Xinhua: Gov’t says “waters in China have been affected by the radioactive materials” from Fukushima — Contamination levels higher than what Japan claims

Published: August 16th, 2011 at 2:49 am ET


Radioactive materials from Japan found in China’s waters, Xinhua, August 15, 2011:

China’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA) said last Friday (Aug 12) that waters in China have been affected by the radioactive materials leaked from the crippled nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

Last month, the SOA said in a statement that the level of cesium-137 in samples collected from western Pacific waters is 300 times the usual level, and strontium-90 10 times . […]

In the latest statement for media last Friday, SOA said that areas polluted by Fukushima plant are larger than what the Japanese had claimed […]

Published: August 16th, 2011 at 2:49 am ET


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20 comments to Xinhua: Gov’t says “waters in China have been affected by the radioactive materials” from Fukushima — Contamination levels higher than what Japan claims

  • godzuki

    Not about china, about America…

    Read the accidents section… In July, 1959, the site suffered a partial nuclear meltdown that has been named “the worst in U.S. history”, releasing an undisclosed amount of radiation, but thought to be much more than the Three Mile Island disaster.

    It was mentioned recently on kyodo news… Worth looking at for west coast Americans if you hadn’t known, though is very long time ago…

  • Noah

    Round the world, the truth gets out

    Cesium-137, Strontium-90 accumulating in the Pacific then circulating around the world.

    All nations depend on the oceans for their food supply, directly and indirectly. As go the oceans so goes the food supply.

    I am surprised that China can stand by and watch the beginning of the end of their food supply.

    If there is any cause for action, this should be it. If they do nothing they are worse than fools.

    • Steven Steven

      “There are 13 nuclear power reactors in operation in China. The World Nuclear Association last week said China has more than 25 nuclear power reactors under construction, and more about to start construction soon.”

      “there has been a quickening of the pace of nuclear-power development in China in recent years, including an official target of about 70 nuclear reactors in China by 2020.”

      • shockwave shockwave

        Yeah, that’s really scary.

        All the heads of nations are moronic nowadays.

        They always choose the “easiest” way.

    • shockwave shockwave


      First, I don’t think China has been affected more than US. They are upwind. This news is somewhat misleading.

      Second, even if Chinese want to take action, the US military won’t let them do.

      I hate politics involved when the catastrophe like this happens.

  • James Tekton James Tekton

    Sure looks like blatant disregard for human life. Knowing this, maybe they should just blow this mess off the map?

    Seriously though, what can be done?

    We all know this is some kind of twilight zone because this sure is not real when the babalonians are actually getting away with their blatantly in our face population control agenda of a 90% reduction in the human species.

    That means almost all of us.

    Talk about terrorists. Go war on those terrorists that are killing off everything in the world with this out of control catastrophe in Fukushima and covering it up!

    What the professionals need to do is put a list of things to do to fix this together and lets all mail it off the to the Japanese govt and people…like sooner rather than later maybe?

  • shockwave shockwave

    This news is misleading.

    I read and reread. It’s seems wantchinatimes’ report contradict it self.

    Not “WATER IN CHINA”, but “WATER IN THE SOUTHEAST SEA OF JAPAN”. China only sent a ship there to take water samples.

    Under current circumstance, I think people need truth, not some man made, far-fetch, secondhanded nonsense.

    I wanna see the original words of XinHua. Who has the link?

    • john lh john lh

      This is the news in English.

      no exactly from where they took all those water samples,just close the Fukushima or starting from China cost.

      Remember the other in China, they found 90+% families in Shanghai has radioactive level exceeds the official standard.

      here is the link:

      • arclight arclight

        article is vague but does use the words “could have”…and they did test chinese waters and used the word could….i am thinking of the swirling currents in those areas and i am thinking that they had unspecified readings in chinese waters (not good for the chinese fish industry nor the russian either… thanks for that post john lh

        “The statement said that the administration has sent professional personnel to the western Pacific and the southeast of Japan’s Fukushima waters to monitor the impact of the crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as well as to China’s territorial waters.

        During the 18-day voyage, Chinese professional personnel monitored waters of 25.2 square kilometers, and the monitoring team collected air, water and biological samples from the spot areas.

        In the latest statement for media last Friday, SOA said that areas polluted by Fukushima plant are larger than what the Japanese had claimed and waters in China could be polluted as well.”

        • arclight arclight

          @shockwave this theory is still bouncing and i need to crash out! just thought id give you the heads up!

        • john lh john lh

          Another more details news about this Chinese gov. survey:

          quoted the saying by Chinese sceintist:”radioactive materials found from ocean outside 200miles east Fukushima , it is devastating hit to Fukushima area’s fishery industry.”在日本福岛东部200海里以外的海域都已经监测到了放射性元素,这对日本福岛近海区的渔业来说,基本是“毁灭性的打击”。

          But how about the whole Japan fishery industry? and Japan’s land and air?

          he news said at the very end” it will take another 300 days the soonest,may be 10 years after at the best , till this nuclear contamination reach China, but it may already dissolved in the sea water.”

          WOO REALLY?

          “I DO NOT CARE IF YOU BELIEVE OR NOT, I be-eviled anyway”. or sooory, QUOTED the China railway department spokesman ,at the press conference after the bullet train crash accident.

          What is the shit of this world, nobody care really what is happening with Japanese and all of us on this world.

  • WindorSolarPlease

    How can we live with radiation in the oceans, air, food, water, and so on, we can’t.

    You can’t keep this radiation in a small area, it will/has spread.

  • bleep_hits_blades

    Re comments to the effect that other nations’ populations are also at risk here – and why aren’t these governments speaking up?

    The power elite in most countries would like to reduce their populations. It is not just the elites in the Western World that want to get rid of several millions of their ‘useless eaters.’

    And the icing on the cake — ‘It’s deniable!’

    Just more ‘conspiracy theory’ some of you say?

    Well I submit that that is what the MSM has carefully conditioned you – all of us – to say/think/believe.

    Instead of knee-jerk responding as per conditioning a la Pavlov, open mind, reserve judgment, and do a little research.

    Here is link to latest interview with Leuren Moret and Alfred Webre…

    Leuren Moret: Japan, U.S., Canadian governments complicit in covering up Fukushima radiation

    Written version of this information available here: