Yomiuri: Melted nuclear fuel heat causing water to rain down inside reactor No. 2?

Published: January 20th, 2012 at 2:41 pm ET


Title: Water falling like rain inside N-reactor
Source: The Daily Yomiuri
Date: Jan. 21, 2012

[…] Drops of water fall like rain in the video […] apparently the result of vapor–created by the heat from melted nuclear fuel–that cooled inside the upper part of the reactor containment vessel. […]

Melted nuclear fuel is believed to have fallen to the concrete bottom of the containment vessel, but this could not be confirmed. […]

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Published: January 20th, 2012 at 2:41 pm ET


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7 comments to Yomiuri: Melted nuclear fuel heat causing water to rain down inside reactor No. 2?

  • bincbom

    So much for their “cold shutdown condition” claim. When will TEPCO issue a retraction?

  • Ruffcut

    I think they would like to “wish” this problem away.
    Wish in one hand and shit in the other.
    Here the shitty hand is way on top and smells bad.
    The sad part in the trading blogs more people, even aware people are more concerned about their stash than their life and exposure to a toxic world. I guess it is just too much for them to handle. Maybe, coughing and hacking, barely walking with a full wallet, is the way to go.
    My new opportunities are seeming to be only in a spiritual nature. Attempting to make others aware, only has worn me out and feeling bitter of such world stupidity on most every level.
    We have sown only turds, for which we will reap. Big steaming piles of turds. Enjoy! We’ve earned it.


      @Ruffcut: dude(?). I can’t argue with your frustration at the seemingly passive reaction to this catastrophe. What I would ask is that not become despondent. I’d also remind, that after the darkness…comes the dawn.

      Humanity is at a major juncture in its history. Even those who have conspired behind the scenes are quietly finding themselves reflecting on where this is going. Doubt this? Just take notice of how many ‘professionals’ are now coming forth! They’re cunning survivors and know the game well. Hell, before you know it, they’ll be changing-out of their camp-guard uniforms and donning civies, so they don’t get strung-up by the clamoring hordes.

      If you’ve been following these headlines over the last few weeks, the dam is about to burst! So, for the all that you care for, don’t lose faith…

  • Finch Finch

    Finally, they find out how nuclear energy is working: getting terribly hot without ending and turning water to steam which can make turbines move.
    Now finally the average human mind finds out the principles of the steam engine …. 🙁

  • I agree, be grateful for every moment.. no matter how radiation filled it is.. This is still life, which is a miracle in and of itself.

  • jec jec

    Steamy and water drops from the top of the vessel means HEAT. And its winter in Japan. Saw snow at least twice in videos..so Fukushima is cold-there should not be water drops dripping down in a “cold shutdown.” Just wonder when a responsible party in Japan will provide the real situation of the meltdowns, the radiation released to date, and what pro-active steps can be taken to salvage peoples lives and the environment. Talking just does not cut it. May have worked when there is not a disaster–but now they need ACTION to save their population. If there is a 30% loss in population as occurred in some areas of the Ukraine after Chernobyl..and a projected 1M deaths..what will Japan look like?

    Tragic. Tragic. More tragic–the fact MOST of the human suffering which will start to surface in the next months or year could have been prevented if timely data and evacuation of the areas to 50-80KM as recommended by international community. And if the “coverup” by TEPCO had not been approved by the Japanese government. There is blame to go around.

  • Human0815

    When i heat up our Bath-Tube
    (in fact it is more a Japanese Bath-Box than a Tube)
    it starts also to Rain in my Bathroom,
    everything is depending on the outside Temperature
    but i use max. 45Celsius for the Water!

    When i go into a Onsen the Water is (mostly) also not boiling but the Rooms are more Wet than the Amazonian Rain Forest!