggest you "guard your heart" from cynicism, which this discussion seems to have brought out on both sides.
            Cynicism: distrusting or disparaging the motives of others; like or characteristic of a cynic…bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

            "It's not what happens, it's what you do." Tony Robbins

      • Gasser Gasser

        @ Califnative, Actually the change up lyrics to these sing say songs are not meant to be humorous but to be informative and shake peoples ass's out of their sports potato couches and scare the living fecal matter out of their sheeple lead brains so they will take a really, really, really serious note of the impending ELE situation looming over the entire world like you just did, you think I like doing this?….me apologize! ya right liberal, dream on, I'de rather be out riding my go fast and die dirt bike than doing this but my better half sez keep the pressure on to stop Nuclear proliferation and I fear it may be to late…by the way Califnative how much do they pay you to be a Nuclear Shill? Go here>



        • or-well

          Gasser, I'm weighing in as a former contributor, often in rhyme.
          Not everyone will "get it". Just how it is. We need to use humor, pathos, shock, horror, whatever it takes. Keep it up, if you're so inclined. I support your effort.

        • We Not They Finally

          Gasser, the WRONG thing to do is to jump and call someone in pain about radiation contamination, "a shill." That is just so WRONG!

          So I used to think that your songs were funny, but now I am wondering whether you are just a crude horrible person?? Are you? Figure it out.

          • Gasser Gasser

            @ We Not They Finally, my friend please point out to me where Califnative mentions anything about being in pain, before my stinging truthful sing say song, please take notice that I was the first poster on this thread and if anyone that reads it is in pain how am I supposed to know? though I do know everyone is in some sort of pain every day, mostly from their bad habits that catch up with them, right?

            When I was called a twerp for my sing say song, that is a red flag a person may be a shill trying to shoot truth down, so I included a web site that explains how a Shill goes about morphing truth into disinformation to disenfranchise a persons credibility for $ in their pockets paid by the Shill Masters.


            • Gasser Gasser


              Fortunately Calinative revealed she was a real person with real concerns and intelligent enough to see the truth of the facts that matter…I rest my case.

              FYI I am 72 yr old man who thinks and acts like18, shortly before Fukushima I had cancer twice (Colon and Liver) in three years and beat it with a simple Maple Syrup/Bicarbonate Soda cure, none of that killer chemo therapy bullshit for me, bingo three weeks later both times I was back risking my life racing off road motorcycles in lava rock infested Big Island of Hawaii right up to this day, yup I'm one of those bad horrible motorcycle guy's that will blow past slow drivers on cell phones talking stupid story endangering lives like a rouge Plutonium particle wondering out of control ready to wreck into a lung and cause pain in someone/many life's…you got a cell phone? aw but you don't use it when driving huh?


              • Gasser Gasser


                I don't even have a phone period! nor do I have a credit card, plus I've never been hooked up to the grid in 45 years, got to love them Solar panels, also my 28 yr old Isuzu pickup truck runs partly on Hydrogen gas made via electrolyses in a 5 gallon bucket in the bed of the truck and I have a one of a kind no bending down hip high 16 ft diameter trade wind's spun Lazy Susan organic garden with thirty five 5 gallon grow pot's on it, but since Fukushima's radioactive fallout contaminated the soil mutating my vegetables, I retired it and now spend that time I was cultivating, riding my worlds fastest production 1000 cc Honda crotch rocket street bike and kick ass off road KTM dirt bike, getting as much "go faster than the crash" fun in as I can before the economy takes a big shit and the ELE effect sets in, what are you doing productive besides getting on my case for your misunderstandings…always remember "Reality goes at the speed and quality of educated freewill choices"…much Aloha to you my friend.

      • amberlight amberlight

        Gasser, as a former resident of San Francisco, now in Mendocino County and with grandchildren living on the west coast from Oregon to L.A., I should be appalled. On the contrary, I appreciate your ability to turn lightweight song lyrics into biting socio-political commentary. The situation isn't in the least funny, but the dark humor you provides welcome relief against the stark reality. Swami Beyondananda has some good advice for us living in the Age of Anxiety: http://www.wakeuplaughing.com/

      • HoTaters HoTaters

        I'm from near San Francisco & lived there for years. I don't find Gasser's lyrics to be that offensive. But I think that's because I've read his lyrics (her lyrics?) before & we've pretty much all been included, at some point in time. Gasser isn't singling anyone out here, if it makes you feel any better.

        I agree with Kidlcarus, some comic relief is needed. But if my relatives were dying of leukemia or something, I'm not sure how I'd feel.

        My body's pretty trashed from Fuku, IMO. I have developed complex cysts on my kidneys and in my thyroid. So far the docs say "no worries" about cancer. I just take it one day at a time.

        I choose to laugh, in a laugh or cry situation. But then, I like Monty Python too, and that's really dark/gallows humor, at times.

        • eyefidelity

          I lived in San Francisco for twenty years; I relocated to NYC in 2001; now I'm in Albany. The only offense I take from Gasser's parody is the bad scansion. Here's my version, with apologies to Scott McKenzie:

          If you‘re going to San Francisco
          Beware of radionuclides in the air
          If you‘re going to San Francisco
          You‘re gonna meet some people unaware

          A plume is coming to San Francisco
          Bummertime will wash up on the beach
          In the islands off San Francisco
          Plutonium from barrels slowly leach

          All across the nation gamma radiation
          Folks in denial
          There‘s a whole generation getting disinformation
          Folks in denial, folks in denial….

      • Ontological Ontological

        Many out here have had cancer, (my brand was skull cancer), lost loved ones, or are JUST PLAIN MAD! My humor is very sick due to the fast I am very sick. Since you were properly "introduced" by this bunch, I will not show any emotion, so harshness will remain in your court for now.
        Sometimes a good analogy is good for the soul. Dark humor is for dark times.

      • flybynite flybynite

        please don't take yourself so seriously. We Know it is a terrible situation. It shows how imaginative we can be even when faced with the horrible. I love his/her mind while hating the situation.

    • bo bo

      Hi califnative – Gasser lives in Hawaii and his art comes from a place of pain.
      I am japanese and understand how some humor or sarcasm here can be misconstrued as insensitive. While every now and then there are truly insensitive posts, most of the gallows humor on enenews comes from a place of pain and good hearted people. Gasser is one of them.

    • wideawake wideawake

      brilliant work as usual Gasser..just to let you know I'd find it equally as upsetting as c/native appears to if you Did apologise.!…(grin) … c/native.. given the chance I'd rather die laughing..any day… LOL LOL HA ha ha ha LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.

      • Gasser Gasser

        Gassers sorrowful informative apology to San Francisco's Califnative

        Zager & Evens; In the Year 2525

        Before you read go here first for the gist of it.



        In the year 2011
Man is still alive

        And woman has survived
They will find

        In the year 2012

        NRC gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
Everything you think, do and say
Is in the eavesdropping they took of you today

        In the year 2013

        You may lose your health, and start saying family good by’s
You won't find an uncontaminated thing to chew

        Nobody's gonna look at you

        In the year 2014

        Your arms hangin' limp at your sides

        Your legs got nothin' to do

        Some electric wheelchair's doin' that for you

        In the year 2015

        You won't have a healthy husband, won't have a healthy wife

        You'll see your deformed son, and your daughter too
From the side of a long glass decontamination tube


        • Gasser Gasser


          In the year 2016

If God's a-coming, it will to radioactive to come here by then
Maybe He'll look around Himself and say

          "Guess it's time for the judgement day"

          In the year 2017

          God is gonna shake His mighty head
He'll say "I'm pissed where man has been”
Shit! tear this waste down, and start again

          In the year 2018

I'm kinda wonderin' if man is gonna be alive
He's taken everything this old earth can give
And he ain't put back nothing

          Now it's been only 7 highly radioactive years
Man has spent Quad trillion'$ and cried a billion tears

For what? money, yup! he always knew

          Now man's reign is through

          But through eternal night

          The twinkling of starlight
So very far away

          He'll pollute it too someday

          In the year 2019
          If man is……s~t~i~l~l a~l~~i~~~v~~~~~

          ~Gasser Classic~

        • califnative califnative

          Gasser your effort to shake people up worked because you forced me to register so I could react to your post! It's easy to judge first impressions, looks like there are a lot of people here who understand where your coming from so I apologize for not knowing that your pain comes from the trenches as bo would say. Thanks Fitz and the others who offer their thoughts as well. I do come here everyday, read the news, radiation network forum, bought a Geiger counter Radex RD1212 2 months ago, watch the NETC website. My dear friend just moved to Pacifica coast where the high readings where posted recently, I warned him about the debris that's coming. Try to carefully spread the word about Fukushima to family and friends and get the same response as most of us do. I got caught up with the bldg. 3 steam issue yesterday and alerted my parents and friends only to find out the next day from Arnie Gunderson it was nothing unusual. Lived near San Francisco over 30 years, monitor this nightmare since it happened along with the toxic chemtrails, marched the streets about Monsanto GMO's and layed on the beach during the "Fukushima is Here" event in SF. No I am not a shill, I get as angry as you do. (con't)

          • califnative califnative

            … Your lyrics hit home with me because I have in fact moved to New York just four weeks ago, away from family and friends who are in the thick of it. I do have a sense of humor and able to find a place of comfort when needed. Never thought I would be concerned about radiation in my lifetime, feel like I am in the twilight zone when the rest of the world is oblivious to this silent death. Thankful for Enenews, it's the one place I can turn to for help and like minded people who are awake and aware. Sorry for misunderstanding where your coming from, we all have our own way of dealing with this.

            • Gasser Gasser

              Aloha, @ Califnative…good on you my friend, hang with us, we are intelligent family here telling it like it is, and also trying to boil up solutions from the depths of Hell to save our okole’s (butt in Hawaiian) from complete extinction…think fast take chances…Mahalo!

            • Winterborn

              califnative – Thank you for the apology and explanation.
              Feeling your pain about relatives, my daughter lives in El Sobrante and I can't convince her to even consider moving farther away. Good for you getting away from the west coast.
              Welcome to the discussion.

            • Au Au

              Welcome califnative, my family lives in California too. They want to stay there and "die together."
              Is this how life plays out?… ugh 🙁
              It's so unbelievable- this nightmare. Humor can alleviate for a moment… in the words of incredulous, "This red pill sucks."

            • bo bo

              Califnative, thanks for sharing your story.
              Lurking and contributing is completely different. I remember as a lurker the personal details /life story of each poster stuck with me less… once I started contributing I remember each poster's background more, I even remember now who fell sick with a cold when..lol
              My point here is, by becoming a part of the community you may notice that it becomes easier to differentiate in-the-trenches gallows humor posters from just purely insensitive schadenfreude. But honestly, on enenews schadenfreude is very rare. Most of us realize we are all reporting from one big giant trench – wherever we are on this globe.
              Look forward to hearing more stories from you, and a warm welcome!

            • Sparky Sparky

              @califnative, Hello and Welcome! I appreciate your thoughtful comments and am glad you're finally posting after being a long-time "lurker". 🙂

              Where abouts are you located in NY? Over a decade ago I became a transplant from Upstate NY to California's Central Valley. As others on this site, I'm concerned about loved ones in the SF Bay area. My son and his new wife are moving today to Hayward, and he works/goes to college in SF. I gave them a Geiger counter for Christmas…. I share your anxiety and concern about those more directly in the path of Fuku nuclear fall-out. But no worries! There's more than enough rads (and earthquakes, and extreme weather) to go around, right? [**sarc**]

              Enenews is a good place to be go for information, conversation, support and, yes, even humor in the face of truly disturbing news. But not all the humor here is dark. Here's one that you may appreciate, complements of our Canadian Enewser Vicky13: [Bears and other critters guarding Canadian pot plantation]


              I'm glad you're sticking with us, Califnative. 🙂


              just to let you know, califnative, we all bang heads on the issues. Yet, we do our best to keep it real. Know that your thoughts are welcome; regardless of their nature. (The only restrictions are those that admin deems necessary to maintaining order and civility, within these forums.) And while you may have taken a bruising, today, continue your fearless posts. Such presentation is often the best way to weaken the chain that binds us all. So feel free to kick butt, when so inclined…

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Califnative, you are welcome here.

              • califnative califnative

                Thanks everyone who responded with welcomes, suggestions, advise and the funny video too . Can I be an observer instead of a lurker? I started reading this forum because I too agree with timely planted New York Times article and wonder if they are trying to divert attention away from Japan, less guity somehow. I've also noticed a lot more commercials or news about children dying of cancer as if it should be the norm now (which I guess it is). I read the Radiation Monitoring Forum because they monitor measurements and share how it drifts over to the west coast 3-5 days later on NETC.com.
                I grew up on the Peninsula (San Mateo County), sold my house in Sunnyvale after 5 years and moved to White Plains NY. Watched the bees, birds, bugs dissapear from the chemtrails the last 3 years, observed the radiation effects with the brown spots on pine trees along with moldy/sickly plants the last 2 years, then plant mutations the last year after a heavy rain fall. I had a breast cancer scare they called "calcification cluster", biopsy showed no cancer cells present but they left a titanium marker in the area "just in case" cancer shows up later. I've read that Cesium 137 and Iodine 131 accumulates in the fatty tissues, muscles and breasts.
                One reason I didn't sign up is because it takes me too long to write back a response but it's helpful to share so thanks again for the feedback and support. I don't have that lighting speed wit like Gasser does 😉

                • Sparky Sparky

                  @califnative, This is the only site that I've ever registered for and regularly contributed to (I'm generally very private), so I'm not sure if the term "lurker" is specific to this site or is common to other sites, blogs or whatever. You and others are most welcome to "observe", "lurk" or post, participating as much or as litte, or not at all as you prefer. Your participation is welcomed, regardless.

                  Gasser is pretty unique alright, but we each have something to contribute to the Enenews mix. Somehow, it all works. I hope you continue to stay connected and in good health.

    • norbu norbu

      Thanks bo. I am glad you noticed. Horrible it is. The Ocean is in trouble, As we are all eventually. We are 135 miles from coast. Watching very closely 24/7… with some hiking everyday.

      • bo bo

        Take care norbu.
        I've had a difficult holiday season, trying to maintain social norms in group situations, my partner tells me I should not bring up the topic because nobody wants to hear about it and, besides, nobody cares. The topic is very depressing, I agree, but I find acting as if everything is the same and robotically exchanging 'how are you?' 'I'm good! How are you? And how's the family? Where are you going on vacation ?' …that is even more depressing than fukushima itself. 🙁

        It's like that photo of the Japanese diet that was on EXSF – of the guards stuffing cloth into the man protesting the passing of the secrecy bill. The most depressing part of the photo is not the guy being taken away, but it is the guy sitting right NEXT to this guy being dragged away – the man acts as if nothing is going on, in fact, he is looking away.

  • babbo dorian babbo dorian

    It es a matter to así little shinzo to hire yakuza's friends and get some scuba divers to take them out….. and smile….. and never as, there is no, and will not be any radiation around…. period…..

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


      This is the IAEA report on ocean dumping worldwide. There's a map on page 15-16 that shows all the sites and then lots more details about amounts, elements and isotopes.

      I find it interesting that the MSM is running the above WSJ article about a very old offshore problem right as Tepco's radioactive waste is due to be washing up on California. . . Kinda confuses the issue and provides cover for Tepco. . . Wonder if that was really the point of the article?

      The critical question is whether the pollution from the ongoing meltdown at Fukushima is staying in the surface currents, and not diffusing as the (non-corium) deep-ocean waste is presumably diffusing.

      If that pollution from Tepco is staying in surface currents, then this WSJ article is a red herring.

  • bf9 Fitz

    Are they going to try blame it all on the containers now? I can see that happening. I'd imagine all of those containers are in the final stages of eroding away as we speak, combined with the constant influx of Fuku radiation and we've got what is hitting San Francisco today. We all know how much care the US government takes to do anything right…

    Would love to see more data about the ecological health of that area. Man are humans stupid, every generation before and including mine since the inception of nuclear technology are ultimately guilty of everything that's going to happen…willful denial and turning off their brains. 25,000 year half life? Let's just put it in a (likely not even any anti-corrosive material) drum and sink it.

  • weeman

    Out of sight and out of there minds, what about the tolerability of risk in this matter as the end result was enevatable, leakage and contamination of the environment. Pure dead brilliant.

  • isogoodhumans

    Looks like its time for all of us to start some serious treatment therapies.

    Cesium and strontium were the dangerous isotopes released in quantity. Pectin-based radiation therapy was researched and developed by EU to treat Chernobyl victims. http://www.vitapect.org is the product the EU developed, based on pectin. They have a patent pending process to bind to and remove heavy metals and isotopes and replenish minerals and vitamins. The result: 63% of cesium removed according to independent studies in the Swiss Medical Journal.

    Sodium alginate looks good for removing Strontium.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      Yes isogoodhumans, Apple pectin is cheap and effective from studies done in Chernobyl. I take it every day since 311 as I ingest a lot of Omega-3 fish oil. In addition I take Calcium and Magnesium as a precautionary measure and for basic maintenance. This is what we need to focus on ways to combat the radioactive environment encompassing the planet. Yes, I wish they would at the very least shut down all Mark one BWR's but I don't see that happening as they plan on building additional facilities in the Southeast. I don't know what the best course of action would be to stop this insanity. You would think that those in power would have enough common sense to stop and I really don't understand why they are so adamant about building more.

      • guevara3712

        well one solution is people have to stop buying the nuclear power. i often wonder how many activists dutifully pay their power bills every month. one of my main goals is to get totally off the grid and help others do the same.

        • NoNukes NoNukes

          nuclear is a net consumer of power, sucks down more fossil fuel than any of us, it is only for the production of weapons and death, the "energy" thing is a cover story.

      • eyefidelity

        Indeed, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only eat organic apples; conventional ones are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Don't peel them, since the pectin is in the skin. As for fish oil, most of it is made from menhaden which is a filter feeder; it feeds on plankton and other algae which are being affected by ocean acidification and radionuclides. There are vegetable sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, including flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, kiwifruit, and purslane.

    • J.

      Thank you for posting this. I read the information previously, and I was particularly impressed by the point that there's no apparent ulterior motive in promoting this therapy. Apple pectin is widely available from various sources, I believe, and at any rate is modestly priced. An MD named Y. Omura also claims that cilantro can scavenge heavy metals such as mercury from the body. I don't know whether he ever investigated potential to scavenge radioactive particles. It's worth looking into. Again, much obliged.

  • jec jec

    Wonder if that is the smoking gun being held to the heads of US government officials by Japan. Probably sent a message along the lines of "you tell…WE TELL". Is EPA or FDA testing this mess on the sea floor? Bet the answer is NO. But if I am incorrect, would just love to be wrong. Now they can test for PU and for the Fukushima CESIUM. And of course the I-131 is a special Japanese present for the W. Coast USA as well.

    • jec jec

      Oh maybe the loss of nuclear's claim to be so safe for the environment..GREEN TECHNOLOGY. Gads, only if its the green color of decomposition of carbon based life forms. Decided to say CBL since bodies sounds so 'sick,' you know..political correctness (sarcasm).

      • jec jec

        And they are worried ONLY about the nuclear waste dumped 40 some years ago? What about the waste sitting around in Nuclear Fuel Storge areas. Seems like wrong emphasis..cause we might be able to get to and protect the above ground storage sites before they do a "Fukushima."

        • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

          If you call "short term" protection.

          Some day…someone will pay the price…no matter what we do.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          Yes all those Mark 1 Spent Fuel Pools in the USA are filled to the max sitting five stories above just waiting for a nasty 6 or 7 earthquake on the east coast. I remember that 5.3? earthquake a couple of years ago down south which we felt in PA and cracked the National Monument in DC. What are these people taking or thinking. I truly grow weary of the lack of concern our government displays involving nuclear. It's not green or clean and don't they have enough DU for their war games? I just can't wrap my head around it.

          • jec jec

            Our whole house shook.and we are only 9 miles from one of those plants. Then come to find out all the local health departments..DID NOT HAVE POTASSIUM IODIDE! So in emergency the Surry Nuclear Plant plan calls for us all to go to centers (like the local high schools) where we get the KI to protect us. But then..they don't have it..told me to call the State and ask the State Health Department to "priorize" this medication for the centers..PRIORIZE!!

  • Sol Man

    Pu does not occur in any "normal" or "natural" state so normally there should be none at all, zero amount. It was loosed into the shared world since it had been created in reactors, only.
    1,000 times normal state (0)=0

    • jec jec

      Glad you caught that..1000 times normal of a unique and man made substance. But hey..looks good on paper.!! PU is terrible..and its on the sea floor off the East Coast as well I bet ya!

    • Ourself Ourself

      They said a thousand times higher than normal background radiation, not a thousand times higher than natural plutonium occurrence (which would obviously be 0). It's still really misleading.

      I find the part about the FDA finding plutonium in fish and claiming it's within "safe limits" to be much much more concerning. How is this possible?

    • logicalman

      Missed this, but posted something pretty much the same.

      Thorium reactors MIGHT be acceptable to humanity, but they won't make bombs – there's a big clue there as to why they don't exist.

  • 47,800 Barrels Of Radioactive Waste Dumped West Of San Francisco Between 1946 To 1970 – Farallon Island Radioactive Waste Dump; via @AGreenRoad

    • We Not They Finally

      Yeah, the whole thorium craze is another mess. It was apparently stopped in the U.S. decades back because the by-products couldn't be turned into nuclear bombs!

      But before we call the thorium nuts "good guys," bear in mind that thorium is NOT fissile. It has to be bombarded with neutrons from U-233! So it's really a uranium reactor, not a thorium reactor!

      They apparently want it now because thorium is found in the earth along with rare earth minerals, which the computer/electronics industry craves. It's all ulterior motives galore….

  • Gasser Gasser

    Tony Bennett> I left my heart in San Francisco


    The loveliness of Paris…seems somehow sadly Gamma ray

    The glory that was Rome…is of another radioactive day

    I've been terribly alone…and contaminated in Manhattan
I'm going home…to Cesium in the Bay

    I polluted my heart…in San Francisco
High on a hill…Plutonium rains down on me

To be where little cable cars…climb halfway to the stars
The morning Bucky ball fog may chill the air…I no longer fucking care

    My death waits there…in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy…Tritium sea

When I come home to you…San Francisco

    Your Chemtrail hazed sun…no longer shines for me

    ~Gasser Classic~

  • Cisco Cisco

    And now for the next ruse and diversion. Oh, it's not the red tide or that mystery virus that's killing sea life, it must be that radioactive sh#t they dumped years ago.

    Look folks…over here. See, we've been telling you; it's not the radiation from Fuku. No worries there, everything is under control…(more specifically…your minds). Remember, we're the government and we're here to help you, right!


      either way, Cisco, it'd be an admission of complete incompetence. And if you're looking to counter such misinfo, simply point to the timeline and scale of the die-offs. It would have to be more than simple coincidence…

      • Cisco Cisco

        AFTERSHOCK…I'm sure you're aware of what's been discovered and reported about ocean dumping which was SOP for nuclear waste disposal years ago. Since 1993, ocean disposal was banned by international treaties. If this is what's publicly known, think about what has been covered up. Many reports I have read about US military dumping, curiously notes that many of the records are incomplete and/or missing.

        Have a look, if you haven't already, at "Ocean disposal of radioactive waste" … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_disposal_of_radioactive_waste

      • guevara3712

        also point to how the die offs began up in alaska and worked down the coast…. exactly what you would expect to see from contaminated water currents coming from FUKUSHIMA.

      • Cisco Cisco

        AFTERSHOCK…Have a look, if you haven't already, at "Ocean disposal of radioactive waste" … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_disposal_of_radioactive_waste

        I'm sure you're generally aware of what's been discovered and reported about ocean dumping which was SOP for nuclear waste disposal years ago. Since 1993, ocean disposal was banned by international treaties. If this is what's publicly known, think about what has been covered up. Many reports I have read about US military dumping, curiously notes that many of the records are incomplete and/or missing.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          Also check out this video on all the barrels of nuclear waste dumped into the N. Atlantic and Hurd Deep, the Irish Sea. It's not just off the coast off California it's global. I really good video is "Secret of Nuclear Waste the Dark Side of Humanity" which keeps getting more difficult to view as they delete it every few months. Here is the short version:http://youtu.be/oUYJFlObhtA


            be honest Cisco and moonshellblue, I'm so effing depressed by the last few days headlines, I can't muster the courage to review and watch what you're both suggesting. I'm thinking of smacking myself around and doing a "man-up!", in the morning. As it is now, I'm reaching the limit of my daily 'rad-news'…

            • Sparky Sparky

              Hang in there AS and take a break. Go do something positive, energizing and not rad-related. Come back later, but do come back as we need you, friend. Maybe you need us as well.


                thanks Sparky. Appreciate the concern. I am multitasking between a project and what's going on here. It is, in fact, one of the ways I keep from melting down. I just finished laying out the hit-points for drilling-out a bracket that holds a switch. I'm getting ready to assemble (hopefully this weekend) a fairly complex design that I've been working on these last few months. The 'system' is a basic high-power switching console for routing power from batteries to a pure-sine inverter. It's intended for use as an emergency power source for running essential electronics. The batteries, themselves, are capable of being charged off the mains or through renewable power generators (human powered generator, windmill or solar panel). s this project is coming to a close, I'll be moving on to another. It's fun stuff and keeps me from bouncing off the walls…

                • Au Au

                  AFTERSHOCK, your project is so much cooler than mine – which is to finish cleaning out the junk drawer.

                • Sparky Sparky

                  Dang, AS! I'm so jealous–and impressed! So, are you going to patent this? It may well be in demand whatever disaster scenario. ‘Nothing like a good hands-on project to shift your focus, at least for a while. Better still if you actually get to see/use the finished product.

                  Draw up the plan or mock-up, mail it to yourself (don’t open the envelope), patent the design, register with kickstarter.com to develop and fund additional models and/or sell the plans on the internet and there you have it: a made-to-order, positive foil to never-ending nuclear that sucks the life out of…well, you know.

                  Good for you, AS! Sounds like an excellent project. I wish I had your skills and know-how. 🙂

                  • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                    appreciate the advice Sparky. I'm aware of the 'poor mans' IP protection routine. I'll not be patenting what I'm working on. It's likely, if it makes it through the testing phase, I'll be showing it to my local emergency services people for their consideration. The system's too expensive for the general public's pocketbook. It's very heavy duty; has to be for what it does. No expense has been spared. The parts alone ran into a few grand. When you include short-run machining of parts, wire harnesses, high-integrity battery cables and finally, labor to put it together, we're looking at three grand minimum. The average Joe could just as easily make due with a small gas-powered generated. They won't have the reliability of what I'm shooting for, but when you're talking emergency conditions, a few hundred dollars will get a family through a power outage. My design's all about high-reliability and keeping a low profile. If you're the only guy on the street with a light on, you can easily guess who's next on the list for plucking, by roving gangs…

                    • Sparky Sparky

                      AS, You’ve obviously thought through this very well. You should still seriously consider getting the credit and proceeds from all your experience, knowledge, hard work, ingenuity and investment. IMO, this would be affordable and valuable device for EMS, hospitals, others services that need to be operational at all times, especially during a disaster.

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      actually Sparky, this system is only intended for powering essential electronics, during emergency conditions. It's not an answer to every need. I intend to use it to power a communications station (transceiver radio, 3G-linked laptop and LED lighting). The goal is to run one battery bank for a minimum of forty-eight hours, while the other is being (quietly) charged. And while I'm using extremely expensive and state-of-art power switching technology, the overall design is purposely kept simple. It's all about increasing reliability and minimizing potential failure. For instance: while the inverter can handle a kilowatt of power, it'll never see more than a hundred-watts being run through it. Yet, the switching panel itself can handle 2.4 kilowatts!

                      It's all about minimizing fire hazards, as well. All components are pro-rated to exceed all possible power-demand conditions. The fuse holders alone are big-time heavy duty. And the battery connector lugs are the kind used on diesel trains. When it's done, I'll look into putting up some images…

                      Fun stuff. And as things are going lately, I won't need to worry about money…for much longer…

                    • AFTERSHOCK AFTERSHOCK

                      @Sparky: just to keep you updated, the system was assembled and tested today and worked fine. I'll be wiring in the connections that go to charger-source, in the next day or two. While I haven't completed all the parametric tests, preliminary measurements are showing a full circuit voltage drop of one-half volt! This is good. I've also discovered, the pure sine inverter will not reset when quickly switched-over to the complementary battery-bank. This is also good. However, this 'feature' may not remain predictable with varying loads. As things are now, it's all looking good…

            • HoTaters HoTaters

              Three of my doctors have recommended Chi Gung for me. Maybe you might consider it, too, Aftershock? If there's a class nearby, a dojo, or someone willing to teach, it might be worthwhile.

              I'm going to do it because I need to physically heal. But more importantly, I need to be able to get my head back into the peaceful place where it used to be. Pre-Fuku, that is.

              I still think it's possible to know all we know and maintain some semblance of inner peace. Perhaps some of us just need some extra help. I know I do.

              'Know what you mean, this news can be overwhelming. Maybe you should go on a rant! Or write one and then burn it in effigy ….


                touched on this HoTaters, in a prior post [see below link]. It's not about maintaining a balance. It's about being receptive to change and not holding too tight to the past.


                see ya on the flip-side…

              • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

                People struggling, be gentle with yourselves. I was struggling while I was going through my reoccurring cancer surgeries, while learning about how fooked our economy was, while dealing with how the school was (not) dealing with my kids' learning issues and how negatively that was affecting them. I was overwhelmed and for a while in a dark mental place.

                First thing: moved and reduced the threat. Now kids are in a fantastic and even better rated district. (I got them to a safe place!) I have to say that situation was far more debilitating to me than the cancer. Next I went on a health kick and got in the best shape of my life (if you didn't count the cancer). Endorphins are stress killers and gym camaraderie helped. Cancer is now in remission after six procedures.

                Next I discovered how to mentally compartmentalize. When you reach your lowest low, everything blurs into the background except what is most important to you. I am fiercely determined to squeak something positive out of every day and protect what is important to me. After being that scared, I realized every day I am not suffering or scared (often my choice) is already a gift and I can chose whether or not to waste it. Attitude is the ultimate survival skill. I pray my compadres here where it is safe to discuss reality are able to find this peace among the maelstrom.

          • We Not They Finally

            moonshellblue, that is one amazing documentary. We've watched it too.

    • bo bo


      Tepco: ' I wish they all could be California waste~'

  • pinksailmatt pinksailmatt

    It was interesting reading about the USS Calhoun dumping thousands of tons in 55 gal steel barrels in the waters just off the east coast. And 2 atomic bombs.

    That never would have come out if Fuki didn't puki.

  • name999 name999

    …I laugh in spite of the somber truth here. We get that it is very bad. The lyrics by Gasser are fantastic, I was expecting I left My Heart In SanFrancisco…knew it was round the bend;-] I'm here on the West Coast too, so the jokes on me…good to laugh…

    Still thinking about Fuku-die-itchy and Fuku-die scratchy from yesterday's postings…

  • lovE lovE

    Treasure Island in SF – the former Naval Station is contaminated with Cs-137.

    It is presently being developed for high end housing for 20,000.

    It is insane.


  • Angela_R

    Over forty years ago was when I first started to pray in earnest, my children were toddlers. I learned of a world that carted nuclear waste via railway in a concrete container across the continent of America and dumped it in the ocean. And I prayed for the future of my children. Two weeks ago a cousin died in the vicinity being examined here. What was really wrong with her lungs?

    So there are those that will now learn and become serious, but when did the majority listen?

    Gallows humour? What has kept those that laugh going, they who lived with the fear, day in and day, for their children, those that tried to raise the alarm? Sometimes it was their knowledge of those ridiculous specks in the Universe called 'man'.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Governments need to fallow German Chancellor Angela Merkel's lead in abandoning nuclear.

    All who don't are idiots.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      It is puzzling that Germany would build over a dozen nuclear power plants only to shut them down right at the top of peak oil? They could have waited a few years just to see how the oil production sugared out? Ultimately, I don't believe that Merkel or her globalist crew were behind it. After all, the globalists are pro-nukes and view Germany's decision as a betrayal in more ways than one.

      And, if the Green Party had enough sway to be responsible for shutting them down, they would have gotten rid of Merkel and her globalists long ago.

      Consider that in the nuclear age, one of the most aggressive things a nation can do is get rid of its nuclear power plants, because in a war, nuclear bombs turn a nation into swiss cheese for a couple decades, but a targeted or sabotaged nuclear power plant turns a nation into swiss cheese for a thousand years.

      Thus, Germany's decision to shut down its nuclear power plants could be viewed as a way to keep the back door open if and when Germany chooses to exit the European Union (and get rid of the globalists). It's a form of brinksmanship. Since, in a putative war of secession, with all it's nuclear power plants, France would cease to exist.

      • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

        Of course, getting rid of all NPP on earth remains the only rational course for mankind.

        Space exploration is probably its best use.

        • Ontological Ontological

          Thank You agreed. Only one safe place for the crap. Burn it in the photosphere of the Sun, place it in deep space for future plutonium manufacture of space craft energy sources. Just get it OFF the planet! Too many out here are a bit too cynical about this only sane solution for planet wide fuel rod removal however.

      • harengus_acidophilus

        Just a guess …

        The german chancellor Merkel has a diploma in physics.
        She has understood the real severeness of Fukushima.

        But a politican with scientific background is extremely rare.
        You don't have any?


  • Socrates

    They CAN blame dumping because that has gone o in San Francisco for a long time. I lived there in the early fifties and spend time there to this day. Fukushima also contributes.

    Several years ago, my best friend died of prostate cancer. He was born and raised in the Bay Area. He identified many cancer clusters in the Bay area. He was 50 when he was diagnosed. He died in a stage two drug trial. He thought that Cadmium plating operations were to blame. I feel that the Navy might or should know something about this Pu in the Bay. I have followed the Bay area contamination since then very closely. Given Tampa Bay dumping 50 years ago, this does not surprise me. The country you nuke may be your own. I have avoided the Bay area except Pt. Reyes, Big Sur, and Napa where I do photography. I have been highly suspect of radiation there. I wondered about levels at Surfer's Beach. That is not all from Fukushima.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice

      Right but the Tepco radiation hasn't started effecting this yet. If its effect is just one of many then it will be impossible to hold them responsible.

      We have to wait and see.

      Because, if Tepco's contamination is, say, an order of magnitude greater than all the other radioactive contaminants affecting the west coast combined, then Tepco can be held to account.

      If the radioactive contamination from the coriums staying in the surface currents in a straight line with the west coast, we may see something much worse that what has gone before.

      In that instance, all the other sources of contaminants will be used to muddle the issue of responsibility.

      I would argue, the lack of timeliness of this article is an indicator that they are prepping the propoganda just in case they need to start muddling the issues.

      • Socrates

        The octopus defense: dangle eight tentacles and cloud the water with black ink. People will be so confused they won't have a clue.

        Vaccine liability cases involve immunities and compensation acts. I just had a flu vaccination so please don't label me…. But there are interesting diseases caused by vaccines.

        Too bad that products and services go to market before testing. Weapons, too. I know people who have shot themselves in the leg…

        It would be a great irony if life was extinguished by accident or just too much irresponsible dumping. Doomsday cults would be deprived of any satisfaction. We overpopulated and dumped ourselves to death. How ignominious!

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Socrates, do you mean some of the Plutonium originated inside the Bay? Hunter's Point?

      The Farallon Islands (the location upon which I think this report is focused) is well offshore from the opening of the San Francisco Bay.

      A friend of mine whose father was retired Air Force told me the ships going into the port in Vallejo also released a lot of Plutonium into the Bay. She said a lot of it is sitting around in the water, and on the land where the new Mare Island housing development is being built.

      I don't know Vallejo history. My friend said nuclear subs used to go into port there.

    • Socrates

      What if these guys refused orders? How many lives would have been saved? Gulf War Syndrome was possibly caused by anthrax vaccines or nerve gas sold to Iraq that was destroyed.

      The US will one day have to realize that we lost wars by Agent Orange exposures, vaccines, dumping of waste, the Hanford mess….

      Primates with high tech weapons are dangerous to all life. I would not trust most people to pack my parachute. Yet, we must put our blind faith in people who endanger us every day.

      After fifty years of dumping radioactive waste into the gulf and oceans, and subcontracting organized crime to dump it, as in Naples, there should be a consequence. Instead, this behavior is reinforced.

      Modern society rewards the very worst behavior. B.F. Skinner, the behavioral psychologist, noticed this in his book, Beyond Freedom and Dignity.

      Our society is crazy – making and suicidal because we say one thing and then reward the exact opposite. A rat in a Skinner box would not know what to do; how can we?

      Our brave fighting men dump deadly poisons… under orders.

      • zogerke zogerke

        Socrates thank you for naming that question.
        What if these guys refused orders? Then you have Snowden and Manning, you have whistleblowers…they better be pretty clever to escape retaliation. Or just keep their heads down and get out of the pathway or job of following orders that are NOT in their/our best interest. It takes courage and the ability to lay down the ego, to refuse and take the consequences of that refusal. Hannah Arenht wrote about that mindset – following orders and compartmentalizing so that one you internally/ intellectually/ emotionally takes responsibility for the horrors that their actions (or inactions) unleased- she called it the banality of evil….

        to keep perspective and the big picture, to refuse orders- to find ways to not be complicit – we need more of that.

        • zogerke zogerke

          she wrote about people who follow orders and never admit culpability- they are just regular people doing their jobs- as they annihilate and kill….. how do all of us take action in a progressive way ? and not be complicit? like some here i am solidly non violent and have been a solid activist for decades…but there is always more i/we could have done. aging in place, illness, family illness, means that we struggle to fight for healthcare and safety in our lives and do not have as much energy for any external struggle. it is enough, for those who are sick, to continue each day. the question is- how do we get those in our lives to refuse orders?

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Veterans have a high incidence of suicide and mental health issues purportedly due to the trauma of seeing death and dismemberment in the throes of battle. I don't mean to minimize how horrible that must be but in the last few years I've begun to wonder if what really dogs at least some of them are the secrets they are forced to keep.

    • amberlight amberlight

      Guevara, do you know where I can find a high resolution, non-letterboxed (which cuts off lower third info) version of this documentary? We are planning a video and discussion night on the Fukushima crisis and the global nuclear menace in general. We show our movies on a fairly large screen in a medium size auditorium, so having a nice crisp resolution is best.

      I have some post-Chernobyl footage and am also seeking a high res version of "Plogoff: des Pierres contre des Fusils" by Le Garrec. If anyone can point me to a source I would be most appreciative. English, if possible, but since I would extract segments I can add English subs to a French version.

      I welcome any and all suggestions for compelling footage that would contribute to an evening of addressing the nuclear issue, especially if it is solution oriented.

      • American Phoenix57

        Check out my favorites YT videos.

        On Fukushima Beach,
        Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium & Anthrax Vaccines,
        Depleted Uranium – The Ultimate Dirty Bomb,
        Poison Dust – Health Consequences of Depleted Uranium,
        Gulf War Syndrome – Killing our Own,
        Military Secret Shots,
        Iodine – The Most Misunderstood Nutrient,
        David Brownstein on Iodine Part 1/3,
        Iodine Treatments for Radiation Exposure(part 1).

        Save and share, AP57

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      guevara3712, did you notice at about 4:30 (time?) on of the men interviewed said a lot of waste was dumped off Sandyhook, New Jersey?

      I wonder what condition that waste is in, now. And I wonder if any of it is still in any kind of containment.

  • logicalman

    Given Plutonium does not exist in nature, Zero would be normal

    ANY amount is infinitely more than normal.

    • Socrates

      Normal after above-ground testing and use of nuclear energy. NASA had a Pu – powered rocket crash – "good" plutonium, you know… Not "bad" plutonium.

      • Ourself Ourself

        What do you mean bad plutonium?!

        There is only good plutonium!

        It's just like eating a few bananas, and those are good for you!

        We bring good things to life.

        • KiloCharley KiloCharley

          More "good" plutonium to come.
          S. Korea nuclear commission approves restart of 3 reactors.


          I think they are powered by bananas… 🙂

          • Ourself Ourself

            Maybe they'll invent Bananium next.

          • Angela_R

            Kilo, ever think that they might now be pumping out plutonium to power the space craft necessary to flee the earth

            women and children first? The sick and disabled?

            Necessary specialists for a New World?

            the monied?

            the realists….
            and those that supported the status quo

            but where the dreamers, the idealists…


              actually, Angela_R, they do have nuclear powered engines that are used for space flight. However, these propulsion systems are not capable of developing the necessary thrust to move payloads into space. When deployed in zero-gravity conditions, these 'engines' emit an ionic plasma (hot electric-blue gas) to move the craft, itself. Unlike what we're accustomed to seeing in science fiction, it takes a long-long time for these engines develop any appreciable speed. Depending on the design, we're talking anywhere from months to years before any significant speed is attained. This class of engines is (by galactic standards) considered 'primitive' and only suitable for autonomous movement of large payloads; such as what you'd find in space mining operations.

              The latest designs are far more efficient than their predecessors. Such technology is completely appropriate for use outside this planet's biosphere. When compared to what the Sun is sending our way at any moment, the amount of radioactive emissions from this type of propulsion system is totally insignificant; that is, so long as they remain in space.

              And yes…proud to say, I'm one of those "dreamers". It'll take dreams to get us out of this nightmare…

            • Ourself Ourself

              If TPTB were intelligent enough to successfully do something like that, they wouldn't have destroyed the best space-ship they could've ever asked for (Earth).

              They can't even manage this planet well, let alone an unprecedented journey through space to some far-off planet with inhospitable conditions. Not to mention, getting there…

              Sorry, it just doesn't seem to fit. =/

            • KiloCharley KiloCharley

              Hi Angela_R, Well no, I haven't given that much serious consideration. I think 'they' are nest shitting.
              My personal thoughts is that that electrical power from nuclear plants is a byproduct, the real purpose for these killing machines is to make more killing machines ie; nuclear weapons. But of course there is a quick buck to made from selling the electricity as well.
              They have approached this madness with a 'fingers crossed' attitude, hoping this type of apocalyptic disaster would not take place. And yet even without such meltdowns as we've had, this technology has been poisoning the earth and all/most life forms.
              In order to license a nuke facility, they sign contracts to 'dry cask' the waste. Then as we have seen, it is merely buried in inadequate containers that leak, or dumped into the oceans in 55 gallon drums.
              All part of our 'I want mine now' attitude. Never learning or teaching to live in harmony with the earth.
              Wow, forgive the wordy reply… 🙂

      • Angela_R

        "good" plutonium? Like that in pacemakers, in watches, housed in small containers…..
        but it doesn't disappear, it remains as a mutant, it produces mutants.

        It's origin was based on destruction;
        man was seduced
        by fear and directed by evil.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      logicalman, actually Plutonium does exist in nature, in very, very tiny amounts. I used to think it was 100% man made, but that is incorrect. Pls. see below. (It took me awhile to find a good reference explaining whether or not it's found in nature.)


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    New wordage..I like it..

    Japan’s Forward Flight
    Jan 2 2014

    "The French call this “la fuite en avant,” or the forward flight. Fleeing forward is what you are doing when you plunge from one issue to the next, constantly creating new emergencies in order to avoid confronting a more serious and intractable problem."


  • Socrates

    Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear on RT Thom Hartmann show and Mike Pampantonio, the trial lawyer, are discussing liability issues such as Price – Anderson and the US Reagan sailors' suit.

    Last Hours the movie points out that we are in the Sixth Great Extinction wherein the human race will become extinct.

    Hm… my no child policy for two generations, except for lottery winners, is looking better. Too many people polluting too much! We must both reduce the reproduction AND THE pollution. Failure to take this action will allow nature's default extinction protocols to kick in. Or, the elite will use theirs…

    • We Not They Finally

      Radiation itself sterilizes. You didn't know that? And making people not have families at all would wreak as much social havoc as anything! What in the world are you thinking?

      Then again, there's that family in Iowa with I think, 19 children, which I think it out-of-bounds irresponsible.

  • Daisy207

    This article tells me (1) somebody somewhere is sampling ocean water for radionucleides and has been for some time and (2) has a map and depth at which the samples have been taken – WHERE IS A DATA TABLE with dates and parameters sampled – they didn't just test for plutonium – AND A MAP – showing sample locations and depths ???? And data correlating to air monitoring locations from EPA showing ONLY GAMMA WITHIN A CERTAIN RANGE and Beta if your lucky – but no isotope readings.

    Curious – just signed in and was sent to a page to send back a lot of personal information – like name address, name of first born child, religion – just kidding – but it was weird – then i suddenly find myself logged in. Something funky is going on with the site. If admin needs information just e-mail me.

    • HoTaters HoTaters

      Daisy, maybe you have attacked by a browser hijacker on your computer.

      I hope you didn't give out personal info.

      There were a lot of phoney accounts created here for several weeks. It looks like some kind of program inserted itself into Admin's Google Account.

      You should reset all the passwords on your computer, accounts. And if you can, do a system restore to a point prior to when you were asked for all the personal info.

      Then get a copy of your credit report, put out a fraud alert, and keep a close eye on your bank and credit card accounts.

      That is, if you pay bills online or do any online transactions.

      If not, you could skip the credit report and account monitoring part.

      We, my family have been identity theft victims three times. Trust me, you need to find out from Admin why that happened. But first, assume it was a hacker or something on your computer.

      Are you running a firewall? Anti-virus software? Anti-keylogger, anti-Trojan programs? Do you do private browsing with your browser? And erase history when you go offline? If on a PC, do you browse the Internet under a user account separate from your "Administrator" user account?

      Maybe I'm "preaching to the choir" here, but we all need to take precautions in the online world. The NSA may be listening and watching, but let's keep the rest of the spooks away from us.

    • Alaskan Ice Alaskan Ice


      Yes I agree the website is strange and has an agenda, but then again so does everyone. Whatever the agenda, it is using truth as its weapon, so it can't be all bad.

      I'd just hate to see them throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      For example, what if the purpose or "revealing" all this truth is really just to create a populist meme that keeps certain countries from proliferating, ostensibly to the benefit of the status quo, which will not change. What are the risks inherent in such a psyop failing and what are the risks inherent in such a psyop succeeding, long term?

  • Speedy

    The EPA admits 89,400 containers of high level waste producing approximately 94,400 curies dumped in the Atlantic ocean…how much really got disposed of here?
    and how much from other countries?


    Go to Page 4
    Sorry if this info is old news, but it floored me…

    • Daisy207

      Speedy, thanks for the reference – I just scanned through it initially then went back in some detail – OMG – you know there were hints of this in the early 70's among military groups that I hung out with – no specifics of course. I saved the search page and will do a little more hunting – also will reach out to some of my contacts at EPA – I'm still appalled at the lack of accurate reference materials in the data tables – and the reference sources (i.e., the publication source) (subjective data with little analytical information – did however tell us coordinates) – for the testing that was done but no information on the name of the lab used for testing – probably EPA lab in Kansas City- in fact in this time frame it was very difficult to quantify any metal in water to detection limits that could be studied to determine if they were harmful- methods were not developed yet. They could sure make those elements (and identify them by MW) but it was hard to test for them in an absorbing or adsorbing medium. We also don't know the volume of the containers – 5 liters or 5 ml containers – makes a huge difference.

    • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

      4008 containers in Massachusetts Bay. I wonder if that's what I found on those marine charts back in my 90s sailing days. I never did order or purchase lobster in the Boston area after seeing that.

      • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

        Thanks Speedy for that report. Our boat captain told me those Boston area tanks were leaking back in '90-'91. Can only imagine the state they're in now.

        You know I gotta say part of what shocked me back then was realizing probably every boater or at least the ones paying attention to charts knew those were there and didn't even care.


    Uncle Satan has poisoned the oceans of the world with thousands of tons of nerve gas, mustard gas, every sort of chemical weapon ever made and they threw 1000's of tons of radioactive wastes into our waters as well. What incredible fools. Now those steel canisters are finally rotting through after 50 and 60 years sitting there and those chemicals and radioactive materials are leaking out and poisoning our world.

  • Stay focused. Don't let red-herrings like gallows humor distract form the points being made.

    1. Fukushima is here and doing us in. This is a misdirect play. Very obvious.

    2. Murdering the oceans of Earth is a long-standing practice and it just gets worse and worse.

    Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Chemtrails over the mid-west are headed east fast.

    Stay tuned for another bold distraction from the media about cold, storms, and sickness. It always happens when they chemtrail.

    Banksters are ordering all the tentacles to cover up the ongoing ELE in fukushima using all sorted methods of pure evil that hates, and wants to kill you all. There are great efforts to distract from this real horrible evil truth in japan that is the banksters tool to kill off humanity.

    Stay on target.

    Make others aware and help them all to prepare and protect themselves the best ways possible.

    Store up now what you can buy to eat that is NOT radioactive, yet.

    Stay on target.

    Vigilance on the Wall.

    Rough seas ahead.

  • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

    San Francisco beach video of radiation detector omg……………


    My brother breaks ground ar his new restaurant in downtown San Fran …………….. I hate the nuclear fuckers so bad 🙂

    • Jeez, tell your bro to stop, don't commit to living, working, and serving people radiation. STOP!

      • timemachine2020 timemachine2020

        Its not that simple stock. You are asking people to stop eating in San Fran. We both know that ain't happening. You will be pleased to know that for the last few yrs , I heve been warning him and sending him updates. His new restaurant is called Dirty Water, of all things. So I say to him why Dirty Water, he told me because his restaurant is going to be the only restaurant in San Francisco to have their own water distilliery, and that all the food amd drinks he serves will be with distilled, fresh pure water. I also have convinced him to serve NOTHING from the Pacific. He is currently searching and securing vendors for meat and veggie products from as far south and away from fuku as possible. He is very aware and acting accordingly. Peace

        • Sparky Sparky

          @timemachine2020, The people who decide to stay in SF will need least/un-contaminated food. "Dirty Water" may have more business than they can handle when people find out bad things are. Does he plan to filter water for rads as well? Would like details on Dirty Water pls. in the non-nuclear off-topic forum.

          Also, reposting related excerpt from above.
          Sparky, January 2, 2014 at 9:28 pm, @nedifromvermont, others w/family, friends in SF Bay area.

          "…maybe we can invite all our "my-family/friend-just-won't-let-up-about-this-Fukushima-radiation-crap" loved ones to meet-up at a local SF pub to vent, share stories and compare notes about how obsessive, crazy and annoying we Enenewsers are….

          Seriously, it's gotta be rough having the "ONLY" parent/friend who goes on about a threat that no one can see, hear, feel, and taste (with exceptions); a threat that almost no one is talking about, including MSM and gov't agencies.

          This would be a good way for them to vent and meet-up with other similarly tormented individuals. Unwittingly, they'll be developing their own local support network, become informed and maybe even prepared when things get really, really bad.

          I'm half-joking, but it might actually…[work]."

        • HoTaters HoTaters

          TimeMachine2020, I'll be looking for your brother's restaurant. We go to S.F. from time to time. It will be nice to know we're eating and drinking relatively clean fare.

        • I wish there were more people like your brother… Our family has been using our own home-made distilled water for 15 years, plus juicing and vege smoothies. We are NEVER sick. People need to learn about distilled water, among other things.

          Fukushima Research blog on articles and videos since 3-11-11

  • Sol Man

    Perhaps this situation could be changed but only if the world's leaders pledged their love of life more than death, and that they love their children, and childrens' children more than money.
    Well, we can dream…

  • Sickputer

    If your relatives and friends are complacent…so be it. Be selfish…Save yourself. Any lives saved might perpetuate wisdom in dealing with Future Shock II. The human race will survive, but only the brightest and most adaptive.

    Back on topic: The California Galapagos disgrace:

    From Julia Whitty at Mother Jones in 2011:

    " A 1996 paper in Health Physics described some of the radionuclides found in the tissues of deep-sea bottom-feeding fishes—Dover sole, sablefish, and thornyheads—plus intertidal mussels in the waters around the Farallon Islands:

    Concentrations of both [plutonium-238] and [Americium-241] in fish tissues were notably higher than those reported in literature from any other sites world-wide, including potentially contaminated sites. These results show approximately 10 times higher concentrations of [plutonium-238+240] and approximately 40-50 times higher concentrations of [plutonium-238] than those values reported for identical fish species from 1977 collections at the [Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste Dump Site]."


    SP: Please read the 30 comments…very insightful and one Pronuke troll joke worth the read alone.

    • Sickputer

      Here is a very topical followup comment from the Mother Jones article 3 years ago:

      "Radiation from plutonium will not penetrate the skin, the danger comes from (inhaling) any, even one single microscopic speck… If it then enters the lungs it can be absorbed into the blood stream just as oxygen is absorbed into the blood stream, or it may stay lodged in the lung and attack cells it lodges on with (alpha) radiation. A silent, unseen, deadly slow killer. It can also effect male sperm if it ends up in the right place and cause altered genes and the resut of a deformed baby in the mother's womb.

      If someone is exposed to airborne plutonium it would be quite unlikey they would inhale (just one) single speck of it, the odds and probabilities are one would inhale many specks. Microscopic sized insoluble or gaseous (plutonium oxide) is a very deadly poison which is produced in a nuclear power plant when uranium is used for the reactor fuel to boil water. A speck is less than 10 microns (0.01 mm). If inhaled into the lungs it can transfers to the blood or lymph system and later to other parts of the body, often the liver and or bone marrow… It is there that the deposited plutonium's (alpha) radiation, alters any body cell it attaches to and will likely eventually cause cancerous cells… That is more probable in young children, babies or teens or any who's immune system is weak… The cancerous cells may break off and travel to any other part of the body…"

  • We Not They Finally

    Unclear what they mean by "normal" in the first place. Plutonium is a deadly man-made element, so normal for plutonium should be ZERO. Maybe they mean 1,000 background? Of which type of rays? And how many other radionuclides are chiming in? And was this only publicized now because Fukushima contamination finally opened up the likes of this for discussion?

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave. It will just wind up as a noose around the wrong people's/creatures' neck.

  • Crash2Parties Crash2Parties

    Well, I guess it's time to raise the level for, "normal" again. I half expect the EPA to announce next that they are going to implement "regional" or even "local" baselines for radiation, in order to, "more accurately depict when levels rise above normal for a given site".

    More info on the Farallons (a "nature sactuary") being a dumping ground 25 miles outside the Golden Gate:


    and this nifty bit from the nih about fish nearby:

    "Tissues were analyzed for several radionuclides (137Cs, 238Pu, 239+240Pu, and 241Am). Radionuclide concentrations for fish mussel tissue ranged from non-detectable to 4,340 mBq kg(-1) wet weight, with the following means for Farallon fishes: 137Cs = 1,110 mBq kg(-1); 238Pu = 390 mBq kg(-1); 239+240Pu = 130 mBq kg(-1); and 241Am = 1,350 mBq kg(-1). "

    Obviously they aren't going to make that mistake again (measuring the actual fish)…

  • So sad so much space was wasted on calinatives whining. Gassers poetry is what it is but I'm curious why someone would be mad at satire rather then be mad at the asshole shortsighted military brass that dumped nuclear waste a scant 50 miles from Frisco. No wonder they dont test the fish. Radiated fish thanks to US gov, Japgov or both.
    Who knows you get a high rad reading near Frisco and blame Fukushima while it could be one of your own nuke subs or aircraft carriers venting. The whole industry is pure evil but good luck prying the nuclear weapons away from the army.

    • califnative califnative

      Thanks for the negative comment Mark, everything was eventually ironed out after a thorough discussion and believe we landed on a positive note. Don't forget to you can always skip through the whiny parts to avoid discomfort.

      Speaking of positive and making a difference in California, Berkeley City Council Passes Resolution at http://www.fukushimaresponse.org/Home.html This a good website to pass on for those who may want to get involved or enlighten others who don't know about Fukushima.

  • rodgersericv

    The plutonium levels are 1000 times the normal level. Plutonium is not a naturally occurring element. Because of its half life any plutonium produced by the supernova explosion that created the debris cloud that formed our solar system no longer exists. Since there is a "normal level" of plutonium this means that the entire Earth has been contaminated by nuclear weapons tests and nuclear reactors. People get cancer from smoking cigarettes because the tobacco leaf concentrates polonium which is produced in nuclear reactors. Most cancer that people get is a direct result of the nuclear industry, in my opinion. The ongoing Fukushima crisis is only going to speed up a process that has been going on since 1945.

  • I for sure wouldn't eat any seafood from the pacific area without testing it! It just isn't safe enough to eat it with reports of sea life dying all over the pacific ocean and a lot of it being attributed to radiation exposure.

    You can see reports that test it locally here:


    Or get your own pocket radiation detector and test it for yourself!


    • Sickputer

      holistic typed these pixels of whole light:

      "I for sure wouldn't eat any seafood from the pacific area without testing it!

      Or get your own pocket radiation detector and test it for yourself!"

      SP: Probably impossible even with million dollar nucleorat-subsidized detectors to verify the safety of any food, just too many nooks and crannies for radiation to hide in organisms. Pocket detectors are very limited on food scanning. Save money and buy South American foods.

      Just strike all GOM and Pacific foods off your shopping list. And farmed or wild caught US inland fish is probably headed for my prohibited list. Too much bad air blowing from Fukuland:


      Wow! How did the Southwest catch a break! I've been slugging down extra apple pectin and sodium alginate for three straight weeks in Texas because we were getting hammered. Gave myself my own version of the Tokyo Trots. 😉

      Nuclear snow in New England today is packing quite a hot punch. Hope you guys got thick raingear.

    • Holistic. You cant detect harmful radiation in food with a hand held radiation detector. You may mean well but please research before you type. Peace.

  • pjrsullivan

    We have been repeatedly attacked with nuclear blast weapons. Our elders from space have pulled all the nuclear blast shots off of us. We are under attack with nuclear waste. To stop this nuclear waste attack we must have the authority to issue our money in our hands. To gain this authority we must STRIKE THEM OUT.

    To survive this nuclear waste war we need to prove that we are a viable life form. To do this we must STOP THE WAR. If labor refuses to act, and the waste war against us continues, we will suffer the health consequences of it over the next few decades.

    To help understand more about the intervention in to our world by our extraterrestrial elders, here is a link. Those supposed meteoroids that are coming in, might they not be something else?


  • unincredulous unincredulous

    Red Hot Chilly Preppers

    Dream of Californiradiation
    Dream of Californiradiation
    Dream of Californiradiation
    Dream of Californiradiation
    They're just another good vibration

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    This article by Wall Street Journal is a clearly intended distraction from the suspected effects from Fukushima.

    The dump has been there for years. What is the news here..?
    Not much other than provide.. San Francisco a baseline indicator.. from which to gage the increases in radiation that will come their way with the aquatic plume expected.
    This will make ..San Francisco..' ahead of the game'..as far as radiation exposure.
    This would apply to any area..like Hanford.
    Where exposures are high…here comes more.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    PS.. I'm glad to see heavy posting on this thread.
    Always good to make use of distraction.. when possible.

  • Phil Shiffley Phil Shiffley

    I experienced a bit of satisfaction with this thread. Everything going wrong out there was being blamed on Fukushima when in reality this danger has been around us in our atmosphere, in our soil through fall out, in our waters for our entire lifetime. It is ubiquitous. The Japanese can be blamed for a lot of mistakes. But I was so relieved to see we were finally looking at our government's part of this global poisoning.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    Yes..this is important..as the situation heats up..and the cowards try to flee further into the woodwork.. more and elaborate distractions are being thought up in the seedy little minds of the pro-nukers.

    How does one get it across to them..that they may think they are making gains building more nukes?
    But they, too..need to choke a little bit before..putting food in their mouths.. for wondering about the contamination level.

    Fukushima is the 'game changer'.
    The sooner they face that.. the better..
    Cowardly thrashing…is time consuming..
    And time is precious.

  • hello all!
    I have to say I am blown away by this comment board. We have some very intelligent and informed people on here! I think we are on the front edge of how our future on this planet will unfold.
    I have read every comment and reply on enenews.
    I moved to Chile. I tell everybody I meet That I moved here to escape the Fukushima fallout for as long as I can.
    Lucky for me Chile is great!
    I think that Fukuishima fallout or The Great Nothing WILL come down here too. Makes me so mad that we trusted so many others to do this to us all.
    I think that it might kill all of us. 3 China Syndromes! remember the movie. One was gonna kill us!
    I do not know how long we have…
    I do not know if moving south will save me or anyone….
    I do know that Chile is a great place to rebuild if we can run south to rebuild human society. Go look on Google Earth at the south of Chile wow!
    We all came from 1500 humans in Africa. We are all the same.

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    Havent caught up with all my reding yet, but had to take this time to thank all of you out there for being right on target as far as my needs go. Have been spending most of this holiday season alone, The Japanese tourists came and went from the farm, my husband took care to them they didn't even come up the hill to meet, think the tour operator was afraid I would spoil their visit to the jungle. Declined from attending the New Year,s Party for the Japanese Society in Belize……as a gaijin I really don!t know how to read the atmosphere.

  • Ya. Plutonium is bad for you.

    To all visitors and the community of ENENews, the following Japan Radiation Citizen Memos are designed to be widely shared everywhere in your local and internet communities. All citizens need to know about Fukushima.

    Japan Radiation Memo to All Citizens PDF

    Japan Radiation Memo in JPEG (for social media upload)

    Vital1's Radiation Memo to Parents

    Doesn't take much. A printer. Scissors. Thumbtacks. For some,
    only a computer. And the simple motivation to share your care.

    It is also requested that everyone who can, please "like" and "share" ENENews throughout your use of social media. https://www.facebook.com/ENENEWS

  • Tung Jen Tung Jen

    No Bo, it is not about being rude it is just that I'm not the kind of person who can keep my mouth shut. These tourist are on holidays they don't want to think about how toxic their environment is back in Japan. I was reeling still over the fact that they cancelled having dinner on the farm for fear of being poisoned by either our water or our food. The Japanese Society has about 25 families here in Belize. 29 years in Japan and I'm still considered an outsider…. in a way I'm thankful for it has allow me the freedom to say what I think without being pressured by the group. my husband isn't as fortunate.

  • sweet pea sweet pea

    what do they mean "times normal" There is No Normal because Plutonium doesn't exist in nature. The leaky canisters of toxic waste dropped into the crack of the San Andreas Fault by the Army Corps of Engineers was on CBS News back in the 70's complete with photos of over sized mussels clinging to the weepy rusted barrels. They've BEEN KNOWING! "The plankton was as big as hub caps" I read in the Bay Guardian over 30 years ago! One day I was bitching about it to someone at a dog park on the bayshore. He said, "My Grandfather was one of the ones who helped dump them. He said, they were sealed so well they Floated so they were shot full of holes" Can u believe it? Didn't the Army Corps of Engineers "engineer the flooding of New Orleans? .. GRRRRR!!! f'ing lying stinking PoD-People!
    Who would jeopardize the human race like this? a bunch of emotionally void Aliens? or just some really SICK mentally ILL HUMANS who don't have the wit of a hamster? Even a rat knows not to shit where they eat !

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