WSJ: Striking fact that many of Fukushima’s reactors are still off-limits — 1,500 microsieverts per hour — Still too dangerous for workers to enter

Published: February 20th, 2012 at 9:32 am ET


Title: Another Look at the Inside of Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Source: Wall Street Journal
Date: Feb 20, 2012

[…] the press got its second peek at the state of the stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant. This account is based on a pool report of the tour, which was made available to foreign press. 

One striking fact was that many of the reactors are still off-limits, with radiation readings peaking at 1,500 microsieverts per hour […]

“It’s still too dangerous for workers to enter reactor No. 3,” said Yasuki Hibi, an engineer with Kajima Kensetsu who heads a team of 50 workers responsible for removing debris, in an interview at the command center inside the Fukushima Daiichi compound. Mr. Hibi said they have to limit work to two three-hour shifts per day.

Read the report here

Kyodo: “The radiation level inside the bus, which journalists were asked to board, jumped to 1,500 microsieverts per hour when the vehicle passed near the No. 3 reactor turbine building”

Published: February 20th, 2012 at 9:32 am ET


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60 comments to WSJ: Striking fact that many of Fukushima’s reactors are still off-limits — 1,500 microsieverts per hour — Still too dangerous for workers to enter

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      retali8, your idea is a great one but you have eliminated the mac users by using a windows only client. Oh well, not many of us here anyway.

      Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

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  • ageezerofgiza

    I like the phrasing "It's still too dangerous …."

    It implies that soon it will be safe enough. But this is Unit 3, so the cause of the readings is plutonium, which never decreases, at least on the human time-scale.

    I guess they will be waiting at U3 reception for a long time …..

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      @ageez… Along the same line, this really hit me:
      "Yasuki Hibi… heads a team of 50 workers responsible for removing debris, in an interview… Mr. Hibi said they have to limit work to <b>two three-hour shifts per day</b>."

      Whoa Nellie: Did you say 6 hours per day in a multi-uSv/hr environment. But what do I know? I'm not a nuclear engineer! Yeehaw!

  • BreadAndButter BreadAndButter

    NHK says:"Reporters were allowed to get off the bus on a hill near the No.4 reactor and see first-hand its building, which was damaged by a hydrogen blast last March.

    When the media visited the plant in November, reporters had to stay inside their bus throughout the tour.

    Radioactivity levels on the hill are now 50 microsieverts per hour. Anyone spending the day there would be exposed to more than one millisievert of radiation, the annual limit for the general public."

    Alright. One day on a nearby hill exceeds the annual limit. And they try to sell us that working at unit 4 is fine.

  • many moons

    That's a "Virtual" cold shutdown for ya!

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "“It’s still too dangerous for workers to enter reactor No. 3,” said Yasuki Hibi…"

    You mean whats left of reactor number 3. I watched the video Yasuki, and that sucker blew sky high. You guys don't even bother to spray water on it.

  • or-well

    Striking fact that'll strike you dead,
    and mess with the
    "fair and balanced" head.
    Run Journos run!
    Back to the office!
    Repeat the Pool report,
    that'll suffice!
    Repeat "cold shutdown",
    "Return to your homes."
    Don't even mention
    how your geigers moan or
    plutonium in bones.
    Look, they're watching TV
    in master control,
    to see which networks
    don't swallow it whole.
    Repeat "Keepin' it stable"
    "Some fuel MAY have melted."
    Help Tepco along with
    keeping Truth smelted.
    Repeat "Reactor 3
    lost some off the top"
    and "There were some leaks
    and maybe some stopped."
    "Thought to" and "could have",
    "appeared to" and "may",
    that's called reporting,
    for that they get paid.
    This report is crap,
    the "Press Club" kind,
    pap for the masses
    they think are blind.

    • StillJill StillJill

      Thanks 'or-well', you help pass the time so nicely,…especially when the NB is thickest!

      • or-well

        StillJill Haha! The NB (Nuclear Baloney [per CaptD?]) is so thick in this one it's enough to drown in! Or is it
        Media porridge
        thin as gruel –
        watered down and
        served to fools,
        plenty of syrup
        from "repeaters" sweet,
        Tepco's in the stirrups
        riding this bronco!
        it's so bad I
        just want to honk-o!

  • ageezerofgiza

    NHK = Nuclear Hara-Kiri news.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    New Tweet I lived just across the Sea of Japan (East See) when #Fukushima began its meltdown. Fearful times. Pics from 1 year out:

  • or-well

    This report is SO bad I don't even know where to begin.
    So I won't.

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    Blind Bat News: Pale Green Horse & Fukushima: Damaged GE reactors still spewing radiation almost a year later!

  • ageezerofgiza

    Do people think that it is significant that MSM has reported this? I mean, an establishment propaganda rag like WSJ saying "too dangerous to enter". Surely this is, to say the least, surprising?

  • aigeezer aigeezer

    From the article:

    "Still, the message from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. remains that the crippled reactors have been tamed.

    “The plant has reached a state of cold shutdown,” said Takeshi Takahashi, Fukushima Daiichi’s new plant manager, who took over in December after his predecessor Masao Yoshida was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. “We will try to allow people (from surrounding areas) to return to their homes as early as possible.”"

    They give the Tepco party line, with perhaps a hint of skepticism. I speculate they are hedging their bets until they see who is likely to win the big energy battles: "reliable nuclear", "clean coal", "plentiful natural gas", or even "unproven alternative sources". Which of the key players advertises in WSJ these days? I notice there are plenty of "clean coal" and "vote American natural gas" ads on CNN now to replace the old Areva nuke ads.

    Watch and wait. Maybe things are changing, maybe not.

  • Fukushima; Is It REALLY In 'Cold Shutdown'? Plus; The Rest Of The Story
    By A Green Road

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    AGreenRoad, thank you for this information, sheds some bright lights on what I've been going through, physically. Now I feel more like a dog than a human.

    Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

  • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

    I'm thinking the doctors here know what's up with fukushitty. In 07 they jumped all over the tiny mass on my right lung, 4mm, and removed it. Now they are ignoring a much larger lesion on the left lung that is painful with every breath. Just want to do follow up CT scans every 3 months telling me that it can't be hurting. They know we have just a matter of months not years before fukushitty hits the fan. No need to waste money on needless surgical procedures. The doctors know, they are preventing panic.

    Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

    • StillJill StillJill

      I'm very saddened to hear this Tumrgrwer,… deserve to be listened to. But,…that's Cali. medical-IMO. We're broke here,….and unless you have Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield,…kiss your arse goodbye. Or,…take your health into your own hands.

      The inferred saunas can extend our lives, if we're willing.
      They have tent or sleeping bag styles, as apposed to "Cabin saunas".
      One tenth the cost. It's better than INSURANCE!

      Bless you my friend,…you are in my prayers!

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        Talking with the pulmonary doctors, I asked if there were anything that I could do to help with the pain or something to shrink the masses. They all shook their pinheads, like bobble heads, no. There has to be something I can do…now.

        Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

        • dharmasyd dharmasyd

          Tumrgrwr. I send blessings and love, and healing vibes, and pain killing vibes. But who am I? NoBody KnowNothing, but I am compassionate. From your description here, that they aren't treating you anyway, I can't see any reason for acceding to more radiation from diagnostics–to find out what about what they already refuse to treat. I'd say, Refuse more CT scans.

      • hbjon hbjon

        Bravo StillJill, big fan of dianetics myself. You inspire me, I will go out a buy one when I get the time. I realize I am no Or-well, but this ones for you. Plutonium comes in your mouth and misleading information comes in at the eye. I can't but help to ask myself, "Why is it they Lie?" I read the Tepco news release and I roll my eyes and I sigh.

    • Tumrgrwer,
      Go here and take a LQQK SEE !

      FORUM: Methods for combating radiation and its effects

      We have posted many helps here

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Tumrgrwer – could you go to another doctor for a second opinion?

    Was that first tiny mass that they removed malignant, or benign?

    Hurting every time you breath does not sound good.

    Where do you live? Are you older, a 'senior citizen'?

    There is such a thing as 'triage' which involves having a priority list for helping certain classes of patients first.

    Older patients might come in low on the list.

    Your point about 'secret/classified information and instructions' possibly flowing to various professionals is a very good one, thanks for mentioning that. It is almost certainly true, generally, but it is up to us to try to guess about the details of the agenda/game plan. We can be sure that there is one.

    • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

      We are talking about Veterans care. I'm to young for this although I did refused the second biopsy because they took over 2 hours to do four of them CT/FNA, was painful, similar to the pain I feel when I breath. Not enough cells to get diagnoses. A second opinion would be great but too expensive as I'm on fixed income without secondary coverages. This is indeed a guessing game bleep_hits_blades but I'm thinking we should have known better. Thank you for your time and consideration.

      Let us be kind, one to another, for we are each of us together in our pain!

      • dharmasyd dharmasyd

        And Vets Care won't pay for this??? The BEETURDS!

        I will try again to be kind to them all because we all, even they, are in this together. But sometimes it ain't easy!

  • Sickputer

    >“The plant has reached a state of cold shutdown,” said Takeshi Takahashi, Fukushima Daiichi’s new plant manager, who took over in December after his predecessor Masao Yoshida was diagnosed with esophageal cancer."

    Scattershooting from SP:

    Fukishima is one of the largest if not the LARGEST nuclear plant in the world and now crippled and certainly not in cold shutdown. It steams radiation into the atmosphere every second of every day.

    Workers can't approach Units 1 and 3 for close inspection because the radiation is so high it even killed the remote controlled robot Quince in Unit 2. They have zero control except for the ability to flood the units with remote-controlled water cannons to try and suppress further explosions from the runaway nuclear fuel,

    This feed and bleed water procedure is the only type of "cold shutdown" strategy Tepco possesses and to keep it up for a decade will be quite a feat.

    Remember the Tepco grand plan to cover all the units with tents by the end of 2011? Unit 1 got a covering…but Units 2, 3, and 4 are too dangerous and so that plan has been abandoned.

    The radiation releases continue unabated and bioaccumulation is going to devastate the Japanese population first…they can not survive another ten years of continuous radioactive fallout easily exceeding a ground level dirty atomic bomb EVERY DAY.

    Soon the trade winds will change direction to the eastward flow and begin for a second year to share the airborne toxins with Canada and the West Coast, but the sidewinds in Japan ensures they always get more than enough radiation to destroy the archipelago.

    The water contamination around Japan is not so quickly sharing…the sealife is sucking in toxins that people ingest. Eating seafood in Japan is a crapshoot with death.

    Blast from the past (last May):

    Especially read the comments below the article…

  • bleep_hits_blades

    @ Tumrgrwer – you are a veteran; did you by any chance get exposed to du ammo?

    Another issue with military personnel is all the injections that you are required to take. Who knows what-all is in these injections – besides the toxic mercury preservative, that is.

    • dharmasyd dharmasyd

      Tumrgrwer.. Please see this important comment brom bleep (just above this). You should definitely explore the horendous chems the USArmy has spewed across it's battlefields. Leuren Moret has devoted many years of her life to researchin DU. Ditto for Dr. Doug Rokke, who was assigned to decontam after Desert Storm, and he became very sick himself.

      Google them for more info.

      • Tumrgrwer Tumrgrwer

        dharmasyd, bleep_hits_blades Thank you for your concern but I was a simple company clerk, had nothing to do with DU. Alot of key pounding was the hardest thing I did in the militry, but yes I was injected with one of those air gun injectors several times for who knows what. I did have spinal meningitis while at Fort Knox. Getting so much radiation from fukushitty that one more ct won't hurt, much.
        And thank you, you have suceeded in being kind many times however hard it's has become. "I will try again to be kind to them all because we all, even they, are in this together. But sometimes it ain't easy!"

        xdrfox, I'm hoping this has nothing to do with my radiation exposure. I was trying to get info from my doctors on shrinking tumors/masses/growths in the lungs. They have nothing but a wait and see atitude nothing proactive. Thanks again, all of you here, in this place, at this time are necessary. Peace to all

  • truthseek truthseek

    Almost a year later, it is still too dangerous for workers to go near and work… Thank GOD they are in cold shut down… Just imagine how bad it would be if they were (not – not) in full meltdown. [tongue in cheek]

  • alasanon

    Wow, that's hot.

    I'm happy to see Chernobyl-impacted regions making impressive offers and outreach to Japan…and Japan is listening up!!! That's smart & essential. Belarus has STEPPED UP and WELCOMES JAPAN, any of their ailing children, etc. Lithuania is quickly sharing ALL its data & resources this year as well. AWESOME!!! 🙂

    The President of Belarus credited Japan with being one of the first countries to help them during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. (cool!) Now Belarus wants to return the favor in a big way…and they're not scared!! These are the people you want on your side!!!! I love Russians & their legendary tenacity. They're incredibly tough and that is great in these situations.

    Japan, it is well past time to call on ALL of YOUR FRIENDS now!!!

    • alasanon

      Including Europe & the U.S.–the whole world needs to join this fight. It's truly AWESOME that Russia/the former Soviet Republic is already joining up and fully ready to help Japan & its citizens, from the heart! :)!

      I think the only way Japan/N.Hemisphere can get this somewhat managed is to bring the entire world in on the objective. And these informed countries rightfully lead the pack! Russia, Belarus, U.S. & co. have been reaching out from the beginning!! They are GREAT friends, esp. when it counts!!

  • PattieB PattieB'ML112970293&#039;

    A must read… all the nasty facts on what's on-going here in the states… the new rad-allowances, and the 3857 radioactive incidents they are not talking about in the states! And many more interesting factoids!