Wall St. Journal: Unknown where Fukushima’s nuclear fuel went; Even if found, they don’t know how to get it out

Published: August 18th, 2013 at 8:29 pm ET


Wall St. Journal, Aug 15, 2013: Most of the world may not have noticed, but the cleanup efforts at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant passed a big milestone on Wednesday. A bureaucratic milestone, at least. […] On Wednesday, the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan’s nuclear regulator, officially approved an [sic] plan that lays out — in 3,695 detailed pages — everything from the broad road map that Fukushima Daiichi operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. is following to clean up and dismantle the crippled plant […] Of course, there are still lots of unknowns and unknowables about the cleanup at Fukushima Daiichi — where exactly the melted fuel rods are, for instance, and how to get them out safely. Thus, the plan will be changed and updated as needed in the future, an NRA official told JRT.

RT, Aug 17, 2013 – Christina Consolo, Nuked Radio: We have three 100-ton melted fuel blobs underground, but where exactly they are located, no one knows. Whatever ‘barriers’ TEPCO has put in place so far have failed. Efforts to decontaminate radioactive water have failed. Robots have failed. Camera equipment and temperature gauges…failed. Decontamination of surrounding cities has failed. We have endless releases into the Pacific Ocean that will be ongoing for not only our lifetimes, but our children’s’ lifetimes. We have 40 million people living in the Tokyo area nearby. Read the full RT interview here

More from Nuked Radio’s Christina Consolo here

Published: August 18th, 2013 at 8:29 pm ET


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132 comments to Wall St. Journal: Unknown where Fukushima’s nuclear fuel went; Even if found, they don’t know how to get it out

  • davidh7426 davidh7426

    Maybe they should take out an ad in the papers…

    'Missing Nuclear Fuel'

    If found, please return to Fukushima Daiichi NPP care of TEPCO

    • Offer a CASH reward for return of these lost, cute corium puppies…

      Someone somewhere has found these lost coriums and is feeding them…

      But they will be sold if the money is right!

    • Fukushima Crisis Total Cost 1 to $10 TRILLION Dollars; via @AGreenRoad

      Dr. Chris Busby; Consequences of Burning Radioactive Waste In Japan; via A Green Road Blog

    • Gasser Gasser

      Would Willie Nelson sing it?

      Fukushima, Fukushima,

      The whole day through
Just an old bitter song

      Keeps Fukushima on my mind

      I'm saying Fukushima 
A song of you
Comes as death and fear

      As Corium's shine through the pines

      Other isotopes reach out to me

      Other radionuclides enter tenderly

      Still in nightmare dreams I see

      The road leads back to you.

      I said Fukushima,
Ooh Dieichie, no peace I find
Just an old ELE song
Keeps Fukushima on my mind

      Other ENEnews posters reach out to me

      Other Blogers treat me tenderly
Still in radioactive dreams I see

      The road leads back to you.

      I'm singn' Fook…U…shima,
No peace, no peace I find

Just this new, pissed off song
Keeps Fukushima on my mind
      I said just this new pissed off song,
Keeps polluting Japan on my mind

      • irhologram

        Gasser. I LOVE your lyrics. Very well done. A small change, though? Change the final line from "Keeps polluting Japan on my mind" to "Keeps killing the world on my mind." We have all become ground zero.

      • iso-tope iso-tope

        This one is pretty apt, too by a new artist.

        "Radioactive" – IMAGINE DRAGONS

        I'm waking up to ash and dust
        I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust
        I'm breathing in the chemicals

        I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
        This is it, the apocalypse

        I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
        Enough to make my systems blow
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
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        I raise my flags, don my clothes
        It's a revolution, I suppose
        We're painted red to fit right in

        I'm breaking in, shaping up, then checking out on the prison bus
        This is it, the apocalypse

        I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
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        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
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        All systems go, the sun hasn't died
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        I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones
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        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        Welcome to the new age, to the new age
        I'm radioactive, radioactive
        I'm radioactive, radioactive

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Infrared equipment will show exact location and shape of molten coriums.

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

    Oh they know where it is, but the nuclear world doesnt want to admit its their stinky turd in the swimming pool

    Don't go near the water
    Ain't it sad
    What's happened to the water
    It's going bad

    Brian Wilson

    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

      3695 pages, but no ideas of where and how to deal with it. Its modern art; a book twice as big as the bible. Now let us read from the book of Cesiums 10-9;

      "If you declare with your mouth, tepco is lord and tepco raised the corium from the earth, then you shall be saved"

      A book useful in a nuclear emergency…as toilet paper or to burn for warmth

  • "After all, experts expect the Fukushima Daiichi cleanup could take as long as 40 years." – WSJ article (last line)

    Just a couple of points…

    1. Those same experts said that containment systems could not be breached.

    2. They also lied about ocean contamination, putting many at risk, to cover their own butts.

    IMO – In 100 years they will be saying 3 centuries.
    😉 (sounds better, uses only a single digit too)

    • How long will it take to 'cleanup' Chernobyl?

      They still have not started. What are THEY waiting for?

      How long will they wait, and continue pouring 400 TONS of highly radioactive water into the Pacific, before actual 'cleanup' begins?

      Clearing rubble does NOT = cleanup

  • hbjon hbjon

    If all the fuel has dissolved into the air and water than we surely will bioaccumulate the toxic materials in our bodies. Perhaps only one bad meal from the ocean will be enough to trigger a lethal cancer. Bioaccumulation is the term we will hear much about in the future. Humanity has endured a lot of pollution since industry blossomed and my guess is that this accident may be the spark that causes the flames of putrefaction within all of us. At least for now we can still suck air.

    • We Not They Finally

      Actually, we can't "suck air." Billions of lethal doses of plutonium let loose into the atmosphere, we've probably all "breathed our share" by now. It only takes 1/50-millionth of a gram to kill with plutonium. And yes, it's been air-borne.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        We can suck air ..we will suck air…bring me more air for every body!

        The entire world that surrounds us is clueless as to what is really going on and comes this way…

  • nedlifromvermont

    or biomagnification … or bioconcentration … which brings the toxicity up by two to three orders of magnitude, for every step up the food chain …

    or the physical forces, studied along the Irish Sea, where the toxins evaporate and are deposited from the sea to the land, by deposition of the sea spray … "ocean to land transfer" …

    you definitely don't want to live within one to two miles of the coast of a contaminated ocean, unless you want your chances of getting a cancer to go up by two to five to twenty times …

    they learned all this from studies along the coasts of the Irish Sea, from the British folly at Sellafield …

    … but nobody paid attention, for we did not want to know this …

    and Americans wouldn't build their dream houses right along the coast of a contaminated ocean … or would they?

    … maybe it's best not to tell them at all, (they think in their swanky board rooms; the banksters; the fraudsters)

    "for how else were we to recover our huge speculative bets on uranium mines, ores, mills, conversion plants (to UF6), enrichment plants and fuel fabrication plants?" they ponder,

    Who might have had the power of foresight to abandon this industrial dream turned nightmare?

    Could it have been Coffin (who died in 1927,) or perhaps his son, Ned, who died childless, in 1915, working for his dad's company, in Kansas City, of peritonitis?

    Or was there no way to stop it, and we had to have this curse, this scourge??

    • hbjon hbjon

      The level of foolishness only increases when one is partially blinded by the lure of fortune. When a King is allowed to make decisions that impact the Kingdom, people will suffer. People suffer when tyranny rules the land. These things have been known for millennia, and they remain a constant. People are hired to mislead and misinform folks so that public opinion stays ignorant on the subjects that continue to lay golden eggs for the few. Many people are given a chance to invest in an evil industry so that they're given a carefully constructed conflict of interest to change a potential ELE causing situation. The potentiality of nuclear to cause an ELE is of course very high. That high potentiality remains near the same regardless of any bombs being detonated. The beginning symptoms of ELE's are news blackouts, dying animals, weather changes, and inexplicable health problems and diseases.

  • Gasser Gasser

    Call the NRC irresponsible
Call them unreliable

    Throw in undependable, too.

    Do their foolish alibis bore you?
Well, their not too clever

    They just Nuclear radiated you.

    Call BWR's unpredictable

    Tell them their impractical
Nuclear reactors, their inclined to pursue.

    Call them irresponsible

    Yes, Nuclear reactors are unreliable
But it's undeniably true

    That their irresponsibly contaminating you.

    Go on and call them unpredictable

    Tell NRC that their impractical

    Boiling Water Reactors, they are inclined to pursue.

    You go ahead protest them as irresponsible

    You all know NRC is unreliable
And it is undeniably true
That the NRC is irresponsibly killing all of you.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    This guy is not doing his/their party any favors that's for sure..

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    'Inherited problems
    I'm mentally numb'

    From: Crazy Train
    by Ozzy Osbourne

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Me too…we all are.

    Scramble and Confusion seems to be the norm today….

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    This living Earth can heal through its own physical processes: warmer mean temperatures =widespread wildfires.
    ( Massive fires+radioactive contamination)*n Years [n=any number] =ELE

    Then perhaps an intelligent species will evolve with their own 'so-simple- a-human-could-do-it' jokes…

    • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

      Because of man-made radionuclides, the earth is no longer living. The earth has never had to deal with man-made radionuclides, which only produce death and are destroying the human genome.

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Never said any humans will be here and yes, she will heal, after we humans are all long gone.

        Unless of course we blow her out of the solar system and that might be a possibility and not like all the other dead lifeless planets floating around us and/or the debris cluttering the Kuiper belt and astroid belt..

        We humans may have done all this before in the past..like planet hoppers.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The scientists were afraid that the Trinity nuclear test would blow up the earth. The nuclear industry is still testing the limits of nuclear technology, and won't rest until the earth is destroyed.

          Planetary Explosion Mechanisms
          from Meta Research Bulletin vol. 11#3:33-38 (2002)

          “… Considerable evidence exists that planets explode [[1], [2], [3] and references therein]. This idea first arose two centuries ago with the discovery of the main asteroid belt, and has received new impetus with the discovery of another asteroid belt beyond Neptune. The cited references present the basic observational evidence for planetary explosion events, and promise a later theoretical paper on the explosion mechanism. This is the promised theoretical paper, and is therefore a supplement to the earlier evidence papers, which we will not review here.

          “For our solar system, perhaps half of a possible twelve original planets may have exploded, leaving six original planets and three escaped moons (Mercury, Mars, and Pluto) [[4]]. Classical and dwarf novas are well known to be explosions of invisible companions of a visible star, and are therefore good candidates to be planetary explosions also [[5]]….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          “…This insane scientific tyranny is not only still in power today, but it is even taking far greater risks, causing far greater damage to the biosphere with geo- and bio-engineering, taking far greater leaps into the pestilent mental illness which eats away at their deranged minds to the woe of humankind. To trust them (the scientific-political-banking-military-industrial complex which has usurped the power of our nation) is to trust your executioners. To vote for one puppet or the other whom they present as presidential candidates is to be asleep. It is time to wake up! Their success depends on your continued slumber….
          “How is slow mass-murder by radiation poisoning, immeasurable human suffering and agony, the total destruction of many Pacific islands during 16 years of testing, and the cataclysmic trauma left in living human souls, to be evaluated in monetary terms? How much money is required for a pedophile to give his victims so that justice is achieved? The harm is irreversible….”

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          The Most Powerful Bomb Ever Constructed

          :…the Tu-95 dropped Ivan from an altitude of 34,500 feet over the Mityushikha Bay Nuclear Testing Range at Novaya Zemlya. The weapon's on-board barometric sensors detonated the bomb at approximately 13,000 feet…
          “The mushroom cloud which followed the blast was enormous in scale. It stretched sixty kilometers into the sky, and had a diameter of about forty kilometers. Ionization from the explosion disrupted radio communications for the better part of an hour….
          “Analysis of the explosion showed that the area of complete destruction had a radius of twenty-five kilometers from ground zero….
          “Prior to testing, the engineers replaced a portion of the radioactive uranium with a lead tamper, cutting its explosive potential in half, to a "mere" 50 megatons. Later analysis showed that the fallout from a 100 megaton detonation would have resulted in lethal levels of radioactive fallout over an enormous area.
          “Even at half strength, Ivan was so powerful that it was completely impractical. Much of the explosion's energy radiated upwards into space, and that which didn't was so excessive that using the device on any populated targets world would have resulted in adverse effects on Russian interests….”

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            anne..your brain is on fire!

            Love it!

          • +1 anne

            The UK once exploded a Nuke high in the atmosphere just to see what it would do.

            Afterwords, they thought it wise not to do that one again.

            Ozone damage is my guess. Maybe that's what started the accelerated climate change ball rolling a long time ago.

      • Sol Man

        anne: it is not just the human genome that will be rearranged, it is all of the genomes of every single thing, virus, bacteria, all living things. That is what this level of depravity will achieve.
        No, I should say, "is achieving."
        We're on the road now.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Its like a road show were the acts are changed constantly and what will be the next show is the question?

          Think we will all find out real soon..we must all be patient!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    She has healed before..

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    How many teams of humans were needed to destroy an entire planet?

    One to design them
    One to build them
    One to put them along
    Fault lines

    • What about all those guys firing off DU rounds, being heroes overseas?

      Where are these DU shells built? In the US?

      Where are they stored? in the US?

      Where are they practicing with them? In the US?

      Where are they disposed of? in the US?

      Lots and lots of secrets… no one supposed to know.

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    The moon shines vaguely through a veil
    of smoky haze…

    …the fires continue to rage in California.

    Don't forget to sign the petition to the senate demanding
    an investigation into the effects of the Fukushima radiological

    To medicate, or to litigate..?

    We'll do whatever is necessary!

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    Meditate, or litigate…!

  • MichaelV MichaelV

    A German friend once told me that if all the warheads went off there would only be little "pieeee-ces" left over…

    … good point about the kuiper belt.

    • True, but in turn, they will set off all of the spent fuel pools and nuke puke plants globally, and that will make sure there is no life left on the planet.

      Good luck with going underground for a million years.. Can you store enough food, water and toilet paper for that?

      • Au Au

        My friend was telling me that infertility would increase if living underground for a long time d/t being separated from the moon and therefore interfering with the female/lunar cycle.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Sounds about right..

  • Ann Harris; Exposes TVA, NRC, And NEI Corruption And Coverups; via @AGreenRoad

    Bill Gates Traveling Wave Terra Power Nuclear Reactor Analyzed; via @AGreenRoad

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      The final SALT-Treaty…
      it's when all the nuke-bombs and nukeplants and depleted uranium get recycled and all the uranium/plutonium/thorium gets cycled-down in a bunch of deep-tunneled molten-salt WAMSER-reactors located in the oldest most stable bedrock..




      ..one major problem with this plan, what the heck are we gonna do with all the mega-giga-terrawatts of electric power produced ???

      ..we could reverse global warming, adjust the pH of the oceans back to normal, desalinate all the freshwater we need to recover our aquifers, convert every industry over to electric power, quit mining coal and quit drilling for oil…
      …and we'd still have to hold you at gunpoint until you wrote a 5000 word essay on how you can use MORE POWER !!!!

      BWR-reactors were designed to make bombs and power submarines, the nuke scientists knew in the 1950's that molten salt reactors were a much better design for civilian power production..
      But the greedy geniuses at Godzilla Electric tried to pack 10-pounds of shit into a 5-pound bag when they pawned off the military reactor designs onto gullible civilians.

      Now we have LENR which makes all this trouble pointless..
      Eisenhower tried to warn us about this cabal of idiots in his farewell address Jan-17-1961

      • molten salt reactors have their own problems… lots of accidents, very fickle beasts they seem to be..

        • 21stCentury 21stCentury

          lots of accidents, very fickle beasts they seem to be..

          automobiles, lots of accidents, very fickle beasts they seem to be..

          Molten Salt Reactors buried & operated using the very best dry-cask storage techniques.

          Advanced MSR's can be scaled down & mass-produced in micro-size to the equivalent dimensions of a standard dry-cask storage unit..
          So, the new MSR design becomes essentially a dry-cask with wires attached to the power-grid.
          These are similar in design-goal as TravelingWave, but have some key improvements.

          A dry-cask stays dangerous for a billion years, the only good thing about them is hopefully we park them in the geologically perfect spot, not the politically correct spot..

          A MSR/cask-hybrid is designed to shorten the danger time to a few hundred years if it operates smoothly..
          But, if the MSR/cask-hybrid fails it reverts to being a dry-cask in walk away and forget it mode. If it catastrophically fails it's the same as a leaker dry-cask parked 10,000' deep in sealed dry bedrock.
          We can likely tolerate a 1% failure rate with much less problems than we are facing now with this current no-solution crisis mode.

          there's several hundred young engineers worldwide working on convergence with this concept right now, wish them luck!!

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            Thanks to George Carlin & Remington Arms I just had an epiphany of improved design of the MSR/cask-hybrid ..
            ..if the molten-salt cartridge leaks or is a faulty-dud in any way it will almost always not keep the gun from operating after selection of another cartridge. The entire unit operates sealed in a standard dry-cask style deep repository, with extra guns in the locker as backup if the operating gun has a hard-jam failure.

            • 21stCentury 21stCentury

              Errg, ugh… is there any intellectual property specialists out there who wanna help me out on this, or should I ride my bicycle over to Bill Gate's house and play hide&seek with him again until I find that sneaky rascal.

              • key word = "LEAKS"

                Molten salt cartridge with radioactive materials inside

                Molten salt when exposed to air burns, correct?

                And where does the radiation go when it burrrrrrnnnnnssss?

                • 21stCentury 21stCentury

                  LEAKS & Unintended Consequenses..


                  Well, I'm glad I piqued your interest here..

                  Hopefully you're playing the devil's advocate here, trying to get me to write a thorough roadmap to solving the troublesome relationship between mankind and actinides.

                  I probably have not seen all your comments on this subject in the past 6hrs, so I will probably not fully satisfy all of your apprehensions here right now.

                  Maybe you're standing too close to the mountain and you are looking through the wrong end of the binoculars ??

                  We have a huge manmade actinide mess to clean up worldwide, we cannot afford to walk away from it and trust nature to do the job for us. We have already swallowed the poison by accident and are faced with the choice of waiting to die, or to induce vomiting which is really messy & inherently dangerous, or we can quickly invent and use a stomach-pump that contains the poison and processes it for best resolution & utilization.

                  George Carlin would know actinides are not inherently bad or good, they just ARE, and it is humans who are fucked because they're too stupid to know how to coexist with them… it's like using poison-ivy for toiletpaper, it makes you wanna spray a zillion gallons of glyphosphate all over everywhere out of revenge, dumb idea.

                  Yes, the stomach pump can leak, but do you drive a car on the road?
                  I have never cause a serious road accident myself, but have been in a few near fatal wrecks, yet I still drive my…

                  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

                    ..yet I still drive my motorcycle in heavy highway traffic.

                    We are tasked with cleaning up a anti-personnel minefield of actinides.

                    I'm laying out plans for a massive environmental cleanup project, and luckily this process provides a dividend windfall of excess electricity with even less overall extra risk than just using dumb billion-year dry-cask storage.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    You can't vomit out plutonium breathed in your lungs, or after the plutonium has migrated to other organs.

                • 21stCentury 21stCentury

                  Actually when molten salt is exposed to air it does not burn like a zirconium-fire in a spent fuel pool.. yes there is some smaller amount of gaseous emissions when exposed to atmosphere, but my plan is to keep all this crap buried 10,000 feet deep under bedrock and operate the storage facility in dry-nitrogen sealed controlled atmosphere.

                  This facility will be much safer than all of the thousands of square miles of NATURAL surface deposits of uranium/thorium found in places like under the tobacco fields of Virginia.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    "This facility will be much safer than all of the thousands of square miles of NATURAL surface deposits of uranium/thorium found in places like under the tobacco fields of Virginia." This is a blatantly false statement. Pseudo-science and false propaganda isn't going to solve the problems of nuclear energy.

                    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

                      prove it's blatntly false..

                      ..you're blowing counterproductive over-reactionary smoke screen sweetheart.

                      I'm engaged in an environmental cleanup planning project, and you seem to be accusing me of being associated with terrorists or some such nonsense.

                  • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

                    Problem is, molten salt is extremely corrosive and will quickly corrode any primary nuclear containment.

                    All molten salt reactors have failed in the past and Santa Susanna is the most lethal of the nuclear meltdowns in the US.

                    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

                      yes, I know molten salt is extremely corrosive, and so is the lead-acid battery in your car.. have you eveh had a lead acid battery blow up in your face and eat a hole in your corneas ?? .. I have more than once, and twice it was working on a "supergreen solar electric project"..

                      Not all molten salt reactors have failed, just the ones on your list.

                    • Having a battery blow up in your face, not once, but at least twice, doesn't seem very smart for someone as well schooled as yourself.
                      (protective goggles might have helped)

                      At least it didn't damage your DNA or chromosomes.

                      😉 Comparing cars accidents, or anything really, to Nuclear Power is an illogical misdirection from the truth.

          • We wish they would stop, immediately!

            Think about it… tons of radioactive material spread all over the globe in small amounts.

            Unintended consequences will ALWAYS happen, especially around nuclear materials.

            First, what are terrorists going to do with this invite, assuming hundreds of thousands of these are buried all over the world near villages way out in the country?

            They HAVE to contain uranium and/or plutonium. No thorium reactor can operate without these.

            Terrorists response?

            Gee, what a gift.. Guess we can make a dirty bomb out of this or get into it and extract the usable bomb making materials and do it for real.

            Thorium Nuclear Bomb Proliferation Risks; via @AGreenRoad

            Thorium Reactor Fort St. Vrain Power Station Experiment Failed; via @AGreenRoad

            • 21stCentury 21stCentury

              I wish wimps would quit all the needless deceptive whining about TERRORISTS… terrorists are just expendable assholes, and assholes are losers who hang out with manipulative psychopaths.. every town in the world has people like this.

              I have a longtime neighbor and good friend who is a bipolar sometimes violent psychopath, a self-made 50-millionaire if you believe his story.. he still owes me 20% of his profits, but I'll never see it.

              Radioactive Contamination is mostly caused by idiot humans, but if you get your panties in a twist about it then it's YOUR mental health problem.

              • Have you ever seen a terrorist threaten to blow up a solar panel, a wind power generator, or a tide power generator? NO, never will.

                There have been instances of terrorists threatening to blow up nuclear plants, and it only takes ONE success to ruin and bankrupt a whole NATION.

                What kind of risk are you entertaining that people take on?

                Terrorists are everywhere… that is the point, we need to design society so that if they do their worst, society goes on, and a whole nation does not have to pay for one crazy terrorist psychopath going loony in a breeder reactor facility, causing it to blow up, melt down or catch on fire…

                • Cerviche

                  "Have you ever seen a terrorist threaten to blow up a solar panel, a wind power generator, or a tide power generator?" that comment made me laugh lol good one btw, never will hear about that for real.

          • Ok, lets go with this theory that they so safe, that there will be MILLIONS of nuclear powered cars with this technology…

            Accidents? Who cares, it is only 1%… of MILLIONS of them.

            Imagine; two nuclear powered cars collide at high speed on the freeway, in the middle of downtown LA or Tokyo, releasing the contents of these nuclear 'cartridges' which leak molten salt and whatever else into the air.

            uh oh.. small wee leak, plus radiation and fire and smoke…

            No worries mate, got that handled too..

            Handy dandy nuclear powered vacuum cleaner coming right up.

      • Jebus Jebus

        "one major problem with this plan"

        it involves more stupid humans who think they have the next nuclear technology to make a buck off of, when nature has given us all the power we need, free…

        Splitting atoms and cells dividing can not coexist on earth…

        • "We can likely tolerate a 1% failure rate with much less problems"

          1% failure of 100,000 of these spread all over the planet, every year?

          Who is the 'we' that can tolerate this? Who is deciding that for all of humanity?

          Who is it that is voting for a more radioactive future, with buried nuclear waste strategically placed EVERYWHERE?

          Burying this 10,000 feet down, with wires coming to the surface? Sounds good for the groundwater too… especially in case of 1% failure.

          Kind of like fracking is a great idea, also lots of benefits for the groundwater.

          Why not miniaturize them even more and implant them in the brains of those who think this is a good idea? Plug in wires to whatever needs power right from the brain..

          Go to sleep at night, plug your brain into the house and recharge it. Plug your brain into the car during the day, go to work. Plug your brain into your computer during the day.. problem solved.

          1% failure rate? No problem, it is only the true believers that experience the consequences, not the whole globe.

          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            Your counter argument here is having a 1% success rate with me here this morning.. No, I will not allow you to pigeonhole me as a "true believer"..

            I have some good useful experience in environmental cleanup which is connected to my experience as a goldminer.
            goog: mercury kuskokwim

            Barometer Mt at Red Devil on the Kuskokwim is a huge NATURAL cinnebar/mercury deposit on a large river feeding the Bristol Bay fishery watershed..
            I have already written a 1000 page mercury reduction plan, to keep the mercury out of your favorite sockeye salmon.
            I see the task of cleaning up Fukushima and Hanford as the same category of engineering problem.

            200million years ago there was a NATURAL atomic energy disaster that happened in Africa (CRS…Ghana?) It originated in a concentrated alluvial thorium uranium deposit with possibly a meteor involved and wiped out zillions of animals and tweaked the DNA of all the species in the area, and not long after that early hominids began to evolve nearby.

            I think you drank too much coffee this morning and are chattering about nuke-powered toothbrushes too much.

            • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

              Do you have a link for this theory? I doubt very much that you would find consensus agreement. And who has done the plutonium readings in the area lately? And just how long ago was this supposed to have happened?

              Killing off all humanity doesn't seem to me, IMHO, to be a very gentle or moral solution. If you want to reincarnate as an early hominoid, go for it. But please don't consign anyone else to your "dream".

            • m a x l i

              "200million years ago"…"not long after that early hominids began to evolve"…

              Wow, that would be a scientific sensation! You probably want to think this over. Otherwise it could turn out, that those hominids wiped out the dinosaurs. Makes even sense.

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    It's gonna be a mining operation…
    Welcome to the TEPCO Uranium/Plutonium Mine

    Micro Tunneling…

    Vertical Shaft Sinking Machine (VSM)
    Compact shaft sinking technology for all ground conditions

    The Fukushima Fracking Flustercluck…
    goog: uranium fracking
    goog: activated water
    goog: supercritical water
    goog: radioactive graphene

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    You love this guy..no worries!

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      No Worries here on the Big Electron..
      Thanks for being here a little while with George Carlin tonite !!

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        Love George Carlin…he had a way of exposing all our insanity.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          Hi obewan , i love and respect genius george , but on this episode i disagree with him , too uni-linear thinking …

          "Its been like this and therefore it will continue like this.."

  • Nigwil

    Corium can move long distances…
    At Chernoble they know where it is, at Fukushima they have no idea where it all is, except for the bits that were blasted all over the countryside in the first week.

    A total mess.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      Yes, immediate international action is required..
      except for one problem, we must NOT invite the idiots from around the world who caused this flustercluck at Fukushima, everyone who has promoted energy and weapons from actinides..
      ..we all know who they are.

      psychopaths & actinides..
      a good title for your next movie

      …in loving memory of George Carlin

      • "4) unreliability;
        5) untruthfulness and insincerity;
        6) lack of remorse or shame;
        7) inadequately motivated antisocial behavior;
        8) poor judgment and failure to learn by experience;
        9) pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love;
        10) general poverty in major affective reactions;
        11) specific loss of insight;
        12) unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations;"

        from link above

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    He will be missed..

  • NoNukes NoNukes

    They know exactly the location of what's left of the corium blobs, they are the hottest things on earth. Maybe one purpose of the repetition of this lie is to convince us that it is not already in our bones, not already in our hearts.

    Obama originally said that they *knew* it would not do harm to Hawaii and the West Coast. That was written to communicate the opposite, that the West Coast was the only place it would affect, like "Don't Think of An Elephant." Of course, the plumes circle the globe, come down and down in the rain, snow, etc., in most all life in the Northern Hemisphere.

    Now they want to convince us that they don't know, that we aren't being poisoned with their knowledge. Of course, we are.

    • do no harm..

      Well, it depends on the interpretation.

      If he means 'do no harm' when it comes to the rocks and boulders, he is probably right.

      But if he is talking about no harm to skin bags, plants and sea creatures, then he is a tool of the nuclear industry, nothing more.

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Yes you have been lied to since the day you were born and it is what it is.

  • PhilipUpNorth PhilipUpNorth

    When the truth about Fukushima becomes widely known,
    as it will in only a little while,
    will all we ENEnewsers feel vindication?

    I was thinking this weekend that I would only feel sadness.

    Then I remembered:
    In a billion years, or two,
    When the sun goes nova,
    And swallows up a burned Earth,
    And ejects Earth's atoms into far space,
    At that moment all will be cleansed,
    As if none of this happened.
    The essential perfection of the Universe will have been restored.
    For it cannot be otherwise.

    So now I am thinking that I will continue to feel satisfied with the state of the Universe.

  • saltyfishlvr

    WOW, a 3,695 page plan to end the nuclear apocalypse! No doubt, it is little more than complete and utter BS. There is no way in hell they can make "plans" for the future, until they learn how to deal with the present!

    Missing cores – calling BS on that too! Whatever happened to that new specialized equipment, that would show them where the cores were? They touted this a few months ago, and not a word since then.

  • Dr. Ernest Sternglass PhD; Childhood Cancers/Deaths Caused By Nuclear Power Plants; via A Green Road Blog

    How Cesium And Strontium 90 Kills Children (German w English CC) via A Green Road Blog

  • rockyourworld

    my guess is the cores are barreling their way thru the planet and the planet will blow apart into outer space. you dont need to be a nuclear physisist to figure it out.

  • rockyourworld

    and hopefully before the radiation kills off the food chain. i hope we go quick like

  • rockyourworld

    anyone see all the earthquakes in ca today? maybe the cores are traveling somewhere under california today after passing under new zealand. if they hurry maybe they can catch them. lol

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    I've got more important stuff to do than debate with a dogpile of greenies… see you all later.

    I'm a doer, not a worrywort.

    • Steve_G Steve_G

      Your characterization "a dogpile of greenies" of we who care about this planet and it's potentially lethal contamination, at the end of the day, finally reveals your thinly disguised contempt.
      You sir, can kiss my ass !!!

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        And you sir can kiss the 300+ tombstones of all my family and friends who have died from living downwind from Hanford, or have been exposed to depleted uranium ordinance in goofy warfare.

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          If you have 300 tombstones just think what others must have…

          I am in the wrong business and I should be making and selling tombstones instead.

          The very sick twisted reality is that our own Civil Governments allowed "all" this to happen and the grave diggers have been making a killing in the background without subsidies.

          To think they will even make more money in the near future and I think I am starting to feel some contempt myself but concerning civil governance since its been so wrong, on so many levels…so, so many times

  • Maybe it would be a good idea for you to think about seven future generations, and what you are leaving them with, even if the radiation in your 'dream' machine only lasts 300 years, which we highly doubt..

    All REAL projections are that the radiation from thorium reactors will be no different than any other reactor, due to plutonium and/or uranium in the mix.

    You will be responsible for the same thing that all other nuclear apologists are responsible for, but refuse to look at; shoving the unsolved nuclear waste problem onto 7 times 700000 future generations of YOUR children.

    This is NOT green.. It is just basic facts. It is just loving your children and their children enough to CARE.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      Dr.Goodheart.. one last word with you on this subject today before I get busy with chores..

      I only have a vague idea of who you are by glancing at your blog for just a few minutes.. I give you warm feelings and good kudos for much of the work and efforts of your endeavour..

      You don't know who I am except from what I have written in enenews..
      ..maybe you missed my previous comments about the many years of effort I have already accomplished being a leader in the resistance to shut down SatsopNPP & retire TrojanNPP early. I started doing environmental watchdog work on Hanford in the early 1960's when there was only a handful of us against all odds. I have always operated in secret like The Phantom.. too many times I have been threatened and assaulted and framed for BS I did not commit… even being accused of being a pedophile because of my anti-nuke commitment since 1959.

      I am likely a thousand miles ahead of you on this trail toward clean energy and clean environment.

      I have read the entire PESwiki-directory and some of the energy pioneering work listed is of my own efforts.

      I have effectively stalled some of the messy Canadian TarSands bitumen/gas pipelines because I'm a pipeline industry insider, not a protester at the gate.

      I have found much more success by depolarizing my attitude, and working for greater efficiency in the industry I once despised.

      • 21stCentury 21stCentury

        Most of you rabid anti-nukers have a limited education and hands-on work experience in industry at large. Many of you are unaware that a switch from crude-oil based feedstock petrochemical to hydrogen-rich light-alkanes feedstck petrochemical will totally displace any need for nuke-power. Methane is a mystery to most of you still.

        solar, wind, etc is just tiddlywinks for farmers, it has it's nice solid place in the sun already..


        what do you know about advanced theoretical physics?
        Dr.Mills's work on Rydberg-hydrogen just scratched the surface..

        What do you know about LENR & Zero Point, beyond what you can google up and look smart with copy&paste ??

        I'm currently building a simple robust cleanenergy hi-power ship propulsion engine that has no piston, no crankshaft, no propeller to whack a whale with.. it can run on LNG, or it can fuel itself with the floating plastic garbage in the sea.

        A funny thing happened on the way to Yucca Mt. when we realized that the best way to clean up nukepukemess is to finish what we started in a sophisticated intelligent reversal of industrial design, and we STILL GET MUCH MORE ELECTRICITY THAN THE ORIGINAL SALES BULLSHIT FROM GODZILLA ELECTRIC, with not any more risk than cleaning it all up with kotex's and a soupspoon into zillion year dumb dry-cask storage in a stupid-ass place like Yucca, Carlsbad, or Hanford.

        • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

          That's wunderfull and appreciated and all , but i fail to see a logical reason or excuse too insult us from a high horse Mkay .
          We uneducated rabid antinukers got stalked and threatened also, so there must be something we are doing right..if you wanne look down on us , go away..
          If not , stay..

          • hbjon hbjon

            It's out of insecurity and fear of the unknown. If you step into a room and kick over a bunch of chairs, label everyone idiots, and tell everybody how smart and famous you are, maybe people will listen to you. Talk is cheap these days unless it is a speech on caring for the sick, mitigating the toxic releases, or solving problems in the short term. Perhaps the genius can suggest something that buys us a little time?

          • DUDe DisasterInterpretationDissorder

            Hi hbjon ,
            Out of cronic insecurities i have made many dumb social mistakes in my life , but i try not to accept it as my attitude ,
            and i kick my own behind whenever i need too lol
            Then try again..

            peace !

            • hbjon hbjon

              Peace. Yeah, Bad attitude can be a reactive mind behavior flying out of the subconscious. A manifestation of pain and fear.(bump) Now, this is a conversation in which we must engage the analytical part of our mind to address a very pressing situation that threatens the very existence of mankind. Sometimes what we say is very unpopular with the status quo, but let me say this. "It is better to be honest and tell the painful truth than it is to approach each story like it's a popularity contest".

        • Anthony Anthony

          That`s pretty rude. From average Joe`s perspective it is the educated fools who fucked the shit out of the world and our lives.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          LNG liquefied natural gas. What's so wonderful about that? Contributing to climate warming will raise the level of the ocean and flood reactors by the ocean with sea water which is very corrosive and will destroy the electrical systems needed for cooling nuclear reactors. Multiple nuclear meltdowns. Does this sound wonderful to you? Not to me.

          And methane in the air will also kill off everyone when they can't breathe and contributes to global warming even more than CO2. Nuclear power plants also contribute to global warming even more than CO2. And they can't coexist with global warming.

        • Dr. Anne Lee Tomlinson Maziar anne

          LENR or cold fusion has never worked and never will.

          • AlainCo AlainCo

            where did you get that information?
            You repeat the data from MIT… caught tweaking data to hide a success, by their publication manager?
            In Nature, who refused Report 41 Deninno, because there was no Room (it show that heat anomaly and helium production are correlated).
            See how they dumped the paper of Oriani while it was positively peer-reviewed.
            get the real data from honest people.

            It was replicated a thousand time by various time, not only about heat, but about tritium,abou neutrons (less tha hot fusion).
            The best exact replication is in 1997 by Longchampt in CEA.
            McKubre replicated it with isothermal calorimetry.
            BARC and Amoco detected tritium.

            today ENEA and NRL works together to underatdn the triggering factors.

            today there are 3 independent reports of industrial level power by Brillouin (SRI), Defkalion (Nelson), and E-cat (Elforsk).

            National Instrument publicly stated (In a EU conference in brussel, and in from on italian parliamentarian in Rome) that they found 180 good reports of cold fusion , and the asked 10 labs to do their own experiments in double blind.

            since then in NIWeek2012 there was 5 presentation around LENR, some scientific, some commercial.
            This year they sponsored ICCF18 in University Of missouri.
            University of Missouri host that conference because Robert Duncan was hired to debunk LENR for CBS, and have seen it was real.

        • irhologram

          21st. I respect where you're coming from, but you're dead wrong to buy into the "I'm working it from the inside" angle. For example, you bought into "SOLAR isn't efficient." And now you are spreading that disinformation here. If NOT, then why is Ameren converting all its nuclear facilities (Read: Fulton) to (most likely) solar, although wind is being evaluated. Are you aware that in a couple of years thousands of folks will get solar SPRAYED ON THEIR WINDOWS that is 10 times more effective than current solar and said to be AFFORDABLE? I think you may still be able to sign up. See links below.

          Solar stuff…




          • 21stCentury 21stCentury

            irhologram.. I respect your fair&square question, thanks.

            Yes, thx for the links, I'm always fascinated by latest innovations. I have been living off the grid at my own property since the mid-80's. I often live on sailboats doing solar&windpower too. And have spent a few -60F winters in the Alaska bush living over 100 miles from the closest powerlines.

            In the late 1970's I was a co-owner of a solar biz in cloudy rainy PacNW.. we kept quite busy installing a full range of many types of solar equipment. Photovoltaics was still in it's infancy then, but we sold PV-panels too, and had the first shipment of recycled used PV panels from commercial California solar shipped to Seattle. Much of our product line was solar-thermal water&air we manufactured ourselves in our own facility. We designed & installed our own solar-heatpump systems that reduced residential & lite-commercial power bills by 90%, this earned me some death-threats from some alcoholics who worked for the power company.

            Industrial-scale solar is still heavily subsidized by govt, and I still find it hard to design an off-grid metal-foundry induction furnace that doesn't burn diesel-fuel, coal or gas.

            Yang's sprayable solar paint is fun, and it's TiO2/nanosilver which is close to direct solar-hydrogen tech for eliminating batteries with micro-fuelcells.

            split wood not atoms

          • "can be sprayed on to glass at room temperature;
            Generate electricity from both natural and artificial light sources, outperforming today’s commercial solar and thin-film technologies by as much as 10-fold; and
            Measure less than 1/10th the thickness of ‘thin’ films (only 1/1000th the thickness of human hair).
            Our SolarWindow™ technology — capable of generating electricity on see-through glass windows — is under development for potential application in the estimated 5 million commercial buildings in America (Energy Information Administration) and more than 80 million single detached homes."

      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown

        21 century ok where is YOUR free energy machine? What do YOU know about advanced theoretical physics? Digest the Correas yet? Throw out your old Bearden books? Really, its hard to figure why you would come here throwing around your big self proclamations, belittling the others. If you really have the goods, dont just swagger. Start with your ship propulsion…that gas engine without piston crankshaft or propeller. Going to ionize gas with gamma for some magnetohydrodynamics? Solve that efficiency and high temp problem? I have no doubt your a big man, a genius…so now show us

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    I guess that makes you a "Greenie Super Hero" in disguise…Excellent!

    George Carlin always rubbed most people the wrong way, but for some reason most laughed anyways.

    Everyone always thinks there good looking too, until they actually look in the mirror, and George as a genius always made us look directly in the mirror. He was way ahead of his time and he knew it.

    He tried to warn us all of many things in his twisted sense of comedy and yes that eventually Mother Earth will shake us humans off this Earth just like a case of bad fleas and he is correct.

    The only thing he forget to include was that every flea left.. will be sick and dying when it happens.

    We all have to face or biggest fears at some point and he had a way of softening that reality for us and his genius will be missed at least by me.

  • Cerviche

    Here before us is a spectacle of illiteracy which exists in todays society, do you even know what the process is of creating energy from a nuclear power plant?, they are using a beyond lethal material JUST to boil water to create steam to power some turbines to create the equivalent of not that much power increase of less than a double digit percentage….. meanwhile the depleted cores are good for weapons grade material which will go into storage to be used at a later date… they TELL people like you that they are creating clean energy and employment for the region and it will bolster production and energy distribution while providing a SAFE and RELIABLE service…. wrong, how SAFE and RELIABLE is it now or has it been since Chernobyl?, cancer is now a "naturally" occurring plague and birth defects are rampant since the mid 1940s, the American government has poisoned its people and the world since the 1940s and is continuing to do so with the same ingredient used for the most lethal and effective weapon of mass destruction in human history. I am sorry for your fellow countrymen that have to suffer alongside the stupidity of individuals like yourself Mr. 21st Century, chances are you would be EXTREMELY lucky to even survive what your name even means. Go back to humping that govt toy that they keep shafting the people with.

    • 21stCentury 21stCentury

      get a clue Cerviche.. you are mistakenly looking down the barrel of your own gun.. try studying my dialect of westcoast-US english a little more, maybe you'll understand that I'm 180-degrees opposite from the things you say about me.

      • Cerviche

        If thats the case then apologies are in order, but what are the people besides us that are talking about it doing about the situation? from your experience what are the reaction of those you talk to about this outside this chat?

      • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

        What was he thinking? Now lets all place nice boys and girls!


        Hey buddy! What?

        Has anyone seen Bobby?

        WE all are named Bobby you fool..

        • Cerviche

          Hey im not American so the play eluded me, i should be excused for that one

          • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

            Yes, your excused and no harm intended, since we need everyone on this ongoing journey…we are one!

            We must all.. that are aware and not in a deep sleep.. kick ass!

        • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

          Now there is no way I typed place..oops ..Now lets all "play" nice boys and girls.

          I got so many people in this computer..I can't keep up with them all..

  • 21stCentury 21stCentury

    Obewan.. Thanks for the party with DarlinGeorgeCarlin..

    Over the years I have had the pleasure of sharing a drink with many of the celebrities on the westcoast, and I'm happy you remind me of the time George and I staggered out of a bar together looking for our cars in the parkinglot.

    ..thanks again buddy !! PARTY ON !!

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Wish I was there!

    Party on!

  • When Reactor 3 exploded, it hurled an amazing amount of debris into the air. I always thought that explosion had to do more damage than TEPCO or anyone for that matter said it did. I still believe that it was a nuclear explosion as well. There was no doubt in my mind that the reactor core and containment had been breached. I did not know for sure about reactors 1, 2 or 4. However, there was no doubt in my mind that #3 had to have caused massive damage and release of radioactive materials into the atmosphere. Additionally, I think a lot of fissionable material was propelled into the Pacific.

  • Jebus Jebus

    The only reason that we, "Joe and Jane Public" do not know where the coriums are, is because that would put a period at the end of nuclear power.

    As for those who profess to be someone greater than others, in this struggle to survive, your presence on this aggregate news blog, tells a truer tale, than your masticulation…

  • A claim was made that renewable energy such as wind is not cost effective..

    Scroll down through the various categories and get informed about the reality, rather than the myths and spin thrown around by mass media.

    Holistic Living, Health, Environment And Renewable Energy