WSJ says “meltdown” at Reactors No. 2 and 3

Published: May 16th, 2011 at 3:39 pm ET


Cores Damaged at Three Reactors, Wall Street Journal, May 16, 2011 at 3:03 pm EDT:

[Emphasis Added]

Substantial damage to the fuel cores at two additional reactors of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex has taken place, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Sunday, further complicating the already daunting task of bringing them to a safe shutdown while avoiding the release of high levels of radioactivity. The revelation followed an acknowledgment on Thursday that a similar meltdown of the core took place at unit No. 1. […]

Published: May 16th, 2011 at 3:39 pm ET


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24 comments to WSJ says “meltdown” at Reactors No. 2 and 3

  • JC

    Ok, we have 3 Chernobyl so far….

  • Cassie

    At what point do the American people come out of their denial and face some reality?

    What will happen when and if this happens?

    (I rarely use the terms Americans and reality in the same sentence, but even the people in this country are going to start wondering about the weather and food suppy?)

    • extra knight

      bad shamwowocracy, bad! too busy with that bananas/airplanes/speedboats false science directive and feelgood load of paperthin corporate media disinformation. bad medicine, bad juju, i know. simple as pie.

      • Cassie

        Perhaps as a species we do not have the intelligence to survive?
        Or perhaps we do not have the emotional strength and courage to face a disaster of this magnitude. Or to prevent it.

        Even the most naive can look at the Fukushima pictures
        and read the reports and know that it is bad, and that we are not being told the truth.

        If adversity builds character, we are facing some character defining moments ahead.

        • mark V

          The existence of this very website with comments proves that we “have the emotional strength and courage to face a disaster of this magnitude. Or to prevent it.”

          • Cassie

            Yes you have a good point Mark V.

            But how many are on this site vs the 7 billion humans on the planet?

            But perhaps there are more of this caliber working behind the scenes. I sincerely hope so.

        • Darth

          Cassie wrote: If adversity builds character, we are facing some character defining moments ahead.

          Character is revealed by adversity is the way it seems to me.

          I have heard it said that “suffering is the fastest horse to wholeness”…

        • t

          “no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”

    • wonders never cease

      Yeah, it’s surreal to see media coverage of all the pregnant celebrities parading around in their designer duds outdoors without a care in S. California. With this news, I wouldn’t be caught pregnant there without a gas mask & lead-lined maternity wear!! 🙁

  • extra knight

    right. and you have a INES level 6 event just on the radioactive discharge going into the pacific ocean near fukushima dai-ichi.

  • Cassie

    typo: made of.

  • coverup1

    heres a link to possible reactor core recriticality.from a flyover from a helicopter.almost reminds me of chernobyl core when the helicopter saw it glow.

  • default.user

    Wir wissen seit Mitte MĂ€rz, dass es drei komplette Kernschmelzen gab.
    Die Frage, die wir uns stellen lautet, ob es das Corium bis in das Erdreich schafft.
    Wir denken: Ja
    Die Neutronenbilanzen der jeweiligen Kerne sind nicht offen zugÀnglich. Das bedeutet, dass wir nicht wissen, wie lange die KritikalitÀten anhalten werden.
    Da das Corium eine Haut hat, kommt das borierte Wasser nicht heran. Das Neutronengift bleibt unwirksam.

  • Cassie

    OK. Here is what I think.
    We in the beginning of disclosure.
    First stage.
    Within a 24 hr period we have press releases,
    Time Mag, and WSJ articles.

    All info that has happened, and somewhat soft peddling
    reality. But some reality non the less.
    They know how bad it is, and they are telling us in stages.

    I prefer the straight truth at the time of a disaster, but if I had to tell 7 billion people across the globe bad news I would probably do it this way too.

    • Cassie

      I am not a engineer, nor a nuclear specialist.
      I am struggling to learn the technical end of things.
      My area of expertise is the social sciences, primarily
      psychology and to a lesser extent, political science.

      I think we are being managed to a large extent in terms of
      disclosure and staging of information. They are upping the amount
      of information right now for some reason.

      • Anthony

        I think you are totally right. I hope they are right we have all this time to casually wait for the roll out though. There are many arms of action going on is what all the info bursts and info conflicts tell me. The *incorrect* ten million reading level was probably right after all, but IT WAS TERRIBLY out of approved disclosure sequence.

        • Cassie

          I think they are sticking to a clear protocol of disclosure.
          And it has been agreed upon by international leaders.
          The deal was further nailed when Hillary visited Japan a couple of weeks ago.

          And yes any information that is out of the parameters will be vehemently denied. We may even be fed some disinformation to keep us confused and off balance. Also paid trolls to shake up sites are common place in such matters.

          And yes there is a great deal of activity behind the scenes that we will only be told about much later.

  • default.user

    Vergesst den Gedanken, dass hier irgendwas gelenkt passiert. Japan ist ein Teil der G8. Der Kapitalismus stirbt gerade. Mit Fukushima Daiichi stirbt die Wirtschaft noch schneller.
    Vergesst Verschwörungstheorien. Es geht nur um das Überleben der Oligarchie. Staaten oder Regierungen sind irrelevant.
    Glauben Sie niemandem.

  • pamela827

    Hey Everyone-

    I just read something about Zeolite being used to absorb the Cesium. The Japanese are using it in the water. Zeolite is a mineral that is in Lava. As it turns out, you can get Zeolite in a liquid form. It is for detoxing from heavy metals. They don’t mention it for removing radioactive isotopes, but it’s worth a try. Just thought I’d pass this info on….

  • MarcinJ

    “The incident is both worse and better than feared / reported.


    The good? Quartiary containment (the dry well beneath the reactor) did NOT fail, and the release of radioactive material appears to be a fraction of what it was at Chernobyl, with most of the material from Fukushima finding its way to the Sea, which has diluted it such that its not really an issue.”