Yomiuri: Radiation fears more serious than expected — Hosono meeting almost every day with advertising agencies to discuss strategy for appealing to public

Published: March 3rd, 2012 at 2:42 am ET


Title: ONE YEAR AFTER THE DISASTER / Quake-hit areas still struggling with debris
Source: Yomiuri
Date: Mar 3, 2012

[…] The Environment Ministry has not actively explained in detail about debris from quake-hit areas because it did not want to agitate residents who oppose accepting the debris. […]

However, public fears of radiation were more serious and stronger than ministry officials expected.

Environment Minister Goshi Hosono has become increasingly frustrated with the slow progress ahead of the first anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Hosono has called employees of large advertising agencies to his office almost every day to discuss strategy to appeal to the public directly. […]

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Published: March 3rd, 2012 at 2:42 am ET


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55 comments to Yomiuri: Radiation fears more serious than expected — Hosono meeting almost every day with advertising agencies to discuss strategy for appealing to public

  • kintaman kintaman

    Put it all in Hosono's backyard. Have him and his family live right beside the waste sites. After all there is no "immediate" impact to human health. What a complete devil from hell he is.

    • AGreenRoad AGreenRoad

      Cutting Nukes: It's the SANE thing to do 2/9/2012–Support the Smarter Approaches to Nuclear Expenditures Act


      On February 8th, 35 members of Congress introduced legislation that could reduce the billions of dollars our country wastes each year on maintaining an enormous nuclear weapons program. The Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures (SANE) Act, H.R. 3974, would cancel, freeze or reduce more than a dozen nuclear programs. The legislation, sponsored by Rep. Ed Markey (MA), would reduce the number of deployed nuclear warheads to no more than 1,000 and reduce the nuclear weapons budget by about $100 billion over the next 10 years.

      Among the cuts the bill proposes are
      Reducing the fleet of nuclear armed submarines from 14 to 8;
      Canceling plans for the new F-35 jet, which could carry nuclear bombs;
      Cancel plans for a new intercontinental ballistic missile system; and
      Cancel plans to build a uranium processing facility in Oak Ridge, TN to make materials for new nuclear weapons.
      FCNL sees this legislation as an important practical step in the direction of a world free of nuclear weapons. Please urge your representative to support this legislation. If he or she has already cosponsored the legislation, you will see a sample letter that thanks your representative for leadership on this bill

  • WindorSolarPlease

    Quote: discuss strategy to appeal to the public directly.

    The truth would appeal to the people, try that.

    • lokay5 lokay5

      This is Anne Coulter's chance to make it big in the advertising business. He's always said that radiation is good for you. Now he can get paid for saying it.

  • Kevin Kevin

    Well at least it wont happen here, ya know with are strong regulators and all.


  • dear jones

    I think Hosono's family are no longer in Japan.

    • jec jec

      Probably Sinapore –lots moved there. And of course waiting to move into the NEW Japanese citys in India, S. Korea and ? At least they don't need to paste on a "batman's Joker"" smile-a grimace–to be okay from radiation. Wonder if people could wear a "joker" air filter mask..to highlight the stupidity..??? Or just wear a LOT of bright red lipstick.

      Still have a Brooklyn Bridge for sale….

  • goathead goathead

    Wasn't it Bill Hicks who famously said "if there's anybody here from advertising………go kill yourself!"

  • obewanspeaks obewanspeaks

    Regulators in the US? You have to be kidding. There are lots of control freaks clamoring over senseless trite silly law making worried about someone smoking and or consuming lard or Big Macs but there are no real environmental regulators residing inside the US.

    40,000 laws were passed last year inside the US and not one of them were communicated to one citizen. Not only that but any law created concerning any environmental issue whether its clean water, clean air and or sewage etc. is now a absolute moot point. There is no way to stop this "Aerosolized Cancer Cloud" now from depositing invisible "Cancer Ghosts" all over their own country. All of it is simply now a huge waste of time, energy and money.

    Until they solve this ongoing "Nuclear Radiation Contamination" problem millions of people will continue to die from varied exotic cancers and or heart disease promoted by such folly.

  • Laterlukemayb Laterlukemayb

    I don't care what anyone in the nuclear industry says, I think electricity produced by NPP's is WAY, WAY, W A Y to expensive.

  • Spectrometising

    Personally don't know how any progress can be made after the public have been subject to a socially engineered lobotomy of any real news and accurate info as though their life depended on it with supreme urgency.

    The specialized Mr Lobotomo teams have seen to that, Oooops!! sorry that we lobotomised you, but can you still co-operate and help??"


    Actual article-extract and links do not match banner…

    • or-well

      Hosonograms, taken from his Ho-mail:

      Difficult citizens need incinerating!
      Minority of selfish Japanese delaying complete recovery.
      Steady consultation with top recovery experts ongoing.

      Alternate Headlines

      Small points of confusion slow meeting.
      Debris-Quake Wakes Governor!
      Methane mountain vented: cold shutdown achieved.
      Prefectural relations a hot/sour soup spiced by debris.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    The Shills at Scientific American are at it again reading the article made my head spin. I wish I could post a link. Anyone that can do so, please do as we must know thy pro-nukers. It's difficult to read but I feel it is important. So, if anyone can link the article which states more people will die from stress and thus heart attacks than from the minuscule amount of radiation, please do as we know about Chernobyl heart, which is never mentioned in SA. Someone in the nuke industry has a strong hold on SA which makes our job much more difficult.

  • moonshellblue moonshellblue

    Japan's Post-Fukushima Earthquake Health Woes Go Beyond Radiation…
    Heart disease and depression are likely to claim more lives than radiation after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident, experts… Edit

    • Bobby1

      Heart disease and depression are caused by radiation…

      Someone ought to investigate this cult of experts, and find out why all someone has to do is say "experts" say something and it must be true… As if all experts say the same thing – they quote one or two of them, and all of a sudden it's every expert in the world says X.

  • milk and cheese milk and cheese

    And not just in Japan.

  • How is it all the experts got it wrong and here on enenews us average laypeople from around the world got it right a year before they have or are getting it ??

    You think they where purposely telling falsehoods knowing they were lying for a hidden agenda ???

  • gr81 gr81

    And as though the danger, heartache, and fear are over: <http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=867_1330632585&gt;

    • CB CB

      I'm glad you introduced the video like that, otherwise I would have words. I hope this is not what the media shows on 3/11 anniversary. Thank you. Deceptive, heart warming BS.

      • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

        All packaged up pretty like…isn't it.
        Working the "all over with".
        It's sometimes best to give things a side glance and get on with things…

      • gr81 gr81

        As you can see under the comments about this vid, I (Gusr is my name there) have left the LiveLeakers with the urls they can use to educate themselves with the TRUTH about the continuing nuclear holocaust and the coverup which SEVERAL governments are engaged in.

  • C.E. L.70501

    Hello, I have a rather pressing question in terms of radiation exposure. If someone could help me please let me know.
    Respond in these comments if we can talk.

    • C.E. L.70501

      I have somewhat critical information as well as a critical question regarding the appearance of radiologically contaminated items.

      • Justme

        What's the question C.E.L?

        • C.E. L.70501

          I have a sample of material that I am very curious about, I opened it and it had a grey mist around it today, since I don't have access to radiation testing equipment I have exposed 2 radiation sensitive plants to the sample and will remove one at 24 hours and one at 48.

          This is a sample from Fukushima, if we could talk in private it would be beneficial, I cannot reveal all details but I have critical information regarding Fukushima 1 that I haven't heard mentioned anywhere.

  • March 2, 2012 A year out, public health experts agree that the radiation fears were overblown. Compared with the effects of the radiation exposure from Fukushima, "the number of expected fatalities are never going to be that large," says Thomas McKone, of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.

    • aigeezer aigeezer

      "the number of expected fatalities are never going to be that large".

      I agree. The number "expected" will always be downplayed or distorted.

      The actual number is another matter.

      They bob. They weave.

      Thomas McKone has apparently "served" the International Atomic Energy Agency in the past.


      • StPaulScout StPaulScout

        I saw somw numbers on infant mortality in the UAS after the reactors blew, already we have a statistically significant increase. Do they count those too?

      • Bobby1

        McKone appears to be a big shot in the radiation minimization-pseudoscience division of the nuclear cult.

        "Q: How does the crisis in Japan compare to Chernobyl in terms of radiation released into the atmosphere?

        As my colleague in the School of Public Health, Professor Kirk Smith has stated, Chernobyl relative to Fukushima is “like the forest fire compared to the camp fire.” Even in the worst case of a full meltdown of multiple reactors at the Daiichi site and combustion or explosion of the spent fuel in the plant’s storage pools, it will not release as much radioactivity or propel it as high in the atmosphere as Chernobyl.

        The Chernobyl reactor had a graphite core that caught fire. The ferocious heat propelled radioactive particles into the upper atmosphere, spreading fallout across Europe. In contrast to the regional contamination from Chernobyl, the Daiichi contamination is very unlikely to extend beyond 30 kilometers from the site.

        Q: You’ve mentioned that, in the U.S., stress over radiation is more of a health risk than radiation itself. Can you elaborate?

        There is a growing literature in health sciences about the role of stress in disease. We have learned that, at times of stress, our bodies can be flooded with stress hormones that are as damaging as environmental pollutants and at higher blood concentrations than many environmental pollutants. Exposures to stress hormones have been linked to a number of chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes."


  • tokyota

    "Hosono meeting almost every day with advertising agencies to discuss strategy for appealing to public"

    This could be translated to: Hosono meeting almost every day to achieve cold shutdown – of MSM 😉

  • StPaulScout StPaulScout

    "However, public fears of radiation were more serious and stronger than ministry officials expected."

    This statement proves the government of Japan is run by incompetent fools. They thought people would say what, "Yes, yes, please dump radiactive trash in my back yard"? Of course this feigned stupidity also acts as cover for malicious intent to deceive and harm the citizenry. Which is more along the lines of what I think was, is, and will continue be. Too bad Japan doesn't allow it's people to arm up like the USA.

  • jackassrig

    Yep here they come. Professional students with PHD's.

  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    That's all it comes to for this guy..(Hosono)
    Company appearances and the bottomline.
    The fact..by documentation..TONS of nuclear material was on site at Fukushima Daiichi..
    It is outside containment..as evidence by satellite pictures..(which I can not seem to find this morning)
    Accepting radioactive debris…hastens the contamination in that area.
    Areas that perhaps not as contaminated will bye.
    This includes air soil and GROUNDWATER.
    It's not fair ..Mr.Hosono…to hasten murder.

  • jackassrig

    Instead of registering as a PE they should register as a PS. Professional Student in Mechanical Engineering.

  • InfoPest InfoPest

    This article should get everyones juices flowing.

    Nuclear Overreaction; Just how dangerous are low doses of radiation?

    Conclusion: Low doses of atomic-bomb radiation increased the lifespan of atom-bomb survivors.


    • Bobby1

      The media is now trotting out hormesis advocates. Funny how we are seeing a flood of this kind of stuff lately.

      Even the so-called radiation protection establishment rejects hormesis:

      "Radiation hormesis has not been accepted by either the United States National Research Council,[27] or the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements.[28] In addition, the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) wrote in its most recent report:[29]

      Until the […] uncertainties on low-dose response are resolved, the Committee believes that an increase in the risk of tumour induction proportionate to the radiation dose is consistent with developing knowledge and that it remains, accordingly, the most scientifically defensible approximation of low-dose response. However, a strictly linear dose response should not be expected in all circumstances."


  • Heart of the Rose Heart of the Rose

    It isn't the fears they have to worry about..it's the effects.
    Unfortunately..through time these will be undeniable.
    Perhaps it will be… the silent weeping of their wives ..as they cry in the mirror in horror as their hair falls out..
    ..or the death of their beloved child.
    It is inescapable…

  • CaptD CaptD

    Attention Japanese Parents –> Wake up!

    Your children are depending upon you, not TEPCO to insure their future health!

    Demand random testing which will keep the Gov't. from "cherry picking" children to test!

    If even a few children are found to be highly exposed, then ALL CHILDREN should be tested!

    If the Gov't. can spend BILLIONS of yen on decontamination then why can't they also provide testing for all children UNLESS THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE RESULTS!

  • CaptD CaptD

    Environment Minister Goshi Hosono has become the poster boy
    … for what is WRONG in Japan.

    Expect to see his image inside many "International NO Circles" on 3/11…

  • ENENews

    Nice… just as I was working to bring back the comment excerpts and comment times to the LATEST COMMENTS section of sidebar.

    First off, wrong place for an off-topic thread about help getting something tested.
    Second, sharing personal information with people you do not know is highly discouraged.
    Third, personal attacks are not permitted. If anyone involved with this thread continues, their comments will be put into moderation.
    Fourth, if you have important information to share, contact ENENews at: enenewsofficial -at- gmail.com. Most emails are read on a daily basis.