Yamada: Fuel could be outside containment — Concrete does not erode uniformly — No one knows shape of corium — Big problems with Tepco estimation (VIDEO)

Published: September 3rd, 2012 at 3:13 pm ET


Title: Yastel Yamada’s presentation on behalf of Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima
Source: Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom and the Social Uplift Foundation in Los Angeles
Date Recorded: Aug 20, 2012
Date Aired: Aug 23, 2012
Published by: KPFT Progressive Forum

Yamada: In the case of Fukushima, the molten fuel breaks the RPV [Reactor Pressure Vessel] and fell down to the PCV [Primary Containment Vessel] and eroded the cement concrete at the bottom.

Tepco has estimated the depth of the erosion, say 25 inches. But some concrete still remains until the bottom shell.

But there are so big errors contained in the base of the calculation, estimation.

The temperature measured in the vessel which has certain errors because of the accident, or explosion.

And also no one knows the shape of the debris, so called fuel debris.

And therefore there are so many estimation.

In addition to that the material of the concrete is not uniform, you have to have the mixture of sand stone, sand and concrete.

Therefore uniform erosion cannot be expected.

Therefore the bottom of shell, the PCV, could be damaged.

That cannot be detected or checked because this steel is covered by cement concrete and supported by cement concrete. No one can enter in that. This is very important.

Listen to the report here

Published: September 3rd, 2012 at 3:13 pm ET


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34 comments to Yamada: Fuel could be outside containment — Concrete does not erode uniformly — No one knows shape of corium — Big problems with Tepco estimation (VIDEO)

  • The German

    Fasten the Seatbelts time to pray ?!

  • Yastel Yamada, says, "I am not a nuclear engineer but we have over a dozen in the SVCF. I worked as a project management engineer and built steel plants from design to construction to commission. With that background I am able to understand what has happened at Fukushima and what will be needed in the cleanup project."

    The SVCF is an organisation trying to get elderly skilled workers involved in the Fuku clean up to save the young workers from radiation sickness. Quite brave. TEPCO doesn't want the help. Go figure.

    • Atomfritz Atomfritz

      I bow before these brave men.

      They are ready to die for the sake of Japan and the rest of the world.

      Sadly the spirit of selflessness has been suppressed by the capitalist egotrip spirit "reeducation" towards the "American way of life", which is just some sort of cowardice.

  • Flapdoodle Flapdoodle

    We are past the point where the word "containment" is an oxymoron.

  • Grampybone Grampybone

    Secondary explosions are going to happen when the concrete containment is breached. It is amazing to see that the structure has held up this long in the first place. If the fuel is breaking down concrete the radioactive emitters will show what materials are being irradiated and released. When hydrogen spikes or liquid nitrogen erodes the last inches of concrete in the containment vessel there will be new emitters released. I would estimate that a few billion bq/kg of Cesium were released and washed out cracks in containment in the first few hours of the explosion. The majority of the core would not simply have left the building with the water dumped on top of it. The cores all had enough time to accumulate volatile gas and react in a nuclear explosion which means the core is still digging downward farther than TEPCO will let the public know. If more hydrogen builds up or there is a large enough section of core that comes in contact with a body of sand and ground water we all will be in trouble. The question is how much core is driving the fission to burn into containment and at what speed. Count the days down until "Containment Breach".

    • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

      "Containment Breach" for Coriums1,2,&3 happened in March and April of 2011, Grampybone. No "Secondary Explosions" occurred, although ENEnews observers have reported fires in the ground, plus many smoke and steam events. The 3 Rogue Nuclear Reactors are being cooled by groundwater flowing over, under, and around the corium on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Steam has been coming out of the ground between the Buildings since April, 2011, as reported, with photo evidence, on ENEnews. TEPCO has done slant drilling underneath the plants, without reporting the results, as reported on ENEnews. TEPCO knows where the Rogue Nuclear Reactors are. They just don't want to alarm the public, and so they keep the bad news to themselves. TEPCO continues to refer to Coriums1,2,&3 as if they were still in "Containment" or perhaps in the water in the basements. This is a lie, this is disinformation. TEPCO can't admit that they have no plan to "decommission" or "clean up" the 3 Rogue Nuclear Reactors. Ever. Don't spread TEPCO disinformation. Thank you.

  • TheBigPicture TheBigPicture

    Idiotic for reactors to have been developed (with no antidote in the case of a meltdown). Totally idiotic.

  • Sickputer

    What they are really trying to stop is a collapse of the spent fuel ponds in 1-3 (yes, 3 may be more burned up, but those three spent fuel ponds are more dangerous than Unit 4 in my opinion.

    Why? Because they can't use humans to reinforce the floors because it is too radioactive. The coriums in the foundation and all the cooling water and the infiltration by aquifer water presents hidden dangers.

    They don't know the structural integrity of Units 1, 2, and 3. If the coriums burn through the walls or out the bottom there is a chance for collapse of the support walls. Or the water could create issues for instability. Like Unit 4, the spent fuel ponds are up on higher floors.

    If an earthquake or water sinkholes drop those spent fuel assemblies then things will get ugly in a hurry.

    Here's what the NRC says about spent fuel rods:

    "For example, ten years after removal from a reactor, the surface dose rate for a typical spent fuel assembly exceeds 10,000 rem/hour, whereas a fatal whole-body dose for humans is about 500 rem (if received all at one time). Furthermore, if constituents of these high-level wastes were to get into ground water or rivers, they could enter into food chains. Although the dose produced through this indirect exposure is much smaller than a direct exposure dose, there is a greater potential for a larger population to be exposed."


  • razzz razzz

    The Unit 4 reactor core is empty but the entire recent spent fuel load that was in it is not missing…it is in Unit 4's spent fuel pond along with the typically stored spent fuel. The reactor's fresh core offload is much hotter than the bundles that have been stored and cooling down for years throughout the plant site.

    Units 1, 2 and 3 (and for that matter 5 & 6 along with the huge common storage pool) has a larger amount of cooler bundles since they have been stored for years with no where for long term storage placement but much cooler than Unit 4's pool bundles.

    I understand your concern if 1,2 & 3 pools fail but you could probably cap them with sand and concrete without much worry. 4's pool fails and you lose the entire site to fallout contamination besides part of the world.

    The more time that passes without a damaging quake or storm or whatever, the more time all the fuels have to cool down. More time, the best case scenario for fuel, melted or not.

    • Sickputer

      Razzz sez…"I understand your concern if 1,2 & 3 pools fail but you could probably cap them with sand and concrete without much worry. 4's pool fails and you lose the entire site to fallout contamination besides part of the world."

      SP: I hope you are correct, but as Arnie discovered the Japanese have made few preparations for a worst case scenario. No chemicals stockpiled for emergency activities.

      The common spent fuel pond is ground level, but even that depth does not guarantee safety in the event an 8.0 erathquake destroys the integrity of the pool. The pools above ground are an engineering monument to stupidity. They were designed for convenience of offloading and reloading without a shred of concern for longterm safety. The NRC in America is responsible for allowing the same flawed design to continue operating in America. Dozens of Fukushima-style plants are busily clunking along away today. An accident like Japan would wreak havoc on the American people. The citizen outrage will topple any politician associated with the nuclear industry.

      All older design plants should be shuttered immediately and the spent fuel ponds in upper pools relocated to safer storage. The courts should force this action because the NRC is a puppet for the industry and the politicians who enrich themselves from industry payments. The courts are the last hope for Americans to stop the unsafe practices of an out of control industry.

      • PhilipUpNorth philipupnorth

        ALL nuke plants must be shut down until industry and government has proven that the 3 Rogue Nuclear Reactors in the ground under Fukushima can be controlled and "decommissioned". SickPuter: Agree.

  • Sol Man

    The more time that passes without a damaging quake or storm the higher the probability that an event is pending. Time is more than ever of the essence.

  • CaptD CaptD

    Much more on the radioactive Ocean pollution problems in the comments here:

    Gundersen in Japan: Lawmakers told me they don’t believe Tepco or NISA — Crowd laughs out loud when Tepco responds to Unit 4 comments (VIDEO)


  • CaptD CaptD

    Comment from: http://enenews.com/?p=38516
    Regarding the solution to the highly radioactive water in Fukushima:

    Because the problem is of Global importance, I suggest that the Japanese Government immediately host a Conference of noted scientists to develop a solution to the pollution to the Pacific Ocean before it is allowed to get any worse! Each day that goes by yet more highly radioactive water is entering the Pacific Ocean at Fukushima and this cannot be allowed to continue!

    One solution they might consider is to capture the water and load it aboard large tankers to be slowly pumped overboard as the tanker sails IN A CAREFULLY PLANNED APPROVED route to truly speed up the dilution process by using all the oceans and seas …

    As it is now the Fukushima radioactive pollution is creating a dead spot off the coast of Japan due to the concentration of radioactive pollution that continues to be added there and that is far more dangerous to mankind than far, far lower levels spread over the entire Planet.

    Note: We all need to always use the words "radioactive pollution" instead of just "pollution" because one is quite different, than the other, ask The Japanese!

  • psylotron

    Hello everyone. I just wanna share with you a music track i made in honor of the fukushima Children and the children from all over the world that have been affected by this catastrophe. psylotron – Children of Atom http://soundcloud.com/eduardo-enr-quez/psylotron-children-of-atom Please don't consider this as spam, i ve been part of this community since more than 1 year and a half and this is the way i try to let the world know we havn´t forgotten Fukushima (scuse my broken English )


      @psylotron: if you're willing to divert any-and-all remunerations from your art to enenews, then I won't consider your announcements spam. Besides, the value of money on a dying planet is oversold…

      • psylotron

        It´s free dude(you can download it or tream it) . If i could earn some money selling my tracks i would donate some of it(or all of it) to enenews or fukushima diaries i'll do it. Like i said, this is the way i follow to try to make more people aware of the disaster and also i wanted to share this here with this community.


          @psylotron: then I welcome your effort. And I'm slightly kidding about the money thing. I hope you are rewarded for your effort. I also hope you don't forget to help the people who run this site.

          I'm going to have my girlfriend transfer some bucks on my behalf, to enenews. I won't use plastic out here. She uses PayPal services.

          Getting back to you. I wish you the best in your efforts. I know it's hard to break through all the noise out here.

          Finally. You've got a cool handle. Make sure you mate-it-up to a psychedelic avatar.

          Keep up the good fight…

        • CaptD CaptD

          I just tweeted it and I SALUTE you for thinking of all those in Fukushima!

          Here is another worthy site that could use some LOVE: http://nuclearhistory.wordpress.com/

  • psylotron

    Thanks for your words, i apreciate it.Zooner or later I will create a paypal account and of course ill be happy to share some money with this webpages because i strongly belive we re in debt with all those people that bring us tons of information that is no not aviable in the mass media. Meanwhile all we can help a lot spreading the word and im sure a lot of people in here is doing a good job sharing information on their facebook pages, twitter, and posting all kind of media to open the eyes of those who don´t know or don´t wanna see. Actually i guess some of my friends on facebook belive im paranoic or conspiranoic because i post a lot of stuff about fukushima hehe.