WSJ: Tokyo-area officials say park has radiation levels 5 times higher than previously detected in city

Published: October 14th, 2011 at 6:54 am ET


SOURCE: Radiation Scare in Tokyo Not Related to Fukushima, Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2011:

[…] In the city of Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture, just north of Tokyo, officials said Thursday that a small part of a park in the city recorded elevated levels of radiation, about five times the highest levels previously detected in the city since the nuclear accident.

In both cases, local authorities confirmed elevated contamination after being informed by local citizens’ groups that had measured levels with their own measuring devices. […]

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Published: October 14th, 2011 at 6:54 am ET


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30 comments to WSJ: Tokyo-area officials say park has radiation levels 5 times higher than previously detected in city

  • kx kx

    ahh lots of radium bottles in Chiba isn’t it

  • Whoopie Whoopie

    What NEWS to wake up to:
    House Passes Incinerator Bill That The EPA Warns Will Kill Thousands

  • Ok…
    Here is what I saw happen since june:

    Kan says He was notified by Tepco that he may have to choose between evacuating tokyo or not evacuating…

    Kan did not choose to evacuate Tokyo…

    Then He quit…

    If you still live in Tokyo, You obviously have no sense of imminent danger.

    When your national leader walks away with his tail between his legs. You can only be certain of one thing…

    Shit has hit the fan…

    Take Obama for example. Our economy is completely beyond repair… Yet he is still in office at least ‘attempting’ to do his job…

    If he just up and quit tomorrow. I would move to Canada.
    Cause I would know thats the exact moment he knew that shit had hit the fan…

    Moral of the story…
    Follow the leader. Especially If words like plutonium, strontium and Chernobyl are getting tossed around.

    Has anyone read any news on the radiation levels in the pacific drift lately…

    I Imagine things are getting very very scary about this time… Being the radiation levels reported in July were absolutely phenomenal. (Potential to create an ELE.) It’s no wonder were not getting constant updates from the CoastGuard.

    And Shouldn’t that be the coast guards job. It fits their job description…

  • All I know is I will vote on the next president ellect, that says:

    I will create jobs, by doing complete radiation surveying of every United States City, Replace the Epa with community groups, Thus helping the unemployed get jobs and protecting our citizens. I will Be sure to send Any aid to the Japanese cabinet, including our entire nations concrete supply, Army engineer corps, and Nuclear adversary. At which the Japanese Will be in great debt to us for…
    For their circumstances require the Attention support and wisdom Of every nation abroad… Failing Is not an option for humanity. Today is a day For Truth, A challenge for culture and an opportunity for the greatest nations on this planet, To work together, and Show the universe Just how far we have come… Amen

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      Good luck finding that person TG. Hub and I have decided O will not get our vote. Course, we have a year. If he does something GOOD, then we’ll vote for him. A year is a long time. Please POTUS. Do something GOOD for the people!

      • Whoopie Whoopie

        When he decided to “rein in” Medical Pot just a few days ago, that just SEALED IT for us. Sure, there’s many other issues that ticks us off. Wars ect But that put the icing on the cake. WE better watch BOTH parties and DIEBOLD. Their BOTH acting AGAINST THE PEOPLE. Something smells fishy. Repub stole it before, but now BOTH parties will attempt to steal it again. TOOLS every last one of them.

        • moonshellblue moonshellblue

          I am upset also with Obama, but do you think a Republican would do anything better, or possibly worse? Voting for Cain would be a major blow to our country as he has zero job skills in the political arena and you have to know the game to change the game. Once again it boils down to a choice between two evils but of course you can always toss you vote away on a libertarian, etc. This country needs a strong third party and not the tea party. I will probably vote Democratic as the Republican party is a tad more whacky. IMHO

          • What good is one mans opinion in a house full of idiots.
            (president vs. congress)
            The president is the house puppet… The real presidency is congress its self. The only thing the president does is translate their decisions to the public…

            As far as one can tell the seats of congress are for sale these days. As you wont be elected if you stop any other parties from making profits…

            Hence why so many members of congress are independently wealthy via stocks and bonds…

            They simply take stock in companies like Lockheed Martin, then start a war…

            Talk about a disgusting display of greed, and abuse of power…

            That is my opinion of the entire lot of them. Either party<--- LOL there is no Right party, Because they both collaborate to establish a staged political parade. You think they are working for you. Fighting for you, but in all reality, It has always been for themselves and their financial agendas... He who has the gold makes the rules. Republicans and democrats have one main thing in common. They are actor's. That are driven by greed. You will never see an honest man in congress. Mainly because they are not aloud too be there... Hence why the nation isn't ran by college students. Their crimes would be made public, their profits would be taken away, and their truly kiniving reputations made public... Its a charade a lie and a joke. But as they say, if you even support these individuals, in any fashion. either or any party for that matter.... The joke Im afraid is on you.

          • ocifferdave

            @Taco Magroovey, this sentiment is exactly why so many young people follow Sen Ron Paul with conviction, because he is that lone crusader. I just wish he had a Charisma score of at least 14 instead of 7.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          You could always go to Iran. Although they have no personal freedoms and they have nuclear, they do allow their citizenry to have whatever drugs they want.

    • Mack Mack

      With all due respect, kx asked on another thread if we could all stay on topic.

      People in Japan are relying on information here and don’t have time to wade through off-topic subjects.

      I’m guilty of going off-topic, too. Let’s all be more considerate, and discuss off-topics in the forums.

  • However the presidential candidates will never get a vote for me because instead of focusing on real issues (which they obviously are unaware of). They slam each others political parties and make a mockery of this entire nation of which No one cares to support anymore including our international allies, that are turning their backs and growing independent from us…

    I truly wish that we lived in a country where anyone could run for president. And not be forced to choose between a small hand full of scum bags…

    What is the point in voting.

    Besides President is nothing but (House Puppet).

    A real president would fire every person in congress. First day on the job…

    A simple we saw what you could do, And your fired… Thankyou for your non existent hard work, lies deceit and corruption.

    Have a nice day

    • Whoopie Whoopie

      DITTO. You said it much better than I did.

    • moonshellblue moonshellblue

      I agree but not to vote is claiming defeat and all the people on this board are strong thus I think we should vote even if you want to throw away your vote writing in your choice. We cannot just throw in the towel by not voting. What purpose does that serve? And yes, there are many arguments whether votes even count but at least we have to try. Women fought to get this right and I for one will not forget their struggle to obtain this privilege. JMHO

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      @tacomagroove. Here is a qutoe from your comment: “A real president would fire every person in congress. First day on the job…”
      What country do you live in? In the US the President cannot fire members of congress. They are elected by their constituents. The President is elected separately and has no power over any member of congress. The US constitution was written to avoid a king or dictator and to preserve the power and freedom of individual constituencies. The Senate is elected, not appointed as in Canada and England. The elections take place at predetermined spaces (every 2 years for a member of the House of Representatives, every 6 years for a senator, and every 4 years for a president).

      You shouldn’t vote if you don’t understand the constitution. And I suspect you can’t vote because you are not a citizen of the US and have absolutely no understanding of the basic freedoms in this country.

      If you were a legal immigrant, you would have learned the constitution before being allowed to become a citizen.

      Why would Obama want to get rid of every member of the Senate? Over a majority of the senators support Obama and the Democratic party. Many of the House Representatives support Obama. Why would he even want to get rid of these representatives?

      You are now sounding like a foreign agent spreading disinformation. Americans are taught to be critical of the things that need to be changed in the US. But they are very resentful of those outside the country criticizing matters that don’t concern them. Because many times those criticisms are a substitute for the criticisms of citizens of other countries that they have for their own government, but who don’t have the freedom in their country to express criticism. Please criticize your own country and not mine.

      People in the US criticize Obama because he is not fighting for his campaign promises in many instances.

        • @ Anne.

          We were born in different times.

          World leaders are not what they used to be I am afraid.

          If by now you have not realized that you and every person in america is poor. (Mainly because of the public’s control and attention towards these parties).

          If you Have not realized that the leaders of our government coerce everything from Voting to Wars for profits.

          Then I consider you to be very lucky. Because this system is riddled with lies corruption and deceit. All you have to do is look with your heart…

          Were all poor…

          This entire country is Poor…

          We tax virtually everything…

          That’s impossible, Unless the entire time there has been a mouse in the cookie jar…

          Not a mouse, But a verminous Rat.

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            The reason people stay here and immigrate is that the economic and social opportunities are greater in the US. The poor here have more than the poor in other countries. Anyone who wants to leave this country has the freedom to leave if and whenever they want to. The US has never had to put an iron curtain or walls around the country to keep the population in.

            People immigrated to the US to have religious freedom. They do not want people who pretend to be religious to rule them in favor of a religion whether they believe in that religion or not.

            The US does not have a artificial caste system that divides people based on birth or ethnic choices. The US gives free education for all through the 12th grade, and there are many opportunities for education past the 12th grade, no matter how well the student may or may not have done through the 12th grade.

            As long as these opportunities exist people will keep coming to the US and they will keep defending it against foreign invaders whether those invaders are armed combatants or political racketeers.

            Politicians are voted out of office all the time in the US. Corporations are investigated and executives are put in jail all the time. And corrupt politicians are investigated and asked to resign all the time. Criticism by US citizens and petitions and voting by US citizens bring about change all the time. We don’t want some leader tho makes promises and then delivers something different. Dictators only usher in communism or fascism. The US says and always will say to foreign provacateurs, “No thank you. Please go home and destroy your own country. But leave mine alone.”

          • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

            @tacomagroove. You say, “We were born in different times. World leaders are not what they used to be I am afraid.”
            I am 70. How old are you? What times were you born in?

            Just which great world leaders are you talking about? And what is your opinion of them? And what was your own personal experience of them?

            General platitudes are meaningless and emotion driven and do not contribute to education or knowledge or good judgment.

          • ocifferdave

            @anne, I wish my brain and writing skills worked half as good as yours and I’m in my 30’s. Stoopid TV.


          • @anne I am signing off for now I will continue this conversation with you when I return.

    • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

      GOP memebers of the Congress …are too complicit…the Dems have sold out their party.
      Government epic representing and protecting the people.
      The fact of the matter is there is no representative in government at this time that can be contacted….concerning this matter.
      The Congress…needs to be replaced…
      The sheeple are doing the voting…and they are dumb as logs.
      It’s evident the old political machine…is a failure…revolution and redress are our rights under the Constitution.
      A new form of government…does not imply facsism…or any other “isms” of the past.
      Long Live the Revolution.

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        @Heart, Just what country has already decommissioned ALL their nuclear power plants? Just what country is free of the IAEA and absolutely has no plans to ever have nuclear?

      • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

        The problem of dreaming of utopia is that human nature does not change. Revolution doesn’t necessarily bring change for the good. The greedy and the bullies are before, after, and during a revolution. They don’t change.

        So many people got excited about Obama’s message of change. But how much change did it bring? And of the change that did happen, was it for the better?

        And hoping for a different form of government without any idea of what that government would be is totally mindless. You need to work for specific changes, not just revolution. Rage is animal anger. There is no control and no desirable outcome.

        • Steven Steven

          Outstanding arguments anne, probably not sweet music to everyone’s ears but good solid truths. I realise the debate doesn’t concern my country directly but the issues still apply.

          Revolution is a complicated and dangerous beast, just ask the French (and they ended up more dependent on nuclear power than any other nation!). So often easier, cheaper and safer to fix something that’s broken, than replace it. And no I’m not a ‘counter-revolutionary shill’, hadn’t given it any thought really, but anne made some fine points and now I’m leaning toward her way of thinking on this issue.

  • StillJill StillJill

    WOW,….and YET, BOTH positions are correct-IMHO.

    A Tale of Two Cities,…..”It was the best of times,…(Anne),….it was the worst of times”,….(Emme).

    StillJill comes down on the side of,…..either country we have, or had,….doesn’t matter now,….there’s a death-angel with a choke-hold on her, I’m afraid.

  • dpl dpl

    Would somebody please check the locks on the insane asylum we are in need of a new head of state.
    Smack-Talker Ron Paul is pro-nuke and anti-regulation.
    It’s time for a reboot or whatever they are smoking that makes this Amerikan way of life all seem normal “cashish”.

  • Digilert100 Digilert100

    Ah yes. It’s always the local citizen’s groups that are finding these radioactive areas and reporting them to local authorities. The governments have done all they can to hide this information. But the truth is finally coming out.